Monday, October 30, 2006

November 1st is looming...

I am nervous about my weigh in for November. I have not really been good this November...I haven't been incredibly bad, but I haven't been on the ball either. I had all this enthusiasm about the end of the year challenge...and when the challenge fell apart, so did I. I still did alright, but I lost some of my motivation. I haven't stepped on the scale in about 2 weeks and I have such fear of what it will say on Wednesday. I am hoping it says no change...I am fearful it will show a gain.

But...I am not going to get bogged down. I am not going to beat myself up. I am going to look at the last 8 weeks of the year and GET THEM TOGETHER! I am going to see if I can still make my goal...which might still be possible. And if not, I want my ultimate goal to be closer to my reach instead of farther away.

I start my next 30 day challenge on Wednesday...which is No Candy for 30 days. I started this one before and failed at it, but I am giving it another shot. I figure a month of No Candy before the holidays is probably a good thing. And...if I keep working hard and focused...I know I can do it.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

All About TV

Michael posted this over at his site....and it sounded interesting, so I am playing along.

Shows I Love
My Name Is Earl
The Office

Shows I Like
Dancing With The Stars
South Park
Best Week Ever

Shows That Have Been On But I Just Starting Watching and They're Pretty Decent
Grey's Anatomy

Shows That Have Either Jumped The Shark or Suck, Yet I Still Watch
None, if they jumped the shark or suck...I don't watch them anymore

New Shows That I Really Like
The Nine
Six Degrees

New Shows That I Kind of Like and Am Still "Trying Out"

20 Good Years
Ugly Betty (I would probably always watch it if it wasn't on Thursday nights)

New Shows That I Tried But Didn't Like

Prison Break (not exactly new, but I keep trying it...hoping I will like it)

New Shows That I Like But Have Already Been Cancelled

None....this season. But last year...I LOVED Arrested Development and was heart broken when it was cancelled.

There ya go! Play along...if you would like!

Friday, October 27, 2006

my new part time job!

Thank god is it Friday...this week has just dragged on for me. I worked at the video store last night and then had to get up even earlier this morning...because I had to drop my car off to get inspected and then get a ride to work. My car needs to be inspected in October and well...I am running out of October.

I ended up making a decision about the video store...and giving my boss a heads up last night. I am planning on continuing to work at the video store until the beginning of January...and then quitting.

And then...I am going to join the Y and basically treat the Y like my part time job. I am going to commit to spending at least 15 hours a week there. I figure there is no reason why I can't do that if I am not working at the second job. I can either go before work...and I won't be so tired anymore because I won't have the late nights at the video store. Or...I can go after work...and I won't have to schedule that around the video store either. And...I plan on taking a class or two of their step/aerobic classes.

And here is the final idea of my "The Y is now my part time job" plan. If I get my 15 hours in during the week of working out...then I pay myself. I put away a certain amount of money...I am not sure how a savings account. Then...I am able to use that money on fitness related things...or for a much needed and deserved vacation, etc. So, I plan on paying myself...not a little, but still...for getting my workouts in.

That to me...sounds like the best plan I have come up with all year long. I know I need to leave the video store...I know I do. I know that I need to join the Y. You fit them both together...and viola!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things about Shelley Being A Vegetarian

1. There are numerous types of vegetarians. I am technically a lacto-ovo vegetarian. That means that I do not eat any means (beef, poultry, fish), but I do eat milk, cheese and eggs. I don't eat anything that caused the animal to die in order for me to eat it.
2. When I buy eggs...I do buy range free eggs (which I don't often because they are hella expensive). I buy range free because even though the chickens are not killed to get their the "egg factories" the chickens are put in horrible, abusive conditions. So...if I eat eggs...range free.
3. I have been a vegetarian since 2000...when I moved out to Indiana to go to grad school. I started wanting to be a vegetarian about 2-3 years just took me that long to get there.
4. The last piece of meat that I ate...I think it was a double cheeseburger at McDonald's. How sad, eh? I started being a vegetarian in 1999, but I was having a hard time, so I would *sneak* meat from time to time...and a double cheese it was.
5. When people think I am a vegetarian...most people immediately ask why. It's a common question. So, why? started as a health thing. I wanted to get healthy and lose some weight, so I decided to cut out red meat and just ate a tad bit of chicken. And at the roommate in college was a vegetarian, had a good number of veggie friends and my brother had been a vegetarian for over 10 years. Now I am a vegetarian because I don't think it is necessary for me to kill and eat animals in order to nourish myself. So, I don't.
6. Now that doesn't mean I am one of those vegetarians that gets all crazy because YOU eat meat. I don't feel it is necessary for ME to eat meat, but I don't make that decision for anyone else.
7. I also don't mind if we are out to dinner and the person I am with orders a big steak with all the evil steak juices. You have to eat it..I don't.
8. I get really annoyed when people snap at me and tell me without knowing anything...that I am not eating healthy because I don't eat meat. They tell me how my body is lacking protein, etc. Little do they know...I probably eat more protein than they do.
9. Most people consider me a hardcore vegetarian. I don't eat gelatin that is animal based. I don't eat marshmallows. I don't eat croutons that are flavored with animal products. I don't eat something that has been fried in the same oil that animal products have been fried in. I don't eat soup if it has chicken or beef broth in it. I ask the girl at Subway to change her gloves before she makes her sandwich...cause the last sandwich she made was roastbeef, etc. I don't eat anything that has meat in it...I don't just not eat meat that I can see.
10. I also don't use any animal products. This can be tricky and take a good deal of research. Try to find a hair condition that does not have animal products in it. I don't wear real leather shoes. I have to research a lot of things that I buy...because many things either contain
11. One of my hugest pet how trendy or cool being a vegetarian is right now. That annoys me because there are some people who "say" they are vegetarians, but they aren't. They say, "I am a vegetarian...I only eat chicken every once in a while." Umm...that means you are not a vegetarian. And books have even classified one type of vegetarian...of people who still eat fish. It may be in a book, but if you eat my book...not a vegetarian.
12. I often don't miss meat...but sometimes I do. I miss the convenience and missing out on things. I have to special order so many things...or some restaurant will come out with a brand new, yummy chicken finger or something. It looks great...I would love to try it. And meat still smells good to me too...I just choose not to eat it. I loved..LOVED..Wendy's Chili. I will be driving by a restaurant or a KFC and the smell of chicken, etc...will be intoxicating.
13. People ask me this you think you will be a vegetarian forever? Yes, I do. I don't see myself eating meat...making the decision that it is okay. I might be married and have kids...they might be meat eaters..but I can't see it for me. 6 years ago...I made a decision and I don't see myself changing my mind on that.

