Sunday, October 31, 2004

is it really cool to have your blog explode?

So, in the past few days...I have had some Blog Explosion insights. I think the service is great, but I am not so sure how thrilled I am about the new traffic anymore.

Let's face it...90% of the people are only on your site for 30 seconds in order to get the BE credit and then they surf on to the next site...for more of the same. I can't really complain since that is often what I do as well.

But, lately I have stopped doing that. I have started reading every blog I surf upon...and if I see that I am not interested in it, I add it to my "Do Not View" list. I have spent more time on each blog...which of course means my credits is down...but it also means I have found some really nice blogs to read. I have doubled my blogroll since I signed up...and that is how I see BE really being valuable.

So, I am still using Blog Explosion...but not as much for the traffic anymore. I am using it to find some more blogs to read...since I am always on the look for an interesting read.

If you haven't tried Blog Explosion...go and try it. It's pretty awesome...oh and yeah, all the cool kids are doing it. You want to be cool now...dontcha!

how bout that, Dr Evil?

This site is certified 35% EVIL by the Gematriculator

hee,, how evil is your site??? I would have thought my site was more evil than that. I must try harder!!!

daylight savings....

So, in 2000...I moved to Indiana to go to grad school. It's a swanky's just too cool. many ways it is unique...because it doesn't celebrate Daylight Savings Time. Indiana and Arizona don't do Daylight Savings Time...we don't run around and change all our clocks twice a year. As a result...the state changes times zones twice a year though. Half of the year....we are eastern time zone and half the year we are central time zone. But alas, we never change our pesky clocks. most of you know...I moved back to NY this summer and once again, I woke up this morning and changed all my clocks. I had missed the feeling...of realizing that you got an extra hour of sleep. It always seems like you are winning some special sleep prize. Whoo hoo! I won a sleep prize! *giggles*

I am still not sure why we do Daylight Savings anymore...I think as a nation, it is an old tradition...that I wouldn't mind getting rid of, but I will is bizarre doing it again after not doing it for years.

Oh, and I read an article this morning on Sammy Sosa and how he thinks the Chicago Cubs didn't treat him right as a player last season. For me, it wasn't very interesting except this one line:

"Sosa arrived late to the finale at Wrigley Field and then left the game early without playing. The Cubs fined him $87,500 - one day's salary - because of his actions."

$87,500 is one day's salary? *grumbles* That's it...I now must go kill myself!

Happy Halloween y'all....

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Now, I am usually not in support of sportmanship that includes rubbing your win in the face of the competition, but when it comes to the egomaniacs otherwise known as the NY Yankees...I gotta say, I find this funny! Manny got the sign from a fan...and felt it is something the crowd should see. *giggles*

And since this will probably be the last Red Sox post for a while...I thought one more pic of the ever so dreamy Derek Lowe was in order. hummina, hummina, hummina...

Oh yeah, Pedro Martinez is there too...and a kind of funny side story. During the parade, Pedro got knocked in the head with a baseball that came flying out from the crowd. It smacked him right in the head. He said he's well, that makes the story comical! *winks*

Mystic Pizza

Right now...I am watching one of my all-time favorite movies, Mystic Pizza. It's definitely my favorite Julia Roberts of the oldies, but goodies...where her hair was so big, it was almost it's own character.

I just think this film has a lot of's one of those movies that I always have to watch when it is on cable. It is a classic tale of a smalltown where everyone seems like family...and of course that old clash of the working class and those who have money. I just think this movie is a gem.

Oh...and it has a small glimpse of a very very young Matt Damon.

Speaking of pizza, I just might have to order some for dinner! Mmmm....

Friday, October 29, 2004

October surprise, eh?

So, on the friday before the election...Osama Bin Laden came out with a video making a statement directly right at the American population. He nicely tried to explain why he was justified in bombing the WTC. He talked about what we needed to do in order to keep ourselves safe from him and his followers. He talked about the injustices of Bush...and said Kerry is no better.

As I listened to the commentators...talking about what impact it will have on our election and the things that Osama wanted. I clicked off the TV...CNN, MSNBC, and C-SPAN will get no more of my time for that.

Please people...don't even consider letting Osama Bin Laden and his croonies effect your vote come Tuesday. It's like giving in to the school yard bully...because you think it will make your life easier. In the end...if you give in, the bully always wins. Ignore Osama...ignore that shmuck. He wants to get into our heads...and he wants to claim sabotage to our election. Don't let it happen!

If you were going to vote for Bush yesterday. Vote for Bush.
If you were going to vote for Kerry yesterday. Vote for Kerry.

Osama, Osama, Osama....blah, blah, blah!

I am a Netflix junkie.....

Yep, that's right...I admit it. I am a Netflix junkie. I signed up a couple of months ago...and have enjoyed getting movie after movie.

Now...some people sign up for Netflix because they don't have due dates, so they can keep movies as long as they want and not get late charges. Seems like a good idea, eh?

Well...that is almost the exact opposite of why I get Netflix. I am pretty much the cheapest person alive. The idea of not sending a movie back ASAP...if just wasting money in my crazy little mind. You can get 3 movies at a I make sure I get 3 movies each week. Once I get a movie...I watch it that night and return it the next morning. I keep 'em moving! In and out. In and out.

So...with my little OCD system when it comes to movies...I tend to see between 12-14 movies a month...and the month charge is around 20, I pay about $1.50 a movie.

Seems like a pretty good deal to me!!!

No Friday Feast....

There is no Friday's Feast today. Tis a shame...but well, I might just survive.

Speaking of weekly memes...I was thinking of starting my own. I like doing them and thought of one I would like to do this past week. I know Brandie just started her own meme...and so I am thinking of following suit.

So, here is my idea for a meme. It would be called "I ask, YOU answer." And simply...that is exactly what it would be. It would be one question which is asked on the main site and then it is answered by the participants in their blog.

But, the interesting twist is that the meme evolves. You answer the question asked...and then based on your answer, you ask another question of your readers. Your readers answer your question in your comments.

I think it sounds kind of fun...and really encourages the participants to not only answer the meme, but read the responses of the others playing.

What do people think? Sound fun? Sounds goofy? Sounds pathetic? Would you play?

blogroll baby!

I added 8 or 9 new links on my blogroll. I have been finding some really nice links using Blog Explosion....and I even have more links to add, but in good time. I know that my love with Blog Explosion will grow thin within a few, I decided to add my blogroll...since those are my daily reads anyways.

Once again, if you wanna be on my blogroll....just give me a heads up. No one will be denied...umm, within reason. link that I added was Dizzy Scorpio. Check her out. Today is Free for All Friday, so I also wrote a guest post on her site. My post was chuck full of cheesy goodness...but alas, a lot of fun. It's pretty cool....go check us both out! *winks*

So...what is your favorite link on your blogroll? Who is your MUST READ of the list? Just figured I might want to visit some of the people that knock your socks, share away!!!

P.S. I also just won 100 Mystery Credits over at Blog Explosion. whoo hoo!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Theatre Thursday Week 23

You guessed it, it's time for Theatre Thursday. Here goes!

Week 23 - Scary movies.

It's that scary time of year again. Halloween. With that in mind...

1) What's your favorite scary movie?

Well, that's an easy one. My favorite scary movie...which is just terrifying every time I watch is Stephen King's It. That movie makes me scream in terror...and leaves me looking in drains, behind doors and wondering about every clown I see. Oh yeah, did I mention that I also have an irrational fear of clowns. *shudders* They are just evil! EVIL!!

2) Are you more into the lame scary movies that make you laugh, or the straight up - scare the bejesus out of you - scary movies?
I think both have their value, but if I was to pick would be the straight up - scare the bejesus out of you movie. Those are the movies that stay with you.... But in the favorite scary movie is an intellectually scary that gets inside your head. It's not about the gore it shows you...but what horrific things it makes you even consider. *shudders*

3) Scary movies - best viewed alone? Or with a crowd?
In a crowd...sometimes it is embarassing...when you jump out of your seat, etc...but that is what makes them so much fun.

