Monday, April 30, 2007

Wanna go play paintball?

I just think the idea of paintball is just the coolest thing ever. I have always wanted to play, but just never got to it. I have played laser tag, but the idea of actually hitting someone and seeing paint splatter on their chest, etc is just too cool. We have a local paintball place on the outskirts of town, so I am thinking I am definitely going to check it out. I have heard that sometimes the paintballs can hurt, depending on where you get hit, but I can handle it. I'm no wuss!

And who knows, if I love it...I might just buy my own paint ball gun. Could you imagine having your own cheap paintball guns to play with? I would have paintball wars with my friends in our backyard. We'd have a day of hanging out, BBQing and then play paintball for the rest of the day. I'd say drinking beers too, but the idea of drink paintballing just isn't cool.

Or, I could organize a paintball war and who knows maybe make it a fundraising charity event. Now come on, that sounds cool! I could buy paintball guns, paintballs and of course the best safety gear that money could buy. Teams could register and then get pledges for competing in the event. There could be prizes for whoever wins and of course, all the $$$ goes to charity.

It sounds like a plan to a bunch of gear and organize a rockin' paintball fundraiser. Who wouldn't come to that? I know I would prefer to raise money for charity by participating in a paintball competition than going to a 5K run. Just the idea of it...makes me smile!

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Work Walking Challenge....

The walking challenge that my work is sponsoring starts today...and it will overlap with the walking challenge that I signed up for with Women's Day, so that's cool.

The work challenge has me track my number of steps walked daily (and they gave me a pedometer to do it)...and they also have me track the servings or fruits and veggies that I eat everyday. (Being the vegetarian...I don't think that will be a problem for me! lol). I put my pedometer on this morning and started tracking away. I plan on using both my 15 minute breaks to take walks....and then I am going to walk when I get home, either outside (depending on the weather) or on my elliptical. We'll see.

It's exciting...cause anyone who has read here before knows...I love the idea of challenges. It ignites my competitive spirit, which is not a bad thing when it comes to Shelley and fitness.

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Goji Berries

I have seen Goji berries a lot lately. I read an article about them online, I saw some Goji juice at Hannaford and then I saw some the last time I went to BJ's. So, that leaves the question, what are Goji Berries??? And in what way are they healthy??? The articles and the website say that the berries are just full of antioxidants, boosts the body's immune system, etc. In my estimation, it's the new pomegranate...showing some great results from drinking.

On their website they claim that:

"Many people that now eat Goji berries on a daily basis notice improved eyesight, restoration of hair color, improved libido, mood enhancement, noticeable improvement in energy levels, better sleeping habits, and more zest for life."

Sounds interesting, eh? The next time I see some Goji Juice at the local store, etc...I am definitely going to try it out. I have been eating pomegranate for years and who knows, I might add goji to the rotation. I do wonder what it tastes like...because healthy is one thing, but yummy tasting is another! *winks* If anyone has tried goji berries and knows what they taste like, leave me a comment...will ya!

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Weigh In: Week 2 Redux

It's week 2...and I had hoped to log on and announce another loss...hopefully a big loss, but behavior didn't really jive with that.

I didn't lose anything last week, but I didn't gain anything no change is the official report. And in actuality, that is something of a miracle. I started the week really strong, but then I lost my focus about midweek and then went downhill from there.

What do you mean by downhill, you ask? Well...let's see...I ate pizza on Wednesday night. I ate Panera for dinner on Friday night. I had Taco Bell for lunch on Saturday and then I went to Dunkin' Donuts on Sunday...and made cookies at night just cause I wanted a warm, yummy cookie.

So yeah...the fact that I didn't gain...makes me officially not only believe in god, but believe that she's on my side! *winks*

Ooh...and I forgot about my no soda challenge and drank a soda yesterday. I remembered it after I glugged down about 5 sips. But...looking at the above description...soda isn't really my problem, is it? So...starting tomorrow on May 1st...I am going to do 30 days of no pizza/take out again. I find a month of cleansing of no take out food usually really helps me keep on task, so....forget the no soda challenge, especially since not drinking soda is usually not a struggle for me.

Looking back, I also see a problem with the mid-week downhill that I was too active with exercise, etc in the beginning of the week. I think I got tired and burned out. I walked over 12000 steps on Monday and then pushed hard on Tuesday and Wednesday, by the time Thursday came, I was spent. So...this week, I am going to be active, but look to space it out. Makes sense, eh?

My goals for this week:
1. Drink 100 oz of water a day.
2. Take my vitamins every single morning.
3. Plan all my meals the night before...and make my lunch in the evening.
4. Work out at least 4 days of the week.
5. No eating out...and I mean it! *winks*

There we go...another week...cross your fingers for me. The only real positive (other than the fact that I didn't gain) that I am not beating myself up for being the Queen of Suck this last week. I see my mistakes and I am moving forward. It's all baby steps steps! (P.S. Yes, I do think about What About Bob? every time I say or hear the phrase "baby steps")

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Woman's Health Challenge

I was over at Sarah's site yesterday and saw her advertising a walking challenge, so of course...I immmediately signed up. I love the idea of challenges, especially health and fitness related ones.

