Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lasik...should I?

Since I started working at my current job...I have had a few health related goals. One is to get the much needed dental work done. I am very close to completing that goal. I needed to wait until I had dental insurance and then wait until the initial period was that my work would be covered.

Another one of my health goals is to research and heavily consider Lasik Eye Surgery. I have been wearing glasses since I was about 13 years old, maybe earlier and I have been wearing contacts since I was 15 or so. Without my glasses in...I am basically blind. I would love to have the surgery so I don't have the complication of glasses or contacts anymore. I don't want to have to over think it when I go I take my contacts out and be blind? Do I leave them in and just not open my eyes in the water? Plus, I think that the price of contacts and glasses and such...over time, it seems like a very good investment.

But I will be honest, I am scared to seriously even think about doing this. One, it is expensive and we know how cheap I am...and two, there is always that chance that something will go wrong, etc. I think contacts are a hassle, but I would imagine being blind would be much more of a hassle.

There was an article in USNews about Lasik recently where they wrote about the importance of selection the right doctor when getting the surgery. Glenn Hagele stated in the article that no amount of technology can make up for an inexperienced surgeon. Hagele is the founder and Executive Director of, which is a website all about Lasik and patient knowledge and advocacy. The article also went over in pretty specific detail what happens when you get the surgery which is important to know. I watched an episode of "How It's Made" where they showed the process of someone getting Lasik and it was just fascinating.

Here is a little more information about what they do over there It's a really great website with a lot of information. It's nice to have one place to go to, instead of searching through tons of websites. It has a great link which has 50 Tough Questions for Your Lasik Doctor. I learned so much from reading these questions over. I would never have thought to ask many of these questions. An example is to ask if your doctor has had an malpractice suits lately because of Lasik surgery. I know that is important, but I didn't think that is something that people typically ask. Now many of the questions I just didn't understand, but then again...that just shows me how much more research I need to do.

From reading on the site, it also says that evaluates and certifies Lasik surgeons based on patient outcomes, so this is a site that knows what they are talking about. I often see Lasik sites from either the doctor or someone affiliated with it, but of course...we know that they are more interested in getting you as a customer than giving you fair and balanced information.

I have a couple of friends who have done the Lasik procedure and I need to sit down with them as well and talk about their experience. If Hagele is right and selecting the best surgeon is often the key then I need to find out how it went for the local people I know. My roommate had the surgery and a local judge I maybe it's time to send them an email or sit down and ask them a bunch of questions.

I guess it's time for me to stop being scared of the surgery and it's cost...and actually get out there and research it!


8 year old weighs 218 pounds....

I am sure everyone has heard about this 8 year old in England who weighs 218 pounds. In the UK, social services is trying to figure out if this boy's weight is considered abuse from his parents. The authorities decided not to take the child from the home, but there is still a lot of controversy. There was a story about it this morning on GMA.

So the question the issue with this child genetics or bad parenting?

In my opinion, it is probably a mix of both. I have seen a picture of this child's mother and she isn't all that thin and trim herself. So, it is genes or their bad eating habits that allow a 8 year old to weigh 4 times his normal body weight? I can remember watching shows like Montel and the like...about parents and their obese children. I was often left sickened by the lack of parenting going on there. On one of these shows, the child was 3 years old and completely controlled what he ate and how often. He's THREE! And...if the mother tried to control what he ate, he would just have a tantrum until he got his way...which always happened. And this was a kid who was eating a whole package of hotdogs at a time.

I just think that sometimes parents are afraid to be sometime be the bad guy. If your child is sneaking junk the child in the UK is doing...the STOP BUYING IT! If you fill the house with nothing but lean chicken and carrots and rice cakes and the like...I can guarantee that child will lose weight.

Do I think the child should be taken from the home?, but I think social services needs to get involved. If a child is too thin or malnourished...then social services gets involved. How is this different? I think an agency should go in and work with the mom on structure and dieting and if there is no change in a given period of time...then maybe they should consider taking the child out of the home. Because...let's face it...if this child is able to continue the way he's only a matter of time before he eats himself to death.

What do people think about this??? I know it's controversial...and I can only imagine how much someone at a fat acceptance site might bash me for my above comments, but well...I still believe them to be true!

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Live Earth Concerts

Since Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth won for the Oscar and all...I thought I would write a little bit about global warming and things that people are doing to raise awareness and money. One of the things I love best about An Inconvenient Truth is that it doesn't just leave you with the message and stats of the money...and nothing else. If you visit the movie's also give a lot more information and some ways in which we can take action and make a difference. I *heart* Al, seriously.

I think Global Warming is such a huge issue and something that if we don't do something about now...then soon it will be too late. I am terrified that people won't actually be called to do anything until things look as bad as possible and by then, I fear our hands will be tied. I worry about our future generations and the world that we are leaving them.

I came across this site...talking about Live Earth Concerts. It reminds me a lot of Farm Aid, which I am a huge fan of. Live Earth Concerts is hoping to raise money and awareness by having seven huge megaconcerts around the world on the same day. The concerts are scheduled for 7-7-2007. All the proceeds of the concerts will go to the Alliance for Climate Protection, which is chaired by the one and only Al Gore. But these concerts are about much more than just money....they are about education and making an impact as well. There will be information shared at the events and tips for how people can get involved. I know they do the same things at the Farm Aid concerts I have been at...the music was great, but I also learned more about local farming and the laws that effect them when I went to the shows.

The creators of Live Earth Concerts have also said that they intend for it to be much more than a one day event. They hope for the message and education that is shared on 7-7-2007 to echo for days, weeks, months, years to come, etc.

I know your next question is what countries will be holding these concerts...and luckily, I have the answer. Right now the countries slated to be hosts to Live Earth Concerts are Antartica, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, South Africa (if I could...I would love to go to this see the country and hear the music), United Kingdom and of course, the USA.

And the next question...who's playing?? They only have 25 artists confirmed right now, but the site says that we can expect up to 75 more in the future. Here is the list of the confirmed artists right now:

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Bon Jovi
John Mayer
Fall Out Boy
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Foo Fighters
Snoop Dogg
Lenny Kravitz
Duran Duran
Snow Patrol
John Legend
The Black Eyed Peas
Enrique Iglesias
Kelly Clarkson
Paolo Nutini
Bloc Party
Damien Rice
Corinne Bailey Rae
Melissa Etheridge

Cool, eh? I would definitely love to see some of those people...Melissa Etheridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, Snow Patrol, Lenny, etc. I still can't believe U2 isn't on that list...given how much charity work they do, but who knows...maybe they will be soon.

Anyways...check out the site because they said they were updating information soon. If the concert in the US is on the east might be something I want to go too. I think the issue of Global Warming is so important and well, I love music too.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

stuff with a side of stuff

I got a little bit of a bloody nose when I got to work this morning...eww...gross. eww.

Oooh...and I changed my mind about what I am giving up for Lent. I decided to change it up and not give up the same thing I always give up. As I said in another post...I usually give up the candy and pizza. I am going to watch how much candy and pizza I eat...but I am not going to give it up like other years. The thing I am going to give those gosh darn slushies that I buy at the local Cumby's. I have been eating up a storm of them. One...they are gigantic...and only cost 75 cents. And two...they are yummy and cold. I have been having at least a couple, if not more, a week. SO...for Lent...I am not drinking the yummy frosty goodness which is better known as a Slushie! for food and exercise. I did pretty good yesterday. I got home and ran for 40 minutes on my elliptical. I also had a snack later in the day at I wasn't as hungry when I went home. And...I had a pretty simple dinner. I did have a little more than I planned for dessert, but nothing that is going to break the bank. I was happy to be working out again...even if it at home and not at the gym. I think I plan on working out at home again tonight too...and working up to going back to the gym next week.

That's about it...for my boring, mundane update for the day!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Shelley's Oscar Recap...

Last night was the Oscar...and I love movies...and I also seem to love awards shows, so it is one of my favorite ones. It was long started at 8:30am and then didn't get over until just around 12:30am. I don't think it was meant to be this long...but it was. Ellen DeGeneres was the host...and I thought she was fabulous. She didn't have that biting sense of humor that so many of the hosts have....and she was just kooky and funny. I felt that some of the show had too much filler...especially given how late the show was going, but all in was a good show. One of my favorite skits was when Will Ferrell and Jack Black sang a number about how sad the comedians are at the Oscars because funny is never nominated (how true is that)...and then in the middle of the number...John C. Reilly got up and starting with them...telling them to do the funny movies and the serious ones to get the attention of the academy. LOL It was too funny.

