Tuesday, July 31, 2007

too cute

tee, hee, hee....I was reading about all the celebrity gossip online and came across this quote from Paul Rudd.

“God, I hate mustard. I don’t like condiments. Condiments in general I find unsettling. I don’t like ketchup. I don’t like mayonnaise. I didn’t have salad dressing until I was in college, I swear to God. I wasn’t ready. When I was a little kid I wouldn’t eat cucumbers unless my mother cut out the seeds. That behavior should not be tolerated, first of all. My mother did a horrible, horrible job. Thankfully I can now eat a whole cucumber.”

- Paul Rudd tells MTV News

Now...that's just hilarious. It's one of the many reasons why I love the snot outta Paul Freakin' Rudd.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

sugar-filled delight!

Hey everybody....Happy Friday! We have a birthday club at work...which means that we put everyone's name into a hat and then draw...and you bring in a cake for someone else's birthday. I got to make a cake today for a good friend of mine at work. I made a double chocolate cake with peanut chips...and then I made homemade peanut butter frosting with chocolate chips.

People at work thought it was really good...and that made me really happy. And this is the first time I have baked without my mom helping me or doing it for me. I know she is looking down and proud of me for making a cake that was such a hit.

I might be on a complete sugar high though....

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When will enough be enough?

I am sure everyone and their brother is talking about it...so why not me? I am so disgusted about the situation with Lindsey Lohan and her legal and substance abuse troubles. She left Promises Rehab and relapsed publicly 11 days later...while getting arrested for a DUI, driving without a license and possession of cocaine. She has already had one DWI...which she also fled she scene. After that incident, she bailed out and jumped right into rehab. And after this DUI...she also bailed out and immediately entered another rehab.

Now I don't mean to downplay the power of addiction and how it can take someone's best intentions and throw them right out the window. However, treatment only works...if you play by the rules and do what you are supposed to. Lindsey Lohan is a poster child for not doing things the way someone in recovery should be. She is someone who seems to go to rehab when it will get her out of trouble, but doesn't seem to want it to negatively impact her life at all. Why do I say this? Well...one, fresh out of rehab she is going to Vegas nightclubs where booze and drugs are available and encouraged. She said she was sober there, but still...anyone in recovery knows that people, places and things will get you sooner or later. You can't surround yourself with the drug...the temptation and not think you are going to come out the winner, especially a WEEK out of rehab. And then there are unconfirmed reports that Lindsey was asking where she could score some ecstacy at the club since she wouldn't get caught on her alcohol detection bracelet if she was abusing drugs.

And then her DUI situation...11 days out of rehab she was caught speeding, driving recklessly and under the influence of alcohol. Where were all her sober friends then? And...they also say that cocaine was found in her pants pocket. She says it wasn't hers, but even if that was true...why is someone 11 days out of rehab have someone else's cocaine in their pocket??

I do have compassion for the girl...because I think getting clean and sober while being in the fishbowl of celebrity is hard, especially when you have the money and status to not really face the consequences. I mean, if this happened to me...where I was charged with a felony DWI and had a $25,000 bail...I wouldn't be going anywhere. My butt would be sitting in jail until my next court appearance. For Lindsey...25 grand is nothing, paid it and moved on. And for her own sake...because if she doesn't get clean, she is either going to kill herself or someone else, I hope she gets some consequences. I hope that this time...the judge doesn't think rehab as "good enough"...I hope she serves some time. Of course, it will all become the next Paris jail saga. I think this girl really needs a good wake up call. A serious one.

I do wonder...when will enough be enough? Does she have to drive drunk and hurt or kill someone? Do we have to find her OD'ed in her hotel room? Haven't we learned this lessons in Hollywood excess over and over again??


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Monday, July 23, 2007

FS Weigh-In: 7/23

Hey everybody....it's Monday and that means that it's my official weigh-in day for the diet, etc. As I have said before, I have been reading and doing Dr. Ian Smith's Fat Smash Diet. I am really liking it...it's eating a lot of natural and really healthy foods. A lot of the food tastes really great too. There is this recipe for taco beans which just knocks my socks off...I sometimes have to be careful because I will eat too much of it.

I have been doing this diet for almost a month now...and so far, so good. Now, I haven't been perfect, but close to it. I did have a day where I made a big plate of tacos with crunchy shells and lots of cheese (even though I wasn't supposed to eat the shells and wasn't supposed to eat that much cheese), but I survived.

