Monday, December 31, 2007

It's New Year's Eve people!!!

I can't believe it's NYE...this year has flown by. It's been a good and a bad year. I have liked my job, taken getting healthy seriously, saw my brother and his family 3 times this year, etc. Of course, the that my mom passed away this year. Most of the time, I have adjusted and can say that I am happy and found a way to move on that honors her...but on some days, I just miss her something know, when you have a question that only she would know the answer to. All in all...I have high hopes for 2008.

I am not someone who makes New Year's Resolutions...I think they are cliche and that people don't really mean them when they make them. I think people make them...knowing they are going to break them.

But I do believe in setting goals for the upcoming year. Why is a New Year's Goal different than a resolution??? The intent just feels different to me, that's all.

So, here are a few of my goals in 2008:

1. For the first time, losing a truckload of weight is not one of my goals...and I couldn't be happier. I set a goal last year to lose 45 lbs in 2007...and instead, I lost 47. I have a few more I would like to lose, but that doesn't mean I don't have any fitness goals.
*I would like to ramp up my exercise even one more notch. I want to keep doing the cardio (with my rusty trusty elliptical) and also do a lot of circuit training to tone and shape what I've got.
*I want to run a 5K. I put that as a goal last year...and I walked a 5K, so I thought...good enough. Not good enough. I want to run one. We have a local runners club here and they have 5Ks throughout the, I want to sign up for one. There is one in March...and I might sign up for that one to push myself to be ready by then. I won't like training and working up to it in the cold, but I'll survive!
*A fitness goal I to figure out how to maintain my weight. I have had success at losing weight and gaining weight, but staying the same weight...that is such a mystery to me. So, I want to maintain my weight...and plan on giving myself a reward for each month I maintain my loss...once I am done losing.

2. I want to be more organized in all areas of my life. I want to be more organized at home. I want to constantly keep the apartment clean. Instead of letting it get gross and disgusting...and then doing a mass cleaning, I want to keep on top of it every single day. I also want to be more organized at work...I want to not let things pile up. So, I am looking for 2008 to be the year of organization.

3. I want to be more active with my church this year. They have been really wonderful this year. My mom loved church and so being there is a really nice way to be close to her. I want to get involved in more things...and become more connected to the church, other than through my mom.

4. I want to expand my wardrobe. I want to buy some more clothes...but within a budget. I plan on buying a new item or so every time I get paid. It would be nice to not be still wearing clothes I was wearing in high school.

5. I want to continue saving money. I want to start a Christmas savings account so that the holiday spending doesn't always seem like such a pinch. I also want to save for another trip to Florida...possibly going with some friends, etc. And, I also want to take another look at my monthly budget...making sure I am saving all the $$$ I can.

Those are some goals I have...I am sure I will have more and that I will tweak them, but those are the thoughts that come to mind.

Anyone else have new year's goals????

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back in NY...

Hey everyone...and by everyone...I mean the 4 people who read here. lol I am officially back in cold, snowy NY. My dad and I left warm, sunny Florida at 4:30am on Friday. My brother gets up for work anyways at 4am, so he got to see us off. I wish we lived closer to one another...because I would love to see him and the family more often. And that nephew of mine...did I mention he is the cutest person on the planet. I'll post later a bunch of things that I think are adorable about him....

Dad and I drove through the day on Friday and got smacked with rain in Northern Virgina, so we stopped....we were going to stop anyways. We stayed at a hotel that was way expensive...but with the high price tag, it came with some nice perks. It was a beautiful room...nice big towels...a mini fridge...a microwave...a fitness center. I'll be honest, I am most excited about the fitness center. All I had done all day is sit on my I was glad to give it some exercise. So, I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes or so. Then...I watched some TV (I watched Elf on the Sci-Fi Channel...umm, why is Elf sci-fi, even in the slightest)...and headed to bed.

Dad wanted to leave at like 6am...I nixed that. I wanted to workout in the morning before we left. So, 7am was the decided time. I got up at 5:45am...ran down to the my workout clothes on...ran on the elliptical for 30 minutes...jumped in the dressed...packed my stuff...drank down my breakfast...and was ready to go at 7am.

We made great time...and we were home just a smidge after 2pm. I ran some errands...came home...made dinner...did a load of laundry and now I am just vegging in front of the tv for the evening. I imagine I will be in bed early...and catch up on some zzzzs.