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the things that keep you going...

I was looking around online yesterday...and realized something that kind of made me sad. A lot of the sites that I really liked...and looked to for inspiration have either shut down or taken an extended hiatus. It's sad to me...because I loved spending time here and finding inspiration, education and fellow members of support at these places. The fitness end of the internet just seems a little more lonely lately.

Don't get me wrong...I love reading the fitness blogs I have found out there. I love sharing my story and having people share their stories with me. But I miss those sites that magically bring us all together...well throwing some fun, inspiring and educational stories at us. I miss the challenges and that external motivation it would bring me. I just miss it. the end, I get it. For about 2 years I didn't write about anything fitness related because well...I just wasn't able to. I wrote about everything else, but not fitness...and now it is all I seem to write about. I just didn't have the strength to share the struggle...publicly. I didn't have the heart and the guts to post that "ooh...I lost a pound this week" only to have to write next week that I gained three of them back. Or even post gains on a consistent basis. So...I dropped off the weight loss/fitness blogging universe. Last January I reappeared...and for me, I am promising to myself to keep with it until I accomplish my goals. If my goals take me 10 years to accomplish...littered with set backs and failures...I plan on blogging right through it. I know...for me...blogging helps me. It helps me look at what I am going right...what I need to change...and it also allows me to hear other voices, opinions and words of support.

So...thanks to those sites and the inspiration they gave me while they were around...I hope to see them sprout back up sometime again.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Going to prison, hungry as all hell and my challenge...

One of things that my agency we take youth on a tour of the local, maximum security prison. Is kind of like the "Scared Straight" programs except that they don't try to scare the kids anymore...just give them a window picture of what it looks like in prison. Another thing I like about the that all the inmates in the panel were sent to prison for crimes they committed when they were 16 years old. It's harder for the kids to say that this will never happen to them...when the people telling their stories went to prison at the same age as them.

It's always an interesting experience...seeing life inside the prison and the kids reactions. They are always varied...some kids laugh it off, some kids don't react at all (they are like stone walls) and some kids are truly terrified.

In the end...I don't think it is a huge deterrent...these kids are young enough that they still think this type of thing will never happen to them. They unfortunately don't see the path from small petty bigger and bigger ones...when prison is the only viable option. So...I think the kids think about the day of the tour and maybe for a little bit longer, but I doubt the tour has a lot of impact months down the road. I doubt the think of the tour when one of their friends wants them to do something stupid and illegal, etc...

We were at the prison from 4pm to 9pm...and then I didn't get done dropping the kids off until close to 10pm. I was SO hungry when I left work that I could have eaten one of the kids for nourishment. I ended up getting a small order of mozz sticks and eating that....before dinner. It wasn't the best choice, but I was so so damn hungry. I am used to eating dinner at about 5:30pm or about halfway through the tour I got very hungry...and got hungry enough that I got the "starving" headache.

Oooh...and I successfully completed my No Soda Challenge. I did have a soda this morning on the way to work...since I could and all. I was exhausted and used it as my caffeine pick up for the morning. My next challenge starts November 1st and I am going to re-do the No Candy Challenge. Wish me lots of luck!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

to join or not to join...that is the question?

I have given this thought...over and over again. I want to join the Y...I don't want to pay $35.00 a month to do it. I think it could be fun to join the Y...but I also have a bunch of equipment and workout stuff in my apartment.

Pros for Joining the YMCA:
  • There are step classes that I really like and they are free if I join the Y.

  • There are tons of machines there, so I could get a more diverse workout.

  • There are weight training machines so I could do strength training more often.

  • They have great hours...they are open at 5:30am during the week and 8am during the weekends.

  • I could workout there when my roommate is home, which I know I am reluctant to do.

  • Two of my friends have we could take a class together or we could go to workout together. That would be fun.

  • Cons for Joining the YMCA:
  • It costs $35.00 a month to join. I know that isn't a lot of money, but it is when I think that I have an elliptical machine at home, tapes and weights. It's hard to justify paying that when I have so many aspects of a gym in my apartment.

  • I love the step classes, but I am not always going to be able to go. I used to take a step class everyday, but with work I could probably get in one class a week.

  • Speaking of not being able to most, I am going to be able to go to the Y about 3 times a week. So is it worth the cost if I can only make it there 3 times a week?

  • I know I am much less likely to go in the winter...getting dressed, getting snow off my car, getting to the gym, etc...if I can workout in the warmth of my own apartment.

  • So...what to do...what to do. I think I want to join, but I am so unsure...and spending $420.00 a year just seems ridiculous. However, I did Nutrisystem for 3-4 months...and I spent almost that much monthly on food. If I added up how much money I spend each year on pizza or fast probably is easily that much. Maybe I could wait...and ask for the membership for my big Christmas gift, etc. But then again...I think I want to be the one paying for it because I know if the money is coming out of my pocket...I will be more likely to go. I am interested in fitness, but I am also the cheapest person ALIVE!

    What to do? What to do? Any advice out there in cyberland????

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    It's Day 29 already....

    Rosie The Riveter
    That's right's Day 29 and my No Soda Challenge will be complete. I obviously haven't struggled with this one as much as my No Candy Challenge. I used to drink tons of soda...even though it was diet. I would drink one or two in the or two during lunch...and then drink a few when I got out of work or school. It was bad...and I noticed that I was barely able to chug down my water when I was drinking all that soda. Of course...I told myself that it was okay because it was diet, etc...but I know better now.

    Lately...even before the challenge...I wasn't drinking a lot of soda. I was drinking maybe one or two bottles a week. The only real time I WANT soda is when I am at the video store...because all the soda is there and I am there later than I am usually I often crave the caffeine. But the last 29 days I have been having water or green tea there...and it has not been that hard. I know I can't have the I choose something else.

    I need to decide what my next challenge is going to be. I am either going to do the candy thing...OR...I am considering doing ab routine for 30 days. I know I could really the ab workouts and that might kick me in gear. I think I am going to wait to start my challenge until Nov. 1st so that it is back on a straight monthly basis.

    We'll see what I announce on November 1st...candy? abs? working out? It's gotta be something.

    where did the weekend go?

    This weekend was busy and I am already exhausted and it is only Monday. Luckily I get to leave work early today because I have an extra long day tomorrow. ON Saturday I went to the Church Fall Festival (which the kitchen was run by the Soup Nazi of Churches!). Then I worked at video store land from 2-7:30pm...I was supposed to stay until 10pm, but it was dead slow and I complained and won! On Sunday...I went to Church...went to the Fright Fest Amusement Park (it rained on us...and rollercoasters in the cold rain aren't all that much fun). We watched movies and ate pizza...then I headed home at about 8pm...did some grocery shopping and then watched a movie and went to bed.

