Tuesday, January 31, 2006

and I mean REALLY taking a break....

So, you know how I said I have a hard time giving myself a break...and slowing down....especially when it comes to weight loss and exercise.

Well, I am not going to make that realization just lip service. I know I need to be easier on myself. I know I need to give myself a break. I know I need to set goals which are obtainable.

So, I am changing one of my goals from work out with Power 90 four times a week....to...dum, dum, dum....not planning on doing Power 90 at all this week. I am just planning on doing the walking challenge this week.

This week...I have to work M-F 8-4:30pm...which is usual. But I also have to work at the video store 2 nights a week...which means on those days I will be working from 8am to 1am...basically straight. I worked at the video store last night...and I am just exhausted right now. I need to rest and get to sleep early...instead of scrambling to fit in both a walk and my cardio workout.

So....if I get one or two Power 90 workouts...great, fabulous! But, I am not planning on it. 4 walks is my exercise for this week...and that's just gotta be good enough. I know I will kick myself if I step on the scale and nothing changes...but...well...fug it. This decision is taking care of myself WAY better than the pound or two more that might come off if I work out like an animal.

Off to watch 24...since I missed it last night...being video store girl and all! *winks*

P.S. Aren't y'all proud of me???? Well...wait for the beaming pride until Monday when I post that I actually let myself have a break. Nah...go ahead and be proud now!

P.S. (2) I just ordered my Yum Yum Bowls....oooh!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Week 4 Weigh-In: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

And we are already at Week 4...and basically the end of January. It's shocking how quickly it can all go by. So, let's get right to it...and the results are:

I lost 2 pounds this week...for a total of 11 pounds lost. I am super excited about this...because I broke the 10 pound mark. And...yep, that means I get my first reward. When I get home from work tomorrow...I will order the Yum Yum Bowls that I promised myself. YEAH!!!!

Overall though...I kind of sucked this week. Not in terms of weight loss, but in terms of everything else. I said last week that I didn't want to step on the scale until weigh-in day....and I lasted until Friday, but then I was ALL over the scale.

I also pushed myself way too hard for part of this week...over the weekend, I worked out 3 times on Saturday to make sure I was still on track. That is insane....absolutely insane. I knew it as I was doing it, but I couldn't help myself. I wrote about how I am doing two challenges right now...the Walking Challenge and the Power 90 Challenge...and how I might need to give myself a break, etc. Did I? Hell no. I pushed and pushed and pushed. I need to learn how to assess what I need...and I need to get out of my head that if I don't do exactly what I set out to...that I am a failure. It's all a head game...I know it. Inside...I still believe that if I allow myself to not workout 6 times a week with Power 90...it will only be a matter of time before I am eating pizza 3 times a week again. It's all about trust...plain and simple. I need to learn to trust myself and know that I am making good choices to change my life...even if I am not perfect to plan.

So, my goals for this week:

1. Keep logging all my food.
2. Drink 100 ounces of water everyday.
3. Complete my walking challenge by walking 4 times this week.
4. Do Power 90 FOUR times this week...not SIX! FOUR! FOUR! FOUR!
5. Purchase my Yum Yum Bowls...I deserve them!
6. Do not step on the scale until Monday morning. No exceptions.
7. Give myself a break when I need one...no matter what.

*tummy grumbles* Oops...time for my snack. See y'all later.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

nothing really...

Ahh....there is still silence! I never like the idea of being a "snitch" but damn...it worked. I saw my neighbor just briefly when I was running out to my car and he kind of gave me a look.

Oh well...you turn my apartment into a rock concert...you deserve what you get! *winks*

I haven't done a lot this weekend...well, that's not true...I worked out like an animal, but I didn't get the things I needed to get done...done. I didn't clean and re-arrange my closet. I didn't vaccuum the floor. I didn't clean out the exercise room. I didn't run a load of laundry over to my parents and wash it. So, basically...I worked out a lot...and then lazed around.

Oh, I did go grocery shopping...cause I was out of salad and yogurt or I probably would have skipped that too.

And what am I going to do with the rest of today....a quick workout and a whole lot of nothing.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

fuck. shit. balls.

Warning: Take a look at the title of this post. Go ahead, take a look. I will wait. Yep, this post might contain some swearing. If that offends ya...move along!

I think I've mentioned before that my upstairs neighbor is kind of loud sometimes. If I haven't...consider it mentioned.