I loved being in Florida...spending time with my brother, his kick ass wife and of course...the adorable nephew. If I won the lottery, I would spend a lot more time with them...since it is just constant fun. I wish I could have stayed longer. I am happy to be home, but I still want to be there. I know that makes no sense, but it does to me.

I hope everyone had a great holiday...and a wonderful new year coming up. Hugs to all...and to all a good night.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Celeb Gossip A Holic!

I wish I could say I don't read the gossips mags when I am checking out at the grocery store...or that I didn't read all the gossip that is out there on the internet, but alas...I do.

So...what has gossip told us this year? What stories made us pay attention?

Paris Hilton and her going to jail and not going to jail and going to jail again.

Lindsay Lohan and her going to drug rehab more times than I can count.

Britney Spears and all her craziness...shaving her head, dancing like crazy town all over the VMAs and of course losing her children and K-Fed actually proving he is the better parent in that family. Sheesh!

Rosie O'Donnell and the fight of all fights on The View.

Tom Cruise being all crazy...and did he and Joey Potter have the baby this year or last year?

I gotta wonder what celeb gossip will we get in 2008! I am shamed to say it, but no matter how much I wish it didn't'll entertain me, no doubt!

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fitness goals

I have mentioned it a couple of times, but I seriously need to think about what I am going to have as my New Year's Goals for 2008. I don't call them resolutions because I think people just make them to break goals just sounds better to me. In the past, losing weight was always goal #1...and I started off great and then lost steam and was right back where I started the next year (if not worse). So, this year...Goal #1 is going to have to be different.

I would like to still have some fitness goals. I do have another 10 lbs I would like to lose...and what not. I think I want my fitness goals this year to be about exercise. I am not sure what though. Do I want to join the gym again? Do I want to invest in some more fitness equipment and workout tapes? Or just use the stuff I have on a more consistent schedule?

I know one goal I something I have actually wanted to do for a long time and never done anything about it. I have always wanted to be a runner...not super fast, but a runner. I was captain of the Track and Field team in High School and sadly, I have never been a runner (I did field events silly). So, I want to work on running more. I plan on starting the Couch To 5K (C25K) this spring...and I plan on signing up for a few of the local 5K races that the local running club does. There is one in March, but I am not sure if I will be ready in time for that one. We'll see.

So, anyone else have any fitness related goals for 2008?

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Office Santa!

So, did you all get what you wanted for Christmas? I did. I got a lot of swanky new toys and, I got to get to spend time with my brother and his family, the best present ever.

Now, if Santa came to work too, what would you ask Santa for? What kind of work presents would you want? I would want a few things. I would want a magic elf to come in at night and do all my filing for me. That would be the sweetest present ever. I would also like to have a phone in my office like my boss does. He has a phone that looks like this:

The phone is my office is not nearly this swanky. I don't know if our office has Talkswitch phones, but it sure looks like it. Mine just rings and does normal phone things. This tells you who is on the phone in the office. It also tells you who is calling. I would LOVE this feature most of all. Sometimes I am in the office with a client and the phone rings. I would love to know who is calling, so I can decide if I am going to take it. If it is another client, I would let the call go to voicemail, but if it is a judge or social services and might be about that client, I would definitely take the call. With my phone now...I have to guess and hope for the best.

Ahh...if only Santa came to my office. That would be SWEET!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

tis the season...

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, special, fabulous holiday! I know, I did. This Christmas was really great. My nephew opened up all 6 million of his presents in about 2 seconds flat. I remember those days...of the sheer thrill of just opening the presents...I barely had time to see what it was before I moved on to the next one. We had a nice breakfast with my brother and his family. They really are dolls for taking care of us and entertaining us so well this's been such a nice holiday.

And what did Santa bring me? Well...I got a new digital camera, which is SWEET! I plan on taking some pictures and posting them as soon as I get back in cold, snowy NY. I also got a nice digital picture frame which is going to be filled with pics of my family and friends. I got a sweet Red Sox t-shirt. I got some yummy, smelly bath stuff. I got a gift certificate to Bath and Body Works and we know how I love that place. It was a really nice year...and Santa did real good by me!