This one is sponsored by Woman's Health and it starts on Mother's Day, which is May 13th. You track your steps, miles, time, etc...and then see how far you have gone. I signed up to walk the Northeast track since I live in the Northeast, so it intrigues me.

It says it will also send you a free pedometer while supplies last, so if you need one, they could send you one.

I am also signed up for a walking challenge that starts on Monday with my, these challenges are going to get to overlap, which is cool.

If you like walking...or want motivation to walk, sign up! Join me...all the cool kids are doing it.

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slowing down a tad...

with the paid posting because in all honesty, I am annoying myself. The money is nice, but I never wanted this site to be about money. At many of these paid places they say that doing paid posting increasing the quality of your site...well, I am not sure I agree. I think it's diminshed it. The few that come here...come here to read what I have to say, not what I am paid to say.

So...I will still do them, but maybe one or two a week at most. For a while, I was doing them every single day and I need to stop making that a habit. Now don't get me wrong, I liked the idea of a little money coming into my account every single day, but not enough to see my blog starting to change.

There. Said it. Now I have to stick to it!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Start a news circle!

It's kind of a mix between a news site and a personal blog, it's called News Circles. You can create your own News Blog through their site. It seems pretty cool to me. You can snag articles from all across the web...from Google and Yahoo and even paid news sites like The Wall Street Journal, etc...except that you don't have to pay. You can make the circle public or private, depending on who you want to read it. I get most of my news from the internet, so this is something I might just try out.

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Interview Me!

Hey everybody....TC had this "Interview Me" thing over at her site and she asked if anyone wanted to play along....and of course, I am always game. She asked me these 5 questions, here are my answers.

1) You are currently trying to lose weight. What is your diet/exercise
plan? What words of wisdom would you have to share.

Yes, I am trying to lose weight. To be altogether honest it has been a struggle all of my life, but in reality...I have only tried to do something about since about 2000 or so. I just got fed up with being heavy and unhealthy...and how it was limiting my life. I have lost and gained weight since then...and been successful and then fell off that lovely wagon. It's so hard...sometimes.

My plan...well, my plan changes ALL the time. I am always tweeking it a little here...a little there, but when you get down to it...the nuts and bolts of my plan is eat less, move more. I track what I eat...I eat about every three hours...and I eat high volume, high quality foods. I also look to workout (cardio and weights) 3-5 times a week.

Words of wisdom? For someone who has had success and had stumbling blocks...I often wonder if I have any. For me, it's a head game. It's not about the food and the's about the negative messages I give myself about my health, my body, etc. And that's the tough work and it's the stuff that trips me up all the time. So, if I had any word of wisdom is that to look inside while you are changing the outside.

2) You are a vegetarian. How long have you been one? What motivated this

I sure am. I have been a vegetarian since the year least in some sort. I begame veggie in 2000...had a couple slip ups and then in 2001, I became a veggie girl for good...not a bit of meat has touched my lips since then. I am not vegan, but I am a 100% fish, no chicken, etc. I don't eat gelatin (animal product), I don't buy leather shoes, etc.

My first it was diet. It makes sense that I became veggie and starting looking at weight loss at the same time. But quickly it became about animal rights issues. I just don't find it necessary to eat living animals to sustain myself. Now, I am not obnoxious about it...I don't judge anyone else's decision to eat meat...but for me, it just isn't an option. And people have asked, I can't ever see myself eating meat again...ever.

3) Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up when you were 5,
10, and 20?

When I was 5 I wanted to be a dancer...I was dancing at the time and thought it would be the best career ever. I some grew up and realized what kind of profession it actually is...and I ended up quitting dancing so I could be home on Thursday nights and watch The Cosby Show (I just think that's hilarious).
At 10: Hmm...I don't know. I think I just wanted to play and skin my knees and be a kid. No ambition at all.
At 20: Well, that's about when I actually saw my career...I was volunteering in homeless centers and soup kitchens. I was getting politically active and voicing that I was a feminist, etc. It's the first time I could see myself as a social worker, as a political organizer. Before 20, I wanted to be a teacher...and then I saw that I could teach in other ways.

4) You enjoy going to movies. What was the earliest movie you remember
seeing in a theatre? Have you ever been to a drive-in? How many movies do
you own?

Love movies...just love escaping into someone else's world for a bit. I remember going to see Star Wars-maybe Return of the Jedi...and my brother getting so scared (he's 2 years older), he put the bucket of popcorn over his head to shield his eyes. I would have been 6 at the time. I am sure I saw movies earlier, but that's my first movie memory.

Yep, love, cause they are cheap and two, cause they are fun (minus the bugs). I went last year...or maybe the summer before. I went to see War of The World and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, so it must have been the summer before.

I barely own any movies...since I am the cheapest person alive. I rent, not own. I own...15 movies or so. I have to REALLY love a movie to own it.

5) You are granted three wishes - what would they be?
One- the end to hunger and poverty. I think it's one of the greatest injustices of the so many people live in constant poverty. We have the ability for everyone to have food and shelter, but it's the haves and the have nots. It's just a devastation problem to me...and one that a capitalist society unfortunately needs in order to function and sustain itself.
Two- the end to the war in Iraq. This war breaks my heart, so I would want it to end and have the nation and the world start to heal.
Three- I'll make one personal...I would like to wake up and not have that nagging voice in my head that I talked about up there...I would like to have confident and esteem with my body, health and weight. I just can't imagine that freedom. that you officially know that I am long winded. Phew. Sorry...and thanks to everyone who is still reading this.

