Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wacky Weather

The weather has been SO weird lately...I wish Mother Nature would just figure out what she wants to do...and do it already. All last week...the weather was in the 80s, constantly sunny, etc. It was beautiful...and felt like summer. Then starting on was like a monsoon...raining non-stop. And then today, we woke up with frost all over everything. It felt like winter again. It's supposed to be in the 30s to 50s every day this week. The weather guy said that if you spent of last week out in the garden...and anything is sprouting that you should cover it with blankets and sheets so that they don't get killed by the frost. Luckily, I don't garden...I could kill silk flowers..I have such a black thumb. So, no worries there.

I rode my bike to work was cold, but not rainy. Everything was fine hands got SO cold. They basically felt like bricks when I got to work. I'm still jazzed about biking myself about again. It's been great to not have to get into my car each and every day. I plan on biking to work tomorrow as well...and maybe Friday too. I long as it's not raining, I am going to be getting myself to work.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods???

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Swag

Hey there....I have found a few free stuff out there on the internet, so I thought I would share just in case you wanted some too.

  • Fiber One Cereal: Just click on the link...and you can get a free sample of Fiber One's Carmel Delight Cereal. I've tried it...and is so good. It's also really good for you. It's only got 3 grams of fat and a whoppin' 9 grams of fiber in each serving. Once's healthy and scrumdiddlyumptious! Enjoy!

  • EAS Protein Bar: I am a big fan of EAS. I have been using their 100% Whey Protein Shake Powder for years. It's a really nutritious food that is a great before or after workout meal. They are giving away a free product to anyone who clicks the link and enters their info. I got a coupon for a free, that's what I imagine you'll get a coup for as well. You can find their products in most grocery stores, places like Wal-Mart and they also carry their products at stores like GNC, etc. Give it a shot...and maybe you'll find a nutritious substitution for your afternoon candy bar ritual.

  • Kashi Granola: I'm in love with Kashi. If I could marry it, I would. Their products taste great, they are made of whole grains and they pack a real nutritious punch. Kashi has a new line of granola out and they will send you a sample of the Mountain Medley variety. I've tried this granola before and it is really really good. Give it a shot, I swear you won't be disappointed.

  • I hope you enjoy them....they are all healthy and I love anything that is free.

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    If you haven't seen it in 10 years, you probably don't need it...

    As I said in my earlier entry....I've been helping my dad de-clutter the house for the past couple of weeks. It's such a pain...but that's the price you pay when you live like a pack rat and think you need to keep everything.

    It's amazing the stuff that has been in boxes for years and years...and every once in a while I'd come across some real gems. Like my collection of porcelain dolls. There were probably 6 of them in the box and they are basically in mint condition. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them. I can remember how excited I was about them at the time, but now...I just don't have the space or the desire to put them up on display. I am either going to place them back into storage...or I am also considering selling them on ebay.

    One thing my dad and I have been doing, it labeling stuff. Even if I wanted stuff in there, I had no idea what anything was. It was just box after box after box. If I found something that I wanted to keep...such as the dolls or some college textbooks, I would make a little label and stick it on there. My dad is going to try to find his little electronic label maker because that would just make the project go by so much faster. You know what I mean right? Let me see if I can find a link on the lovely internet. It's kind of like these Dymo labels and such. When I was a kid, my brother and I would use that label maker all the time just to play. We would make silly labels and put them on each other when we weren't looking. I can my dad glaring at us and reminding us that it wasn't a toy. tee, hee, hee...

    Well, won't he be so happy for me to use it for it's actual purpose. I am really looking forward to getting my brother's room organized and put together. And then, I think my dad wants to turn it into an exercise room. Sounds good to me.

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    Weekend Recap...

    Hey there internet....I had some busy and exciting times this weekend, so I thought I'd share it with you. So, here goes...

