Sunday, May 31, 2009

Movie Review: Yes Man

I have two main observations about the movie Yes Man...and that's it.

Observation #1: The movie has a great, funny cast.

I know Jim Carrey annoys some. I am not one of them. The guy can bring the funny. I also liked that it wasn't just joke after joke after joke. Carrey actually told us a story while we laughed along with him.

Bradley Cooper. Me likey. I've been a fan of Bradley's since his Alias days. You know, when he was Will Tippen, the schlub hopelessly in love with Sydney Bristow. He's funny too. I thought he was a great choice to play the best friend to hopeless Jim Carrey.

Zooey Deschanel. She is playing Carrey's quirky love interest. Love her. I basically love the whole Deschanel family, even those I don't even know. She's adorable cute and always looks like she is 12 years old. She has a great sense of humor and wit. Her sarcasm is engaging. Plus, she gets to sing in the movie and I have been in love with Zooey's voice since she was singing in the shower in Elf.

Danny Masterson. He plays one of Carrey's friends. Who doesn't love Hyde? He amused me in this movie. He basically plays the same character, but if it ain't broke...don't fix it. Plus, I loved bearded Hyde, so the look in the likey.

John Michael Higgins. Don't know who he is? Click on the link and then you'll go...oh, that guy. He's hilarious. He's been in Fred Claus, The Break Up, Walk Hard...and don't forget, he was in the hilarious Arrested Development. He didn't have a huge part, but I was chuckling the whole time he was on screen.

And last, but definitely not least:

Rhys Darby. Don't know who he is? Well...then you don't watch Flight of the Conchords. And if you don't watch Flight of the really should. One of the funniest, quirkiest shows on tv right now. Rhys plays the "band manager" Murray in the show and his comic timing in the show is spot on. In the movie, he plays Carrey's boss at the bank. His comic genius continues in the movie as well...he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring the funny. Plus, he dresses up like Harry Potter characters and wears funny glasses. How can that not be funny?

Ok, so observation #1 was kind of long.

Observation #2: I had initially hated this movie on sight. I planned on writing a review about how I had already seen this movie and it's name is Liar, Liar. Well, I learned that you should probably watch a movie before judging it...and writing its review in your head. Yes, the 2 movies have similarities...they both star Jim Carrey and they both require the lead characters to change their behavior, but that is where it ends.

This movie was really different. In Yes Man, Jim Carrey says YES, not because he is under a spell, but because he makes the choice to. He can say NO, he just believes that saying yes will make his life better. And two, Yes Man has a lot more heart and story. The movie has some really nice dramatic moments...where they look at the consequences of hiding from your life out of fear.

My advice...say YES when asking if you should rent Yes Man.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day and Other Refinements!

Happy Memorial Day all! I'm one of the lucky people who have the day off work today. On this day, I want to remember all those who serve our country...and those who are currently serving. As a country we have been at war for 7 years and I long for the day that our troops can come home and their service can end.

I didn't do a heck of a lot today. I got up and went for a jog/walk. The Y is closed I couldn't go there and get my elliptical on. At first, I was annoyed, but in the was a good thing. It motivated me to get back out and do some street jogging. I haven't done that in a long time. I used to get out and run/jog at least 2 times per week, if not more..but I haven't been motivated to get there in a long time. I've been basically rocking the elliptical and the elliptical alone.

I got out...walked a quick 5 minutes down to our local trails and started jogging. I knew I needed to work up my endurance again, so I jogged about 1.75 miles and walked about 1.5 miles. It felt good to be back at it again. I plan on keeping on going permitting. I was jogging at a slow roll today, but with time...I know I'll be back to running 5 miles, no problem.

And a weight loss update. I mentioned last week, I gained one pound. I knew why and was right back on track, so I was not really concerned about it at all. This week, I lost that one pound back and three of it's little friends. I watched my eating...and didn't let myself mindlessly eat. I got all of my workouts in during the week. I also got enough sleep, so I wasn't walking around like a zombie.

Another thing I am proud of, I went out to dinner on Friday night. I checked out the menu online before heading out and then made really smart choices. It wasn't easy at all. I went to the 99 Restaurant and they are probably one of the most non-vegetarian friendly places I have been to in a long time. I didn't have a lot of options....but with those I did have, I chose something that fit into my diet.

I hope people enjoyed their Memorial Day...and that no one is having a case of the Mondays (Office Space is on HBO right now, so I couldn't help myself).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Movie Review: Taken

I saw Taken last week or maybe the week before. I got it from Netflix and got to watching it. I am a huge Liam Neeson fan. It was a little sad seeing him since it was fresh in my mind how he just tragically lost his wife and mother of his children.

I was intrigued by this movie when it was in the movie theater, but of course...not enough to plunk down a bunch of cash to see it. I like the idea of the non-traditional action hero. You know, how Bruce Willis used to be before he became the typical action hero. It's one of the things I loved most about Die Hard is that John McClain was no Schwarzenegger or Van Damme. McClain was this kind of pathetic guy who under extraordinary circumstances saves everyone with his bad ass attitude. So, anyway...when you see Liam Neeson, you don't think crazy bad ass who can kick anyone's ass. He seems pretty unassuming.

