Sunday, June 20, 2004

UJ: bye, bye...

I am shutting down the computer and packing it, bye bye Bloomington!

I have really loved living here, but it is just my time to get back to where it feels like home. I am gonna miss this place...a lot...though. I will miss some amazing friends that I have made. I will miss the work I did, when I was allowed to do it...

I don't think I realized how much I adored Bloomington until I actually got prepared to leave it.

But soon enough...I will be back in NY and then back in dear ol' Vermont. Wish me luck on my interview on Wednesday!



Wednesday, June 16, 2004

UJ: i'll admit it...

Here it is folks...

I think Bill Clinton was not only a great president, but I also think he is hot.

I have always thought so. I am attracted to his intelligence...his passion....his willingness to talk to both sides...his ability to keep his cool...and just that southern charm and charisma. Also, he has this rugged, Robert Redbord kind of looks that just make my knees wobble.

Yep, I think Bill's a hottie. I admit it and I make no apologies for it. His book is coming out...I will buy it...I will read it. I might hummina a little bit about the president I desperately miss...and what a little cutie he is.


Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Friday, June 11, 2004

UJ: Shelley loves her daddy....

My dad is about 30 minutes away from my little ol' apartment right now. He's coming to help me move my stuff back home. He is not only coming up this weekend...but he is also coming out next weekend. Now...he often...actually insisted...before you all think I am most selfish person alive!

My dad is one hell of a great man...he's such a doll. I should remember every single day how I lucky I am that he is my father!

And...with him coming out, I think it is truly hitting me how real it is that I am moving. It's not just some decision I made, but it is something I am actually doing.

Phew...must keep packing!



Friday, June 04, 2004

UJ: found something to say....

I still don't think I will be posting a least in the next few weeks, but I'm not ditching the journal for good.

So, I have some potentially good news. I got a call yesterday from one of the places where I sent my resume last week. It's a job in Vermont...hopefully working as a school social worker. We chatted about the job a little bit...and set up an interview for June 23rd.

I am pretty excited about it...and nervous too. I am really hoping that things go well with this interview and the job...because I would love to be back in Vermont...and I would love to be a school social worker too.

So, I am working until June 18th and then I will be heading home on the following Monday (21st) and then heading off to Vermont on Wednesday for the first round of interviews...and hopefully that will lead to a second round.

Cross your fingers for me...and wish me luck!


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

UJ: that dastardly checkbook...and its tricky numbers!

I just spent an hour going over my checkbook...and checking the balance online verses the balance in my register. I was showing that I had 50 bucks more on my register than my bank was showing...and it was making NO sense!

And it isn't like I forgot to enter something in...or something like that...because I am crazy anal about my check book registry. So, I couldn't figure it out. I kept going back and double checking that everything that was showing as debited online...was shown in my registry. I checked and made sure that nothing was missing. I was beginning to think that either my bank stole 50 bucks from me...I was abducted by aliens and they took $50...or I really was going crazy.

So, once I got to work...before I could actually get to work, I took out my snazzy registry again and looked it over. I knew there had to be an error that I just wasn't seeing. And the grace of something, I saw it. When I entered in my deposit, I put it on the wrong line, so that made it so when I put in the next transation...for 54 dollars mind you, that I didn't subtract it out. So, there ya have it...after much detective work and possibly thinking I was nuts...or the victim of alien abduction...I found my error...and quickly corrected it. I know exactly how much money I have...and how much money I don't. And now I can just smile knowing that I get paid this friday.

Hope the world is treating you well...