    Friday: I got home from work...and since I hadn't bought my final weight loss reward yet, even though I "earned" it weeks ago, I decided it was TIME. So, my dear ol' daddio and I went to Devil-Mart and bought me a nice, new bike. I got a great deal. It is a Schwinn Jet Star Women's Bike. It was with the clearance bikes. I think someone bought it and returned it, so I got it for over 50% off. Sweet!!! I am so excited to have a new, swanky bike. I am going to ride it to work everyday that it isn't raining (like it is this Monday morning). I am going to love the instant exercise added to my day...and with gas prices, it'll be a great thing for the environment and my pocketbook. Whoo hoo!

    Saturday: I worked on Saturday...we had a big huge community service project. We were cleaning up a local park and re-doing the trail that goes to it. And guess what...I rode my bike to work. It felt great. It takes me 10 minutes to drive to work and only 15 minutes to bike it. It's awesome. The day was great for community service. It was sunny, but not too hot...and there was a nice breeze. What we did for most of the clear brush and what not from the trail above the park. So, I spent hours...dragging brush, twigs and rocks onto tarps and dragging up a pretty steep hill. Let's just say...I got a nice workout. It was nice to feel physically fit enough to do it. We started right around 9am...and finished up about 3pm. I helped clean up the site...and headed home around 4pm. I was beat by the time my bike and I got home. Phew. TIRED! I made dinner...and then felt ready for bed at about 7pm. I didn't head to bed that early...but I wanted to. I think I fell asleep sometime in the 9pm hour. My body needed the rest...let me tell you.

    Sunday: Ah...lovely Sunday. I didn't go to church this week. It's the annual giving drive...where they feed people a nice lunch and talk about each person's weekly giving to the Church. I know it's how the church survives, but I didn't want to be made to feel guilty about my level of giving...or feel obligated to give more than I already do. I don't give a lot each and every week in the plate, but I do always give money or goods to the dinners we have...and I have given large sums of money to special funding the summer camp program, etc. So, I feel good about my level of giving. I know that the church is also a business and it has to be...but I figured I would skip a week that reminds me of that.

    I did go over and hang out with my dad instead. We've been trying to declutter the house. I think it's going to be an ongoing project FOREVER. My brother's old room is just chuck full of junk we've acquired over the years. I have boxes and boxes of stuff from college....that I just packed up, brought up and never thought of again. Mind you...I graduated in 1999. So, I spent the morning going through it and throwing away 90% of everything there. I was surprised how emotional I was going through some of the stuff. I found a lot of old pictures...and a bunch of old clothes from college. I had forgotten how overweight I was in college...denial has a way of doing that. I was probably the biggest I ever was during my college years. It was really heartbreaking looking at those old pictures. And the clothes...same thing...I would hold up the physical reminder of how big I was and it was definitely eye opening. Of course, everything in me wanted to shred those pictures and throw away all those clothes...but I didn't. I kept the pictures. I am going to put them away in a little box...and keep them as a reminder of how much change I have accomplished. I'm also going to keep them as a reminder...that I don't want to gain this weight again...that this change is permanent. It's easy to let denial take over again...and let the weight creep back on. I also put the clothes in a pile. I'm going to wash the nice ones and donate them. Hopefully someone else who needs them...will put them to good use.

    And the rest of my Sunday. I had a lunch with my roomie and another friend. We went to Panera for lunch. I love that place...they have really yummy food and if you make the right choices...a lot are really healthy for you. I had a garden salad with fat free raspberry dressing. And after eating, we went back to our apartment and watched a movie...August Rush. It was completely unrealistic, but I liked it. It was great to hang out with the girls...since we haven't done that in a long time. Since I hadn't seen my one friend is almost a year, it did take a little bit to kind of get to know each other again. Now that her schedule has changed, I am hoping we are going to be able to get together more often.

    I think that's about it for my weekend report...and because it's Monday, I'll report that I weighed in and lost a pound this week. That didn't surprise me at all...especially given the cardio marathon I did on Saturday with working out on the elliptical, riding my bike to and from work and all the work done on the trails, etc. I probably burned close to 2000 calories that day...

    Hugs all...I hope everyone has a great Monday, even if it is a rainy one like it is here.

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    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    PITA and checkin' my credit!