And...If anyone else wants to play along:

Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
You will update your weblog with the answers to the questions.
You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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gotta start planning for my future!

I really need to start looking at retirement and investing. I am not getting any younger and the longer I wait, the harder it is. I have retirement through work, but I also need to sign up for deferred compensation, etc. I keep putting it off, mainly because I am kind of afraid.

I did a bunch of research a while back on companies to invest in and how to go about it, but then never followed through. It's tough to weed through all the information and find the smart way to invest your money for the future. I know there are a lot of online brokerage companies such as global futures which can often help you start investing for retirement. I have also found that a lot of online places have reduced fees, etc. Online investments are a really viable and smart option these days, just make sure you do your research and know who you are investing with. thing that looked pretty cool was that you can start investing with a place like Global Futures for as little as $250. A lot of places require thousands of dollars to get started, but not Global. It allows you to start investing, no matter what your financial picture looks like today.

I gotta get to investing...NOW...I would be stupid not to!

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Who deserves to be fired more???

I was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (hummina)....last night and I started thinking about something.

My question is...who should be fired more???

*drum rolls*

Don Imus vs. Alberto Gonzales

Imus: Yes, he said something horrible. He made some racist, sexist comments about a group of talented wonderful African American athletes. He should be held accountable...and he should not be able to walk away from that scott free. I don't feel that it is a free speech all. Imus can continue to say whatever it is that he wants...whenever he wants. He will not be arrested. He will not be charged with a crime. However, just because you have the right to free speech does not mean that you do not have to face the consequences for what you say. He said something horrible...and for that, he should have to stand and take his medicine. Now, what has Imus done since the incident? He has apologized in the press. He has apologized to the girls. He has continued to raise money and awareness for issues by standing down and allowing his wife to continue on the radio. He hasn't made excuses for what he did...and had not complained about his consequences...oh and let's remember he's paid to entertain us and really, nothing else.

Gonzales: One, he's paid to serve us...not just as the pleasure of the President, but to serve the American people. Gonzales is at the heart of a controversy as to whether or not several US Attorneys were fired for political reasons...meaning they were looking to prosecute Republicans and not just gunning for Democrats. Gonzales says that they were all fired for cause...but then information on all of their last reviews say that they had exception performance measures. Also, there is talk that Karl Rove asked for their firings...and there are the missing emails. Gonzales first stated that he remembered the firings and that they were not performing well. Then when it comes out that they were, Gonzales says he "does not recall" the firings. He admitted that he did not look at the performance reviews of the candidates until after they were fired and could not say the reason why at least two were fired. And he's the guy in charge? He goes to meet with the Senate and says "I do not recall" as an answer so many questions....about meetings he was at, what was covered, what was talked about, etc. He basically answers all questions with, "I have searched my memory and I do not recall." So, either he is covering up or he is blatantly incompetent. There are missing emails. They are secret email accounts. There are unanswered questions...and even the Republicans in the Senate didn't stand up with Gonzales. Of course, Bush said he was confirmed in his confidence in Gonzales after the hearing.

Hmm, so...who deserves to be fired more?????

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

tee hee hee

So, I was flipping around and seeing what was on TV before falling asleep...and stumbled across the local Fox news. There was a story about a prison riot in Indiana, so I decided to listen since I used to live in Indiana.

Here is what the broadcaster had to say:

"There was a prison riot today in Indiana. The inmates took their shirts off in defiance and refused to follow any of the officers' orders. The inmates began a fire in the middle of the rec area. Two officers were hurt in the incident, but none of the injuries were serious. The prison was locked down for 2 hours and all of the prisoners have been accounted for. And at this point...umm, they probably have their shirts back on."

I'm sorry...but that's hilarious....they probably have their shirts back on. *giggles* I think he got caught starting a sentence and not having anything to say and just said whatever came to mind.

Totally funny.

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feeling good...and hoping to keep it up!

Yesterday was a good day...I felt like I was really moving in the right direction and for the last few months, I have felt myself moving in the wrong, bad direction. I have tried to correct it a few times over, but I would fail by the end of the day and be back to my bad self (and not in a cool way!)

So, what was the difference?, I woke up with a different mindset. It seems simple, but I woke up early...and immediately drank some water and got my vitamins in my tummy. It's just a different start...a different mentality.

Then at work...I didn't eat out, even though I had the opportunity. I went for a walk at work for my 15 minute break. I ate what I was supposed to when I was supposed to eat it.

I also stopped this raw food obsession. I think I have to admit that it just isn't working for me. I am still eating a lot of raw foods, but not everything. I am eating some yogurt...some granola bars...some protein shakes, etc. I ended up being so hungry by the end of the workday that I would just eat myself out of house and home when I got there. So, it wasn't working for me...I would eat raw all day long...end work starving and then eat something like pizza or a bag of chocolate when I got home. I think there are healthier ways to live. I do plan on still putting many of the raw food concepts into my diet, but not all of them...just not sensible for me.

