Sunday, April 26, 2009

How SWEEP it is...

That's right...the Red Sox have now won 10 STRAIGHT games and have swept the first series with the YANKEES!

These 3 games....some of the most enjoyable games in recent years. These games felt like classic 2004.

Friday Night: Lester on the mound. He was OK, not great. Joba on the mound for the Yanks. He was ok, not great. The Sox were in the bottom of the 9th, down 2-4. The Yankees closer was on the mound. Jason Bay steps into the batters box and drives a bomb of a HR to tie the game. Then in the 10th, Kevin Youkilis aka the BEST HITTER KNOWN TO MAN hit a walk off HR to win the game. Great come from behind victory.

Saturday Day/Night: It started a day game and ended clear into the night. Josh Beckett started for us. He was not brilliant. AJ Burnett was on the mound for the Yanks. This was supposed to be a low scoring pitchers duel. Not quite. The Sox went down 0-6. Then...Sox scored one run. 1-6. Then Tek came up to the plate with the bases loaded. Grand slam. down 5-6. Now this is a game. Sox take the lead 8-6. Then Tito sends Beckett back out. Not so good. Yanks tie it up 8-8. We take on another run and lead 9-8. Yanks come back and then lead 10-9. Then Mikey Lowell smacks a 3 run homer to have us lead 12-10. Yanks snag another run to creep back to within one run. Then Mikey Lowell becomes a hero again and gets a 3 RBI hit. Sox win 16-11. This game was a 4 hours, 21 minutes. Good lord.

And then....

Tonight's Game: We had Justin Masterson on the mound. He's been starting for Dice-K who has been hurt because of the stupid WBC. Justin is usually rocking the bullpen, but was stretched out to start in Spring Training. Smart choice Red Sox. Andy Pettitte was on the mound for the Yanks. Yanks got the first run...and Sox answered back. And then the amazing...unthinkable happened.

Jacoby Ellsbury STEALS HOME

JACOBY ELLSBURY STOLE HOME BASE. Amazing. I was already completely in love with Ells...and now, it is out of control. STOLE HOME BASE. By the end of the 5th inning, Sox were up 4-1. Masterson went through 5 innings and change and then the bullpen took over. Hunter Jones and Michael Bowden..two guys just called up from Pawtucket came out and pitched like they have been here forever. The Yanks could get no more runs. Saito comes in...gets the save. Sox win 4-1.


Did I mention Jacoby Ellsbury stole home??? If you wanna watch it, click here. It's a freakin' thing of beauty.

Friday, April 24, 2009

hey baseball fans...

In case you live under a rock...or you just don't give a flying flip about baseball...then you probably know that the Red Sox kick off their first series with the NY Yankees aka the Evil Empire tonight. I always want the Red Sox to win...but I especially want it when they are playing the Yankees.

Friday night we have Jon Lester on the mound for the Sox...and Joba "I like to throw at Youk's head" Chamberlain for the Yanks. If Lester is in Lester form...this one shouldn't even be a contest. And Saturday night...Josh Beckett is fresh off his bullshit suspension and taking the mound for the Sox...while the Yanks are sending AJ Burnett. This one is matched up pretty well...both ballclubs with their best pitchers on the mound. (I thought CC was supposed to be NY's best pitcher...but AJ is the guy getting it done right now). And then on Sunday is the young whipper snapper straight outta the bullpen Justin Masterson taking the mound for the Sox against the veteran Andy Pettite. I have no prediction on that game. Masty's been pitching like a god I am hoping he continues the trend.

I hope our bats keep swinging...and the Fenway Faithful makes those Yanks as uncomfortable as possible. And guess what Mark Teixeira...the crowd is going to boo you, but we don't care about you nearly as much as you think we do.

People often ask me why I am such a diehard Red Sox fan since I live in New York. Well, one...the Yankees suck. Case and point. But let me tell you more. I am not from the city...I grew up and live in Upstate NY. It's pretty well mixed here between Red Sox and Yankees fans. To me, there is no's the Red Sox all the way. The Red Sox are a scrappy team...that plays hard and never says die. The Red Sox have team unity and seem to really enjoy playing with one another. It's truly a joy being a Red Sox fan.

