Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Now don't tell me this isn't the cutest pic ever? I just love it! Love it!

I have no shame about how hummina, dreamy, drool-worthy I think Ed Norton is...and I was surfing through some pics at Gettyimages.com and came across this pic of Ed. I just had to post it for all to see.

He's so pretty...and talented...and smart! Oh my!

It is too bad he is Lakers fan though...I guess he has to have a fault somewhere. *winks*

say bye bye tommy boy....

So, it is official...Tom Ridge is resigning as of February 2005.

Let me tell ya...I am not crying in my boots over that. But then again, I might be...depending on who is called up to take his place. Sometimes...as they say...the devil you know, is better than the devil you don't.

Tuesday Picks

I am glad people enjoyed checking out Jen's site...and of course Mellencampland.

So...it's Tuesday and here are my picks for the day of sites that y'all should check out. They are all super cool...I swear! All the cool kids are checking them out...or at least that is the word on the street. *winks*

Here is my blog of the day:


I just adore this chick's site. One, she just got this new, swanky design that you just gotta see. And two, I love her content. She tells some of the best stories...I am always highly entertained when I finish reading one of her entries. She reminds me of the crazies I used to hang with when I was in college. So...go head to her site and tell her that Shelley sent you.

And my website of the day is:


I am kind of obsessed with Online Poker these days. It started with me watching a lot of Celebrity Poker on Bravo. I thought it was quite entertaining, but I realized I didn't really know how to play, so I headed to the net for a little tutorial. And before I knew it, I not only knew how to play...but I was pretty darn good at it. So, head over and play a few games...but only the play money games, mkay?

Monday, November 29, 2004


So, I work in the County Government building....and so there are a bajillion different department that are in the building.

One of the departments is the Communications department. I am not exactly sure what they do there. I mean, I know they in some way communicate...with someone I am sure.

But, the interesting part of this story...at least for me...is that outside their door it says, "Ring bell and wait for directions." Every time I see this sign, I desperately want to ring the bell and wait for the intercom to give me directions. What is so secret...that I have to wait for directions. Have I been communicating all this time without explicate directions? What have I been thinking.

It seems very Matrix to me.

Monday Picks

I decided that each day this week, I am going to select one website and one blog to highlight everyday. I know I haven't been the best blogger since I started the new job and all, so I thought this might be a way to show my love of all things blogging! Here goes....

Here is my first blog of the week:

Jen's Crazy Island

Jen's site rocks. She is the first person I knew that actually blogged and I doubt I would have decided to blog myself if it wasn't for her. She showed me how nice it was to have a place to spout your thoughts, no matter how deep or shallow they ended up being. Jen and I met because of our collective obsession with John Mellencamp. We saw many shows together, hung out, laughed and became really good friends. Jen's site is funny, it's charming, it's known to have a rant every once in a while, it's chuck full of love for her family! Jen and I don't always agree, especially when it comes to political matters, but it's another thing I love about her. Jen reminds me that it isn't about us and them...

She's awesome...so head over to her site and say hello.

My website of the day:


Since I met Jen because we both think Mellencamp is the God of Rock n' Roll...I thought you should all check it out! lol My favorite JM album is Big Daddy...it just breaks my heart every time I listen to it.
That's all for now...happy Monday y'all!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

ESPN Classic

I was flipping around and couldn't really find anything to watch...and I happened upon the ESPN Classic channel. I decided to stick around a little...and watch the game.

They are showing the Game 6 of the Bulls vs. Suns series in 1993. What a series this was...and I can remember all the excitement when I was watching this game. I miss the passion that I used to have when I watched Bulls basketball. I cared. I was obsessed. I didn't breathe when games were on.

What a game...I can remember the game winning shot. I can remember John Paxson being my hero...for the shot and how he chose to play the game. I am gonna go watch it...and remember when basketball was great.

Friday Feast a little late...

Yep, it's not Friday...but I thought I would go ahead and do Friday Feast anyways. Enjoy!!

How much money do you plan to spend this upcoming holiday season?
As little as possible...really...seriously. I plan on buying small gifts for family and very close friends, but that's about it. I am a poor girl this holiday season...so, I am going to keep my credit cards hidden and only buy what I can actually afford, which isn't a lot.

What was the last television show you watched, and was it good?
The Seinfeld reunion show...which was entertaining, but I wanted to see the actors actually talking to one another since there was all that talk about them not really getting along by the end. I think the most interesting thing was watching how nervous and neurotic Larry David was...and how scared he got when he realized that Seinfeld might be a success.

If you had to paint the walls of your living room tomorrow, what color would you choose?
What a bizarre question...well, we have wallpaper...and the idea of pulling wallpaper down makes me say, I would leave it alone! *grins*

Main Course
Name something clever or practical you have thought of that should be invented, but hasn't yet.
I think this is a brilliant idea...if you all steal it and become millionares, I will hunt you down and kill you. My idea is a personal alarm clock. I think it would be great for college students. You know how annoying it is when your roommate has to be up at 8am, but you don't have a class til 11am...and you have to hear his or her alarm go off FOREVER! Well, this would fix that. The alarm clock would fit in your ear (much like one of those tiny hearing aides) and when it went off..it would only wake you up...not everyone else in the room. So, that's my idea.

List 3 things you would like to receive as gifts this holiday season.
24 Season 3 DVD set, YMCA membership and snow tires for my car.

Overnight Delivery

Anyone out there ever seen the movie, Overnight Delivery? It was just on cable...and I just adore this movie. Everytime it is on, I just HAVE to watch it. It's just too cute.

It's this movie about Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon trying to chase down an Overnight Delivery package that he sent to his girlfriend in anger...when he thinks she is cheating on him on Reese's advice. He regrets sending the package...and spending the next day trying to get the letter back, except everything just keeps going wrong.

It's one of the funniest movies on the planet. Go rent it. Now.

Friday, November 26, 2004


I work for the government...so, why don't I have the day off today?

Hmmpf....cause well, I don't! Think of me slaving away at work while you all are eating left over turkey (eww) and watching crappy movies on cable!


Thursday, November 25, 2004

"Fra-gil-e...it must be Italian!"

Right now I am watching A Christmas Story on cable...it's officially Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is enjoying the day...and remembering that it is more about being thankful and surrounded by loved ones...than it is about turkey and football.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

basketball smasketball....

So, everyone is talking about this basketball thing...you know, where half the Pacers and Pistons decided it was a good idea to jump into the stands and start pummeling some of the fans.

I think it is right that the players got suspended. They have to know what they did isn't right. Now, those players who went into the stands (aka Reggie Miller) just to get his own players out...in hopes of things not getting any worse...I think they didn't need to be suspended...but then again, he only got one game.

