Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #56

Just because I am on doesn't mean I am on vacation from Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things about Shelley's Vacation So Far

1. I have a vacation from both jobs, which is very nice. It almost doesn't feel like a vacation from the day job if I still have to go to the video store at night on some days.
2. The assistant manager at the video store initially put me on the schedule this week, but my boss..who is a doll...quickly fixed it.
3. I ended up having to go to work for a couple of hours on Tuesday...had a client in court and didn't think that the whole world stopped just cause I was on vacation.
4. I have been eating well since I have been on vacation. I plan out my meals and have had the time to actually prepare things...instead of just buying pre-made meals.
5. I made a really great chick pea salad.
6. I have eaten it every day for lunch so far this week.
7. I have also been working out like mad during my hopes of kicking my weight loss/fitness goals into gear.
8. I haven't done nearly the amount of cleaning that I set out to get done during my vacation.
9. I also get Monday off as an added day to my vacation...because it is labor day. Whoo hoo!
10. I am going shopping this buy some new clothes and maybe a Dane Cook DVD.
11. Dane Cook...hummina!
12. The guy from the YMCA called me about that job I applied for while I have been on vacation....left a message on my machine. Now that he has called...I am not sure I would want that job.
13. I got paid from the day job while I have been on vacation. I love getting paid, but getting paid while on super sweet!

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Alright...that was kind of a boring Thursday Thirteen...but vacation is restful and probably to most people's standards...a little boring.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vacation For Fitness Update

Hey week of Vacation For Fitness is going well. It's been nice to be home for the week since I am working on a new diet and exercise plan. To have the extra time and attention to see how things are working or shaking out...has been a real joy.

I have made a few recipes that I just love....and that are super easy (I don't make anything that has weird ingredients or a million and a half steps. If it isn't simple and easy...I don't make it). I might post the recipes to the site...just in case anybody wants to give them a shot.

As for exercise...I have done really well this week. It's so easy to get my moving and shaking in when I don't have a day job or a night job to go to. If only I could get someone to pay me to workout and eat right. Any takers???

Here has been my workout regime for the week:

Sunday: Off
Monday: Elliptical (45 min)
Tuesday: Circuit Training (30 min), Elliptical (30 min)

I wish I had the energy or motivation to workout each morning before work...but I don't. So once I go back to work...I will be back to working out once a day, not more. Oh well...that ain't too bad, eh?

Hope everyone's week is treating them well.

P.S. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the diabetes walk I am doing. I truly appreciate it. The walk is September 10th...and let those donations keep coming in!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Vacation Plan....

I said a few days ago that I don't plan on doing a heck of a lot during my vacation...and that is absolutely true.

One thing I plan on focus a little more on my eating and exercise. I am going to spend this week working on a new diet and just see how it all goes.

I have been reading Renee's blog for years now...and I often find her inspiring. One, because of the hard work she puts into her weight loss efforts. And two, because of her honesty. She's been doing South Beach lately...which has kind of intrigued me.

I have never been a fan of low carb dieting...mainly because I am a vegetarian. Diets that focus on piles of meat and not being able to eat veggies don't tend to fly with me. Obviously. But...what intrigues me about Renee and her list of food and that often her foods are very vegetarian friendly.

I am not going to do the South Beach diet...but I am going to take Renee's inspiration and add a bunch of protein to my diet and remove a lot of the refined carbs from my diet. Hmm...maybe that is South Beach and I just don't know it...never read the book. *giggles*

An example...for breakfast, I usually have a Special K Breakfast Bar and a small cup of yogurt. This morning for breakfast...I had two stalks of celery which were filled with natural peanut butter....mmm....yummy!

And last night...I made the best dinner ever. I sliced and diced some green pepper and an onion...cooked it up in a pan...added some fresh cut tomatoes...added in some soy crumbles...added some water and some taco seasonings....then added in a cup of black beans. Oh my was one of the best dinners I have made....and it was SO filling. I only ate about 1/3 of what I made...and saved the rest for dinners for the rest of the week.

If anything...this diet excites me because I might start cooking more. I think I have been scared away from cooking...because I thought it was easier to make a frozen dinner because then I could control every single calorie. But...fresh veggies and natural foods...that's really where I want to be.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

There she goes again!

Right now...I am watching the hopes that Kiefer and 24 might win. and...I saw the ever so beautiful Heidi Klum...and of course, she is preggers again.

That woman is officially becoming a baby factory!

Update: 24 and Kiefer won...whoo hoo! I am so happy for Kiefer...I think he has deserved this award for 6 years...and now it is his! And he was so cute during his acceptance speech. hummina, hummina, hummina!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey Day's it hanging???

It's officially winding down on the end of Day 20 of my No Fast Food/No Take Out Challenge. It's nice to see the final stretch...and to know that I am closer to the completing my challenge...than I am to the beginning of it.

