Thursday, May 15, 2003

UJ: vroom vroom!!!

Hey all....quick update...yep, I bought a CAR! whoo hoo!

I bought a 2002 Pontiac Grand is pretty much fully loaded and very very nice. It has a beige exterior and a light brown interior. I got an amazing deal on it as well....below KBB and all.

I couldn't be happier....

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

UJ: on the prowl....

Hi all....I am currently on the prowl for a new car...well, a new used car. My rusty trusty car, isn't so trusty anymore. It died again the other day and I figured....I had had enough. I had enough with putting money into every few months. I had enough with constantly wondering if it was about to go... I had enough with calling AAA every few months.... I had enough with the old car and having little things constantly going on with it...

So, I am now car shopping...I am looking for a used car, but a very new used car. I spent today talking to some banks and my credit union...and tomorrow, I am driving to Indy to car shop.

I'll let you know what I get...I am attempting to be practical and not buy a car cause it looks pretty....oh maybe I am looking for a mix of them both!


P.S. Still haven't bought a couch yet...and given the car payments coming...hmm, I think the idea of a new couch might be something that never comes to be! We'll see...maybe buying a car will open the flood gates of my usual penny pinching lifestyle....and allow me to consider buying a couch!

Thursday, May 01, 2003

UJ: blah

Today it is supposed to's supposed to pour actually. I think it is fitting...since this is such a blah day! It's one of those days...when the world would be better if you could just stay in bed and watch John Hughes films all day long.

Why so dramatic? isn't something I should be all mopey about, but I am. I should be used to it by now, right? Well, my mom is going into the hospital today. She is probably there right now actually. My mom is a diabetic...and she has some circluation issues, which means chronic surgeries on her feet. This one, they the last one. It's something we have gotten used to in our family...she has surgery at least a couple times a year, but still is's hard to not get emotional about it. My mom is having surgery today...and I am here in Indiana and can't do anything to help her.

I think that is it...more than being worried or scared...I am feeling helpless. One of the last times she had surgery...I was home for the time being. I was able to go to the hospital with her and sit with her until they brought her in. I was able to come and visit her after she got out of recovery. I was able to come in everyday and just bring her whatever little trinket she needed that day. So...that is where I want to be right now...but instead I am sitting here in my office....just lamenting...and doing a pretty good rendition of "Oscar the Grouch!"

So, I will call...I will chit chat with her on the phone...and yes, I know it is helpful and that she needs that. But...well, it's still feels like it isn't enough.

So, if you read this...and want to...give my mom a second thought. She's one amazing lady....