It's also a joy hating the Yankees. I just don't like much about the team, the organization or a vast majority of their fans. I'm a proud NYer, but I don't think the Yankees represent me and what I value or believe in. I don't like that the team throws money at problems and I get a silly grin all over my face when it doesn't work out. I don't like a mentality that anything other than a championship is a failure. Sure, we all expect greatness and want our team to win. However, that isn't the ONLY thing that matters. The Sox didn't win the WS last year, but I have such pride in the team...and what they did accomplish. They fell short in Game 7, but I will always remember the comeback of Game 5. Does that mean nothing because they didn't win it all? And the fans...and the booing of their own. Can't stand it. Stand by your or loss. Those boys go out and play for you.

So...let's GO RED SOX! Wins are always great, but beating the Yankees just makes it a little more sweet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stewart's = The Awesome

So, when your tire has a slow leak...but you're trying to buy some time and put off buying tires. You end up having to fill up your tire with air more often than not. I know a little something about this.

This morning when I got to work...I noticed my tire was all kinds of droopy. Not a pretty picture. So, I hopped in my car with my pathetic little tire and headed across the street to our local Stewart's Shop. If you are not from Upstate NY and don't know what Stewart's's a little convenience store/gas station/ice cream shop. BEST ICE CREAM ON THE PLANET.

But what makes Stewart's awesome today or any other day when I need to fill up my pathetic little that their air is FREE. Yes, air should always be free. I agree. As should water, but we live in a world where nothing is free anymore. If I went to the local Cumberland Farms. Air is NOT free. If I went to the tire shop. Air is NOT free. Stewart's on the other hand...FREE air to all that want it.

Thanks Stewart's! You're the bomb!

P.S. I'm not kidding about the ice cream. Seriously.

Let the stalking begin...

If you happen to be anywhere near downtown Albany... they are making a movie . Not only any movie, but an Angelina Jolie movie. They are filming some car crash scenes in the upcoming movie Salt for the next few days....and closing down much of 787.

No one will confirm or deny if Angelina is involved in any of the filming, but if anyone has some free time on their hands...head on down and see if you can find her, her lips and her million bajillion kids.

Thankfully for me. I have no reason to have to go to Albany at all in the next few days. That place is going to be a zoo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 Sarcastic Reasons Why Gay Marriage is WRONG!

I snagged this list from someone on Facebook who snagged it from someone who snagged it from, read on and ENJOY!

1) Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.

2) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

3) Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract.

4) Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn't changed at all; women are still property, blacks still can't marry whites, and divorce is still illegal.

5) Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriage were allowed; the sanctity of Brittany Spears' 55-hour just-for-fun marriage would be destroyed.

6) Straight marriages are valid because they produce children. Gay couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn't be allowed to marry because our orphanages aren't full yet, and the world needs more children.

7) Obviously gay parents will raise gay children, since straight parents only raise straight children.

8) Gay marriage is not supported by religion. In a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country. That's why we have only one religion in America.

9) Children can never succeed without a male and a female role model at home. That's why we as a society expressly forbid single parents to raise children.

10) Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could never adapt to new social norms. Just like we haven't adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans

Random sports stuff...and free or almost free stuff!

Hey all...if you like to Run on Dunkin'...and let's face it, who doesn't? Dunkin Donuts is proclaiming today ICED COFFEE DAY and in celebration they are selling their iced coffees for 50 cents.

That seems pretty, not as cool as the awesomely awesome people over at Ben and Jerry's. You see today is FREE ICE CREAM day. It's not 50 cent ice cream day...but FFFFFRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! So, if there is a Ben & Jerry's near you...go out and grab a cone. I don't care how cold and dreary and rainy it might be. FREE ICE CREAM PEOPLE!!!

Other random factoids....let's see, I made it through Marijuana Appreciation Day aka 4/20 without having to listen to too many people tell blather on about how pot is the best thing like EVER. Most people know my job is working with the courts on alcohol and substance abuse, I am well versed in that argument. We did see that NY State is moving forward on legislation to legalize medical marijuana. And just because the law makers are super duper cute, they wanted to introduce this legislation until yesterday. I actually wouldn't be horrible against medical long as it doesn't become the ridiculous farce that is California.

Oh and I can't go without saying that it was a good day in Boston sports yesterday. It started with the Red Sox finishing a sweep of the poor, sad Baltimore Orioles with a 12-1 smackdown of a win. Then that was followed up by a Bruins 4-2 victory over the Canadiens. The Bruins are now leading the series 3-0. It's great for Boston whoo hoo for them, but in all is not only not my sport, I might loathe it. And then the final victory of the trifecta is that the Boston Celtics came from behind and beat the Chicago Bulls 118-115. They are tied 1-1 in the series and headed to Chicago.