    It's not all that much stuff...I think that I had to be up so early each morning. I was up by 6am on Sat. and Sun...and that just about killed me. It was so hard getting out of bed this morning.

    And my advice to Nacho Libre. It is hilarious. Jack Black is his classic self...and it is just too funny. It's made by the same guy who made Napoleon Dynamite and it definitely has that Napoleon feel to it...but instead it is some guy who wishes he has some sweet moves in the wrestling ring. I thought I was going to think the movie was super super stupid...and yes, it was stupid...but I LOVED it!

    Nacho Libre

    Friday, October 20, 2006

    all fico'ed out....

    It was a tad slow at work this morning...and I was reading some of my financial stuff and realized I hadn't done my fico score in about 6 months. So, I logged on and ordered my fico score.

    Just in case you don't know...FICO score is your credit score. It basically showed how good or bad credit you have. It is effected by things like if you pay on time, how much debt you have, how long your credit history is, etc. The score can range from 300 to 850. 300 is very bad and 850 is very, berry, very good.

    All in all...the credit report and the credit score cost me 15 bucks. I know I can get my credit report for free, but it does not come with the score and well...the number is important to me. I tend to order my credit score at least 3 times a I can get the number from all 3 of the credit agencies, since they can vary. And...I also am looking to buy a house in the next year or I really wanna know what that score is. It will depend how much of a loan I will be considered for...what my interest rate will be...and what special perks I might or might be eligible for.

    I am happy to report that I got my credit score...and my credit report said nothing but good news. I knew that nothing changed...really...since the last time I checked it. But...I did move and that meant I signed up for a bunch of new things and had a lot of nosey people checking my credit, etc. Sometimes that can make your credit dip. I am glad mine did not.

    Phew! Good credit rockz!

    running late and my new anger at the whole Foley thing...

    Aurgh...I alarm did not go off this morning. I ended up waking about about 7:35am...and then running around like a crazy person getting ready and then running out the door. I didn't get my lunch...I didn't get to have my breakfast and green tea while watching the news. *grumbles* It looks like the power slightly went off sometime in the night. I was going to wake up my roommate...but I wasn't sure. I feel bad. See...some clocks were off and some weren't...and so I don't know if her alarm was effected or not. Sometimes she gets up at 6:30am...and sometimes she gets up at 8:30am. See my dilemma. I feel bad.

    And now for my Foley anger of the day. I saw this article yesterday and just didn't get a chance to response to it. It's an article with a response from the priest that Foley has named as the person who molested him as a child. Foley reports that it happened in the 60s and he would have been about 13 years old or so.

    OK...I will respond line by line with the things I am mad about in this article. Damn Priests!

    The Rev. Anthony Mercieca, 72, described several encounters that he said Foley might perceive as sexually inappropriate, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported. They include massaging Foley while the boy was naked, skinny-dipping together at a secluded lake in Lake Worth and being nude in the same room on overnight trips.

    Might have perceived as inappropriate? Really? Seriously?? So it is just Foley's perception that makes massaging a 13 year old inappropriate? It's not actually doing's how Foley saw it. Oh, ok. And skinny dipping on a secluded can see how Foley might have perceived that as inappropriate. Or being nude and staying in the same room on overnight trips...looking back you can see how someone might take a glance and see it as inappropriate. is perceived all. IT IS INAPPROPRIATE! And it isn't inappropriate looking back, it was inappropriate when you didn't evil scumbag priest...and you knew it!

    Mercieca said there was one night when he was in a drug-induced stupor and there was an incident but he couldn't clearly remember, the newspaper reported.

    So...he doesn't remember every having sex with Foley. Umm...but he has evenings that he shared with him that he was so out of it that he can remember nothing. The tone of the comment is..."so, I don't remember having sex with him, but yeah it might have know...when I was drunk and high." do remember spending evening alone and nakes with a boy. You do remember massaging a young boy in the nude. And umm...we all know you had sex with him and I would guess countless others. That priest should be arrested...NOW!

    Mercieca said there was one night when he was in a drug-induced stupor and there was an incident but he couldn't clearly remember, the newspaper reported.

    Umm...ditto my above comments. His actions he saw as innocent. That is what angers me even more. He admits to doing all these things to Foley and isn't even remotely apologetic about it. He says...we were great friends...and it was innocent at the time. was not. He knows that and if he doesn't...shame on him and the church for having that person lead them in faith.

    Mercieca said although Foley plans to "expose him to the world," he still has "great memories of our trips," the newspaper reported.

    "I wish him well," Mercieca said. "Let bygones be bygones."

    Foley plans to expose him to the world? Umm..I believe that Mercieca was the one who exposed himself. And the fact that Foley kept his secret for 40 years...grr! And the most angering comment of this whole article..."Let bygones be bygones." He inappropriately touched a child...and more than likely had sex with him...and his last comment is "bygones." Steam literally came out of my ears when I heard that.

    And my last anger...this man was not brought in....has not been charged not in a jail holding cell. Why? He should be. Yes...he has all the rights in the world to a trial, but we as a people also have a right to have people held to account.

    Anyways...enough anger about bad priests and least for a Friday morning.

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    scale shift

    I have done really well this week in terms of food and exercise...I have been eating that yummy chili my mom made for dinner for much of the week...drinking my protein shakes...and not snacking on things I am not supposed to. It's been a good week.

    As I have said before...I only officially weigh-in once a then I am not AS obsessed with the scale. I still step on it everyday...because I like some level of insanity in my life, mkay? Plus...I like to see if it is staying where it is or if it is moving in the right direction...or the wrong direction as it might be.

    Well...since Sunday when I decided I wasn't letting this sickness win...and refocused...I have been stepping on the scale everyday. hasn't moved...the scale has stuck right where it is...nothing..nada...even though I have been working out and busting my ass.

    And then yesterday...I ate what I was supposed to...not cookies at the meeting/event I was at. But I got out of work late...and was starving when I got home, so I skipped working out yesterday. I decided it would be my rest day. I made my dinner and then just plopped and watched some tv for the night.

    So...I woke up this morning, peed and hopped on the scale...the morning ritual that it is. And the scale went down 2 pounds. Whoo hoo! Yeah...excited! Well...not that excited since I haven't completely lost the weight I gained during my "I am sick so I am going to eat all the comfort food I can find and consider working out a dirty word" period. But still...excited none the less.

