Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Weigh-In and what stress will teach you...

Hi all! I woke up on Monday morning...with my legs a little sore and my knee kind of barking at me. But...I still felt good. Those aches were reminders of the race I ran, so I kind of smiled and grimaced at the same time. I usually do more of a cool down walk than I did yesterday AND I usually go shopping with my afterwards so I walk for another hour or so around stores...and yesterday after the race, I spent some time watching the TV...and that's about it.

Let's get to the weigh-in...I stepped on the scale and I lost another pound this week. At least it wasn't two! Since I have been pushing cardio so hard in preparation for the race, I was not surprised. Now that the race has come and gone...I can change my focus from cardio centered to weight training. I am starting the Body for Life 12 Week Challenge. It has you doing weight training 3 times per week and cardio 3 times per week. I will be doing a lot less cardio though...only 20 minutes at a time. So, I think it will be a nice, new change.

I think I am going to stop doing the weekly weigh-ins over there on the site. I am going to change the format...and report if I am in my range or not. I am going to give myself a 10 lb. range...and right now, I am at the bottom of that range since I would actually like to gain some weight. As soon as I am within the range, I'm cool. And then...if for 3 months, I stay within range...I am going to give myself a maintenance reward. So...that's my plan, Stan!

And what is this I mentioned about stress? Well...this morning, I went down to start my car and it wouldn't start. I often have a security issue with my I didn't think it was a big deal, but then I realized it still wasn't starting. I wasn't sure if it just needed a jump...or if it was the starter or the alternator...or if it was the security system finally going belly up. My dad is a doll...and took me to work. I knew I couldn't deal with it until I got home. And..once I got to work, what was going to be a quiet, easy day turned into a busy day...where I had to spend the whole morning in the jail dealing with something I wasn't expecting.

So, I came back from the jail right before lunch...a tad bit stressed. What makes me happy about all this stress is how I dealt with it. One of my main issues with long term weight management is that I have always been an emotional eater. Overall, I eat pretty healthy...but when life sucks or when I am stressed out, I tend to go right to emotionally eating. What made me happy that I didn't even think about ordering a pizza or getting some crap food out of the vending machine. Being on this plan...made me deal with my emotions and not feed them. I learned to recognize I was stressed...and realize that everything was out of my control. Once I did that...I calmed right down and I was in a great mood. So, I've lost a bunch of into better shape physically...but I've also dealt with the internal/emotional issues I have with food. With

BTW- AAA came and jumped my car...and it runs. I figured out the problem...and need a repair down the line, but dodged a bullet for right now.

Hugs all...Happy Monday!

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!

Hi all! I've been blathering on and on for the last couple of months about how I have been running/jogging in preparation of running our local Shamrock Shuffle. I've never been a matter how fit I have been. I came home from Florida in January...and thought, "Hey, I wonder if I could get myself in shape to run/jog the Shamrock Shuffle?" It was a fleeting thought...seriously. I didn't think it could happen. I didn't think I could start training in the cold winter. I didn't have access to a treadmill. And plus, I was a horrible, sucky runner.

So, I thought...I can rock the elliptical for 45 minutes to an hour...I'll give it a shot. I went out for my first run in January...and sucked. I couldn't run for a 1/4 of a mile without having to stop and walk. I basically felt the shuffle was out of touch for this year, but I kept trucking along. I added some running time each time out...and in a few weeks, I headed from my house to my dad's. I jogged the whole was about 2.5 miles. I was shocked...for the first time, I had hope.

Over the next 5 weeks...I added more and more mileage until I was running 5 miles without stopping. Now, when I say running...I mean jogging. I was running between 13-15 minute miles. I didn't care though...I was running. was the shuffle. I went to church this morning (I needed the big guy on my side). I headed over to register at 10am...and the race started at 11am. My dad came with me...and my roomie came too to support me. I am so grateful for them coming to support was very nice and I felt very loved.


My goal run/jog the whole time...and to finish the race. And that is just what I did. The race was 5 miles...and my final time was 1:01:43. I was one of the last people to finish...about 6 people came in behind me. But, I don't care...I ran about a 12 minute mile...and I jogged the whole walking...and I finished. I couldn't be happier. I didn't sign up to win...I signed up to run it and accomplish it.

I've said before...I don't know why this race was so important to me. I felt the need to run it...almost as if it is the physical representation of all the work I have done in the last 6 months.

I still say...if I can do this, anyone can! Hugs to all who were cheering me afar.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hey y' thing I have learned in the last year, is that I actually am pretty good at baking. I never knew that. My mom...was fabulous in the kitchen. She was always making pies and cookies and candy and what not...and they were scrumdiddlyumptious! So, if I needed to bring something into work...or I wanted to bake a cake for a friend's bday...I would tell me mom, she would bake it up and voila! I made fudge with her once, but usually...I would just place the order and pick up the goods. One of the regrets I have that I didn't spend more time with her in the kitchen and learn some of her tricks of the trade.

One thing my mom always make cookies and cake and pie for the church when they were having dinners and what not. The church is having a pork dinner tonight, so I signed up to bring some supplies and I also signed up to bring a cake and/or a pie. I decided on AND instead of OR. So, here is what I made:


This is a grasshopper fudge cake. It smells divine. It is mint flavored white and green marbled cake...covered in a layer of fudge and then topped with mint flavored whipped topping and andes candies. If only the internet was scratch and sniff...and you could smell just how great this cake well...smells. I've haven't tasted it yet, but I am going to assume it is yummy.

And #2:


This is a No Bake Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pie. It's super easy to make and it is so rich and creamy. And of course, it is topped with drizzled dark chocolate fudge and some reese's PB cups. Mmmm...mmm....good!