Now let's get to the awards...since that (and the dresses) is what everyone watches for anyways. I am only going to comment on the awards that I actually care about because...well...I am like that! *winks*

Best Documentary: I was SO happy for An Inconvenient Truth to win. I think it was a great movie and it is something that people should see. I also thought it was great for Al Gore. I think he is a much smarter and powerful man than people give him credit for. I think this film is a great example...Gore knew the best way to spread the word about Global wasn't by going on CSPAN or something, it was by making a movie...that people would actually go and see. He's fabulous. The movie is fabulous. There were other movies that I were good...Jesus Camp was very interesting...and I really want to see Deliver Us From Evil, but all in all...I was so happy that Inconvenient Truth won.

Best Actor: Forrest Whitaker won. I adore him...have for a long time. He played a part in a movie Kiefer Sutherland directed and I thought he was just fabulous. I mean...the man is a god and can do no wrong. I was so happy to see him celebrated in this manner. Now having said that...there were so many people I also wanted to win in this catergory. Mainly, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling. I think Leo is such an underrated actor...and really wanted him to take the prize as well. I didn't see Blood Diamond, but from what I have was amazing...and so was he. I think that people just think he is a pretty face and I would love to see him win an Oscar for the work he has done. The producer for The Departed...when they won...said he was also the producer for Blood Diamond. The guy said that he thought Leo was amazing and just knocks the ball out of the field every single time. I have to say...I agree. And Ryan Gosling...what a darling, talented actor he is. I have been amazed with him since he was in The Believer. I saw Half Nelson and thought he was awazing in it. I think he brought a realism to that role...coupled with a likeability that I am not sure another actor could have done. In the end, I think the right man won...even though my heart still wanted Leo and Ryan to win. A great moment was after Forrest won...the camera panned to both Leo and Ryan on their feet cheering for him.

Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin won for Little Miss Sunshine. I loved this movie....think he is great. I was surprised that he won because everyone was predicted that Eddie Murphy would win. I really wanted Djimon Hounsou to win because I think he is just amazing from his work in Amistad to what people have said about Black even his work when he was on ER for a group of episodes. I will tell you though...and I can't even tell you why...I really did not want Eddie Murphy to win. I felt that the other actors in the category just deserved it so much more...even though that sounds horrible to say.

Best Actress: Helen Mirren won...everyone knew she would. In all honesty, I didn't really care who won this award. I mean...I only saw one of the films nominated (Devil Wears Prada) I guess I just couldn't feel invested in the category. I love Kate Winslet, so I would have loved for her to win. They said that since she has been nominated 5 times...she is the youngest actress to be nominated that many times...and of course she has never won. I want to see Little Children...and heard she is quite amazing in it.

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson won this one...everyone knew she would..except maybe Simon Cowell! LOL. I haven't seen Dreamgirls...but I am sure she deserved it. Can you imagine getting an academy award for your first movie...EVER! That has to be sweet for her. I really wanted the little girl from Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin to win...basically because she is too cute for words.

Best Director: There is only one person I wanted to win this award...Marty Scorsese. I think it is ridiculous that he doesn't have an Oscar already. I liked The Departed...and felt that this award was long overdue. I mean...the guy who director...The Aviator...Gangs of New York...Casino...Raging Bull...Taxi Driver...and let's not forget...Goodfellas....this man does not have an Oscar already? So...good for you's about time. Now...keep putting Leo in your movies and get him a much desired Oscar too!

Best Film: The Departed won here as well. I loved the I am happy...even though I really wanted Little Miss Sunshine to win and thought it might really have a shot at it. I think LMS is a quirky enough of a film that it would have been a wonderful moment if the Oscar went to a movie like that. But since it wasn't LMS...I was glad it was The Departed.

The thing I liked most about this year at the diverse the awards were between movies. I hated years where one movie seems to win boring is that? Like when Lord of the Rings just won everything. This year...the wealth was spread around a lot more.

That's it for my Oscar moments...for now. Did anyone else watch???



I am happy to report that Thursday Thirteen is going to continue under new management. I really liked doing that on I am glad it is going to continue. Check out their site...and I don't along this Thursday!

That is all...oh and expect an Oscar post from me later in the day. I stayed up til 12:30am watching the show *yawns*...and will post my thoughts on who won and who didn't later in the day!

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Saying it out loud....

So, have you noticed that I haven't posted much health or diet related in the past couple of weeks...or maybe even close to a month? Have you noticed that I haven't updated the weekly weigh a long time? Well...have ya?

That would be because I am officially the Queen of Suck when it comes to anything diet or fitness related. I have stopped weighing myself in...probably to save me the depression of seeing the number go up. I have stopped working out...I haven't gone to the gym in almost a month. I have stopped writing down what I am eating. I have stopped seeing fitness goals fitting into my life.

Aurghh! am hoping to do better. I am going to pick myself up my by boot straps and just do better. I had a healthy breakfast this morning and plan on continuing that into the day. I plan on working out matter how tired or hungry I am when I get home from work. I plan on taking care of myself in a way that does not include eating a bag of chocolate or buying mass amounts of ice cream.

I am going back to what worked for me before...what I know. I am listing my weekly goals and keeping with them.

1. Drink at least 100 oz. of water a day. I have let that go on some days...and I need to make sure I keep it up.
2. Start taking my daily vitamins again. When I went raw for most of the day...I convinced myself I didn't need them. But well...I am now convincing myself that I am wrong.
3. Write down every single little thing that I eat...even if it is horrible.
4. Workout 4 times this week. I don't care if it is at home or at the gym...just workout.
5. Weigh myself in again on Sunday...because if I don't know where I stand...then I won't know where I need to go.

There ya go...I am heading back on track...or at least recognizing that there is some track that I have been ignoring for way too long.

Wish me luck!

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Ultimate Gift

Hey all know how much I LOVE movies (hence the previous Oscar post), so I thought I would post about this upcoming movie, The Ultimate Gift. I wrote in my last entry that I wanted Little Miss Sunshine to win for the Oscar and of course, I adored Abigial Breslin as the little girl in it. Well Abigial is in The Ultimate Gift as well.

This is the official site of the movie "The Ultimate Gift" and the grass-roots movement its starting to help charities and give to others. The Ultimate Gift stars Abigial Breslin (cutey patootey that she is), James Garner, Ali Hillis, Drew Fuller and the ever so talented Brian Dennehy. It is coming out on March 9th. Check out a sneak peek of it here. Like most is based on a book of the same name. It's about a guy who is expecting his inheritance to be money and lots of it, but in the end he learns that it is so much more. Instead of money the main character is given 12 tasks which help him experience the important things/lessons in life. The main message of the movie is "the only way you can truly get more out of life for yourself is to give part of yourself away." I think that is such a beautiful message. I love movies that have message...that entertain while at the same time call people to action or change. The message of this movie reminds me a lot of Pay It Forward and how the movie called people to look for little ways to make the world a better place.

Media reports have said that in 300 or so pre-screenings they have had...people have donated over $5 million dollars to charity. I think it says a lot about the movie that it is calling people to donate in that manner. They have also said that schools are incorporating the message into their classrooms, etc...much like what happened when Pay It Forward came out. There is even a teen based philanthropic organization that has started as a result of the movie. That's pretty amazing for a movie that has not even opened yet.

Of course...a movie that seeks to raise money and awareness doesn't have the advertising budget of a huge blockbuster, but it is still opening to some 800 theatres on the 9th. I hope it will be successful and open to many more if it takes off. I like the huge hits like everyone else, but over the last few years..the small independent movies have just hit so much closer to home. I never see movies in the theatre anymore (because I am so gosh darn cheap), but if this one is showing near me...I think I will definitely check it out.

