Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You ask, I answer!

So, I was going to write a blog entry tonight...but didn't feel like I had anything of consequence to say. I blame both Facebook and Twitter. When I have little silly things to say...I post them there. So, I feel like it has to be of more substance to post an actual blog.

So...I don't know who even reads this thing...but if you read. Ask me any questions or topics and I will write about them. you know you wanna.....ASK AWAY.

The little things...well...one...IT'S SNOWING! The weather man...person...no wait, he is actually male...the weatherman says that we could get up to a foot of snow. If you know me...you know...I like snow...and we have barely gotten any this winter, so it's ABOUT TIME.

And...I also got my belated Christmas gift in the mail today. It's a kick arse camera. My old camera was a nice one...it was a Kodak...12X zoom and had some nice features, however it was getting a little old and every once in a while it would just shut off for no reason. So, I decided to get a new one...and went out a researching. I like Kodak cameras...and saw they had a new digital one out that had 24X Zoom. (Just imagine how much more up close and personal I can get with my picture stalking of baseball players at Fenway this year...winks).

It's a Kodak EasyShare Z980. It's got lots of bells and whistles...that I need to figure out. It also came with an 8G memory card...so I can't wait to start filling it up. I got it for a STEAL off ebay....and I am always looking for a cheap deal.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Arguing...with myself on the way home form work.

Yep, that's right. I was having an argument with myself...on the way home from work.

Wait...let me back up and start with the beginning of my day. I had my alarm set for 4:30am...so I could make it to my morning cardio step class. The alarm went off...and I was tired. I mean TIRED....EXHAUSTED. it felt like I had only been asleep for a few minutes...literally. I hit snooze...and it went off again. I got up, started to get my workout clothes together...and get ready to go.

TIRED. My body was just exhausted. All my limbs felt heavy. So, I decided to listen to said body...reset the alarm for 6am and went back to bed.

I got to work...and had a hectic, busy day. I got outta work...had my workout clothes in the car and headed on my way. I had planned on going to the gym after work since I wanted to get my workout in.

Here is how the conversation went in my head as I was driving home...

Good Shelley: Got out of work a half hour late, but I still have time for a workout before dinner.

Bad Shelley: I'm tired. Today has been stressful. I just wanna go home.

Good Shelley: Working out will help. I didn't go this morning. I should go. I'll feel better afterwards.

Bad Shelley: But I'm hungry...and missing a workout won't kill me. WAAAA!

Good Shelley: Just had a protein shake...suck it up. I brought my workout clothes for a reason. Go to the gym.

(passed the first road that heads to the gym...did not turn).

Bad Shelley: But I gave my hair tie to a client who needed it. I won't be able to put my hair out of my face. I'll go tomorrow. I'll have more energy.

Good Shelley: You gave your hair tie away? That is your excuse. So what...your hair gets sweaty. It's not a crime. And you'll go tomorrow? Liar.

Bad Shelley: Fine. Bitch.

(this time...took the turn and went to the gym...)

I rocked the elliptical...and yep, felt much better afterwards. I came home and had a nice dinner...hunkering in and watching some Lost on the DVR.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras!!

Doesn't Happy Mardi Gras just seem so much nicer than Happy FAT Tuesday even though they both mean the same thing???

It's that lovely last day before Lent. That day...when people are supposed to eat everything in excess before heading into the self-sacrifice period of Lent.

I've always given up something for Lent...since I was a little kid. It was something my mom would have us do. I don't think I even related it to having anything to do with church or God, but it's always been a part of my life.

Are people giving up something for Lent this year?? And if so...what are you doing???

Of course there is always a joker...who says they are giving up homework...or school...or brussel sprouts, etc. (FYI...I LOVE brussel sprouts).

I always give up the same 2 things....

Mini Cadbury Eggs Pictures, Images and Photos


Cheese Pizza Pictures, Images and Photos

Pizza is my main vice. I swear...pizza could be my undoing, no doubt. So, having a 40 day period with guaranteed no pizza in my life is good for me. All those pizza commercials will of course torture me, but alas...I'll resist like the good little girl I am. Now, usually...I order a big ol' cheesy pizza on Fat Tuesday...but this year, I don't think so. I haven't eaten pizza for about a month...so I am just going to continue that trend and head right into Lent, no looking back.

As for candy. Candy doesn't gripe me like pizza does...however, those pesky Cadbury Mini Eggs do. I love those suckers something fierce...and the fact that you can only get their yummy candy coated creamy chocolate goodness during Easter time...makes me want them even more. So, giving up candy for Lent...keeps me away from eating my body weight a few times over in Cadbury Mini Eggs. I usually buy ONE bag...hide it until after Easter and then eat it. Then...I only have access to that one bag...I can get my fix of the best chocolate in the world and be done with it.

I also thought of giving up weighing in on the scale...since I am one of the people who likes to weigh every single day (whether I am losing or gaining or staying the same). But...in the end, it's not something that messes with my mind...and I like a daily check in of how my weight is doing...so, I figured...no real need to give that up.

What are people giving up out there...and more importantly, why????

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and all that jazz!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Folks!!!

I've often had a conflicted relationship with Valentine's Day. I wanna think it's a great wonderful holiday chuck full of love....and appreciate those in your life who you are lucky enough to love...however, on most years...I felt this way:

valentines day Pictures, Images and Photos

Just like Christmas and Easter...and heck, most holidays around are so commercialized. Valentine's Day seems to be all about buying the candy, the chocolates, the jewelry, the flowers, etc.