My feelings about the basketball....well, they are a tad conflicted. I'm not even sure conflicted is the right word. I grew up a huge NBA fan. It was my sport long before baseball came into my life and took its place. And, I grew up a Bulls fan...long before Michael Jordan was the god he is and long before they started winning all those championships. I have many many many Bulls t-shirts in the back of my closet...hats from every time they won a championship. I also have the most unfashionable Bulls jacket ever...which I used to wear on a daily basis. I fell out of love with basketball during my late college years...grad school years. I moved to Indiana and paid attention to the Pacers a little bit, but then took my attention to college ball (it's a requirement in Indiana and all). My rabid love of all things NBA and all things Bulls...was no longer there. I am still a passive fan...and enjoying watching a good game. I like to catch games when I can, but I don't care nearly as much as I used to. Baseball is my new boyfriend and basketball is often my jilted ex...who I give a passing glance to every once in a while. my heart of hearts, I am still a Bulls fan. Are they the team they once were? No, not even close...and they probably will never be again. But, does a large part of my heart absolutely love that they are coming in and giving the Celtics a HUGE run for their money...oh YEAH! In the end, the Celtics "should" win this series...injuries or no injuries, but my basketball heart is still rooting for those Chicago Bulls.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thank You Baseball Gods!

I got the lucky privilege to catch 2 baseball games yesterday. I first watching the Cleveland Indians take on the NY Yankees in the new stadium. I figured I watch for a little bit and then find something more entertaining to trim my toe nails, etc. Well...I found nothing more entertaining.

The Yankees not only not only lost, but got their asses handed to them. The Indians scored 14...yes that is right FOURTEEN runs in the 2nd inning. And went on to win the game 22-4. It wasn't just a was a destruction. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Maybe that makes me a bad sports fan, but if so...I'll take it.

Yankee Fail

Hat tip to Stars and Son for the actual pic of the scoreboard. Love it!

But that's not when the Baseball Gods stopped with the baseball gifts. Then, it gave us this:


Joshie Beckett aka Commander Kick-Ass was on the mound again...this time with a lot less controversy. He pitched 5 out of 6 stellar innings. He did struggle in the 5th. My theory, Brad Penny got a tad too close to him in the dugout and some of his bad mojo rubbed off.

And then there is Youk. Good lord, he was spectacular. He did plunked in the head by a mean fastball the day before, but that can not stop the force that is Youk. He had 4 hits on the evening....a single, 2 doubles and a homerun. ROCK ON! He basically took the Red Sox on his back and brought us a win.

And one more tidbit just because I find it hilarious. The Orioles at one point...intentionally walked Jason Varitek. That's right...wake in fear...of Tek and his amazing hitting ability.

I hope that the baseball gods continue to shine down upon today's game when Johnny Lester takes the mound looking for his first win of the season.

Let's GO RED SOX!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day!

I'm a tired kid today. I might have been insane and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning watching a Sox game...that didn't start until 10pm and didn't end until 2:30am. And the kicker...the Sox lost. I was basically walking around my office like a zombie. It was good times, especially since I am not one to drown my tiredness in caffeine, so I just trudged through.

I did workout though. I was going to skip it since I was so exhausted, but...that's no good. I got home from work and rocked the elliptical while watching the Sox game. This time...Tim Wakefield was a pitching god and they won...and won big. Plus, the game was over at 6pm. I can actually sleep tonight. Whoo hoo!

And yep, today is tax day. I know for's probably not happy. I'm one of those early filers, so I've not only filed my taxes, gotten my return and spent it. I didn't spend it on anything exciting...I just paid bills and made an extra payment on my student loans. I know...exciting, eh? The day came and went...and nothing was really different for me. Except of course...making teabagging jokes ALL day long. I just LOVE the idea of Republicans all going to protests which can easily be called "teabagging parties." In fact, I wish they would have teabagging parties EVERY single day. They should be taped and put on youtube. Awesome.

Alright...time for tired Shelley to go to bed. Of course, after I watch the drama that is The Real World Road Rules Challenge. No crazy fights...yet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movie Review: Doubt

I knew I would love Doubt before I even put the DVD in. In fact, I knew I would love it before I even knew what it was about. Why? Easy..two reasons...Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep.

Hoffman is one of my favorite actors ever. I think he spent much of his career being highly underrated and now...he's getting the praise that he quite deserves. To me, he...not Jim Carrey is the new version of Tom Hanks. Hoffman is a guy who was known for quirky and comedic roles, but no one walked around claiming he was a great actor. Then, he does Capote and everyone takes notice of the fella...and now he is being offered roles that no one ever would have considered him for before.