I hope the church enjoys them...and I really did like making them. I have found I feel connected to my mom when I bake. I hope the church enjoys them even 10% as much as they LOVED my mom's baking. They used to ooh and ahh about the goodies she brought.

If anyone wants the me and I would be more than happy to share. Enjoy your weekend y'all!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

what type of friend are you????

One of my goals in to work on my friendships with a lot of people. I've kind of isolated myself as of late...and I don't want to do it anymore. So, I am going to reach out and reconnect.

It got me really thinking...and if I am completely honest...which I try to be...I don't really have that many friends. Those close friends that you hang out with and share everything with. Those relationships...are very few and far between in my life. Probably my closest relationship is with my dad. I adore him...and not just because he is my father, but because he might be the most fabulous human being on the planet. I've always felt that way about him...and I just feel even closer to him in the last year since we've spent a lot of time leaning on one another. The only other really close person I have in my day to day my roomie. We have a lot in common and have a good time together...and share our lives, etc. She's a doll and I feel honored to not only call her a friend, but a close friend.

I have other close friends who aren't in my life. There is my childhood best friend. She lives in town, but we just haven't made time to see one another. It's completely my fault...since it just hasn't worked out. I fully commit and plan to see a lot more of her. She's someone who no matter what...loves me and supports me. I love her so much for that....and wish I had made more time to spend with her. We're going to get together soon.

And then there is my best friend from college...she's someone who no matter how long time goes in between seeing one another or talking, things are the same. She's a kindred spirit...I guess (Wow...can you tell I like Anne of Green Gables with that statement). Our lives have changed...she's married with 2 little rugrats, but no matter what...we just adore each other. She lives in Vermont...and I am planning a trip to see her very soon. I have another really good friend from college...who is always trying to get me to come out and visit her. I wish she lived across town...or across campus, like the good ol' days because then I would be seeing her and her family all the time.

There was a long time when I wouldn't have called my brother my friend. I've always loved him...since the moment I was born...and I'd say the feeling was mutual. But at the same time...while growing up...we loved each other, but didn't like each other very much. We were just very different people growing up. I think becoming adults...we truly grew into being friends. He and his family live in, it's always fun to visit, but I wish he lived closer so I could see them all more often. I think the world of him great he is as a dad...and just how much he has blossomed into an amazing human being. I see so much of my mom in him...and that's truly a beautiful thing.

Now...most everyone else in my life fits into those friend "categories"...but I wouldn't call them close friends. Maybe they were once, but now...not so much. Sometimes time just passed...sometimes we just didn't prioritize hanging. We all have those categories...the "work" friends who you adore at work, but you just don't hang out with outside of that setting....the "email/blog" friends who you catch up through email or a blog, but don't hang out...the "long distance" friends who you adore, but are forced to adore from a far, etc.

Ok, I'm babbling....I guess my point is that I adore the close friends I have in my life and just wish I had more. So, don't be surprised if you get a call from me sometime soon...and see if we can find some time to hang. Hugs all.

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Watching old movies...that I've seen before!

I often end up watching a movie on cable...which I've seen before and sometimes even a movie I own. My roomie and I were joking about it the other day...and how really bizarre it is. I could watch a movie anytime...because I have the DVD sitting there in my room, but I will still sit there and watch it on cable, edited down and full of commercials. Doesn't make a lot of sense, eh?

Last weekend...I was trying to take a nap and wasn't doing it very successfully. So, I flipped on the tv to see what might be on. I ended up watching the end of Boiler Room. That's another movie I've seen before...many times. I like it. I'll admit it, the first time I watched was only because Affleck was in it and I like him. His part is very small...but overall, I think the movie is good. Much like Wall's a movie about the stock business and commodity brokers. This one was about this scrappy guy getting a job at a firm and trying to do whatever he could to get a sale and to get money. He sees the brokers before him with huge houses and really nice cars....and of course, he wants that for himself. Unfortunately, to get those things it involves selling a stock about a product that doesn't actually exist yet...and when the research doesn't come through, the bottom falls out and everyone loses their money.

Of course...most people in the business aren't doing illegal things like in the movie, but it got me thinking. You couldn't pay me enough to be a broker. I would be driven nuts working in a field where you can't control the market and therefore, you can't control your job. One type of stock may be going through the roof...and then it crashes. And, I would also hate it because a downturn in the market doesn't just effect my job and income, but it effects those people I helped buy and sell stock. It would feel great when I was helping people make money, but it would feel absolutely horrible when I was in essence helping people lose money. I also could never do it...because honestly, I don't understand it. I am sure if I actually worked in the field...I'd see the crash coming...or would I? The market has been suffering lately...and I am sure brokers aren't loving their jobs right now.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reality TV Brain Dump

Well, I've written before that I am a reality tv watcher....I try to not watch, but sucks me in. So, here is some of my random thoughts on some of the reality tv out there that I watch...often shamefully, but well...I do.

Dancing With The Stars: The newest season just started last week. I like this show. I wish I knew how to dance like that. I know I could take classes, but well....I also know I won't. Anyways...I am annoyed already at this season. Why? One of the people I was looking forward to watching dance is Monica Seles. I loved her as a tennis player. She didn't dance very well...but I felt the judges were WAY TOO harsh on her. She got the lowest scores both nights and she was not the worst dancer on the floor. People like Penn and Adam Carolla were barely dancing....and they both got better scores than her. It just didn't seem fair...and of course, her scores sucked, so she went home last night. Just not fair. They should score everyone on the same standard...and that definitely didn't happen. And my other pet peeve...I don't think Kristi Yamaguchi should be able to be in the competition. She is a professional figure skater, so that is basically dancing on ice. I just think it makes it a less fair competition...since she has such an advantage. One of the judges said to Kristi on Monday all shocked..."I can't believe you've never danced before." Umm...she's a freakin' figure skater. *rolls eyes* And who I would like to win...Marissa Jaret Winokur (so adorable and so talented) or Shannon Elizabeth (cute and think she's a pretty decent dancer).

