Friday, March 25, 2005

an advertisement...

I was checking some of my savings, checking and credit card accounts this morning when I woke up...making sure that I didn't go broke overnight, etc.

And, I thought I would send out a little advertisement for my online savings account, ING DIRECT.

Regular savings accounts that you get through your local bank or what have you...have a return of about 0.85% to at most 1%. The return on my ING Savings account is a whopping 2.80%. It still won't make you rich, but it is significantly better than the ones I have been able to find in banks.

The only real that it is online and linked to one of your checking accounts. So, you have to request money to be sent in or withdrawn out. So, you can't just go to the bank and withdraw it at a moment's notice. I think you might be able to request a ATM card...but I haven't done that. I actually really like it that I am not able to get to my money without a few days makes it so that I actually treat that money like savings and don't spend it on frivilous things.

So...if you are looking for a savings account...check out ING DIRECT!!! And...if you are going to sign up, send me an email first...cause I think the bank will give me a referral credit...and that would be sweet! Plus, if I refer'll get $25 in your account when you do sign up! So, DO IT!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

busy busy day....

I worked a long day yesterday, but it was completely worth it. I helped with a youth conference in the morning...and then it was the usual drug court in the afternoon. The judge who presides over Drug Court...he is one of the toughest and strickest judges in the, therefore...he often isn't popular, especially among people who have gone before him as defendents.

So...I hear a lot of people whining and complaining about this man. About how he is cold and uncaring...and cares more about giving people sentences and collecting fines, then he does about people. Well, I wish these people could watch this man when he presides over Drug Court. I wish they could see that he will do whatever he can to help the people in his courtroom, as long as they are willing to work on their addiction and work towards recovery. I can't get into specifics....confidentiality and all...but, that kid...who has never had anyone care about him before...was cared about by the Judge. The judge didn't just throw him away like everyone else has done when he screwed up.

It was a 14 hour day...but as I said, well worth it.

Only two more days til the weekend, eh?

Monday, March 21, 2005

brit evening...

I had a Brit movie night yesterday....the family and I ended up watching Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason and Finding Neverland.

Bridget Jones: I thought it was cute, but not nearly as good as the first one. I probably had really high expectations since I just loved the first one...but all in all, it is still a really fun, entertaining movie. Hugh Grant is absolutely dreamy the guy you love to hate. Plus, check out the bonus features...some of them are so funny. I'd say...definitely rent it.

Finding Neverland: This movie is fabulous. I can see why it got such Oscar buzz...JOhnny Depp was amazing, as well as the rest of the cast. It was a wonderful story...full of delight and emotion. It was really a wonderful piece of work.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I spent an evening in prison.....

At work...I am lucky enough to get some opportunities that I would never have otherwise. I got to go with a bunch of our clients on Tuesday to the nearby prison...for a prison tour of sorts.

I know when most people think of prison tours...they think of those "Scared Straight" things that you see on the Montel show and stuff. Well, it wasn't exactly like that. The guards were tough...talked with the kids in the same mentality and tone that they would speak to the inmates. The kids understood that the lippy and mouthy attitudes they have at home...just wouldn't cut it in prison.

But the difference...which I thought was much better than the Scared Straight way of doing the inmate panel that we had afterwards. We all sat in front of 5 inmates...who shared their stories and experiences...of how they got to prison and what life is like for them now that they are behind bars. The difference is...the inmates weren't hard asses trying to scare the kids...they were trying to connect with them in hopes that they wouldn't end up where they were. Plus...all the inmates on the panel were sent to prison when they were 16 to 17 years old...these guys were sent to prison when they were just kids. I think that made more of a difference than anything else. These kids could see themselves in the people they were looking at on the panel, etc.

I said in an earlier entry that I didn't like being in the old, abandoned prison...well, let me tell you...I didn't have any better feeling about the one jam packed full of people. I don't know how the people who work up there and spend everyday in that building. It's just creepy...but then again, shouldn't prison be???