You know when I was thinking about this movie...I couldn't help thinking of how I came to be a social worker. The message of the movie is something I wholeheartedly agree with. I think that we can't truly grow and gain the lessons we need to without giving of ourselves. Now, do I mean money???...not really. I know that when I have humbled myself and truly gave myself to people and causes I believed in...that my life became so much richer and fuller. I know that the years I spent in college in the soup kitchens in Washington DC were some of the best experiences of my life. I helped people and gave of my time, hospitality and charm...and I am more grateful for those experiences than the people I have ever helped. I can vividly remember some of the conversations I have had with homeless neighbors along my path, even if some of those conversations happened over 10 years ago. I truly felt blessed for every moment I spent in that place. The people who came there for food, shelter and warmth would often thank us for helping, but in all honesty...I was the one who was thankful. I feel like I got my calling when I walked in those doors. As cheesy as it sounds...being there felt like felt like what I was supposed to do with my life. I know that I wouldn't have chosen the career or the life I have without it. I just think that if we gave more...especially in this country of riches..that in essence we would be a richer country. *sighs*

Check it out if you can and let me know what you think. Anyways...this movie looks fabulous and I cannot wait to see it.


lazy weekend and Oscar pics

It doesn't feel like Sunday today...maybe it is because I didn't work more than 2 days last week, but it just doesn't feel like Sunday. I didn't do a heck of a lot this weekend...I watched some movies, ran some errands and just lazed around the apartment. And tonight the OScars are's a hella long show, but I will watch anyways.

Let's see...who do I think should win?? It's not who I think will win, but who I think SHOULD win.

Best Picture: Little Miss Sunshine
Best Actor: Ryan Gosling or Forrest Whitaker (Sorry Leo!)
Best Actress: Not sure..I guess Kate Winslet
Best Supporting Actor: Djimon Hounsou
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
Best Director: Martin Scorsese (he deserves it by now)
Best Documentary: Ohh tough one since so many were SO good...Inconvenient Truth.

I doubt many of my pics will win...except Hudson of course, but I'll be watching.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Babel...what the carp???

I just watched Babel...that Brad Pitt movie. Most of it...I loved, except that the writer or director definitely has some bizarre sexual issues.

BUT...what the hell was in the letter that the Japanese chick gave to the cop? I feel it is complete crap that we are not told this and therefore...the movie makes me angry!!

Brad Pitt is cute. Movie makes me ANGRY!

P.S. My roomie agrees!


Friday, February 23, 2007

how much are we talking about here?

Hey y'all...I have had a couple people email me and ask what I mean by a little pocket change when I am talking about In case you missed it in my previous posts, PPP is a site that pays you for blog marketing for other companies and products. You get paid a little bit of money for giving feedback about other sites and products.

Anyways...people have emailed and asked me how much I am actually making and being a full disclosure kind of gal, I thought I would answer. I joined PPP and was able to actively post on February 13, that means I have been active for 10 days and in those 10 days I have made $89.00. I had completed posts worth $5, $6, $8, $10, $15, etc. I don't tend to get the big money posts (like posts worth $125 or anything like that) because I have a smaller blog and because my blog is hosted on I still am able to post about things that interest me and that make me a little bit of money.

I know I could be making more if I posted about everything on their site, but I am still only posting about products or sites that I find interesting. There are some posts on there about payday loans or mortgages or online dating and those things just don't interest me or I don't support I can imagine you will never see a post from me about that.

The next question is...what do I plan on doing with the money? first motivation is to make enough money to cover my monthly gym membership. It costs $37 dollars a month, so I definitely accomplished that this month. And for any money left over...I am putting it away in savings for either a computer or a nice vacation. I quit my second job in January...because I didn't like the late hours and how it was effecting my social life, etc. I hope to use any PPP monies I have to build up my savings so that I can splurge and buy something nice.

I figure that $89 for ten days isn't bad at all...especially since it has taken only a smidge of effort. It's money for the gym and a little more.

Anyone else out there doing PPP? What do you plan on using the money for?

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Back in the saddle again....

I am back at work this morning folks...I am definitely feeling better...I no longer have a fever...and my energy is a smidge better. I do still have a lingering sore throat and stuffy nose and a cough once in a blue moon. But, I definitely feel good enough to go to work....let's face it, I couldn't stay holed up in that apartment of mine for another die or I might hurt someone!

I didn't post about this before...because I was all sickly, but I meant to talk about it on Ash Wednesday. I, once again, gave up candy and pizza for lent. I might be the motivation I need. I am usually pretty good at keeping my lent promises. I was at the store yesterday...picking up some yummy food...and I really wanted to buy some chocolate, but I was good! Yeah me!!!

Does anyone else give up anything for lent???

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Financial Info

I figured I would write a post about credit and finances since I spent my whole Thursday Thirteen talking about money and debt. I am amazed at how much people don't know about money, finances, retirement, credit reports and loans. I can remember when I graduated from high school...I knew nothing about financial planning and how to map out my financial future. It all just seemed like magic. I think that students should have to take a financial course in either high school or college because sadly, we are left to educate ourselves.

I found this site where it has a lot of information including info about getting an Instant Credit Report. I get a credit report at least once a year along with a fico score. I think it is so crucial to know what your credit says...or you can never do anything about it. I ended up finding out about a bunch of old credit cards which were still on my credit report...that I thought I had closed years ago when I did my last credit report. If I hadn't run my credit report, I would never had known to write and officially cancelled those accounts.

This site also has a lot of information about car loans, credit cards, mortgages, retirement and of course financial calculators. I love financial calculators!! They can help you figure out how quickly you can pay off your credit much you can afford to long you will be paying a loan off if you only pay the minimum amount due, etc. I really love those things!

Check out their site...there is a lot of info and I think that the more information that someone has about finances...the better!

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feeling a smidge better...

I am glad I am actually feeling better. I woke up a smidge ago and actually felt slightly normal. I hate being sick...when you just sit there and sleep and feel like garbage. And...I also end up feeling guilty. I didn't work on Monday because it was President's Day. I worked on Tuesday. I was out sick on Wednesday and Thursday being sick...and I am assuming I will be at work I only worked 2 days this week. I know I needed to be home, but I also feel bad that I know I probably didn't get my work done. *pouts*

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Thursday Thirteen #21

The website says that this will be the final edition of TT...unless someone else buys the rights to it. That's sad that a community of people and something people will enjoy...will come down to money. Well...if this is it, it was fun while it lasted.

P.S. I woke up a smidge ago...and I am feeling better. I got to the point when my temp went back to normal and I just feel like I can't sleep any more.

Thirteen Things About Shelley And Money!

1. I have a love/hate relationship with money, but then again...doesn't everyone?
2. When I entered college...I had close to 2K in savings from my job in high school.
3. I got my first credit card when I was 18 years mommy co-signed for me.
4. By the time I graduated from college, I had about 2K in credit card debt. And sadly, it was just from living beyond my means.
5. That 2K completely freaked me out. It may not seem like a lot to some, but for seemed like a bottomless hole.
6. When I started grad school, I vowed to reduce my debt and once I paid off the cards to never have a credit card balance.
7. I paid off all my cards in 2003...and to this day have never paid a penny in interest in credit cards again.
8. When I graduated from grad school...I was once again saddled in debt, but school loans. It's healthy debt, but I still hate it. When I went to my exit interview...they student loan people gave me a chart saying that if you owe this much you should make this much per year. I laughed out loud when I saw this because as a social worker I was NEVER going to make what the chart says I should.
9. Since I have graduated from grad school in 2002...I have paid down over 25K in educational debt. (sadly that is not even half of what I owe for both undergrad and grad school) This afternoon I made a 2K payment to one of my loans. I figured that it makes more sense to pay that money off instead of just keeping it in an account...getting a smidge of interest.
10. I am lucky to have really good credit. I saw lucky, but really it was a lot of self discipline and hard work. I haven't always had a lot of money, but I have paid bills on time and not gotten overwhelmed.
11. I paid off my car lst year...2.5 years early. I am really proud of that. And now the money I used to pay for my car loans...I send to my student loans.
12. Right now I am on schedule to be debt free by 2010. That seems like a long time away, but if I only paid what they told me loans would be paid in full on 2033. That's right 2033!!!
13. I know much of this post seems like I am bragging...and well, I probably am. I am really proud of the financial decisions I have made. I have a journey ahead of me, but I love that I have a plan and I am making choices to help my financial future instead of just hiding under a rock!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

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Big Money...No Whammies!

I thought I would wrote another post talking about the benefits of I signed up a few weeks ago in hopes of making a little pocket change while blogging, but once I signed up...I found out that it is a pretty sweet deal.

Ok, so here is the deal on how it works. They have something called a segmented system which awards high ranked blogs with EXCELLENT opportunities. What that really means is that the more important and popular your blog is...the more likely you are to get opportunities which will pay you big bucks. Right now they have some posts which pay $1000 per post. That's crazy, right? My blog is middle of the pack in terms of importance and I am usually not eligible for the fat cat posts, but I can still get pretty high paying ones. I have written posts worth $10, $15, etc. That's not too bad for a post that probably took 10-15 minutes to write. Since I have joined in early to mid February...I have already made close to 50 bucks. There are ads for things like mortgate companies, dating sites, ecards, etc. There is something that interests just about everyone. The only real requirement is that you make sure that there is disclosure on your blog, so that readers know that PPP is sponsoring specific posts on your blog.