I don't want to hear Ron Artest whining about how it isn't fair...no matter what sets you off or who's fault it is...there is no excuse for losing your temper and engaging in violent behavior. No excuse. I guess Artest has all that time now to promote and work on his rap albums...enjoy it kid!

But, I think the fan that threw the beer...and the fans that decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a punch at an NBA player...they need to be punished as well. Nothing would have happened if that chump of a so called fan didn't decide it was an acceptable idea to throw a cup of beer on a player. That is just as horrible as Artest's reaction to it.

And now...I see this article...where of course, in our world...someone was trying to sell the damn cup on ebay. And the sadder part is how many freakin' idiots wanted it.

*grumbles* What a fucked up world we live in...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I just love Seth Green. He's just adorable and cute and funny...and I wanna just hug him like the little dwarf-like man that he is.

He's hilarious in the Austin Power's movies.

He was brooding, but still charming on Buffy.

He was hilarious once again in Greg the Bunny. It's too bad that show got cancelled so early...I think if it had been given time, it really could have grown an audience.

And I was just watching him on an episode of That 70's Show, which reminded me how much I adore Seth.

I want to own Seth...you know, like a pet!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

cause I like stealing....

Barry has this little interactive thingie up on his site...and he encouraged it to be stolen...and we all know how I live the stealing... Plus, it seemed pretty cool.

This is your chance kids...if you wanted to know something about dear ol' Shelley...play along!

Three questions.
More fun! More craziness! More comments!

(A) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie
2. a book
3. a musical artist, song, or album

(B) I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want.

(C) Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything & say that you stole it from me.

i've been a bad blogger....

Yes, I have been a bad blogger...not in the sense of what I have been writing, but the lack of reading.

I haven't been keeping up with my blogroll...reading all their yummy goodness on a daily basis. Sorry...and I will head over to each and every one of your blogworlds and make up for my unacceptable absence.

Off to read...and probably comment...and then comment again.


Movie Review: Before Sunset

I finished my first week at work....and survived! =) I was a smidge bored on parts of Friday because the people that have been training me didn't have anything to do, so I couldn't really shadow anything. hey, it was Friday...I have learned how easy it is not to work on Friday. So, I played a little solataire and then chatted with some of the other new people who weren't working either. So, it was nice to get to know people better. Anyways...enough about the boring work reports. I am liking this job...this I know.

And now...for my movie review (there will be no spoilers in my review...just to ease your mind). I got a movie on Friday from Netflix and it was Before Sunset.

I was so excited to get this DVD. If you don't know...Before Sunset is the sequel to Before Sunrise...which was a 1995 movie about these two people who meet on a train in Vienna and spend one day together before they have to part again and go on with their lives.

Before Sunrise has been a movie that I have loved. I loved the premise of the movie...meeting someone and sharing so much with them in one day. I love how the movie was so dialogue driven...since there really was no action, except the two characters walking around. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy just have an amazing amount of chemistry as well...I really believed that these two could meet and have an amazingly romantic day with a perfect stranger. They were charming, they were awkward...they were just very real. Before Sunrise is just a gem of a movie.

So, Before Sunset is the follow up to this movie...it tells the story of the two characters meeting again about ten years later and see how they have changed and what that one day many years ago meant to them. Ethan's character has come to Paris to promote his book that he has written...which of course is about that one day with Julie's character. She shows up...since she lives in Paris and they see each other again for the first time in almost 10 years. This time, they only have a couple of hours together since Ethan's character needs to catch a plane that evening...at sunset of course.

I did love it...I thought it was the perfect update to their story. It showed how people change and in many ways how they stay the same...and how one moment can impact someone more than you ever imagined. Hawke and Delphy still have great chemistry...their dialogue just seems so natural and that is crucial with a film like this. Another thing I loved about the film is that it was filmed in real time. We got to see the couple of hours they had together...as just that. It really brought you into their emotions and the aspect of the film.

The only detractor...was Ethan himself. Can someone buy him a sandwich??? I'm serious...that boy is getting thinner with each day and well, it's not a good thing. Buy the boy a meal!

Alright...I am off to enjoy my Saturday. ta ta for now...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Theatre Thursday Week 26

It's early, but it is still Theatre Thursday and all...so I thought I would get this one in before I headed to work for the day. I personally love this week's questions...it reminded me of the craft of film making, not just the end result.

Week 26 - So Tell Me Why....

We've all watched films and wondered why an actor or director did a scene in a certain way, or what was going through their minds when they shot a particular sequence. Now here's your chance to ask them!

1) What question(s) would you ask any actor (past or present) about their film work?

I would have a conversation with Ed Norton about his role of Derek in American History X. AHX is one of my favorite films...for so many reasons, including Ed's performance. I would talk with him...about how he prepared for the role. But I would get even more specific, I would ask him about his process of getting inside the head of someone with such hatred and prejudice. I would love to hear him talk about the process of connecting with that character...because it was so real, so raw, but also had such humanity. Be played all the angles of the character, not just the black and white elements, but the many shades of gray. It intrigues me...much like everything else in that film.

2) What question(s) would you ask any filmmaker (director, producer - past or present) about their film work?
I would talk with Linda Yellen. I am sure you are asking yourself who that person is...since most people don't know who she is. She made films such as Parallel Lives and Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is another one of my favorite films. Yellen writes, directs and produces many of her projects....and she has an interesting way of working. She writes a script, but it is only to be used as a guide. The actors are asked to improvise each scene and play out each situation as they believe their character would. The process of her films...I find so engaging. So, I would ask her why she does this? What is her motivation? I would like to also hear why she thinks this process, which I am assuming is much more time consuming...is the avenue that she chooses?

3) What question(s) would you ask any other person on a movie crew (costumer, composer, special effects wizard, best boy) about their film work?
Hmm, for this one...I would ask a compuser how the come to create music for a screenplay. What is their process? Is it driven from the characters or the action or both? I am always drawn in by the music in a film...not the pop songs, but the score, so I would love to hear how it is created...from the words on the page.

BONUS LITERARY QUESTION) What would you ask any author (past or present) about their writing or body of work?
Books? What are these things you speak of? *giggles* Just kidding! Well, I will connect it back to movies...since this is Theatre Thursday and all. I would ask authors like Michael Crichton and John Grisham...if they write novels expecting them to be made into movies. It seems like each novel they write turns into a film before time, so I wonder if the prospect of it becoming a movie effects how they write.

NOTE: Any questions containing the words, "Ewok, "Jar Jar", or "Greedo" will not be accepted, for they have no possible answers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

one day down....

So, I am home from day one of work. I ended up at work for almost 12 hours...talk about starting a job and hitting the ground running. But, honestly...I love it like that. I like jumping in. One person at the job is leaving her position, so I am going to be pinch hitting for her for a while.