BONUS) You've parked your behind on the couch for a marathon of scary movies. What 5 scary movies are on your list?
I don't watch a lot of scary movies, but these would be my picks.
1. Nightmare on Elmstreet I: It's the original and has the very hot Johnny Depp.
2. It: See description above.
3. The Vanishing: This is a classic example of that intellectual thriller. This movie terrifies me every time I see...mainly because it gets in my head. Plus...Kiefer is in it. Nuff said.
4. Silence of The Lambs: Do I need to even explain?
5. Se7en: This one also messed with me mentally and emotionally. I personally think Kevin Spacey is uber creepy.

Those are my picks...what are yours???

blog madness

I am going to update my blogroll sometime today. I have been reading a lot of new sites thanks to Blog Explosion....and I think I have found a few gems.

If anyone surfs in and wants to be on my blogroll...leave me a comment, send me an email...and pimp yourself out to me! Pimping will do wonders! *winks*

hee, doesn't take much to amuse me!

Deann had this little quiz over at her place and I thought it was hilarious, so here are my results.

You are Inspiration Soup!! You live to Inspire
those around you with your green beany, white
chunky, red soupy goodness. Many have come and
lit candles in your honor. You've inspired
them to become better people. Thank you,
Inspiration Soup... thank you.

What Weight Watchers recipe card from 1974 are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

*giggles* The fact that these Weight Watchers cards actually existed...makes me giggle. The pictures and the decorations turn the giggle into a full fledge laugh. And the descriptions of these delish numbers...make me roll on the floor laughing my little ass off!

It's just too much...hee, hee

P.S. Those candles are just SCARY...

Can't he be President again? Please???

"If one candidate is trying to scare you and the other is trying to get you to think, if one candidate is appealing to your fears and the other one is appealing to your hopes, you better vote for the one who wants you to think and hope."

-Bill Clinton

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What curse?

It's official. I am officially the Boston Red Sox anti-curse. I expect The Red Sox to release a statement confirming this at any moment!

It's so excited...and I am so proud of those Boston boys. The Boston Red Sox have won 8 games straight. That's just freakin' unheard of!

Derek Lowe is still hotter than words. I wanna take him home...and have my way with him. We'd have cute little red headed babies! What a doll! hummina...

What I found amazing...on both nights in St. Louis is that numerous times all you could hear from the crowd were Boston fans cheering, "Let's Go Red Sox." Boston started each game so quickly...and that really took the fans out of the game. Plus, the pitching by Boston was amazing....they never really allowed St. Louis and their fans to get in the game.

Congrats go out to the Sox...and all those Sox fans. This win is so deserved. It's been 31,458 days since Boston won a World Series!!!

I might just be a baseball fan...these Red Sox really got to me.



And a more coherent post is on the way.....


So, I saw this at another site...and I can't find where, so sorry to whoever for not giving credit.

Here is an article about the newest decision by GWB and Co.

Bush website blocked outside US

I don't know if this is true or not. Someone outside the US..try it and let me know.

But let's assume it is true. What are Bush and Co. afraid of? Why would they make a decision that not letting any international person access the site a good thing?

I am sorry, but it just seems like someone who has something to hide. And yep, the whole idea of it...just pisses me off. It reminds me that as far as Bush is concerned...some people are just not welcome.

Get Out The Vote

So...with the election a little less than a week away...and it seems like everyone under the sun is blogging about political things (which I don't think is a bad thing, by the way).

Here is my question....and answer honestly, please!

So, with any election year...there is a constant press to get people to register to vote and then to vote. There are organizations all over the place...from both political parties who proclaim they want everyone to register to vote. Now, I think these organizations are great...because I long for a system where all of our people vote, but I also think that sometimes they are more pandering than not.

What do I mean...well...

What would you prefer? Would you prefer to have as many people vote as possible and have your candidate lose? Or would you prefer to have a smaller number of people to vote and your candidate win? Which would you choose?

I hear people say all the time that they want everyone to vote and they don't care who they vote for. And you know what...nice, valiant effort...but I don't believe them. I think they want as many people who agree with their platform or agenda to vote...and in all honesty, as few people who disagree with them too.

I have felt that too. I do hope for a day where a majority of our people we can see a true consensus of what our nations wants. But, I also know that I am excited and a tiny bit comforted that more young people have registered to vote this election than in any other election. Why? Because statistically young voters are more likely to vote democratic. I am excited that there are a larger number of people have registered to vote for the first time in this election than any other election. Why? Because in terms of voting behavior...those who chose not to register in previous elections and change their mind to register...are much more likely to register to make a vote of change against the current system.

So...answer the above question in the comments. Answer your bold and honest answer...and not the obviously politically correct one. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Whoo hoo for the Red Sox! They are now up 3-0...and need just one more win to be the winners of the World Series. If that isn't irony, I don't know what is...

You know, when this game started...I had a bad feeling...but Boston delivered and have now won 7 games straight. So far, I have never watched a Boston game that they have lost. Pretty sweet, eh?

I think the Red Sox is an amazing ball club...and an amazing story. And you know what I noticed....something I have said before. The Boston team and fans...have faith and belief that seems to bring them to amazing situations. I noticed watching the fans tonight in St. the game was slipping away. You could see it with the fans and with the players...a sense of them knowing that the game was out of their reach. I isn't a criticism..since it is such a natural thing. I can remember being an athlete in competition...and feeling the loss coming...and sometimes you accept the loss before the game is over.

It's what I love about Boston. They don't do that. They keep plugging away...keep hoping. The signs and chants saying "Keep The Faith" and "I Believe"...I truly believe aren't just words. Boston doesn't give up til the game is over.

One more game more game! Then, I can with complete certainty call myself the anti-curse. *snickers*

What was Benji thinkin?

Ok, it's obvious...that I think Affleck is the bees knees. I think he's talented, funny and adorable. But...that doesn't mean I don't also think he is an idiot from time to time..especially when it comes to that balancing act of his personal life.

So, like all the other millions who watched the Red Sox game on Saturday...we saw that Affleck was in attendance. Is that a surprise? Nope. But, what is a questionable move was bringing his date...the very beautiful Jennifer Garner.

I think Ben is cute as a button. I think Jennifer is cute as a button. I think as a couple...they are a whole bag of cute as can be buttons. But lord...come on Affleck, what are you thinking?

You complained and bitched about having your private life becoming the focus of paparazzi and shows like Entertainment Tonight. There are rumblings about the fact that you may be starting a relationship with Garner...aka Bennifer The Sequel. So, both of your reps deny the relationship or make no comment.

And how do you respond? You show up at the game together and snuggle during the cold Boston evening. Dude...if you want your relationship to be on the down low...don't go on dates that will get national TV coverage. I gotta think you are smarter than that!

I think Kevin Smith said it best...gotta love him:

"Very subtle ... Excellent way to go undetected," Ben's pal, Kevin Smith, joked to Entertainment Tonight.

*sighs* Affleck...I lova ya, but sometimes you are just a dumb shmuck!


I decided not to do TV Tuesday this week. I am not a fan of animal shows, so I think it would be a pretty boring entry. So, instead...I decided to post this little quiz...since it's cute and why the heck not.

You're taffy!! You're a clever and kind person,
but you tend to hold grudges. You are not big
on dishing out forgiveness.

Which kind of candy are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I found this little quiz over at Brandie's. It's how it is kind of accurate. I believe I am clever and the most modest way possible. But, I do hold grudges...I am someone who doesn't react well to feeling betrayed or hurt. Forgiveness is something I will do...but not easily. Plus, taffy is yummy!

What kind of candy are you? I am just dying to know...and of course, if you don't do the quiz, it is obvious that I will never forgive you! *winks*

Monday, October 25, 2004

Mystery Movie Review!

Well...after a few guesses...Barry finally got it right. Well, almost right. Gushing and drooling...I say no. Admiring from afar? Oh hell yes. Swooning...maybe. Humminaing...for sure.

Yes, the film I ventured out to see was indeed Surviving Christmas starring Ben Affleck (hummina), James Gandolfini, Christina Applegate and various others. It's mainly a clip about Affleck's character...who desperately doesn't want to be alone on Christmas, so he goes to his childhood home and pays the family there to be his "fake" family for the holidays. And from there...chaos ensues.

Yes, the film seems formula driven at points. You walk in the theatre knowing how the movie is going to end. It's not one that surprises you much. But, I think that is a given in many, many romantic comedies these days. I did think some jokes were heavy handed and forced, but I saw that as a flaw in the writing...and not much in the acting. I thought parts of the film were hilarious. I laughed for about a minute at one joke...and was happy to see it wasn't ruined by being in the trailer. It's one of my main complaints of comedies these days...all the great jokes we can see at home by watching the trailer.

