Tuesday, May 23, 2006

24: Season 5

Last night was the season finale of 24...which is the best show which has ever been on tv....ever! I love this show...the intensity...the chances they take...the twists, the turns...the real time element of the show...and of course, Kiefer and his humminaness. It was a 2 hour season finale...and let me tell you, it was a great ride. I was amazed at how much story was left to tell with 10 minutes left...and the season left us with a bunch of questions and wondering what is going to happen to Jack Bauer.

I can't wait until season 6....to see what happens next and who might be around to save Jack Bauer this time.

P.S. Did I mention that Kiefer= hummina, hummina, hummina


Monday, May 22, 2006

Week 20 Weigh-In: Back Where We Started....

Hey y'all....I didn't weigh in last week...mainly because I knew I didn't behave and because I didn't want to see the gain and then beat myself up about all week long. Instead, I committed to just making the different this last week and hoping to have lost whatever it was that I gained.

So, how did I do?

That's right...I am right back where I started. I didn't lose anything, but I didn't gain anything either. It's a nice feeling to know that I could kick my ass and get myself right back where I needed to be. I am going to be a rock star this next week too...and get myself back in gear. I know that this time during my weight loss journey last year...is where I lost focus. I started thinking..."I look good enough" and allowed myself to stray off course. So, I am not going to do that this time. I know where my goal is...and I am committed to achieving it.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Check It Out...

I know...I am a liberal, democrat...but even if I wasn't....this is damn funny. Poor Al Gore. Gotta love his sense of humor though.

It's been a while....

hi y'all..I haven't written in a while. It's been a smidge crazy around here and also...well, I will admit it, I am lazy. I am just going to share a bunch of stuff that I have been meaning to post all week long.

  • I decided to leave the audiopost up there. I don't know how often I will do it, but I do think it is kind of cool. For the most part, not many people read my blog who don't know me...so, I kind of like the idea of talking to y'all ever once in a while.

  • Last Saturday...I went to a graduation party for a friend and a former co-worker. She just graduated with her master's degree. It was a really good time...and I was so happy for her. She looked great...and just seemed really happy and alive. It was nice to see. She is originally from the midwest, so I hope to see her more often before she decides if she is going to hang around here or if she is going to head back to her neck of the woods.

  • I wrote an angry email to Hillary Clinton the other day. I didn't like her comments she made about people in their 20s and how they don't know the meaning of work. I felt that the comments weren't really valid...and if anything, her daughter and her bloated salary spoke more about the people she was remarking about than the general person in their 20s...just hoping and praying that they get a job...ANY JOB...when they graduate from college. Anyways...I wrote an email...spoke my mind. I know that she probably won't read it...one of her people probably will...but it felt good to write it and tell my Senator what I thought of her comments.

  • I admit...I watch American Idol. This is the first year I have watched it well into the season. Usually I only watch during the train wreck weeks...when people audition who think they know how to sing...only to have the world find out that they can't. It's hilarious...I love it. Anyways...I kept watching and really got into it this year. I thought there were some actual great talents. And yep...I watched for Chris Daughtery. I think he is amazing...I love my bald, hot rocker. I really thought he would win it all. He is the first American Idol person...that when he releases an album...I'll buy it. I was sad to see him go...and shocked honestly, but oh well...it's American Idol...the people voted and Chris went bye bye. I also LOVE Taylor Hicks. I call him "Grand Maul Seizure" cause well...he looks like he is having a seizure when he is singing and dancing, but I love him for it. He is in the finals...and I would love nothing more than for him to win it all. Go Taylor! Soul Patrol!

  • I went to a water park last night. Our local amusement park...it has a connected hotel with a water park in it. A couple of my friends work at the hotel, so I got to go and splash around in the water for free. It was a blast. One, I love hanging out with the girls...cause they are awesome. And two, the park is great. It has this family tube slide...that is just too much fun. I splashed around in the water for like 3 hours...and also climbed the stairs to the slides about a million times. My legs may hate me today, but lord...I had a good time.

  • I didn't do a weigh in this week. I misbehaved last week...and decided to not step on the scale on Monday. I am going to kick things in gear this week and hope to be back at the place I was a week ago. I know this is the time when I tend to be lax about my weight loss stuff...so, I am working hard to not let that happen (when I am not eating subs and pizza from the hot pizza guys next door.) So...we'll see what the scale says next week. *crosses fingers*

  • Alright...that's it. In the future, I won't let a week go by without posting. See y'all later.