Today...I went with my dad to pick up an iced coffee for my mom and he got a coffee and a bagel for both of them as well. I didn't get anything. I planned ahead and had my breakfast before I left the house.

Overall...I have stuck to my guns on this challenge. I had a rough start..and needed to restart, but after that...I have done well.

I have not eaten yummy pizza...even when it was offered for free.
I said no to garlic bread that smelled so good...when a co-worker offered it.
I said no to going out to lunch at Subway, Pizza Hut and a couple other places when people mentioned it.
I didn't eat any of the fair food...and brought my own snacks and meals.
I didn't eat Dunkin' Donuts even with walking in the store and smelling the wonderful bagels.

And after the next 10 days...I got to start whichever challenge I think up next. Hmm...gotta start brainstorming about that.

Friday, August 25, 2006

T minus 3 hours...

I can't believe I haven't posted every single day about how I am going on vacation as of Friday at 4pm. It's very, VERY exciting!

So, what am I doing on my ask???

Not a heck of a lot. I love vacations that are relaxing and not constantly on the go. I do have some tentative plans to go see some friends who I haven't seen in a bunch of years...but other than that, I am going to rest and get a lot of stuff done around the house.

Plus...I am going to tweek with my diet a little bit over the week. I have a significant interest in adding some natural protein to my diet, so I am going to look at what I am eating and how I might want to replace some of the refined carbs I am eating...with some protein dense food.

And...I haven't really worked out much in the last two week. The first mom was in the hospital, so working out wasn't my priority. And this week...I have been working too much to even consider it. I did get a lot of walking in at the fair...probably close to 5 miles a day, but still...I miss my love affair with the elliptical machine...and the strength training. So, I am going to get back into a working out routine while I am home for the week. I might even ramp up my workouts since I will be at home and could probably fit in one long one...or two workouts.

Oooh...and a video store update...for all those who care:

I had written an entry about how I am considering leaving the video store...which I am. The manager of the video store had been on vacation for the last week and a, I decided to wait to make any decision until he came back. I will is nice to have him back. He's such a nice guy...and really goes out of his way to keep me happy as an employee. The assistant manager made another mistake with my schedule...and scheduled me while I was on vacation...even though I specifically asked for it off. So...the manager called me, confirmed that I wanted to be off...and quickly took me off the schedule. I have often said that the only real reason I still work at the video out of loyatly to the manager (who is a doll...and a friend)...and for the free rentals. Our assistant manager is leaving...and so for the time being, I am still happy at the video store...and have weathered the "I hate the video store" storm....for now!

'tis the morning after....

I don't get politically nearly as often as I used to...and to me, that is kind of sad. As the election campaigns are revving up and issues are coming to the surface, I feel this need to return to that person that I was...that cared deeply about issues and actually did something about it. I have gotten lazy as far as my sense of advocacy...and that needs to change.

This morning...I woke up and watched the local news for about an hour before heading to work...and I was pleasantly surprised by one of the news story I heard.

They reported that Plan B, the morning after pill, has been approved for behind the counter sale without a prescription for women over the age of 18.

I feel this decision was much needed...and long overdue, but I also understand why it was controversial. I think that the availability of the morning after pill is necesary in terms of women's health.

I know that some of the opponents have because they feel it will increase the level of promiscuity of women because of the availability of the pill. And secondly, there is concern because the pill not only stops eggs from being released and fertilized, but it also stops a fertilized egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus. So...some pro-life folks believe that it is a end of life issue.

One, the studies in Europe...where the morning after pill is available...did not increase the levels of promiscuity. And secondly, it decreased the amount of unplanned pregnancies and abortions.

I think this is a great thing...that women will no longer not have access to this medication because they are unable to get to their doctor in time (evenings and weekends) or because of a lack of healthcare. If someone does not have insurance and therefore does not have a primary care becomes that much more difficult to get the pill if a doctor's prescription is required.

I But, I would love a world where abortions were no longer necessary. I think having access to this medication is bringing us much closer to that.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #55

Thirteen Things about Shelley's Adventures At The County Fair

1. Our office has a table at the county fair...which means that every staff member works two shift throughout the week.
2. There are some staff members I like working with better than others at the fair.
3. At our table, we make buttons for kids. They can color and design their own button...and then we put it together.
4. I am amazed at how excited kids get about making the buttons.
5. Two little girls came by and said that the only reason they wanted to come to the fair is to make a button.
6. I have never been to the fair before I started working, in many's all new to me.
7. The fair has rides and face painting, but it is mainly about agriculture and livestock...lots of cows and sheep...and tractor pulls.
8. I had no idea what I tractor pull was and why someone would do it until my first trip to the fair.
9. I love working at the is an evening of playing with the kids and getting to wear a t shirt and jeans to work.
10. The fair is also a political time...candidates have been all over the fair. I passed by Hillary Clinton on Tuesday and saw a bunch of others walking around last night.
11. And I haven't forgotten about fair food. I have been surrounded by fair food for 2 days...corn dogs, fried bread dough, pizza, fried cheese...fried everything basically.
12. Oooh...and they also have maple cotton candy. The best stuff on earth.
13. I only spent $4 at my 2 days at the fair. I bought a cider apple slushie each day. They are great...mmm...and actually healthy. Most people spend $10 a day at the fair on food go me!