And then when I got home...I immediately went to working out. I didn't even give myself the chance of talking myself out of it. I got home, changed and jumped on the elliptical machine. I have to do some maintenance on my elliptical...some of the joints need to be tightened up and I need to change the battery (and sadly changing the battery is like open heart surgery for this thing...grr), I am going to try to give it some maintenance love tonight. I was on the machine for 30 minutes or so...and it felt good to get back to it.

And then I had dinner...I made a protein smoothie with my Magic Bullet. It was really good...and healthy too. Let me tell you, I am in love with the Magic Bullet.

After dinner...I went for another walk...about 30 to 40 minutes around my apartment complex and then to the local school. It was just getting dark and the weather was perfect. The air had that feeling, smell and even taste that it was going to rain and it was nice being out in it.

Then I came home...had some more Magic Bullet love and made a apple cider Slushie. Oh MY thing ever! I could eat these forever. They sell them at the fair and I was happy to be making my own.

I took a shower (with all that walking and working out..I needed it)..plopped down and watched some TV. I did eat bunches of goldfish crackers while watching 24, but well...if the worst I do is eat too many goldfish, life ain't bad, eh?

So...yesterday was a good day...and it's motivated me to make today a good day too. I woke up this morning...drank water....took my vitamins and did rotation one of only takes 10-15 minutes and done. And at 10am...I walked with a co-worker over to Dunkin' Donuts...when we usually drive. I didn't get anything at DD...just went for the exercise.

This is suddenly feeling do-able again...and I am so happy and grateful for that feeling!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

New find....mmm....tasty!

My parents drink that Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus like it is going out of style. They buy the bottles in bulk at BJs and just can't get enough of it. I personally...don't like it. I love green tea as a rule, but just don't like this stuff. I think it is Citrus's got a bite to it that I don't like and it leaves an after taste that is just gross. Ick. Eww.

So...when I heard that Lipton was coming out with a new tea...a diet white tea with raspberry....I wasn't too psyched. I thought I wouldn't be a fan. Well, I ended up buying a bottle of it the other day...I was at the grocery store and thirsty and didn't want to buy soda, so I bought a bottle.

I was pleasantly surprised....I thought it tasted pretty gosh darn good. The tea has a nice flavor and isn't too overpowering at all...and the raspberry is very muted. It's a nice drink. I ended up buying some of it and plan on drinking it anytime I want to drink something that actually has flavor.

I was glad to actually find it...check it's been in all the stores lately. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

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Weigh-In: Week 1 Redux

Hey everyone! I know it's been about a million and a half years since I checked in on my weight. Well, that's probably because I was gaining instead of losing. I just stopped trying. I started doing things that were sabotaging myself...and not really caring about the consequences, even when they were right in front of my face (pants getting tighter, getting more tired...more often, etc).

Well...I got home from Florida with a lot of motivation...and then proceeded to get sick. But now...I am healthy and ready to be back on track. Here is my weigh-in for Monday morning:    The webs free Calorie Diary

Whoo hoo! I lost 2 pounds. Now, do I think I actually lost 2 pounds? Nope, not really. When I weighed in last week...I was up more than usual, so I think I actually just went back to where I actually was, but well...I will always take that number going down instead of going down. It's a nice, new trend.

And to help the scale continue in the correct are my goals for the week:

1. Drink lots of least 100 oz a day....if not 150. When I drink water, I lose weight. One, it reminds me of my goals all day long. Two, it flushes out my system. Three, it keeps me from drinking things like soda.
2. Plan out what I am going to eat the night before. You know when you were a kid and you put out your clothes for the next day...I want to do that with food. I want to be really planful about my food.
3. In that vain, I want to pack my lunch each night before going to bed. It will help me feel less rushed in the morning...and it was also make me make sure that my lunch is healthy the day before...getting that motivation right into my mind.
4. And dum, dum, dum...write down everything I eat. I haven't been doing this for months...and shockingly, I have been gaining for months.
5. Workout at least 3 times this week...shooting for 5. I am going to make a plan for working out that will include cardio and weights. I think I am going to do a small rotation of the weights in the morning and then do cardio when I get home from work at night.

Those are my goals....they are basically the same goals I always have, but writing them down just helps. It helps.

P.S. I watched Celebrity Fit Club last night...thought it was hilarious...will write more about that later.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Since all my posts today seem to be about those paid post sites, I thought I would write about another one. I signed up for yet another My blog is still pending, so who knows if they will even be accepted by them, but I figured...hey, why not try?

From what I have sign up and then you get assigned opps to write about, etc. So, it seems to work a little bit different than the other sites.

If they approve me...I'll post more about how it works! *cross your fingers for me*

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Compare, compare, compare!

As I posted about yesterday, I was at a Wellness Day at work for part of the day. They had a lot of different things there, but one of the things they had was an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) there. They had pamphlets about a variety of different things ranging from depression to money management. They are the awesome people who gave me the stress dot that I obsessively watched all day long!