So...let me backtrack to Thursday and tell you a little ditty of a story. So, Thursday night...I ended up working at the video store until 1am...because one of our employees quit and so her shift needed to be covered. So, on Thursday I worked at the A job from 8:30 to 4pm...got home in time to do a hurried workout, eat a quick dinner and run over to the video store from 6pm to 1am. Then...I went home and quickly fell asleep.

Now..it is Friday. I once again worked the A job from 8am to 4:30pm...was dead tired from probably getting 4 hours of sleep. I looked forward to getting home to my quaint little apartment, making dinner and watching the Corpse Bride. So, I get home pop my dinner into the oven and before I can get 5 minutes into the dvd...my apartment is suddenly turned into a retro rock concert. My upset neighbor who will be renamed asshat for the rest of this post...well, asshat has his music blaring so loud that my ceiling is literally shaking. I grumble to myself....and wonder how long this will last. I swear...and then swear some more. Fuck. Shit. Balls. And then...I do it...yep, I banged on the ceiling to tell asshat to shut the fuck up. It's not mature, but I hoped it would get the job done. The response? I can tell you the music did not go down...and it might have gone up. The swearing continued. Fuck. Shit. Balls. I was getting more livid by the minute.

Sidenote: It is interesting how therapeutic swearing can be. I mean...I really starting feeling better after calling asshat a mo'fo' and the King of Douchebaggery. I know he couldn't hear me (through the wall of deafening sound), but I could hear it...and it helped.

Back to the story. I was already going batty...and then the straw that broke the camels back. I started hearing...very loudly...Guns n' Roses Welcome to the Jungle. One, it was so loud I could hear it as if Axl was in my living room singing it to me. And two, any loud music is bad enough...but bad 90s hair bands. This is where I MUST DRAW THE LINE! So, I picked up the phone...and called my landlord.

She answered the phone....which most of me didn't want her to. I didn't want to have to call her...I immediately felt uncomfortable doing it. It made me feel like I was 12 years old and telling my mommy something my brother did. So, every passive aggressive bone in my body wanted to just leave her a voicemail and be done with it. But...she answered. I was nice...told her I know that people have different ways of living their life, but there should be some ground rules. She said I did the right thing calling her and she would give him a quick call.

She called the asshat. The music went down. She called me back. She said that he said he didn't hear me banging on the ceiling and that he knew the music was loud, but that he didn't think it would bother anybody. Now, I don't believe he didn't hear me...but whatever. But, the best thing she told me was...he is moving in March!

*Shelley does the Balky happy dance of joy*

I enjoyed the rest of my evening in blissful silence. End of story.

Monday, January 23, 2006

FFYFC Challenge and Power 90

Hey y'all...I have signed up for the Fat Fighter's Yearlong Fitness Challenge. It's a pretty cool...low impact, walking challenge. I love challenges...and I love being able to use my swanky pedometer, so...I jumped at the chance to sign up. I signed up for the intermediate level...which starts at me walking 4 times a week...1.25 on each walk.

I went out on my first walk on Sunday...and plan on heading out again tomorrow for walk #2.

Now...I need to take a look and make sure that doing both the walking challenge and Power 90 doesn't kill me. Right now, I have committed to doing Power 90 six times a week...and then I would also be walking 4 times a week. If I keep at this pace...it would be 10 workouts a week. I think I can handle that...as long as I keep it in perspective. So, I just need to remember that...and scale back the Power 90 a smidge if I need to. I don't want to...cause I love Power 90, but I also know that if I feel burned out...to respond to that.

BTW- I moved from Phase 1/2 to Phase 3/4 on Power 90...the cardio tape completely kicked my ass today, but...when I remember how I felt when I went to Phase 3/4 last time...it didn't kick my ass as badly as it did last time. And...even though I am completely spent...it is actually a really great feeling.

Whoo hoo...and now, I am finding something to eat for dinner before I officially die!

Week 3 Weigh-In

Well, let's get right to it...this week, when I stepped on the scale I lost 2 more lbs. That makes it a total of 9 pounds lost since Jan 1st! I was thrilled with this week's loss...for a couple of reasons. One, I lost weight...I don't care if it an ounce, I will celebrate it. Two, this is my girlie time o' the month...so, weight usually sticks around on these weeks. Three, I kicked some ass this week...so, if I didn't lose anything...I might hurt someone just to make me feel better.