So...what do I do exactly? The easiest answer is a little bit of everything. I work in an alternative sentencing program for those who have been convincted of drug and alcohol related offenses. So, sometime I am working with those involved directly in the courts. Sometimes I am working with offenders who are involved in treatment. Sometimes I am involved with offenders who are doing community service (you know...those punk kids picking up garbage on the side of the road).

Today, I was working in the drug court program. It's well...what it sounds like. It's an alternative program for those who want treatment instead of jail time. You'd think everyone would sign up for this, yes? Well, no. Drug court is much much harder than jail time...jail time is usually no more than 90 days, if that. Drug court is for at least a year, if not two. And...the things people have to do in drug court are much harder than just sitting in a cell doing your time. Anyways...it was an interesting day, hanging out with the offenders, checking in and then going with them in front of the judge.

BTW- the jugde....is a RIOT! He should get his own judge show on TV. He has the witty, dry sense of humor. I just loved it. We got to court early. No wait, we got their on time, but they were backlogged...so, I got to go into the court early and watch his regular cases before drug court started. It was SO entertaining.

Here is my best story from court today:

This guy came in to contest a ticket he got. So, he was basically representing himself. Well, that seems fine...but he is going up against the ADA...a lawyer and a damn fine one at that. It was just so entertaining watching this poor schmuck trying as hard as he could to talk his way out of this ticket...while this lawyer was just hovering over him. He ended up admitting to speeding 4 or 5 more time while he was trying to talk himself out of this ticket...where he was actually pulled over. Umm, didn't seem like the smartest move to me. and yep, in the end...he talked himself right into that ticket, with no question. It kept me smiling...

One day down...many more to go. This job is going to keep me going...running from thing to thing, but I think I am going to really like it.

Now...I am going to watch Lost. I can't let my job get in the way of TV!

and so it begins....

I am off to my first day at work...at the new job. I am not sure what to expect...or even what training will look like, but off I go. I am excited to be back at it though...to be back to doing social work in one sense or another.

I am not sure how much access I will have to a computer, but if my other jobs are any indication...I imagine I won't be having much of any free time to be checking email or posting to my blog.

Don't miss me too much! *winks*

I'll definitely post how it went when I get home....

ta, ta for now.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

whipping out the plastic....

Whatever kinky things you all were thinking...tisk, tisk...get your mind out of the gutters! *winks* Nah, nevermind...I like gutter dwellers.

I am about to head out on a little shopping spree. I need to buy a few sweaters and a pair of pants for that new job thing I have going on. And, I also want to treat myself to a few new things. I don't really have money...but I have plastic and money on the way.

Shopping for me...is kind of fun and kind of like torture. I like getting new things and it feels nice to buy something for yourself, but I often don't enjoy the actual process of shopping. One, I am the cheapest person alive...so, I often find myself in the depths of depression when I realize how expensive all the things I like and want are. And two...it can take so damn long!

But the upside...I get new, swanky things! *winks*

I would buy y'all a present, but you never told me what you wanted.

TV Tuesday Week 32

It's TV Tuesday folks!

Week 32 - Holiday Habits

The Holidays are quickly coming upon us, what will be on your TV?

1. Any holiday favorites you can't live without?
Well, A Christmas Story, of course! There is always that one day...where they play The Christmas Story 24/7. I love that day!

"You'll shoot your eye out! You'll shoot your eye out!"

2. Holiday viewing: Parades or Football?
Eww. Neither.

3. What's your favorite holiday TV memory?
Well, I am not sure if I do have a favorite holiday TV memory. If I did, it might mean TV had a power over me that I wouldn't want to admit! *winks*

~Bonus~ Holiday remakes, are you a faithful fan of the old classics or do you prefer the newer versions?
I am a fan of the classics...because they usually don't get any better than that. Of course, unless someone hot is in the remake...and then I am all for it!

Monday, November 15, 2004


I was SO unproductive today...watched a heckle of movies...hung out...chatting on the comp and on the phone...and not a heck of a lot more.

And...I am starting to get bored with Blog Explosion. I am getting bored with seeing the same blogs every single day when I am surfing through. I am sure people are getting bored with seeing my blog everyday too...but well, such is life. AND...I am not bored enough yet that I stop surfing! *winks*

I start my new job on Wednesday...I always have jitters before starting a new job. I never like that training/"I don't know anything" learning curve. Once I get on a job about 2 weeks...I am usually at home, but those first few days of figuring out expectations and how things work...always suck just a little.

That's about it for tonight...I promise for something better tomorrow!


Friday, November 12, 2004

Scott Peterson found guilty

Scott Peterson was just found guilty for the murder of his wife Laci and his unborn child, who would have been named Connor. I hadn't really been following this court case, but I will say...I am surprised by the jury result.

I am not surprised because I didn't think he did it. I am not sure if he did it, but I am more likely to think he did than I am to think he didn't do it. There seemed to be so many things that were just pathological about Scott Peterson....how easily he lied, etc. How he manipulated the people around him.

I am surprised because the case was in essence weak against him....legally. It seems riveting to the people watching at home, but in a court of law...the DA didn't have a lot to go on. All the evidence was circumstancial. There was no murder weapon. There was nothing concrete connecting Scott to the crime. You know...I think if Scott hadn't of done so many interviews when he was "looking" for Laci, he might have been found not guilty. They used those tapes...and the testimony of his girlfriend...to show how he was blatantly lying and pathological with his manipulations. Without those...I don't think that smoking gun would have been there for a jury to find him guilty.

And now they have to sentence him. Because he was convicted of first degree murder, there is a possibility of the death penalty. I won't get into the debate here...but I am devotely against the death penalty. I know that sense of brutal and seemingly justified vengeance wants to have someone like Peterson taken off the planet...but I have to believe that a more cruel punishment for someone like Scott would be to live his whole life in prison...to live with what he did...to live behind bars without that freedom he was looking for when he ended Laci's life...to leave him behind bars knowing that he was caught and he was beaten. I think that is the much more cruel and fitting punishment for someone like Scott Peterson.

and yes, it does creep me out how much he and Benji Affleck have a likeness to one another! Ick. Hasn't Ben suffered enough? *smirks*

Friday Feast 11/12

That's right kids...Friday Feast is back and ready for feasting!!!

Name 3 cosmetics/toiletries that you use on a daily basis.
Well, I don't wear much makeup...it's not really my style, but that doesn't mean I don't use any products.
My three things would be:
1. Bath and Body Works Spray (I am addicted to the stuff)
2. Nice face cleanser
3. yummy chapstick (probably bought at Bath and Body Works)

Approximately how much exercise do you get per week, and what type of exercise is it (walking, running, swimming, etc.)?
Well..I have gotten off track, but for months I worked out religiously 6 times a week. I would do 3 days of cardio and 3 days of strength training. Then I changed it to 4 days of cardio and 2 days of jogging/running. I need to get myself back to the Y...and get my workout schedule back in check.