One of their flyers was on credit and debt and I was so happy to see that. I think, as a nation, we don't know nearly enough about managing our credit, especially the younger generation. It's hard...because, who teaches us? Do we have a class in high school about credit and why it will be important in our future? Nope. Do we have to take a credit course before owning your first credit card? Nope. It seems to set people up to make credit mistakes because they were never taught the ropes of how it all works. is a website that compares all the different credit cards which are out there. I think that's important because I can remember getting offer after offer when I was a freshman in college and just not knowing which to take (if any) and what else might be out there. I actually still get at least 2 credit card offers in the mail now...and basically I ignore them. But, if I am looking for a card, I would want to compare all the cards out there and pick the best one for me, not just pick one that came in the mail.

You can compare different kinds of cards...student credit cards, low interest credit cards, etc. So, if you are interested in a credit card...check them out. But remember to use them responsibly. Credit cards aren't evil, it's the people who abuse them who are!!!

This is a paid post from

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wellness Day

Today was Wellness Day at work....and they had a bunch of booths and such all about health and wellness. They had information on how to pick out the right shoes...about food and portion size...people could get quick massages...people could get info about treatment programs.

The most exciting things about Wellness Day.

One...I signed up for the Walking Program. They give you a free pedometer and then you track your steps, etc. There are prizes and such for participating. I figure it will be good for me...and encourage me to move more. I plan on walking like a crazy fool!

Two...we got stress dots. They change colors and assess how stressed you are at the given moment. Usually my stress dots are always black because I tend to have cold hands...even when I am not stressed. Well, I have been wearing my stress dot all afternoon and it has been green and blue for most of the day which means I am calm and maybe even tranquil. Go me! My stress dot is a greenish blue right now...

I just think it's cool that my job has a wellness day and encourages us to be healthy, even if it means going to a wellness fair during the workday. Just thought I would share.

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I am always looking for a way to save!

I have written about them before and I probably will write about them again because I just love promoting ways to save. I think that we often pay way too much for things in this culture, so I am always singing from the rooftops when I see a way to get a discount. is a site which gives youcoupon codes which you can use at lots of sites and stores. Do you ever rent a car? You can get an upgrade on your car with Enterprise if you use CouponChief.

This time, I paid particular attention to Dell deals. I have been looking for a laptop for months now. I am not ready to buy, but I am constantly searching out prices and what kind of laptop I want. I am in complete research mode. They have discounts on reburbished laptops. Now, you have to research refurbished products to make sure you know what you are getting, but sometimes it's a GREAT deal.

So check out and statr saving!

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Thursday Thirteen #27

I was sick last week, so I didn't even get close to a post...but this week...only a trickle of a cough left over, so here's my TT! Enjoy!

Thirteen Random Things about Shelley!

1. I am a redhead...pretty much. It's a dark, brownish red, but it's still red. I call it auburn cause it just seems classier. I hated my red hair as a kid, but now...we get along famously.
2. I am afraid of clowns. Now, I don't run in fear if I see one and hide under the desk, but I don't like them...they make me uncomfortable. I think it is that you can't see the person behind the makeup. *shudders*
3. I am also afraid of spiders. I think they are nasty and tricky. They move too fast and the feeling of one running across you...eww!
4. I don't like reading's really quite sad. I used to love reading as a kid, but being in college and grad school just trained me that reading is just to get an assignment done. So, if I do read...I try to read as fast as possible and make myself misreable while doing it.
5. I have no money in my wallet right now. Actually, I never do. I use my debit card for everything! For me, if I have cash...I spent it on nothing and everything, but I am very particular about everything I use my debit card on.
6. I went to Blockbuster on Tuesday...when the new releases come get one of them. When I got there at 4:45pm...I was grabbing the last copy of the movie. How crazy is that? (BTW- the movie was Smoking Aces. I search out anything Affleck related!)
7. I used to be so much more politically active when I was younger...I would attend protests and meetings and contact my elected officials. I miss those days. I have tried to get involved again, but it has never really worked out. I should really work on that because there are so many issues I care about.
8. I often wonder if I will be battling with my weight my entire life. I seem to be falling in the category of the constant yo-yo.
9. I wonder if I will battle with my weight until I finally accept and love myself...just the way I am. (blatant Bridget Jones reference there!)
10. The shooting at VA Tech has just completely broken my heart. I can't imagine how that community is ever going to heal...especially with all the new information coming out.
11. I have some really great friends...and sometimes I think I don't appreciate them like I should. I have some great work friends...who make work SO worth while. It's not the job I's the people. I have some great friends from college...who I don't talk to nearly as much as I should. And some great around town, just regular friends...who I wish I got to see more often.
12. Spending time with my family in Florida was really wonderful. My parents have thanked me for going along because they said I was really helpful. That felt nice...and you know, we just do what family does. But for was great. I obviously loved seeing my adorable nephew, but I also loved spending time with my family as an adult...not as the child. I guess that's a huge difference when you are the baby in the family. So, the vacation was really, really wonderful.
13. Jeez...I always tend to use my TT's for a replacement for therapy, eh? Oh well...get it where you need it!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I watch American Idol...I admit it. I almost stopped watching because Sanjaya just wouldn't go home and honestly, it just didn't seem fair.