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Gonna be a few busy days....


The next few days...are gonna be busy. I have to work at the day job today and then I am covering a shift at the video store. And this week is fair week....and the day job works at the fair for the whole week. I am working the night shift on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I can't imagine how tired I am going to be on Thursday and Friday....and Friday night I am working at video store land again.

The good that next week, I am on vacation...from day job and night job. I think I might go to Vermont and Mass to visit some friends...but I also know I am going to spend the week sleeping in and resting up.

And...for my 30 Day Challenge...I am officially at the halfway point. I am on Day 15. The challenge has helped me...I have eaten complete crap when my mom went into the hospital...and I stopped working out since most evenings I was at the hospital. BUT...I didn't get any fast food or take out food. I know I didn't eat well, but if I added in the take out, would have been so much worse. I know that.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #54

Thirteen Jobs Shelley Has Had

I am going to list all of the jobs I have order
1. Babysitting: It was my first job ever. I started babysitting for friends of my parents and then moved on to having my own people. I will say...I was a fabulous babysitter. I had people who still requested me when I came home from college breaks, the end I had to start telling people I was "retired." I used to be so proud of my babysitting skills. One thing I did...and I learned this from my babysitter growing up (who was wonderful)....I would bring white paper and would have the kids make a picture book of all the fun things we did while their parents were gone. Then after the kids went to bed, I would put the book together and leave it for their parents on the kitchen they could see what their kids did while they were away.
2. Thom McAn Shoes: This was my first "real" job. I loved it. I loved shoes. I loved the people I worked for. It was really excited and it was when I realized that, in essence, I was a pretty good worker. If I didn't go to college, they were going to make me third key/manager in training. The store closed two years later, I am glad I went to college. hee, hee.
3. Wal-Mart: I hated this job. It's one of many reasons I call Wal-Mart...Devil-Mart. The company treats its employees like dirt. The customers treat the employees like dirt. All in all..not a great job, but it was a job for the summer after my freshman year in college.
4. Academic Advising Office: My job for 4 years in college. I loved this was mostly clerical, office work. I did a lot of copying and answering the phone. However, I also got to help some with the advising process. It taught me a lot about work in the real world.
5. Computer Lab Tech: Also a job in college...I sat at a desk and helped people with computer problems when they needed it. You know...hey, my computer won't print. Help! It was fun and I learned a lot about computer troubleshooting.
6. College Telemarketer: This job was fun, at first. It was basically calling prospective students and telling them about the college. I used to do it as a volunteer, but once I got paid to do became less fun. was about numbers and getting people interested in the matter what.
7. Bath and Body Works: I HATED this job. I thought I would love it because I love their products, but the staff sucked..which made the job suck.
8. Sears- Bed and Bath Dept: This job was okay, but not great. I worked it for the summer after college. I graduated from college and wanted a job that reflected that, so working at Sears wasn't really what I envisioned.
9. Hannaford Photo Lab: When I moved home...I worked there for a year before going to grad school. I loved this job. I worked within walking distance to home...and I liked having a job that was simple, but also technical. I got to make people's film...mix chemicals, etc. Plus, I loved the people who worked there. If I didn't go to grad school...they were offering to train me to take over another store. I went to grad school...and 4 years later Hannaford started closing all of their photo labs. I am glad I went to grad school.
10. Homeless Street Outreach: Loved this job...hardest job I have ever done, but loved it. It was an Americorps position while I was in grad school. We hit the streets and worked with chronically homeless people. It didn't matter how much money I wasn't getting...I loved doing this job. I really felt like my time made a difference.
11. College Counselor: This was my second job while in grad school...and I liked it as much. It's the job I have been the most nervous while doing. I think that for me...I knew that if I didn't do this well...that people's lives were on the line. I liked it, but it taught me that I didn't want to be in counseling as a career.
12. Homeless Shelter Family Center Director: My first social worker job! I started in the main center, but then was promoted to the family center director. I liked the job...when I was allowed to do it. I loved helping families meet their needs...providing with diapers, help with housing, food...parenting education. became more political than hands on and so I didn't stay. Plus, I wanted to move back to, I did.
13. Drug and Alcohol Assessment Coordinator: And my job now. I found this job by chance. If you asked me when I was in grad school if I ever thought I would be working in the criminal justice system...I would have said no, hands down. But, I love my job. I love working with clients. I love working with the judges. And my co-workers are great, great people.