This week...I did all six of my workouts, even when I was tired and didn't want to. I ate what I was supposed to...and I won't let myself forget that I turned down the pizza buffet and instead ordered the salad bar.

Here are my goals for the upcoming week:

1. Continue working out...cause my butt is looking better in my jeans each and every week.

2. Keep up the vitamins, water and writing down everything I eat.

3. Lose that one pound...so I can get my first reward! I so LOVE presents!

Things I need to do differently:

1. STOP stepping on the scale a few times a week, if not everyday. I know I shouldn't be doing it...but I haven't been able to make myself stop. I must just keep telling myself this mantra...I know it isn't just the number on the scale, I know it isn't just the number on the scale.

2. Get my workouts in each day before 7pm. No more straggling workouts.

That's it...I am pretty positive and happy this week...and I hope I can bring this attitude into next week.

Oh...and next is a post about a challenge over at Fat Fighters that I signed up for. Challenges are rad. All the cool kids sign up for challenges....so, be cool and sign up!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Anyone watching?

Anyone else out there watching Dancing With The Stars like I am??? I can't help it...I love intriguing, crap tv. So, yep...I am watching. And yep...I care who wins.

I loved watching the drama queen Tatum O'Neal go down in flames. I didn't think she deserves to be sent packing because of her dancing, but because of her attitude. You know...you have to be pretty crazy to be consider the unstable one...when she was married to John McEnroe. *winks*

And...usually in these competitions...I think that the person who is least talented should go, etc. But, I am breaking from that opinion on this show. I am just taken with Master P...how he competing, his style and his willingness to try and have fun out there. He's a bumbling mess and a horrible dancer...but I just love watching him out there giving it his best effort. So, I was happy to hear that the fans kept him around for at least one more week. Plus, I love his dance partner...Ashly. She is just cute as a button and so supportive of Master P, even though he's a dancing disaster.

So yep...I have my favorites...they are Master P, Lisa Rinna (who I think the judges give a real hard time), and Drew Lachey (because he had to survive Jessica Simpson being in his family...and I think he should be awarded for that. Oh yeah...and he is the best dancer.)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

i am a rock star....

That's right...I am a rock star and this is why:

I could have crumbled and gone off plan...a million times today, but I did not. Read this list of my fabulousness and adore me!

1. I had an incredibly stressful day at work today...where I was constantly wondering how I was going to fix something that basically was unfixable. I had the family calling...the lawyers calling...the judge calling...and no idea what to do. We all know I am an emotional eater...and usually days like this get me to eat something really horrible for me. But, I didn't...I didn't eat the cookies a co-worker brought in. I didn't go to the vending machines...I didn't get something horrible for lunch. I checked my emotions...realized why I wanted to eat a whole cheesecake and moved on.

2. A co-worker's last day is Friday...so, we went out to lunch to celebrate her today. We went to Pizza Hut's lunch buffet. Yep, that's right...not only pizza...but a buffet. So, I was smart..and had a plan before I went in there. I just had the salad bar...no pizza...just salad and 1/2 a breadstick. I was really proud of myself because not only was I in my "emotional eating" zone, but I once again said no to lots and lots of pizza.

3. I ended up staying late at work today...because of the craziness. Usually, I get home...have enough time to have a snack, relax a little...and then I get to my sweaty workout. So, when I got home...everything in me wanted to skip the workout for the night and somehow make it up. I was tired and stressed...and didn't eat pizza, so I wanted to convince myself I could skip the workout. But, I didn't...I got home...immediately put my workout shoes on...and didn't even sit down in front of the TV. I knew that if I sat down and started watching some crap tv...I would never get up. So, I worked out...worked out hard and then made a healthy dinner.

Everything that is supposed to mess up my game...happened today...and I am happy to report that I dealt with it and kept on plan like a rock star!

GO ME!!! *does the robot like the geek that I am*


I am officially OUT of toilet paper. I guess I had better go to the store on the way home from work, eh?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

sending bad karma to old man winter!

The weather is a mess today...there is ice all over everything...and it is raining like mad...so, everything is icy and slippery...and my car is covered in ice...and my walkway couldn't be any more dangerous, even if it tried.