I think he's a nice boy, but there is a lot of talent on that show this year...and he just doesn't deserve to be there anymore. So, it seems mean...but I am happy to say that Sanjaya finally went home. It's about time...actually, it's overdue.

Best luck to ya Sanjaya!!!!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VA Tech Picture

I don't know why, but this picture always seems to resonate with me...of people, common students just standing there....watching...wondering what is going on...if people they know are hurt or killed...not knowing what really happened or why. *shrugs* The first time I saw it on the news last just broke my heart.

I am still pretty overwhelmed by what happened yesterday at Virginia Tech. I just can't get my head around what happened...and why someone would do that. I am just constantly shaking my head.

I do think that the media is being unfair to the administrators and campus police. I understand that what happened is a huge tragedy...and that there are so many people dead or injured, but I don't think the President should be asked to resign because of it. I think they dealt with the situation the best that they could...and they thought they were keeping their students safe. They didn't have a magic ball and couldn't predict what would happen after the first shooting. We still don't know if the first and second shootings were done by the same person. We don't know if it was all part of a master plan. If we don't know now...after it can we expect the school and those in charge to know? Yes, the students didn't get emails as it happened, but in some way...I get that. I get it that they felt it was a domestic, isolated incident at the time (and who knows...the first shooting could still be) they felt sending a panicked email out to the whole campus and shutting down the campus would have been a mistake and made more chaos, etc. And who knows...if they closed down the campus...and since the second shooter was an on campus student...maybe it would have made them sitting ducks even more??? We just don't know and I guess that is my point. We don't know. The President of the school didn't know...the campus police didn't know.

I feel for the families of those who were hurt, killed and those who weren't. I feel for the school and what legacy they will now have. This is a huge tragedy all around...and I just hope we try to heal before we go looking for people's heads...and people to blame.

My heart just breaks for all those people at Virginia Tech. My thoughts are with you.

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This is completely me...

I stole this picture from Post Secret. Take a look.

I could have written that post card...that is completely me. I am the most judgemental person in the grocery store. I look at you. I look at your size. I look at what is in your cart...and then I judge the choices you have made. In my head I decide what you SHOULD be buying instead...and how much of a healthier choice that would have been.

I know it's bad...I know it is shameful. I know it isn't any way...but I have a hard time not doing it.

Now of course...when I am buying chips and ice cream and chocolate...and people are doing it to me. Mind your fuckin' business! you look and judge when in the grocery store?? Do you see people judging you and what you are buying?? Just curious.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Anti Virus Software!

I recently got my computer fixed by my brother after it wasn't working for almost 2 months. Well, it was working, but it wasn't connecting to the internet, so for me...that means it wasn't working. It ended up being that my computer started to install something and then didn't finish, but the files that the computer put on were still stopped my computer from connecting. Long story brother is a computer god and he fixed it. When he got my computer up and running, he also installed a new firewall and new virus protection. I feel that virus protection is so important, especially with all that stuff that is out there. I know my roommate's computer has gotten a virus a couple of times over and since our computers are networked together using a router, I am always extra careful when it comes to virus protection. If you don't have virus protection on your computer or if the free trial of whatever you are using has run out, check out this site which gives free virus protection downlands and a free virus scan. There are so many free programs and downloads out there now...don't end up paying for something that you can get for free!

Help keep your computer healthy...make sure it doesn't catch a virus!!!!

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VA Tech Shooting

An armed gunman killed at least 33 people in a bloody rampage.

I can't believe this happened...that someone went through and shot up a campus. They are reporting right now that as least 33 people have died and at least 24 people are injured. It's just overwhelming to me that one person can do that much damage. Just one gunman did all that damage....this is the worst school shooting in our nations history. Unbelievable.

I am so saddened and am praying for the people on that campus and the family and friends of those who died and were hurt.

I just have to wonder why....why????

sharing pics just got cooler...

Isn't this cool? I have been looking at making some picture slideshows....of my trip to Florida or some of my old college pictures. Everyone on myspace has those slideshows that play when you log onto their site. I was going to add one of those to my myspace page as well. Well, I found this site Fliptrack Music Slideshows where you can not only make those slideshows, but you can select music and it will put the slideshow together to the music. I think that's pretty darn cool. They have a featured video and you should check it out. And the music is cool...taking a quick look at their list they have bands like Barenaked Ladies to choose from.

Check them out and make me a cool slideshow!

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I am back at work today....feeling somewhat better. I am still coughing some and my neck hurts like you have no idea. I still have a hard time sleeping...since the coughing is happening at night, so I often have to tilt my head into this very unnatural position in order to get to sleep at night...which causes the neck ache of a lifetime.

But be assured...I am slowly, but surely...getting better. If I only I could sleep at night...that would be great. I could SO use a nap right now, but oh well...back to work.

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Viva Las Vegas!

I have never been to Las Vegas and have always wanted to go. It just seems like a fun place to hang out, do a little gambling, see the sites, see the shows, etc. When I was in grad school, a couple friends talked about going, but it just never happened. Now, I am not sure I would want to live in Las Vegas, but then would be constant fun and partying, I imagine. Except that you would probably be drowning in tourists. My brother lives right outside Disney and while he is working his 9 to 5...there are tons of people around him on vacation mode, etc. But he doesn't complain with having Disney and Sea World in his backyard. MLS listings has a bunch of places in Vegas, so hey...instead of visiting...check out their site and move there.