I don't think this movie is going to do well in theatres. In fact, it already isn't. I think it has a couple things going against it. It's a Christmas movie coming out before Halloween. I think that was a huge mistake. It didn't do too well in the first week...and not sure it will pick up from there. It's no wonder that The Grudge was the top grossing film this weekend...since audience are more likely in the mood for scary than caroling. And secondly...even though I have mad love for him...there is quite the Affleck backlash these days. People will dislike it just because he is in it.

Overall.....I liked the all it's cheesy poof wonder. It's cute, it's's the movie I expected to see when I walked in the door. Plus...yep, Affleck wasn't bad to look at for an hour and a half.

And...I thought he had one absolutely magical scene in the movie. His character spends much of the movie not talking about his real family...diverting the attention when asked, etc. But when he finally talks about his family...I thought Affleck brought something amazing to that scene. I noticed myself stopping and really listening...instead of waiting for the next joke. That scene made the movie for made it sparkle and feel a smidge less cookie cutter. It really spoke to me.

In the end, I recommend it. I thought it was charming, sweet, funny with a crude edge.... I think it's a shame that the movie couldn't have been released in November...when an audience really wants to see a movie full of christmas trees and sled rides.

movies, shmovies...

I went to the movies this weekend. You know, in an actual theatre.

I usually NEVER do that. I find it hard to justify spending all that money to go see a movie in the theatre...when you could wait, rent the DVD for half the price and get all these extra features.

So, it is rare when I venture out and actually see a film. Of course, if I do go...I always, always go to a matinee. $6 is bad enough, but close to $9 is just horrific!

The question is:

What movie did I go see? Think about shouldn't be all that hard to venture a guess. Leave your guesses in my comments...and I will come back and review the movie once someone gets it right!

Guess early. Guess often.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Let's Go Red Sox!

phew...another great game...well, if you are a Red Sox fan! Two down...two more to go!

First of all, James Taylor singing the national anthem was just awesome. It's one of the best versions I have ever heard...and so classic James Taylor.

Curt Shilling is a god of pitching! He is just amazing...and seems to have the drive and determination...that should be admired. He was hurt and in pain, but he made St. Louis suffer because of it!

The game was just awesome.....awesome! And...I am still the self-proclaimed ANTI-CURSE!

You know...I am such a sports junkie. I get so into it. I have been a rabid basketball fan...both NBA and NCAA...forever. And as with most fans...when the game is on the line and I REALLY care who wins...watching the game is actually not enjoyabole at all. It's close to torture. If the team I am rooting for is ahead...I want the clock to speed up and the game to be over. If the team I want to win is losing, I want the clock to slow down...and give my team just one more chance.

Once the game is over...I feel great, but during it...I feel quite misreable. And of course...I stated above, that my actions can help or hinder the team. Tonight I started shaking my remote so it made a clicking noise...that went along with the Boston chants...and things seemed to go our way. And yep, I some unrational way, that it works. I believe enough to not even change jinxing it!

I know...I am insane...but then again, what true sports fan isn't!


Let's Go Sox!!!

P.S. Sorry Sharon...well, in reality...I'm not that sorry! Love ya anyways!

random pondering....

So, I was just thinking to myself...where would I go if I could go anywhere? Price is not an option.

So, instead of answering myself...I thought I would ask all y'all. Where would ya go? Why? What would the trip be like?

And for those surfing in using Blog Explosion...feel free to jump in and comment. I promise to be nice...and not bite...unless that is what you are into! *winks*

Oh...and those brown nosing votes saying, "I would go anywhere Shelley is..." It's a valiant effort, but alas...not acceptable! hee, hee...

Where would ya go? Ya know you wanna tell me...

whoo hoo!

Who knows...I might turn out to a baseball fan when all is said and done.

Go Red Sox! 1 game down...3 more to go. And they won...while not playing all that great of a game.

I still believe I am the Red Sox anti-curse. Every game I have watched...they have won. The Red Sox should have been recruiting me years ago!

These me a massive heart attack, but's a great feeling to have when watching sports.

Now I am off to watch more South Park.

P.S. Yes, Affleck was at the game...and looking all fine and pretty too. *sighs* *giggles like a 7th grader*

Saturday, October 23, 2004


I saw this quiz over at Gina's...and thought it was cute. I used to drink Jones soda all the time, so I thought...why not:

Your outgoing and you dont care what anyone thinks.
You have a bubbly sense of humor that no one
can get enough of.

brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, October 22, 2004

South Park Marathon

There is a South Park Marathon on this weekend on Comedy Central. I love South Park. It's completely politically incorrect...and that makes it hilarious.

It will be on each night after 9pm. I don't think I have watched an episode of South Park without laughing my ass off. Cartman just slays me man...slays me! I used to have my computer set that all the noises it made were from South Park. Everytime my comp shut down, Cartman would sing, "In the ghetto..." *giggles*

Check it out...and chuckle...


"Ok, that does it...screw you guys, I am going home!"

Thursday, October 21, 2004

who am I voting for???

I saw this over at Gina's I thought, why not...and took the quiz myself. We all know who I am voting for...but this site asks me questions on the issues in this election and tells you who you SHOULD vote for...given your answers.

Here are the results:

You preferred Kerry's statements 78% of the time
You preferred Bush's statements 22% of the time

Voting purely on the issues you should vote Kerry

Who would you vote for if you voted on the issues?

Find out now!

Take the little quiz yourself. You know you want to! Just do it...and then, tell me what results you got in the comments! *winks*

P.S. Don't forget to vote on Nov. 2nd!!!

Theatre Thursday Week 22

It's it time for a little Theatre Thursday action. Here goes!

Week 22 - The President of the United States

Well, the US presidential election is almost here. Through cinematic history, there've been a number of movies where the POTUS has been a major or featured character - The American President, Air Force One, Independence Day, just to name a few recent ones.

1) Which fictional movie president would you most like to see sitting in the White House?
Well, I think the President in Independence Day. He was heartfelt and heroic....and he also was willing to make whatever sacrifices in order to keep not only the country, but the nation safe. Every time I hear Bill Pullman's speech as President in the movie...I get quite moved.

"We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!"

2) Do you think the movies accurately portray the circumstances surrounding the life of the US President?
No, not at all. I think that they show caricatures of what it might be to be President, but it shows major exaggerations. It shows the President as either a walking hero....or as the devil himself. One time, I thought they actually might show the shades of grey and how conflicted each decision might be for the President was in The Sum of All Fears. It showed how every decision needs to be the right one and how much pressure there is on the position. Yes, it's an Affleck movie...get off my back people! *giggles*

3) A number of TV shows recently have featured the POTUS as a main character (The West Wing, 24). Would you accept any of them as the real US President?
I don't watch The West Wing...even though I have been told I should. I imagine that Martin Sheen is a President I would respect...just because I respect Sheen so much and I can't imagine him playing a political icon in any other manner. But, I do know a lot about President David Palmer. I have often said...I long for a President like David Palmer. He is flawed, but he is honorable. He said that if the President didn't trust the American people with the truth, he didn't deserve to be President. Of course, in the history of 24...we also see Palmer's demise. I have often said that Palmer's honor and virture are tainted by the political process. Only those who can play the game survive. So, souls like reality, don't have a chance in our current political system. Sad, but true. I still long for a President with the virtue of a David Palmer though...

BONUS) What actor (or actress!) would you like to get the chance to play a US President on screen?
I would like to see someone like Denzel Washington playing the President. And I would love to see a woman playing President...but it just seems like the nation isn't even able to see a woman make believe.

I don't like baseball...

But I sure do seem to be loving the Red Sox!

I am so taken in by the sheer will and dedication of those come from 0-3 and take the series. It really was exciting to watch.

And cause I always bring it back to who is hot...I have to say, the starting pitcher tonight, Derek Lowe, is quite hot. hummina! I know he won't be with the Red Sox next, I will sure miss his yummy hotness!

