Friday, March 19, 2010

Wal-Mart aka Devil-Mart almost got me back!

Happy Friday folks!

One of my many New Year's Commitments in 2010 was that I was giving up going to the Wal-Mart. It hasn't been easy...but I am happy to report that I have not purchased anything at the Wal-Mart since December of 2009. I also haven't stepped foot inside the house of evil...even though I can go there, just not purchase any goods from them.

Why all the hate for Wal-Mart???'s nothing new for me. I've always felt their policies towards the community and their policies were well...piss poor. I also think that having a Wal-Mart in the community hurts local, small businesses. Now, I don't think Wal-Mart is suffering too much from my lost business, but it's a step. I have spent a lot of hot air talking about what a horrible corporation they are...while at the same time going to the establishment on a weekly basis to get whatever I needed for the week. So, New Year's Commitment was more about me being less of a hypocrite than about being about Wal-Mart. my subject says...Wal-Mart almost wooed me back this week. My car needed an oil change...and I had a headlight out. My car can be a pain in the arse to change the headlights. One, the panel you have to always more persnickety than it needs to be. And two, the brackets that hold the lightbulbs in place are almost broken, so one false move and they will break completely.

Last time I had a headlight out, I bought them at the local auto parts store and the employee was able to put them in for me. So, awesome...I went there and asked the price and if they could install them for me. The woman working there...said, no...that is was their policy to not install them for people. She seemed shocked that someone did it for me last time. So, I didn't buy the bulbs there...I am still a diva and wanted to find some place where they would put them in for me. Serve me dammit!!!

I noticed the headlight was out on Monday....and I have plans to be out of town and on the road this weekend, so I didn't wanna wait on it. Plus, Wednesday was St. Patrick's the idea of giving every cop in the tri-county area a reason to pull me over while they were looking for drunks...seemed like a bad idea.

Since I needed an oil change anyways....and I knew that Wal-Mart would install the bulbs if I bought them from them. I begrudgingly thought..."Oh well, I didn't shop at Wal-Mart for 3 months...but I guess I'll go back there." I had planned on going to Devil-Mart after work on Tuesday and getting both things done.

I came into work on Wednesday...and had a flash of genius. I called around to the local all service shops...and low and behold, Wal-Mart isn't the only game in town. I made an appt that afternoon to go to Meineke and get all my needs taken care of...oil change...headlights...installed.

Awesome. big bad tried, but you did not beat my spirit into submission.