And as for Meryl Streep. Yes, it is true that I can never tell Meryl Streep and Glenn Close apart. If you ask me who was in a movie that one of them was in...I get this puzzled look on my face and then take a stabbing guess. More proof...I wrote this whole entry referencing Glenn Close...only to look up Doubt on and see that it was in fact Meryl Streep in this role...and had to go back and change everything. 101 Dalmations. Glenn Close? Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep?? Fatal Attraction. Glenn...wait..was it Meryl?? Which one was in Stepford Wives?? Oh who knows... them both since in my brain they are the same person.

Anyways...back to Doubt. I usually love stage adaptions to film. This movie was no different. It told the story of a nun (Streep) investigating a possible relationship between a priest (Hoffman) and one of his altar boys. It was set in the past, but also very timely given all the goings on with the Catholic Church. The story is told in a way where you can see and identify with everyone involved....with the priest who is going out of his way to connect with an isolated boy and doesn't appreciate his authority being questioned by a woman, but who also might be hiding a dark and sinister secret. The nun who wants to protect all the children in her school, but also is infuriated by a system that values her less because of her gender. And a wided eyed naive nun (Amy Adams) who is conflicted between what did and did not happen.

What I found most interesting about this movie is that the story does not lay out in front of you whether or not the priest was in fact molesting the little boy. It leaves it to the mind of the viewer to decide. I have heard people argue both sides...and know they are right and know there are right without a "doubt." What it does is highlight the problem and how in many ways the system of the Catholic church keeps the problem in the dark and shadows. I read a little bit about the movie and play online...and heard that the director only told Philip Seymour Hoffman if he did it or not and intentionally kept the rest of the cast in the dark. He didn't want to tip his hat and therefore color their performances.

All in of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It sure was better than the other movie I watched this weekend, Bedtime Stories, but that goes without saying.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Want a cup o' tea?

Happy Monday's a happy Monday for me because I have the day off work. I am spending the day cleaning and puttering around the house. I also might buy some 50% off candy too...since I love candy and cheap candy is even better. The funny thing...I didn't eat any candy on Easter and probably won't for a few weeks, but cheap is still cheap.

I was out running errands this morning and saw a little station wagon driving around with a sign in their back window advertising for the "Tea Party" on April 15th. Here is a link to a site that explains what these tea parties are all about. It's basically saying government is out of control and that the "tax and spend" mentality needs to stop.

So, am I planning to go to one of these tea parties??? Umm...hell no. One of my of the secretaries who is quite the conservative, Republican plans on going to one of the local tea parties. (I made a reference to her tea bagging it on the 15th...and the fact that she had no idea what I was talking about just made it even more hilarious). She asked if I was going...and I responded that I have no interest in that at all.

And I don't. Yes, I do think our government spending is too much...but I also think that we are backed into a corner and have no choice. Democrats are known for being the tax and spenders, etc. However...the trouble we are in is because the Republicans have been just spenders. Our debt has continued to rack up while we are at war and our economy is tanking. There are no easy or good solutions.

No one wants their taxes raised, but in reality...I wouldn't mind because I know it is what needs to be done. We have to get our checkbook as a nation in balance. We can't keep pushing this debt off on future generations. We have to be willing to sacrifice.

Another thing that drives me batty about these "tea parties" is that it is this protest planned by mostly those lovely Republicans. I don't mind people's one of the great things about this country. We get to voice our dissent. However, this is by the same people who clammered on and on during the Bush administration that anyone who did not support the President was Anti-American. I can remember this same secretary at work rolling her eyes at me and telling me that not supporting Bush was unacceptable. She told me he was our President and so we need to support his policies as a nation. But with Obama...she is strutting around so proud of her tea bag protest.

Anybody have any thoughts on these tea parties? Agree or disagree? Maybe I have it all wrong and I just haven't heard the right point of view yet. Let me know.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to all...

Happy Easter to all out there in the internets. And for those who are curious...I ended up not going to church. I got up early enough to make it, but decided against it. I had a feeling I wouldn't be going, but wasn't going to decide until I got up this morning. When I was shopping yesterday, I felt the need to buy a new outfit if I was going to go to church...and that was always the issue my mom and I had with Easer church to begin with. I know my church kicks arse and wouldn't think anything of Shelley arriving without a new, springy outfit, but it's just the idea that is automatically in my head. I'll be back to going next week and all.