There ya go...those are 13 jobs in Shelley's life.

What has been your favorite job????

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thursday ramblings...

I got paid today at my day job....ahh....I love pay day...the actually day, not the candy bar! *giggles* I get direct deposit, so when I wake up on pay money is in the bank. As soon as I wake up on pay day...I log onto my account, check my balance, giggle about having money and then immediately pay ALL the bills which are due within the next two weeks. It's a ritual I actually's not about having the money leave my account, it's about the process of paying the bills and being responsible. And this pay period...I have a bit of money left over, so now I have to figure out what I am going to do with it. I am boring, so I am probably going to send it my savings acct, but who knows!

I applied for a job at the local YMCA yesterday. They seemed very excited to be meeting with me. They said that they weren't sure my day job schedule would play well with the Y's schedule, but if it worked out...they seemed very interested in hiring me. Who knows. I would love to work at the Y...I would LOVE the free membership to the Y...I would love to work in a fitness friendly atmosphere...and I don't think I will be tempted with free pizza there.

I spent a ton of time with my mom at the hospital yesterday. I got there about 5pm. Her doctor had not been there yet...and he was supposed to be there on Monday, I was not leaving until he showed up. He told the nurses he would be arriving soon at 4:30pm or so...and he actually showed up at 9:30pm. He's a nice man, but I was annoying with how he just left my mom lying there for 3 days. The good news...he said my mom could go home tomorrow. I am very mom is even more excited. She should be coming home sometime today...whoo hoo!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Real World Finale...

Ok, I admit it...I am a reality tv whore. I can't help myself. I watched Hell's Kitchen...whoo hoo for Heather who won. I watch Project Runway. I watch Wife Swap. I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I watched American Idol. Yep...I am reality tv's bitch.

And what was the first of all reality tv shows that lured me in...with it's drama queen emotions...yep, it is MTV's Real World. I can't believe they are on season 17...yes, SEVENTEEN! And sadly, I have seen all 17. I think the show is trash...I think that it is no longer about seeing real people live in interesting situations. I think much of the show is staged and the cast looking for drama...instead of casting in a way that hopes to get interesting perspectives on the show. When I think about the first 5 seasons...I think that MTV showed something real...something worthwhile. I remember crying when I heard Pedro died. I donated a significant chunk of change for the teenager that I was to an AIDS foundation when I heard. That show taught me something about people living with AIDS. is about sex and orgies and manipulated fights. The real hands down...the most unreal reality show on tv.

Having said that...I cried at the end of the season finale of Real World last night. One of the castmates...Paula...was a train wreck on the show. She showed up suffering significantly from an eating disorder...she was in an abusive relationship (her abuser sent her to the hospital, etc), she had no control of her drinking and had an intense amount of rage. I initially was very angry that MTV put her on the show. I felt that she was someone who MTV should have reached out and given help to...instead of using her as a pawn to insure that there was drama on the show. Fortunately for Paula...she chose to seek help while on the show. She entered therapy...she stopped drinking to excess...she starting working on her food issues and the issues she has surrounding her abusive past. I am still somewhat angered that MTV did not push Paula to get help...and allowed her to continue destroying herself on the show for the first half of the season, when I believe they should have intervened.

But well...MTV is not about helping people...they are about creating a drama filled event...and Paula provided that. What made me cry is Paula and the growth and change that she went through on the show. She was the last one left at the house and she made this statement...which is what caused the tears to flow. She said, "I fell in love with seven people in this experience, 6 strangers and myself." Oh my...that just hit me like a truck. Paula talked about how her roommates and this experiences saved her life...and that she sees hope now. Paula has a long road ahead of her, but she sees the path now. I wish the best for her...and am reminded that every once in a while...MTV can still teach me something.

Yes, that is right...The Real World made me cry. Let the mocking begin.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Anti-Challenge Homework

So, I am doing this Anti-Challenge over at Fat Fighters. It's should check it out. All the cool kids are doing it.

This week...we are looking at our Basic Metabolic Rate. Instead of just listing my stats over there...I thought I would list them over here too.

Here is where you can test what your BMR is.

My BMR is: 1666.2 calories per day. So that is what my body burns just sitting there...being a bump on a log.

Then Renee says to multiply your BMR by your activity level. You are either Sedentary, Lightly Active, Moderately Active, Very Active, and Extra Active.

I think I am somewhere between Sedentary and Lightly Active. I workout 4-6 times a week...and sometimes my job is sitting behind a desk and sometimes my job is running around everywhere.

So...if I calculate my daily caloric would somewhere between 1999 and 2291 per day.