So, enough babbling...what were the results:

I lost 5 more lbs. when I stepped on the scale this morning. I had lost 4 lbs. before starting Fat Smash, I lost 6 lbs. in Phase 1 of Fat Smash and now I have lost 5 more...for a total of 15 pounds lost. Right now I want to lose 45 lbs. in total...so I have lost 33% of my goal in ONE month. That really kicks ass. I couldn't be happier.

I am now officially in Phase 2 of the diet...which means I could add meat back in (if I wasn't a vegetarian), I can eat a little bit of cheese everyday, I can drink one diet soda a day (which I don't plan on), and I can eat a cup or so of cold cereal if I want (but probably won't do that either)....but that cheese...I don't see myself saying no to that!

The one thing I really need to make sure I am doing is exercise. I didn't exercise much last week...because it was that girly time of the month and I just didn't feel like it. But, I know I need to. My goal this week is to workout at least 4 days out of the week.

That's a check in for me..on how I am doing at losing this extra pudge! Happy Monday everyone!

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

internal alarms...

Sometimes...it's kind of frustrating that I can never really sleep in. I get up every morning for work at 6am...like clockwork. And then on Saturday, no alarm is set...I plan on just getting up whenever I get up. Every single Saturday...I am awake by 6:30am at the latest. And the ironic thing....almost always on Sundays...when I HAVE to get up for church...my body always wants to sleep in. I think my body is secret in a conspiracy against me.


Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I was watching Good Morning America this morning before heading to work...as I always do. I like GMA...I like Diane Sawyer, I like Robin Roberts and that Chris Cuomo is a fine drink of water. Hummina.

As I was watching though...I made an observation that I would like to share with you. Here is a pic of the dreamy Chris Cuomo.

Now, I have long been a fan of the Cuomo family. I can remember thinking his dad was one of the great Governor's of NY State and I voted for and supported his older brother when he was running for Attorney General.

I met Andrew Cuomo back in 2001...he came to my grad school and talked about public policy issues, his work with homelessness and how social workers could and should engage in the political and governmental processes. I was really quite smitten with him. When I asked him a question later at a little gathering, I was fumbling my words...got a little weak in the knees.

And now...here is a pic of Andrew a la 2007.

He's kind of sporting the zombie look these days. He definitely wouldn't be making me weak in the knees I tell ya. Even though, I am jumping for joy that he is the new Attorney General, but well...I think the zombie look is taking over.

And then let's not forget dear ol' Dad...Mario Cuomo. I adored Mario Cuomo when I was a kid. I was so excited in 1992 when I thought he might run for President. I just think of the world of him as a politician.

And here is a pic of dear ol' dad:

I worried for Chris. I mean, he's drop dead gorgeous!! He makes watching GMA much more enjoyable, but well...how long before the zombie starts overtaking him too!


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

What do you do if you just can't stand veggies?

I have been doing this Fat Smash diet for almost a month now. The main focus of the diet is eating tons of fruits and veggies, whole grains and not eating any refined carbs, etc. I am really liking it. One of the main things I like about it is that it is very vegetarian friendly. One of my coworkers was giving me a hard time about all the fruits and veggies that I eat. He basically pretends he is allergic to fruits and veggies. lol He knows it is unhealthy, but well...he still doesn't believe in eating actual vegetables. We ended up getting on a conversation about how he gets all the things he needs. You know, those things like vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc. He said he takes them in supplement or pill form. He says he used to take this "green" pills to get his veggies. I imagine he takes things like Drink My Daily Veggies, etc. I think fresh fruit and veggies are the way to go, but if you don't get enough...I think supplements like this seem like a pretty good idea. Plus, if it is a liquid like this type, it is absorbed much easier than a pill form.

So, if you are not getting your standard fruit and veggies each day...check them out, it might be just the solution you need.

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Thursday Thirteen #35

Thirteen of Shelley's Favorite John Mellencamp Songs!

When I came into work this morning, Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) was playing on the radio. I thought to myself, I haven't heard that song in a long, long time...and it reminded me of all the JM songs I just adore. So, I thought I would share 13 of them. Now, when I made a list...there were 20+ songs and I easily could have added more, so here is just a sampling of the Mellencamp songs that I love. Enjoy!

