Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year!

I couldn't let the day go by without posting...since it is Leap Year and all. I don't know why I find the idea of Leap Year exciting. I guess it is because it's the day that only exists once every 4 years...kind of like it's a magic day that only gets to come out and play every once in a while.

So, I hope you are enjoying your magical Leap Year day!!!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Weigh-In 2/25

Hi's Monday, so of's weigh-in day.

Oh, I never updated about if I got to go on my run...and how it went. I did go on my run. The weather was alright...and even warm (for February). The temp was in the high it felt balmy compared to last week's run. I headed out...and planned on getting th 5.25 miles in. My main objective was to work on my time...and try to get a better pace. I ran the first mile as I usually do...and then every ten minutes I would run for at least one minute at a faster pace. I figured it was the best way to pick up my pace.

It worked....I ran a slow 15 minute mile last Saturday. It took me 75 minutes to run 5.2 miles. This week...I ran 5.25 miles and got it done in 62 minutes. Holy smokes. I am shocked I finished the same distance 13 minutes faster. I expected it to be a smidge better, but while I was running didn't seem all that much faster. If I do the math, I ran about a 12 minute mile...and for right now, I'll take it. I need to keep working on it before the race in March, but all in all...I am a happy, happy girl.

Okay...enough about running. What about this weigh-in? I started my transition program last week. Not a lot changed, but I am slowly adding things back in. So, since things weren't different...I wouldn't have been surprised if I still lost weight. And...I did. I lost 2 lbs this week for a total of 69 lbs this week. I can't believe I am one pound shy of having lost 70 lbs. That just seems nuts since at first...I thought it would be great if I could lose 45 lbs. I got to the point that I didn't want to do the job half assed like I have every time before. I didn't want to stop until it was done. And now...I am there.

Whoo to the hoo people!!!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday report....

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

I can't believe I haven't updated since Tuesday...I kept meaning to, but then I didn't. So, for today...I will do a bunch of mini-updates.

I think my roomie is feeling better...or at least that's what she says in email. I work days and she works nights, so I don't actually see her until the weekend comes around. She says her voice is still shot, but she is working towards being healthy again. That's great...and what else is great is that to this point...I have not gotten sick. *knocking on wood* The only thing that really that the constant washing of my hands...has left them super dry and I have a heat rash that has broken out on one of my hands from the constant washing in hot water. I'll survive though...and I am moisturizing like a mo'fo.

I did my taxes this week. I e-filed, so it doesn't take much effort...just entered all the info in the little boxes and clicked send. I am supposed to get my money back sometime next week. I plan on just using the money to pay off more school loans and what not, so nothing exciting...but I feel good having them done.

I had a good day at work yesterday. A client I haven't seen in about 2 years came to the office to say hello and catch up. He wasn't doing so well for a while, so it was great to see him...and see him doing well. It put a big huge smile on my face to see him walk into the office. Sometimes...the work I do can get overwhelming. The success stories are few and far, it's nice to see someone on the right path, no matter how long or what it took for him to get himself there. It left me in a cheery mood on Friday.

And now...I am hoping to get my Saturday run in. It snowed yesterday, but it's stopped now. I hope the roads are safe enough because I would be really sad to not have my run. Today, I am going to run the 5 miles again, but I am also going to work on my speed. I think I am going to do some interval training. I am going to run my normal jogging speed for 4 minutes and then sprint for the 5th minute...then run for another 4 minutes...then sprint. I hope that will help me pick up my speed over the entire run...and keep me going for the whole five miles. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Alright...I'm off to start my Saturday. I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For a Year???

Do you see the picture of a yummy veggie pie above? Just looking at it makes my mouth water. Mmmm......

I love pizza...there is something about it...the perfect marriage of the dough and cheese and yummy toppings. That feeling on your lap when you pick up a warm pizza...when you are waiting to get it home in the car. The steam that comes off a hot pizza when you open the box lid. How the smell of tomato quickly fills the room. How a slice tastes the next morning when you eat it cold or reheat it in the toaster oven.

Yep...I love pizza. Pizza and I have a very special relationship. A relationship that has gotten and kept me fat for a long time. Is it all pizza's fault? Nope, but it definitely helped. I can remember eating a whole pizza once all by myself... I can remember having a bad day and knowing that noshing away on some pizza would make it all better...

I haven't had a slice of pizza since mid-September...when I started my new diet. I've wanted pizza...had pizza in front of me..but, I've said no. I also gave up pizza for Lent I always do. That brings me up until March

After Lent, it will have been 6 months since a slice of yummilicious pizza crossed my lips. 6 months??? Who would have thunk it? So, I am thinking something crazy...

Why not 6 more months??? I am thinking of not having pizza for a whole year. That seems like a really long time, but in's not that long. I've already got 5 months in...I am almost halfway there. I am pretty sure I can do it...if I stop looking at that yummy pic above. LOL

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I Am An Animal Documentary

I recorded a documentary months ago on HBO...and just got around to watching it yesterday while I was home and off work. The documentary is called, I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA.

So, I am going to share some of my thoughts on this documentary....and in full disclosure, I am a vegetarian and a pretty radical one at that. I have been a vegetarian 100% since sometime in 2001...and don't see myself eating meat ever again in my life. It's a choice I made first for health reasons (even though I have seen some of the most unhealthy vegetarians in my life...) and then became a vegetarian for social/political reasons. I'm not vegan...I eat cheese and eggs (only cage free/free range eggs). I don't wear leather, etc.