American Idol: I hate that I watch this show, but yes I watch it. Last year there was Sanjaya...and this year, the one that has little to no talent, but stays week after week seems to be Kristy Lee Cook. She's not one is who makes it, but in comparison to the 2 people who have gone home last...she's just dreadful. She's cute...and Simon is mean to her, so people are voting. But come on...send her HOME already. I hope she goes home tonight...if anything is right in the world, she will...but since AI is the devil, it probably means she's stay put.

Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp Edition: I love this show. I've said I can't stand The Biggest Loser...but CFC, I just adore. This season they are bringing back 4 former members and having them compete against 4 newbies. Usually the celebs are on the D-List...completely, but this season...I barely know who the new people are. But, what is the vets who are back...mainly, Dustin "Screech" Diamond. On his season...he went bat shit crazy and it was fabulous to watch. Now, he's do it all over again. He doesn't seem as nutjob crazy this time, but still lazy as all hell...and not very motivated to lose weight. I do think he's trying though...which is so much more than last time. What was interesting in last week's that the team elected him captain. Harvey...the Boot Camp guy said it was a mistake. What I found interesting is Tina Yothers (Family Ties) response to that...since she is the natural leader on that team. She said that she believed in Dustin...and that being the leader would help him make the changes he is hoping to make. Harvey said he didn't buy it. What was interesting to me as a social that she knows that change does not happen overnight. She knows that it will be a struggle, but that change will probably never happen if you don't believe it is possible. It was just an interesting response to a reality tv show. See...I can see social work in everything.

Alright...enough babble about reality to probably watch some more.

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co-ops, co-ops everywhere!

I love the idea of co-ops. In an ideal world, I'd like to live in a co-op. I like to shop in co-ops. We had one of the best co-op stores in Bloomington...and I always loved shopping there. I even like banking co-op style...using credit unions over regular ol' banks. I just think the whole idea of co-ops are fascinating.

I was reading recently about a college that works as a co-op. At first, my initial thought was...umm, what does that mean? I didn't see how being a co-op could lead itself to a college setting. So, I clicked on the link and started reading. The school is Kettering University in Flint, Michigan (you know the place where Michael Moore's movie Roger and Me was based upon).

So, what does it mean? Well, Kettering has engineering co-op programs. They place students starting in their freshman year with different companies and rotate them in order to get training and on the job experience. I think a program like that is fan-freakin-tastic! You not only get the education in the classroom, but you get practical experience in your field from your freshman year on. There are so many benefits to that. One, you get to truly know if the field is for you...and know pretty early on. A lot of school require an internship in your senior year, but what if you do your internship...months away from graduation...only to realize that it isn't the right field for you. Two, you get to apply all the stuff you are learning in a practical setting from day one. And three, you get on the job experience...which we know is so beneficial in getting a job after graduation. I imagine a lot of these companies end up hiring someone who has worked for them in their "co-op" experience. I know that the job I am currently in...started as an internship and now I am a full time, paid employee. I imagine that happens all the time there.

When I was getting my degree in social work, if there was a school who had this co-op philosophy, let me tell you, I would have signed up in 2 seconds flat. The ability to get practical experience and on the job training as part of my degree...I would consider that invaluable.

So, check them out...Kettering University...a co-op institution. Who knows, maybe it'll be the wave of the future.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

What else to talk about on a Monday?

Yep, that's's I thought I should update how the health and fitness plan o' Shelley is doing. As I said before, I am glad I got my run in on Saturday...I can't believe the race is this Sunday. I think I keep letting myself forget, so I don't completely freak out. I feel ready though...I know I am not going to run it fast, but honestly...I don't care...I know I am fit and in shape to finish the race and I wasn't there last year...heck, I wasn't there in January. I was remembering in January...the first time I went out for a run. I had been rocking the elliptical, so I thought..."Hey, running isn't much I'll just jog out a mile and then come back." I headed out...I walked to the edge of my apartment complex and then I started running...and within a 1/4 of a mile, I was out of breath and walking. I felt so defeated. I started to think that even though I lost this weight...and I am in better shape...that I still can't run even a mile.

Then, I went home...and decided I was not giving up. I made a plan...and decided to keep going. The next time...I ran a little farther before I slowed to a walk...and then a couple weeks later, I ran over to my dad's house...and was able to run 2.5 miles without stopping...then 3 miles...then 3.5...then I went for 5...and made it. I am more proud of myself for not giving up than I am for being able to job continuously for 5 miles. This process has reminded me what is possible...if you don't give up when faced with a challenge.

Alright...enough of that sounds like a Tony Robbins motivation speech...and eww! On to the bare bones of the weigh-in report. I've been trying to stop losing weight...and so far, I am still struggling to figure that out. It's slowly getting better...but I still don't have the balance yet. I weighed in this morning...and lost 2 more lbs this week for a total of 79 lbs. Holy bejesus! I think part of that I am pushing cardio hard lately in preparation for the race coming up. After Sunday, I am going to switch from cardio focused to weight training focused. I won't stop running or the elliptical, but it won't be the prime focus. Another thing I am working trying to bump my calories up. I have gotten really used to the calories I was, it seems like I am stuffing myself with food in the last couple of weeks. It's all about food selection though.....for lunch, I can have a huge salad, a big bowl of yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit, some whole wheat crackers and some cottage cheese...all for under 300 calories. Or I can have a sandwich...with high sodium meat, mayo, bread and potato chips....which is much less food...and much more calories.'s all about choices. I've truly learned to make some nice choices...and not wasting my calories on things.