The basic storyline is that Liam Neeson is an ex-spy who retired to be closer to his teenage daughter. His daughter, his ex-wife and everyone else thinks he is paranoid and over-protective until his worst fears happen...and they learn he might just be right. Liam's character is pulled out of retirement when his daughter is kidnapped and sold into the sex industry on a "fun" trip to Europe.

I don't want to give away any more about the film than that...but let me say I thought this movie was fantastic. Of course, it had one of my constant frustrations with action films...the hero has perfect aim all the time while the bad guys seem to have the worst aim known to man. Liam's character is in a shootout with a bajillion million guys...he gets basically all of them and no one can get a decent shot of him. Realistic? No, but it's a movie. I accept it. I did love how well the told the story of women in the sex industry. It's a huge problem in a lot of areas of the world. Yes, some women are kidnapped drugged and into the industry. Some women are outright sold by their families and communities. Some women are born into the industry and don't know any different. It's going on in Europe, Africa and Mexico right now....probably other areas I am not aware of. It's not a made up issue.

All in all, I'd highly recommend this movie. It doesn't go too far, so that it is only about shock value and it hits that great action movie stride. Liam Neeson is hell bent on finding his daughter and returning her to safety. I didn't think Liam had an action movie in him. I was wrong. The part of his daughter is played by Maggie Grace who I only know from her short stint on Lost. She was not in a lot of the film since most of it was spent with Liam tracking her, but she is a constant presence.

Rent it. Watch it. It's good.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can yesterday be my Groundhog Day?

All in all...yesterday was a good day. One of those days you'd want to live over again if you could.

Here is a run down on my good day....

  1. Work went really fast. I clocked in, had a long arse meeting, went to lunch, got some much needed stuff done and then it was time to go home. And an added bonus, I didn't have to go to jail as part of my daily work festivities.
  2. I've been looking for the JD Drew shirt. He's not the most popular member of the Sox, but I love him. I know they sell them, but could find no where online. So, one of my MA peeps helped me out. A great lass from Center Field was able to snag me a shirt...and I can't wait to wear it.
  3. I am in the mentoring program at work. I have been matched with an adorable girl. Her birthday is coming up. I made plans to take her out to dinner on Friday and celebrate with her. We are going to dinner...of course have dessert...and then top it off by playing with doggies at the pet store. Plus, I snagged free tickets for mini-golf that we can use at our next outing.
  4. Oh...I ordered myself and a friend tickets to go to Fenway Park in July. I've been a Red Sox fan since well...forever, but never been to Fenway. I could not allow that to continue. I might even get tickets to a game in October as of the last home games before the post season. We have a local charter company that has tickets to game. They bus you watch the game...they bus you home. If I can't get a job in Boston that part of the employment package is going to Sox games, then this will have to do. Plus, it's a game against the Royals, so I can also cheer for the dearly missed Coco Crisp.
  5. I worked out like a rock star yesterday. I went to the gym...and didn't feel much like working out. It was hot...for May. I was tired and a little hungry. I was trying to convince myself to skip it. I would not. I got on the ellipticals at the Y that I LOVE....and rocked it out for close to an hour. I got a nice sweat on...and was so glad I didn't let laziness talk me out of it.
  6. David Ortiz got his first homerun. Ah, how sweet it is. Tek got two of them, Jason Bay got one too and Mikey Lowell felt left out, so he smacked a HR as well. But, Papi finally went yard and it was a beautiful thing to watch.
  7. I watch American Idol. I don't like it, but it's like an accident that I just can't look away from. I used to never watch the actual show. I would watch the train wrecks of people who think they can sing, but they can't...but when the competition started, I would check out and move on. And then Daughtry happened. I fell for this kid and his music...hard...and suddenly, I was a Idol watcher. I hoped it would just be one season, but nope...American Idol has won me over. This year, my pick from week 1 of the competition was Kris Allen. He's adorable and cute as an ever living button...and he is not a great singer, but a great musician. He can play any instrument you give him. And, did I mention his cuteness? I picked him as my pick, but thought he had no shot in hell of winning. He just keep getting by...week after week and last night, he won. I only watched the last 5 minutes of the show since I hate that it takes 2 hours to do something that should take 2 minutes, but it was great to see the kid win. Rock on Kris!
  8. I got to bed last night before 11pm. And therefore...I didn't wake up exhausted this morning.
  9. Did I mention Papi hit a homerun? I didn't...because he SO did.

Yep....yesterday was a good day. Wouldn't mind living that one over again. Let's hope today is just half as good.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Kate Why???

So, this morning on my way to work....the radio reported a rumor.

What was the rumor?

Well, the rumor was that A-Rod was no longer interested in the likes of Madonna. He has been seen out and about canoodling with the "please feed me" Kate Hudson. Who knows if it is true or not, but no matter what....the thought and image is in my head.

Eww. Ick. Ugh. Sighs. Double Eww. Bleck. Pfft.

That's how I feel about that. And I used to so like Kate Hudson.

Top 6 Weight Loss Myths

There is this article over on the Weight Watchers website that I found interesting. It is basically about some of the weight loss myths that we convince ourselves to believe while we are trying to drop some pounds.