Who knows...these Red Sox may get me to truly appreciate baseball as a sport in the end. They sure are keeping me interested. I want Boston to win the World Series. One, cause I think the team has spirit and spunk. And two, cause then people would stop talking about this curse. Go Boston!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Biggest Loser *grumbles*

OK, I have a complaint...not a huge complaint, but a complaint none the less. Reality TV is everywhere...and sometimes I have crap taste in TV and I watch it.

So, last night was the premiere of the newest reality TV show, "The Biggest Loser" on NBC. It is a show with 12 people who desperately want to lose weight. They are put on two different teams, they meet with a trainer and have challenges. At the end of each week, each team weighs in and the team with the lowest amount of weight loss will have to vote off a team member.

First of all...let's mention what I like about this show. There are a couple of things. One, unlike the other shows...people are changing their bodies and looks through diet and exercise...not through plastic surgery. Shows like Extreme Makeover make me ill...and at least this show isn't one of them. Two, it shows an example of diet and exercise and how hard it can be. It also shows just how driven those who are fat can be...instead of that lazy stereotype that is out there.

But, I have issues with this show and they are as follows:

1. At the end of the first week...the weigh ins were concerning to me. People seemed to be losing WAY too much weight. Someone lost 20 pounds in one week. The person who lost the least...lost 3 pounds. First of all, it is impossible to lose 20 pounds of fat in one week...and it really is unhealthy. If that much weight is lost, only a small amount of it is actually fat. It means that person lost a lot of water weight...and most likely muscle mass. Is that better to lose a bunch of long as you win? Two...the people who lost close to a healthy amount of weight...were made to feel like failures. The girl who was voted off...she lost SIX pounds in one week. Another girl only lost 3 pounds, but that was the only person who lost weight in the healthy range. I know that people lose more in the first weeks of a program, but I will be interested and concerned to see if the amount of weight loss continues at this level. I don't like the image that it is sending to the millions of americans out there who are trying to lose weight...sending the image that you are a failure unless you lose 10+ pounds in your first week. Ugh.

2. My second issue is about voting people off. Why do it? It seems to directly contradict the point of this show...helping people learn how to live a more healthy lifestyle. The person voted off only got one week of that lesson. Yes, this is a contest...and only one person can win the $250,000...but there could be better ways. I wish that they allowed all 12 people to stay the whole time...and to make the changes that they wanted to. They could have the audience vote for who they think deserves the reward at the end, etc. It disappoints me...and let's me know it is more about reality tv drama than actually helping people with their weight related issues.

So, I am not overly impressed with this show. I might keep watching...mainly out of general and gross curiousity. I have issues with it...the message it is sending and how it is willing to use people desperate to make changes in their life as pawns in their reality series.

Anyone else see it??? Am I completely off base here?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

cnn vs. jon stewart

So, what do people think of the battle between CNN's Crossfire and Jon Stewart of the Daily Show? It seems like the Friday Crossfire show on CNN...ended up in a fight, where Carlson and Stewart were verbally bitch slapping one another.

Here are a couple of articles about it. Article 1. Article 2.

And here is a transcript of Stewart's appearance on Crossfire.

I am probably biased here...but lordie, I adore Jon Stewart. He's gutsy and opinionated....and he is willing to call a spade a spade, no matter what the consequences. I found it funny that Crossfire was trying to compare itself and its integrity with The Daily Show...a show that proudly calls itself the "fake news."

All Carlson said...over and over that he wanted Stewart to stop being serious and to start being funny. Well, yes...Stewart is a funny guy, but he is also one hell of a smart man...who has a right to be critical of the media distortions when it comes to politics.

Read the is interesting. And what really tells me what is important to that he spoke his mind and ignored promoting his book. He wasn't there to get as many people to buy his book as possible...instead he wanted to talk about a broken system. Read it...every time they try to bring up the book, Stewart isn't playing ball. He came there on a that Crossfire just didn't expect.

I was proud of what Stewart said...because much like him, I am sick to death of both sides just sparring at one another and living in their land of denial...aka...spin alley.

What do y'all think?

TV Tuesday Week 28

It's, what does that mean? It's time for TV Tuesday! It's know you want to play, so get to it!

Week 28 - Home Shows

We've been doing a lot of redecorating around our home lately and checking out some of the home decorating shows, I'd never really watched them before but have found a few kind of interesting so this week Home shows are in the spotlight!

1. Do you watch home shows regularly? If so, which ones?

I used to avoid know, with the Bob Vila "This Old House" shows, but with the new, updated version...I tend to watch. I am addicted to Trading Spaces. Pretty much the minute after I get a home...I am applying to be on that show. I think it is well as learning some home improvement tricks. I love it, love it, love it! I also watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition from time to time...but I am not nearly as loyal as I am to Trading Spaces. But, I do watch...cause it is fun and well, Ty is hot!

2. Have you ever followed a tip that you learned from a home show or TV?
Umm, I don't think I have, but I have written down little tips that I thought were cool, so I could use them later.

3. What is the best (worst,stupidest,coolest...) thing you've ever seen on a home show?
Well, the short answer is Hildi from Trading Spaces. The woman just does some ugly and stupid things. She glued hay to the wall in one episode. Eww and messy. She painted a couch pink in one episode...and not with fabric paint either, but with the paint you throw up on the wall. She spray painted a stove once...and it did not go well. I think Hildi doesn't always think about the room in a practical how it will be used. And, often...I find her designs to just be ugly....fugly ugly!

~Bonus~ If your home had it's own show what would it be called? Why?
I would call it "Shelley Simple Solutions." It would be a show about easy solutions to problems around the house.

Monday, October 18, 2004

the curse?

I was watching baseball again....those pesky Red Sox have kept me interested.

I still think baseball in boring, but I am sucked in to this underdog story a la Red Sox. The show went to 14 innings....14 people!

And of course...watching and rooting for the Red just one more reason for Affleck to love me! *giggles*

And now...there is a story about the Red Sox on The Daily Show. Hmm...I think the Red Sox are stalking me!

Monday ramblings.....

I didn't do a hell of a lot this weekend...I finished getting over a cold that left me coughing for much of the week. As a consequence...I wasn't able to go to a dear friend's wedding. I was really sad about that because I wasn't able to be there for her on that day...and I was really looking forward to it. If I could have, I would have been there. However, I also breathed a slight, slight sense of relief. I am not handling not being employed all that well lately...or the fact that I am going to be doing retail for a while until I find the social work job that I want. So, I wasn't looking forward to telling person after person that I don't have a job when they ask the first question that everyone asks..."So, what do you do?" I still wish I could have been there...but alas, I am thankful I don't have to explain my unemployment status to a mass of strangers as well.

And now to a new subject....

I haven't posted politically in a few days. I didn't post my usual comments after the last presidential election...mainly because not much has changed in my mind. I feel that Kerry is the person for the job...even though I fear more each day that he is not going to win this election. Here is an article about Bush and Kerry...and their differing ideas on healthcare in the United States. Issues like this...will forever link me with people like John Kerry. He sees the value in insuring that the people of the United States are healthy...and how if that isn't done, it doesn't just hurt that hurts the nation. It's not about a's about defining what should be a right in this country, not a priviledge. I am not a huge fan of big government...since I have seen that kind of system being broken over and over again, but it isn't black and white. If something is going to strengthen our people and our country, than I think we need to look at its merits and not just dismiss it as big government.

And alas...another new subject:

I am not a fan of baseball. I don't tend to watch person, let alone on TV. But, I did catch the final 5 innings or so of the Yankees/Red Sox game last night. I will say, it was exciting to watch. It was exciting to see a team come from behind and be on the verge of victory. But, in was most exciting to watch the fans...who were desperately holding on to the chance that their team might pull it out. It was really amazing to watch. I am not a baseball fan, but I do think that the Red Sox might have the best fans in the world....yes, even Ben Affleck! lol

And my final subject for this ever so lengthy post:

Matt found this new feature...well, his girlfriend actually found it...where you could install something on the blogger template in order to make extended entries. I added the feature to my site over the weekend, but then I ended up taking it off. Like this entry, I tend to write wordy entries...and I think it can be overwhelming for some people...especially if they don't care about what I am writing about (aka politics). But, the feature isn't something you can select for only certain is either all or none. And...after I edited some entries...I decided I didn't like the look of my site all chopped up. I am still not sure...I am debating putting it back up....who knows? I guess right now...I am leaving it the way it is...and figure that if people don't like my wordy nature, then they might not stick around anyways.