Now, I consider this my own personal opinion...and I don't feel the need to put my beliefs about eating meat onto other people. I think everyone has to make their own choice...and if someone else chooses to eat meat, that doesn't offend or bother me. I hate the smell of meat...the idea of the BBQ smell makes me nauseas. But, I don't think my beliefs need to be your beliefs. about the documentary. It's about the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and their foundress, Ingrid Newkirk. First off, it's not a documentary for the faint of heart. I was watching it while I was working out on the elliptical...and numerous times I had to look away. They show a lot of horrible images of things that are done to animals. Newkirk said she believes it is the most effective way to truly effect people. Some of the images were heartbreaking to me.

I admire Newkirk's passion about something she believes in...I truly do. I think many people have beliefs, but when you actually ask them to do something about their beliefs, they fall short. It is either too hard...or it risks too much, etc. Newkirk felt animal rights was important, so she gives everything to it and I admite that dedication and passion and "stick-with-it" attitude.

However, I also believe she is insane or in some way mentally ill. I think in the end, she hurts the movement. She says openly in the documentary that she has an anger button and when it is pushed...she reacts strongly and often without thinking. I don't think that is someone who should be in charge of such a political charged movement as PETA. She goes over the line and therefore makes a mockery of what she is actually trying to accomplish. I would never join PETA...never again...I did once and realized that I supported their ideas, but not their actions. Newkirk says that the crazy tactics need to be used because it is the only thing that works...she says that breaking into someone's store and throwing fake blood on all the clothes will animal products has worked...has gotten designers to work with them, etc. Maybe it worked, but does the end justify the means. If you think all animals should be treated humanly...don't forget that humans are animals too.

The documentary also showed a lot of undercover investigating that the organization does. They showed how their workers will get employed in the chicken/turkey/beef factories...or the research facilities...and then record what they see. PETA them will bring it to the press...and report anything that breaks the law or is cruel to animals. I think that is great work because so many times...these industries go unchecked. If you ever wanna know what can or more likely is in your beef...go read Fast Food Nation. If you'd prefer to not know, so you can still order the Big Mac and swallow it down...don't read it. I think it is important that as consumers...we know what is going on.

However, because PETA does all this showboat/crazy antics...who is going to believe what they say? When people see an expose from PETA, they think it is another ploy or trick. I know that I don't take what they have to say as face value...because they play too many tricks. So, I think that Newkirk might get more media attention with her antics, but it isn't necessarily a good thing.

And my last pet peeve (pun intended) about the one of the celeb spokespeople. Pamela Anderson is one of the people who speaks out on PETA's behalf...A LOT. She's in the documentary. I have seen her all over the internet...I've her in print ads and what not. She says she is a huge supporter or PETA and all they do. Hmm, really? Anyone know why I might think this is a problem? Well...Pamela Anderson has been clear and open with everyone in America about how often she has had breast implant surgery. She did it a few times earlier in her career...and then she took them out...and then a little over a year later, she put them back in. Do we really think that there wasn't a bit of animal research that went into making sure that breast implants were safe for humans??? Of course it was researched on animals. So, Pamela Anderson walks around saying how great PETA is...and PETA champions her as a sponsor, but at the same time...she is carrying around breast implants that she has had put in numerous times. It's such a hypocritical thing to me...and we know how I feel about hypocrits. And, I am more disappointed in PETA than I am in Pamela. PETA basically says that if you don't follow them are the enemy, but they accept Pamela Anderson as one of their champions. Nope, sorry...don't think so. I know she gets good press...and people flock to her ads where she is wearing next to nothing, but well...what's more important...the movements integrity or having a flashy, pretty face???

I thought the documentary was interesting...and brought up a lot of things for me to think about. It confirmed for me why I am a vegetarian and why it is important for me personally, but it also brought up why for many reasons, I don't stand behind organizations like PETA.

Alright...I am off my veggie soapbox...for now!

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Cleanse away....

I went to BJ's with my dad this weekend....I love that store. I think it feeds the part of me that LOVES getting a deal on stuff. I bought some protein shake powder...and some vitamins...a bag of candy for work. I used to buy a lot of snack food there, but haven't lately since much of it just isn't as healthy as I used to think it was.

When I was over in the vitamin section...I saw all these cleanse products. They intrigue me. I had seen the ones for the colon cleanse before. I want to do more research on them. I wonder if they are effective, if they work. I know a lot of people buy them hoping to lose a few pounds doing just that. That's not why I would like to try it. I've been eating pretty low carb/high protein for months now...and I heard that it can hard on colon over time. So, if a product like this...can help maintain my colon's health...that's a good thing, eh? I just don't know if they they work...why they work. Hmm, it's time to use google search and read up. (What did we do before the internet??? lol)

Another cleanse I saw was a liver cleanse. I had never heard of that at all before. I read the bottle and it says it really helps with gallbladder function. My immediate response's probably something alcoholics should use since their liver gets damaged so much, but is it something we all could use? Well, the liver is the organ that takes all of the toxins out of our body, so maybe. I am not as interested in this one as I am in the colon cleanse...but, it definitely is something I wanna read up on.

I need to go see a new PCP doctor within the next month...and I am going to ask him/her about these cleanse products and see what they say. I know that we lived for a long, long time without them, but in the age of processed foods and additives in everything we eat, maybe it would help more than hurt.

Has anyone ever tried a cleanse?? What did you think of it? Do you recommend it? Google search can tell me a lot of info, but personal stories are always great information.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Phew... more thing. I adore my swanky laptop (as I am writing on it right now)...and I am so glad I bought it. However, it has been being cranky lately...well, the DVD burner is being cranky.

Sometimes it works just fine...and sometimes it won't read the DVD and just sit there and hums at me. When I got my weekly Netflix movies last week...I had to restart my computer 4 or 5 times in order to get it to work. That was not something I was liking...especially since this laptop is so new.