As I've mentioned...I gave up pizza and candy for Lent. I also committed to going to church each week of Lent and putting more money in the plate. I was successful at all my Lent commitments. There were a few times I would have liked some yummy candy...and of course, I always want pizza. I've always said I kind of use God when it comes to Lent....and it's very true. It's a great keep things that should be out of your diet anyways. And, it doesn't let food pushers get all over you. If someone offers me pizza or candy, etc...once you mention "giving it up for Lent" they tend to stop with the offers. So...thanks God.

I also really appreciate the commitment to going to church. I tend to miss about once a month and I like 6 weeks of going no matter what. I'm tired...still going. I'm cranky...still going. I just don't feel it...still going.

Let's see any more interesting Easter blatherings....

Oh, Tony Hawk is going an interesting easter egg hunt on Twitter. He's hidden eggs all over the country and it putting out messages about where they are...and then people tweet when they found them. It's pretty cool. Check it out.

So....easter folk...what is your fav kind of easter candy????

Mine is doubt. It is Cadbury Mini Eggs. If I didn't give it up during Lent, I would easily eat my body weight in those little suckers. I love Peeps too, but they don't hold a candle to those creamy, yummy mini eggs with the crunchy candy shell! Mmmm.....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Bday Tek!

Happy Birthday to you! That's right today is Jason Varitek's, the catcher and captain of the Boston Red Sox, 37th birthday.

Jason Varitek

And what did the Sox give him for his birthday? They gave him a nail biter of a victory 5-4 over the Angels. Mikey Lowell gave him a home run and just to show him up Jason Bay gave him a pair of home runs. And to top it off, Jonathan Papelbon gave him an ulcer and a heart attack and he barely got through the 9th inning with the win.

Happy Birthday Tek! And many more....hopefully with the Sox.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The tragedy of lives cut short.

It was in the news and on the internet today that the Anaheim Angels Rookie Nick Adenhart was tragically killed by a hit and run driver in the early hours of the morning on Thursday. 3 people in total died in that crash, Nick and 2 other passengers in the car. Nick was 22...the two others were 20 and 27. He had just pitched his first start in the major leagues and pitched 6 scoreless innings. This should have been one of the best days of his of many to come, but it ended up as a tragedy for him, his family, his fans...and everyone.

As soon as I heard how the accident went down...I knew the driver had to be under the influence of something. The way he ran from the scene. Nothing else made a lick of sense. Some time last night, it was reported that the driver of the car that hit Nick was under the influence of alcohol and over the limit. The police also reported that he had previously been charged with DUIs and had his licensed revoked because of the convictions. He has not been charged yet, but they expected charges of vehicular manslaughter if not murder, hit and run and DUI. He also killed 3 people and he is going to have to LIVE with that the rest of his life...hopefully in prison.

I am incredibly saddened by this news...that three young people's lives were cut so short because of the reckless and preventable actions of another person. Unfortunately, I know it happens everyday...and it is more in the news because one of the victims was a professional athlete.

As I am saddened...I am also incredibly angry. Most people know what I do for a living. I am a social worker...who works with the courts with people with drug and alcohol offenses. A large bulk of my job is evaluating people who have gotten DWIs and recommending them for treatment as part of their case. What is maddening to that the system also helped this situation to happen. Unfortunately...DWIs are often not taken seriously by the people who commit them and the court systems. Most people do not get much consequences at all for driving under the influence. They might get a couple of classes or have their license suspended or revoked. In many cases, someone with repeated DWIs does not get much in terms of consequences until they hurt themselves or someone else. This case is just another example in a long line. The guy had his license taken away, but that doesn't stop him from turning the key on his car and driving.

Let's use NY as an example since that is what I am most familiar with. When someone gets their first DWI...usually in the courts, it is pled down to a DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired). It moved from a misdemeanor to a violation (such as a speeding ticket, etc). The person often has to attend an education class or a MADD/SADD program. Their license is usually suspended, but they are eligible for a conditional license to go to work and appointments. It is rarely checked if that is all they are using their license for. Sometimes they are required to go to treatment...sometimes not. And if they refuse, the most jail time they could get is 15 days.

Now...let's say this person gets a 2nd DWI. NY State Law says that more than 1 DWI in 10 years would make it a Felony DWI. Does this person in this example get a felony DWI? No. They get charged with a misdemeanor DWI- 1st Offense. Why? Because they were never convicted of a DWI in the last one because it was pled down to a violation. I've seen people get 4,5,6 DWIs and still get charged with a DWI- 1st Offense.