Here are the myths and my thoughts about each myth:

Myth #1: I need to go on a "diet"

Shelley's Response: I have conflicted feelings on this one. Yes, it should all be about lifestyle changes. If people go onto a "diet" and then once they lose the weight, go back to how they were eating before....then, we know what will happen. That's the classic yo yo dieter. Losing weight should be about incorporating healthy eating and moderate exercise. It should be about a healthy lifestyle, not just about doing whatever the next fad diet says in order to get the results on the scale. Ok, so I agree there. However, I also think the "it's a lifestyle change" can be a cop out in order to fudge on your eating plan from time to time. "Yes, I ate a ton and a half of salsa and chips this weekend (I did), but it's ok, but this isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change." I think sometimes it can set you up for along the way sabotage. Sometimes...I think when losing weight, it should be a diet. Transition (which in my experience) most people don't make things a lifestyle and that has a lot to do with why only 5% of people who lose weight maintain it long term.

Myth #2: I'll get back on track on Monday/after the holidays/when the sun comes out.

Shelley's Response: Been there, done that. That fateful Monday when everything will come back together and you'll start again...with a...wait for it....wait for it...CLEAN SLATE. I went to see Kevin Smith speak at a Q&A once (awesome BTW). He talked about just that. He would go on his diet each Monday, fall off sometime on Tuesday if he was lucky and binge to his heart's content until the following Monday where he would START AGAIN WITH A CLEAN SLATE. As I said...been there...done that. I've made such a conscious effort...if I screw up, start again...IMMEDIATELY. Nothing is incredibly special about Mondays.

Myth #3: All my problems will be solved when I lose weight.

Shelley's Response: Sighs. Don't we wish that was the case? I'll admit, some of my problems/issues were solved with losing weight. My life is better now than it was when I weighed over 200 lbs. However...skinny people can be unhappy too. They don't just float through life with not a care in the world. I think I had this delusional idea that life would be sunshine and rainbows once I had lost weight. If you ever need an example that skinny does not equal happy...Olsen twins. I rest my case.

Myth #4: Heavy people don't deserve to eat.

Shelley's Response: I don't believe for one second that heavy people do not deserve to eat. That's just silly. Ok, but it's honest time, right? I will fully admit, I judge what overweight people choose to eat. I am not proud of it. I did it when I was overweight as well. It's not a new habit. When I see an overweight person in the grocery store, I look in their cart...and judge the items they are choosing to buy. It's not right. It's wrong. Who am I to judge what someone else is buying? I don't know them...nor do I have any right making snap judgments on their shopping cart of food. And, I know how crappy it felt when I KNEW people were doing it to me. I can remember once buying a candy bar, some ice cream and a bag of chips. I was not a skinny minnie by any stretch of the imagination. I walked up to the express line, plunked down my items and then the cashier said, "I wish I could eat food like that!" and then completely looked me and my fat ass up and down. I wish I could say that I no longer am judge-o-rama when it comes to what people choose to eat, but I am. I try to spin it as I look in their cart...and judge their cart in the perspection that I wish they were making healthier choices. Yep, nice spin. It's still wrong. WRONG.

Myth #5: I shouldn't wear a bathing suit (shorts, a tank top) until I've lost all the weight.

Shelley's Response: I wish that I hadn't believe this myth hook line and sinker. When I was heavier, my fashion style was non-existent. It was all about hiding myself, my body. If I could go back and do anything differently...of course, I would have gotten healthier a LOT sooner. Moreover, I would have forced me to love myself, no matter the shape and size. That is key. It's taken me a long time to realize that I am more than the number on the scale and the size on the back of my jeans. Sighs. This myth is a kicker...because for most people, it isn't a myth. For those people that are heavier and love themselves and their bodies...I have such respect and admiration for them.

Myth #6: The less I eat, the faster I'll lose.

Shelley's Response: Who doesn't secretly believe that? Of course, it's not true. Anyone watch the horrible Style show, Ruby...about the southern woman losing weight. I can remember her nutrition people telling her she needed to add more food in order to lose weight. Her reaction...classic. With the most annoying Southern drawl, she said, "EAT MORE TO LOSE WEIGHT? What do you mean Y'ALL?" Ruby could not comprehend what was being told to her. If we starve our body...our body gets the message that we are trying to kill it. Our body does not like it when we try to kill, it decides to take pre-emptive measures and slow down our metabolism and turn anything excessive into fat. And if we workout tons....we need to feed our bodies more. We need to give our bodies the energy to continue performing at that level.'s an interesting little article...about those things we know aren't true, but probably deep down inside...on our most honest days....we secretly believe.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sisterhood of Shelley's Pants

So, you know the book/movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Where these 4 friends share a pair of jeans and have lots of crazy adventures while wearing said pants?

Well, I kind of feel like I have that going on right now. No, not that my friends and I are wearing the same pair of pants and that they magically help us out in our adventures. But one of the magical things about the pants is that no matter what girl has the pants....they fit. That must make them magic because there is no way in hell that one pair of pants would fit both the healthy, but curvy America Ferrerra and the "needs a sandwich" Blake Lively and Amber Tamblyn. Those pants have to be some kind of crazy not have America's pants be a tent on poor, little, teeny, tiny Amber & Co.

I have a bunch of pants in a bunch of different sizes. I have some khaki Old Navy pants that are a size 12. They have the most interesting pockets and I adore them. They fit. They are a smidge loose, but nothing too severe. Then, I have about 2 pairs of size 10 pants. One is a pair of casual khakis and one is a pair of dress pants. Both fit. Then I have a truckload of size 8 pants. All of them fit, some are kind of on the loose side. I also have 2 or 3 pairs of size 6 pants. All fit. I have one pair of size 6 pants...actually they are crop pants that are a smidge too tight, but in a pinch...I guess they fit too.