So, I emailed Dell last night...and told them about the problem. They emailed back and asked me to do a few things and try to solve the problem. I did those things and it didn't solve the problem. So, I emailed them back...and said the fixes were a no go.

They emailed back this morning...and said they were sending a replacement drive. Whoo hoo. Now, I just have to figure out how to get the old one out...and the new one in. I think I can do it myself, but if dad will probably help me...and if can't figure it out...I can pay some computer guy a couple of bucks and have them do it for me.

A new DVD drive is in the we speak...and that's awesome.


A day off, a weigh-in and a sick roomie...

Hey's Monday aka Weigh-In day. I like having Mondays off from work (President's Day) because I can get up, lounge around and then do my weekly weigh-in. I forgot to not set my it went off at 7am, but that's ok. I got up and then weighed in at around 7:30am...and started about my day...getting my breakfast...yadda yadda.

So, how did it go? I lost 2 lbs last week for a total of 67 lbs. I started transition on Friday, so the weight loss will probably slow down or stop altogether. Last week, I was only in transition phase for a few days, so I am not surprised I lost a couple of pounds. I have set a transition and maintenance range...between 65 and 70 lbs lost. So, I would be cool if I lost a couple of more pounds...since I imagine I might get some rebound pounds when I start adding a bunch of stuff back in.

I ran on the elliptical today. I have been doing interval training lately with my elliptical. I have been running normal speed for 4 minutes and then going as fast as I could for one minute...and then go at normal speed for another 4 minutes...over and over. I hope that this will help my endurance as I start running for speed and distance.

Let's see...other than that...the only other interesting info around these parts is that my poor roomie is sick as a dog. She started coughing a little here or there a few days ago...when she swore she wasn't sick...but, well...the sickness gods had other ideas. She is coughing up a storm now....and her throat sounds horrible. I feel for my roomie and hope she gets better too, but at the same time...I am terrified of getting sick. Every time she coughs...I wince. I have been taking some echinacea for weeks and I have Zicam in the apartment, if I need it. I won't make the mistake my roomie did...and think it isn't a cold for a couple days...instead, if it hits...I hope to use some prevention and knock it out.

I also spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment. It was on my agenda anyways...since it needs it and it hadn't been cleaned for a few weeks, but since my roomie is sick...I definitely needed to clean it. I cleaned the kitchen...cleaned the bathroom and wiped down the furniture in the living room. This week, I am going to make a cleaning schedule...and post it on the fridge. I want to keep the cleaning it doesn't turn messy so quickly. It seems that roomie and I don't seem to notice the messiness until it is pretty bad...and for the past few months, that's just not cutting it for me. I wanna clean because it's what you should do...not because the apartment is so messy, you have no choice. I wanna to treat it like how you think of brushing your teeth. Do you only clean your teeth when you notice how dirty and gross they are?? Of course not. You brush your teeth twice a day...because you are supposed to and it keeps them clean...always. So, I want cleaning the apartment to be like that for me. That's my plan at least.

Alright...I'm watch some crap tv...and lounge around on my day off. Enjoy the day...if you are working or not. And if you wanna...send me some healthy thoughts that I don't get this nasty cold my roomie has. *crosses fingers*

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

the little train that could...

After the first of the year, I decided I really wanted to run a local race in March. I've talked about it before. I don't know why it felt so important to me to run this race...but it did. I have a few, it's a St. Patty's Day run (even though it's after the holiday) and two, it would seem like a great show that my level of fitness is where I want it to be.

At first, I thought it was a 5K run. I convinced myself that no matter what....I should be able to handle a 5K. When I went out to try running for the first time....and within a mile...felt like I was dying, I was not so sure about this whole 5K business. But, I thought...I CAN DO IT. I WILL DO IT.

Then I got on the race's website...and my heart sank. It wasn't a 5K race, it was a 5 MILE race. Holy bejesus! I had some serious doubts that I would be able to run for 5 miles...since I was still trying to convince myself I could run for 3.1 miles (5K).

The tides started to turn a few weeks back when I headed out on my Saturday run to my dad's house. I ran for 33 minutes without stopping....and ran 2.5 miles. I was shocked and hopeful. Then the next week, I went 3.5 miles. The next week, I went 4 miles. So, not only did I run farther than a 5K, but I was getting very close to that 5 mile mark that made my heart sink about a month ago.

This Saturday...the goal was to run the 5 miles. I mapped it out...and had a plan. It was flippin' cold on Saturday. It was about 15 degrees when I headed out the door. As I did my warm up walk, I considered turning around...since my legs were numb and as I continued, my lower lip got numb. Nuts, right? But I kept going. As I started jogging...I warmed right up and all was right with the world. I kept jogging...I jogged the 2.5 miles I did in week 1...the 3.5 miles I did in week 2...the 4 miles I did in week 3...and then I kept trucking on. The last mile was more hilly than the rest...but I trudged on.

All in all...I jogged 5.2 miles. OMFG...for someone who started out not being able to run for a mile without huffing and puffing and having to stop to walk...I went for 5 miles without freezing cold weather. I didn't jog very fast, but I don't care...I kept jogging.

In the next month, I am going to focus on picking up my speed a little bit...but not today, today a just enjoy the fact that someone who never thought she could run...ran 5 miles...and a little.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

surprise email...

Hey everybody. It's Friday and I have the day off from work. I spent the day relaxing and really rocked a workout. I love my job, but I also loved having the day to myself...where I could plan by day around what I wanted to do instead of around work.

So, the thread title is a surprising email. Last Friday, I came home from work and logged on to the computer to check my email and what do I see inside my inbox, an email from Katy Johnson. My first thought was, "Oh crap!"