    Why am I writing all this...cause it got me thinking. I don't think it is a coincidence that my scale showed a loss after my rest day. I used to hate rest days...actually I still do...because then I feel like I am not completely on my fitness game. I also have the bad habit of one rest day turning into 2 rest days and then turning into..."oh jeez, I haven't worked out in a month." You know the drill.

    But I have noticed that the drops on the scale have happened more than once after a rest will stay the same for a few days and then after a rest day...drop a pound or two. I am going to pretend to be a scientist or researcher and say that this happens...because I actually gave my body a rest...and it let go and dropped that weight it was going to anyways. It said...phew...we might be worked to the bone everyday...let's get rid of these two pounds. lol

    At least that is my theory...and I think that theory will help me feel positive about those rest days...because I know I need them...even though I fight them.

    Jeffrey won Project Runway!

    Yeah!!! I have always been a fan of Jeffrey...yes, even when he was a big huge jerk and made Angela's mother cry...even then! If you have a tattoo across your neck...are snarky to people with reckless abandon...and tell the truth at all costs...I am a fan. Plus...he makes such interesting clothes with a true unique voice. I already liked Jeffrey and then Laura went into crazy bitch mode and accused him of cheating because umm...his stuff was made so much better than her's. Ugh.

    I used to be a big huge fan of Michael's...and I still think he is fabulous, but I thought his collection was not that great. Throughout the season...Kayne was my favorite, but I knew the judges weren't the same level of fan that I, I knew he would say goodbye before the finale.

    I would have been happy too if Uli won...I thought her collection was beautiful. But I will say I was giggling with joy when they named Jeffrey...adorable Jeffrey as the winner!

    Whoo hoo...go Jeffrey!!!

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    being called a good way!

    I am basically going to write a repeat post or something I wrote...maybe a year ago. But well...still true. I was over reading Joy's blog..cause well...she's funny and one of my favorite online people. Her blog entry was about being called out by someone for not answering emails....and it made me giggle..

    Why? Because yesterday I was called out for not returning phone calls. And yes, I DO NOT return phone all. I have a friend from college who is basically my favorite person on the planet. No one is cooler or better or more amazing than this chick. I love her with all that I have.

    BUT...a few months ago I called her...and then she called me back. And then I didn't call her back...and then she called again...and then I didn't call her back again. And then a month went by...and I continued to feel bad, so that made me not want to call more...and then more time went by...and I felt worse...and then I would think about calling her, but it would be late or not be able to talk or I was overhwelmed with how much of a shmuck I I didn't call...and then I wouldn't call...and then I wouldn't call. I think you are picking up what I am putting down.

    So last about 7pm...I picked up the phone, dailed and talked to my great, wonderful...should be ruling the world friend. She gave me a little bit of a hard time...asked if I was okay...and when I said I was...gave me a little bit more of a hard time since I didn't call and nothing was wrong...and then we moved on. We chatted. We talked. We laughed. We joked about my inability to pick up the phone...and laughed more.

    I adore her...even if I don't call her back. She knows this...which makes me adore her more.

    And yes...I hate the phone. I take that back. I hate making phone calls. I don't mind you calling me...I will talk with you for hours, but I hate making phone calls. I always imagine you are doing something really important when I am calling...driving in insane traffic...feeding the kid...having sex...working out...thinking about how hot McDreamy is? I don't know...but I always imagine it is world ending important. Ick. Ugh. Hate it...and then when I don't call you back...then I feel bad and then I hate calling you even more. I have issues people...ISSUES!

    I know...I need to get over myself. Someday...I just might!

    setting the gauntlet down for the 30 Day Challenges!

    I had some thoughts about my 30 Day Challenges the other day...and had a bright idea. I started to really think about where I am going with these challenges and what it is that I want to accomplish.

    So, this is my plan with the 30 Day Challenges. I plan on completing 5 individual challenges and then in the 6th challenge...I am going to do all 5 challenges together at the same time in one month. Here is an example of how it might work:

    Challenge #1: No Fast Food/Take Out
    Challenge #2: No Soda
    Challenge #3: No Candy
    Challenge #4: 30 Days of exercise (at least 15 minutes a day)
    Challenge #5: 100 oz. of water a day
    Challenge #6: No Fast Food, No Soda, No Candy, 30 Days of exercise and 100 oz. of water everyday for 30 DAYS!

    That seems overwhelming to look at it...and maybe it is. But the 30 Days isn't just to do something for 30 reality those are lifelong changes I want to make in my life. So, I think it makes sense for me to have the goal of having a challenge of putting them altogether in one 30 Day Master Challenge. Those 30 Days are going to be question, but if I put my mind to it and really commit...I know I can do it. Rock on!!

    P.S. I am currently on Day 24 of my No Soda Challenge...six more days to go and then I will be set to start Challenge #3...which I believe will be giving another shot at the No Candy Challenge.

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    random thoughts...

    I was thinking about something today...about weight loss during that fun TOM period of the month. I have said and have heard people say that they maintained or gained during a week...because of their TOM, etc.

    In many ways...I don't buy that...for me. I have rarely...if ever...had a problem losing weight during my TOM...IF...I was on program.

    The only time I have maintained or gained during that time of the not because of TOM by itself. I either ate more comfort feeling bad and crampy...and eating more chocolate or ordering a pizza. Or not feeling at my best and therefore not working out as intense...or missing workouts altogether. isn't TOM that has hurt's the food that I have been putting in my mouth or the exercise I am avoiding.

    And the whole water weight's really a moot point for me because I drink so much water that it basically takes care of it.

    Now having said that...I am only talking about my own experience. For the most part, I have a really easy time during my TOM. I don't suffer like many other women I, for may be a much more difficult week, especially if you are dieting, etc. I used to have a friend in college...that basically couldn't get out of bed for about 3 days during that time...and I really felt for her. I might not feel 100%, but basically...I feel the same.

    That's my TOM confession for the feel free to call me on it...if I use it as an excuse some week or month about my lackluster loss or my *gulp* gain!

    i did good yesterday....even being sickly

    I felt better at about 2pm yesterday....except for a coughing fit at 1:30am...I think I am on the mend. I also felt good enough yesterday to eat well...and exercise. I got 45 minutes in on the elliptical and I really missed it since I haven't worked out in almost a week. I pushed myself hard and it felt good.

    And for food I did good...I basically got back onto my Protein Shake Diet. Here is what I ate yesterday:

    Water- 33 oz.
    Protein Shake

    Water- 33 oz.
    Protein Shake

    Water- 33 oz.
    Hot Green Tea with Lemon
    Large Salad with Cheese on top
    1/2 Pistachios in their shells (they take me longer to eat, so therefore I eat less of them)

    Water- 48 oz.
    Protein Shake- after workout
    small apple

    Water- 24 oz.
    Bowl of Veggie Chili with cheese on good!