Luckily...I get to go to work about a half an hour late...so, I have time to start my car, warm her up...and drive slower than your grandmother on my way to work.

Alright...it's official. Winter sucks....sucks it big time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

American Idol Drama...

I admit it...I watch crap tv. It's drama...it's ridiculous. I love it.

I am about to start watching American Idol...I think the show in total, pretty much blows. But, I love the first few episodes...where it is chuck full of people who seem to think they can sing, but well...they cannot.

I find those poor souls so entertaining.....the ones who curse Simon for telling them the truth...that yes, they CANNOT sing! Once it changes to an actual competition...full of people who have talent and actually can sing, I lose interest....and start watching something else. I just love the trainwrecks!

She bangs...she bangs!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Week 2 Weigh-In

This week seemed to fly right by....in some good ways and some bad. I did pretty well this week...I stayed on target each day this week, worked out the 6 times I said I would...wait...scratch that, I lied. I worked out 5 times...but doubled up on workouts today since I had the day off to make up for it. So, I am cool with that...and not even considering beating myself up over it.

Let's get to the dirty business of the weigh-in, why don't we.... I lost ONE pound this week. When I stepped on the scale this morning...I had a mini-tantrum....and got angry since I stayed on goal and did the things I was supposed to...but, soon...I moved on and realized I shouldn't complain about a loss...EVER!

And...then I clicked over and read Joelle's comments at The Donut....and it helped put things in perspective. I lost 7 pounds in the last two weeks...I have felt better about my body...I have felt my muscles get stronger and my endurance get better....I have slept better and smiled more....I said NO to FREE PIZZA for god's sake. So...fuck my negative attitude about only losing a pound. I think it's time...I get over myself and realize that even if I didn't lose a damn pound...I made some great decisions this week.

So, for right now...I am keeping on, keeping on for the next week. Here are some goals for next week.

1. I need watch my calories...but on the other side. Sometimes...especially on my cardio intense days, I wonder if I might not be eating enough.
2. Keep drinking my water...and green tea.
3. Take my vitamins.
4. Make sure I am eating the right kind of things...since I ditched the Nutrisystem and all.

Much love to you all....

Sunday, January 15, 2006

2 hours of 24....

in one night! That kicks ass!

People who know me know...that I love 24. It's an absolute awesome show and the season 5 premiere was just on.

And...two more hours of 24 tomorrow night too. I think I might just OD on 24.

And Kiefer...hummina, hummina, hummina!

P.S. I have the control of a diet goddess. Why, you ask? Well...I was working hard as the video store gal, etc. I brought my lunch with me...luna bar, goldfish crackers and some fruit snacks. Everything is going to plan...UNTIL....one guy at work brings over a whole, hot, yummy, cheesy, saucy, perfect....PIZZA. He says that he ordered a couple of slices and they gave him a whole pizza...so, he offers me some. I saw the pizza...I smelled the pizza...FREE PIZZA...my tummy grumbled....and then, I made the decision...to eat my luna bar and walk slowly away from the pizza. See...self control of a goddess!

nutra no more....

On Friday, I called and cancelled my Nutrisystem membership. That seems so reversed to what people usually do during the "I want to be healthy and fit" time in January.

But....it was just the right decision for me. I have a lot of respect for Nutrisystem and think it is a great program, it just isn't the right one for me for a couple of reasons.

One- I don't really need the breakfast or snack foods that they send you. I mean, I can measure out a cup of cheerios all on my own. And...I just don't like the snacks. I went to BJ's last night...and bought a bunch of little bags of goldfish crackers, teddy grahams and Baked Lays, etc. I just think I can do the snacks and breakfasts on my own.

Two-I like the lunches and desserts...but the whole program costs about 300 bucks a month. That's just a lot to spend...especially when I am trying to save for a lot of things. There are a few meals I really enjoy...and probably will miss.

So, I decided to cancel the monthly order...and just order a few lunches and dinners a la carte every once in a while. I still plan on being healthy...just more on my own.

What I do plan on doing...is researching the glycemic index and seeing exactly what they were doing, etc...since a lot of my foods tend to be card heavy, being the vegetarian that I am and all.

Alright kids...off to be video store gal! *winks*

Friday, January 13, 2006

damn federal employees!!!

Sometimes the world likes to remind you just how much you are not in control. I just finished watching some crap tv...threw on my walking shoes and trudged over to the Post Office because I need to send some things out, which involves buying stamps.