1. "Void in My Heart" Album: Big Daddy. This is my absolute favorite John Mellencamp song. It's simple, but it breaks my heart every time I hear it.
2. "Forgiveness" Album: Freedom's Road. This is my new favorite song off John's latest album.
3. "Weakest Moments" Album: American Fool.
4. "It All Comes True" Album: John Mellencamp.
5. "Minutes to Memories" Album: Scarecrow.
6. "Jackamo Road" Album: Mr. Happy Go Lucky.
7. "Jackie Brown" Album: Big Daddy.
8. "Another Sunny Day 12/25" Album: Dance Naked.
9. "Between a Laugh and a Tear" Album: Scarecrow.
10. "Farewell Angelina" Album: Rough Harvest.
11. "Now More Than Ever" Album: Whenever We Wanted.
12. "Check It Out" Album: Lonesome Jubilee.
13. "Crumblin' Down" Album: Uh Huh.

and one extra for good luck:

"Small Town" Album: Scarecrow.

and one more...just because:

"Play Guitar" Album: Uh Huh.

Now I know that most people have never heard of most of these songs...which is too bad because Mellencamp is much more brillant than the list of hits he has had. If you go to the amazon site for each album, you can play a sample clip of most of the songs.

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So, do we really want to know the latest celeb gossip?

You know, I like to pretend that I am not interested in celebrity gossip. I like to think I am the person that says that I don't care what they are doing and rolls my eyes at the people who are obsessed. But well, it's all a lie. I read it. I look for it. Sadly, I want to know the newest and latest gossip. I spend downtime at work reading some celebrity blogs...looking for the latest gossip. I see celebrity gossip as a car crash...you don't want to look, but you can't just look away, the wreckage is just too intriguing.

I want to know what crazy thing Britney just did. I want to know what hypocrtical thing that Paris just did. I want to know the next dozen kids that Brangelina are going to adopt. I want to know what drunk...no what she was just tired right?...Paula is going to do next. I want to know who Rosie is going to have her next celebrity feud with. I want to know what booze and drug filled clubs Lindsey is going down directly after rehab.

I can't help it...I want to know. I feel dirty and kind of shameful, but I still wanna know. *smirks*

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Hey y'all...it's Thursday, it's a pay day! whoo hoo! I have said it before...and I will say it again, I love paydays, not because I am getting paid (don't get me wrong, I love that too), but I love paying my bills. I wake up on pay day...with excitement...I go to the computer, log on to the bank and start paying those pesky bills. I know...I need help...NOW! I think for me...one, I like control...and I am controlling my bills/finances. And two, it's a nice sense of accomplishment.

So...whoo hoo...I got paid! And yes, I have already paid the bills...and it's not even 7am yet!

Ooh...on the weight loss front, I decided not to weigh-in on Monday since my last weight-in day was Thursday, so my weigh in will be this upcoming Monday...the 23rd. I am hoping to see a continued downward spiral...and I am pretty sure I will.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

it should be required...I say!

I have always felt that a class on finances should be required before someone can graduate from high school. I mean, it's required that we take typing and home economics, but not a class on how to manage money for the rest of our lives.

I can tell you, when I graduated from high school...I didn't know a thing about money and how to manage it. I learned though. I went to college and graduate school. Did being in those places teach me about finances and money management? Nope. You know what did...getting into a little bit of credit card debt and a lot of educational debt.

I paid off all my credit card debt back in 2002 or so...and haven't paid a penny in interest since then. I have written before that for my school loans, I am supposed to be paying them back until 2032. That's crazy, eh? Right now, I am on course to have those loans paid off by 2010.

Now of course...paying off debt means learning to live on a budget. I track every single penny I spend. I pay off all my bills when I get paid...before I spend it on anything else. I have also really oodles and oodles of books and websites on finances, etc. Of course, I had to learn all this stuff on my own...instead of taking a class in high school and going out into the world prepared financially.
Get your budget into shape could be the name of the course....or Your Financial Roadmap. It could cover savings, retirement, loans, mortgages and of course credit cards.

Here is a great example. I went for a walk with a co-worker this afternoon. She and her boyfriend are pretty young. She wanted to know if her boyfriend should take a credit card with a 20% rate. I gave her quite a shocked look. I asked her if she would buy something if you had to pay an extra 20 cents for every dollar. She said no. Well then, don't take the card.