And much like this situation...that is just a tragic accident waiting to happen. There is no other word to describe it but maddening....especially since it is preventable. If people thought something bad might actually happen to THEM if they drove might make a different. And for those who obviously have a problem with alcohol, treatment should be a requirement and not something that can be "gotten out of" in court. I could give you countless examples in my own community of people who discounted DWIs over and over again...until they killed someone. At that point, people clammer at how out of control it is, but unfortunately we aren't doing anything about it when it is within out control. I'm saddened and also incredibly angry.

My heart breaks for Nick's family and friends. He was 22 and had the whole world to live for. His dreams were just starting to come true. MLB cancelled the Angels game last night...and congrats to them for doing the right thing and allowing that team and the community to mourn. Tonight, the Red Sox play the Angels in Anaheim. That is going to be a game that is just depressing...with a park full of broken hearts. I usually always root hardcore for the matter what. During the next 3 games, I honestly don't care who wins...and a huge part of my heart wants the Angels to win. It won't replace what they lost, but it might be a healing moment for them...when they can cheer their team to victory and enjoy the game of baseball.

RIP Nick Adenhart. The game will continue on, but it lost a heck of a great player and man.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

To go or not to go??

I am not sure if I am going to go to church this Sunday or not. I know that seems so backwards to what a lot of people do. There is a segment of the church going population...who don't go weekly, but make it on Easter and Christmas. I used to always go on Christmas, but I haven't for the past few years since I am in Florida with my brother and his family.

I started going to church regularly with my mom when I was about 13 or so. Actually, my brother and I were never baptized as babies, so we were baptized then when we joined the church. A lot of people think that is bizarre as well...but I am really grateful for it. I have a distinct memory of my baptism...and it was a conscience choice of MINE instead of something my parents did because of the whole fear of original sin and all that mumbo jumbo.

Anyways...I was off on a tangent. The whole time I was going to church with my mom, we never went on Easter. It always felt like a status and fashion show more than about Jesus and God and the resurrection. It was about who's kid has the prettiest dress and what not. So, we decided to skip it...stay home...and probably eat way too much Easter candy. It was a tradition...of sorts.

Last year was the first Easter without my mom...and I planned on not going to church, but then decided to go and just see what it was like. I go to the early morning service (8:30am), so it is a much more non-traditional service. There are less people there and it tends to be more casual. I was pleasantly surprised when I went last year. People were dressed nicer than they usually do...but no real fanfare. Also, it is not the service where people usually bring their it didn't have the fashion show of cute little adorable children in their new Easter outfits.

So, I still haven't I going to skip church on this holy Easter or go. I'm basically 50/50 on it. Maybe I'll just wait to decide until Sunday morning when I wake up...bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Locks of Love

Locks Of Love

I've been growing out my hair forEVER...or at least it seems. It's been at least a fooling. I've donated my hair to Locks of Love twice before and decided to do it again.

I always forget those last few months when I absolutely hate my hair and there is so much of it that there is no hiding. It attacks me from all sides...and even gets too long to put into a bun well. It's been like that for a couple months now...maybe longer. I remember wanting to cut it badly before I went to Florida in December. I measured my hair and it wasn't long enough yet.

A little over 3 months later....and my haircut was finally here. They cut off 10 or 11 inches and then I got a nice cut with some long layers and layering around my fair. It's just above my shoulders. It can still get scooped up into a it a small ponytail, but none the less.

If you happen to be one of my Facebook friends...I put a before and after picture there. If you're not my friend on FB...well, shame on you!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Opening Day Take 2

So, this morning I woke up...and had this in my inbox.

Red Sox Opening Day

170 days since October 19th.
55.2 inches of snow in Boston.
34 games in Florida.
1 Opening Day postponement.
It's about time.


Your Friends at the Boston Red Sox

And this Opening Day was NO TEASE. There was a game and it was awesome. The game started right at 4pm...which meant I got to see the whole thing. I bought the package, so even though NY wasn't carrying the game...I watched all 9 innings. It's well worth the cash...let me tell you.