2300 calories a day...holy bejesus?? what do all these number mean to me. Well, they mean that if I want to continue losing weight, I need to cut about 500 calories out of my diet a day...and then continue to add exercise into my diet. If I do that...losing one to two pounds a week should be a sure thing.

What I like about makes it all a math problem, instead of trying something and hoping for the best.

So, if I assume that I am more sedentary than lightly active. My body needs 1999 calories a day. If I eat about 1350 (my usual range)...I am putting 649 calories in the weight loss bank everyday. If I workout on top of that...and burn let's say 350 calories...which is usually an underestimate...then I woudl have 999 calories in the bank everyday. Over a week...that would be 6993 calories burned. In terms of math...that's 2 lbs.

Ahh...the math geek is alive and well.

P.S. I am on Day 9 of my 30 Days of No Fast Food/Take Out Challenge...and kickin' it like a rock star! Go me!

Odd Todd

This is a great of my favorites. I ran across Odd Todd for the first time when I was in grad school....and just thought it was hilarious.

Click and enjoy.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Update

Hello all....

I spent most of the weekend with my mom at the hospital. She is doing well...but she is anxious to get out of there. She still doesn't think she needs to be there, which is frustrating for her. Hopefully her doctor will take a look at her today and make a decision as to whether or not she can go home.

I always have a hard time when my mom is in the hospital. I am crankier than usual. I just don't really know what to do with myself. I clean things around me...which of course isn't a bad thing. I know I have been annoying...with my crankiness to my roommate. I think she understands. for eating...I ate such crap yesterday. It was completely emotional eating. I bought ice cream and chocolate at the grocery store. And...I ate most of it. I was eating even though I was not hungry....I was eating even though it was making me feel bad. The only silver that I stuck with my 30 Day Challenge and didn't order anything out. I wanted, thank you 30 Day Challenge!

Hope everyone is having a happy and friendly Monday....

Sunday, August 13, 2006

a "weird" little tag....

I've been tagged by both Sarah and TC...and so I thought I would be a big girl and play along.

Here are the rules for this internet game of TAG:

The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself ". In the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. The people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

5 Weird Things/Habits About Shelley:

  • 1. I don't tend to eat anything that is white...just don't like it. I mean alfredo sauce...sour cream...mayo...cream cheese...a lot of cheeses, etc. It's mainly a dairy thing...but the idea of putting sour cream on a taco just makes me ill.

  • 2. I won a stuffed animal from the dentist when I was 6 or 7 years old. Her name is Bobbie and I named her after Bobbie on General Hospital. She is still on my bed now...and yes, I am 28.

  • 3. I hate to get my picture taken. It's not that I hate the way I look...I hate the way I look in pictures. I think I might be the most unphotogenic person on the planet.

  • 4. I don't celebrate my birthday...haven't since I was about 19 years old. I try to live by the philosophy that it is just a day...just the one before and the one after.

  • 5. I have clothes that I bought in high school. I have a hard time buying new clothes and I still wear a bunch of them. I accept that I am in desperate need of being nominated to What Not To Wear. lol

  • I wonder who I am going to tag? *evil cackle*

    Saturday, August 12, 2006


    I went over to my parents' house this morning...after getting some stuff from the farmer's market...and my mom mentioned that her ankle is bothering her and that it is swelling.

    My mom called back later and said that she talked to the doctor...and that he wanted her to go to the hospital and get it looked at. She did. Then my dad called back and said they were admitting her until at least Monday.

    The doctor who saw her...said he thought it was an infection and wants her in the hospital so that they can monitor her antibiotics. She frustrated having to be there...since she says she feels fine. She is doing alright though.

    It's just so stressful for all of us...

    Hopefully she will get discharged on Monday...or she might throw herself a little bitch fit!

    Send her warm thoughts...we could all use it.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    a little bit on edge...

    The past week...actually 2 weeks if I am being completely honest...I have had an increase in anxiety. It's nothing is just there and always lingering around. I find that I am more sensitive lately...and when something happens, I react more than I used to. I just feel kind of on edge all the time. I don't let things just slide off my back like I used to.

    The thing that concerns me that when I was younger...high school and college...I used to have a lot of anxiety. It got to the point that it was effecting my functioning...I wasn't sleeping...I was either not eating at all or eating a house...I was not spending time with friends....I was pretty misreable to be around.

    I don't feel like that now...but I can feel anxiety creeping back into my life...which makes me even more anxious.

    If I had to play armchair psychologist...I would say that a lot of it might have to do with the fact that a lot of things changed in my life in the last couple of months. I think a lot of it has to do with the transition to living with someone else. I like having a roommate. I like having someone to chit chat with and hang out with. When I lived by myself...there are periods that I felt really lonely and isolated. But at the same time, I miss my alone time. I miss that I can't have everything on my schedule...and if I think about it, that might be causing me some anxiety. I know that I just need to adjust...and I think this anxiety period is part of the adjusting period.