    Hot Green Tea with Lemon
    Sugar Free Jello Pudding Cup

    It wasn't a lot of food...but I rarely felt hungry all day long. And the chili my mom made this weekend...and I could eat it every single day and be just as happy as I used to be eating pizza every day.

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Hummus Club Sandwiches

    This recipe is something I found on the internet while I was looking for yummy hummus recipes...and something I plan on trying later this week. Just reading it made my mouth water! Once I actually make it...I will come back and say just how good it actually is. If you make it first...then come back and do the same!!!

    Hummus Club Sandwiches- Serves 4

    3 tbsp. plain fat-free yogurt
    2 tbsp. water
    1 tbsp. lemon juice
    1 tbsp. tahini
    1/2 tsp. ground cumin
    1/4 tsp. salt
    2 cloves garlic, peeled
    1 can (15.5 oz) chickpeas, drained
    12 slices whole wheat bread
    2 cups shredded lettuce
    8 (1/4 inch thick) slices tomato
    4 (1.4 inch thick) slices red onion
    1 thinly sliced cucumber
    4 cups alfalfa sprouts


    1. Combine first 8 ingredients in a food processor; process until smooth. Spread 2 tbsp. hummus over 1 bread slice; top with 1/2 cup lettuce, 2 tomato slices, 1 onion slice, 1 bread slice, 1/4 cup cucumber, 1 cup sprouts and 1 bread slice. Cut sandwich diagonally into quarters; secure with wooden picks.

    Nutritional Information:
    Calories: 382; Fat: 6.8g; Protein: 18.8g; Carbs: 67.7g

    Admitting defeat....

    I have decided to put my 30 Day No Candy Challenge on hold...and saving it for the next challenge. Why? Because I have been eating candy silly! It started with just a piece here or there...some swedish fish...trying those new Dark Chocolate M&Ms...and then some regular M&Ms...and it all went downhill from there. all went downhill the moment I had one piece of candy.

    I am keeping my no soda challenge going(I only have 8 days left to go)...and when that one ends I am going to do the No Candy Challenge again. Third time is the charm, eh?

    On the sickness front...I am going okay, but not great. I decided to stay home from work today...stay in bed and get some much needed rest since I know that I HAVE to be at work matter what. SO...I am going to watch some crap a lot of sleeping and just hope to kick this little cough I have going on.

    P.S. I still give mad props to Zicam...because I only got about 10% of the symptoms my roommate did.....and she has been sick for almost 2 weeks and I feel like I am getting to the end of day 5. Zicam is gold as far as I am concerned. And for the people who don't think it works..I think they probably didn't take it at the first sign of symptoms. It won't work if you take it when you are full blown the first moment I started feeling tired and my throat hurt...I started taking it...why? Cause I am smart! *winks*

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    trying to not be friends with the germies...

    So far...I am holding strong. I went to the grocery store and bought some Zicam and some echinacea. I have been using the Zicam every 4 they say to...and so far, so good. I can still feeling a little bit of sickness kicking around in there...but I will say I am a believer...the Zicam is helping.

    Most would will get to rest this weekend. But oh now my friends...this weekend is jam packed full. I can't remember everything I am doing this weekend...but I do remember that it seemed pretty gosh darn full. There is a Church Festival on Saturday...which is ALL day long...lots of grocery shopping to get things for recipes...helping my mom with making pies...going to church on Sunday...making chili with my mom...and maybe a trip to BJs.

    *yawns* I am tired...I want a nap! *pouts* And I just wanna be healthy...and hopefully my sickness will not take full force and let me be. I am hopeful!!!

    All praise Zicam!!!

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    trying out a hummus recipe or two...

    I decided to make hummus last night...I had a hankering for it. I tried to make it as light and fat free as I could. I knew it needed chick peas...and spices and such, but other than that...I was just winging it. It ended up tasting kind of bland when I was done.

    So...I went on a mission at work this search of hummus recipes that looked good and not full of fat. I found some...yes, I should have been working, but...oh well! I am going to make one or two of them and then if I liked them...I will report back with recipe in hand.

    Now I have to go to the grocery store and buy some hummus making stuff...not tonight though, since I will be working at video store land.

    Thursday Thirteen # I have no idea....

    Thirteen Signs that Shelley Is Getting Sick!

    1. One...let's start this off with how much I HATE being sick...not that anyone likes it...and how I just don't have time to be sick right now. I have a lot to do at work and this weekend is super busy with some family and church obligations. Grr!
    2. My roommate is sick...and so our apartment is just one big germ. She pretended it was allergies for a few days...which just spread the germs around more.
    3. I am not incredibly germ phobic...I will share a fork with someone if we are sharing a piece of pie, etc. I have actually eaten a piece of gum out of someone's mouth...I know...I am gross. But I get incredibly germ phobic when someone around me is sick...and when they are sitting in the living room just breathing their sickness all over the place.
    4. I am like a walking sponge when it comes to sickness...if someone is around me long enough and is no am I.
    5. Starting yesterday...I have been incredibly tired. Tired is always a sign of sickness for me. I will sleep and sleep and sleep. I am usually pretty high it is a pretty good sign.
    6. I have been sneezing more lately. I know I cleaned my the air in there is full of dust that had been collecting in my room...but it isn't dust is my body being angry that it is being taken over by evil germs sneezing.
    7. When I was working out on my elliptical yesterday...I was only able to go 30 minutes and it was hard...and sometimes hurt. I can usually run for 45 mionutes easily...and yesterday...not so much.
    8. My throat is starting to hurt...I am getting that slight scratch in the back of my throat. It's like a nice sign that I am about to enter in the world of sickness.
    9. I am bitchy and in a foul mood...and because my roommate is getting me sick...I have no tolerance for her right now. I know she feels bad for getting me sick, but that doesn't make me loathe her any less. I am a horrible roommate...I know this. I should be understanding...but well...the human sponge knew what was coming, so inside I have been pissed at her since she finally admitted she was sick.
    10. So nose hasn't gotten all snuffaluffagus (sp?), but it is slowly starting to close up.
    11. Did I mention how tired I am?
    12. I coughed twice yesterday...I don't that is the start of a cold cough, but I am paranoid, so it freaked me out.
    13. I have to work at the video store tonight....and so I won't end up getting any sleep tonight, so I fear that my cold is going to take full force and just kick my ass this weekend. *pouts* y'all need to pray for me...that the anti-cold stuff that I am going to buy Zicam or something like that...that it works and it tells the cold that we are not friends and that I DO NOT want to hang out.