So, I get all the way over there....and walk inside...and the window is all closed and no one is in sight. I grumble and wonder why a Post Office would not be open at 1pm on a random Friday. I wonder if today is now considered some special holiday...just because I have the day off. I dismiss this thought. I wonder if they close for lunch. I dismiss this thought as well...since it is 1pm, so I would think that if they closed for lunch, it would be done by 1pm...and there would be a SIGN TELLING ME SO!

So, I walked down to the local park, circled around and walked home. As soon as I got home, I hopped on the dear ol' internet and looked the Post Office up. I was first looking for a phone number, so I could call them and be all bitchy about why they weren't open. Well...instead I clicked on the "Branch locator" do-hickey...and what do I see...they close for lunch from 12:15pm to 1:30pm daily.

I still say there should have been a sign...just saying.

But, life lesson for day. Check the internet before heading out...not after.

And yep, that means...I am off...back to the Post Office I go!


I just wanted to remind those who are living under a rock that the 5th season of 24 is premiering on Sunday night on Fox at 8pm. I am so jazzed...since I think it is the best show that has ever graced a tv screen.

Plus, Kiefer is uber hot. hummina.

And...I have been changing around that About Me section over there on the left. I had the same paragraph written there for over a year, so it thought it was time for a change. It's a work in process...just like life.

Oh yeah...I have the day off work today. Why? Just because. And, I also have the day off on Monday. Yep, that's right. Go me.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

going cardio CRAZEE!

Today has been a good day...

I got home from work about 4pm...and at about 4:45pm...got to my cardio workout for the day. For those who don't know...I am doing the Power 90 program and today I am doing the cardio tape.

I love the Power 90 tapes...cause they kick my ass, but are also dealable. They kick my ass and keep me going...unlike some other tapes, which kick my ass into quitting. I was really successful with Power 90 this time last year...so, here is hoping.

Today, I killed the cardio tape....I really pushed myself and didn't allow myself to do any of the modifications that Tony offers you. And you know what...by the time I got to the cardio punching, I felt G-R-E-A-T! I felt like I could have run a marathon...twice.

Now...once I got to the 5 minutes of abs, I was once again getting my ass handed to me on a platter, but you know...small victories.

At this point, I am not really seeing any significant changes in my body, etc...but quickly I have seen my level of endurance and fitness improve...and I couldn't be happier.

Alright...gotta go...My Name is Earl is on. Later.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

little net quiz....

For the past year or so...I really haven't been a fan of the internet quiz sites and usually when I see one on someone's blog, I usually just skim on past it.

But for nothing more than maybe just boredom or curiosity, I filled this one out...so, I thought I would share.


How You Live Your Life

You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.
You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.
You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.
Some of your past dreams have disappointed you, but you don't let it get you down.


Star Jones can bite my ass. I just don't like her...never have, probably never will. Devil woman.

a good mood?

Hey y'all....I have no idea why, but I am in a fantastic mood today. I shouldn't be...cause the garage just called and said that my car needs a new gasket...and it is a $600 repair. So, I should be cursing the world...but I guess I got that out of my system last week.

Maybe it is because there is a new episode of Lost on tonight...and I am excited by that. Maybe it is because I lost 6 pounds and looking forward to losing more. Maybe it is because I have Friday and Monday off work.

All in all...life ain't bad.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Movie Review: Constant Gardener

I haven't done a movie review in a while.....since I was just picking a random movie which was coming out on Tuesday and then saying if I liked it or thought it sucked. So, I decided to stop doing that....but today I watched this movie....and just had to write about it. So, here it is!

Constant Gardener

Constant Gardener
Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz
Director: Fernando Meirelles

Here is a quick plot overview borrowed from imdb.com: In a remote area of Northern Kenya, activist Tessa Quayle (Rachel Weisz) is found brutally murdered. Tessa's companion, a doctor, appears to have fled the scene, and the evidence points to a crime of passion. Members of the British High Commission in Nairobi assume that Tessa's widower, their mild-mannered and unambitious colleague Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes), will leave the matter to them. They could not be more wrong. Haunted by remorse and jarred by rumors of his late wife's infidelities, Quayle surprises everyone by embarking on a personal odyssey that will take him across three continents. Using his privileged access to diplomatic secrets, he will risk his own life, stopping at nothing to uncover and expose the truth - a conspiracy more far-reaching and deadly than Quayle could ever have imagined.

