Thursday, December 29, 2005

a new year upon us....

It's that time of year again....when we all make resolutions about what we want to change and how we want to be different. I usually get very grandstanding about how I am not going to make resolutions because you just set yourself up to fail....and how it needs to be a lifestyle change and not just something you are doing because it is Jan. 1st.

Oh well...I am making new year's resolutions anyways.

1. I am going to be a better friend. I have come to the realization that through the last some of my long time friends...I have been a pretty crappy friend. I haven't kept in touch....I haven't called...I haven't emailed. I have basically stayed friends in word alone...not in action. I am going to do better at that....because I adore these people so much and in the last year, I really haven't honored them. So, to my friends...I am sorry, I will do better. I promise.

2. I am going to get this healthy lifestyle back. I stopped working out...and kept eating horrible food. So, I am going to lose these 50 pounds that I need to...slowly and healthy. I am going to workout and take time out to take care of myself. I know I can do it...and I know I feel better about myself when I do.

3. I am going to eat out less...whether it be pizza or drive through Taco Bell. I need to make my meals at home and not take the convenient way out.

4. I am going to make plans to take trips to visit the loved ones in my life. I am going to plan to make a trip to Florida to see my brother, his wife...and my cute as a button nephew. I am going to plan to go to Mass and Vermont and visit friends there. If I am feeling like an adventure, I might even plan a trip to Indiana to see old friends.

5. I am going to get more involved in things...whether it be organizations, etc.

I think that is enough to begin my 2006....and if I can look to do these things, I can see my 2006 being a lot happier and healthier.

I hope the new year brings joy and hope to all those around me...

Much love,

Saturday, December 24, 2005

happy christmas and merry hanukah

Well...almost! It's Christmas Eve and it completely doesn't feel like it. This post is going to seem like a pity party post, but isn't meant to be. I am working for Christmas Eve and Christmas at the video store....cause I make time and a half...and the $$$ is well worth it. Plus, my parents are out of town for Christmas this year...they are spending the holidays with my brother in Florida...since my nephew Alex just turned one.

Yep, I wish I could be with warm, sunny Florida...but in many ways, I am fully content being right here. I have never been someone really INTO Christmas anyways. I am king of a Ms. Grinch, Bah Humbug when it comes to Christmas anyways. It's the presents and the craziness that I don't enjoy...not the holiday. If I could blink my eyes and turn Christmas into a holiday like Thanksgiving...where it is about sharing time and a meal with family...and not one about presents, I would in a SECOND! I just hate how people behave in the malls...and on the roads....and how nasty people can get while trying to buy the best deal possible. I just wish people who shop with the spirit of Christmas in their hearts....instead of being proud of screwing someone and getting the best deal possible.

Yep, I am officially Ms. Grinch....I admit it!

And....I thought of an old friend today too. When I lived in Indiana, I used to always spend holidays at her house with her family. It was incredibly kind of them....knowing that my family was so far away. Plus, I adored her...and her family. I saw her IM name online today....and just thought of her. Long story short...we aren't friends anymore. It was drama...and hurtful...and in the end, I walked away with the decision that we just weren't meant to be friends. But, even though I have unresolved issues about our friendship and how hurt I felt...I still miss her...and her friendship. Cause sometimes...she was a great friend. Part of me wants to IM her and say hello....but another part of me knows that I already did that once and nothing happened. So, in many ways...I am not willing or able to put myself out there again for someone who didn't care much the last time I did. But I wish her...and her amazing holiday.

Yep....pity party post. Sometimes you just need one.

Merry Christmas y' the friendly, loving, non-commercial sense! *winks* Love to everyone around!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

tis the season for....


I know...this season is all about spending, but...saving is never a bad thing, eh?

Why am I talking about savings? I have an online savings account with ING and I thought I would give them a little ad.

Check out your local bank....and see how much of interest you get on your standard savings account. For my regular bank account, the interest percent is 0.85%.

That's basically nothing. About 3 or so years ago, I put my money into ING's savings it could help me save, etc. And...I had two motivations. One, the interest percentage is significantly higher. And two...with it in an online savings acct, I would be much less likely to just pull it out and spend it on something.

So, right now...the interest rate for a ING savings acct is 3.75%. That is huge! I have not found a savings percentage better than that.

So, if you want an ING savings acct....send me an email and I will get you a referral...since if you get a referral...not only do you get an online savings acct with a great interest rate, but you will also get $25.00 to start your acct.

So...send me an email and I will hook you up...with a great acct...and 25 bucks!

Monday, December 05, 2005

who's traveling around these parts?

So...since I abandoned my blog for a while....I was wondering how many of y'all have abandoned me....

Who still reads this blog anyways???

my job....

I was thinking about my job on Friday...when I got back from a mini-conference and was clocking out to go home. If people out there don't know...I work in an alternative sentencing agency within their drug and alcohol program. So, I work within a jail diversion program....and also help run a small drug court within my county.

So...I was thinking about my job...and came to a few conclusions.

One, I really like my job...I like what I do. I find it really satisfying. I get to do a lot of different things, etc.

Second, it really does surprise the heck out of much I enjoy my job. I had the thought when I was leaving work...wondering if when I graduated from grad school, if I ever thought I would be doing something like i am doing. I know...that when I just got my degree...I never could have seen myself doing what I am doing. When I graduated...I was sure I would spend my life working on the causes of homelessness and poverty. Plus, the sometimes very social-worky...and sometimes not all that social-worky.

When I graduated...I would have said a job like mine isn't all that social-worky...because clients don't make the choice to do many things...they are requirements to stay out of jail. The threat of punishment...isn't something I would have seen as very social worky. looking at...I see so much social work in the job that I do. Yes, I get people who are mandated to come into my program...not people who make the choice. I get people who agree....because the alternative of going to jail is something that they do not want. But, I also see how much of an assistance I can be to those clients...I can assist them in making choices that benefit their matter how they got involved.

So...I imagine that in my 5 people who have done my job before me...that I do it with the most social work, but in the end...I think it makes the position stronger. I help clients make the correct choices...and if they make the wrong choices, I hold them accountable for their actions. If that isn't social work...I don't know what is.

Anyways...enough blathering!