Oh, I should update people who are wondering who Katy might be...and why I might respond that way. I wrote a post back in September about Katy Johnson AKA Miss Vermont and my thoughts about her and interactions with her in college. It would be an understatement to say it wasn't the most positive blog in the world.

First, I was surprised she read the blog at all. It's not like my blog is incredibly popular or well read. The same 4 or 5 people read here (Hey y'all!!) and that's about it. Who would have thought the blog entry would end in her hands...I sure didn't.

Well, a quick overview of the was really nice. She was nicer and more humble than I would be in the situation. I said some really horrible things about Katy. Let's be honest...I am not perfect either and if I had come across someone else's blog who wrote something about me that was not very flattering(whether it was true or not)..if I emailed them, it would probably be a pretty nasty email. So, I give her class and grace for that. She talked about when we went to school and gave me a little update on the girl she worked with on the MTV Made show.

I still have issues with some of the hypocritical things surrounding Katy's pageant platform and how she seemingly was choosing to live her life. It's one of my biggest pet peeves is when people say you should be doing one thing...but themselves are doing another. So, I don't take back what I said...just maybe how I chose to say it.

The thing I am most sorry retrospect, is that I forgot that Katy was a human being when I wrote that entry. I re-read it last week after I got the email from Katy. I could tell how happy I was with myself...for telling a funny story of how I knew someone in college. Honestly, it's a funny, entertaining story, but it's also mean and callous. I forgot while writing it...that Katy, even if she was a walking also a walking human being.

So, I don't see Katy as an angel....but I am humbled by how she chose to handle the situation. She handled it with more maturity than I would have...and for that, it says something.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love the one you're with....

Hi all...I wanted to pop on and wish everyone an awesome and love filled Valentine's Day. Even for the chronically myself, celebrate the holiday. I can remember when I was in college and myself and some of my bitterly single friends would call VDay...Black Hearts Day. At least I don't feel like that anymore.

I made some yummilicious brownies last night and brought them into work. I say they are yummilicious because that is what the office told me, but I don't really know...since I didn't eat any of them. I believe them though...since they started eating them at 8:15am and there weren't any left at 11am or so. They looked, I will probably make them again.

And, if my roomie is lucky...I have a couple of them saved and she might get one. I got one for my dad and an extra one for my roomie (Hey Roomie...aren't you glad you got me my $2 now! TWO DOLLARS!!!). I think I am going to go hang with my dad for a little bit tonight since this is his first Valentine's Day since my mom passed away. I don't think he would say anything, but I imagine it's a tough day for him.

Plus...I have tomorrow OFF WORK...and Monday too. I am looking at a 4 day weekend. I am excited about that. I don't plan on doing a heck of a lot...working the apartment a smidge...going for my usual run. And I don't hate work or my job, but I am loving the idea of 4 days away from it.

Enjoy the holiday...share the love!!!!

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the news, mortgages and money...

I was watching the new the other day...I try to watch the local news from 6-7am and then I watch Good Morning America for as long as I can before I have to leave for work. They have been focusing on money and finances for the last month, especially since it is tax season and all.

I think it wa Tuesday or someday close to that, they did a huge whole story about the mortgage crisis going on in this country right now. They talked about the possibility of a new government program that would help the homeowner and the mortgage lenders get out of tough situations where because of the adjustable rates, the homeowner can no longer afford to make their house payments. I used to think that the bank still won when they foreclosed on a house, but in the end...they don't. I mean, they don't lose out as much as the homeowner, but they definitely take a hit.

So, what is this whole mortgage crisis about? Well, mainly is has been about banks letting people loan way more money to buy a home than they can really afford. It's a tough spot though because of the increase in the cost of homes. Many times, the normal income doesn't qualify for what the normal house is in many neighborhoods. I know it makes me personally nervous. If I went to a bank today and asked to be pre-approved to buy a home...there aren't any decent homes in this area for less than $100,000. In reality, on my one income...that is too expensive for me. They say that you should not spend more on your monthly mortgage payment than 1/3 of your total take home income. So, I would end up spending more than what I SHOULD be. Now, I am pretty financially responsible, so I would never sign up for more than I could afford, but's pretty daunting.

These adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) are the real kicker that is getting people now a days. The homeowner gets into a loan for more than they can afford...and gets a 30 year mortgage. The kicker is that it isn't a fixed rate, it's a variable one. Well, the first 5 years is a fixed, low rate, but when those 5 years are turns into a variable one. That is great...except when that rate hikes up, the homeowners can no longer pay and risk going into foreclosure.

And you wonder why the idea of buying a house is completely terrifying to me. I mean, I should be doing it because I am not getting any younger and instead of wasting money on rent, I should be spending it on equity in a home. Aurghh!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Writers Return and Politics as Usual....

I am happy to report that the writer's strike is officially over and they are heading back to work this morning. Thank goodness because they have been on strike since Nov. 5th and of course, as a result...TV has basically been driven to a halt. I haven't read what the actual terms were, but I imagine they were favorable to the writers or they wouldn't have come back. I am looking forward to seeing the Oscars, new episodes of Grey's Anatomy, The Office, etc. 24 still won't come back until the 2009 season, but at least now we now that Jack Bauer will be back at some point. And, tonight's episode of The Daily Show will be back full force with their writers and that should be entertaining to watch. Yeah for having writers...and being able to have more to watch than an array of reality TV!