And remember...what happens in Vegas...STAYS in Vegas! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

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Weight Loss Update

I has been forever since I updated about my quest to remove some of this pudge from around my middle. And why haven't I updated? Well...silly...because I have been adding pudge instead of removing it.

Gaining weight sucks...let me tell you. Of course the eating of the easter candy and the pizza didn't suck...and going home and lying down on the couch instead of working out didn't suck...but the consequence of my butt and everything else getting bigger sure does suck.

I know I have been gaining weight for a while...but have been in denial about it. I know that I had to buy bigger clothes to go to Florida. I know that things haven't fit like they used to. But I didn't want to step on the scale and see the number.

Now I have seen the number....and now I am officially depressed. But I am also officially motivated again. I need to do better....I need to start again, clean slate.

This morning...I had a protein shake for breakfast and packed my healthy lunch.

Oh...another thing, I am stopping the raw food kick. I am still looking to eat a lot of raw foods, but not as much as before. I just ended up being so starved by the end of the work day...that I just grazed when I got home. So, I am going back to eat the way I was last year...when this weight loss thing was actually working.

Back on the saddle again.....

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

movies i've seen....

So, I've seen a few movies lately...and since I have been solely posting about my nephew and how he's the cutest person on the planet and about being sick...I thought I would break the mold (meaning I'm getting better and no longer being socked by illness) and talk about some of the movies I have seen in the last couple of weeks.

I saw Children of Men right before I went on vacation. I was fully expecting to really, really, really like it. But well...I didn't. I thought it was almost horrible. I just didn't get it...meaning, what the whole point of the movie was. The only real benefit is that Clive Owen is in it and he's dreamy, but other than that...I thought the movie was pretty dreadful.

The Pursuit of Happyness though...I thought was amazing. Will Smith definitely showed the acting talent that he has and it was just an amazing story. I am often overwhelmed by what people have been able to not only survive, but perservere. I watched this one at night before going to sleep when I was on vacation and thought it was so well done. I highly recommend it people!

Over the weekend, I watched The Good Shepard. I thought it was pretty good...and thought Mattie Damon did a pretty great job. I was really looking forward to this movie. To be honest, one thing really bugged me though...they made a really dramatic effort to age Angelina Jolie's character in the movie, but they didn't do the same to Matt Damon's character. He barely looked like he aged in the film, so in the end it looked like she could be playing his mother, not his wife. But other than that....great, great flick...with a great, great cast.

And the movie I just ended up watching was US vs. John Lennon. I love the Beatles and I LOVE John Lennon. He's talented and he used his talent and fame to become politically active, so I really admired him. They spoke a lot about his anti-war actions and how the Nixon administration and the FBI really went after him in the order to shut him and his "Give Peace a Chance" rallies down. I have two main thoughts or points from watching this movie...which I highly recommend by the way. One, I wonder what would have come of John Lennon if he had lived, especially given the war we are in today. There was a special features piece about the parallels between the anti-war movements then and now...and many of the people who knew him said that if he were alive he would still be marching the streets and signing "Give Peace a Chance." I wonder...and I long for people like John, who speak for peace even when they are challenged by the government. Nixon was so scared of him...he attempted to get him deported. And my second that Bush is going to end up having the legacy of Nixon. The legacy of deceit...the legacy of secrecy....the legacy of arrogance...the legacy of risking American lives to further it...the legacy of being a political embarassment and bringing down a party...the legacy of being a cartoon. One would have thought that people would learn, but then again...power corrupts.

Anyways....enough movie blathering. What movies have y'all seen lately????

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

being sick sucks...

I am still sick...I actually feel more sick today than I have on any day. I have basically been sick for about a week...when is this going to STOP! I coughed all night...woke up coughing...still coughing. I am at work for about an hour and then after I see if an appointment shows...I am heading home again.

Being sick....definitely sucks...and blows...and then sucks all over again.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

buying a car can sometimes be a huge hassle....

A few months back, I went with a friend to go car hunting. We went to a few local dealers and then she ended up deciding on a local place that is good with working with people who have so-so credit. She picked out a car and was going to pick it up, but they called her and said that during the inspection the engine died and that they were going to need to replace the engine. Now...I would have walked away right then, but she decided to let them put another engine in the car. I ended up hearing from another friend that the day she got the car (with the new engine) that the check engine light came on. Of course, the car she was buying was As-Is, etc. I wish I could have told her to go to and check out their site where they list Used Cars For Sale. Maybe she could have gotten a nice car there without all the hassles. It seems like the site takes the shadiness out of the business, etc. She ended up buying a neon...and I did a quick search and found ALL these listings for Neons. I will definitely recommend this site next time I have a friend looking for a reliable, used car.

First day back at work....

Dum, dum, first day back at work. I had some stuff piled up, but for the most part, I wasn't as behind as I thought I would be. I am still sick sucks to return from vacation with a cold. I have been sneezing and blowing my nose...and coughing. Coughing is the worst. I think I am going to jet out of here after lunch...and head home and take a nap. I figure that might help me feel better more than anything...cause right now I am pretty much just snuffalufagus all the time!!!