OK...I am watching Dancing With The Stars...and watching Penn from Penn & Teller dance is just flippin' hilarious, so I gotta get back to it! *winks*

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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter Everyone! I'll be heading to church in a few. In reality, I don't really know what to expect since I haven't been to church on Easter in maybe years, probably more. Then, I am going to hang out with my dad a little bit...and then come back to the apartment to get some much needed cleaning done. The Easter Bunny isn't bringing me candy this year...since I have banished it, but I heard he was bringing some to my daddy!

Enjoy the day!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Run, run, run....

Happy Saturday all....

This week seemed to fly right by...unlike last week that seemed to snail along. Who knows what the difference was.

I went for my standard run today...and for the last couple of weeks, I have cut my runs short. This week, no matter what...I was going to run the 5 miles. I made sure to eat enough before I headed out (which was my mistake last time). I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast...and then had an english muffin with PB and a banana right before the run. It kept me fueled and full for the entire run.

This run was important to me...because it was the last big run before the race next weekend. I am excited...and also getting nervous. It's going to be fun though. I'm not a fast runner at all, but I can't wait to cross that finish line...even if I am the last person to do it. I am just proud that I set a goal...and then attacked it.

Or another thing I am proud my semi-good computer skills. lol My roomie got a new laptop a couple of weeks ago, so she connected to the wireless router. Ever since she did computer was connecting to the computer super slow. It was driving me nuts last weekend...every page was taking 1-2 minutes to load. I was NOT having it.

So, I started trouble shooting. The first thing I did was run a virus check on my computer. It does it daily, but I wanted to be sure it wasn't a trojan slowing up my machine. No viruses. Then, I updated my spyware software...and ran that again. I also downloaded a program my brother told me about...that really cleans your computer of any bugs. I was following command prompt after command prompt as I was running all these cleaning programs. It didn't find a lot...and it didn't help my internet connection run any faster.

Now, what I did 3rd is probably what I should have done first...since I thought it would probably fix it. I figured the virus checks and the spyware removal was good for my computer anyways. What actually fixed the problem...was unplugging the modem and router...and leaving them off for 5 minutes and then booting them back up. See...half of all computer trouble shooting is turning something off and turning it back on. I think the router I have is kind of crap, but well...they are expensive, so I am not looking to replace it...but it does mean it needs to be rebooted every few months.

I am glad I know a few things about computers...because if I had to call someone for help...I wouldn't have gotten any real help. Who do I call? The cable company? Dell? The router retailer? The modem retailer? And of course...each company you call...will tell you it is someone else's issue. Luckily, if I do get brother is a mad genius when it comes to trouble shooting computers, so instead of calling the companies...I call him.

Anyways...enough babbling. I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday...and if you celebrate Easter, have a fabulous one. Hugs all.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

2008 Goals am I doing?

Since it's the first day of Spring and all....I thought I would take a moment and go over my goals for 2008 and see how I am doing. Without even looking at what I wrote down, I think I am doing pretty well...but we'll see. It seems like a good time to take stock and see if I am getting there...or if there is anything else I should be adding, etc.

Goal #1: Fitness Goals. I said I wanted to ramp up my exercise, run a 5K and figure out how to maintain my weight.

I think I'm doing smashingly well in terms of my fitness goals so far. I have ramped up my exercise. I am doing a bunch of different things for fitness. I am averaging 5-6 workouts per week. I am doing 1-2 of weight training per week, 2 days of elliptical training and 2 days of running/jogging. So, I am getting a lot of different stuff...and making sure I don't slack.

I'm not running a 5K...I'm running a 5 mile race. I signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle this year. It's not until the end of the month, but my training is going well. I've run over 5 miles on most weekends...and honestly, I can't wait for the race. Good times, good times. I'm a slow runner...or a jogger to be honest, but I don't care...I'm gonna finish the race and that's what matters.

I am slowly figuring out maintenance. I started transitioning out of the "losing weight" section about a month ago...and even though I am still losing, it's going well. Heck, I am doing better than I ever have before. My usual pattern was to start gaining again almost immediately after I stopped losing. Not this time!

Goal #2: Organizing My Life

I could be doing better at this. I started off gangbusters, but I have lost my motivation. The apartment isn't as clean as I would like it to be....and as clean as it needs to be. And, my office is often a messy well...mess. I am gonna hunker down and make a plan...and stick to it! And I MEAN IT this time!

Goal #3: Being More Active In Church

This one I am doing really well at...I've made my Lentin commitment...and joined a fellowship committee. I am really enjoying my increased commitment to the church. For a long time, I went because it was important to my mother...even after she passed away...I felt I was going for her. Now, I feel more and more that I am going for me. It's been a great change and I am glad I made it one of my 2008 goals. It was the push I needed.

Goal #4: Expand My Wardrode

I've done well at this too...I have been buying new things slowly, but surely. I definitely need to continue to add though. I bought a new pair of pants this week, but I need to buy more. Most of my work pants don't fit I am wearing the same 2 or 3 pants each week. It's exciting though...getting new things. I am still hitting the sales and clearance racks because even though I need new clothes...I am still as cheap as cheap can be.

Goal #5: Continue Saving Money
This is something I always do...some people have a hard time saving money, I have a hard time spending it. I've made a Xmas fund...and I put some money in it each and every month. I am starting another saving acct to plan a trip to Florida too. I am just going to plan the trip...I've come to the decision that going with friends probably just isn't going to work, I am going to see about planning a trip and going, even if it is just me. It's funny...when you log onto my savings accounts...I have like 5 or 6 of them. That's a good thing though...

So there is my goals...other than the organization one, I am doing really well. I completely forgot about the organization one, I am glad I spent the time looking at it and reviewing where I am. All in all...2008 is shaping up pretty well.