And saddens me to report that things look dismal for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Barack Obama is just winning too much all over the place. He has won the last nine primary states...including the most recent in MD, VA and DC. The Clinton camp said they didn't expect to win those, which surprised me...because she is such a DC a powerful Junior Senator and as the former First Lady. Clinton says that her campaign is in good shape (what else is she going to say...puh lease) and that when she wins Texas and Ohio things will be heading towards victory, but at this point...I just don't think that is going to happen. It's sad for me because I think that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be President. She's a strong, smart politician and she has proven she can get things done. I like Barack...but I don't think he has the experience to show he can handle the country's most important job. He talks a great talk...I just hope he can put that talk into action. I also support Hillary because of her intensive focus on health care. It's HER issue, so I am more confident she will keep going even if it is a tough battle (which it is going to be). I worry that when the going gets tough...Obama might not keep going and fight through to victory. I've been without healthcare and I see the effects it has had daily on clients I work, I desperately want a President who is going to make it a priority. I know Hillary would do that, I only hope that Barack would.

The weather is crazy this my office is quiet and quiet can be, which I will be nice.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Update...

Hey peeps...yep, I just said peeps. Here are some random things and thoughts going on in Shelley's world. Enjoy.

Flippin' Cold!

It's freezing this morning. When I wake up, I usually watch the local news from 6ish until 7am. The local weather guy was going over the cold temps...and when he got to where I live, he said it is -11 degrees. That's right NEGATIVE ELEVEN. Holy batcave! I am not sure it felt that cold, but when I was out cleaning off the frost on my car...I had the moment where you breath in and feel anything that is in your nose immediately freeze. Flippin' friggin' cold. So, stay warm if you can.

Laptop Dreams

I was playing with my laptop last night. Overall, I am very happy with it. The DVD drive was acting kind of slow and not always reading the disc, but I think it just needed to be cleaned, so I bought one of those thing-a-ma-bobbers that cleaned the head and it seems to be working much better. I am going to watch it though because my computer is under a one year warrantee, so if there is an issue...I want to make sure to get it checked out and fixed before that one year is up. My roomie is looking to buy a laptop. I can't say I blame her...they are SO convenient. The one thing I wish you could be able to take home the one you want to buy for a weekend and just check it out. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a store that also worked as a laptop rental
and you could test out the computer you wanted to buy? I know they sometimes do it with cars....some places will let you take the car home for the weekend and see if it is something you really want.

Weight Loss Pics

A couple of weeks back, someone mentioned...I think it might have been Sharon...about seeing some weight loss pics since I have dropped 60+ lbs. I thought about it...and I have never been one who has been comfortable putting pictures of myself on the world wide web. I think I have only put one pic of myself on here...and it's a pic of me and my mom, so I was willing to do that in memory of her. But, I don't like the idea of my mug being all over this place.

So, if you know me...and wanna see any pics, email me and I would be glad to send any along. I think that's the best way to work this, mkay?

Alright, I think that's it for a random update on a Tuesday morning. Enjoy the day...and bundle up!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Tax least for me!

So, it's February...and for me, that means it is time to get cracking and get my taxes done. I have never been one of those people who leaves them to the last minute and is up at midnight...pulling my hair out...on April 14th. My dad..surprising...usually ends up being one of those people. He usually does everything early, so that always catches me by surprise. He keeps everything up to date in terms of finances with a bunch of excel worksheets and I think he even uses a budget software of some sort, his taxes should be easy as pie. This year it might be a smidge more complicated because of my mom passing away, but I am not sure.

My taxes are pretty easy. I don't own property and what not, so it is just the standard return. I do it online because it is simple and easy and you get your return so much faster. I had to wait for a couple of my W-2s and some of my interest statements to be ready, but now I believe I have everything. I went through and quickly did the federal return to see what it would look like. I didn't file it, but just entered the information...and wanted to see where I was at. I was worried that I was either going to get little to no return or might even have to pay...because I had a bunch of untaxed income I had to deal with. I have my Americorps money...which is great because I paid off a bunch of money on my student loans, but now not so great because I now have to pay taxes on it. Plus, I still have a little income from when I worked at the video store...and they never take taxes out. Plus, income from interest accounts and another side job. So, that's a lot of money NOT being taken out for taxes. I did set up my main job to have extra money taken out for taxes, but I wasn't sure it would be enough.

When I plugged the numbers in for the shows me getting a return. It's not a huge amount of money, but heck...I am just glad I am not going to owe them anything. I haven't done the NY State one yet and for that one, I am pretty sure I might end up in the owe column, but hopefully not a lot. I plan on getting all the paperwork together and officially doing my taxes this week. Cross your fingers for me...that the state doesn't kill me. *winks*

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Monday Weigh-In and all that jazz....

Hey there's Monday morning and here I am...posting as usual.

It's flippin' cold in Upstate, NY this morning...the weather guy said it was 9 degrees this morning with a windchill in the negative numbers. I was a happy girl to have my swanky, new electric blanket last night. I didn't leave it on all night, but when I woke up a little early...I popped it back on and went back to sleep until my alarm went off. The beep, beep, beep went off...and I woke up in a nice, toasty bed. The only made me really NOT want to get up and get out of bed. My toes did not want to step into that cold room and apartment. But well, I survived!

It's Monday, so it's an official weigh-in day. I am a daily weigher, so weight is not a surprise. This week was a smidge different though. My weight was holding steady at no loss for most of the week and showing an inconsistent 1 lb loss on Saturday and Sunday(If I stepped on a couple of times, it wouldn't always show the pound, etc). So, I didn't know what the scale would say on Monday morning. If I didn't lose...or it was the one pound, I would be okay with both. I know the pounds are going to be harder to come off now because I am basically at my goal weight...with a few problem areas I would still like to widdle away.