This was the first Christmas without mom...and it's too bad because she would have loved it. My nephew is getting older by the minute...and cuter too. She would have loved his bday party SO SO much. She would have loved just about everything. But, for me...I haven't been sad this Christmas...I know she wouldn't have wanted that. Instead, I am going to love life and my family with the same intensity and passion that she did...I am going to see the positive and merriment in everything. My mom's eyes sparkled when something fun was going, I am going to work hard to have that sparkle. That's the best way to remember talk about her and live in as she would have.

Merry Christmas Everyone...and start thinking about those New Year's Goals now!! I know I have to...because for the first year in a long time, losing a truck load of weight won't be first on my list. Hugs to all!!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve...and a weigh-in too!

Hi y'all! Merry Christmas eve...I hope everyone is having a great holiday. It's been wonderful here in sunny Florida. I would miss the snow, but I could get used to weather where people say it is chilly out when it is 60 degrees. lol My nephew's bday was yesterday and we had a rockin' good time at his party. Phew..I am burning calories left and right playing with that adorable kid.

It's Christmas Eve, but it's also let's not forget it is weigh-in time. I am a crazy nut who brought my scale with me on vacation. I wanted to know that I was eating well and doing what I needed to, so the scale kept me honest. It would be too easy to cheat here or there if I didn't step on the scale each and every morning.

So, what did it say this morning on the official weigh-in day? said I dropped another TWO POUNDS! That makes a total of 45 pounds I have lost since I recommitted in September. I initially thought all I wanted to lose was 45 lbs, but I have decided to go for another 10 I am off to the races again. I feel really good about what I have lost and that clothes actually fit now, instead of just hiding me like they used to before. But, I want those vanity pudge pounds gone too. So, I am going after them!!! Fitness wise...this new year is going to be a whole new ball of wax!

Merry Christmas everyone...I hope Santa brings you everything your heart desires! Santa brought me what I wanted...actually he took 45 lbs with him while he was dropping off the rest of the presents. Good job Santa!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Sunny Florida...well, it's a little rainy today...but still!

Hi to all out there on the internets!

My dad and I made it...and are now in sunny Florida for the holidays. We did have some car trouble....I think because we kept boasting about what GREAT time we were making. We were in Maryland...about to hit the W Virginia line...and the tire started making a foul noise. Dad thought it was a tire going...we pulled over...tire is fine. So, we naively went on our way...and the noise got WAY worse. So, we pulled over at the next exit...and by this time, smoke was pouring out from under the tire. We found a little repair shop and they were able to fix it...and seemed honest to boot! It was a wheel bearing that went bad...and the guy said if we didn't stop when we did...the tire probably would have fallen off while we were driving! Eeek...glad we stopped when we did.

Other than that...the trip was uneventful. It was a nice ride...and my nephew is seriously the most adorable person on the planet. I love love love playing with him...and, it is a great way to get my exercise in.

I hope everyone has a great holiday...I will check in from time to time...and say hey...but if it is a choice between running around after my cute lil' nephew and updated y' know where I stand on that one.

Hugs to all...

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Only 2 lbs to goal...holy bejesus!

Hi's Monday, so that means it is weigh in day. Today and tomorrow are going to be crazy busy days....CRAZY busy. I go on vacation starting Wednesday...and dad and I are going to Florida. There are a million things to get done before I am ready to go.

So...let's get down to business. I was hungry all week long, but I remained a good kid. My boss took us all out to Olive Garden and I was still breadsticks people! I made some thin mint cookies...and didn't bite, lick or taste any of them. I made fudge with my dad (my mom's good!) and didn't have any of that either. So, if the scale wasn't nice to me...I was going to have a friggin' fit.

Well, I didn't have a fit. I lost FOUR pounds. I can't believe it. I have lost 43 pounds...and only 2 pounds shy of the 45 pound goal. I think I might try to lose a little bit more, but....I am just happy to be where I am. I didn't even think I could get here, so I am really content. And, if I am a lucky...and the scale gods are nice to me, I could lose the 2 lbs as a Christmas gift.

And...tonight, I am packing for the trip to Florida. I got out all my small jeans...and tried them on. Guess what? Yep...they all fit. One is still too snug to wear outside, but they all fit.

I had a thought today...I am going to have to think long and hard about what my new year's goals are going to be. For the has always been to lose weight and get fit. It was the constant answer...and now, I am going to have to look beyond that. Of course...keeping it off is the constant goal...the one I haven't been able to do so far, but it is great having that in front of me instead of losing a ton of weight on New Year's Day.