People have emailed and asked me how PPP works...and how they make money at doing this. Basically, it is a blog ad network. From my understanding, PPP gets advertisers to give them money and then they allow us to blog about those advertisers and they pay us. And unlike a lot of other ad sites out there, PPP only charges a 35% fee for the post. That means that we are making 75% of the money from the advertiser every time we write a post. Other sites like ReviewMe charges a 100% markup.

PPP really makes sense for high and low traffic blogs alike. I am more low traffic, but I still think it is a pretty awesome program. So, I can only imagine how awesome the program would be for someone who is high traffic. Someone who is high traffic could possible make a living at doing this....instead of just doing this for pocket change like I am.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

sick day

I went to bed uber earky last night....just felt exhausted. I woke up this morning...still exhausted and warm. I took my temp and it was 100...close to 101. Grrr. My throat head hurts...I'm warm...I'm shivering. Shelley no likey being sick.

Obviously, I called into work and will be spending all day in bed...sleeping or watching crap tv.

Send me some lovely thoughts...and wish me better folks! And for me roomie's sake...let's hope I don't give what I have to her.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fat Tuesday

Hey's Fat Tuesday y'all. I knew it was coming up, but I didn't know it was today until I woke up and heard them talking about Mardi Gras on TV on GMA. It seems like it came super early this year.

How many people are giving up something for Lent? I'm not Catholic, but I almost always participate in Lent. My usually thing I give up for Lent is two things...candy and pizza. I give them up for pretty specific reasons. I give up pizza because it is good to go that long without it. Pizza is often a trigger food for it's nice to commit to not eating it at all during the lentin period.

And as for the's mainly because of cadbury mini eggs. I happen to believe they are the best candy on the planet. That yummy candy coating...and the best, creamiest chocolate ever. If I didn't give up candy for lent...I would be eating my weight in cadbury mini eggs. Mmmm....mmmm.... celebration of Fat Tuesday...I might just order a pizza and grab some of those yummilicious mini eggs!

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I can carry a gun, but not pepper spray?

Let's face it...I am avidly anti-guns. I don't EVER plan on owning one. I don't ever plan on using one. If I have children, I will not allow my child to play at someone home unless I know that there is not a gun in that home. Guns are just not a part of my life.

But we also know I work in the criminal justice system. I work with a bunch of guys who used to be correctional officers. They think my ideas about guns are just silly and stupid...and that I should have one in my apartment for my own protection. Even though...I know full well that because I am not comfortable with one, don't know how to use one and don't want to shoot someone (no matter what)...that a gun is much more likely to be used against me than to be used to protect me.

That's right...under no circumstances will I ever own a gun. Nope. Not going to happen.

I would like to own some mace pepper spray though. I have before. I owned pepper spray when I was in college. I carried it on my keychain just in case I needed it. I can remember walking home late at night by myself and having that pepper spray gave me a little peace of mind.

Now the interesting thing is...that it is legal in the state of New York for me to carry a gun, but it is illegal for me to carry pepper spray. That just seems so backward to me. What is that actually telling us? Let's see...if I use a gun then someone (including myself) might actually die, but if I use pepper spray someone might be effected by it, but not dead. This website won't let me even purchase something like mace or pepper spray because it is illegal to ship it to me in the state of New York.

Let me tell you...that's frustrating. It makes me wanna just pepper spray someone in the face! (Did you notice I didn't say shoot someone in the face...giggles)


Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy President's Day!

Today is president's lucky me, I got the day off work. What did I do with my whole day off?

Well here are 5 things I did:

1. Got to sleep in until about 8:30am (yes that is sleeping in to me)

2. Got a pretty bad headache at about 10:30am...might have been a migraine...I am not sure. I took meds right away and it got better pretty quick.

3. Bought a new wireless card in hopes of it working. It didn't. I think I have a firewall problem...there is one there, but I can't find it. I am pretty sure I am going to bring it to a local computer guy and see if he can fix it.

4. I made veggie tacos for of my fav meals. Mmmmm!

5. I watched about a bajillion episodes of Bones. Pretty good show all the way around.

There ya go...that's a snippet of my President's was yours?

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

still having some computer woes...

Hey everyone....I am still having some wireless internet issues....and I think I might end up needing to buy a new card...we'll see.

I watched a bunch of movies this weekend....I watched Half Nelson, Marie Antoinette, Dreamland and The Departed.

With the internet being down...I had a lot of time to watch some movies. I thought Half Nelson was hard to watch, but fabulous at the same time. Ryan Gosling was just wonderful in it. And I also thought The Departed was good too...but not as amazing as I thought it would be. Leo was great though...I can see why he was nominated for all those awards. Dreamland was bizarre...and kind of disappointing. I liked Marie Antoinette...I adore Sophia Coppola (Lost in Translation is in my top 5 of all-time movies) it isn't a shock that I liked it.

Tomorrow I am buying a new here is hoping that it works!

P.S. I have tomorrow off work...happy president's day y'all!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

with 20 minutes to spare!

Hey y'all....I almost didn't get to post today. Why is that? I wrote about before...I bought the Windows XP Professional Upgrade this week and it came in the mail yesterday. So, I decided to go ahead and upgrade.

At seemed like it was going fabulously well. I thought I might be a computer genius and be able to do something all by my lonesome...without consulting with a computer smarty pants. I installed the Windows XP...and then looked and all my old files and systems were there. Whoo hoo! right?

Well...yes...until I clicked onto my wireless network card. Then...all the troubles started. I didn't read in the install specifications....that the wireless card won't work when it has the driver for Windows 98...and if I don't uninstall it before installing XP...that it might not uninstall at all once I have XP up and a running. So...the internet card would not work and computer would not connect to the internet. So...I figured, I will uninstall it and then just install it problem. Except...the damn thing would not uninstall. I tried and tried and tried...and just kept getting an error message. So...I tried installing from the disc. Nope...nothing.

So, I thought...well I will call the tech support number from the network card people on the box. I got through to the company...and got someone on the phone with a very thick indian accent....who proceeded to have to do a bunch of things that did not even get close to working. *grumbles* Then...he had me rip open my computer and take my network card out...and told me to call back when I got that done. So...I did that...and called back...and got a guy with an even thicker indian accent. This guy had me do a few different things (when I could actually understand what he was saying...) and then proceeded to say that the problem was not with their software or the card or the driver...but with my computer and I needed to call my computer company and have them fix it. *grumbles*

So...then I called my brother...who has been a computer tech for a bunch of different companies, etc...and told him my issue. He asked me to do a couple different things...and voila...within about 10 computer and network card were up and running. I felt like calling the tech line back and just telling them how much of an idiot they were.

But positive spin and long story short...I now have Windows XP on my computer and my internet is now working. whoo hoo! brother is awesome...and even more awesome that I can understand what he is saying since he is without a thick indian accent!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Beauty and The Geek

Anyone else out there watching Beauty and the Geek like I am? I started watching this show a couple of seasons ago...and just think it is darling cute. If anyone hasn't seen it...I will a quick synopsis of the show. It's a competition where people are put into couples...comprising of a very beautiful (and often ditzy and dumb) girl and a geeky and awkward guy. The couples have to compete...where the girls have to do brainy, geeky things like learning how to build and launch a rocket...and the guys have to do things like asking someone out on a date, etc. And in the end...the couple that survived the longest wins $250,000.

I will admit..I love this show. I think it is funny, but it is also very sweet. It's interesting to see the people change...the geeks become more confident and comfortable with themselves...and the girls realizing that looks isn't everything and that everyone has skills and positives. By the end...the couples usually establish a pretty good friendship (with someone they never thought they would be friends with before).

Anyways...the finale for the show was on this week and I happened to catch it. I have a favorite geek...and it is Nate (that's him on the bike up there). I just think the world of him. I think he's funny and sweet and actually pretty charming. I also think he is just a unique person...someone who I think it would be awesome to be friends with.

I really wanted Nate to win...except I can't stand his partner, Cecille. She is so stuck up and obnoxious. She didn't change at all...she walked in thinking the guys were just losers and geeks and walked out thinking the same thing. She said to the contestants that she would never be with anyone unless they had millions of dollars....and that none of these guys have anything to offer her. She stated she was better than all the guys...and most of the girls. It was just disheartening to see someone so unchanged by the experience...and so self-centered. Ugh.