So, I am a size 12, 10, 8 and 6...depending on the pants. I am either a freakin' shape shifter or there is a significant difference in pant sizes depending on who makes them and what not. A 12 fits...and a 6 fits. So, if I am ordering out of a catalog, what size does Shelley order? Well, the answer to that question is that I don't order out of a catalog. Usually, if forced...I order a size 8 and cross my fingers. It's usually the safest bet. Even if it is a little loose, it is usually wearable.

Shape Shifter Shelley. That's Me!

Monday, May 18, 2009

working, working, working it all out....

This might be a long, for those few who read me, strap yourself in...and enjoy the blathering of Shelley. And no, it is not about baseball. And no, it is not about tv.

I haven't been talking about health and fitness and weight loss lately. Since about mid-February, I've been eating well and exercising and trying to drop a few pounds. So good. I've been losing about 1-2 lbs each week since then. I had one week where I think I lost 0.4lbs...but hey, as long as it is going in the right direction, eh? I still have a little less than 10 lbs I would like to lose.

This week, I gained for the first time since mid-February. I gained a pound. Was it a surprise? Umm, no. I usually work out 3-4 times a week...last week, I only got 2 workouts in. Plus, I was exhausted almost all of last week. Some of it might have been because I stayed up until 2am to watch a baseball game and still had to get up at 6am this next morning for work. And, one day for lunch...I might have had a salad and tootsie rolls and DOTS for lunch. Hey, at least I didn't just skip the salad altogether and have only candy for lunch. And to finish it off, this weekend...I ate about a ton and a half of salsa and chips. Dip, crunch, dip, crunch, dip, crunch.

So, the fact that I gained a pound was not a surprise to all. The only surprise is that it was only one pound. All in all, I am not worried, nor concerned. It's the first blip since February...and it was a break/breather in many ways. Plus, it wasn't the downward slope that started me on gaining back everything I lost. By the end of the day on Saturday, I was done with it. I went back to drinking water....and not eating chips or candy. On Sunday, things were back to normal. I weighed in on Monday, wrote down the number and moved on. I went to the gym today after work and rocked the elliptical for close to 70 minutes. I had tons of energy and felt like I could go for an hour more. Not anything like last Friday at the gym when I did 30 minutes, but was so exhausted and it just felt awful the whole time.

I know that I need to make sure I don't let exhaustion and just having an "off week" allow me to just anything and everything in front of me...but in the end, salsa and chips and tootsie rolls and DOTS will not be the end of me.

Oh, I mentioned going to the gym. Did I tell y'all that I broke my elliptical? I did. It's craptastic. I love my elliptical. I love being able to come home and get my workout on in the next room over. It broke in the same place my last one, I am thinking I bought a pretty cheap ass one. I am in the market for a new one, but until then...I am crashing the YMCA. I don't have a membership there, but my work does, so I am using one of their passes. It's been about two weeks now.

I miss working out in my own place, but I do LOVE the Y's elliptical machines. I get such a better workout on their equipment. I sweat more, run faster, etc. I wish I could afford one of those...and could fit them into my place. I am enjoying my time at the Y, for the most part. The things I don't like...not being able to have the TVs on what I want to watch. Having to read the subtitles when I often forget my ear buds. Having to wait for a machine when it is busy. Being surrounded by some annoying, nosy people when I am trying to workout. The creepy guy who works a the Y...and is constantly walking around and staring at people. The 15 drive there from work. But...that elliptical machine. Ahh, I might be in love.

One thing I did notice and it was an interesting epiphany. I was working out last Wednesday. I noticed this skinny little thing working out out a few machine down from me. She is one of those people that just looks naturally long and lean...and very thin. My immediate though..."skinny bitch, I have to work so hard and there she is with not a spot of fat on her."

And then I basically told myself to STFU. I often like to assume that thin people are naturally thin. I am sure it is because I have been heavy for most of my life and have worked so hard in the past couple of years to become thin. Yes, I am sure there are some naturally thin people who can eat whatever they want, never workout and have perfect bodies...but that is the exception, not the rule. This I am talking smack about her inside my head...she is WORKING OUT on the elliptical, just like I am. Her smokin' hot body...she probably works pretty hard for. I realized I need to stop doing that. That it makes "thin people" the enemy...when the reality is that I am a thin person as well, even if I still have some more pounds I want to lose.

Yes, I am probably never going to have a body like that girl. I spent close to two decades not taking care of my body. I was overweight and didn't do a heck of a lot to change it. So, even at my thinnest weight, I still have...issues. I'm proud of the weight I lost and my body the way it is now. I have to accept the limitations and instead of hating those who don't seem to have those imperfections. Maybe I need to respect the work and dedication they put into their bodies while I was spending time putting pizza into mine. I also...sighs...need to give myself a break...stop comparing my body to other women. What good does that do?

Ok...the novel of this entry must end. I did warn you in the beginning it would be a long one. I have been thinking through this entry for a few days, so I figured I would just start writing and end it when I was done. So there...DONE.

And now I am off to watch the finale of 24. It had better be good. And Jack Bauer cannot die.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Frugal or Cheap?