I got to show people pics of my nephew though...and just how adorable he is!

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blinds, blinds, blinds...

I am a huge fan of window blinds. My last apartment didn't have them, they just had curtains and I immediately went out and bought venetian blinds for every window that was in the apartment. To me, they are just a necessity. I was excited that my new apartment came furnished with blinds, so I didn't have to go out and buy them. They aren't expensive, but still. I particularly like the room darkening blinds because I like to sleep in perfect darkness, even if I am taking a nap in the afternoon. And those wood venetian blinds are also gorgeous...really add character to a room. I am not how I feel about vertical blinds, so I don't think they keep a lot of light out, but they are sure are pretty.

So, do you have blinds in your house? Curtains? Both?


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just too cute...

I meant to post this brother called me yesterday. He wanted to know if when I plugged in my computer...if it worked...and it totally did, which is awesome!!!! And then he gave the phone to his son and we talked a little...and my nephew said the absolute cutest thing that also just completely broke my heart. He said:

"Ti ti...why aren't you at my house?" So...I told him that I had to go back to my house and then he said, "No, you should come to MY house." And then he made the sound that an elephant makes...cutest thing ever...and then we said goodbye.

He really is the cutest human being on the planet.

And I go back to work tomorrow...I am still kind of sick, but I haven't been to work in a week and a half, so I think I should head in. But, if I start coughing, I might go home half day. We'll see....


Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm BAAAACKK!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right kids...vacation is over and I am back in COLD (brrr!) Upstate New York. It was a pretty good drive...not too much traffic, etc. I once again got my own motel room on Sunday night...which made it so that I got some sleep.

I loved visiting with my brother and his family...and my nephew is the cutest person on the planet, but I am glad to be home and just vegging in front of the tv. And...since we came back a day early, I have a day to relax and get ready before I head back to work on Wednesday.

The only downside of my vacation is that my brother, his wife and his son were all battling a cold...and now, Shelley is battling a cold. I am sneezing and sniffling and coughing...and just gross. It's funny because when my roommate is sick...I am such a bitch because I am so fearful of being sick. I hate being sick (not that anyone loves it)...and I was on the phone with my roomie last night on the phone and she asked if I was cranky with my nephew for being sick around me. Nope...cause when you are 2 years old and the cutest human being ever...I will let you be sick around me and give you kisses all over the place. lol

And another awesome brother fixed my computer. I just plugged it in and it is working and connected to the internet. Awesomeness! My roommate has been a doll letting me play on her computer, but I am so happy having my own.

Oh yeah...Happy Belated Easter everyone! I'll write more about the vacation later. Cya!

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Since I am on vacation...

Since I am on vacation in sunny Florida...I thought I would post about vacation packages in Hawaii. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, it just seems so beautiful and exotic. I considered going to grad school in Hawaii for about 2.2 seconds. I was reading online and one of the best ways to get Hawaii vacation packages is to go to Check out their is just beautiful! Even though I am in sunny Florida...I wouldn't mind waking up in Hawaii tomorrow. And one of the greatest benefits is that you do not need a passport in order to vacation in Hawaii because it is in the United States. I haven't had a passport in years, so it's really the only exotic place I could vacation.

P.S. If you end up going to Hawaii...get pics of the Lost cast for me!!!

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Thursday Thirteen #26

Thirteen Things Shelley Has Done Since Heading to Florida!

1. Before leaving on Sunday...I spent the night at my parents since we were leaving at 3am. I watched Children of Men before going to bed. I thought I would love it, but I didn't...I just didn't get it.
2. We left right on time at 3am. It was uber early, but I slept a good deal in the car.
3. We stopped at South of the Border. I remember being so excited by it when I was a kid. It's cheesy, but it's such a tradition when driving to Florida. We just stopped on through...and my dad took a picture of me where it looks like this huge sombrero is on top of my head. I'd post a picture of it, but then I would have to kill you all.
4. We stayed at a motel just about an hour past South of the Border...and we found a really cheap room, so I got my own room. It was such a good investment...I slept so so well.
5. We started off the next day at about 8am...and got in to my brother's at about 4pm. We stopped at my parents' motel...and then headed to my brother's.
6. My nephew is officially the cutest person on the planet. I have never met him...and he was so personable...immediately wanting to play.
7. I might have lost about 50 lbs...running around and playing with him. It's been the best time ever.
8. He calls me ti ti shelley. tia is the name for aunt in spanish. He'll wake up in the morning and say, "ti ti...come and play in my room!"
9. We went out for breakfast at Perkin''s a great place where you get tons of food. Mmmmmm!!!
10. We went to Sea World was fun and tiring. We fed the sea lions...they were such hams and would do tricks to get the food. By the time we nephew was exhausted...fell asleep in my brother's arms.
11. Oh brother is a rock star and fixed my computer. He's awesome since my computer hasn't worker in about two months. He's the best.
12. Did I mention I have been sleeping in my nephew's room...i call it my room...and then he says, "No, it's my room!!!"
13. We've done a million other things....but it's time for me to go play in his cya when I get back!

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