So, I got up this morning...after I forced myself out of my warm bed. I went to the bathroom...and stepped on the scale. I checked again to see if a second stepping would get the same result. I did. So, it's official...I lost 2 lbs this week. I got more than I thought I would, so yeah...I am pretty happy about that. I have lost 65 lbs in total...not too shabby, eh? And I swear...if I can do it, anyone can....and I wholeheartedly mean that.

On Friday, I am starting my transition program. I have said before that I know how to lose weight (you put the work get the results) and I know how to gain weight (you put the food in..and sadly, get the results), but maintaining my weight...I have never figured that out. I am at that point now...where I am starting to venture into figuring it all out. I feel prepared and ready...and it is still scary, but I don't feel as paralyzingly terrified as I used to. I still think I will lose a few lbs in the first few weeks of transition, but hopefully it will all even out. I am going to set a weight range...and as long as I am within that range, life is good...if I go below that range...gotta make some adjustments...if I go above that range...gotta make some adjustments.

Hugs to you all...and if it is as cold out there in your neck of the woods as it is here, stay warm!!!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Sunday already.....

Happy Sunday y'all....

This weekend has been active and also lazy. How does that work??? Well, I will tell you. On Saturday, I got up at muscles were a little tired and checked the weather report. Saturdays are my days when I jog from my apartment to my dad's place. I heard snow was coming, so I wanted to make sure it wasn't happening in the morning. Well, the weather said that the snow wasn't coming until noon or so. I had breakfast and drank lots of water...and got my winter workout clothes on...and headed out the door.

I started jogging and still felt a little tired, so I decided I could cut the run short if I wanted to, but's just not my style. So, I got to the 2.5 mile marker...and kept going. I got to the 3.5 mile marker, which is where I stopped last time...and decided to keep going. I ended up going 4.25 miles or so. I ran straight for 60 minutes...and I have never done that before. Next time, 5 miles is the goal. I felt great this week...that I kept going and pushed myself to add more distance.

My dad and I went shopping as usual...and I found an electric blanket on sale for 50% off. I wanted one a few months earlier, but they were so least 70 dollars. That seems nuts to me. So, since it was so cheap...I threw it in the cart. I planned on paying for it, but when it came time to dad bought it for me. He really is a kind and wonderful person...and of course, not just because he bought me a blanket. I'm a lucky girl. I also bought rechargeable batteries for my new mp3 player and so it is all juiced up again. Hopefully next week I will have a run with tunes. Oh, I plugged my blanket in last night...and turned it on was nice sleeping with a blanket of warmth all around me.

It snowed off and on all day yesterday and today. The snow this morning when I went to church was light and fluffy. It is so pretty outside...I'd go take a pic of it to show you, but well...I'm too lazy. I was going to workout today, but since my bones were so tired yesterday pre-run, I decided to skip it and give myself a break. All I have done today other than church and hanging with my dad for a watch TV and lounge on the couch.

I hope everyone had a great weekend...and let's hope it was more exciting than mine. Hugs all.

P.S. On schedule for the upcoming week...I am going to do my taxes and see how much I am getting back...and hopefully I won't have to pay anything.

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Friday, February 08, 2008


Thank God It Is Friday....this week has just dragged for me. I had this Monday off work and I have next Friday off work, so each day in between...has just taken FOREVER.

Plus, we got a pretty nasty ice storm Wednesday night into Thursday. It was pouring rain and then freezing rain and then snow on top of that. When I got up on Thursday, I looked outside...and it didn't look too bad. Well...until I got out to my car to warm it up before cleaning it off. My car was covered with at least a 1/2 inch of ice, if not more. I pulled and pulled on the door and COULD NOT get it open. I wondered if my lack of door opening abilities was going to keep me home from work. Well, I refuse to let the ice I got the key to my dad's van out from my keychain...and started stabbing it along the seam of the door. (I used my dad's key because with my luck...the key would break and if it was the key to either my car or the apartment...umm, that would be bad). The key didn't break and after about 10 minutes of hacking away...and then pulling like mad on the door...rinse and repeat, etc. I FINALLY got the door open...and crawled inside and turned the car on. I cleaned off some of the car...and then went inside to wait for it to warm up and start to de-ice.

With all of that ice related drama...I was only 15 minutes late for work. Go me! We all know I love snow...but this ice business, I could do without it.

Oh...and last night, I was doing weight lifting instead of cardio, so my muscles are just a tad sore and tired this morning. I woke up...was getting ready and went down to warm up my car and my door was frozen shut again. I pulled on the door...and felt every single muscle in my arm. lol. Luckily, the door opened with only a little nudging because if it was going to take arms didn't have it in them today.

Oooh...again. I forgot to mention. They opened up the registration this week, so I officially signed up for the 5 mile race in March. I sent in the money...and ah, it feels so good to be official. I am really looking forward to it. I planning on running again to my dad's tomorrow long as the roads aren't still covered in ice. I jogged 3.5 miles last Saturday, so I am aiming for a full 4.5 or 5 miles this Saturday. I have it measured all out, so as long as my legs stay with should be doable.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday...and has a fabulous weekend. I don't have a lot planned. Jogging to dad's on Saturday...running shopping. Church on Sunday...and sometime this week a quick clean of the apartment.

Hugs all...

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lent commitments....

I mentioned in a post a while back...that I was unsure what I was going to do for Lent. Was I going to give up pizza and candy like I always do? Was I going to do something different since my diet is taking care of that anyways??

Today Lent officially starts. I'm not Catholic, so it's not a requirement that I give up anything, but I usually always do. I can remember being a little kid and telling my mom I was giving up homework for Lent...and just being impressed with how cute I was.