So, to say I am cheap is putting it mildly. I am constantly looking for ways to save. I overpay my bills. I don't spend money on weekends away...or go to Saratoga to gamble at the casino or racetrack.

I'm a cheapstake...through and through. And to be honest, it is something I am really proud of. Sure, I could have a bunch of toys. I could have the swankiest of all iPods. I could own the newest and nicest cell phone. I could spend oodles of money on shopping trips...getting the nicest, newest clothes out there. I could buy a nice, new car instead of driving around my gas guzzler that is paid off.

I don't make a lot of money, but I make enough. I could afford some of the above mentioned things. But, if I did...I probably would have some level of credit card debt. I have none. If I did...I probably would be 20 years away from paying off my school loans instead of less than a year away. If I did...I probably wouldn't have a nice little chunk of change sitting around waiting to be a down payment on a house.

Yes, I am cheap. I live that of a miser. I have often said and it is true...if you go on a first date with me and use a coupon. I can GUARANTEE will get a second date. That's hot, folks.

So, why am I giving you a run down of my cheapness and my pride in it. Well, because there is an
talking about the movies and snacks. I love movies. I love snacks. It is basically asking if bringing in your own snacks to a movie is frugal or cheap??

The article sums it up saying you should NOT do it because it is how the theater makes money and it is illegal. I think we know my response to this. I bring my own food and drink EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to the movies. I've been doing it since I was about 15 years old.

First off. Who in their right mind can afford to go to the movies anymore? I have a nice Netflix subscription and I use it well. And if I do buck all my cheapness and go to the movies, I am not going to spend another $15 bucks on a soda, box of candy and butter drenched popcorn. Sure, I love the popcorn and the million calories that it contains, but I am just not going to do it. I go to Target or CVS and buy a box of candy and a bottle of Diet Coke. I am set for the movie...for a little more than $2.

If that's wrong....I don't wanna be right. Candy sneakers UNITE!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well Hello Gorgeous!

So, the Red Sox lost last night to the Angels 8-4. Tim Wakefield reminded us that he is in fact....human. Matt Palmer, the Angels pitcher...retired the last NINETEEN Red Sox batters in order. We had no Youk and no Pedey in the lineup. David Ortiz is still homerless. All in all....not the best outcome.

The one bright spot in the game was Daniel Bard's major league debut. He has been blowing people away down in Pawtucket with his sometimes 100 MPH fastball. He came into the game and immediate struck out the first batter...fastball....fastball...fastball. It was funny watching the Red Sox players watching they were finally getting to play with their new toy. He's got the stuff. Josh Beckett watched him with an intensity that lets you know he cannot wait for Bard to be assimilated. And yeah, the guy is smokin' hot on the mound and off of it too.

Yes, it is true...he might have not realized that there was a guy on 3rd base when he came into the game. He might have admitted that during his major league debut he had "other non baseball related things on his mind", I don't know...the great sales at Target this week? Hey, I've decided being distracted in your major league debut is not necessarily a bad thing. It's better than letting the moment suck you up...and eat you whole.

No matter what...welcome to the bigs there Bard. I hope you stay with us for a while. You just took our stellar bullpen and made it even better.

It's official. Peter Gammons is not the only one who has a crush on Bard. Add me to the list. He may only be 12 years old...but good lord, me likey.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fringe? You can suck it. Hard.

I watch a good deal of tv. I'm not going to deny it. So, when new shows come out, I often give them a shot and see if they get added to my list of shows I watch.

This year Fringe was a show that I checked out and quickly got added to the DVR list. One, it was created by JJ Abrams. I have always been a huge fan of JJ's work: Felicity, Alias, Lost, etc. The guy just makes really interesting TV shows. Two, one of the actors in the show is Joshie Jackson aka Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek. I watched Dawson's...what? I am a huge fan of Josh and loved seeing him in another show, especially one that did not involve who was or was not Joey Potter's soulmate.

Fringe is a show about fringe science...time travel, biological warfare, creepy organisms, scary monsters, people that become bombs, etc. Just weird things that push the envelope to what we thought was possible in science. It's one of those shows that always has a twist you never saw coming. All in all...a great show. I've been hooked since basically the first episode.

To get to the point of this entry...the season finale was last night. If you haven't seen the show yet...and don't want to be spoiled...STOP READING THIS ENTRY. You've been warned. The climax of the finale was that not only was time travel possible, but that there were alternate realities that mirror our own. And with the Fringe science you can open up a portal into those alternate realities. The show ended with Olivia, the main character, being put into an alternate reality....and after a flash, she is there.

The show leaves her standing inside a building. The building was one of the Twin Towers of the WTC. It wasn't back in time....pre 2001. It was in 2009, but the Twin Towers were sitting right there in the middle of NYC.

My response to simple. Fuck You. You made a world where 9/11 didn't happen. Yeah, fuck you. For the people who had loved ones and families members who died that day. Fuck you twice. For the USA's policies of fear and all the lives that have been lost in war. Fuck you three times over.

So, it's obvious the idea of making the Twin Towers just sitting there plain and well doesn't sit well with me. It suddenly makes me want to go out and get one of those "Never Forget" bumper stickers and slap it on my car....and then send a million of them to JJ Abrams. We all lived through that day and it still lives with our our psyche.

Yes, it is a TV show. It's not real. They had a whole episode of guys who turned into vampires types and ate people for their spinal fluid. So...reality is not their thing. But still...SO NOT COOL.