Well...Nate basically agreed with my opinion on this. The couple who was to win...was the couple that was considered to have changed the most by the experience. They won by having the other contestants vote for them. About halfway through the episode...Nate realized that Cecille hadn't changed at all...and that if she won it would validate her opinions, etc. So..Nate went around to all the other contestants and asked for them to not vote for him or Cici. He said that he didn't need the money because the experience was enough in itself...and he just couldn't stomach Cici winning...after she didn't learn anything in the process.

Aww...that just makes me respect and adore Nate more. I think it is wonderful that he saw the big picture...and saw that money wasn't everything. I think it is amazing that he looked outside himself and hoped that Cici not getting something handed to her on a silver plate might just make an impact.

I adore Nate. I just wanna give him a huge bear hug!


free cell phones...and cool ones at that!

I love my cell phone. I probably couldn't live without it. I remember when cell phones first came out and I thought they were so silly. I never thought I would own one and if I did, it would only be for emergencies. Now...everyone has a cell phone. They are so practical. I don't own a house phone at all now. I use my cell phone as my main phone and find it really ecomonical too. I don't know what I would do without my cell phone.

I have a friend who's cell phone is currently on the fritz. She can only talk on it when it is on speaker phone...which means that all of her phone conversations can be heard by anyone walking by. Her cell phone contract doesn't run out for a couple of she feels she is stuck with this crappy, barely works phone. She is looking for a new contract and a new phone...desperately.

I don't remember which cell phone company she has, but I am sending her this link to about super cell phone deals. it works with a bunch of different cell phone carriers...including Cingular, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, etc.

And so you probably are thinking that they will give you great deals on crappy phones, but not those new, swanky ones. Nope...not at all. Wirefly's featured deals include a free Blackberry Pearl and all types of the RAZR phones. Some of the phone deals come with bluetooth headsets too.

I clicked on their website and looked at what they offered for Verizon Wireless since that is my cell phone carrier. I am able to get the individual plan for the same price ($39.99) a month that I pay right now. But, I can get a free RAZR phone with it. That phone retails for about $250.00...and when I log onto the Verizon site you can get that phone discounted, but nothing close to free.

My contract expires at Verizon pretty soon...and I am really tempted to head over to and sign up through them. Not only do I get a free phone, but a pretty awesome free phone! I am definitely getting my poor friend to take a look at it.

This is a paid post.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

movies, movies...everywhere!

I am just going to post again how much I love the Blockbuster online plan. It is so cool. I was pampered for the last couple of years getting free movies at the video store I worked at, but that I have quit that job (thank god) that I have wanted movies, but didn't want to pay $5 per movie. What I love most about it is that I can return the movies to the them for another movie and they send a new movie right away. I think that is the best thing ever...since it sometimes take 2-3 days for the movie to get back...but not if you return it to the store. It's a great mix...having the online aspect and the store.

I will admit though...I still sometimes feel like a traitor when I am in their store...since I worked at a rival video place for years. ANd...I always feel the need to tell them when I am there that I worked at the other place. LOL


Thursday Thirteen #20

Thirteen Things about Shelley And SNOW!

1. I love snow. I sometimes consider it my BFF.
2. It reminds me of being a kid...playing in it, praying for a snow day.
3. We got a HUGE snow storm yesterday...all in all...about 3 feet fell to the ground.
4. My office closed at noon...and I headed immediately home.
5. I drove VERY slow and when I pulled into my apartment complex...the guy behind me blew by me and beeped his horn at me. Alright...asshat...but don't blame me when you find yourself in a ditch.
6. At about 4pm, I went out to move some snow off my car and maybe move it...and when I did, I realized it was COVERED with snow and not going to move without a lot of work.
7. And...I didn't have a shovel because my apartment complex is supposed to do snow removal. (notice I said supposed to)
8. daddy came over and brought me a shovel and helped me move my car out.
9. It took a little less than an hour.
10. And...I also shoveled the walkway, etc...since it has been a long time and many feet ago that my apartment complex did that.
11. I also jumped in the snow and made a snow chair on my way back into the building. See...even when it is a pain in the's still fun!
12. This morning...I shoveled out my car again, got it all warmed up and was about the head to work...and then, when I tried to knock the snow off my wipers...the driver's side wiper just fell off my car. So...who knows if I am going to work today. I am trying to get someone to get one to me...but who knows? It might end up being another snow day for Shelley. UPDATE (8:20AM: I got a ride to I am going, not sure how I am getting home...but it's all good!)
13. By the way...I still fully *heart* snow.

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

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Get paid to have people review your blog...

As people know, I have signed up with the website. They pay me to blog about certain products or topics. Initially, I wasn't sure I wanted to do something like that because I didn't want blogging to be about business. But, the more I thought about it...the more I realized that I already post pretty regularly about products I like or that I would recommend to others, so why not do the same...and get a little extra cash at the same time, right?

I have heard from people that they would like their blogs to be able to make money, but they don't want to be advertising for other people and their products. has something for you too! They have a new program called "Review My Post." The Program pays you every time someone signs up for the site and then reviews a post on your blog. They can review any post too...not just one that you have advertised. Someone could review your post about your cute little puppy or about the fact that you experienced a snow storm...and when they get paid for it. It's a great way to earn a little money while also increasing traffic to your blog and hopefully increasing interest in your site. It's open to all bloggers. You just simply add the badge at the end of your post and earn money and blog traffic with no real effort.

I really can't see a down side to this! At say that the program is exploding, so join in!

Here is how you sign up:

Click "Affiliate Tools" in your blogger interface then, select review my post for details. Let us know what you think about this new program that pays you and others to blog about your blog.

See ya around the blogosphere...and who knows, maybe I will be reviewing your post sometime soon!

This is a paid post.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lost Recap

I just watched this week's episode of Lost last night...and you know, I am getting more confused week by week. I love the show...I adore it, I really do...but I would like one question answered before they ask 10 thousand more.

I Desmond got the chance to go back and do things differently, but he didn't...he ended up right where he left off. Okay...he still sees things in the future?

And now he says Charlie is going to die. I do not accept this. grrr...

And Jack is still on the Others Island...and Kate hasn't saved him they can make up and have little island babies. Grrr...


Send someone you love an ecard!

I almost forgot, even though I think Valentine's Day is kind of a silly holiday because it just gets us to spend money to show people we love them. about if we didn't have to spend much money, but could still send people free funny eCards on Valentine's Day or Christmas or New Year's or their birthday or really any occasion. Awesome, eh? has ecards that are not only funny, but sometimes risque. Some of the cards are animated and just cute as a button. All of the cards can easily be personalized with messages and pictures.

How do I get these cards, you ask? can sign up for a 30 Day FREE trial membership to send unlimited cards to all your family and friends. After those 30 days, the membership only costs $13.99 per year. If I do my math right...$13.99 would be about 3 or 4 cards that I bought at Hallmark. It could save time, money and of course those pesky trees. Think of it this way...if you send ecards it's your way of fighting global warming!

And what's the best benefit of ALL?? The software can either send your ecard immedicately or you can schedule it to send the card on a certain date. I am always forgetting people's birthdays or anniversaries, so with would remember for me.

Here is an example of a Valentine's ecard. (of course I had to pick the political, democratic's SO funny!) Sign up for the 30 Day Free Trial and send a bunch to people that you love before they day is up!

This is a paid post.

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Happy Vday everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! To be honest, Vday isn't my fav holiday...because it's all about selling candy and flowers and stuff...but still...I guess I can't complain about a day of love, now can I!

So...for this day...I am going to cherish all those that I love and all those that love me...and not sit depressed because I don't have a boyfriend to bring me some roses and what not.

Happy and all!


Do you watch Soaps like I do?

I used to be ashamed that I watch soap operas...but shame aside, I watch them. I figure if I admit to watching American Idol and the bad is it that I watch soaps from time to time, eh? My roommate makes fun of me all the time...and makes me tell her the complicated storylines and just giggles at me.

I have been watching soaps on and off since I was 15 or 16. I started watching soaps when I was in high school. I was nannying one summer and the grandma I was nannying for watched Days of Our Lives and Another World. Within the summer...I was hooked.

And then in college...I migrated over to General Hospital and One Life to Live. I even missed a class once because I had to know what happened with Sonny and Brenda. Silly, eh?

Once I graduated from school...I thought I had to let soaps go because I was working during the time when soaps were on. But you can watch them at night and my Tivo tapes them for me even when I am not there. So...I am once again...a General Hospital watcher.