I thought this movie was fantastic...hence the 4.5 star rating. I didn't really know what to expect when I first starting watching this movie...but I was surprising moved and touched. It is a story about the eternal love between the two main characters, even when they are tested. It is a movie about the courage and danger inherent in speaking the truth...about big government and big business. It's a dangerous concept to attempt to make the world better...especially in the third world. It takes an interesting look at the involvement of the drug companies in AIDS ravaged countries in Africa. So, being the social worker that I am....I loved this film. But as someone who loves film, it also was am incredibly well done story. I was completely taken in by the characters and was really invested in Fiennes' character finding the answers he desperately needed.

Rent this movie. It's a deep one...that makes you think, but well, well worth it!

first weigh-in

I got up this morning at 6:45am....and went in to weigh-in. I had been pretty hopeful that the scale would be kind to me, but I still wasn't sure until I stepped on the scale.

So, the big bad results are....

I lost SIX pounds this week! I am freakin' psyched! I thought I lost, but seeing 6 pounds is awesome. I know it is the first week back, so much of it is water and I won't continue losing at that pace...nor do I really want to. But, I'll take it!

Which reminds me....I am going to complain about the Biggest Loser for a little bit. I watch the show...and sometimes I find it inspiring and helpful, but I also get frustrated by the show. I get frustrated because I think it doesn't help people who are living real lives at home. I often hear contestants saying, "Oh my god, I only lost 4 lbs this week. I am so disappointed with myself. It sucks to lose such little weight."

I understand that they are in a competition, but I think that sends a bad and even dangerous message to the viewers at home. 4 pounds...in terms of healthy, sustainable loss...is a lot, not a little. So, I often think of someone at home..doing their workout, healthy routine...who loses two pounds a week....and just feels like a failure because of some of the Biggest Loser contestant comments.

I still think the Biggest Loser has value, I just wish that it connected more to the actual viewers experience of losing weight.

Anyways....6 pounds...whoo hoo! Off to have breakfast and keep this healthy living going!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

been at it a week now....

Tomorrow is my first weigh in of the new year...since I decided I am getting back on the healthy bandwagon. I am a smidge nervous about it...since I want to see the justification for how well I have done this week on the scale.

I think I lost...but I'll find out tomorrow. But no matter, I did good this week. I wrote down everything I ate...I planned my meals....ate within my calories everyday....worked out 6 times this week, etc.

I know how to do this...I've done it successfully 3 times before...but sadly, that also says I have gained the weight back 3 times as well. So, it seems like I know how to lose weight and how to gain weight...but maintaining...seems like a hugely foreign concept to me.

Baby steps though.....I gotta keep losing before I start fretting about maintaining. Talk about putting the cart in front of the horse. lol


Saturday, January 07, 2006

living like a grandma.....

Yep, that's right....I am living large like your crazy grandma! It's sad...I am 28 and should be having quite the life, but well...it just ain't happening.

Let me recap yesterday for ya. I worked. Then, I went to Target and Devil-Mart to return some things that my parents got me for XMas that I don't really want. Then, I went to my parents to pick up my mail. Went home. Had dinner...it was healthy and boring. Worked out. Sat down to watch tv...and prepare yourself to enter grandma land.

At 9pm, I was flipping around and decided to watch Trading Spouses...cause I just happen to love crap tv. And..by 9:15...I was asleep. I feel asleep on a Friday night before 9:30pm.

I remember when I had a life...and when it was even remotely exciting. This morning I woke up at 6:30am...and was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Of course I would be...that is living grandma style!

Watch out...I might start playing bridge, wearing knitted sweaters and giving random change to the local kids for doing odd projects for me.

Lord help me.

Friday, January 06, 2006

a snafu?????

I was watching Good Morning America this morning....and I was reading the ticker at the bottom of the screen and I come across this:

Wal-Mart apologizes for movie recommendation snafu which links the Planet of the Apes movie to famous African Americans.

Well, now I know I was right to call them Devil-Mart all these years. I didn't know racism was a snafu?? It's something that is blatant...I was glad they were apologizing til I saw they apologized by calling it a snafu.

*grumbles* Down with Devil-Mart...the racist son of a bitches!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

no more complaining today!