    I am also not too happy with my evening job right now...the video store. I have contemplated quitting on numerous occasions. In many ways...I don't need that job. I don't need the money. I don't need the nights working until 1am. I don't need the drama of being scheduled when it isn't convenient or even possible...and then having people try to guilt me into working. I don't need to work with some people...who are more juvenile than their age would indicate. The only thing I do the free rentals and the friends I have that work there. Also...I like having a second job. I like having something different to do.

    So...I am going to call the YMCA and put in an application and just see where that goes. And if that doesn't pan out...I might just decided to consider volunteering somewhere like the SPCA or something like that.

    Don't worry y'all...I am not completely crazy....yet!

    P.S. I am in Day 5 of my No Fast Food Challenge...and so far, so good! The test...will be the weekend. I can hold my own like a rock star during the week...but the weekend is often a different story.

    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    You know...I was going to write this long ranting post about how sometimes I find it frustrating...especially about fitness and weight some people talk, talk, talk...all the time...about how they want to be healthier...they want to lose weight, BUT they don't do anything to make those things happen. In fact...they do the opposite and seem to continue to make choices they not only continue their current lifestyle, but reinforce it.

    My mom is an example...she used to talk about losing weight and eating right ALL the time. But, it was all talk. She wasn't really doing anything to change her least not consistently. Eating out 3-4 times a week isn't going to bring you to fitness...eating dinner at 9:30pm isn't going to bring you to health. It was only after my mom was hospitalized that things really started to change. And now...she has lost a TON of weight and is looking and feeling healthier with each passing week. Until she got a big was all talk and no action.

    But then I had a smidge of insight...I remember some of those things that I was supposed to learn in social worky school. I started thinking about the process in which people change.

    The first stage of change is called Pre-contemplation. In this stage, you are not even considering actually making a often don't even believe you need to make a change. This is the denial stage or in terms of weight loss...what I call the "I'm not fat, I'm big boned" stage.

    The second stage is called Contemplation. This stage is not actually making the change, but just thinking about the change. You think about the pros and cons and are often overwhelmed by what the change might mean in your life. It the "I know I am fat, but I don't think I can do this....isn't there a magic pill? I saw one advertised on TV."

    The third stage is called Preparation. In this are no longer ambivalent about the fact that you need to change, but you aren't sure how to go about it. It's a planning stage...which also involves TALKING about the plans a lot. You may begin making small changes, but have not implemented everything at this point. People often make lists of what needs to be done in this stage. This stage is the "Ok, I need to make a change...and this is what I am going to do...I think. I am going to start on Monday...oh that elusive Monday!"

    The fourth stage is Action. takes until Stage 4 to get to ACTION! In this stage people implementing the plan that they devised in Stage 3. This is when it gets less about talk and more about action. It's the "It's January 1st and I am going to the gym two times a day and only eat wheat germ...and then actually doing it." P.S....never eat wheam germ!

    My point in listing all that out...and that I often zoom past the first two, if not three phases..and move right into the Action phase. Yes, that is right...I am an action girl. So...I realize that if people are all talk and no action...that might be right where they need to be right now. They are actually even advanced to stage 3...if they even realize they might need to make a change and are no longer trying to talk themselves out of it. So, when I see my my friends. I think I need to stop rolling my eyes inside my head. One, because it is their process...and two, because they are probably right where they need to be.

    Anyways...that is my blathering, psychoanalytical post for the day.

    Thursday Thirteen #53

    Here is another Thursday Thirteen...enjoy!

    Thirteen TV Shows Shelley Likes

    1. 24-Fox
    2. The Office-NBC
    3. My Name Is Earl-NBC
    4. South Park-Comedy Central
    5. Project Runway-BRAVO
    6. Fit Nation-FIT TV
    7. Lost-ABC
    8. Alias-ABC (So sad to see it go)
    9. Inked-A&E
    10. Best Week Ever-VH1
    11. Hell's Kitchen-Fox
    12. People's Court-Syndication
    13. Intervention- A&E

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    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Day 3 of No Fast Food is Underway!!!

    I have made it into Day 3....and so far, so good.

    I have been making all my own meals. I have been eating well. I have been working out everyday. I have been drinking my protein shakes.

    And...I am looking forward to the financial benefit of this challenge as well. I can remember a few months ago when I realized that in one month's time I spent over a hundred dollars on ordering out food. I realized that I just threw that money out the window...because I had food at home, but I just wanted Panera or Taco Bell instead. Ugh.

    So this 30 Day first and foremost for health. I am looking forward to having a month where I know exactly what I am eating. There is no guesstimation because I am the one cooking it, etc. And two...I am looking forward to a month where I am not spending money unnecessarily on food.