Who is supposed to teach people this?? I mean...we all make money and need to manage it. Why shouldn't we be taught how to actually do it??? I just don't get it.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

drive-in report and other mumbo jumbo...

Tech Report

I am logged onto the computer using my new wireless mouse. whoo hoo. It's awesome. I needed a new mouse because my old one was catching and just plain ol' crappy. I decided to get a wireless one so I wouldn't have to worry about the cords, etc. It's pretty cool. I also installed a new USB port on my computer because I only had 2 ports before...and well, that's not nearly enough.

I like getting new toys...no matter how small.

Drive-In Report

This weekend was really wuite nice...all around. I had friday off work...so that felt like part of my weekend and then last night I went to the dinner and the drive-in with 2 friends. And today, I had a nice day at church and then just lazed around the apartment.

The movies was fun. We saw the new Harry Potter movie...which in all honesty, I could care less about. I haven't seen any of the HP movies, so I didn't really know what was going on. But, my 2 friends really wanted to see it...and sometimes, the whole world isn't solely about me. LOL. It was a good movie...just not my style. The second movie was Live Free or Die Hard. I LOVE Die Hard movies...I would see Die Hard 17 if they made it. I just think they are awesome. I like how John McClain is this conflicted, every man kind of guy. And...I love that in every movie he gets the absolute tar beaten out of him, but still finds some way to save this day. And this movie...also stars Justin Long and Kevin Smith. How can one not love this movie?

My only real complaint about the drive-in is how late you end up being there. The first movie doesn't start until 9pm and then the second movie doesn't start until about 11:30pm. We didn't leave until about 2am...which is WAY WAY WAY past my bedtime. In fact, when the second movie started it was past my bedtime. *yawns*

It was a good time though...good times!

VBS Report

And speaking of good times, I wanted to say again how much fun I had at VBS. It really was a blast. I am so glad that people asked me to help out. I have always loved my church...but in the last couple of months, I am more connected that I ever have been. The little kids were so cute...every day at work, I would tell another story of something adorably cute that the kids did. It was exhausting and a lot of really hard work, but well worth it.

I did miss my mom terribly this week. Church was always our place...where we went together, so being at church every night...made me happy and sad. I know that if she were alive, she would have been there too....helping with registration and snack time, etc. She would have made oodles of cookies for the closing ceremony. She would have helped me cut out paper crowns for the kids to color. I really felt her presence with me this week...which felt wonderful, but also really sad too because she should be here. I have a million questions I never asked her. I have a million stories I know I am going to want to tell her.

Love ya mom...each and every moment.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Phase 1 Weigh-In: Friday wasn't so unlucky for me!

I have today off work...yawns...which I desperately need. I have been going to VBS all week long, so it has been work, then home to snag something for dinner, then VBS until 9pm, home by 9:30pm...and back to bed. Plus, the church isn't air conditioned...and on Monday and Tuesday...it was SO HOT! That just makes you more tired.

So yes...today I have off work. No plans...just hanging out and resting.

Yesterday was the last day of Phase 1 of the Fat Smash Plan for me. It is supposed to last for 9 days, but I did it for 18 since I was really liking what I was eating. Now I am in Phase 2...the only real difference is that I can eat a little bit of cheese if I want...and some cold cereal if I want...and can use a little bit of sugar in my cooking, etc. I could also have diet soda too...and coffee, but I don't plan on doing that. I never do well at dieting if I drink caffeine. And...other people can add a little meat into their diet, but obviously I am not doing that.

So, what were the results? Well...I lost 6 lbs. during Phase 1. WHOO HOO for me! I am excited because that means that I have lost a total of 10 lbs since I rededicated myself to losing some of this weight I am carrying around.

I am so glad I am doing the Fat Smash program. I ended up getting really inspired while watching Celebrity Fit Club. I bought the book and once I got my hands on it, it seemed like something I could totally do.

6 freakin' pounds people! 6 lbs!!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

where have I been?

Wow, I haven't written in a while...I have been crazy busy the last few days or so. On Saturday, I had to work in the morning...teaching a class. Then, my dad and I went to my aunt's summer house for the rest of the day. A bunch of my cousins were there and it was super nice hanging out with them. I can remember hanging out as kids and it's an interesting and really cool concept to all hang out together as adults.

On Sunday, I had church...and then stayed after church to prep for Vacation Bible School (VBS) which is running all this week. After that, I went out for lunch with my dad.