Let's I have anything to add? Well, one thing...I am going to add spending more time with friends and making plans to see friends who live out of town. I haven't seen my friends as much as I would like. I have a college friend in Vermont I haven't seen in a few years...and another friend who lives in Mass that I haven't seen in forever. So, I am going to plan some weekend trips and what not. I also am reconnecting with some friends who live in old friend from HS and another friend from the video store that I haven't seen in a while. I doesn't take a lot of time and effort to see the people who you value and are important in your, I am going to do that. I consider myself a good friend...but I wanna make sure I show it. So...there is my only other goal.

Hugs all...and I hope everyone is having a great 2008 so far!

Oyster Joke...and some seriousness too!

People at my office love cheesy jokes...we seem to not be able to get enough of them. One of my co-workers...just told me this joke the other day...get ready...cause it's so corny and's so pathetic, I think that is what makes it funny:

A female oyster walks into a bar and sees a cute, male oyster eyeing her up and down. She walks over and says, "Is that a pearl in your shell or are you just happy to see me?"

Yep...that's the kind of jokes we like people. We're sad. We're pathetic. Welcome to our world.

And now...since I am a vegetarian and all...I'd thought I share some of the dangers of eating raw oysters. I know the reputation...and "why" people eat them. I don't eat oysters anyways...being veggie and all, but for certain people who have high-risk conditions, it can be really risky. Gulf oysters which are eaten raw can be dangerous for people with diabetes, liver disease, cancer, stomach problems, etc. I was surprised to hear about the diabetes. I have diabetics all throughout my family. My mom was a diabetic, my dad is a diabetic, my aunt is a diabetic. I guess it can lead to infections and serious illness from a bacteria that is in the oysters. They say the bacteria is killed when it is cooked, but if you eat it raw...not so much.

So, I know raw oysters are supposed to help people get into the MOOD and all...but think about it next time and order something else off the menu!

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Hello Spring!!!

Hi y' I am happy to see is the first day of Spring. Of course, that doesn't mean the cold weather is gone for good, but it's on the way out. My two favorite seasons....are Spring and Fall. I like them both...for the same reason. I like that it is a time of change. It's a time when everything is transitioning. I love the smell of spring time...when the air is still cold, but it has this crisp newness to it. I love it when things start to bud...and grow. I love Fall as well...when the leaves start to change and the air changes from just starting to get cool...with a nice breeze.


So, I say hello and welcome to Spring!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weight Loss sometimes equals hair loss...

As it is obvious by more than half of my posts here, I've been working a weight loss program for about 6 months. Well, 6 months this time, but weight management is something that has been a goal of mine since...well...since forever.

This is the most successful I have ever been...evidenced by losing 77 pounds to date. Let me tell you, there are some negative side effects to losing weight. One, you have to spend money on clothes since many of your favorite outfits can no longer be favorites because they don't fit. Two, you end up spending more money on food at times because the quality of the food you put into your body becomes more important than the price tag. Another negative is that since I have lost tons of weight, my hair has actually thinned some. The research tends to say that this happens at about the 40 lbs. lost mark. I guess your body realizes that it is losing a good chunk of it's mass, so it concerns itself less with maintaining non-essential things like hair. Luckily, I have a lot of hair and it is the thinning isn't very noticeable. It's noticeable to me...but it's not some of the horror stories I have read on the internet. I have read about people having bald spots while losing weight, etc. Mine is just a thinner ponytail. And, the good news is that once you stop losing weight...the original thickness of your hair comes back...not overnight, but it does come back.

Anyways, I was lucky enough to get a free sample of this shampoo and conditioner from Naked Naturals and got the chance to try it out. Here is the kind they sent me...


Now, I am usually very picky about shampoo and conditioner that I will use. One of the main reasons is for moral reasons. I won't use any shampoo or conditioner that is tested on animals or made with any animal products. Being the vegetarian that I am, that's probably not much of a shock. Now what is often surprising is how many types of hair care products I cannot use. I can't just buy a new type of product, I have to research it. The first thing I did when I got this sample is head to naked naturals website and check it out. I am happy to report that it contains no animal products and it is not tested on animals.

Secondly, I like products that don't just make my hair smell pretty, but also does something for it. Now, this product does smell great...the lavender scent is wonderful. I have it in my hair right now...and it smells amazing. What I love even more than it smelling like a bouquet of flowers is that it is helping my hair stay strong and healthy...especially given the hit it has taken due to the weight loss. The website advertises that is has 7X the protein of normal products. That is a huge benefit...because it is strengthening my hair each and every time I use it. I have only used it a couple of times, so I haven't noticed a huge difference...but I did see less hair around the drain the last time I took a nice, hot shower. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the free sample and I am definitely going to buy the product. They have some other amazing scents too...I saw a citrus one that looks scrumdiddlyumptious.

If you ever see some of this stuff at the store or at your salon, pick some up. I swear, you won't be disappointed. It's good for your hair. It's good for the environment...and it's good for those cute little animals.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Tuesday y'all....

Since I had yesterday off work...and of course an extra day off should make you more rested and a better worker, but in just makes me wanna stay home another day and then another one. It's not that my job sucks or anything, but know what I mean.

There are just so many other more important things I could be doing right working out...or doing laundry...or watching TV...or playing on the internet (but aren't you playing on the internet right now??? Shhhh!), etc. Just kidding...but yeah, it is real easy to get real used to just doing nothing all day long.

Oh, I meant to update about my Sunday too, but I never did...that holiday all about Shelley being Irish got me distracted. lol For Lent, I gave up candy, pizza and soda...which were no-brainers since I am not eating candy or pizza anyways...and haven't had a soda in a long time. There were a few instances when I wanted a soda, but saying NO was super easy. Lent isn't over until Sunday...but right now, I am fully confident that I will make my goal.