    *grumbles, grumbles*

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    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    i am always making a new plan, so here it is!

    I am constantly tweaking and making new plans...and new ideas. Sometimes I love that about myself...and sometimes it frustrates me. Sometimes I think it is great because I am always willing to change something that might work better for me...and I don't give up. However, I often wonder if I give up on something too early...and don't fully give it a chance to be a success. Part of me thinks the constant changes is my way of keeping things new and fresh...because if things aren't new and fresh...I quickly get bored and them often lose my focus. is my new plan. I am not following anyone else's diet...I am following my own. I am creating my own diet plan and following it to the letter. I am coining it, "The Protein Shake Diet." It's real original, eh? Can you imagine what most of my diet consists of???

    Here is the basic a lot of protein...with shockingly...the protein shakes. Here a daily break down of what it looks like:

    Breakfast- 7am
    Protein Shake
    Small Fat Free Yogurt

    Protein Shake

    Small Salad w/ chick peas and low fat cheese
    Light Salad Dressing
    Sugar Free Jello or Pudding
    Small Piece of Fruit (sometimes)

    String Cheese or Cottage Cheese
    Peanuts or small piece of fruit
    Protein Shake (post workout...if I am working out)

    Dinner- 5:30-6pm
    Veggie Burger (no bun)
    Steamed Veggies or small salad
    String Cheese

    Sugar Free Juice Pop or Jello

    It's simple...and it is a simple, low fat way of adding protein to my diet. I did that yesterday...even though I ended up having a smaller dinner, so I ended up snacking more at night, but it all works. It reminds me of my own version of that liquid/shake diet that my parents did back in the 80s....except it is coupled with really good, healthy food. It's not a diet that thinks that veggies or fruit is bad, etc. I am going to try it for a few weeks...and see how it works and then probably tweak it from there.

    School Violence Summit

    President Bush held a summit on school violence response to three school shootings in the last few weeks. I read an article which summarized what happened at the summit.

    I thought to myself yesterday as I was thinking about the summit which was to take place...wondering what really can be done to lessen school violence and school shootings. I don't know what real solutions or answers I came up with...if anything I just thought up new questions.

    The article summarized that the summit said that we need to combat school violence by taking bullying more seriously, practicing their crisis plans and talking to parents about what is going on inside their schools.

    Okay...I don't have a problem with that, but I also feel is just skims the problem as well. I think school violence is more than just school shootings. I think the issue of school violence is encompasses so much more, especially in urban schools.

    I would love a world where there were no school shootings...and I hope for that. But I also think that does not solve our school violence problem. poor and urban violence is something that the students often deal with every single day. It isn't an isolated or random incident...much like the school shooting in the last few weeks...but it is an environment they live in everyday. There are students shooting...stabbing...beating up each other...and it happens everyday. It isn't something that makes the news and in many one notices. One gang of kids gets mad at one kid...and that kid ends up getting stabbed during lunch. Then...his gang of friends...targets those kids...and it goes on and on. In many urban is warfare in school..every single day. School is often never safe for those kids. We had an incident in a school in Albany...where one kid was stabbed and the community and the news reporters were outraged. You know what the kids said..."this happens everyday."

    What is my solution? Sadly...I don't have one. But I know we have to recognize the problem. That these schools are underfunded...and that with money comes opportunity. This violence and the atmosphere around these students was not created is created in their their elementary schools, etc. My initial gut reaction is to put up security features like cameras and metal detectors...but then again, I am not sure. I often think that if you make a school look like a prison...don't be surprised when your students start acting like inmates.

    I don't know the answer...I really don't...which is shocking because I usually think I have a solution for everything. But I do think we need to continue talking about this...and about the whole picture of school violence and not just when something horrible like Columbine or the Amish shootings happen. Sometimes we are so fleeting in this country...we often have the attention span of bunny rabbits. I just think our children, their safety and their education deserve more than that.

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    30 Ways to Eat a Pumpkin....

    I was reading through some of the Yahoo articles this morning and I came across this one. I am always looking for different and healthy recipes and thought I would give this one a one-over. I know many people LOVE pumpkin pie...I am not one of them, but I do like some things like pumpkin bread and the like.

    Check out this article and maybe make a pumpkin recipe or two...if ya like!

    "what diet?" was the mantra for the long weekend...

    From about Thursday diet was not my priority. I started celebrating on Thursday for my birthday...that continued with bowling, food, cake and beer on Friday...and then it continued with apple picking, cider donuts, caramel dip, etc on Saturday and finished off with pizza and the like on Sunday and Monday. So...all in all....I didn't put fitness first.

    but I did put celebration, family and fun first...and in the end, I won't apologize for that. I got myself back on track this morning and the scale may show a setback, but I also know it isn't the end of the world. I am really going to watch what I eat this week...and make sure I get those workouts in.

    And in the positive column....I cleaned my room and did a bunch of laundry on Monday. I have needed to do some organizing and cleaning of my room for a few weeks now...and I have just put it off. Mainly I needed to organize my closet and get a bunch of my clothes put away. Plus...I was way behind on washing a bunch of my clothes. So...I spent Monday when I was off work cleaning, organizing and washing. I still have some things to sort though, but my room looks pretty good...I wouldn't mind having people hang out in there...and before, it was kind of looking like a hole. I have done a really good job of keeping the rest of the apartment clean, but my room is where I have been slacking. counts as exercise, eh?

    Friday, October 06, 2006

    gas prices...

    Gas prices have been on the everyone out there knows...or at least anyone not living under a rock...and those driving around these means streets.

    I drove past the local gas station today on the way to work and the price of gas is 2.49/gallon. I thought to, gas is really cheap.

    And in is. I am definitely going to fill up while the prices are low and I hope they don't make a turn in the other direction...but as it gets often does.

    I then thought about the price of gas in 2000 when I first moved out to Indiana. I remember pretty consistently filling up for about .99/gallon. I don't think we will ever see gas prices like that again. Honestly, I don't we will ever even see gas prices under $2/gallon again. Things in the middle east are just too volatile...and even if they weren' is being used up all the time. I often wonder what we are going to do when there just isn't any oil left....because someday we will be facing that.

    I know that our scientists and our leaders are really looking for alternative energy solutions...much more than we were in generations past. I look forward to their solutions...and a day when our country can't be hijacked by those who control the oil. I know those solutions exist...corn being used as a source of fuel, etc...but we need to fully research them and make them viable.