Saturday, March 12, 2005

the lord will provide????

I was reading Heather's blog....who I adore...she's so smart and sassy. Hi Heather!!! Heather has an awesome should read it too.

Anyways...I was reading her latest entry....and reading the comments people left for her. One of her friends responded about her feeling frustrated about not knowing about the financial security of her future, etc...and she stated that "The Lord will provide."

I always have a personal response to statements like this...and it isn't positive. I know the purpose that it not dwell in the negative and to have faith that a higher power will take care of you, as we are all god's children. with everything else, I think of people in poverty...the poor...the hungry...the homeless. If this is really true...that The Lord Will Provide...then what happened to the millions of people living on the streets. The Lord did not provide for them. And...I don't happen to believe in the theory that God is testing them...or helping them learn some much needed lesson by sustaining them in their situation. I don't happen to believe in a god who would subject people to pain and order to help their realize some important life lesson. Am I to assume that these people are not strong enough in their faith...and that is not why they were provided for??? I would hope that isn't the case either.

I know the sense that The Lord Will a really comforting notion, but for those who seem to have not only fallen on bad luck, but seem to be very much in doesn't seem very comforting to me. I always complain that our government consistently forgets about the needs of the uneducated, the poor and the oppressed....and this entry only makes me think that God may have forgetten about these folks as well. They seem to be the constant forgotten...

I often think of those people...and wonder how they fell through the cracks if god really does provide for all.

There is my somber thought for this snowy Saturday...

Friday, March 11, 2005

lookie, lookie....

It's about 9:15am...and I am home and not at work. I have been working crazy hours...and so today I got to sleep in, watch some Good Morning America...and just hang out at home until about 11am.

Nice, eh?

Sometime soon...and by soon, I mean Sunday...I plan on updating my site...changing all the links that no longer work...or that I no longer read. My site still won't look pretty...but it will work a heck of a lot better.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


After about a month...or even more, I finally change the link for Matt's blog.

So, go check him out! He's pretty darn, he is acting all grown up and stuff and just got the keys to his NEW HOUSE!

Congrats rock!

the week is flying by....

This week has just flown by at work....I have just had so much work to do and little time to do it. But it was nice you of my co-workers was out sick and I got to do her job for a day, which was fun. And...I also only have one shift this week at the video store, so I wasn't busy at both places.

It's only Thursday and I have already worked over 40 hours this week...if that let's you know how busy this week has been for me.

This weekend...a couple of friends are going to get together and have "An Evening With Kevin Smith." We are going to watch Kevin Smith's films from Clerks to Jersey Girl. It should be a lotta fun....

Sunday, March 06, 2005

what are the chances....

First of all...sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been hella busy, then I got the flu, then our computer went all wacky...etc,, I promise I will be better and this time I mean it.

Anyuways...I am SO excited.....I went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon (I know...exciting, eh?)...and as I was walking around pretty much buying candy and ice cream and I turned the corner and there was my best friend from middle and high school. I haven't seen her in years...I moved to Indiana and she was in the military, etc....and she changed residences quite a bit, so we lost touch. I have thought about her often since I have been home, but I just haven't know how to get in touch with her.

I was so happy to see her...and to see how well she is doing. She has two I knew about and one I didn't. Through the military, she has a wonderful career. I feel really positive too...cause I just got a wonderful friend back in my life.

I had been feeling a little lonely since I moved back to New York...since I have friends in Vermont, but haven't been able to get there as often as I would have liked...but I didn't have a lot of friends here in town. This week...I think I was reminded by someone that things work out...if you work at them. I am hanging out with people at my night job more...we are hanging out this coming Saturday, having a movie marathon. And, I am having lunch tonight with the friend above...which is so so nice. Plus, I have another friend...who we are going to make plans to go out and have a few drinks.

Right now...I feel more positive about being here than I have in a long time. I still wish I was able to not be living at home with the rents at the ripe old age of 27...but I do see a life circling around me, where just didn't exist beforehand.

Much love to you all...