Friday, August 07, 2009 I come!

There is a rumor that I might be headed to NYC today. There is also a rumor that it is to see the Red Sox/Yankees. There is also a rumor that JOSHUA PATRICK BECKETT will be pitching on a mound.

I am very excited about these rumors. That is all.

P.S. One more thing. GO RED SOX! And win...that is all I ask, WIN!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday is Sucktastic!

Today is not my best day. A true case of the Mondays, I tell you.

First off. On Sunday, I went to go run and errand.....mainly to pick up some yummy snacks before hunkering down to watch the baseball game. I got in my car and took off down the street...only to hear "thud thud thud thud." I thought...oh front right tire is low again and it sounds flat this time. I pulled over...looked at the front left tire...not flat at all. Hmm. I look at the back left tire....flat as a freakin' pancake. Fan Freakin' Tastic. I turned the car around as carefully as I could and drove it back down to my house. I crossed my fingers that I didn't damage the rim. Yes, I should have left it where it was...but well, sometimes...I'm not so smart.

So, I get back to the house...and instead of getting yummy snacks, my dad and I went out and got air to put in the tire so we could get it back in the driveway. We filled the tire and got it parked for the day. As soon as the air went in, I could hear it coming back out. Sighs. Evil.

Ok...back to Monday and it's suck. So, I wake up this morning and my throat hurts. I mean...hurts. I have been nursing a mild sore throat for a few days. I took Zicam and thought it might be working. Well, Monday...the sore throat was telling me that it was in fact, not working. So, I went to work...since I have a bunch of stuff to do before the end of the week. And...I was in denial about that my sore throat might just not be the common cold variety.

I am at work....and as the hours go by and my throat continues to kick me in the booty, I realize that maybe I might have the strep and should be seen by those doctor type people. So, I tell my boss...and leave to go to the walk-in clinic. An hour later...I leave the clinic with a prescription for antibiotics and a diagnosis of the strep throat.

Strep throat. Seriously? Am I 13? It is August right? Ridiculous. So, now...I am chuck full of antibiotics and reminding my throat why I hate it. I am also eating my body weight in cold ice cream. I am pretending my doctor gave me a prescription for that as well. Please pretend with me.

Back to the tire situation. So, my rusty trusty dad took my car to get the tires looked at. I needed all 4 replaced since the one in the back was obviously umm...dead and the one in the front had a slow leak from a nail being in it. And...because I was a genius and didn't leave my car alone when I realized I had a flat, I also slightly bent my rim...and need to replace that as well. So, $300 later...I have a car back with working tires.

So, that's my Monday....and I am going to take it up a notch by watching the crap TV known as "Megan Wants A Millionaire" on VH1. I figure watching that trainwreck will scare the strep out of my body. At least that is my theory.

I hope other people are enjoying their Monday more than I am.