Write a sentence including your favorite color and your favorite food.
Mmmm...I love sorbet, but I think it would be creepy is it was a greenish blue color.

Main Course
What famous person/celebrity do you think you look like?
When I was a kid...people said I looked like Kerri Green...you know, the girl from Goonies. I don't know what she looks like today, so who knows...we could still be twins.

Name 2 simple things that never fail to make you happy.
A phone call from an unexpected friend...and getting a compliment that just feels honest and true.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

red states, blue states, united states....

Since the election...well, since I awoke from my haze of realizing that the nation didn't agree with my choice and my vision. But since then...all I have seen is the bashing, pointing fingers and the division continuing.

I hear people blaming the evangelical community for Bush's second term. I hear people blaming the low brow "red necks" for Bush's victory. I hear people placing the blame at the feet of those hell bent against gay marriage. And, of course I hear the age old debate between the blue and the red states.

I grew up in New York...a blue state, but in a red area.
I went to college in Vermont, which is all blue baby.
I went to grad school and lived for years in Indiana...which is a red state, but I lived in the tiny pocket of blue that they allowed.
I moved back to New York...to the state of blue, but I still live in shades of red.

Why do we have to break each other apart? We do we need to bash those which are different from us? Why do we need to come down on someone because they vote differently, have different values or just come from another color state. Someone on another blog...called those from the red states the "heart and soul" of America...making the assumption that those from the blue states were not.

Aurghh! I have just had enough of it. How is any of it going to solve anything? Is writing a piece called fuckthesouth.com going to do anything? Is that going to change history and Bush will no longer be President? Of course not. So..STOP IT! Both sides...STOP IT! If you are not part of a solution...you are part of the problem. I see most bloggers...bitter and completely part of the problem. STOP IT!

I want to leave this post with some quotes from Barak Obama. He has been proclaimed the rising hope of the Democratic Party...with his charisma and charm. It seems like some of the democrats have quickly forgotten some of his inspirational words at the DNC convention. I think they are words that each side should remember. So, here they are:

"Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of anything goes.

Well, I say to them tonight, there's not a liberal America and a conservative America -- there is the United States of America.

There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America -- there is the United States of America.

The pundits, the pundits like to slice and dice our country into red states and blue states; red states for Republicans, blue states for Democrats. But I've got news for them, too. We worship an awesome God in the blue states, and we don't like federal agents poking around our libraries in the red states.

We coach Little League in the blue states and have gay friends in the red states.

There are patriots who opposed the war in Iraq and patriots who supported it.

We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes, all of us defending the United States of America.

In the end, that's what this election is about. Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or do we participate in a politics of hope?"

How quickly we forget...when we are hurting and need to lash out. Let's remember...and be better human beings.

/rant over.

Theatre Thursday Week 25

It's time once again...for what can only be known as Theater Thursday. Play along...if you would like!

Week 25 - Veterans Day.
Today is Veterans Day. With that in mind, this weeks questions are all about movies involving the subject of war.

1) Which war movie is your favorite? (Nothing about war could be considered a 'favorite', but ya get my meaning.)
Well, I will pick a few movies which I consider to be well done...or I consider to tell a really amazing story, since I am usually very anti-war, so yes...I would have a hard time saying I have a favorite war movie. Here are a few well done ones though. I thought Saving Private Ryan was beautifully done...it really brought out the story, but I think for me..I will always have a soft spot in my heart because of how I viewed it. I went to the theatre to see it. I went to see it with some friends in college...and there were a few older couples around me, I am assuming the men were veterans. I saw this one older man...just holding the hand of his wife and crying. That moment...more than the movie itself will always stick with me.

But there are some other war movies, which I think are brilliantly done...like Born on The Fourth of July (which isn't really about war, but the aftermath of war on the soldier), Schindler's List, Braveheart (more about the drive and the passion of one man, than about an actual war), MASH (I thought it was comical and brilliant), and To End All Wars (this movie has not been seen by many and it just broke my heart)....

2) What movie about war do you consider to be 'unwatchable', poorly done, or of poor taste?
It takes a lot for me to think a movie is unwatchable...and I can't think of a war movie that is unwatchable. But there are some I just don't like. The biggest example that comes to mind is Cold Mountain. It seemed too long for its own good....and it didn't move me like I can tell the creators intended. I am sure there are a lot of war movies that I might consider unwatchable...but then again, it's a sure bet I haven't seen it. I don't tend to run right out and see war movies.

3) Which actor/actress gave the best performance as a soldier? What movie?
Well, I think Mel Gibson was brilliant in Braveheart....and usually I am not a huge fan of Mel. Secondly, I thought Adam Goldberg was great in Saving Private Ryan. He played that scared soldier really well. I think often...there is a tendency to only show the bravery of those men who sacrificed so much, but the pain and fear...are always there and when a character embodies that, I quickly get drawn in. And finally...I don't think it was the best movie ever made, but I thought Demi Moore in G.I. Jane was a great performance of a female soldier...in an environment where she doesn't belong. I wasn't sure that Demi could carry off a role like that...but was pleasantly surprised by her performance.

BONUS) If there was a movie to be made about the current war in Iraq, who would you most like to see as the leading man/woman?
I am not sure I can answer that. I have too many conflicting emotions about the war in Iraq. I have nothing but respect for the soldiers...but I don't respect the war. I am not sure I would want to see a movie about it...especially if it was a movie where it glorified the war. I guess the only way I would like to see a movie about the Iraq war would be from the perspective of an Iraqi citizen...that I would like to see. I imagine in many ways...they are just as conflicted, if not more then I might be.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

ujournal update...

As some of you know...I used to have a journal over at ujournal.org...but then the site just died, so I moved over to Blogger and started anew.

Well...those lost ujournal entries are now mine again! I am going to slow, but surely be adding them here. I think it is interesting...to look at the posting style I had over at ujournal and my posting style here. In some ways...it is the same and some ways, it is very different. I was a much more emotional writer when I was over at ujournal...and now, not so much.

So, if you just desperate for more Shelley related info...the wait is almost over. I had been writing over at ujournal since 2002...so those entries will soon be here for your perusal!

And if you could care less about my old journal entries? Well then...sod off! *winks*

EDIT: I have added in the entries I had for 2002, I will work on 2003 and the few I had for 2004 next. So, for those who just can't get enough of me...you have a few more months to delve into...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I wanna be a rock star...

Good. You know your music. You should be able to
work at Championship Vinyl with Rob, Dick and

Do You Know Your Music (Sorry MTV Generation I Doubt You Can Handle This One)
brought to you by Quizilla

I have become such a quiz whore, eh? Well...I stole this one from Jaynee...not thinking I would do very well. I know music, but I know my music...not every kind of music under the sun. But, I love the result I got...I want to work in a music store with John Cusack and Jack Black! Sounds like a great life to me! *winks* I *heart* John Cusack. I *heart* Jack Black.