Of course...it is only that way if we let it. It is just as easy to send someone a love filled email or make a hand made Valentine's Day card.

And...for someone who is chronically single, sometimes I think Valentine's Day is just mean. I know it is meant to be able celebrating love, but sometimes it also seems to point out those who aren't in relationships, etc. Valentine's Day is fantastic...unless you happen to be without a Valentine.

But, it's only that way...if you let it be. I know...that my single status, let's face it...is a conscience choice. There were times in my life that I was single and really wanted to be in a relationship. In those years, I think V Day stung a little bit more...it seemed like it was rubbing its nose in my lack of relationship.

These days...I am so cool with being single and on my own. So...Valentine's Day really doesn't hold that same sting. Instead, I see it as a day to truly cherish the love that is in your life.

Valentines Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Loves in my life...

1) My family. I swear, I am so blessed. I was raised by the best parents in the world. They met when they were teenagers...and they were always each other's love. That kind of example...I learned pretty early on, that most people don't get. And my brother...is pretty kick arse too. We used to fight like cats and dogs, but now I think he's one of the coolest people on the planet...and let's not forget that adorable nephew of mine. I never get to see him as much as I want to...but when I do, I can never get enough of him and his adorableness.

2) My friends. That's huge. I've been blessed with some great friends in my life. It started from that first best friend in grade school...you know....when your best friend was the friend who lived closest to you. And then in high school...find some awesome and like minded friends. I had no idea who I was back then and still had a group of people who liked me anyways. And those college friends...I thank god for those college friends. I think I was able to find myself in college...and made some friends for life. I haven't kept in touch with all of them as well as I would have liked... but I know they helped shape me as a person. And let's not forget my grad school friends...and friends around here since I've come back home. I've always had a small, but really fantastic group of friends. I'm grateful for all the friends I've had in my life...friends in the past, friends in the present...and friends I have yet to meet in the future.

3) Social work. I truly love my career. It gives me something so much more than a paycheck. I know that if my job was just punching in and punching out...I'd be miserable. Don't get me wrong...sometimes my job makes me wanna pull my hair out, but all in all...I find something in my day in and day out that energizes me and gets me ready to come back the next day. I feel so blessed I found social work...or more likely, social work found me.

4) Movies & Music. I like creative things...always have. I really enjoy someone taking a creative outlet and telling a great story. I've always been a movie buff...love sitting down and getting lost in whatever story they are telling. And, music too...love that music can get to the emotions of things in a way that nothing else can. I have a desire...to actually get out the guitar I have and learn how to use it.

5) Baseball & The Red Sox. Does this love shock anyone? I adoringly love baseball. I spend most of my spring and summer watching games...as many in person as possible. I've also met and reconnected with a bunch of friend through my love of baseball. I have no skills to actually play the game...and I might be afraid of the ball, but I love watching it being played. As spring training is right around the corner...I'm about to get my love of baseball back in my life.

6) My health and fitness. For so many years, I had this as a desire...something I longed for, but not something I could ever obtain. I feel so grateful that it finally clicked...and I finally figured it out...you know...kind of. It's something that is crucial in my life now and not just something I hope for. It is truly a love and something I am not willing to give up...ever!

7) My church. I adore my church and the people there. I used to go to church with my mom because it was important to her and because the people were nice there, but in the last few years it really has become something that fulfills something in me. I've become more connected and more involved...and it isn't just going for an obligation. I feel encouraged and refreshed after going to the service every Sunday...and feel ready for the week to come.

I think that's enough love for one day...especially on this Valentine's Day. I hope that people appreciate the love that is in their lives this year...the big ones and the silly little ones.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy Jeudi Gras!

I know. You are thinking...huh? What?

Our county is having a fitness competition...stealing the popularity of Biggest Loser, we are having our own Biggest Loser competition. (BTW...thought this last week's episode of Biggest Loser was beyond ridiculous and well...dangerous, but that's a story for another day).

People can make teams of up to 4 people...and they weigh-in weekly. The team with the highest percentage body weight lost...they win...not sure what they win, but they win. And, we are also competing with a neighboring county. So, collectively...we want our county workers to be able to lose more weight than that county.

I'm not on a team...in reality, I only have about 10-15 lbs I want to lose, so I wouldn't really much of a help to a team winning anything. Plus, people have to weigh-in at work...and write it down. I love my co-workers, but not enough for them to know what number comes up when Shelley steps on a scale.

Our office does have a team though...3 of the men in our office have a team. They were all talking about it yesterday. I had a family conference and had doughnuts left over. So, I put the doughnuts out for people to munch on. All the members of our BL team...munched away.

Their first weigh-in is on Friday. So, we laughed and said that in the next couple days they need to fatten themselves up...you know...to help along the first weigh-in. We were kidding...until we got serious.

Today is officially...Fat Thursday or as the french would say Jeudi Gras! One of the women at work...made a yummy cake. There will be lots and lots of goodies to eat before the boys embark on 2 months of losing weight...and trying to kill the competition with their killer numbers.

Now, if that's not hilarious....I don't know what is.

P.S. As a gender study...it's also hilarious to me watching the men all talk about how they are going to lose weight...and what their goals are. I'm so used to women constantly talking about it. I told one co-worker yesterday...that he's totally turning into a girl.