On the mound for Boston was their ace, Josh Beckett....aka...Captain Kickass. And that's just what he did...KICKED SOME ASS! The Sox won 5-3. Beckett struck out 10 batters and only allowed 2 hits. It was a great way start the season.


josh beckett Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday dear RYAN....
Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Yep, that's is my brother's birthday. He's all the way down in Sunny Florida, so I can't give him a big ol' hug and wish him happy birthday in person, so this, an ecard, a phone call will have to do. I don't think he even reads this blog, but if he does...HEY...and even if he doesn't...the world (and by world I mean the 3 people who read this rambling blog)should know it is my brother's birthday. Now, unlike some people...I won't announce how old my big brother is and all.

Happy Birthday Ry...I hope you enjoy the day and celebrate to the limit!!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009


So, that rumor on the internet about today being OPENING DAY...was actually false. It is not opening is the tease that was supposed to be opening day, but it is not.


Because rain can SUCK IT! That's why. It's basically gonna pour all day long all over the east coast. Rain and baseball are not, the game will be postponed until tomorrow at 4:05pm. If that game gets postponed or cancelled...I might go on a killing rampage. Just sayin'...

And since I will try to find a silver lining in the sucktastic news that Opening Day is in fact NOT Opening Day...I guess it is good that I can catch the game tomorrow and not have to sneak outta work early like I would have had to today.

Silver lining or not. Rain....I used to like you. I used to like playing outside and frolicking around with ya. No longer. We've broken up.

P.S. Go Sox!

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I heard a rumor...

Yep, I heard a rumor....from some guy out on the internet...that there is something special about today.

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That's is Opening Day for the 2009 Boston Red Sox Season. They are playing today at 2pm at Fenway Park against the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays. I am sure it might be a cold afternoon, but who cares...IT'S BASEBALL! I wish I lived in Boston and was able to be at the game...or even around the atmosphere of the game. Someday...someday. I'll settle for watching the game on the TV and rooting on the Sox from home.

LET'S GO RED SOX!!!! Game on!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Movie Review: Seven Pounds

I got my Netflix movies in the mail this week. I got a couple more discs of How I Met Your Mother and I also got the movie Seven Pounds.

On Friday night, I was watching a Red Sox spring training game...against the NY Mets at the new Citi Field stadium. It was raining all day in NY, so I am surprised the game got played at all. About halfway through the game...the sky opened up and it was raining buckets. It's spring training...and we're in a rain delay. Ugh.

So, I snagged a DVD and started watching while the rain was pouring down on NYC. I decided to watch Seven Pounds since I adore Will Smith and people told me it was a good movie. I had a pretty good idea what the movie was about, but I wasn't sure.

I got about 30 or 40 minutes in...and the rain delay was over and the game was back on. At that point, I was not a fan of the movie. I wasn't even sure I was going to keep watching. Why? the beginning the movie was relying heavily on non-linear storytelling. It kept flipping back and forth in Will Smith's life between pre and post tragedy while just alluding to the tragedy.

Sometimes I LOVE non-linear storylines and sometimes they bug the bejesus out of me. Since Momento came out, I tend to think people overuse it A LOT in order to make their movie more shocking or artsy, etc. Also, if there is not a specific point to having the audience confused...other than it being a cute movie making trick you can use, then I usually get annoyed with it really quickly. So, at this point...I was not really enjoying being confused about what was going on and why...and not seeing where it was going and why this type of storytelling was important.

So...I took the break...watched the game. Game over. Sox lost. Back to movie. I figured I am far enough in that I should see if it all pays off in the end. Plus, I still really adore Will Smith.

At this point in the really picked up and had a nice flow. One, they moved away for the most part from the non-lineral storytelling. There were still little spots of it, but not every 2 seconds. Plus, Rosario Dawson's character was really making a presence in the movie. She sold this movie for me. She's spectacular. I was completely sucked into whatever was going on with her.

All in all...when the credits rolled. I thought the movie was great. It's a really interesting and lovely story about pain, loss, regret and acts of kindness and love. I thought Will Smith really brought out so many different things in his character...and Rosario Dawson, as I stated just amazing in the role. I wasn't too impressed with her before. I thought she was pretty and funny in movies like Clerks 2, but didn't see her as a serious actress. I sure do now.

My it, watch it. I am glad I didn't ditch it halfway through.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

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I love you.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Madonna got denied....why?

When I was a kid...I loved Madonna. I listened to her music and danced around like a tool around my living room. I wore those cheesy little bracelets because Madonna wears them and Madonna was super duper cool.

As both Madonna and myself have gotten older...I am not as big a fan as I used to be. I still think the woman can sing...and has carved out a nice career for herself, even if her music isn't really my cup of tea anymore.