P.S. I probably am from the MTV generation...and I handled it! *winks*

TV Tuesday Week 31

Guess what kids? It's time for TV Tuesday!!! Click on the site and play yourself....it's fun, I swear it!

Week 31 - Election Coverage

Well now that's it's over, maybe it's safe to look back on. LOL

I am not sure it is safe....since it seems like things are still pretty heated out there, but I'll try! lol

1. Do you watch political coverage? If so, how much?
I watch a good deal of it....first of all, I watch the debates because I think they are crucially important. I also tend to watch a lot of political coverage...since as shows like Meet The Press or others like it. I get annoyed at Fox News, so I don't tend to watch those and you couldn't pay me enough to watch the O'Reilly Factor. Oh...and don't forget...get your political coverage at The Daily Show. You get info, you get laughs, you get Jon Stewart...who could ask for anything more?

2. Does political coverage effect how you vote?
It gives me information, but I also know how biased it is...so it often does not effect my vote. I usually will see something on the coverage and if it interests me, I will do some research myself and find where the truth is within what they are reporting. In this last election, I didn't need any kind of coverage to tell me who I was voting for....at all.

3. Do you think the up to the minute coverage of returns effects those who haven't yet voted?
Most of the time, I would say no. I think a good portion of people who are going to vote...have already made their mind up by the time they wake up on election day. The only people it might effect are people who maybe weren't going to vote, but they see a result coming that they don't like...so maybe they will grab their coat and head to the polls.

~Bonus~ Do you think there should be guidelines for political ads? For example, banning putting other candidates down.
For sure I do. I think there should be some group or organization that has to approve all political ads. We can't have a commercial for allergy medicine that has anything inaccurate in it, but we can have a political ad chuck full of lies and manipulations of the truth. Both sides do it...and it sickens me. I think that there should be some way that the ads need to be fact checked...before they are allowed on the air.

and the results are in!

I had my interview yesterday...and it went smashingly. I met with the exec. director...and we just chit chatted about the position and what my role would be within the agency, what the training looked like, etc.

So...after the interview the asst. director called me about 20 minutes later and officially offered me the job. I think I might start there either tomorrow or Thursday. Yeah...go me!

And then I headed to Target for that lovely orientation. I loathe retail orientation...it's a lot of sitting there and what not, but well...it's got to be done. I think I am going to enjoy working at Target on nights and weekends...for nothing else, for the DISCOUNT! Everyone's X-mas gift is going to be purchased from Target or they aren't getting a gift at all... Plus, I think I am going to like a job that isn't so serious all the time...it'll be a nice contrast to my 9-5 job. They are going to call today with my training schedule....

Whoo hoo...go me!

P.S. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments...I love the nice commenters! *winks*

Monday, November 08, 2004

hi, ho...it's off to potential work I go!

I am off to my second interview for that job today...it looks good so far, but well...I am never one to count my eggs before they hatch. eggs? eww. I don't like eggs...but well, you get my point.

And then this afternoon...I have my orientation at Target. I accepted a job there for a little bit of money in my pocket...part time. Well, if the above mentioned interview goes well, I might not need the Target money after all...but then again, maybe I should hang onto the job and work nights and weekends. For nothing else, the discount would be sweet, especially during the holidays. Hmm, I will decide after I have my swanky interview.

I have the urge to go on a shopping spree...but well, I am still poorer than poor. I want to go to Bath and Body Works and buy some smelly goodness. I wanna go to Vicky's and buy a nice, new bra. I wanna go to Target and buy a new workout outfit. I am usually not someone who enjoys shopping, but I could enjoy buying myself some nice new things....heck, I think I deserve it!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday. Mine is going quite well so far. Hopefully that holds through the rest of the day....

Sunday, November 07, 2004

ok, I might watch too much tv....

Tonight...my main purpose was to watch TV. World Peace was going to be my purpose, but I got tired and cranky...and settled on TV. Here is the low down on my sunday night tv watching experience....

I started the evening with the annual Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode. I love these...I think it is the best Simpsons episode of the year because nothing is off limits. My favorite skit was the one where Ned could see the future. Bloody brilliant man...if I don't say so myself.

And then...it migrated right into watching Malcolm In The Middle. I usually watch reruns of Malcolm in the early evening during the week...and think it is so well down. I usually end up laughing out loud during the episodes...and scaring the neighbors. But, I will say...I think the kids are just getting a tad too old....and it's taking away from the chuckle factor a little. Malcolm just doesn't look like a kid anymore...which makes it harder to believe the hi-jinx of the family. We'll have to wait and see...but I wonder if the curtain is closing on Malcolm as a show.

And I kept the Fox train moving right along...and watched the season premiere of Arrested Development. Arrested was one of my fav shows last season...even though I would often have to tape it since it is on against Alias, but it was worth it. The show is just too funny...in a very quirky way. I was SO happy when they won all those Emmys...for once, I thought the most deserving show won. They always find the most bizarre way to make me laugh...and that is a rare, rare gem. I love the premiere...Tobias and his crazy ideas always leave me in stitches. My only complaint is...I am not sure how I like the idea of the dad not being in jail...it'll be an element missing from the show. Who knows though...he might be back in jail before we know it. If you haven't seen Arrested before...you should definitely check it out. I don't know anyone who doesn't think it is funny.

And finally...I switched networks and started watching "Trading Spaces: They REALLY hated it!" I love just normal Trading Spaces...but these episodes are the ones where the home owners just hated the ideas of the designer. I will admit it...shamefully...that I get sucked into the drama and kind of enjoy it when the home owners don't like their rooms. It's like that sick joy you get when the couple doesn't get along on Blind Date. And...I don't have much sympathy for the home owners. I mean...I would hate for someone to have a room they hate, but I often find myself saying to these people, "Get over yourself." The people know what they are getting into when they sign up for Trading Spaces...and I tend to believe that if you aren't going to go into it open for whatever, you SHOULD NOT sign up. Tonight they are interviewing the couples afterwards and allowing them to vent on why they hated their room...and one couple reacted like the designer has just killed their puppy....like it was the most traumatic thing ever. Come on...please... Anyways...it was fun tv...and I enjoyed watching. And yes, I enjoyed just a tad more...knowing they were going to hate the rooms going in. *evil cackle*

Oh lord...I just wrote an incredibly long entry all about tv. I know, I know...I am currently en route looking for a life for myself! *winks*

i squish your head....

Right now, I am watching a marathon of The Kids In The Hall episodes on Comedy Central. I so love this show...so damn funny! Those Canucks just leave me in stitches...

It's too bad Lorne Michaels couldn't have translated the brilliance of Kids In The Hall...when he moved on to SNL.

Who's your favorite "Kids In The Hall" kid???