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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fasting diets...I don't think so!

First off...whoo's snowing outside. It's fluffy, pretty snow. It's a pain in the arse to drive in, but it's fun none the less. SNOW!

I posted on my site about weight loss the last day or so...the post where I mentioned Celebrity Fit Club and Biggest Loser. Well, someone left a comment...suggesting I should try a fasting diet and a link to their site. I deleted the comment...because I don't think they need the advertisement, but I do want to write an entry on what I think about what I think about fasting diets. goes:

Fasting diets. Do I think they are a good idea? Do I think they are healthy? Do I think people should do them to lose weight? Hell no. I think they feed right into the quick fix mentality of people and weight loss. Do they terms of long term weight loss? Nope. They put your body into a starvation mode...and mess with your metabolism. They don't help you lose lose gylcogen lose lose if anything, muscle.

If people think that a fasting going to get them to their long term weight loss goals, please THINK AGAIN! I have lost close to 40 lbs in the last 3 months...and I didn't have to starve myself through a fasting diet to do it. Losing weight is a great goal for anyone to have...but go about it in a healthy, smart way. It may take longer, but you will actually be losing weight/fat....not playing the game of smoke and mirrors that happens when you go on a fasting diet.

Fasting diets? Pfffft!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shop, shop, shop....

Except for one last gift...I am all DONE with my Christmas shopping. And that one last's not available until next Tuesday, so I feel very done. Phew. I picked up the last minute items today and now I just have to wrap everything and be done with it.

And it is good that I am done...since my dad and I start the drive to Florida for the holidays next Tuesday. Time is flying people...flying! I can't wait...even though I have a million things to do until then.

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Watching some crap tv

I am watching a repeat of Celebrity Fit Club right now. It's the one with the Baywatch girl and Tina Yothers from Family Ties. I really like this show because I think it shows slow and realistic weight loss...unless The Biggest Loser. I have heard about some interesting things that they do on BL to lose weight. They go into saunas to sweat off some weight right before the weigh-in. I have heard about using some water pills, etc. I like that Celebrity Fit Club doesn't do that...they had one person who actually said she used pills...and she was yelled at by the panel. I have tried pills before...and I am glad I am no longer doing it.

One thing CFC did promote was a colon cleanse program. It was on the show a couple of years ago. They had 2 members go in and get their colon cleaned out. It is something that can get you to lose a lb or so, but it also makes your colon more healthy. So, I don't have a problem with that. It's not magic/fake weight loss. I have never done a colon cleans, but they intrigue me...maybe I will try it sometime, but I will admit...I am a little scared by it.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where am I from?

I opened up my blog this evening....and I looked over at my stats section and saw this:

Now...if that isn't hilarious, I don't know what is! I wanna know what night I went to sleep and woke up in Afghanistan! lol

I changed it to the right info...but well, I had to capture it because it is worth a giggle.

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Mellencamp Recap: It's about time, eh?

Hey everyone...for my 3 rusty trusty readers...sorry to keep you in suspense. The show was on Saturday night and I just haven't had the energy to go over what an awesome show it was until now. I'm takes me time to recover!

I went to the show with my roommate. This is the first Mellencamp show she has ever been to. She is an average fan. You know, likes his stuff when he's on the radio, but probably doesn't own a CD, etc. Meaning...she isn't a crazed, obsessed I am. So, the show started at 7:30pm...and the venue was about an hour away (Albany, NY). We left about 6pm. Let me just tell you...I hate navigating around roomie drove (thanks!)...I didn't, but still. If you make one wrong are lost forever. It's just never simple. So, yeah...we took one wrong turn...and ended up hopelessly lost. But, we aren't we asked for directions. We got back on course and found the arena in no time....we actually got there right at it couldn't have been better. We didn't have to wait very long for the show to start.