Of course Madonna has been making the press, she's not back on with A-Rod. It's because she wants to adopt a little girl in Malawi named Mercy. She and her then husband adopted David from Malawi a couple of years ago. She petitioned to adopt a second child...and the government denied her because she doesn't have a 18 month residency requirement.

What I find the negative press and backlash Madonna has been getting about these adoptions. People are joking about a woman and as a mother. People are talking about how she shouldn't be able to adopt this child...any child. The Malawi govt is saying she is not within the rules....hmm, well they were willing to slide on the rules last time. Why? If I remember correctly...she donated a few million dollars to their govt. So, is it that she isn't appropriate or is it that she didn't rain money down on them this time???

Yes, Madonna is sometimes controversial and makes the gossip columns, etc...but can anyone really say with any validity that the woman is not a good mother? I have a feeling if Angelina wanted to adopt every single child in the country of Malawi...they would be welcoming her with open arms. Am I wrong?

I've seen her with all of her children...and they look healthy and happy. There is a pic in the linked article with Madonna and her adopted son David. Doesn't he look better off than if he was still living in poverty and disease...with no real family to speak of.

I wish Madonna well...and hope that people wake up and come to their senses. Their is a beautiful little girl who would be well loved and taken care of in Madonna's home.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April Fools...

Happy Pranksters Day all...

In past years...I have written a blog all about some horrific thing only to finish it with an APRIL FOOLS tagline. I thought about it...but I think it's a sign of just how old I am getting that I am no longer creative enough to think of anything that someone might buy...and I am such a skeptic that I don't think anyone would believe it anyways. I could pretend I just got a job in Iceland and now have to move, but who would buy that. I could announce I flew to Vegas last night and got married to K-Fed, but come on? I could say that after decades of insanity...this NYer finally woke up and left the Red Sox in favor of the Yankees, but we all know that is NEVER going to happen.

So...little ol' me will just say Happy April Fools and leave it at that. One thing that IS interesting about April Fools is that it makes me believe no all...about anything. I don't believe any story anyone tells me. I don't believe anything I read in the paper. I definitely don't believe anything I read on the internet. I basically think everyone is full of it today. So, if you have a funny and interesting story to tell me...tell me TOMORROW because I will just roll my eyes and call you a liar today.

And for my Red Sox update of the we'll say week....I talk about baseball and the Red Sox about 24/7, but rarely blog about it. The first official game that counts is next Monday at Fenway against the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays. I wish I could be there...even though Fenway is probably gonna be pretty crisp and cold at 7pm.

Yesterday the Sox and Rays played a dress rehearsal for Opening Day. The Sox had their last game in Fort Myers before heading for 2 more road games in FL and then up to NYC to play 2 games against the Mets at the new park.

The Sox started off that game against the Rays shaky. Clay Buchholz got taken pretty early and the Rays had a 5-0 lead. The Sox came alive a smidge and it went to a Rays 5-2 lead. Then the Rays sucker punched us again and it went to a Rays 7-2 lead. So, who won the game? The Sox did....they score 3 runs in both the 7th and 8th innings to lead the game 8-7. What I find that is the same score of the infamous Game 5 of the ACLS when Boston came back to beat the Rays after being down 7-0. The Rays must have felt like they were being punked...and that made me chuckle inside. This Rays team is doubt, but so are the Sox and they never say die. Plus...Tek got another homerun batting from the left side, so maybe not all hope is lost. GO SOX...just try to snag the win in a little less dramatic fashion come opening day, mkay?

And let's see...any other Sox news. Oh, I did get in a little luke warm water for calling some female fans a whore on a blog the other day. LOL. Actually, I did not call anyone a whore...would never do that...I said that when people go to games dressed like whores then it makes it more difficult for all female sports fans. I still stand behind that...people judge what they see. If I showed up for work in a pair of booty shorts and a tube top...people would judge me for what they see and not the big ol' brain in my head. I'd be sent home and probably fired. (Note to self: Don't try that just to test the experiment). For me, I get frustrated as a female who has always been into sports...watching and playing that it is often not taken seriously. I don't know how many times I've been talking the ins and outs of sports with some guy and he stops me halfway into the conversation with some obnoxious comment like: " really know about the game" or "Who taught you about baseball/basketball/football, etc???" Umm..I watched, played and learned just like you. Anyways...all I was saying is that women who go to the games wearing little to no that stereotype that the only reason women watch sports is because the athletes are cute or because their boyfriend likes it or because they are looking for a date in the stands, etc. /rant