I love all the Kids...but Dave Foley is my personal fave. And...he still cracks me up each and every week with his witty comments...a la Celebrity Poker style.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

some more stupid quizzes....

I found this quiz online...so I went ahead...stole it...and placed my results for all to see! I think answers are kind of fitting. If that isn't the image of a social worker, activist...I don't know what is. And unfortunately it is right...we don't get as much done as we would like...but well, change is slow, yes? *winks*

P.S. I don't hate America, not at all. Sometimes she disappoints me...and gives me some awful heartburn, but I could never hate her!

I am a Hippy

Which America Hating Minority Are You?

Take More Robert & Tim Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim Cartoons

Ooh..I found this quiz too over at Cheeky Prof's site. It's more of the same.... it's made by the South Park guys, so how can you not take this quiz? How F**king American Are You??? Take it, you know you want to!!!


I was just watching MTV...and Viva La Bam was on. Good lord...it is trash, but I love that show. It makes me laugh out loud and just brings me some insane joy. *giggles*

Plus...Bam and Dunn are hot! *winks*

Confession: Back Up Friends

This is going to be a long entry...I imagine. It's just something I was thinking about and wanted to get it off my chest. If emotional mumbo jumbo isn't your cup of tea...then amuse yourself with a good number of other entries around these parts. If you can't get enough of it, then by all means read on....

Over at Wavy Brains there was an entry all about the concept of Back Up Friends. You know...those friends who you like, but they never seem to be the friends you call first. Those friends which are cool to hang out with...if they around, but it is no skin of your nose if they aren't around.

That entry just really stuck with me...mainly because I have made a friendship career out of being someone's "Back Up Friend." It's often where I end up. I was one of those people who made a lot of friends...but rarely made those knock down, indestructable friendships. I have had a few...and they have made all the difference in my life. I have two friends from college that I don't know what I would do without them...and this entry is in no way means I don't appreciate them. I made one or two friends when I was in Indiana...who still keep in touch and who I consider true, real friends. They made living in Indiana truly special.

But that doesn't change the fact that I often feel like I am the constant Back Up Friend. I have been put in the role of someone who is fun to be around...if she is there, but not someone we are going to call specifically to have over. I had one friend in college...and she was what I thought was my best friend for over a year...and then as the years changed, I realized what a Back Up Friend I was. She called when no one else was around...when her girlfriend was busy...when she needed something. I was the Back Up Friend. We aren't really friends today. We drifted apart and then got so apathetic that neither of us really cared that we were drifting.

And my trend continued when I was in grad school...I had another friend which I thought we were very close, until I actually took a deep look at our friendship. When I really looked at our friendship from beginning to end, we were never really that good friends at all. We hung out a lot...and I had some of the most amazing times in grad school when she was around. But..if we ever had a spat or weren't getting along...she didn't try working it out, she would just stop calling. Ignorning a problem was the solution for her. And...then I noticed....she called when her husband was busy...she called when her other grad school friend was busy...or maybe she would be nice enough to call me to tag along with the two of them...but I can't remember a time when she called me first and then we called to see if that other friend wanted to tag along. She called me when she was lonely...or depressed and wanted someone to entertain her or make her feel better.

I started feeling this way...a long time before our friendship was non-existent. I thought I was just being overly sensitive. I thought I was just not trusting our friendship. The true test to me was this...her other grad school friend got married....and was going to be moving away in a couple of months. I hung out with my friend a lot when she was helping planning the wedding...and she often talked about how lonely and depressed she was going to be when her friend moved away to where her soon to be husband was going to be living. At one point, she actually said to me, "I am going to be so sad when she moves away...because I feel like all friends are leaving me. This friend moved. That friend moved. My sister moved and now this other friend is moving." Mind you, I was sitting right there....not moving. (Name withheld to protect the innocent and guilty)

And then...her grad school friend went on her honeymoon. My friend called and wanted to hang out EVERYDAY that she was gone. I talked to her 3 or 4 times a day while she was gone. And yep...you guessed it, her friend came back from the honeymoon...and I didn't hear from her for numerous days. I was back to being the Back Up Friend and the "Front Lines" friend just returned to town...

I guess I was fun to hang out with...as long as there were no other options. It devastated me. It was then that I knew...I didn't really have the friendship I thought I had. We were friends of convenience if anything else.

In a few months time...our friendship completely fell apart and we haven't talked for almost a year now. It's sad when I think about it. It's sad to realize that in many ways you just didn't matter to a person. It's sad to see how easily you allowed yourself to become someone's doormat. And I think the saddest thing...is that I am very untrusting of friendships today. I don't even know if I believe in them anymore...I think I just wait for the other shoe to drop and for them to fail me.

Alright...enough of the woe is me entry. It happens from time to time. It is amazing to me how someone else's words can really remind you of something or some time in your life that you would just rather not admit.

P.S. To those few and true friends in my life...I love you beyond words!

P.S. (2) I intentionally didn't name the two friends I spoke of in this entry...I know I wouldn't want someone airing my dirty laundry with my name attached to it, so I am not going to do that to them. And in the end, they weren't bad people...it just wasn't meant to be. And in all honesty, this entry isn't about them...it's about me.

Friday, November 05, 2004

woof, woof!

George Bush's dog, Barney...has his own freakin' page on the White House website.

Now...if that isn't pathetic and hilarious at the same time, I don't know what is.

silly memory o'mine...

Dontcha hate it when you are watching something you taped off TV...and you forget you are watching a tape and you sit there and watch 4 minutes of commercials...that you could have been fast forwarding through! lol


Update on the job situation...I am heading back for a second interview on Monday afternoon. I hope it works out...and so far, it looks good. I haven't felt this positive about an interview in a while...and that includes the job I got offered a couple of months ago.


I have a story of someone being a complete douche on Blog Explosion...but I am gonna be the bigger person and let it go. Unless he starts doing it again...then, I am gonna let my lips fly! *winks*


It's friday...whoo hoo! I like Fridays!


There also isn't a Friday's Feast this week...the nice people who run it are having family health problems. Wish them and their family the best!


The wind is blowing like CRAZY today around here. I went outside to check the mail and take a jog to the post office...and I felt like I was going to be blown halfway across town. It was kind of fun on the way to the Post Office...since the wind was at my back, but it did kinda suck on the way back. Right now...the wind is slamming against the house...I think it is the first sign of the impending apocalypse.


I don't think I have anything else to say...enjoy the weekend y'all. *winks*

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Talk about kicking someone when they are down, eh? Come on God...give the nice lady a freakin' break!

Elizabeth Edwards has cancer.

selling myself....

I had a job interview today...and it went smashingly well. It is working in the next county over...working with teenage offenders in a slew of different programs.

I was impressed with them and the agency. They were impressed with me and my brilliance.

I think this just might work out...

Theatre Thursday Week 24

It is officially Theatre Thursday time! It's fun....yes it is...so, go play along and find out for yourself!