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    Audioblogging all over the place....

    this is an audio post - click to play

    Here is an audioblog...cause well, I wanted to try it. I think I should give credit to my first audioblog to Renee...cause she is doing Podcasts everyday on her site and I have been listening to them lately. I realized that I think it is pretty cool to actually listen to her voice, her talking and just processing her day out loud...since I have been reading her site for about year and a half or so now.

    So, in homage to Renee...here is my first audioblog. Let's see if I leave it up here or if I delete it. I usually cringe at the sound of my own voice, so..yeah...we'll see.

    P.S. My mom would be very disappointed in me...that in my first audioblog (not that she knows what an audioblog is)...I swore. lol Oh well...I swear...fact of life. *giggles*

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Week 18 Weigh-In: Now that is more like it!

    Hi y'all...it's another weekly weigh-in....and this one isn't such bad news. I have been good this week...and didn't punish myself too much for the gain last week. I decided to just relax this last week and attempt to do my best. I had dinner again with friends on Friday...and didn't beat myself up for having the veggie quesadilla burger...mmm...it was so good too.

    And how did the scale treat me this week?

    That's right...technically, I lost 5 pounds. I like to think of it as I got those 4 pounds I gained back...and lost one more pound. It's awesome though....to see that a week of being good and not pushing myself to the brink, it made up for that week of slack and cheating. And...it also means I won my mini-reward again. I am going to go to the mall on Tuesday and look at sneakers again.

    This week...I am on a new plan. I am going back to Power 90 and doing that as my workouts. I am going to do Power 90 Cardio two times a week, Power 90 Circuit two times a week and then doing abs two times a week. I just have to fit them in sometime in the week....rock on!

    See y'all later...it's time for me to get dressed (in one of my new outfits) and walk to work. *winks*

    Sunday, May 07, 2006

    sorry i've been away....

    Yep, it's been a while since I posted...I have spent the last week getting a lot of things done and getting some things back in order. It's about time.

    I once again picked out the sneaks I want to buy...once my weight goes down again. I didn't like the sneaks in the last store I went to...so, I think I might buy a pair of sneaks at Sears. They are having a killer sale...and have some really nice sneaks.

    I went shopping a bunch this weekend...I bought about 6 shirts for work. I have oodles of sweaters, but it is definitely out of sweater season. I needed some short sleeve blouses for work...that fit. So, I bought a bunch of them on Friday. You know...it felt nice to try on some clothes and actually like how they look on you. Plus, today...I went to Old Navy and bought another pair of pants and then went to Payless and bought a couple pairs of shoes. I am so cheap and stingy with my money...and this shopping trip was long overdue.

    Oooh...and on Saturday morning...I had an eye appointment. Let me tell you how awesome it is to have eye insurance. My total bill would have been almost $300 if I didn't have insurance...and I walked out of there only paying about 50. Plus...I have a new prescription...and I am getting a new pair of glasses on Tuesday. They look really cute...and I haven't had new glasses since I was in college.

    Alright...that's all for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow...hopefully with good news from my weekly weigh-in. ta ta!

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Week 17 Weigh-In: A little heavier....

    This week...well, life didn't go to plan. I ate out almost every meal this weekend and then had to work on Sunday night and ate pizza and some candy, etc. So, let's face it...this week sucked.

    The thing is...I saw this coming weeks ago. I tend to have a period of doing really well...and then I feel the self-sabotage coming on. I ate just because...I bought ice cream...I bought some candy....I ate out with friends...I had a sub for lunch. It's like I needed to not only step off my diet for a bit...I needed to do everything exactly opposite.

    And here are the numbers for the weeks:

    I gained 4 pounds this week....stepping on the scale hurt. I knew it would be a gain, but was hoping for a pound or two, not 4! Do I think I actually gained 4 pounds? Probably not...I didn't eat my whole body weight in greasy, salty, sugary snacks. So, I think my body got a lot more food in it this weekend...and it reacted. I hope that the pounds come back off the following week. But if they don't....I'll survive.

    And, I have learned to be a little less OCD with myself...to give myself more slack so that maybe this time next month, I won't self-distract.