The other thing I did for Lent was not quite giving up...but increasing my dedication. I pledged to put more money in the offertory for 6 attend church for every one of the 6 weeks of Lent (I am notorious for missing once a month, etc)...and to find new ways to get involved in things at church.

Well...the 6 church services of Lent have come and gone...and I went all six times. I am so glad I dedicated myself to this...because I do feel more connected to the church and the community. It's much easier to fade into the woodwork when you don't show up each and every week. I have a "spot" in church why I sit...and one week, I showed up late and someone else was in "my spot" and the people who sit down from me...noticed. So, that reminded me that when you are in are noticed and when you aren' are missed.

I also found new ways to get involved. I have been brining supplies for the dinners we've been having. We are having the weekend after next...and I am bringing lots of stuff and baking a cake...and maybe also a pie. And, I decided to join one of our fellowship committees. The committees are the church members who serve in different ways...we have about 10 different committees...and I signed up to be on the Outreach committee. I have never joined one I am not sure what to expect, but I am happy I took the opportunity and initiative to sign up. I like the idea of the outreach one...because I want to see our church continue to be active globally and locally. last church if I am going next week. I know...most people say, "It's Easter...everyone goes to church on Easter." Well, my mom and I used to always NOT go on Easter. My mom just didn't like that it wasn't about what it was supposed to be about. It oftens end up being about the cute little dresses your kid wears or who looks nicest...not about well...Easter and Jesus and all that jazz. I am thinking I am going to go. I go to the early service, so I think it'll be less of the kid parade...and well, I've gotten in the habit of going. But we'll see...

Alright...enough about church, it's lunch time and I am hungry!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday= Weigh-In!

Hi's Monday and of course, that means it is weigh-in day. I had a really good...really nice weekend. I got my run in on Saturday....worked out on the elliptical on Sunday and what not. I felt really strong and healthy.

I am still losing weight in transition, but this week...hopefully that will stop or at least slow down. I am adding back in grains and bread this morning...I am eating some Multigrain cheerios right now. Mmmm....I also bought some english muffins and some Special K cereal. Yummilicious!

Anyways...I said I did lose weight this week and yep, I lost 3 lbs this week. I was actually surprised this morning when I stepped on the scale. I weigh everyday...because well, I like to know how I am doing on a daily basis. It drives some people nuts, but not me...instead it gives me good information because I don't get emotional about what the scale says. Well, my weight was holding at 1 lb lost...all the way up to Sunday morning. jumped from 1 lb to 3 lbs from Sunday to Monday. It shouldn't be that shocking since I often lose more over the weekend...I'll stay the same all week long and then drop my weight between Saturday and Monday morning.

So, I lost weight...and didn't even mean to. I think part of the issue is I have been pushing working out because I am training for the race coming up in 2 weeks. If my weight continues to go down, I will add even more food. It's shocking how much food you CAN eat when you eat the right types of foods. Quality verses quantity.

NEWS FLASH: I went to Target today....looking for any good sales and hopefully to buy a pair of pants or two. I have some that don't fit at all anymore, even with a belt. Well...guess who bought a size 8 pair of pants today? I DID! They weren't on sale, but I liked I splurged. And by splurge...I mean that I spent 20 bucks on a pair of pants. I would like to though buy some engraved plaques that say, "Hey I wear a size 8!!!!" and wear it around my neck constantly...Flavor Flav style. Holy carp people! I never thought I would be a person wearing single digit clothing..ever. The smallest I was the last time I lost weight was a 12...and then I bought some size 10 pants back in January. And every single size 10 I tried on today...was too big. So, I grabbed some 8s...and every single one fit and some were LOOSE. Holy bejesus! Can you tell I am a little excited???

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Happy St. Patty's Day to all....


Hey everyone....Happy St. Patrick's Day! I took the day off work...why? Because I consider it my nation's holiday. I am a redhead with pale skin that won't tan...and freakles all over in the summer time. So, say I am Irish is an understatement.

If you live near a Stewart's and happen to be wearing green today...stop by and get a FREE SCOOP of ice cream. I wish I was eating ice cream, but not quite yet....but soon. Next year, I will get my free scoop. Heck...maybe next year I will go to every Stewart's in town...which would easily be over 10. j/k

I took a quick run over to my dad's this morning....3 miles...and then we went and bought some green carnations and headed over to my mom's grave marker and put them on the stone. She always loved St. Patty's Day and being Irish. She wore a claddagh ring for years and years...which I now own and only wear is seldomly because I am terrified of losing it. So, I hope she likes the flowers.

And now...I am heading out to go to the video store and then do some shopping...looking to see if the sales are any good for some pants, etc. If not...I'll keep looking.

Enjoy the day...even if you aren't Irish...pretend you are!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy and fun Saturday....

Ah...the weekend is almost over. How did that happen so fast? I'm happy to report that I did get my run in on Saturday. It was raining when I got up, but it quickly I strapped on my shoes and headed out. I didn't eat enough before heading out, so I ran out of gas and stopped at 4 miles, but still...FOUR MILES. I'm not complaining.

Saturday was also my roomie's bday. It was one of those birthdays that ends with a ZERO. I won't say which'll have to figure it out. We went to the movies and then watched a rented movie. We went to see Vantage Point, which was pretty good. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but I did. I thought it was cool how they showed the same 20 minutes from a bunch of people's different views...hence why it is called Vantage Point. There was a guy sitting a few rows behind us who was SO annoyed every time the movie went back to the same starting point...I guess he didn't google the plot before going to see it. The rented movie we watched was Dan In Real Life. It was cute...and Steve Carell and Dane Cook with both quite funny.