Okay...when we got there...our seats were in the 5th row. The seats by the stage were set up very close. Jeez...I am glad I lost some weight because I felt like I was sitting literally ON TOP of people. It was a tight squeeze. Let me just tell you about the couple next to us. Hilarity. I think they got to the show through a teleport from the mid 80s. The woman had curly, frizzy hair that was basically in the shape of a triangle. And her boyfriend/friend/husband...he had a mullet, but a curly fro-ish mullet. It was fantastically humorous. The woman was very interested in the fact that I lived in Indiana for a while...and went to Mellenfests...and knew Moe once...and went to parties at Toby's house from time to time. In get such limited access...I forgot how lucky I was when I lived in Mellentown. lol the opening band. Los Lobos. They are a band from East LA. I am sure people like them...I am not one of them. In fact, there were a few people in the row in front of us...who were very excited to see them. They were dancing and bopping away...much more than they were for Mellencamp. lol They played La Bamba....and that's when I lost it...and couldn't contain the laughter. They just aren't my style...and I feel very spoiled since Mellencamp has given me some great opening bands...Susan Tedeschi...Shannon Curfman...Old Pike...The Wallflowers, etc.. So, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

And then...the show began. I haven't seen a Mellencamp show since I left Indiana. I didn't really think I was going to get to see shows anymore. One, I don't live in Mellenland the shows are slim pickin's...understandably. And two, I used to be able to take time off and go to multiple shows in multiple states. Not anymore. It's just a financially responsible thing to do anymore. be able to see a show at all...I was through the roof.

I thought it might have been one of the best Mellencamp shows I have seen. He came out with such energy...and the show was different than the shows he used to do. One, he talked all over the place to the crowd. In the shows I used to see...he barely talked at all. He would say hello to the crowd...and then it was song, song, song, song, song, song...done. Not a word in between. He talked to the crowd...he told a story about how he wrote a song. He stopped right in the middle of one song to say something about the song and its meaning. That is unheard of from him. He bantered with this woman in the audience...about how he was doing a show and couldn't come down there and makeout with her. Oooh...and I think that same woman threw a bra to him on stage. Too funny...cause he told her that if women are going to throw their bra, it should be sexiest bra on earth, not a plain ol' white one. He talked about some political things...he talked about the Jena song...and the response to it. He mentioned about getting involved in things...and that the way we can change the world is one person at a time. I love his music, but I admire and am passionate about what the man believes. I heart him.

Another thing I LOVED about the that he played old, less known songs. He played 'Minutes to Memories'...and I LOVE that song. You could see who the hardcore fans were then because they were singing along. He also played a good deal of songs off the new album...which he often does not do. He didn't just play a live version of the Greatest Hits album...and I appreciated that. He actually thanked the audience for hanging with him and listening to a lot of songs they had never heard before. I thought the live version of 'Ride Back Home' was breathtakingly beautiful. And he played heck it Out' which I love...and 'Authority Song' which I love. What a minute...what songs don't I love???

Oooh...I almost forget. This will make the BoSox fans happy. During 'Small Town', he had the projection behind him showing images from around this area. It was cute...except when it showed an icon of the Yankees...they was a loud, collective boo from the crowd. I may live in NY...but this area has more Red Sox Nation fans than Yankees fans. I would say I am never happy to hear Mellencamp get boo'ed, but that boo for the Yankees picture...made all warm and gooey inside! lol

This entry has already gone on too, I will cut it short. It was a great show. I loved dancing and singing along with the man. My roommate took some pics with her camera phone, so I will upload one as soon as I can. The only thing I could say negative about the that I still miss Moe. I think he brought such a unique presence to the band and without it, it's lacking.

Phew...great I wish I was financially irresponsible and was going to another one! Rock on!


Monday, December 10, 2007

I do love snow...

Did I mention it is snowing today? Because it is! It's not a lot, but there is a dusting going around. I have always lived in a climate where there has been a wintery, snowy time of the year. I grew up Upstate, NY. Snow. I went to college in Vermont. Snow, obviously! And then I moved to Indiana for a few years. Snow. I have never lived in a place that doesn't have snow. Of course, just because you live surrounded by snow doesn't mean you have to love it. Many of my friends who live here don't love snow like I do. I just find it fun. I am much more kid like when I am around snow...I like to play in it. It reminds me of those fun days when you woke up and your mom told you it was a snow day. When it snows now, I don't get a snow day...but still, it's fun!

Even though I live around snow, I would still love to vacation some time during the winter in one of those cozy snow cabins. Doesn't that sound fun and romantic? I could go to a place like Pigeon Forge cabins. Of course, knowing my luck...I would go when there isn't any snow to play with. Could you imagine though...having a week to just play in the snow and what not. I am sure some people would love it for the skiing, but not me...I don't need skiing, I just need snow. Plain and simple snow.