Today was better...I think the world still sucks, but today was a better day. I am feeling a smidge better...and got to complain to some wonderful co-workers about my frustrations at work. So...it made it more manageable.

I got home though...and I was wiped out...just wanted to sit down and take a long nap. So, I did lie down on the couch..watched a little People's Court...and thought about taking a nap. But instead...I knew what I needed to do. I got up, got my gym shoes on and did my cardio for the day. It woke me up...and really helped with my mood. So...I am happy cause it made me feel better and because I kept the commitment to workout, instead of just napping the evening away.

Go me!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

suckiety suck suck...

The world sucks today....I am sick as a freakin dog...had a crappy work day where I saw something great turn into shit...and there is nothing I can do about it. I have seen this coming for a while now...but until today, I didn't know how much it would actually suck. Plus, I was sneezing and having a headache through the whole thing. I know...specifics would be nice, but well...I work in a confidential bubble...which of course adds to the suckage at times.

Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.

Let's just say today...I am in a bad mood...and want to either hit something or eat my body weight in pizza.

Instead...I'll breathe and hope tomorrow is a better day. If not, I might just bury my head in the sand.

You know...I am usually a happy go lucky person....who goes with the punches, etc...but on some days...you just need to tell the world to suck it.

So, world...you are officially on notice....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

called in and lazed the day away....

I called in to work today...I have been fighting off a cold for about a week now...and when I woke up this morning...my voice was all scratchy...and I had a headache and was all snuffly, etc. I decided that it would be better to stay home one more day....sleep in...instead of going in to work and just prolonging my sickness.

I didn't do much today....I slept in...I watched some crap tv...made lunch...slept some more....made some lunch...worked out a smidge, etc. It was a complete lazy day, which I will admit...I enjoyed.

But tomorrow...I am done with the laze...and back to working like a mad woman.

Monday, January 02, 2006

first workout....89 to go!

Hey y'all....I just finished my first workout since I turned over a new leaf....made my resolutions....got sick of watching my ass grow, etc....

I am doing Power 90...which is this set of workout tapes that I have. I used it last year...and really liked it, so I thought I would go back to what I know works. There are 4 tapes all together. There are two levels...level 1-2 and level 3-4. And within each level...there is a cardio and a circuit tape.

I used to shy away from weights...because I thought it would slow the scale down...and it does. But, I know now...that if I gain muscle...I will get stronger and healthier...even if it takes a little longer to get the scale to that magic number.

I was a little sad when I finished working out tonight...because I remember how easily I did the tapes last May...when I was uber healthy. And now...I was struggling through the workout....and this was just level 1-2. So, it reminded me just how much I have given up...and let myself go.

BUT...I do remember my first workout last year...and I remember it being even harder than this one was. Once I got back into it...I was okay. So, all was not lost....and I can't wait until a month from now...when I can breeze through the workout.

Wish me luck...I'm excited...and energized, but I know I am going to need to stay WAY focused to make a go at this!

P.S. I promise for the 3 lowly readers I have...that my blog won't turn into me just talking about weight loss and exercising and how many carbs are in that! I promise to still have a life...and to blog about it! And...I also promise to blog here more often than I have in the past few months.


new year's motivation....

It's January 2nd folks! I am moving towards some of those pesky new year's resolutions that I made....mainly the healthy living ones. I started logging my food again...and I plan on exercising this afternoon. I have a second bedroom in my apartment...which I dubbed "the exercise room" months ago...so I think I should get to actually exercising in it. I also plan on drinking lotsa water today...and not eating candy or fudge or ice cream or pizza...or anything else that likes to attach to my ass!

I even added some weight loss links over there on my site...so I must be serious if I have links! lol You know what is funny...I went to my old weight loss site and checked out my old links there. It seems like I wasn't the only one who not only fell off the bankwagon...but seemingly ate every piece of food on the bandwagon on the way down. Even though I abandoned that blog a long time ago...it was sad for me to see that most of those people had either stopping blogging because of lack of motivation or just continued to blog about the pounds adding on, etc. I had hoped to see a lot of sites with glowing successes.....

But then again, it is kind of nice...knowing that we can all do this together all over again. I am just sick of being heavier than I want to be...heavier than I used to be. I am sick of not being as active as I used to be....and either not being able to do things or choosing to not do things...because of my weight.

So....off to the races am I. wish me luck!