    My hope is that at the end of the month...that I realize how easy it is to not eat out. I realize that it is just as easy to throw a frozen dinner in the microwave and be eating dinner in 5 minutes. It is just as easy to bring a salad and a bowl of soup to work...instead of ordering a sandwich or 2 slices of pizza and a soda *gasps*

    Come on Day 3...give me all you have!

    Good riddance....

    So...Joe Lieberman did not win the democratic primary in Connecticut yesterday. So sad.

    Let's just say I am not a fan of Joe Lieberman. I don't think he is shining example of the democratic party. He was on Good Morning America this morning...blathering on about how the two political parties are becoming so polarized (which he is right about), but sadly Joe's solution is to not find middle ground, but instead be a token for the Republican Party. Since Lieberman lost the Vice Presidency...he has become this quasi-Republican in Democratic clothing. Joe's response is to walk around holding hands with President Bush while not supporting any of his democratic friends. Look at his voting record lately folks.

    He says he is going to run as an independent. You know what Joe...just run as a Republican. It's what most all your policies align with anyways.

    It's not shocking that Clinton says he is not going to support Lieberman in an independent run. It's not shocking that Al Gore refused to campaign with Lieberman when he was asked. It's not shocking that Chuck Shumer and Hillary Clinton (NY Senators) are coming out in support of Lamont (the candidate who beat Lieberman). It's not shocking that Democratic leaders were standing around Lamont last night. Lieberman let down the Democratic party a LONG time, it should not be surprising that the party is not standing with him now.

    Good Riddance Joe...Good Riddance!

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    Whey Protein

    Being the veggie girl that I am....and the fact that I am attempting working out all the time...I am constantly worried about my protein intake and the fact that I might not be getting enough. I eat a lot of soy...and have some nuts from time to time and many of my veggie burgers have a good deal of protein in them.

    But...sometimes it just isn't cutting it. So when I was at BJ's this weekend...I bought a gigantic container of EAS Whey Protein.

    EAS Whey Protein

    I was a smidge uncomfy buying so much of it...because if I thought it tasted like monkey would be difficult to either force myself to eat that much of it...or throw that much of it away. But it's BJs and you can't get anything in small I threw it into the cart and was on my way.

    I like this protein because it has a lot of protein per shake (well duh!) has 23 grams per serving. It is low in fat...only 2 grams per serving. And sodium is not bad as well...55 mg per serving. Calories aren't bad either...only 120 per shake.

    Yesterday...after a 63 minute workout (cheers for myself! YEAH!)...I got off the elliptical and made myself a protein shake. (It's my plan to drink them post workout)

    And how did it taste?

    It was didn't taste like a Friendly's milk shake of anything. I mixed mine up with plain ol' water and it tasted like a watered down chocolate milk shake. The great thing about completely mixes in. I thought it would end up being gritty or having some of it at the bottom of the cup...but...nope, it almost immediately dissolved completely.

    I was pretty impressed. I imagine it would have tasted pretty close to chocolate milk...if I had made it with milk instead of water.

    Phew...I would have hated to think of drinking that whole container...if it tasted like saw dust and chalk!

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Day 1 Redux

    It's Day 1 of my 30 Days with no Fast Food/Take Out Challenge.

    I have thought about my downfall...and have looked to make some better decisions.

    One, I never told my parents that I was going 30 days without ordering/eating out,, when they invited me over for dinner...they never thought that ordering pizza would be messing with my 30 Day masterplan.

    So, I am going to clue my parents in on the deal.

    And secondly...I know full well...that once I ate out on Friday...I basically gave up for weekend. I figured..I might as well order something on Saturday, etc. I'll start again on Monday, etc.

    Another thing I am going to do...I am going to bring a few Luna Bars into work and through them in my desk. I am also going to have some portable lunches and snacks to throw into my car. So then...even if I am out and didn't plan on something for lunch and dinner...I can grab a lunch or a snack out of my desk or the car. It's something.

    I know the hardest thing for me will be the social aspect of it all. I know that the girls may all get together and order pizza. I just need to bring my own snacks, etc...but I know stuff like that will be tough...tougheroo!

    And it begins again...I can do it...I know I can.

    Day 1 has begun...only 29 more days to go.

    Sunday, August 06, 2006

    f'd up....

    Yep...that's right...this weekend, I was BAD, very very BAD!

    I not only broke my 30 Days without Fast Food/Take Out...but I completely binged on food yesterday. Ick. did I end up eating Take Out? Well...I went over to my parents' house on Friday night and they decided to order pizza for dinner. At first, I thought...I will just spend time with them and not eat the pizza. But well...then I decided...who cares, I'll eat the pizza. Aurghh!