I found this site through it is pretty cool. It's a site that can tell you lots of information about Soap Operas. It's cool because it has updates on what happened on the show...and of shows on different networks, so you don't have to go to a bunch of different sites to get your soap updates. It also has a breaking news section, a spoilers section, a message board to chat with other soap fans, some pictures, etc. It's pretty cool. I have been reading the daily updates about what is going on at General Hospital...and it has been pretty cool. My only complaint is that I wish they updated their "news" section more often...cause sometimes it is a week old or so. But all in's a nice info site....and free to boot!

If you watch soaps...check it out. It's free to use...and has lots of help info about what's going on with your favorite soap.

P.S. Anyone else out there watch GH like I do? What do you think about their hotel hostage situation? Who's going to make it? Who's not???

This is a paid post.

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My snow dance worked....

It's snowing like a mofo outside...and I love it!!! I was so excited when I woke up this morning. I imagine the kids in the area are more excited than I am...since almost every school in the area is off today. I can remember being school age and just having the best time outside...playing in the snow...when there was a snow day. It was the best.

It's still coming down pretty strong...and they say we may get about 3 feet or so. I might leave work early to help my dad shovel at home...and to just experience being outside in the gosh, darn snow.



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow is a comin'

The news is reporting that big time SNOW is on the way! Let me tell you how excited I am. I love snow. Basically...snow and I are BFFs! We haven't had a lot of snow in years...and I miss it. Snow just makes me feel like a kid...when I used to run out and play in it...grab my sled and find the closest hill, etc. I know I will probably be cursing the snow when I am trying to get to work, etc....but, I just love snow. It's reminds me of being a's beautiful. it not snow like they said...and have me get all excited for nothing.

And today...I went to the Blockbuster video. I haven't been inside a Blockbuster in a long, long time....but I wanted to return an online movie and exchange it for an in store rental. I ended up getting The Departed...which I am so excited to see. It was so strange to be inside a video store...other than the one I used to work in for 2 years. But all in all...the Blockbuster online movie plan is a GREAT deal...and since Blockbuster has extended due dates's pretty cool. My movie is supposed to be due on Thursday, but in reality...I don't HAVE to return it until Next Thursday.

P.S. I will continue doing my snow dance until it actually starts snowing!

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Online Coups!

Hey y' you shop online as much as I do??? I much prefer doing things online...than actually going to the store. I do it with movies...with perfume or body spray...with sports of course, online movies. The only thing I don't buy online is clothes, cause can't try them on.

Well...check out for buying stuff online. They have a bunch of stores you can go to...including Target, The Gap, Staples, Best Buy. The list goes on and on.

The one that really caught my eye was Target...because I love Target. If you click on Target's coupon can either get 10% off your online purchase or free shipping. That seems like a pretty sweet deal to me! I know I am looking for a new pedometer and some kind of mp3 player...I think I might head over to Target and buy one...and get 10% off while I am at it.

Check em's pretty cool!

This is a paid post.


self-fufilling prophecy...

I have talked about how I am afraid and basically hate dentists before...and I ain't kidding about that. Dentists make me mean one made me cry. I am not a fan of them, nor their profession.

Anyways...I went back to the dentist yesterday to get a few more fillings and basically be caught up with the work I need to get done (minus the 2 wisdom teeth in the back that need to come out, but baby steps steps). The dentist came in and got to work...and drilled stuff...and filled stuff...and used that blue light filling thing.

I had the thought while I was going through all of this (which really wasn't all that bad)....that my fear of dentists...which has kept me away from his chair...has also made it so that when I go...I always have cavities and fillings and that sound of the drill. In many ways...if I went more regularly...the dentist probably wouldn't be the same horrible experience.

But...since I can't help myself from being the social worker that I's also a health care, insurance and money issue. I have had a cavity that I have known about for more than a year...that hurt from time to time...and that I probably would have gotten some attention for...if it wasn't the issue of money and insurance. When I just graduated from grad school in 2002....I no longer had health insurance...nor dental care. When I started working at the homeless center...they did not provide health care because they were such a small, non-profit. I was able to afford an individual policy for health insurance (which had services that were horrifically expensive...and that sucked)...but I was not able to get dental insurance. Dental insurance just doesn't exist if you aren't getting it from your employer. You can get those discount dental programs...but sir. So...from 2002 until 2006...I didn't have any dental insurance. So...I could only really afford to go to the dentist if it was an emergency, that's it. And when I did get insurance in 2006...I needed to wait the mandatory waiting periods to have any of the work I knew I was going to need...covered by my policy.

So experience at the dentist was much worse because I put it off. I walked in knowing I was going to have fillings and that it was going to be an ordeal. (My dentist is fabulous by the way...he got all my fillings and what not taken care of within 2 last would have taken her 2 years). Yes, I put it off because I fear the dentist...and hate sitting in their chair. Yes, I put it off because I was embarassed at the state of my teeth and that I didn't get the regular check ups. But I also put it off...because I didn't have insurance...and for sure, I didn't have the money that I knew it was going to cost.

You know...when I was working at the homeless center (that place that didn't provide me health insurance mind you)....I would see many of the homeless men that would come there. They had such horrible teeth...because they could never get them taken care of. They would just continue to let them rot until they got so bad...that they would get pulled. The guys there...either had rotting, black teeth...or no teeth at all.

In the best country in the world...we have to have a better system than that. I was no way in their situation, but I will say that insurance and cost...kept me from getting those cleaning for close to 4 years.

P.S. Still terrified of dentist is funny though...he knows that he terrifies me, so he does whatever he can to make sure I am alright. He's a heck of a nice guy...but well...he's still a dentist!

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a little side change...

I signed up for's a site that will pay you a small fee to talk about some advertising opportunities. I figured...I tend to talk about products and stuff enough as it is, so I might as well get paid a smidge for it. I don't plan on doing it a lot...mainly...I plan on doing it enough to pay for my monthly gym membership.

So...if you see a paid post on know the deal. And I promise y'all...I will only write about things that actually interest me. mkay?


Monday, February 12, 2007 I come!

I haven't bought anything off ebay in a long time....and for the most part, I don't like buying things there. I tend to find that I pay more than I wanted...and get baited into paying more than I want...because I become invested in the thing I want. Plus...most stuff I just don't need.

But...I did buy something on ebay this morning. My computer at home...I have been using a very, very old operating system. My computer still has Windows 98 on it...and yes, I am aware that it is 2007. But, I really like 98, so I didn't want to upgrade. Well...the problem is that many many programs don't support 98 anymore, so it is hard to download programs or even simple things like virus protection.

So, I decided to upgrade to Windows XP. But, I like the professional version so much better than the personal version. I think it has less problems and is much more user friendly. I logged onto ebay and saw a listing which was going to expire in about 40 minutes for an XP Professional Upgrade. It was right around 100 bucks...and since it retails for about 200...I decided to go ahead and bid. I ended up paying 125 bucks for it, but with is still much less than I would pay for it in the store. I think it is well over 150 at BJ's last time I looked.

Someone asked me...when I said I wanted to upgrade to XP...why aren't you going to upgrade to VISTA?, it just came out...and I don't trust new operating systems (duh- I currently have 98!)...and I wouldn't want to get VISTA until it has been around enough to have all the bugs worked out of it. I originally was going to wait until I bought a new computer to upgrade...but it's kind of like cars and car repairs. I can spend $125 now...and get my computer so that it works the way I want it...or spend $1000 on a new computer. I think the 125 is the better investment.


Pick a number between one and twenty...

My apartment is rank. Ick. Ugh. My roommate made something for dinner last night with sausage and onions...and the smell just won't go away....and it is one of the most pungant smells out there. I put on the kitchen fan last night hoping it would help...but it did not. I sprayed the apartment with air freshener numerous times hoping it would did not. And this was still this pungant smell of rank sausage. Eww. So, when I left for the day...I had to crack two of the windows. It is going to be freezing cold when I get home...but hopefully the smell will have left my apartment and gone into the great outdoors.

Anyone have any good suggestions on how to get stinky, bad food smells out of your apartment?


And oh my comments...pick a number between one and twenty. Any number...come know you want to. (I'll explain later)

P.S. I haven't been back to the Y in over a week...bad Shelley. I plan on going tomorrow. Today I have a dentist appointment...or I would go today, but they probably wouldn't like someone doped up on novacaine and drooling all over the machines. But I will be back tomorrow....I am paying too much to not use their lovely services.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jesus Camp

Well...we all know that I quit the video store in January....because, was just time to go. Since then...I haven't had the motivation to come back, even if it meant that I could rent free movies.