What did I get my roomie for her bday? Well...I made a mint no bake cheesecake for her to take and eat with her family. I knew it wasn't on my diet, so I was glad she could enjoy it with them. She said it was good and they liked fact, I think her sister got very excited about it. LOL I also got her 2 books about MS, health and weight loss. She's doing all the research she can and they have a lot of ideas and meals plans in I hope she finds them helpful. I also got her some smelly stuff from Tar-get...and some pistachios...cause they are yummy and she likes them. I think that's it...oh yeah...and a kick @rse card.

Saturday was kind of a busy day...which is kind of nice since I usually am not the Queen of Productive and Running around. What have I done today? Well...maybe if you are lucky, I will save that for another entry. *winks*

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What the hella?

I was talking with my dad this morning after church...and he said something about his friend at work getting a new truck and how cool the Hella lights were. I immediately knew I was a female because I said...What is hella? I just barely learned what a Hemi is. What is hella? Is it what people say now instead of Hollah when something cool happens?? *giggles*

My dad said he didn't even know what it was until his friend at work explained...that it is the high beam lights that come on a lot of trucks now...and even some cars. I wonder if it is the bright blue lights that I often see. Remember all those commercials that had that hickish guy saying, "Got a hemi??" It's only a matter of time before we see Ford commercials with some guy saying, "Get a hella??"

Yep..I am not a car girl. What I know of cars gets me from point A to point B. If I need to know more...this girl calls her daddy.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Holy wind Batman....and a weigh-in too!

Hey's Monday and that means we all survived Daylight Savings Time and the loss of our hour of sleep. Before I get to that elusive weigh-in stats, let me recap my weekend for you. (I like to keep you in suspense!)

I really wanted to get my run in on Saturday because I missed it last Saturday due to having to work and there being a huge snow storm. I have gotten used to having my Saturday runs, so I missed the week without it. The weather report looked bleak again...and it said it might be a day of rain/sleet/freezing rain. Pfft to that! It said it might not start until late morning, so I got up an hour earlier...and headed out on my run earlier than usual. I got about 3 miles and change in...and it started raining. I thought I would tough it out for a while, but then the wind picked up some too...and the rain was cold and biting. So, I turned in early...and only went a little over 4 miles. I am glad though...that I got most of it in...and didn't ditch the whole run because of the possibility of rain.

Ah, Daylight Saving's upon us again. I love this time of year...when it stays late so much later. Remember those times in summer when drive-in movies don't start until at least 9pm because that is when it really starts to turn to dusk. I love having the light for so much more of the day. I did feel like I missed the sleep though...because of the DAMN wind! I tried to go to bed early on Saturday steal that extra hour of sleep back, but the wind was howling...and it was so loud. I was amazed at how intense it was...I was worried the power was going to go out...and it almost did. I was awake well past midnight...and that's late for me, so it's obvious I didn't get to snag an extra hour of sleep. I also didn't get to sleep in on Sunday...because I was up bright and early for church. I could have skipped it, but I committed to going to church each and every Sunday during the Lentin period...and I believe in honoring my commitments.

I did catch a quick nap on Sunday afternoon...and that helped. Of course, it just made me not tired for going to bed until about 11pm on Sunday night, but I still went to bed at 10pm because I am a creature of habit. I watched a little crap TV and was in dreamland sometime after 11pm.

Alright....on to this weigh-in mumbo jumbo. As I've said, I am working on transitioning....and stopping this weight loss momentum. I am working on maintaining...something I have never done well. I can lose weight pretty easily...and gain weight even easier. But staying the same weight...or within the same weight range, is much more difficult for me. I usually go immediately from losing weight to gaining weight. Not going to play that game again...I swear it. Well, my body is obviously still in losing mode....since I lost 3 freakin' pounds this week.

I'm still following the plan...I figure, the plan worked during the weight loss portion, so I need to trust it and follow it during the transition phase. Plus, I get to add even more things in this week. I had already been adding in those starchy and sugary veggies like corn and carrots....added in fruit (oh how I love fruit!)....and this week...adding more dairy in. I bought some yogurt that I cannot wait to try. Next week...I add in grains...which means bread in some sense or another. I haven't had bread in so many months...I think that will be the most bizarre of all.

Let's hope next week doesn't see another drop on the scale...because if it does, I might start eating a diet full of just ice cream and candy! lol (just kidding need to send a diet intervention my way! )

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Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm a happy kid...cause it's Friday!

Hey y'all.....Happy Friday! I am glad it is the end of the week...and that the weekend is upon us.

Anyone have any fun and exciting plans this weekend? Not too much for me...just more of the same ol', same old. I hope to get a run in on Saturday morning, but right now I am not sure if the weather is going to work with me. We are supposed to get some rain and possibly sleet tonight...and then there is going to be a window tomorrow until late morning and then it is starting all over again. So, my run will depend on how bad the sleet is...and what time late morning actually means. If it doesn't start until 10:30am or 11am...I could most likely get my run in before it, but if it starts spitting and being all nasty at like 9am...probably no run for me. So, cross your fingers that the weather holds least until I can get my running shoes on and across town.

And then, I am doing the standard shopping...and running a few errands. My dad and I might look for new patio furniture for the back porch. We have some, but it's kind of old...and therefore, ratty. I am not sure if we need new ones or if we just have to power wash the ones we pretty them up. I figure...we'll look around while we are puttering through Wal-Mart and Target during our Saturday shopping adventures.