Oh..side note. I feel like such a douche bag. A complete and utter douche bag. Why, you ask? Because my dad's birthday was on Friday and I completely forgot. I remembered on Saturday, but well...that's not Friday is it. He was very nice and kept letting me off the hook. But, I feel like crap. I know how I would feel if he or my brother forgot my birthday. I should have remembered. Grr. I basically suck.

Okay...so dad and I went out to lunch at Panera's for a belated birthday celebration. It was yummilicious. I haven't really been able to eat out because of the new diet...but Panera was a winner. I had a nice garden salad with fat free raspberry dressing. Yummy! Then dad and I went grocery shopping and hung out for a while.

Monday...I started teaching a class at work. So, it was stressful and a lot of running around like a chicken with my head cut off before class. Plus, I haven't taught this class before...so I was nervous about how it would go. I went pretty good...well, at least on Monday it did. And then after work...I jetted home, made dinner and headed over to VBS. I made sure the room was set up...and then went down to collect the kids. It was SO HOT...and the church is not air conditioned. We had 4 little girls...and then did well, even though the heat was making them uber cranky.

I got home on Monday at 9pm...watched some crap TV (Hell's Kitchen) and headed to bed.

Tuesday...was much of the same. I had class at work again. This one did not go as smoothly. We had one kid who was just being mouthy and not really "into" class. So, it was 3 hours of me constantly correcting someone's behavior. It got frustrating...and I ended up just pissed at the end of the day. I finished the afternoon at work...once again jetted home, made dinner and headed over to VBS. Tues was even hotter than Monday, but the kids got to get wet with the hose, so they were much less cranky. It was a great time. But still..exhausting.

And I got home at 9pm again...watched some of the stuff on the Tivo...and headed to bed.

And now...we are at Wednesday. This has been a fun week, but it does feel like the longest week ever!

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Friday, July 06, 2007

friday recap...

I completely forgot to do Thursday Thirteen again last week...doh! I need to start remembering that before Thursday has come and gone.

How is everyone doing this week? I can't believe it is Friday. This week was so weird with having a holiday in the middle of the week. I prefer my one day holidays to be on Monday or Friday...extending out my weekend.

This week has been the first week that my roomie has started working her evening shift. She goes in a little before 3pm and gets out at 11pm. So, in essence...we both have the apartments to ourselves all the time. She gets the apartment to herself until she goes to work at 3pm and I get the apartment to myself when I come home from work, etc.

So...in many ways, it's like I live by myself, but I only pay half the rent. It's pretty sweet. I mean, sometimes I miss having someone to watch crappy tv with, but well...we'll see each other on the weekends. Plus, I have always said...I love my alone time. I cherish it. And...I have been able to workout in the apartment this week. That has been sweet. I don't have to either hurry and fit it in before she gets home, go somewhere else or workout in the apartment like a zoo exhibit. I think that is the best part about the change in schedule.

Alrighty...that about wraps up my rambling message. Tomorrow is a busy day for me. I teach a class in the morning for work and then I am spending the day at my aunt's house. It should be fun, but I expect to be very tired by the end of the day.


drug rehab

Going to rehab seems to be more popular than ever. It is rare for me to go a whole week without hearing about some celebrity that got into trouble and is now entering rehab as the solution. Lindsey Lohan got into a DWI accident and within 24 hours, she was in a rehab facility. People say she is taking her recovery seriously NOW, but early in her rehab she was still planning on having a huge party at a club in Vegas for her 21st birthday. And of course, Mel Gibson got a DWI, ranted drunk about the evil jews...and then immediately checked himself into rehab. Isaiah Washington says a gay slur and then checks himself into rehab. I could go on and on. I think that rehabs are so important and can save lives, but it saddens me to see a drug treatment center get used to solve someone's legal or more importantly, PR problems. Part of my job is to evaluate our local inmates and assess who might be more appropriate for rehab than for jail...so, sometimes I am the one sending someone to rehab instead of jail. I have seen it change lives, but I have also seen it used. I used to joke that when I go into the jail to do the interviews, I should wear a shirt that says, "Rehab, it's better than jail!"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I keep thinking it is Saturday!

First of all...Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone has a day off...and if there are people out there who have to work today, I feel ya...I've been there in past jobs.