But that doesn't mean I don't want to watch movies anymore. I decided that Blockbuster's online deal is just too good to not sign up. You get the same 2 or 3 movies out at a time that Netflix offers...however, you can return the movies to Blockbuster and exchange it out for another movie for free. So...basically...if you return them to the can double your movies for the same amount of money. It's pretty cool.

Blockbuster's great me to walk into a Blockbuster for the first time in probably three years today (I obviously worked for a Blockbuster competitor). Hey...a deal's a deal. And if anyone knows me...I don't have much loyalty to the video store I used to work for anyways...since about 99.9% of their policies are all about making them more money...and short changing their employees whenever possible.

Anyways...the free movie I rented at Blockbuster this afternoon was Jesus Camp. This movie is scary...almost a horror flick as far as I am concerned. It's a documentary about the evangelical community and the summer camp they have for children because they believe children are the warriors for christianity. At one point, the main woman, Becky Something or Other...says that liberals should be shaking in their boots when they watch this movie because of what her children can do. I was shaking...but for different reasons. I am shaking because when they say, "raise your hand if you are willing to die for Christ!"...the children all raise their hands with excitement. I am shaking...because when one little girl is describing people going into "christian battle"...she says that people chant martyr around them with glee...and she is so excited about that. I just wish that this woman and her people...taught children about Jesus and his call for peace and understanding...instead of hoping that they become the warriors for god. Ick. Eww. Bleck.

But the comedy of the whole movie...was when they taped a sermon by Ted Haggard. Does everyone remember who Ted Haggard is??? You know...he's the leader of the Evangelical movement....who also has been in the press when his gay escort came forward with their "activities"? And then Ted came out admitted the gay well as having a meth problem. Well...a major part of Ted's sermon that we heard was about how the Bible tells them what is right and wrong, so that they KNOW that being gay is wrong. Really Ted? You knew that...while you were getting down with your paid gay escort?? Hee, hee.... This man is not a man of God...and loved the giggle that the movie gave me...just showing who Ted Haggard really is. And...they didn't have to really do anything...except turn the camera on and point it at him.

Ted Haggard....what a shmuck!

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Saturday, February 10, 2007


I almost forgot to post bad!

But now that I am posting...I am not sure I really have anything to say. Except...that I finally got around to seeing Wednesday's episode of Lost...and it was fabulous. I still want Jack and Kate to find one another and stop being secluded from one Kate can forget about that pesky, no good Sawyer and realize that Jack is the one she should love! jeez!

*yawns* Yep...that's me...yawning at 9:45pm on a Saturday night.


Friday, February 09, 2007

the only subject that anyone is talking about today.... I might as well get to talking about what everyone else in the blogosphere is blogging about....

That Anna Nicole Smith died yesterday.

Here is my interesting tidbit about it all. When I am at work...I listen to the radio through a streaming local station. We are in the basement floor of the building, so real radios don't tend to come in the internet is a great way to hear tunes in my office. Anyways...back to Anna-gate. So, on Thursday when I was leaving work...and closing up my computer (a little after 4pm)...I saw on the news ticker on my radio station's site that Anna Nicole had been rushed to the hospital, but that no one knew any more information. Well...I left work, ran a quick errand and was home by a little after 5pm. I opened up the online radio station at home....and the story had already changed from rushed to the hospital to Anna Nicole Smith is dead.

I think it is tragic that someone 39 years old died. I think it is tragic that she was so addicted to drugs that she had no control over her life and turned herself into a walking laughing stock. I think it is tragic that she lost her son...and seemingly never recovered. I think it is tragic that she has a little girl...who know is going to go through a paternity nightmare. I think it is tragic that people may want that baby because of the money she may inherit. But then again...I think that the baby may have more of a shot in the world now because Anna is not going to be her mother, her role model. I know...I am the devil...the woman just died. But well...the truth is the truth.

And now that I have commented on Anna Nicole...I wish everyone a happy friday and a wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #19

Thirteen Things That Have Made Shelley Happy This Week!

1. The Colts won the Superbowl...which is awesome since I adore Peyton and basically any Indiana team.
2. The superbowl commercials were actually funny and didn't suck like they have the past few years.
3. Prince was out singing in the rain...which I found hilarious...and that he was basically wearing a bonnet that made him look like Aunt Jemima!
4. I didn't end up going to church this weekend. How sad it is that it is something that made me happy? But was a great chance to sleep in. I needed that since I had to work on Saturday.
5. I also got to take half a day off of work make up for working on Saturday. It was nice to have the afternoon to myself.
6. I turned in some lotto tickets (scratch off) which were given to me as a Christmas gift...and won 9 dollars. whoo money!
7. I bought a slushie with one of those 9 dollars. It's been freezing lately, but that doesn't mean I stop loving slushies!
8. I also have a half day on Friday to make a site visit for work...but it will be nice to be out on the road.
9. I signed up for Blockbuster's All Access movie deal...which basically works like Netflix, except you can return the movies to the store and get more movies! I love that plan...and I signed up on Monday and already had movies in my mailbox on Wednesday.
10. One of those movies is Hollywoodland...which I have been really excited to see. I am going to either watch it tonight or Friday.
11. Lost was on TV last night...after a long awaited absence. DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!!! I have it Tivo'ed and haven't watched it yet.
12. I'll be honest....Hershey's Kissables Candies...bring me happiness!
13. And...I have received all my 1099's and W2's and such in the mail I can get to filing my taxes and getting that return back.

That's 13 things that have made me happy this week....happy, happy everywhere!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sad state of affairs....

I read one I my posts that I have been merging yesterday....and I ended up laughing so hard, I almost fell out of my chair. It's more pathetic than anything else...seeing the difference between 2004 and today.

Does that peek your interest??? Well...go read the post and see what I am talking about. It was funny and hurt my soul while reading it.

And onto more sad states of this NASA woman who drove from Texas to Florida in order to confront another NASA woman...because she thought this woman might have been involved with her new man...also a NASA guy. They have been talking about it on the news for the past couple of days. You know what the craziest thing about it to me is...that the woman wore an adult diaper when she was driving from TX to that she wouldn't lose any time having to use the facilities. Are you flippin kidding me??? How much time does it really take to drive into a gas station...pee...and get back on the road. And she had to stop to fill her gas tank anyways....right??? I mean...the whole situation is bizarre, but the bizarre cherry on the McCrazy wearing a diaper on his trip to "confront" the other woman.

I swear...the world just gets crazier every minute.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

looking back...

Hey y'all...happy Tuesday!

I feel like I've posted a bajillion times today...when in reality, I haven't posted at all.

I have been going through slowly...and transferring all of my old posts from ujournal and adding them here. I figure it would be nice to have all my entries in the same place. Some people have nice swanky programs which move all of their posts with one click...but well, I am not that nice, nor swanky. So, it is moving each by one. It's tedious, but it also is see where my mind and heart were at...back in 2003 and 2004.

Have you ever gone back and read old archives of your posts? It's kind of nice and's like getting a window picture into who you were back then. It's makes me glad that I kept with this blogging thing...those times I felt it was a waste of time and was going to quit altogether. I have often said that talking about my day to day life is boring, so I should just give it up already. Well...I have proved myself wrong...because what is interesting is going back 3 or 4 years and seeing what my day to day boring existance consisted of...

Anyways...enough blathering in the present...gotta keep backlogging old entries.

P.S. Any entry whioh has the UJ: tag on an old ujournal entry.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Congrats to the Colts!

Yep...that's right...I decided to head to my parents house and watch the superbowl. I usually only watch one football game per year and this year was the same. And usually I just watch for the commercials and don't care who wins...but this, I did care who won. I lived in Indy for a couple of years...could see the dome from my apartment, so a little of my Indy-hometown pride made me root for the Colts. Plus...I think that Peyton Manning is not only adorable, but also a heck of a nice guy. So, I was glad for the Colts, for Peyton, for Tony Dungy, etc...

Oh...and those commercials were funny too. I loved the Career Builder ones...where business people were out in the jungle (very Survivor style) and then when they wanted a promotion they had to battle it out in a "promotion pit." Hilarity! And the Blockbuster one is great too...with the hamster and the bunny trying to get online using an actual, living mouse...trying to click and drag it. Hee, hee.... Oprah and Dave were funny. I also thought the Bud Light and Sierra Mist commercials were pretty funny as well.