    But today...I am going to fill up at 2.49/gallon and just thank my lucky stars! *winks*

    sneaks shopping I go...

    I decided that I AM going to buy myself another pair of sneakers for getting to the 30 pound weight loss goal. One...because I don't like the sneaks I did buy and probably will rarely, if ever, wear them. And two...I still lost the weight...again, so I deserve it.

    I am a Nike girl..always have been. I think part of my error of last time was not buying Nike shoes. They just fit really well to my foot...and I like the look as well. So...this weekend I am going to go to the mall and go sneaks shopping. Hopefully I can find a pair I like...ON SALE...because I usually refuse to pay full price for a pair of sneakers.

    My next buying those pilates tapes. I always wanted to try I thought it would be a great reward. Officially I only have 4 more pounds to lose and then I get that reward. I won't weigh in until November 1st, but I am hopeful that I will hit that weight loss target. Whoo-ha!

    Not everything in the world is about losing the weight.

    You know...I used to talk a lot about current events and political issues on my blog...probably more than anything else. It was the bulk of what I talked about...but in the last 6 months or so..maybe more...that has changed. I noticed reading over my blog entries that almost all I ever talk about it what I eat...and how much I workout..and my weight loss goals. That's fine and dandy...but well, there is more to me than what I ate and how I am doing with my weight loss goals.

    I am going to make an effort to my have my blog reflect the well rounded person that I believe I am.

    In that vain....let me tell you how angered I am by this whole Rep. Foley situation. It is so angering...on so many levels. Let me break down those levels for you.

    1. Someone used his level of power in order to make innapropriate contact with Congressional pages. These are high school students for gosh sake. And now we know that this had been happening for years. His emails and IMs...they literally make me ill. Rep. Foley talked with these pages about sexual content, but also talked with them about inviting them over to drink alcohol, etc. There is no proof that he actual did these things...but it is well within the realm of possibility. But even if he didn't...what Foley take that Congressional Page position...which really should be a wonderful learning opportunity for a young be exposed to their government and how the system works...and he turned it into something dirty and abusive. I hope he is ashamed. And I hope...he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Foley did things that can shape and change young people's lives forever...FOREVER. the same time he became a spokesperson for bills and action against children's pornography and online predators. I don't know if I have found a more profound example of the pot calling the kettle black.

    2. The possible cover-up. It has come to light that key members of the Republican Party knew about the innapropriate actions of Rep. Foley....and they did not stand up and put a direct stop to it. That is unacceptable to me...completely. That to me is almost worse. Do I believe they knew exactly what was going on and to what extent? No, I don't. But I believe they knew something...and that is enough. If you have an inkling about something like investigate find out...because children's lives and futures are on the line. You DON'T brush it under the carpet because of fear of political backlash. I guess key individuals felt the possibility of lost votes was more important that what might or might not be happening to children who are working in the building. And you know...I would feel the same way if key Democrat officials knew what was going on with Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal and just ignored. But you know's somewhat different. What Clinton did was wrong...and can easily be seen as an abuse of power...absolutely. However...Monica was an adult, not a child...and she was a consenting adult. So, it is disturbing and morally wrong, but not nearly in the same ball-park as what Foley did....and how the Republicans who knew...did nothing. How would those individuals feel...if it was their child who was involved...and someone knew and didn't do anything to stop it. I imagine in that situation...they could understand my outrage.

    3. His long line of excuses. That so angers me. Let's see excuse #1: I was molested as a child by a priest. That's an excuse?? If it happened, it is tragic...but that does not explain or condone his behavior. And from news reports...I have heard that this excuse may not be true. It may be though...since I know the Catholic Church is better than anyone else at hiding abuse. but still...not an excuse. Excuse #2: I am gay. I don't think this admission of his was meant as an excuse. But well...I think coming out of the closet mudding up the issue. In terms of the statistics...over 90% of pedofiles or online predators are heterosexual. I am angered that Foley is helping that incorrect impression that gay men are sexual predators or pedofiles. Grr. Excuse #3: I was drunk when I wrote those emails and IMs. He is now in inpatient drug and alcohol treatment. Well...good for him for getting treatment, but it is no excuse. And...they have shown that some of those emails and IMs were sent minutes prior to him making a congressional vote. So...if he was drunk when sending the IMs...he was also drunk when voting on issues that effect this country.

    There ya list of angering responses to the Foley scandal...and how now it is becoming political spin from both sides...instead of being something where everyone's concern is finding out the truth and protecting children and attempting to heal damage that has already been done. Ugh. Grr.

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    Thursday Thirteen!!!

    Thirteen Things Shelley Has Learned About Her Birthday!

    1. My birthday is Oct. 5, 1977.
    2. Right now...I don't remember what time I was born. My mom knows about what time, but not the exact minute. It's that second child curse! lol Update: My mom says I was born right around 1:35pm.
    3. My birthday is two days before John Mellencamp's....who is my rock star hero.
    4. I always liked having my birthday in October...during that beginning of fall period.
    5. I also always liked having my birthday during the school year...because there were cupcakes in school and often...more presents. Summer birthdays got pool parties...but I got cup cakes in class.
    6. I didn't celebrate my birthday for years...maybe close to ten years.
    7. I had a really bad birthday at 19 and decided that if we plan too much...we just leave ourselves open to being disappointed.
    8. I still think that is true, but I don't ban the celebration anymore.
    9. I think it is wonderful to celebrate your birthday...and to be joyful of a day all about celebrating that you entered the planet. However...I don't think we need to make it into a circus...because then if the circus does not happen...we end up feeling sad and disappointed on that special day.
    10. At work, we have a birthday cake club. We all bake for someone's birthday.
    11. I got carrot cake. I like carrot cake...and I tell myself that the cake is healthy.
    12. A co-worker called me this morning at 7:55am to wish me a happy birthday. It was one of the sweetest things ever.
    13. And my last revelation about my birthday...I am now officially 1 year away from turning the big 3-0! I am hopeful that I will take 30 in stride...but well, we'll see.

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    They say it's my birthday....

    Yep, that's is Shelley's birthday. I am officially 29 years old. One year to go until I hit...dum...dum...dum...30!

    Birthdays are always interesting for me....I love celebrating other people's birthdays, but well...I always seem to have issues with my own. It's been like that since I was about a good decade or so.

    But this small little ways...I am going to celebrate. I am not going to have a party or anything, but I am going to enjoy the day.

    Happy Birthday to me...
    Happy Birthday to me...
    Happy Birthday dear me....
    Happy Birthday to me...

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    with dimples like that...who cares if he can dance?