I also have to make sure I get some much needed workouts in this weekend....I didn't workout on Wednesday or Thursday this week. I woke up with a huge charlie horse on Tuesday morning...and the pain lingered around for a few days. So, lower right leg felt like it wanted to fall off. I did think that running on the elliptical was probably a bad idea then, eh? I massaged the bejesus out of my calf muscle last night...and took a nice, hot shower and massaged it again...and feels so much better this morning. I'll be hitting the elliptical tonight...hopefully running tomorrow...and elliptical or weights on Sunday. I usually skip working out on Sunday, but not since I skipped two days during the week.

Alright...that's about all I have for updates. I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend! Hugs all around....

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

I watch American Idol...get over it!

I've admitted it before....I'll admit it again. I watch American Idol. I used to only watch when it was the trainwreck weeks, but would never watch during the actual competition, but since the season of Chris Daughtry...I've been staying tuned after Hollywood week.

This year...I am not as clued in as previous seasons, but there are a definite few with amazing talent. The one person who I adoringly love is Jason Castro. He's such a unique soul...and his singing is really earthy and, he has a set of lungs on him. He was the highlight for me this week...and I loved his song so much, I wanted to share it with all y'all. He covered "Hallelujah" and it was just breathtaking. One...that's a great song and it evokes such emotion. And two, Jason does some amazing things with it. So, check him out....he's my new favorite.

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wouldn't it be nice?

I always hear of people taking these really exciting vacations...going to Europe for a couple of weeks...going to Australia...spending a week skiing in Coloroda..yadda, yadda, yadda.

I've never been someone who has taken really exciting vacations...and that's kind of pathetic. I don't know why. I guess it takes a good deal of planning and saving and what not. Plus, I've always been the kind of person who wanted to use their vacation time to relax at home since vacations always tire you out more than rest you up, etc.

I really wanna be one of those people who does take vacations...who goes on fun trips or long weekends. I did mention to a few friends over a year ago...hoping to make a trip to Florida and do the whole Disney thing. Of course, I'd also be going to see my family and that adorable little nephew of mine. It seemed like an exciting trip to plan at the time, but none of us have really made any roads to even thinking about it, let alone planning it. And, it doesn't help that my friends and I haven't found time to hang out IN TOWN, let alone plan a trip down South for a week or more. Plus, there is the money factor. I always have money saved, so in all honesty...I could go anytime, but well...most of my friends aren't in that situation. So...I don't see that trip happening any time soon, which makes me sad.

But I wanna be a traveler...even if it means planning and going on trips solo. I want to spend more time in Florida with my family and seeing the sites. I want to go on a cruise. The idea of a cruise just seems to exciting to me. I want to make it out to the West Coast and California sometime. I'd love to spend a weekend or even longer in one of the hotels Las Vegas. I don't think I'd even need to gamble (who am I kidding...I'd play a little, but I'm cheap enough to not lose much money at all).

So...not matter how, I want to start being more of a traveler and an adventurer. I want to look for opportunities and stop being such a home body all the time. I might even start a traveling savings account...and decide I can only use that money for fun trips.

So, where should I go first?

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mid-week report...

It's Wednesday....which means it is Hump Day y'all. We are over the hump and closer to Friday. Plus, this is the Wednesday after what the news reporters were calling Super Tuesday 2. Hillary won Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas...and Barack won Vermont. I've written before that I am a Hillary fan, but part of me just wants this battle to the nominee to be over...and I've crunched the numbers and it looks matter's probably going to go Obama's way. I just don't want to see the Democratic Party spending ALL their time fighting each other...while McCain and the Republicans are uniting and preparing for the real fight, the general election.

Anything else really going on in my life? Not a lot. My roommate's birthday is coming up soon. I've never really been the kind of person who likes to celebrate my birthday, but I know my roomie is. So, we're trying to find something to do...even if it is just a movie and hanging out, etc. And of means I gotta get cracking on buying her gift. I always want to get special gifts that mean something to the person...not just a gift card or a neutral gift. I always want the gift to be something that shows them I thought of "them" specifically. Don't get me wrong...I've bought gift cards before and in all honesty, I like getting them...but still. Hmm, maybe I will buy her lingerie
(just kidding...but I sure got your attention, didn't I?). I'm gonna poke around the shops this weekend when I am running errands and what not...and see what I can find. I always just keep looking until at some point...I come across the perfect gift.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week...and has fabulous plans for the weekend. I don't, but well...I live a pretty boring, grandma lifestyle.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oops...missed Monday's weigh-in report!

My bad y'all....I let Monday come and go without mentioning anything about my weekly stepping on the scale. I weighed in...I just forgot to tell you all about it.

Well, this I have been transitioning out of the weight loss phase and into the maintenance phase, I still lose 2 lbs. I am going to trust the transitioning process...and know that my weight may fluctuate a little bit in the next few weeks to a month. I'll have to make some changes if I keep losing at this even clip, but I also want to give the transition period a chance to work. What a problem to have, eh? Worried about losing too much...I never thought I'd be saying that.

I am adding a new food group item...each and every week. Last week, I added more veggies...and some of those forbidden veggies. I hadn't been eating things like carrots or corn because even though they are healthy...they are the starchier of the vegetables. So, last week...those resurfaced! And this week, I am adding fruit back into my diet. I have missed fruit something fierce...and last night...eating my thawed out frozen was like I was in heaven. In the next coming weeks...I am adding more dairy to my diet and then adding in the grains. I've gotten so used to not eating any bread or anything in the grains family...that I know that is going to take some getting used to.

As for exercise, I didn't get my run in on Saturday...which of course...bummed me out. I really look forward to it each and every week. I had to work in the morning...and even if I did...we got hammered with quite a snow storm, so running outside wouldn't have been an option. I didn't just laze around though...I spent a lot of time with Mr. Elliptical over the weekend and made up for my lack of run. Next Saturday though...I am hoping that the weather is on my side and I get another run in, especially since my race is now less than a month away.

Hugs to all....and I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy week!

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