The past few years I have been disappointed with the commercials, but this year...I felt they were truly funny. hee, hee...hee, hee....


Sunday, February 04, 2007

2007: Week 5 Weigh-In

Hey's Sunday, so it is officially weigh in day. I was nervous about this week because I didn't go to the Y at all. For part of the week...I didn't feel all that well and then for the rest, I was either recovering or just being lazy and using recovering as an excuse. Next week...I will be going to the Y...because I didn't join just to have money sucked out of my pocket.

So, here are the results:

Whoo hoo...given the crap, I lost a pound. Now the sad truth is that if I head back to my parents' house and watch the big ol' football game with them...I will probably gain that pound back. There was a news story where they said that people tend to eat over 1200 calories while watching the game. I don't plan to be that bad, but there will probably be a lot of snacking. Oh well...more reason to go to the Y next week...A LOT!

And I feel really rested...I took a nap last night about 4pm. I didn't fall asleep until 5:30 or so...woke up about 8pm...ate a grapefruit, was still tired...and fluttered back asleep off and on between 8 and 10...and then fell asleep for good. It wouldn't be shocking that I woke up off and on since about 4am. My body was rested...but my mind said...god lord, it's 4am! I ended up waking up at about 7:30am for good...and watched a crap movie on Lifetime (find something else to watch at 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday...I dare you!)

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

saturday smatterday...

I love it! Snow is awesome...even when the roads were horrible last night when I ran out to the grocery store. I love the ground being covered in whitey goodness.

This morning I had to work for about half the day...and luckily the roads were cleaned up and it was no longer snowing.

And now...I am spending the rest of the afternoon taking a nap....and deciding if I care enough to watch the superbowl tomorrow.


Friday, February 02, 2007

challenges, challenges....

I updated my 30 Days Challenges over there....and I can proudly say that I completed 30 Days of not eating pizza. I have a hard time with's a food that I love...that I tend to overeat...and that I would eat everyday...every meal...if it wouldn't make me big as a house. So..congrats to me!

My next a little different. I am challenging myself to blog for 30 Days straight. I was going to do the No Candy or No Soda or something challenge, but I know myself well enough that I usually, always give up candy and pizza for lent...which will happen in February anyways, so I figured I would start a challenge that won't conflict or overlap.

So...for the next 30 Days I plan on blogging at least once each day.

I started thinking about habits the other day...when I was flossing and brushing my teeth for bed. I went to the dentist a little while back...a month and more ago. And...I brush my teeth...cause well, who doesn't? But when my dental hygenist asked if I flossed...I just laughed at her. I haven't flossed in probably 10 years. Well...the hygenist told me how important it was...and gave me some floss on my way out. And now...I am a constant flosser. I wake up in the morning, floss, brush my teeth, use mouthwash. When I get home from work...I often floss, depending on what I ate. And at night, I floss and then brush my teeth before bed.

It's more evidence to how quickly a habit can be flossing is just part of my routine...when for the past 10 year I couldn't even think of fitting in into my life.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #18

Thirteen Reality TV Shows That Shelley Watches!

I's quite sad that I know I can list 13 reality shows that I watch. I always say that reality tv is trash...and often it is, but sadly...I also really enjoy it. Here goes my list!

1. Top Chef-BRAVO. I love this show. I wish I knew how to cook and I love to watch what they make and the drama of it all. The finale was on last night and thank god that Ilan won! I wanted Sam to win...because he is dreamy and because I felt his dishes were fabulous. I just think this show is great...and can't wait for season 3!
2. Project Runway- BRAVO. I loved this show before I loved Top Chef. I think it is fabulous and the designer drama is just wonderous! And...they often make such beautiful dresses too! Nick was my favorite from Season two...thought he should have won. I was so glad when Jeffrey won last season...even though Kayne was my favorite by far!
3. Dancing With The Stars- ABC. Love it! I love that the people actually have to learn a skill instead of just being drama queens. I also think that the dancing is just so beautiful. Who did I think should have won last season? Mario...absolutely....and not just because I watched Saved By The Bell as a kid!
4. So You Think You Can Dance?- Fox. Can you tell I like the dancing shows? I used to dance all the time as a kid...ballet, tap, jazz, etc. This one is a little different because they are actual dancers, not celebrities...and some of the dances are just breathtaking to watch. Who did I want to win last year? Travis...all the way. He made it to finals, but was beat by Benji. I loved Benji, but not like I loved Travis.
5. Celebrity Fit Club- VH1. I used to watch Biggest Loser, but I don't really anymore....because I think it shows an unrealistic view of weightloss. That is why I like CFC. They show realistic, slow weight loss...focused on diet and exercise.'s great to watch those B level celebrities struggles with weight and body issues just like the rest of us.
6. Workout- BRAVO. I started watching this show when it premiered last year. I think it's great. It's about the trainers at an LA gym...and their semi-crazy, little bitchy boss. I like that they show success and struggles of the clients they work with...but also show the lives of the trainers. I'll be looking forward to watching season two this spring.
7. Real World- MTV. I don't even like The Real World anymore...but I still watch it. I remember 10+ years ago...when the people on the show were somewhat average, normal. is just finding the trashiest, slutiest, racist, judgemental people ever...and putting them in a fish bowl to hook up with one another and fight constantly. But...much like a car accident...I just can't look away when it comes to the Real World. Oh...and I love those challenges too.
8. Wife Swap- ABC. Between Trading Spaces and Wife Swap...I like Wife Swap. It's always interesting to see two different types of families and how they function together for 2 weeks. What is most interesting to not the drama in the beginning, but what the family learns afterwards. I am always amazed that the families seem to take the best from the other family and incorporate it into their lives. Trading Spaces seems to be all about the drama...Wife Swap has some drama, but I see it more about the experience.
9. American Idol-FOX. Alright, I admit it...I watch it. I always watch it during the beginning weeks because I am thoroughly entertained by the trainwreck auditions. I usually stop watching once it gets into a full blown competition...except last year. I was really mesmerized by Chris Daughtry...loved that bald rocker. And once Chris went home...I really started to love Taylor. I thought he was fabulous and something completely different. I was really happy to have him win. I don't know if I will keep watching AI after the audition weeks this year...we'll have to wait and see.
10. Intervention- A&E. This show is realistic, fabulous...and also breaks my heart. I think it sheds some light on addiction and what people go through. I also think that it shows how hard recovery is...since the people often relapse after treatment. These are really little mini-documentaries on addiction...with the added benefit of providing the opportunity for treatment for those involved. Check it out if you get the chance.
11. What Not To Wear- TLC. I secretly want to be on this show...I know my fashion isn't the best and I would love 5K and the advice of some NYC fashion divas to get some nice, new digs. Now...the circular mirror and the mountain of shame...not so much, but the new clothes...absolutely. My only problem...I would never let them through away ALL my clothes because realistically...5K doesn't buy that much clothes, especially in NYC.
12. Trading Spaces- TLC. I haven't watched this as much as I used to...but I still love it. I think it's a great idea...2 couples making over each other's rooms. And...sometimes it is such a beautiful room...and sometimes I think the designers are on crack with what they come up with. If I owned my own house...I would love to be on this show as well.
13. Inked- A&E. I love this show....if I was ever in Vegas and wanted another tattoo, I would get it there. I love, love, love...Dizzle!

and the sad thing...I could list more reality shows that I might watch!

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Today is my lovely payday...and of clockwork I woke up and immediately went to the computer to log the paycheck and then pay anything that might be coming up to be paid. I actually enjoy paying, I don't like giving my money away, but I like the concept of getting them taken care of...and more than anything else...the control aspect is probably what I am attracted to most. I like that I am in control of my finances and whatnot...instead of them being in control of me.

This the first time that I made the double payment of my school loans. It felt nice to pay that much in one given month to my loans...and when I made the payment...the computer sent me a message, "You are paying over 2X the amount you owe monthly...are you sure you want to do this? Do you want it to extend your payments or pay more principle?" I love that it wanted to be sure I wanted to pay that much...banks, I tell ya! And my answer...more principle please!!!

I am so anxious for the day that my school loans are actually paid would be wonderful to no longer have that burden. Don't get me wrong...I am so grateful for my education and I think it was well worth the cost, but I also don't want to be paying it back forever. (and my original loan payback schedule basically had me doing would have me paying my school loans back until I was I was FIFTY THREE years ridiculous is that?)

Alright...enough about my finances and the sad high I get for paying my bills!