    And since I broke the ban on take out...I ordered take out yesterday evening. It wasn't pretty folks. I also had M&Ms for dessert...

    So...I am starting again. Monday is Day 1....and this time I mean it.


    Tomorrow is another day though...

    Friday, August 04, 2006


    I'm a little stress ball today....since I got little to no sleep last night (worked at the video store until 1am)...and then fit hit the shan today at work with a client, etc..

    Just not in the mood...

    But luckily...this weekend I don't have to work at the video store at all...praise almighty! And in fact, I don't have to work at all next week either. Sweet! So, I think I will get a week of rest and relaxation.

    Tonight I just need to convince myself to get my workout done when I get home from work. I know I will just want to hop in bed and watch crap tv...but a strength training workout is on the schedule.

    Maybe lifting weights will help lift me from the Ms. Cranky Pants attitude...

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    *tummy grumble*

    It's 8:45am...and I am starving...STARVING! I had my breakfast at 7:10am or so...which I usually do...and ever since I got to work, I have just been walking around like a hungry, hungry zombie!

    I have a snack...which I won't eat until about 10am or so...and I will keep drinking water...

    *grumble grumble*

    Thursday Thirteen #52

    So...I saw this thing hanging out there on the web, so I thought I would give it a try. It's called Thursday Thirteen...and as far as I can tell, it works by you telling 13 things...any things. I like this meme because it has a lot more freedom...because sometimes I just don't feel like answering the questions in standard memes. goes...Shelley's very first Thursday Thirteen.

    Thirteen Foods Shelley Likes

    1. sorbet...any flavor...mmm!
    2.'s my downfall!
    3. cucumbers with a little bit of salt
    4. pasta with pesto sauce and pine nuts
    5. strawberry frozen fruit bars
    6. mozz good!
    7. sweet cherries...i wish they weren't so expensive
    8. tabouli salad
    9. any of the 100 calorie snacks
    10. veggie burgers, especially black bean ones
    11. vegetarian chili
    12. fried bad for you, but so good!
    13. goldfish crackers

    So...except for the pizza and the fried mozz sticks and the fried mushrooms...all in all...a healthy list of my fav 13 foods.

    Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Survived Day 1....

    I survived Day 1 of the "No Fast Food" Month...and survived quite easily. I planned out all my food and even brought a dinner with me because I thought I was going to have to be in court until 8pm or so. Court got I had dinner at home, but I still give myself credit for the planning.

    Yesterday the heat was the issue....more than anything else. I got out of work and it was in the high 90s...and I was attempting to convince myself to not workout. I got home...and before I could do anything else, I got my shoes on and did my strength training. I did sweat like nobody's business...and usually I don't sweat much when doing weights and strength training...but was hot. My apartment has central air...but it was still warm.

    Today I am doing love affair with my elliptical continues...and I am doing it, no matter what excuse the heat offers me.

    Oh...and I resisted eating out for lunch today...almost everyone else ordered pizza or subs from the place across the street. But not me...and in all honesty, I didn't even think about it...wasn't tempted. The pizza smelled great...but well, i know it isn't good for me and I made a commitment to NOT EAT IT!

    And so Day 2 continues....

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    August Weigh-In

    Part of me likes the idea of monthly weigh-ins and part of me hates it. I like that it allows me to live my life a little more and not be tied to the scale. I was always working towards my weigh-in on Monday morning and it didn't allow me to be flexible when I needed to be flexible.

    Of course the monthly official weigh-ins have their downside gives me a lot of time and sometimes the mentality that fudging a little won't be that bad.

    The good side is that I am still weighing myself...probably a few times a week. So, I know where I am at...but the only time I write it once a month.

    My goal is to lose 5 pounds a month, which is a little over a pound a week. I think that is within the realm of possibility.

    So, how did I do this month....

    I lost 3 pounds. It isn't the 5 pounds I wanted, but I did spend half the month of July eating crap food, not working out and not counting anything, etc. So...I feel pretty good about a 3 pound weight loss. I still have 7 more pounds to lose until I am back at my lowest weight during '06...but I am willing to take it slow and I am happy I am just moving in the right direction.

    And I know you will all be waiting with baited breath until September 1st!!!

    If you can't stand the heat....get OUT of Hell's Kitchen!

    I am a fan of the tv show Hell's Kitchen. I like the "I Wanna Be A Chef" shows...loved Top Chef last season....and even though I think Chef Ramsey is mean just to be mean...cause it is his thing. Oh well....I still think the show is fantabulous.

    I was watching last night...and with every minute that went by I said, "Please send Sara home...I hate her. She's a bitch from hell and a manipulative liar. SEND HER HOME!"

    Well...thankfully...and dramatically...the Bitch From Hell was sent home.


    Now back to regularly scheduled programming....