Ok, I think that is least for now! Hope everyone had a nice weekend and is having a smashing Monday!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

gimme a word...

So, Mikey made this little meme over at his, I thought...what the heck, I'll play along.

Here goes:

1. Jodie Foster: Reagan getting shot
2. Ben Affleck: hummina!
3. Farrah Fawcett (Majors): hair
4. David Hasselhoff: German SUPERSTAR!
5. Lindsey Lohan: cute, but not as cute as she thinks she is!
6. David Caruso: creepy, but still attractive
7. Salma Hayek: must hate her...she did date Norton and all.
8. Russell Crowe: bad bad boy!
9. Christina Ricci: weird, but a hottie!
10. Keanu Reeves: He may be buff and hot, but he will always be Ted of Bill and Ted...Dude!

Friday, October 15, 2004

pocket aces

So, I have become completely obsessed with Online Poker. It is pretty much the only game I have been playing lately....

And if I don't say so myself, I am pretty darn good at it!

Friday Feast 10/15

It's Friday and I am going to get one of these things done on the right get ready to enjoy this week's Friday Feast!

Feast Twenty-One


What is your favorite beverage?
My favorite beverage...hmm, I think the answer to that is diet coke with a slice of lemon in it. It's yummy and calorie free.

Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.
My desk...well other than the obvious computer, there are a stack of DVDs, some bills and statements and a cup full of pens and pencils.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?
Well, I used to not tell the truth at all. I was too concerned with being nice and liked, so I would bend the truth....but, well...I grew out of that. I tell it like it is...I tell people my feelings and thoughts. I think there is something quite gracious about telling the truth, even if it may be hurtful. Sometimes the hard truth...brings people to a place where you could be without it. So, I look for compassion, but I don't hide the truth. I would say I am a 9.

Main Course
If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?
Oh, I have no idea. Really...I don't.

What stresses you out? What calms you down?
A lot of things stress me out. Dishonesty stresses me out. Those without compassion stresses me out. And to be obvious, stress stresses me out. You know, I am one of them gems...that worries about worrying.
What calms me? Laughing. My friends. Curling up with a good book. Working out. Living life.

There, I am go play yourself! *winks*

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Theatre Thursday Week 21

I got to TV Tuesday late...and I am barely getting Theatre Thursday in on time, but read away and enjoy!

Week 21 - Movie-Going Habits

So you're going to the movies. We know all about which ones you like, which ones you don't like, your criticisms, your raves, your rants....

Eh. Let's get to the real stuff. What are your movie-going habits?

1) Do you go to the movies alone or with friends/family? Do you know exactly what movie you're going to see before you get there, or do you stand for 30 minutes outside the box office trying to decide between Pauly Shore and Meryl Streep?
Well, I am all over the board when it comes to going to the movies. I most often go with friends or family, but I also have been known to go to the movies by myself. It's an interesting experience to be in a huge essence all by yourself. I always know what film I am going to see before I go...and I usually always go to the matinee. Why spend 3 more bucks on a movie by seeing it at night?

2) When you go to the movies, do you usually buy:
a) Popcorn? What do you put on it? Yes, a small one...with butter and a little salt.
b) Cokes? What's your favorite? A diet coke or water.
c) Candy? What gets stuck most in your teeth? I don't buy candy there...if I buy candy, I get it somewhere else and sneak it in.
d) Other (hot dog, nachos, sushi)? Nope, I find it disturbing that they sell things like hotdogs or nachos at the movies.

3) Do you like it loud and raucous in the theatre, or do you immediately stuff crying babies in the nearest waste can? Do you talk back to the screen and interact with the movie, or do you sink way down in your seat and just experience it?
Well, I like a mix of the both...I like a movie audience that reacts to the film, but when the noise is not about the film, that is when I get annoyed. Children talking and running around (unless it is a kid's movie), cell phones ringing, talking about anything other than the movie...I feel you should be shot for that...or at least removed from the theatre.

BONUS) What's your favorite, most memorable movie-going experience? What experience almost (or maybe did) make you vow never to darken the door of a cineplex again?
My favorite movie memories...have always been going to the drive in. I love the idea of everyone jumping into the car and going to the drive in. The atmosphere...having to swat away misquitoes while watching the film. It always seemed like a great mix between a movie and a rock concert to me.

Remember, silence all cell phones, pagers, and electronic devices while answering this quiz. And NO SMOKING!!! (water gun effect)

Hope you all enjoyed Theatre Thursday....and go do it yourself, even if it isn't Thursday anymore!

TV Tuesday Week 27

Yes, I's Thursday, but alas...on Tuesday, I wasn't able to get TV Tuesday done. First...I have been sickly...and two, my computer was sickly...being overrun by spyware.

So, even though it's Thursday...enjoy TV Tuesday anyways!

Week 27 - New Seasons

It's officially fall and most of the new shows and new seasons have started, let's talk!!

1. Is there a new show that's caught your attention? Good or bad?
The show that has really caught my attention in a good way is Lost. I love this show. It isn't a surprise to me...since I usually love all things JJ Abrams. I think he makes amazing television shows...great character development, great action, tension filled drama, etc. So, I am completely hooked on Lost.

2. Were there any season premieres you were just dying to see? Did they live up to the wait?
Well, unfortunately...I am still waiting. I am anxiously awaiting for the premieres of Alias and 24. They are my must see tv shows...and I can't believe I have to wait until January. Oh yeah...and there is Joey. I wondered if it would live up to Friends...and it isn't perfect, but so good.

3. What's your all time favorite season or show premiere?
I have two...and both are second season premieres. First is the second season premiere of Felicity. I can remember being so intrigued by that show...and wondering all hiatus long whether Felicity chose Ben or Noel. I thought the second season's premiere just had an amazing catch...kept the audience riveted with the cliffhanger from season one. I will have to re-rent that season to watch that episode. My second fav premiere was the second season of 24. I loved that episode...where it showed a broken down Jack Bauer. I loved the way that the show brought you right into the depressing and strength of his character. To me, it was one of the best hours of television ever.

~Bonus~ Did you ever end up liking a show that you disliked the premiere of? Which show? Why?
Usually no..since I tend to write off a show rather quickly, but recently...I have. When I first saw Rescue Me, I loathed it..even called it the worst show ever! I thought the talking to dead firefighters was pandering and too much...I thought it was cheesy and not what I was expecting from a Denis Leary show. But, I have since watched some other episodes...and it is growing on me. The show is funny...and reminding me of a Leary comedy. There is much less talking to dead, I am now...almost a fan.

Better late than never, eh?

what if god was one of us??

I rented a bunch of movies this week...I have been home sick for much of the week, so I have enjoyed sitting on my duff and coughing through a number of films. *coughs* *coughs*

But the one film I really want to write about is Saved! Heather wrote about it in her blog and had some really insightful thoughts. But you see, Heather has much more faith and religion than I my thoughts about the movie are in many ways quite similar and in many ways very different.

In a nutshell, the film is about a girl named Mary who believes that Jesus told her that to save her boyfriend from the plight of being gay, she must sleep with him in order to show him the way of heterosexuality. Mary is a devote Christian and is a member of heavily religious girls at school...who see the work of Jesus in everything. Well, Mary's plan...umm, has some flaws...mainly being when she becomes pregnant and then becomes ostracized by her school and her friends.

When I was done watching the film, I thought a lot about Dogma....which got a lot of the same attention. Dogma was seen by many as anti-religion and blaspemy. It was seen as a picture that mocked the Catholic religion and people's faith. It was widely protested...and even got an official mention of its evilness from the Catholic Church. And yep, by the is my favorite Kevin Smith film.

Saved! is very much cut from the same skirt...people say that it is anti-religion and that the whole movie is a sin. People have said that anyone who respects religion and god....should not even see the film.

Is there a mocking tone in both of these films? Sure there is. Do they make jokes at the expense of religion and some of its followers? Sure thing. But, I think that a difference that is clear to me...and I wish was universally that it is not religion being mocked, but the zealots. The films both take a hard look at those fundamentalists...who take something as beautiful as faith and turn it into something dark and judgemental. The films take a hard knock at those who take an idea like faith and pervert it...many with good something that falls away from many of Jesus' own teachings. They openly mock an idea of turning God and religion into some sort of mind control to get people to behave in a manner in which you would like. That is the area and scope of religion that these movies attack....