    I spent a good deal of my morning arguing with a customer service representation about an exercise DVD I bought back in January. Aurgh. I will say now...if you ever see a commercial for those Bender Ball Ab things...DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT order it. You get charged more than you realized...they continue to charge you and send you DVDs each month without you knowing it...and then after you cancel, you still get charged. I don't think I am going to get my money back, but I am sure trying. I contested the charges with my credit card company and also filed a complaint with the BBB. Aurgh...again.

    I wish I had read online a little more about them before I ordered. I should have known better. These days, if you put any product into google with the word review, it'll tell you a lot about what others customers thought of it. I read that this morning that close to 90% of people had the same problem I did and never got a refund. If I had read that prior to ordering, you can guess I wouldn't have ordered. It's a lesson in doing my research before buying something.

    As similar thing that people should review is any product or pill or drink they are buying for weight loss. I can't tell you how many things I have bought from a late night informercial...where they SWORE that it worked and it would felt the pounds away. I often wanted to believe it worked so much that I didn't even consider researching it. And sometimes even if you do research it, you get some negative and some, which ones do you believe? An example, here is a review for a weight loss product called Akavar. It makes some pretty out there claims. It says that it is a product that everyone uses in Europe and just drinking it can cause you to lose weight and look great...without the addition of diet or exercise. It's interesting reading people reviews of it. I do feel bad for the people though because it shows they bought the product. They bought into the scam.

    It's amazing to me the claims that companies can make...that are just bold faced lies. And, there seems to be no way to hold them accountable. It's especially disheartening when it comes to weight loss...since so many people are so desperate for a solution that is going to work for them. *sighs*

    The only positive thing in my DVD that because I also read that the company has been known to sell your information to others, it got me concerned about my credit. So, I paid a little bit...but did a credit check with a fico score to see where I stand. I hadn't checked my credit in about a year, so it was about time anyways. Luckily...nothing seems out of the ordinary on my credit report AND my score has gone up a little bit. My credit score and healthy credit record is something I am really proud of. I've worked hard at it...and make sure everything is in order and paid on time. The documentation shows that I have a higher credit score than 98% of the, go me!

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    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Busy day all around...

    I had a full day yesterday...I started out with a workout before work...spent 25 minutes on the elliptical. Then, I worked a full day...and also went for 2 power walks outside during the day since I was constantly looking for an excuse to be outside in the sun. Then after work, I went to the Y with my mentee to workout for a little bit. We went on the treadmill and the bikes...and played around with the weights a little bit. She seemed to have a really good time. When I got home, I immediately made dinner because I was STARVING! And then I was out the door again...I had to pick up a replacement part for my computer at my dad's...and then go to the store to pick up some items to make brownies. Yep, I came home...and whipped up a batch of brownies to take to work with me. Today is Administrative Professionals Day, so I wanted to do something nice for the support staff...who keep us sane at work. The brownies are yummy good...and it's 10am and the pan is almost gone, so I think it went over well. Then, I made my lunch for tomorrow...and watched a little of Hell's Kitchen (complete guilty pleasure) before heading to bed.

    I think my mentee had a good time working out at the Y. I hadn't been there in so long. I let my membership go a few months back...because I just wasn't using it and I have enough workout equipment at home. It was nice to have all those machines to choose from though. The mentoring program has a deal with the Y, so I can go there with my mentee for free...and so I think we'll go at least a couple times a month. I like that my mentee wants to do active things. She mentioned that she liked, I'll plan to do some of that when the weather is right for it. The local girl scouts have horse back riding too...and I think they have a whole course on it. I can remember doing it as a kid. You learn how to clean/brush the horse, how to put on their saddles, how to mount them, how to feed them, the correct way to ride, etc. I can remember loving that when I was a kid. I am not sure if you need to be a Girl Scout to do it, but I am definitely going to look into it. My mentee seems to be game for just about, I am going to enjoy doing some active things with her..especially in the spring and summer.

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    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    Happy Earth Day!