I don't know what the show was thinking, but at this point...I am not sure my DVR is holding a spot for it anymore. Aurgh. Overreacting...maybe, but it's still completely how I feel. Fringe...a great show, but you can completely suck it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Manny is the name that will never go away...

So, I guess I am supposed to talk about Manny Ramirez and the news surrounding him? I don't want to. I am sick of hearing and talking about Manny and his drama. goes. So, Manny Ramirez has been suspended for 50 games for testing positive for a banned substance. It is reported the substance was HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a women's fertility drug. I had never heard of it before this story broke...but they say it is often used as part of the cycle of drugs with steroids. Mainly steroid users take it after the cycle in order to jump start their body's ability to make their own testosterone. It is also reported that it is used to increase male sperm count and sex drive.

So, either Manny is a steroid user or he and his wife are having troubles having babies.

No matter what the truth is. There is no excuse. The players are given a comprehensive list of banned substances at Spring Training. So, if you take something on the list...that is on YOU. No matter who gave it to you and in what context. Plus, it is reported that Manny tested positive for the substance in Spring Training and then again recently. Fool me once...but not twice. No one is that dumb, not even Manny Ramirez.

Of course this story effects Boston since Manny played with the Sox for 7.5 years and was a part of the 04 and 07 championships. Articles have been written about if this taints our championships. Curt Schilling weighs in on the subject. We don't know if Manny used steroids when he was with Boston. He might have. However, he is one of 25...and yes, he is a big member of that 25, but I don't think it takes away from those accomplishments.

And then Dan Shaughnessy write this crapload of an article. He basically goes on to say how this drama will Manny is vindication for Boston fans that they were right about Manny and LA was wrong. That we knew what a poison he was and how silly the Dodgers were to buy what he was selling. No Dan, this story if anything should not make you spitefully gloat, it should make you sad for the sport of baseball. Manny Ramirez was a future Hall of Famer....who fans and little kids looked up to and aspired to be. It isn't a "Nanny nanny I told you so" moment. This isn't a moment to rub someone's face in the fact that they are losing their best player for 50 games and you warned them. Baseball has taken a huge step back in letting people know they are striving to play a clean game. Ugh.

One thing is does once again make Theo Epstein look like a crazy genius with getting the trade done last year. I don't have much of a response to the Manny story either than to be happy it is NOT OUR PROBLEM. He is no longer in our clubhouse...and that is a good thing. I appreciated Manny when he was with the team, but was so ready to see him go.

From now on...when it is referencing Boston, I only wanna hear the name Manny when it is followed by Delcarmen. I only wanna hear Ramirez when it is preceeded by Ramon. I know it won't happen...but we can dream, right?

P.S. The Sox take on the Rays tonight. The series is tied 1-1. So....LET'S GO RED SOX and finally take a series from those pesky, evil Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to mothers, to those who have a mother and those who just like mothers...and come on now, who doesn't like mothers??

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People might think Mother's Day is bittersweet or depressing for me...but it isn't. I am flooded with positive and warm memories of my mom. I couldn't have asked for a better mom. I was truly blessed. Of course, I want more time with her. On Mother's Day....I just think of her and smile.

Happy Mother's Day one did it better than you. NO ONE. Much love.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kiefer: Alcohol might not be for you.

People know that I adore Kiefer Sutherland. He's one of my favorite actors. He's spectacularly talented and usually an all around good guy. I think 24 is one of the best shows ever on television and a large part of that is because of Kiefer and what he brings to the show.

As most have probably heard, Kiefer was arrested in NYC for a night club assault. He "allegedly" head butted a fashion designer at an after party. Kiefer and others say the incident happened and was a result of McCollough bumping into Brooke Shields and not apologizing. So, Kiefer freaks and head butts him?

What people haven't said if alcohol was involved in this incident. It was at an after hours night club party in New York City. I would bet a million bajillion dollars that Kiefer was at least a little bit tipsy. I have no facts on this...but I am still placing that bet.

And that brings me to the heart of my post...

If you get arrested for assault for head butting a freakin' fashion designer. Alcohol might not be for you.

If this arrest might violate your probation and send you back to jail. Alcohol might not be for you.

If you have already been arrested at least twice...maybe three times (can't remember) for DWIs. Alcohol might not be for you.

If your last DWI arrest landed you in jail for 45 days...where you had to be in jail through your birthday and Christmas. Alcohol might not be for you.

If being in jail made it so you had to rearrange your tv show's shooting schedule. Alcohol might not be for you.

If your ex-wife left you partly for your alcohol use and partying ways. Alcohol might not be for you.

If one of the reasons Julia Roberts left you at the alter BACK IN 1992 was because you were always boozing it up. Alcohol might not be for you.

If the only really interesting thing about the documentary you did about the band your record company was promoting was you being an embarrassing drunk the whole time. Alcohol might not be for you.

If said band (Rocco Deluca and The Burden- Great band BTW) ends up firing you as their tour manager because of your booze filled incompetence. Alcohol might not be for you.

If a majority of your friends are either active or recovering alcoholics/addicts. Alcohol might not be for you.

I think I make my point. I adore Kiefer, I do. His talent is unquestionable. I gotta wonder just how amazing he could be if he could get some help...and stop letting alcohol lead him to the above consequences. *shrugs*

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4, you like them apples?