For 2008, here are my commitments for the Lenten period:

1. Giving up I always do. It should be easy enough. I haven't had a slice since mid-September, so 6 more weeks should be no big deal.

2. Giving up I always do. Once again, should be easy enough to do since simple sugars are not on my plan.

3. Giving up soda. I haven't had soda in the longest time, but I want to commit to not having any for the next 6 weeks. I doubt it will be a problem since I have had the same 2 bottles of diet Pepsi in my fridge since before Christmas.

4. Instead of giving up, I am giving back. I am committing to going to church for the next 6 weeks of Lent, no exceptions. Plus, I am going to increase the amount of money I put in the offertory plate each week. I am also going to look for ways to continue to get involved with church activities during this 6 weeks, etc.

I know my friend Heather (hey Hottie!) is doing the same church hopes of finding a new church home.

Anyone else giving up something for Lent???

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Super Duper Tuesday Recap....

Last night, I watched some of the results come in...but got tired and fell asleep and figured that the news would do nothing but update me this morning.

So, how did Super Tuesday turn out for the candidates??

Delegates Count (Stats taken from I have found different numbers on a bunch of different sites).

Democratic Side (Candidate needs 2,025 votes to win nomination)
Clinton Delegates: 582
Obama Delegates: 485

Republican Side (Candidate needs 1,191 votes to win nomination)
McCain Delegates: 516
Romney Delegates: 207
Huckabee Delegates: 142

For the looks like McCain and slowly, but SURELY inching towards the nomination. Romney and Huckabee can try, but I don't think anyone can catch him now.

Democratic Recap...I will talk about this more, because it is my party and two, because it is still very much a contested race.

States Clinton Won: California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts

States Obama Won: Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Colorado, North Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Alabama, Georgia, Connecticut, Delaware

Obama won more states than Hillary, but Hillary won the big states that she needed to. Hillary won New York, California and Massachusetts. NY was expected, but because of big endorsements in CA and MA...that was pretty unexpected. So, what does it all mean??? Well...we don't really know right now. I think they are still trying to find out who exactly gets how many delegates, but it looks like Obama won more states, but Clinton might have won just a smidge more delegates.

It'll be interesting to see where the race goes from here. Honestly, I wish one candidate would just outshine the other, so the party would fall in line behind one candidate instead of battling with itself between two wonderful candidates. I think the next big race is Texas...who holds a bunch of delegates as well. Obama has done well in the South so far, but Clinton is also showing promise in Texas.

Who knows and I don't think any of us are going to know for a while.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Check-In on my 2008 Goals!'s already February, so I thought I would do a status check on how I am doing on my 2008 goals. I copied a bunch of what I wrote in that entry here...and then I will put how I am doing so far in bold under it, mkay?

2008 Goals
1. Fitness
*I would like to ramp up my exercise even one more notch. I want to keep doing the cardio (with my rusty trusty elliptical) and also do a lot of circuit training to tone and shape what I've got.
*I want to run a 5K. I put that as a goal last year...and I walked a 5K, so I thought...good enough. Not good enough. I want to run one. We have a local runners club here and they have 5Ks throughout the, I want to sign up for one. There is one in March...and I might sign up for that one to push myself to be ready by then. I won't like training and working up to it in the cold, but I'll survive!
*A fitness goal I to figure out how to maintain my weight. I have had success at losing weight and gaining weight, but staying the same weight...that is such a mystery to me. So, I want to maintain my weight...and plan on giving myself a reward for each month I maintain my loss...once I am done losing.
So far, so good. I am still working out on my elliptical...doing strength training more than I was in 2007 and I set the goal for running not a 5K, but a 5 mile race in March. I still need to figure out how to maintain my weight...and that will start mid-February when I transition from the weight loss phase to the transition and maintenance phase of my diet/lifestyle program.

2. I want to be more organized in all areas of my life. I want to be more organized at home. I want to constantly keep the apartment clean. Instead of letting it get gross and disgusting...and then doing a mass cleaning, I want to keep on top of it every single day. I also want to be more organized at work...I want to not let things pile up. So, I am looking for 2008 to be the year of organization.
Things are getting to where they need to be. I spent a lot of time on my bedroom at home. I cleaned it...I organized my closet and actually put things away. Also, my roomie and I did a cleaning of the whole apartment. Now, what we NEED to do is keep doing it. We tend to get into the pattern of cleaning and then not doing it again for weeks until it desperately looks like it needs to be done again. Not good enough. I think I am going to make a cleaning schedule and hopefully roomie and I can figure out who is going to do what...on a more often basis. Work...still needs organizing, but I am getting there. I figure...organize home first, then work.

3. I want to be more active with my church this year. They have been really wonderful this year. My mom loved church and so being there is a really nice way to be close to her. I want to get involved in more things...and become more connected to the church, other than through my mom.
I have committed to going to church every week for the next 6 weeks of Lent. Plus, I have been bringing things in for the dinners and what not. And, I signed up to help two other people in church with the communion breakfast in April. So, I am slowly looking to become more involved. I think I might also find a way to help with the Sunday School events...even if it is just watching the little ones in the daycare section. I am going to look for opportunities to get involved...and say yes when asked.

4. I want to expand my wardrobe. I want to buy some more clothes...but within a budget. I plan on buying a new item or so every time I get paid. It would be nice to not be still wearing clothes I was wearing in high school.
I have done much better at this than I expected. I am horrible at spending money on myself. I went out and bought a BUNCH of stuff from Old Navy and Target during their after Christmas sales. I got a bunch of clothes for very little money. It's one of the benefits of losing weight...and feeling good about your appearance...because I am now more willing to spend money on myself and something that will make me look good.