So, does that make movies like Dogma and Saved! anti-religious? In my These movies teach us a lesson...that religion is not a cookie cutter business. These movies teach us about how different faith can be...and how beautiful that is. It teaches us that God's work can be done in a variety of ways. The films show that faith surrounds us all...not just those who play "by the rules"....and that God is all knowing and all forgiving.

In each of these films, the person who was tested...and yes, strayed away from the traditional teachings of God...walked away more confirmed in their faith. In the end of Dogma....after so much destruction and pain, God appears and brings peace to Earth. She sees the good in those around forgiveness....and also fixes the ailments she sees. And in the end, Bethany...who was questioning if God even existed in the beginning of the left in her own words with an "overabundance of faith."

And in Saved! is much the same. Mary was blindly following God in the beginning of the film...and would do whatever she felt Jesus or his followers told her to do. Through the film, she grew to speak her own voice and to find a sense of faith within that. In the end of the film, her character as well...talks about how now she knows that Jesus exists...and she sees it in the people around her...the compassion and the struggle.

Movies like this...have the reverse effect on me than the church thinks. They increase my faith. They remind me that I need to look for faith outside the cookie cutter molds of many of the churches...and that faith resides in us all.

I highly recommend seeing the film...even and especially if your church tells you that you might go to hell for seeing it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

mother trucker.....

So, I was surfing the net a couple of days ago and clicked onto some shmuck's political blog.

Guess what? A trojan virus warning pops up...and I clean it off, but guess what...this nasty spyware got installed on my computer. It was installing toolbars left and right on my browser. And, it was also linking words on webpages I was looking at and redirecting me to other sites, etc.

It was so annoying. And what bugs me most, is just how difficult it is to get rid of spyware. You can't just delete it. I had to run my computer is safe mode to get it off....because it installs itself so that you can't delete it using windows. *grumbles*

Damn spyware mother truckers....

Monday, October 11, 2004

He truly is a super man....

Christopher Reeve died last night at the age of 52 from a heart attack. My heart sank when I read it this morning when I logged on the net. It saddens me.....on many levels. Chris, as everyone knows, was paralyzed in 1995 after a horse back riding accident. Since then, he has fought with everything in him to bring more attention to stem cell research, in hope of helping people like himself.

I am saddened because Chris died...and he is someone I watched growing up, as a larger than life superhero. I am saddened because Chris was strickened with such a burden after his accident, but he chose to continue the fight instead of just wallowing in himself. I am saddened most of all though...because of the loss of hope that I feel. When we saw Chris talking about research and about the future, we hung onto the hope that science would find him in time...and that he might just walk again, or be able to speak without the help of a machine. Chris talked with such hope...about the day he would walk. He talked about it with such wasn't an if, but a when. He believed that science could heal, if only it was given the chance.

I will admit, I am also angry. I am angry that we live in a world where political and PC garbage makes it so that the research that was needed to save the lives of people like Christopher Reeve, was not able to happen. I am angry that science is being halted and that many more like Reeve will die, when there is science that could make a difference. I am angry that it wasn't something people talked about in the global sense, until Christopher was afflicted.

I don't think Christopher Reeve, his illness, nor his death should be used as a political pawn, but I do hope that his passing highlights the issue...and brings about what the limitations are without full and complete stem cell research.

I am deeply saddened that Christopher lost his life...and that his family lost someone very special. I am also deeply saddened that the battle lost a warrior. Chris didn't have to become a warrior, but he chose to. He truly became a superhero in my eyes after 1995, when he took on a battle with all that he had, not just for himself, but for all those who shared his plight.

Rest in Peace...and let's hope the battle continues without homage of you.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Kerry does say things Shelley doesn't like...

Ok, I am not able to keep it short. It's never been one of my skills.

I wanted to respond to something Kerry said that bothered me last night. I knew what he meant, but I hated the way he said it.

"I'm pledging I will not raise taxes; I'm giving a tax cut to the people earning less than $200,000 a year.

Now, for the people earning more than $200,000 a year, you're going to see a rollback to the level we were at with Bill Clinton, when people made a lot of money.

And looking around here, at this group here, I suspect there are only three people here who are going to be affected: the president, me, and, Charlie, I'm sorry, you too."

I didn't like all. I didn't like the way it sounded. I knew what he meant, but hated how he said it. What he said...sounded a lot like, I can tell how much money you all make, by looking at you. It sounded really judgemental...even though it isn't what he meant. What Kerry meant was...that Bush keeps talking about the small business owners who will be effected by Kerry's tax plan for the upper level, etc...and Kerry was trying to say that his plan is not going to negatively effect most of the American people. He is saying that those in america who make over $200,000 a not the majority or American people. But...what he ended up that by looking around the group of people, he can tell that they can't come close to making the type of money that he does. annoyed me. I think he should have rethought that argument...and went at what he was trying to say from another angle.

And...since I am is ONE thing that I didn't like that Bush had to say. Trust me, there is more, but I am highlighting just one:

I don't have an exact quote because he said it a few different times, but I really hate Bush's policies about social service and helping those people in this country. Let's look at his policies concerning health care. He says over and over again...that he can't see how Kerry is going to pay for it. While at the same time, he says he has no problem paying WHATEVER this war will cost because it is necessary. So, the war in Iraq is necessary, but the health and safety of all of our people is NOT necessary.

And I will keep on the health care argument for a little bit. Kerry wants a plan where all those who need or want health care will be able to get it. Bush does not. Bush wants to make sure that medicare is more accessible for seniors and that their prescription drugs are more cost effective. Bush wants to make it so small businesses can come together and get lower cost health care for their employees. Bush seems concerned about health care for the DESERVING...not for everyone. I have no health insurance right now...and have not had health care for a few years. Bush and his plan doesn't really seem concerned about that. Bush doesn't really seem concerned about the low income and impoverished Americans...who have no hope for health care. Bush's plan doesn't seem to care about the cost of prescriptions for those who are not senior citizens.

I am sick of are we going to pay for this when it comes to something that will benefit the lives of the poor and oppressed or that will bring our nation closer to the great place it can be...while at the same time...millions and millions can be spent on a war. It pisses me off....that Bush seems to have such a disdain for domestic issues that are at the heart and core of my life and work.

Because of the war in Iraq, Bush will not get my vote...but more importantly, because of Bush's domestic policy and how it only hopes to help those he considers deserving of his why he would NEVER, EVER get my vote...he doesn't deserve it.

Had to get that off my chest....I should stop saying I will keep things short and that I won't spout off my political beliefs...because that is just a campaign promise I can't keep.

Kerry looking all presidential....

As with the 2 previous debates, I have left pretty lengthy comments about what was said and how I feel about it. I am not going to do that this time. I am going to keep it short. Why? Because you all know how I am voting and why...and I don't feel the need to beat a dead horse about it. I think Kerry is obviously the man for the job...and I am scared for the nation and the world if the election doesn't go our way. Scared...completely terrified.

Here is a transcript of the debate...if you didn't see it and wanna know what all went on. Or, if like watched it, but wanted to read it again.

And here is a poll that MSNBC did online...of who people thought won the debate. It's not scientifically valid...yadda, yadda, yadda.

So, who did I think won? Well...I think Kerry won, only by a smidge. Heather wrote that she thought Kerry won as well and because of how he carried and behaved himself. I agree...I got so annoyed with how Bush pushed what he wanted to happen on the debate. He jumped up for a rebuttle, instead of waiting to see if the moderator was going to ask for one. It really, really got on my nerve. BUT...I don't blame Bush solely for this...I also put a LOT of the blame on Charles Gibson. He needed to let Bush know that he wasn't respecting the rules of the debate. He allowed Bush to push himself all over this debate...and no one even batted an eye to stop him.

I thought it was close to a tie...because both candidates were strong on the issues they believed in, so I think both sides will think they did well. I thought the questions were chosen both support and challenge the candidates. I think Kerry was more polished and more confident, but that might be because I concretely agree and support what he has to say.