So, the Red Sox might have sucked it this last weekend against Tampa. That might have happened. However...they came back up the coast and once again reminded the Yankees of their suck by taking a 2 game series. That's 5 games in a row aganist them. That's sweet.

We can beat the Yankees....but can't seem to do the same to the Rays. Are the Rays a better team than the Yankees? Possibly. And looking at the two teams payrolls...that idea makes me giggle like a little school girl. I have a theory on our domination (so far) of the Yanks and the Rays domination (so far) of us. You see, the Yankees are our rivalry. Games with the Yankees are important. We come to those games bringing our A+ game and being all jazzed up. We want to win every game...but we really and I mean REALLY want to beat the Yankees. I feel that the Rays feel the same about us. We are their rivalry. We are the team that they get all jazzed up to play. They bring their A+ game...and REALLY want to beat us. The Rays have a one sided rivalry though....they rival us, but for the Sox...the Rays are our sloppy seconds rival. We like beating them....but a loss doesn't beat us down to our core...except of course that Game 7, but let's not dwell.

But back to our rivals...the Yankees. We came into their stadium and continued to remind them of all of their flaws. We took advantage.

On Monday night is was one of our best Jon Lester against the young Phil Hughes. The game started almost 2 hours late because of rain and didn't end until well past 1am. I was surprised the game did not get postponed, but with the result...glad it wasn't. The Sox won 6-4, but not without a little drama. Lester has been struggling this season with his command and probably his confidence. He pitched on Friday like Jonny Les is supposed to pitch. He struck out 10 batters...and brought us the win. He did allow 2 back to back homers...but limited the damage to that. Of course, we never make it easy on ourselves. Papelbon came in for a 5 out save and got himself into a wee bit of trouble. He loaded the bases in the 9th...and then got out of the inning for the WIN with a hefty fist pump and a FUCK YEAH. It was a thing of beauty.

Last night the game started on time. Rain was coming....but there looking like there would be time for at least most of a game. We didn't have Kevin Youkilis in the lineup, so we were going to need production from other places. It was the Sox's ace Josh Beckett against Joba Chamberlain. Josh has also been struggling this season and not had great outings. Joba has been either good or not so much. Joba had a rough 1st inning...give up 5 hits in a row including Jason Bay's 3 run homer. Sox were up 4-0 by the middle of the 1st. Josh was throwing well. He wasn't dominant but it was good enough. In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Beckett gave up a 3 run homer to Johnny "The Traitor" Damon. Momentum seemed to be swinging towards NY. Joba Chamberlain forgot about his bad first inning and started pitching like a MONSTER. He struck out 12 batters by the time he left the game. Josh was looking...dare I say it...human. However, Becks impressed me. He allowed the Yanks back into the game, but he held on. He didn't allow any more runs to score than the homer. And he pitched two innings in horrible conditions in the filthy pouring rain. That's the kind of Beckett I like to see. He didn't let the Yankees pounce....and for that, he got the win. Once Joba and Becks were out of the game, it became a battle of the bullpen. Ours, of course...won. Oki GOT IT DONE and then Saito game in for the save. And...our favorite Canadian...JayBay...made some great defensive catches late in the game. And let's not forget Mikey Lowell...who put on a defensive clinical behind Josh Beckett saving his arse on numerous occasions. The Sox ended up winning 7-3. Beckett didn't pitch with domination and intimidation, but I think he really deserved that win. He didn't do it the easy way...but he made pitches when it counted.

Oh yeah...Joba hit Jason Bay in the back with a pitch during the game. People...many people...are all upset and saying it was intentional. Retaliation for the HR Bay hit. I know Joba has a history of headhunting, so he doesn't get any kind of benefit of the doubt. However, I don't buy that it was intentional. One, at that point Joba was pitching the game he wanted to pitch. We already had a runner on base...and hitting Bay puts Papi into scoring position. I think it was a mistake and that's it.

Nice job Sox....let's keep this winning roll going. We have two games against the Tribe and then it is time to give a little bit of hell back to those pesky Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sometimes I just miss my mommy...

Now that I have fully caught everyone up on the fun weekend. Here is post #2 for the day. I life is so exciting, eh?

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my mom's death. Sometimes it seems like it has been a million years since she passed away...and in other ways it doesn't seem like two whole years have passed.

I thought of her a lot this weekend when I was in DC. One, it was a wedding/anniversary party for my cousin on my mom's side. My mom and my aunt were super my mom is always very present in anything surrounding my aunt. She would have really enjoyed the party....seeing old friends and celebrating with the family.

I also thought a lot about some of her struggles this weekend...especially surrounding her health. She would have loved the weekend, but there were also a lot of things she wouldn't have been able to do. The baseball game would have been hard for her. There was a lot of the the our seats, etc. The same with the downtown walking adventure. We would have accomodated it...and I would loved nothing more than to have that opportunity, but it did remind me of the struggles she faced. That made me smile...not because my mom struggled, but because of her attitude she had during it all. She was one of those "I'm going to make the best of it" people...and if I can have 10% of that attitude, I'm in good shape. It also cemented for me that no matter what....I need to take care of my health and not let weight and all the health problems that go along with it get a hold of me.