5. I want to continue saving money. I want to start a Christmas savings account so that the holiday spending doesn't always seem like such a pinch. I also want to save for another trip to Florida...possibly going with some friends, etc. And, I also want to take another look at my monthly budget...making sure I am saving all the $$$ I can.
I did start a Xmas savings fund and I am putting at least $25 a month in it. I don't want to spend all of January paying off Xmas debt like I did this year. I am still putting money into my car insurance savings acct, my car savings acct and my general savings acct. I am also thinking of starting a dental savings acct since I always need some work done...yadda yadda yadda. I do pretty well at saving money...I just want to make sure it is a constant, automatic thing each and every month.

So...there are my goals for far...and an update on how I am doing. Honestly, I think I am doing pretty well. I need to think if there are other goals I would like to accomplish this year as well.

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Super Fat Tuesday....

*giggles* That's is not only Super Tuesday, but it is also Fat Tuesday.

So, if you live in one of the 22 states that is having a primary today....don't forget to get out and vote. NY is one of those states, so I will be heading to the polls once I get out of my dentist appt this afternoon. There have never been this many states on Super Tuesday's as close to a national primary as we have ever had. I have never hidden who I am going to vote for....I'm a democrat, so I will be voting in that primary and casting my vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am not voting against Obama, but I just feel that Hillary is the most qualified candidate to lead the country.

I guess I should rant about one of my pet peeves....not voting. I don't know how many people I have come across in the last few weeks who have no intention of voting in the primary...and some more who aren't registered to vote, etc. I consider it an honor to be able to vote...and have a voice in our system. For decades...women before me championed and sacrificed so that I could have the simple right to, in many ways...I consider not voting a slap in their faces. With freedom and democracy...comes responsibility. When most people tell me they aren't are the main reasons: 1) The system is so corrupt...I don't want to be a part of it. 2) My vote doesn't really count anyways. 3) I don't like any of the candidates, so why bother. And...some of that argument is right on the money, but I don't think it is reason not to vote. Right now...our system says it is a democracy, but I am not sure it actually is. I do agree...that in many is bought and paid for. And, I have felt at times that my vote doesn't really count because of the way the electoral college works. But...there that just confirms my need to vote. I know the system will never change if only those who support the corruption vote in it...if only those who champion the status quo. I have often said that if everyone voted...our political system would be vastly different. In terms of statistics...people in poverty don't, why should a politician pay attention to their issues...when they don't come out to the polls. Let's say for example...Person #1 votes and Person #2 does not. There is a particular issue that is important to both people....Issue A. Person #1 is against issue A...and Person #2 is for issue A. Who is the politician more likely to listen to??? Person #1...because they vote. Yes, that's simplistic...and with lobbyist...things get more and more murky, but I still say...if we ALL voted, we'd be more powerful than the biggest, wealthiest lobby...because our votes ELECT people. my "You should vote" soapbox. At least for now.

And let's not forget Fat Tuesday is today too. Today is the day before Lent...when people are supposed to indulge in whatever they are going to give up for the next 6 weeks. My church is having its annual Pancake Supper tonight. And...for me...I am proud that this is the first Fat Tuesday where I am not actually fat. whoo hoo. I usually always order pizza for dinner tonight...because I give it up for Lent. Not this year though. I am still giving it up for Lent...candy too...but, not going to be eating it tonight. Instead, I like the idea of being in the healthy BMI range for Fat Tuesday.

I also decided to commit to church for the next 6 weeks. I am going to put more in the offertory...and go to church each week for the Lent period. It is sad how little I give each week...even though I make it up by making one or two big donations throughout the year...and bringing in items for dinners and church events, but still....I realized last week that I put more money in each week for our Lotto Club at work than I give to the church. Not right, not at all. So, I am giving a little more in the plate each week. It's still not a lot...but it's a step in the right direction. And going each and every week is something I need to do. I like going, but I usually end up taking at least one week off a month...and it's amazing how that one week can snowball into two...or three and then suddenly, I haven't been in a month. So...I will be at church for the Lent ifs ands or butts about it.

Enjoy your Tuesday all...and if you are have a primary today....VOTE!!!!! *smirks*

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Football recap...and of course, a weigh-in!

Hey y'all.....

So, did you watch the Superbowl last night?? I did. I went over and watched it with my dad since my roomie isn't interested at all in anything sports related, so I thought I wouldn't torture her with me watching the game. I am not a huge football fan...meaning I don't go insane like I do when watching Red Sox games,, I didn't really care who won. I would have liked to see the Pats win since they went undefeated all season long...and that is a really special thing. But, I would also like to see the Giants win...not for the Giants, but for Eli Manning. I am a fan of his brother Peyton and both of the Mannings seem like just the nicest guys.

So...hooray for Eli and his Giants. It was a really entertaining game. It wasn't decided until the final minute. I would much rather have a game like that...then one where the outcome was decided after the 1st quarter.

Alright...enough of this fooseball talk. Let's get to the Monday Weigh-In/ Weight loss talk!!! It is Monday, yes??? I have been exercising like crazy this week. I went for a run on Monday, weight training on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, Elliptical on Thursday, Elliptical on Friday, the big run on Saturday and weight training again yesterday. So, I have been working out pretty hardcore this, watching my food as always, etc.

And did it pay off??? Of course. I lost 3 lbs this week. That makes a total weight loss of 63 pounds. My to start transitioning from weight loss to maintenance the day after Valentine's Day. The plan is to slowly start adding things back that I don't go back to eating the way I was before...and gain all the weight back. And, it is also supposed to only add one thing at a time, so that my system doesn't get completely shocked by the addition of new things that it hasn't seen since the fall of 2007.

Hugs all....

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