Week 24 - The Classics.

Everyone has their own idea of what a classic movie is. Most would put films such as The Wizard Of Oz, Casablanca, and The Godfather on the classics list. We want to know what you think. So this week, there is just one question. What is classic to you?

Give us your list of YOUR top 10 "classic" films.

Ooh...this is a hard one. I statred making a list of my favorite movies...but I scratched that because favorite and classic aren't always the same. So, here is my list of classic films. They aren't in any specific order...the classics should never be ranked! lol

West Side Story
Shawshank Redemption
Pulp Fiction
Princess Bride
American History X
Lost in Translation
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Stand By Me
A Christmas Story

Oh....and last, but not least.....

GIGLI *giggles* Kiddin' folks, kidding! Now come on...don't tell me that isn't funny!

I would list a bunch more movies...but well, I decided to keep it to 10. Some movies on my list might not be classics just, but they will be....

Blog Explosion tip...

Just to let y'all know...when you rate a site, it no longer is anonymous. If you log onto Add/Edit Logs...and then click on the Rating link, it not only shows you who voted for you, but what score they gave you.

I think it is definitely an interesting tool...give you an idea, a window picture into what kind of folk like your site and what kind thinks your site blows. In the end, I don't care all that much if someone likes my site or not...since well, I like it...but I am always trying to make it better, so it is interesting to see how different people rate it.

Keep on, keeping on....

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

final words from the campaign....

John Kerry is about to give his concession speech at Faneuil Hall. I think it was the right thing to do since Ohio wasn't something Kerry could fight.

I am just really sad. I had such high hopes that the nation could make some changes. I really thought it might go Kerry's way...but, well it didn't. Yeah, I am just sad...completely and utterly sad. I am sure in due time I might be worried in a more strategic manner, but right now I am just overwhelmed.

I don't know how people can just not care...one way or the other. I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach. Plus..well, I didn't sleep at all last night. YOu know what though...I don't even like John Kerry that much. I thought he was the best candidate, but I wasn't passionate about him like I was about Howard Dean. I just don't think Kerry showed us just how amazing he could be. But still...my heart brakes for him, his family and for the promise I had for the nation.

I need a nap....after I hear just a few more words from John Kerry.


Congratulations to George Bush and his supporters. I still don't support Bush, but he is without a doubt my President. I wish him and the nation the best of luck.

P.S. As I have been listening to Edwards and Kerry...I don't think they could have been more eloquent if they tried.

Our system is so flawed....

So, this is the second election where I was still up at almost 4am...hoping to hear a decisive answer about who is elected President. We have to have a better way to do this....

In the end, I believe...as most of the nation does, that Bush will win Ohio. But, I also think it is a responsible move of John Kerry's to wait and find out...especially with the long lines and the provision ballots in Ohio. I am surprised to learn that Kerry didn't do better than he did...but well, I will accept it because the people have spoken. I am saddened by it though...because GWB doesn't share my values...he doesn't consider the same things to be crucially important.

I still have a complaint...a pet peeve. It's about the electoral college. It's bullocks man, bullocks! It's it obvious that the system just doesn't work. Part of me thought it was just revenge to have Ohio called for Bush and then have it contested again...I think the RNC camp felt the panick that we felt in Florida in 2000.

But, that's not my point...Bush won the popular vote...just like Gore won the popular vote in 2000. The contest should be over...instead of concentrating on winning a certain state. There shouldn't be a battle still waging right now...if our system worked...it is truly had each and every vote count. It's hard for people to truly believe that every vote counts...when it only seems that every vote counts when you live in Florida or Ohio. I will always vote...it is my civic duty...and I think it makes our country stronger, but the presence of the electoral college...really is a deterent. It makes me not want to bother....

Bush is going to be re-elected...unless something quite magical happens in Ohio. I think that Bush won the "Get Out The Vote" effort with his core group...and I think that surprised me most of all.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Oh Ohio!

There was just a news story about the people waiting in line to vote in Ohio. There have been long lines all day long...they say right now that the wait in some polling places is in excess of 3 or 4 hours.

On one side...that is horrible since voting should not be a painful or frustrating experience. I hope that people don't get fed up and leave...or need to leave in order to return to the other responsibilities in their lives.

But on the other side...what a great turnout of the voters. In Ohio, it definitely isn't showing anything related to voter apathy. There may be people still waiting to vote in Ohio when midnight rolls around.

I think the turnout of people in this election...no matter the outcome needs to be celebrated. We might actually be able to champion democracy at the end of this night...I hope!


Right now I am watching Howard Dean on MSNBC...talking about the race and his support of John Kerry.

One, you couldn't ask for a better competitor...someone who instead of being bitter about the primary, he realized that now Kerry needed his support.

I still long for the leadership of people like Howard Dean though. He truly believes that the purpose of a politician is to SERVE the people. He has said over and over again...it isn't about him having the power, it's about the American people having the power and using it.

*sighs* He is such an amazing leader...with such compassion and heart. I am saddened that the nation didn't get to see the vision that I got to see as a resident of the State of Vermont for 5 years.

I am pulling for Kerry...but my heart will always belong to Howard Dean.

TV Tuesday Week 30

It's Tuesday folks...and not only is it election day (GET OUT AND VOTE)...but it's also time for TV Tuesday.

Week 30 - Reality TV

I know we'd done this before but since all the comments were lost somewhere along the line I think we'll do it again! LOL Reality TV has become all the rage, and love it or hate it there's no sign it's going to be leaving anytime soon. From MTV's "The Real World", Ozzy's life, an Australian adventure for some city girls to win some guy's affections, to 12 men trying to become the perfect lady... They've tried to out do each other over and over again. How real is reality TV? I doubt anyone will ever know but let's talk about it anyway! :)

1. Do you watch reality shows? Which ones?

It embarasses me to admit it, but yes I watch reality tv. I try to not get sucked in...but alas, it is so easy to become addicted. I watch shows like Fear Factor (i know, i know), The Mole, Real World, Road Rules, Those Real World/Road Rules Challenges, The Apprentice, etc. I have also watched some of "The Biggest Loser"...mainly to see how much they distorted the idea of healthy weight loss. Oh...and for morbid curiousity...I used to watch The Newlyweds from time to time.

You know...seeing those all listed out...it just increases my shame.

2. What's your favorite all time reality show?
I think my answer is The Mole. I like that it is actually a competition. The person who does the worst is the one who goes home...and the audience gets to play at home...constantly trying to figure out who the mole is. I even love Celebrity Mole.

3. Do you feel "reality" shows are real or are they faked?
Well, I don't think they are fake as in they are scripted...but, I also don't think they are real. I think that reality tv...in most cases...actually intends to take people out of real situations and put them in un-real situations to watch them react. Hence...I feel it is more likely real people in unreal situations.