At one point during the weekend, I forgot the anniversary was coming up. It was kind of bittersweet. I know I will never forget my mom's birthday, but it's kind of okay if the date of her passing isn't imprinted on my mind. That isn't the way I want to remember her. I want to remember her laugh and her smile. I want to remember how she was always so supportive and proud of me.

I had the day off work on Monday. It just worked out that way because of the traveling for the weekend. I went to her grave marker and brought a flowering plant. I didn't want to buy flowers since they tend to get moved and die pretty quickly. I like the idea of a plant that I can water and take care of in front of where my mom is. One, it makes sure I visit often enough to tend to it...and two, it is something that can thrive there. It is this little plant with very pretty purple flowers. My mom loved purple, so I think she would enjoy it.

All in all. As the title says...sometimes I just still really miss my mom. I miss random conversations. I miss being able to ask her questions...or the things she could have taught me, but I was often too busy to sit down and learn. I will always miss her, but when it comes down to it...I had one of the best moms on the planet for 30 years and a lot of people don't get that. So, I've been blessed.

Much love Mom. Much love.

Back home from a nice weekend away...

Hey all. I have a few posts in my head. I'll get them down here sooner or later. Life's been busy and good.

I'm home from DC. The trip was very nice. We left on Friday..and started our trek down to DC. The traffic and roads were not bad. The tolls were out of control. I think the tolls equaled close to 20 bucks for the drive down there....and 20 bucks for the drive back. Sheesh.

We got in about 3pm on Friday. We checked into the hotel which was very swanky and kind of artsy. It was the Hotel Rogue in downtown DC. The room looked almost exactly like the pictures on the website. Very nice. We went out for some quick drinks at a local bar...I have never been a huge fan of bars...they are loud...conversation is liking screaming, etc. But, we enjoyed ourselves chatting it up. Then we headed over to the Nationals baseball game. They were playing the Cardinals. We had seats in the upper upper deck, but it is one nice stadium. The view was great. We were right down the 1st base line and I could see everything that was going on. The Cards won the game and Albert Pulojs putting on a hitting clinical...HR, double and a single. He might be the best in baseball, so what else could be expected.

Humorous side notes from Friday. 1) When we were taking the Metro to the game...we had about 40 or so people with us, most of whom did not know DC. So, my cousin's hubby just kept bellowing out directions. "DO NOT GET ON THIS TRAIN." "EVERYONE GET OFF THIS STOP...NOW." The looks on the faces of people who were not with our group...hilarious. and number 2) At the game, there was a group of excited youngins in the next section to us. They kept trying to start the wave...and failing misreably. I was not in a "doing the wave" mood...but I felt bad for the kids since the wave would die as soon as it left their section. So, I would do the most pathetic raising of my arms when it went by. At one point, I just raised one arm...for a half wave, I guess. It still went no where...but I did my part. After the game, I was a tired I went home and fell into bed.

And on to Saturday....which was the party day. I got up kind of early. I went downstairs and worked out in their little fitness center. I rocked the elliptical for about an hour. Then, I went upstairs...had breakfast, showered and got ready for the day. We spent the late morning/afternoon walking around DC a little bit. We walked around some of the shops....went to the White House. No BO on the lawn. Then we went to the local Wholefoods down there. I wish we had a Wholefoods. I would spend mad money there...if I did. Probably the most exciting thing about our walking exploration...for me, was Wholefoods.

Then I went back to the hotel...relaxed a little bit and got ready for the PARTAY. I wore a dress. I never wear dresses, so it was an event all in itself. It was a really nice time. I got to see some people I haven't seen in a LONG time...and meet some new people. We drank (water for me), danced, ate, laughed. All of my cousins looked GORGEOUS. I swear they are the most beautiful, photogenic people in the world. We partied until a little after midnight...then we took over the hotel bar. I lasted until about 1:30am (that's saying a lot for the grandma that I am)....and then headed on to bed. It was a really nice cousin and her husband looked gorgeous and it was great to celebrate with them and their loved ones.

Sunday...I got up ready to leave. Of course, we hit Wholefoods before heading out of town. Did I mention I love Wholefoods??? If not, I so do. I also love Trader Joe's...but they didn't have one there for me to basically treat like food porn. We left at about a smidge lost on the way out of town and then headed home. The ride home was long...I was a tired unit. We got home at about 5:30pm...and I plopped in bed, watching some TV and caught some zzzzs.

So...that's my weekend in a very long nutshell. I have more rambling thoughts in my head, but that's another post for another time. Hugs all.

P.S. Being in DC made me realize how much I miss the city...and doing that kind of volunteer/mission work. I am really going to make an effort to get back down there...and do some work. And now that I have family in the is just that much easier.

Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm On My Way...

It's 6am...and I'm leaving...on a a mini-van....on my way to a nice weekend in WASHINGTON DC.

My cousin got married last year, but was not able to have the wedding and the PARTAY so this weekend....we are having said party. It should be a good time had by all. Tonight, we are hanging out and going to a Nationals game. the party and then on Sunday...we trek back to NY after the night of partying.

I LOVE DC. It's one of my favorite cities. I used to go there every February when I was in college and do a week of volunteer work. I always imagined I would end up in DC....working in some non-profit agency. So far, that hasn't worked out. But, I am really looking forward to hanging out in the city for a weekend.

I hope to have a KICK ARSE time....and of course, come home without getting the swine flu. LOL.

Have a great weekend y'all. And don't do anything I wouldn't do.