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Thursday, October 09, 2003

UJ: program eval

Hey kids....all week long I have been this program evaluation that I had at work. I had to tabulate all the data for the past three months and prove we have been doing what we are supposed to be doing...and then I have to write a work plan about what we are going to do in the next three months.

There has been some tension between the grant funder and our organization....sometimes about philosophical differences and sometimes about just seeing things in different perspectives, even when we are seeing and talking about the same thing.

Anyways...I was a tad nervous about this evaluation because of that. And I was also working like a mad woman preparing for this meeting. I finished it last night....and then tweeked it this morning. I have always been an over-writer and the same is true here. Most of the director write a 5 or 7 page report...I think mine might have been 15 in total.

To cut to the chase...the eval went very well. I think the funder and program evaluator and I are finally on the same page and that we both understand one another. I over planned for it, but it worked for me...because it makes it easy for us to both see our common vision. I kind of fretted about this meeting all day long....and then it was such a relief when this meeting went so well. I can relax and maybe get some sleep...and it is also such a relieving sense for my get the thumbs up about the work that we do.



Wednesday, October 08, 2003

UJ: candidates forum

On Tuesday night, I got the opportunity to go to a candidates forum for the local politicians in Bloomington. I am involved in the organization that hosted them and also was part of the committee steer heading it.

16 out of the 22 candidates showed up to the panel forum, which we thought was phenomenal....and it was really nice. The hosting organization asked 3 different questions about how the candidates could help and advocate for non-profits.

The interesting thing for me was what happened after the event was officially over. The candidates stayed in the room, ate some cookies, drank some coffee and talked with the people there about a variety of issue. I had a great conversation with one of the candidates who shares my political view....he was probably the most liberal democrat on the panel and I really appreciated what he had to say. So, talking with him was energizing...and I hope he wins the election because we talked about ways in which he can help the non-profit section and in particular, the agency I work for.

and secondly, I talked with another candidate who I did not agree with on much of anything. While he was answering a question, I disagreed with his take on it enough that I body language made it obvious that I did not support his ideas. So, after the event...he came up to me and mentioned something about how he noticed I didn't agree with him and what he had to say. I laughed and mentioned that it must have been that So, we began talking...we still don't agree, but we got to share our perspective with one another. We talked about how way or the other would effect our community. We talked for about 20 minutes...two people who probably couldn't even agree on what type of cookie is best.

Things like that mean so much to me....I think if we listen to people, even when we disagree...we can learn so much. The candidate and I could have got all defensive...starting yelling about our point of view, but instead...we just listened to one another and tried to learn something. In the end, we both know that he won't get my vote, but I do understand why thinks the way he does....and that is a great lesson. was a really great evening. I am such a political person by nature, so these things energize me....


Monday, October 06, 2003

I'm still not a fan of birthdays...I didn't have a bad birthday, but I don't know...I think personally, I would be a happier person if they didn't exist. I don't mind getting older...but it is the obligatory celebration that I don't think I like. It's hard for me to see a lot of value in it. I mean, I wouldn't mind a party just like the next person, but at the same time....i don't sometimes seems like such a waste. And at times, having a birthday can make you feel even more moody or more lonely that you already this year, I realized I didn't get calls from people that called last year. I got calls from others...and they mean the world to me. But, I was aware of some of the losses in my life yesterday on a more dramatic level. Plus...having my friends and family so far away....the ones who I really would have liked to celebrate with...weren't here. It was nice dad talking about how much he would like it if I moved closer to home...I really have to start looking into that.

I had a nice time though....2 friends here in town took me out to dinner and it was nice just to chit chat with them. I talked maybe a month of so ago about increasing my social life and I slowly see it happening. I have a small group of really nice friends from work....and that is a really good thing. I am still not sure if I want to stay or if I want to go back east....but I do know I have some really nice people here to hang out with.

Before the realization that I needed to start hanging out more often with the friends that I had...I was spending most of my time with my *friend* I was having issues with. I never had a problem with not having enough friends...I just didn't hang out with them outside of work or school or whatever social situation we were in together. I would hang out with my one main friend and that was it....seeing our friendship go down the tubes was a lesson for me that I should really branch out.

But back to work for me...this week, there is so much that needs to get done...busy busy week!


Sunday, October 05, 2003

UJ: it's my birthday!

happy birthday to me...

I am not one who really celebrates my birthday, so other than the obligatory call from my parents and having a small dinner with a few friends this evening, it pretty much feels like a normal day.

At least it is a nice day outside...that is a gift enough in itself.


Wednesday, October 01, 2003

We had a heroine overdose at work today....I was working at the family center and got a call from one of the interns saying that there was something happening at the main building. The guy got brought to the hospital...we'll find out more tomorrow, but we think he will be ok.

YOu can tell winter is getting near...since these things become much more typical. The biggest thing...I am so proud of my students. They really excelled and dealt so well with the, I guess that is the only positive thing I can take out of this.


UJ: such a nice view...

I forgot what a beautiful place Bloomington is....

It was pretty chilly out today...those days when it makes sense to start wearing a sweater days...but even in the cold, I decided to walk to get my lunch. I think I forget how lucky I am to live somewhere so beautiful. And even more lucky that I live downtown and get to experience the "down time" life as part of my work day.

Now...if only traffic and parking weren't insane! Then, I might be in heaven!

I hope everyone is doing well...things in my neck of the woods are picking up!