~Bonus~ If your life was a reality show what would it be called? What would be the story line that kept people coming back?
Mine might be called "Social Work 101." I think it might be interesting too...or at least it would have been when I was working at the homeless day center. I think most people would be surprised at what I did each and every day...and of course since reality TV shows thrive on drama...I can guarantee there would be plenty of that too.

~Bonus 2~ If you could create a reality show of your choosing what would it be about?
Hmmm...haven't we created enough of them? Oh wait...I would create a reality show where I got to date celebrity after celebrity. One week I go out on a date with Affleck...the next week, a date with Ed Norton...you get the idea. At least I would enjoy that reality show....lol

There it is...TV Tuesday in all it's finest. Now it is your turn to go play...so GET TO IT!

All the cool kids vote....

I Voted!! I Voted!!

Given it being election day and all, I thought I would get out early and vote. I voted early this morning, I wish I could vote often! *winks*

For those people who are complaining...yap, yap, yap...about all the political blogs, etc...well, my response...GET OVER YOURSELF! This should be a political time. Today is election day where the American people make what is probably the most important decision of the next four years. We live in such a state of apathy...but then when people start talking about anything political...then the complainers come out of the woodwork. I have read many political blogs that don't share my opinions...some that not only don't share my opinions, but that offend me. But you know what...I would rather have someone spewing something I might even consider evil...then to have people just floating on and not giving a care in the world.

So...yeah...today is going to have some political writings. If you don't like it...feel free...to click yourself right outta here.

What I was thinking...as I was falling asleep last night and while I was voting this morning...was about how messed up our system is. We sell ourselves as the model of democracy for the world. Sometimes I think of just how sad that is. We have a system that seems to be set up to be corrupt. We have a system where we seemingly have to beg half of our people to even consider voting. We live in a system where votes are easily bought...and that money, not justice feeds the system. We live in a world where each side have drones of lawyers just waiting to call the election corrupt.

So...the world is supposed to look at the three ring circus that we call an election and suddenly believe democracy is the answer? You know...if I lived in a dictatorship or a communist state...my opinion might be...that at least those governments don't try to convince themselves that they are free. Part of me doesn't mean that...but well, part of me does.

I'll be watching the election results very anxiously tonight. I will be hoping that my candidate wins. *coughs* Kerry *coughs* I will also be hoping that this election makes a clear voice as to how the American people voted...instead of the ambiguous results of 2000. I hope that more people than ever vote in this election...and show just a smidge more of an actual democratic process.

I have a feeling this is going to be a very long day.....

Monday, November 01, 2004

early voter trends....

Is this early voter thing new? I know that I hadn't heard about it much in previous elections...so, I was thinking it must be new, yes? New York State doesn't have early voting...so I will have to wait until tomorrow...and then I will be out and voting...bright and early.

Anyways...I was surfing some blogs over at Blog Explosion and I came across a post over at Electablog all about the early votes which have been casted. Here is one exerpt of that entry:

"While the campaigns are turning up the volume for the final push, the fact remains that a significant percentage of swingers have already cast their votes. And in states like Florida and Iowa, those early voters are leaning heavily towards Kerry. These numbers should be viewed through the lens I created earlier today when I explained, quite dramatically, why this race cannot be close."

Lord I hope he is right!! I am going to anxiously have my fingers crossed for John Kerry...for at least the next 24 hours.

Check out the link to Electablog's entry...it is quite an interesting read.

thank god it didn't say Ashlee Simpson!

Here's another quiz....cause I am bored. And...because I adoringly love Ani Difranco, so I enjoy that I got Ani as a response.

You Are Ani Difranco!

Honest, real, and well liked.
You're not limited by any boundaries.
"And you can call me crazy
But I think you're as lazy as white paint on the wall"

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Since everyone else is doing it....

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Everyone and their brother seems to have done this quiz...and so I thought I would be a sheep and follow suit. It seems like everyone is either a "Life" Blogger or a "Pundit" Blogger. Hmm...maybe the less obsessed bloggers just don't care enough to do the quiz!

I am a pundit blogger, eh? Well...I am not sure about that since my blog is often not much more than fluff and mindless ramblings, but well...I can always aim for smart, insightful and quality! *winks*

Happy Monday Morning y'all.....

I was just watching a rerun of ER...and saw once again a commercial for the TNT movie, The Wool Cap. It's a movie about this eccentric older man and this little, black girl. The old guy gets stuck with the little girl...and a touching movie ensues.

I know I will watch this movie...for one reason above all others. I will watch this movie because it stars the amazingly talented William H. Macy. I adore this man...and just think he brings so much to a role. He is an actor's actor...and I don't think I have ever watched a movie or show that he has been in...and have left less than impressed. Macy is one of those actors...where he truly becomes the character. You forget that you are watching Macy...and just see the character. I watched him a couple of weeks ago on Inside the Actors Studio. Other than consistently being annoyed by James Lipton, I was once again amazed at how intense an actor Macy is. It's all about the part and process for him...not about the fame and the notority.

Did I ever tell y'all that I met Bill Macy? Yep, I did. When I was in college...a small women's college in Vermont...I used to work on campus during the summers. I managed the advising office. Well, the college sold out the campus in the summers to a bunch of different groups...and one of them was an acting troup from NYC. We had weeks of granola crunchy wannabe actors mulling around our campus...soaking in the country aroma of Vermont. What's the upside to this? Macy was one of the instructors for this troup....so, he spent a couple of weeks milling around the campus as well. He could have stayed at a swanky hotel...but instead, he stayed at one of the makeshift apartments on campus. So, I often saw him walking around in the evenings...just seemingly hanging out.

Anyways...I am sure you are expecting to hear some story of a self-absorbed actor who thought the world revolved around him. I am sorry to say...I cannot satisfy you there. He was nothing but kind and sweet. I worked in the office down the hall from where the acting kids had all of their workshops. So, about once every other day...Macy would pop his head in and ask to borrow a stapler...or to ask where he might be able to find a projector...or to ask where to find a nice, local place for dinner. He was always so unassuming and kind....made me wanna help him all the more.

Two more things impressed me. He always returned whatever he borrowed. No one these days returns what they borrow....no one. I had professors borrow things all the time...and they almost NEVER returned them. He would end the artsy, acting session and bring me back my stapler or my scissors and apologize for not being more prepared. And secondly...he learned my name. By the second or third time he came calling for something, he would start with a "Hello Shelley!" Once again...most professors who came with some "it's not my job" request...had no interest in learning my name.

He was just a kind man...and also one of the most talented actors on the planet. It was nice to get a window picture into the life of a Hollywood actor...that just didn't seem very Hollywood. Those wannabe actors...were lucky to have them as one of their instructors.

Ok..no more name dropping for me. I am even beginning to be sick of myself! *winks*