    Anyone else but me watching the Dancing With The Stars??? I love it. I think it's just a great show. And who's my favorite? Well...of course...Mario Lopez and his dimples that just go on forever and ever. He's just adorable...and he can dance...and even if he doesn't always follow the rules...he looks great while he is doing it. I think that since he seems to be playing by the rules now...he might be tough to beat. Plus...we know how much America just loves a hot bad boy!

    How could not love those dimples??

    and I thought I didn't have time for breakfast!

    I wrote in another post...about how I am really enjoying the whey protein powder I bought. I actually think the shakes taste pretty decent.

    So, I have had an epiphany...yes that is epiphany! Did I spell epiphany right? I think so...oh well.

    The lightbulb that went off this that I am going to start having my protein shakes for my breakfast. I think that is a great idea...they are simple, easy to make, obviously high in protein and something that I like.

    Right now what I am usually eating for breakfast is some eggbeaters and veggies or peanut butter and celery or an english muffin with PB on it. This morning...I was running a smidge late and a smidge instead I just grabbed some protein powder and headed out the door. I made the shake when I got to work. It worked wonders!

    So there ya have new high protein breakfast...a protein shake. whoo hoo!

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Sometimes I amuse myself...

    I got a nice shout out over at Yeah...and it's not even my birthday...YET! *winks*

    Here is my amusing story for the day....

    Yesterday I got home from work, watched a little bit of tv, ate a handful and a half of peanuts...and then got my motivation in strides and jumped onto my elliptical for the daily workout. I run on my elliptical while I watch TV...and I was watching something pretty funny...don't remember what...maybe SNL...anyways...and so I was running and watching TV and laughing out loud. Well that was just too much all at once and umm...I *almost* fell right off the damn elliptical. I started to loose my balance and then did this bizarre move that reminded me of Neo in The Matrix in order to right myself on that damn water bottle went flying and the front of the elliptical actually even lifted in the air. My roommates cat witnessed the whole thing...and I think she might be traumatized for life! *giggles*

    And the kicker...all that action...and the remote to the TV which was in my hand...was still firmly in my hand when all was said and done. Priorities, eh?

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    Counting Down Until the End of the Year

    Since I just had my official weigh in for October...I thought I would spend some time focusing on what the road ahead and my goals before reaching January 1st again.

    This year...on January 1st...I looked at my health and fitness and it let a lot to be desired. I was eating horribly...not working out...and as a result...gaining weight. I decided that if I didn't take action...I was going to get right back into the overweight and unhappy pattern I have been in for my entire life.

    So, I resolved to lose FIFTY pounds. As of this date, I have lost 36 pounds. There have been 39 weeks so far and that means that on average...I have lost .92 pounds a week. I am actually pretty happy with that number since I know that I have lost a lot more some weeks...and sometimes spent over a month gaining weight back. So, I think it is a pretty great success to have lost .92 pounds a week for the year so far.

    And so what do I need to do for the rest of the year? Well...I would like to be at my goal weight by Januay 1st. If I crunch the numbers again...there are 14 weeks left in the year...and 14 pounds left to lose. That means...that on average I need to lose one pound a week for the rest of the year.

    If I do that...when I weigh in on January 1st...I should have lost 50 pounds.

    What things do I need to commit to doing in order to make that happen?

    1. Keep watching what I eat...especially during those holiday months. It's so easy to let things slide in November and December...and call a maintain or a slight gain a success. That isn't good enough if I am going to reach my goal. If I maintain one means the next week I need to lose 2 pounds to stay on course. If I gain one pound one means the next week I need to lose 3 pounds to stay on course. If I think of it that helps me keep motivated in order to get myself to have less slip ups. I know myself...well...I know that I do really well for a little bit and then start to back slide.

    2. Keep working least 4 times a week. Working out can compensate for when food sometimes isn't so great. It won't make up for eating a whole pie...but it will help keep me going in the right direction. AND...I know that if I am working out, it makes me less likely to cheat on the diet.

    3. Keep the water flowing...I have been drinking tons of water lately. I have been taking in almost a gallon of water a day. It rocks! And...if I am drinking water constantly...with every swig, it is a constant reminder that I am making healthy decisions. chug, chug, chug!!

    I know I have to keep my goals in the front of my mind...because it is always at this stage that I get into trouble. I get close enough to my goals...where I start to look good...feel it is hard to keep the motivation through the roof. I start to slip a little...but since I still look good and feel good...I tell myself it is okay.

    Not okay...and it won't help me be AT MY GOAL on January 1st! I need to be on my game everyday...or my ship will slowly start to sink.

    Go Shelley! Go Me!

    And so goes another week...

    I did really well this terms of exercise and diet. It helped that I didn't have to work on Thursday because I wasn't as tired as I usually am. But none the less...the planning helped.

    I went out to lunch with my parents on was an early celebration for my birthday since during the week we all are going to be very busy, etc...and next weekend might be hectic as well. I was really thinking about where I could go..and not completely blow it with food.

    I decided on the Olive Garden...usually OG looms disaster for me since they have huge portions and tons of bread and salad and soup....and yummy desserts...and fruity drinks. But...when I really think about it...with some is a great place to go for a nice lunch or dinner. I got the soup and salad lunch. I ended up having more bread than I should have...but well...a couple more breadsticks than planned won't kill anyone. I had two bowls of salad...and some minestrone soup. Their soup is SO filling. No fruit huge meal that you could eat forever.

    And I worked out on Sunday...I got home from the lunch, took a quick nap (it was so rainy and could you not?)...and then got up and ran for 45 minutes on the elliptical. I was glad I worked it in...because it would have been WAY too easy to skip it.

    This week...I am going to continue eating Phase One of South Beach...and see how that goes. So good...and really not that hard at all. Other than loathing and still having to eat cottage cheese...I am really enjoying the foods I am eating.

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    October Monthly Weigh-In

    Hey's October 1st! And what does that means it is monthly weigh in time. I have been eating well for the last month...except for some weekends. But this weekend...I was a rock star! I think it helped knowing the big weigh-in was this morning. And the results are:

    That's right...I lost 7 pounds last month, which makes it a grand total of 36 pounds lost since January 1st. It also means I am 14 pounds away from my ultimate goal...and by week that means I need to lose one pound per week...that's it! I can do long as I stay committed.

    Now I just need to decide if I am going to re-buy my sneakers...I will have to think about that. Part of me says yes...I deserve it, but the other part of me says that I deserved it the first time I lost 30 lbs, etc. I will think about it...and probably end up buying myself a nice new pair of sneaks.

    *winks* See y'all later!