Of course, it won't be my next vacation. My next time coming soon and it is sunny Florida. I gotta tell ya, it'll be weird having a Christmas in a warm climate. They'll be no chance of snow!!!! Somehow though...I think I will survive!

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Monday= It's Weigh-In Time!

Hey's Monday again. (If you are anxiously awaiting a Mellencamp show's coming! I just wanna tease y'all as long as possible!)

So, what does Monday mean? It means it's time to officially step on the scale and see if I removed any pudge from my life. I did well this week...I didn't do the exercise tapes like I did last week. I took a mini-break and did most of my exercise as walking and of course DANCING at the Mellencamp show. I wasn't expecting huge numbers at all...but hoping for something.

I lost 2 lbs this week. I am SUPER DUPER happy with that. I loved 4 lbs last week, but since I had a huge loss last week, I was happy I lost anything this week. All in all...I have lost 39 lbs. Whoo to the freakin' hoo! I am almost at 40 lbs gone and I definitely plan on being at that point by Christmas...if not a few more lbs. I am going to visit with my brother and his family over the holidays and I am excited for him to see me since last time we saw each other, I was almost 40 lbs heavier. Eeek!

Oooh...and let's not forget an elliptical update. We finally got the OK from the company...that they were going to replace it. Phew. So, dad and I packed up the old, broken elliptical and brought it to the store where we bought it...and return it and for a spankin' new one in a box. Of course, now we have to put the new one together...which wasn't so easy last time. Hopefully...this time, it will go easy as pie. I think we will put it together some night this week...and I will be back to being a crazed elliptical woman! You know, I have owned a bunch of exercise equipment in my lifetime and I have never been as happy as I am with the elliptical. It's a great, great piece of equipment. I can't wait to get it back up and running!!!

Hugs to all...

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mellencamp was awesome...more later, I swear. I have to finish some Xmas shopping...visit with the dear ol' Dad...and then I will be back to tell ya how awesomely awesome it was. Seriously...awesome.

Now that I have you all hot and bothered with anticipation, I'll be back later.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's Thursday....can't wait for Friday!

Hey everybody...I haven't posted since Monday. I remember when I used to post once or twice per day, but is just sometimes too busy for that. This weekend, I am planning on getting some much needed Christmas shopping done. I did some last weekend, but I need to finish it. I need to buy some things for my brother and his family, for my dad, for my roomie...and I am also going to buy some cute pet supplies for my adorable kitty. She doesn't really play with toys and well, she's a cat..she doesn't understand Christmas, but still.

Unlike some people...I do not enjoy shopping. I don't like the crowds. I don't like picking stuff out. I don't like spending my money most of all. So, wish me luck!

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Another Monday...another weigh-in!

Hi kids! It's Monday and of course that means it is weigh-in day. But before we get to snowed last night. It was the first REAL snow of the season. I heard on the news that it was going to snow, but no flurries before I went to bed. I woke up this morning...heard the alarm beep...and shut it off...and I heard a beeping in the distance. I knew what I was was the noise of a plow. I ran to the window...and YEAH! SNOW!

Alright...enough of my love affair with snow. On to the business at hand. I have been struggling with finding new and interesting ways of working out (mind out of the gutter people!)....because my elliptical is broken. (It might get replaced soon, but not soon enough). I've been going for a lot of walks and some rare jogs, but with the cold hasn't been often at all. I knew I had to get some intense workouts in...or the weight loss wasn't going to continue to come. I went back to something that worked for me years ago. I got out the cardio and circuit tapes I used to do daily when I was living in Indiana. I brushed the dust off the tapes and starting on Monday...I popped them in the VCR and was working out like a mo'fo'.

So, I am glad I found new ways to workout....sans elliptical. Did it pay off on the scale? Well...I am a daily weigher. I step on the scale each and every morning. For days this week...the scale showed a 2 lb. loss...which I would have been happy with it. On Sunday morning...2 lbs gone. And then magically...this morning...I woke up and 4 lbs. gone. Unfreakin' believable! I think adding in the new exercise was the trick.

Whoo hoo! You know, I am really happy about it...because this is the time of year when most people have given up and are just waiting for New Year's to start again. I hope to be right where I want to be on New Years. Plus, I am wearing clothes that went back into my closet because they were too tight months ago. I am really glad I have been making choices for my health. Yes, I miss pizza...but it is well worth it.

Hugs to all!

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