Here is another thing that bugged me...after the debate and while watching the coverage. The damn people with the Bush and Kerry signs. They are standing behind whoever is talking...and desperately trying to push their signs in front of the other side's signs. Come on you really think that someone is going to change their vote because you are able to push a Dubya sign in front of a Kerry sign...or vice versa? It's pathetic...and often disrespectful...pushing people's signs out of the way, etc. It just really got under my skin...and both sides were doing it. *grumbles*

Wanna know another thing I don't like...and it is such an indication of the state of politics today. I should just accept it, but I can't help's the spin factor. No matter what happens...neither side can do anything but say that their candidate won the debate forcefully. I would have much more respect if they were honest, while still supporting their candidate. Hillary Clinton said she could not think of any times when Bush was strong on an issue. Bullshit. She just doesn't want to say there were any moments of strength from him... And then Karen Hughes says the same about Kerry...that there were no moments when he was strong. Once again...bullshit. I hate that the process is all about spinning the truth into something that makes your candidate shine. It's about how close you can skirt that line of support of your candidate. *rolls eyes* I hate it....and unfortunately, that's not going to change.

Ok, so I didn't keep it short...but I didn't drone on about what Bush and Kerry said last night. You know who I am voting for and why....and instead, I decided to focus this entry on the process. I thought Kerry did fabulously. He didn't completely dominate Bush...mainly because Bush didn't suck as much as he did last time, but I saw a Presidential John Kerry. He definitely held his own...and with each and every time I see John vote changes from a vote against Bush, his administration and what he has chosen to do with this a vote for John Kerry and his vision of what he would like this country to be.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday Feast 10/8

It's that means it is time for Friday's Feast! Feast it up kids!

Feast Twenty

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend?
Not too much actually. I am going to watch a DVD....Mean Girls. I also plan on going to the Y for my workout class and for a run. I think that's about it. I never said I lived a highly exciting life, now did I?

Who was the last person you talked to on the telephone?
One of my friends from Indiana. I hadn't talked to her in a few months, so that was very nice. She's such a doll and I miss that I don't live 5 minutes away from her anymore.

Name a hobby that you've tried but eventually gave up for some reason.
Well, I started playing the guitar...but didn't follow through with taking actual lessons. I should give that another shot, since I would love to be able to competently play.

Main Course
What is the most important personality quality in a mate?
I was going to say sense of humor...since I can't ever imagine myself with someone who doesn't make me laugh, but I have changed my mind...I think that the MOST important quality is honesty, without it...there is nothing.

Why is the sky blue (be creative with your answer)?
Because I said so and the world concretely revolves around me.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Happy Birthday to the Coug!

Happy Birthday Mellencamp!

When people used to ask me when my birthday was...I always used to respond, "2 days before John Mellencamp's" OK, sometimes I still do say that....with an intense amount of dorky charm.

I adore John Mellencamp. He is my rock god. I have owned every album he has ever put out and wish that he wasn't sulking and would get with releasing some brand spanking new material. He is passionate about the things be believes in...and lets those messages seep right into his music. He is one of the founders of Farm Aid....and believes in saving the American Farmer. He is out campaigning for Kerry and encouraging people to get off their duff and vote in November. He is much more than "Jack and Diane" and "Hurts So Good." I have seen him in concerts more than 10 times...and loved each and every one of them. Some of my best friends are mellenfriends. If all you have heard is his greatest hits...then I think you should venture out into the whole world of Mellencamp. And...he's pretty. hummina, hummina, hummina....

I hope he is enjoying that birthday of his....with that beautiful Victoria Secret model wife of his! *winks*

P.S. I totally took that, first be in awe of Mellencamp and all his yumminess...and secondly, be in awe of my mad picture taking skills.

Theatre Thursday Week 20

Oops...I didn't do Theatre Thursday last week, but since I tend to not be a fan of anything Disney...tis okay. Here is this week's Theatre Thursday though.

Week 20 - Football Films.

Friday Night Lights opens this weekend in theaters. So this week it's all about Football.
Billy Bob Thorton. One word...eww!

1) What's your favorite football movie?
I have said before and I will say again....I am not a fan of football, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good football movie. Well, I have to love the 80s football movies. I can't pick just here are a few of my favs. All The Right Moves with a very young Tom Cruise is an obvious one. He's adorable and has a great backdrop about a small working class family. It's a movie I always watch when it is on cable. And we can't forget Wildcats starring Goldie Hawn. It's spunky and I like that....and also classic 80s. Finally, it's one of my fav 80s flicks and it also surrounds's a little film called Lucas. Corey Haim was so young...and was still during the time when he was naively cute. I guess overall...I like the football films which are more about a challenge and overcoming adversity. That is much more attractive to me than the actual football scenes.

2) Do you think films accurately portray football players?
Nope, I think they are all mostly stereotypes. But then again, the point of films is rarely to be accurate...instead it is to move you with a compelling story. And sometimes...yep, that story takes place on a football field.

3) What football movie was so bad, so far fetched, so poorly acted, or so over dramatized that it was painful to watch?
Two words....Varsity Blues. It was awful...I don't want to even admit that I saw it. Ick.

BONUS) If you were making a football film, what actor would you want to portray your star quarterback? The coach?
Hmm...the star quarterback...maybe Josh Jackson. He's cute as a button...and hasn't done a sporty movie since his Mighty Ducks days. And the's gotta be someone tough, with a soft tender interior...just begging to get out. I would go with Kurt Russell. He was in The Best of Times, but that time he was the star quarterback...this time, he gets to be the coach!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Never met Edwards huh?

Never met him, eh? Another cheap shot and dirty trick from the Bush/Cheney ticket.

And...given Bush's attendance record in the National Guard, who are they to attack anyone else's record???


I am a tad conflicted???

As I said before, I used to have a journal for years over at But then ujournal uped and died...and so I was without a journal. So, I came to the lovely blogger world, which I should have years ago...but I had to start all anew.

Ok, so what am I conflicted about? Well, I am suddenly going to be able to get my ujournal entries back. The guy over at ujournal is sending the database over to the guy who owns which is another journaling site. So, once the database is imported and all set entries will be there for the reading.

My pondering is what I should do with them. Should I just leave them alone as the past? Should I import them into this journal for a more comprenhensive picture of Shelley the blogger? I am just not sure...

What do y'all think I should do?

my veep comments...

It's gonna be long, so prepare yourself. And it is probably going to be partisan too. Consider yourself warned!

So, the VP debate was last night...and of course, I have some comments. I didn't think either candidate really WON the debate. I was hoping Edwards was going to bait Cheney into telling him to "go fuck himself" but I was denied on seeing that. I thought both candidates did well, but neither had the knock out punch that I was looking for. MSNBC does have a poll up, which says that Edwards won the debate, but well...I don't think Edwards ran away with it. Keith Olbermann who has his own snazzy show on MSNBC wrote a pretty comical commentary on the debate, which he also put Edwards ahead on...but read it, just for the laughs.

Here is a transcript of the debate, just in case you didn't get a chance to see it.

Gwen Ifill: The most entertaining moderator. I like this woman. She took her job seriously, but not too seriously. I loved her side comments and how she was able to make light at how assinine this whole process is at times. But..she kept not knowing whose turn it was to lead a question or who got to respond. I don't know if she just got caught up in what was going on, but it was kind of off putting. She made me laugh though...and that made me like her!

Edwards coming out strong on Iraq. I was impressed with how quickly Edwards came out and called the current administration on not being completely honest or sugar coating the case in Iraq. I thought it was a good call. Cheney took it like a man and responded with the canned campaign response, but it was a nice sting for Edwards...showing the nice, southern lawyer means bizness!

Cheney's response about Iraq. Let's talk about this a little more, since it just pisses me off. Cheney (and Bush for that matter) are now making the case that we invaded Iraq because Saddam was sponsoring terror with financial support, because it was important to establish democracies in order to fight terror, etc. You know what...that is not the case that the Bush administration made to the Congress and to the American people. It isn't what they said...all I heard was about the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda...and about the definite presence of weapons of mass destruction. It seems to me like Bush and Cheney are trying to rewrite history here.

The whole global test garbage. I don't get why Bush and Co. are harping over the "global test" quote as if Kerry said something horrific. Kerry didn't say he was going to allow the global community to make decision for him...and they know that. He didn't say that all global communities were going to get a vote in how we do policy..and deep down, they know it. What he said...and what he meant...was that we need to make policies in which the American people and the world can trust. Kerry is right that we need a more unified, global presence in Iraq. That is how America can lead in these global issues...instead of being a bullly...going exactly what we want...and chastizing anyone who DARES to question us.