I am not doing a heck of a lot today. I went to see fireworks last night with my dad. They have fireworks at our local baseball field. You can pay 4 bucks to go inside and listen to music and then watch the fireworks.....OR...you can go to the park behind the field, bring a chair and watch them for free. So, free it is!

We got there at about 7pm...and had about 3 hours to wait until the fireworks actually went up. People watching is always interesting and sometimes also sad. Sometimes people just show the worst side of themselves. I won't get into it, but I saw some pretty pathetic displays of humankind. I did see one guy gloating that he scammed a local judge and got away with a bunch of stuff....he was talking about a judge I know and work with, so let's hope that kid doesn't get in trouble again because I can guarantee he won't get away with it this time. lol

And as my title said...I keep thinking today is Saturday. I have done it a bunch of times. I woke up and was surprised GMA was on TV...cause it is Saturday. Then I panicked that I missed my Thursday meeting with a lady at the church. I saw an ad for the Live Earth concert which is supposed to be on Saturday and wondered why it wasn't on TV.

Maybe that's all because it is WEDNESDAY! Happy Wednesday y'all!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


No, I am not talking about the movie..I'm talking about the song Roxanne from The Police. I just got home from the fireworks show at our local park. They have a cover bands play all evening until it gets dark and then the show begins. They play everything from Springsteen to Mellencamp to the Eagles. And of course, at one point in the night they sang, "Roxxxxxaaaaannnnneeeee" by The Police. I don't know why, I just love this song. Actually, I do know why. It's one of those songs that I always want to sing along with at the top of my lungs. If it comes on the radio, I make sure all my windows are up and I hollar along with the tunes. And pssst...that is one of 28 songs on the new Police CD chuck full of greatest hits. And yes, I own it. I play it often. I have one of the discs at home and one of them in my car, for easy listening tunes. I'd say that I burned it my computer to listen to at work as well, but the CD cover reminds me that copying is punishable under federal law, so I won't say that. Oh, and the CD insert with all the songs and what not, on the other side...there is this cool vintage poster of the band. I haven't decided where I might hang that up yet.

Anyways...nothing like crooning to Roxanne...even by a cheesy cover band at a 4th of July Fireworks party.

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officially on Day 9!

Yep, that's right kids...it's Day 9 of the new eating plan I am on. As I said before, I am doing Dr. Ian's(Celebrity Fit Club) Fat Smash Diet. Right now, I am in the detox phase which means that I am eating a lot of fruits and veggies, brown rice, some yogurt and some beans. Detox is supposed to last for 9 days, but I am going to go a little longer. I don't know if I lost anything yet, but I definitely feel better about myself...and really like the food I am eating.

And for exercise...almost all last week, I mainly just walked as exercise. This week, I am bumping it up. I am going back to doing the Power 90 Program. I have done it before...and I love it. LOVE IT! I did Day 1 yesterday...and it kicked my ass a little bit, but not nearly as badly as it did the first time I did the program. Actually...the first time I tried the program, I did Day 1...thought I was going to die...put the tapes back in the box and didn't look at it again for a long time. It's times like that...where I remember how far my fitness level has come and even though I am heavier than I want to be, that it's still better than where I used to be.

So...all in all...things on the fitness front are going well. I don't know if I have actually lost weight since I won't weigh in until I am done with Phase One, but no matter what...I feel better.

P.S. I am also done with the Woman's Walking Challenge this week...and I have done really well with that. When it is all said and done, I will come back and post a recap of how I did.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

i want one...BAD!

I was at the store with my dad on Friday...they had 2G flash drives on sale and he wanted one. While we were there, we were browsing around and just seeing lots of gizmos that we couldn't afford.

One of them...which I happen to think is the coolest thing ever, is a digital photo frame. I love having pics as a slideshow on my computer and basically that is how it works with the digital picture frames. You put the pics on a memory card and then they are on the LCD screen, etc. This is so the wave of the future for pictures. Who is ever going to need to actually develop pictures again??? I want to get one for home and also one for the office. I have about 6 or 7 pictures frames around the office. If I had one of the digital frames, I just would need the one frame and then it could slideshow all the pics I had. And, I would love one to have all the pics I have of my nephew from when he was a baby until now, when he is about 2 1/2....just cause he is so super duper cute!

So...if you have an extra hundred bucks hanging around and want to buy me a present...buy me one of these!!!!

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