Cheney: Will the US be hit again with Kerry as Pres? Ifill asked this question...and Cheney responded by dancing around it and said that he only meant that he feels Kerry doesn't have the skills to be Commander in Chief in the time of terrorism. *coughs* bullshit *coughs* He knows what he said...and he knows why he said it. He was saying that if Kerry is elected...we will get hit with another attack. It was a scare tactic. I do wish that Edwards had called him on it. I wish he had called him on campaign behavior that is just completely innapropriate.

Edwards is demeaning Iraqi sacrifice??? Oh no you didn't? Cheney just didn't say that Edwards was demeaning all those Iraqis who gave their life in Iraq?? Once again...he knows that is bullshit. What Edwards was clearing up his statistic. We were talking about how strong the coalition is...and how even though there are 30 countries...the US is paying the price. Out of the coalition forces...the US is paying 90% of the price...and facing 90% of the casualities. What kind of coalition is that? That is what Edwards is saying...and to assume and state otherwise, is just another dirty trick.

Oh, Halliburton! Cheney had to know this was coming. Halliburton's record is atrocious...and the American people deserve to know that. And..can someone explain to it is even remotely appropriate to give ANYONE a no bid contract for reconstruction in Iraq, let alone the company for which the VP used to run. Halliburton who did work with Libya and Iran. Halliburton who fought for the relief of sanctions with Iran...just for the almight buck. It would be like if Kerry won the Pres...and then someone made it so that Heinz was the only kind of ketchup that people could use, etc. I just don't get seems shady and it awes me that it hasn't had to be explained....officially. Ugh.

The economy...or are we talking about education? Cheney was asked about lost jobs...and he talked about education. And then he said that Kerry and Edwards were against "No Child Left Behind." Umm, no they are not. They are against an act...that requires more from schools, but doesn't fund it effectively so that those things can actually happen. It's a hallow act right now...which without the funding just hurts those disadvantaged children even more. Kerry and Edwards want a bill that is fully funded and really helps all our children. But you can't blame Cheney from switching from jobs to education..since why would he want to talk about that given what the state of the economy is in right now???

I feel for Cheney, no really..I do I really feel for Cheney when the topic goes to gay marriage and the President's wish for a Constitutional Amendment. I commend him for his honesty and his candor when talking about the issue. "Freedom means freedom for everyone." Great quote's unfortunate that your boss doesn't agree.

Both botched the AIDS question Ifill asks about the domestic issue of HIV and AIDS...and says specifically that she isn't asking about the global issue, but both candidates jump to talking about Africa. Ugh.

Best flip flopping response EVER! I have been waiting for Kerry and Edwards to actually say something meaningful about this whole "flip flopping" attack. They have said quite clearly that they were consistent...but it doesn't seem to matter. I think the RNC has found that the flip flopper sound byte works, so they are still going to use it...and abuse it. What I Edwards response...pushing it right back at Bush and Cheney and showing their flip flops. The 9/11 Commission flip flop. The Department of Homeland Security flip flop. The "the war on terror cannot be won" flip flop, etc... I loved it! If the RNC is going to harp on flip might want to make sure that Bush and Cheney have not flip flopped themselves. Bush and Cheney have said over and over again...that Kerry and Edwards buckle under political pressure...but look at the 9/11 commission...they pounced on how it was not a good idea (I don't know why...) and under political pressure...they changed their mind and then took credit for the commission. I loved the response Edwards...IT'S ABOUT TIME!

A uniter...not a divider! Really? I think not. I am not sure either side can bring together this divided nation and that is a shame, but under Bush's leadership, I only see it getting worse.

I thought the debate was good...but that both sides could have done much better. I don't believe Dick Cheney...he hasn't shown me any reason to at this point. I think the night went well for Edwards, but I expected more from his seasoned lawyer skills.

I am looking forward to Friday when Bush and Kerry go for Round two.

P.S. Cheney has met Edwards before last, that lie is now debunked. It's too bad Edwards couldn't have called him on it last night.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Look what I got for my birthday....

This DVD set is being sent my way as we speak...since I could get it quite cheap from I loved Felicity when it was on the air...and have always wanted to get the DVD sets, but could never justify spending the money. I have been rewatching episodes of Alias, which of course are also made by the brilliant JJ Abrams and it often reminded me of the things I love about Felicity. I used my birthday as a great opportunity to ask for the first season...and now I just need to find excuses for getting the next two seasons.

And I got this CD today. The band is called Silvercrush. I know it is a band that no one has heard of...and that's okay. I tend to get really into bands that no one knows about. For those of you who are Mellencamp fans out there...if you check out who produced the album and some of the people who are in the band, you might figure out how I found this gem of a band.

That's one thing I love about birthdays...the presents!!! *winks*

TV Tuesday Week 26

It's Tuesday, so let's get with the TV Tuesday time! Go play yourself!

Week 26 - Sports

It's football season! Know how I can tell? Everything I want to watch has been cancelled for a game! ACK!! So this week we'll look at sports! :)

1. Do you watch sports on TV? If so, which?

I used to watch a lot of sports, but not recently. Well, I watched the Olympics pretty extensively. I really enjoyed that and it kind of surprised me. I also watch basketball on occasion, tennis when a major event is being played, etc. I avoid at all, baseball and football though.

2. Is there a sport you'd like to see more (or less) of on TV?
I would like to see more main stream coverage of women's sports, especially basketball. It seems wrong that the We network is one of the most consistent carriers of the sport. I would like to see a LOT less of car racing. And, when those lunky cars pre-empt a show I want to watch, I tend to be a pretty grumpy girl!

3. What's the most memorable sports moment you've seen on TV?
Here is my honest answer and yes, it relates to figure skating. I can remember so vividly when Brian Boitano beat Brian whatshisface in the Olympics. You thought I was going to say Tonya Harding didn't you? Shame on you!

~Bonus~ If you could be a star of any sport, what sport would you pick? And why?
Well, I think my answer would be basketball. It's such a team centered sport, but still allows for someone to be the shining star as well. Plus, if I was the star...that would mean I have more skills than I do now.

so, they say it's your birthday?

Yep, that's is my birthday. I am officially 27.

It's doesn't really feel like my birthday though...just feels like any other Tuesday. I tend to be those types of people that don't celebrate their birthdays....and treat them like any other day.

Oh, on the job front...I decided to do retail for a little bit. I don't think I am ready to jump back into social work just yet...nor am I really sure what I want to be doing. And, I actually like's work where every decision you make isn't life and death, etc. I am still sending my resume out places, but until I find the perfect job that I want, the retail gig will be enough pocket change to pay my bills, etc.


And since it is my birthday.....for my present, I am going to make y'all answer something for me. What is your favorite birthday memory? Leave the answer in the comments....I'll answer mine at the end of the day.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


So, an early birthday present, I went with my family to Verizon Wireless. I had my old cell phone with an Indiana number, so I knew that sometime I needed to get a local cell phone number here.

Mission accomplished. I got a new number....and a brand new swanky cell phone. Here it is...check it out. It's pretty sweet. It's a cute, little flip phone. It's a camera phone. I am pretty happy about it...especially since I had my old phone for over 4 years. It was time for a new one baby!

Plus, we had dinner at Olive Garden. Mmmm...I just love their salad and breadsticks! Mmmmm.....

%$#^%& on TV

Right now I am watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on Comedy Central....the unedited and uncut version. Now, it's infantile...but I can't help it, I really enjoy being able to hear fuck and shit and the like on TV. It's not supposed to be allowed on TV, so I get such satisfaction from hearing it.

Plus, I have great love for all Kevin Smith movies...and like being able to see one on TV without half the dialogue being dubbed out.

It's also been an evening all Affleck. I watched SNL this evening where he was the guest host. I tend to be a MadTV fan, but I am kinda mad at MadTV since they fired Josh Meyers...and since I tend to gravitate towards Affleck, I watched SNL. I thought SNL was okay....some skits were horrible (the excalator skit), but some skits were pretty funny (the opening Pres. debate skit), etc...

Plus, I love that Ben is able to openly mock himself. It just endears me to him more. Yep, I tend to love all things Affleck.