    I wish I could say I celebrated Earth Day today by not driving to work...but alas, I didn't. I considered leaving early and walking, but I let my hectic day and the inconvenience stop me. I have plans with my mentee after I wouldn't have time to leave work, walk home and then be able to be at her house in time to pick her up.

    But none the less...Happy Earth Day y'all!

    This weekend, I hope to do something to celebrate Earth Day...a couple of things actually. One, I am working on Saturday on a Community Involvement/Youth/Earth Day Project. We are cleaning up one of the local parks and well as trying to encourage people to use them for recreation. It should be a lot of fun...and the weather is still showing that Saturday should be nice out.

    And secondly, I plan on buying a bike this weekend. I looked last weekend, but I am moving beyond looking...and now I am buying. I am going to get a bike...and start biking to work and anywhere I can. I am excited by it. One, it's better for the environment to not be tooling around in my car all the time. Two, it's definitely better in terms of rising cost of gas. "They" say that gas will definitely be over $4 a gallon this summer...and given the fact it's gone up 30 cents in 2 weeks, I believe "them." And three, it's instant exercise. I'll get a nice little spurt of exercise both to and from work each and every day. So, I'm excited to get myself a bike and start using it.

    Are you doing anything in support of Earth Day????

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    Self Care

    Hey y'all....I forgot to update yesterday with of course the weekly weigh-in report. I am happy to say that for the first time...I maintained my weight. I didn't lose any...and I didn't gain any. I don't know if I have this whole thing figured out just yet, but I do have more of a handle on it than I did before. I step on the scale each and every morning and the weight was up some days...back down some others. I mainly think the fluctuation has more to do with the sodium in whatever I am eating...than anything else.

    One thing I really noticed as I have continued losing weight...and taking better physical care of that I am willing to spend money on things I never would before. Here are a few examples:

  • Clothes: I have never been a clothes horse...not in the slightest. I was still wearing some clothes that I wore in high school and I graduated in 1995. Since I've lost weight and moved down to a size I have never been before, it's forced me to renew my wardrobe and spend money and time buying clothes. I used to hate going clothes shopping, but now...I really like it. I like all the new options and just trying things on. I still stay within a budget...but if price were no option, I'd be buying things left and right. Speaking of...I need to buy some spring/summer shoes and I also need to buy a couple pairs of jeans. It's definitely on the list for the next shopping day.

  • I've never been to a spa before. The idea of getting a massage was really unattractive to me. I think part of it...was my negative body image and not really liking the idea of a total stranger touching me. I still am not sure I like the idea of a stranger getting their hands all over me...but, I am much more open to it. What I would like to try also something I've never had done. I want to get a pedicure. It just seems like a fun, fancy thing to do. It's on the list...not something I am planning to do tomorrow, but definitely something I wanna put on the "to do" list.

  • Makeup/ Beauty Products: I used to never wear makeup...ever. I often end up looking like a vampire princess in the winter because my skin is so fair. I have noticed a shift there too. I still wear very minimal makeup, but I do put it on each and every morning before leaving for work. It's just lip gloss, a little cover up powder, some blush on the cheeks and eye shadow...but it's much more than I used to wear. I still think the idea of wearing obvious not my style, but I like a little color on my face. I've also spent some money on some facial products. I bought a facial cleanser that so far...I really like. I'm also on the lookout for some good acne products. I am really lucky because I have nice skin. My skin rarely breaks, I don't have to worry about acne all too much. I do get the occasional breakout, especially since I am working out so much. It's interesting....that working out is what causes my breakouts. I know it's that my skin is constantly sweating and therefore being irritated. Plus, with all the outside running...especially on the streets, it's gotta be bad for the skin. I have been on the lookout for a natural acne treatment. All the stuff I have..which isn't a so chuck full of chemicals. It works, but it also really dries out my skin.

  • Cooking Tips/Books: I am constantly looking for recipes on the internet...and buying those little cooking magazines that are in the check out aisles in the grocery store. I've just become so much more interested in how things are made...and baking things. Before, I thought it was a hassle...and if I had to bring a cake to work or church, I would swing by Hannaford and buy it. Now...I look forward to baking something. It's just an interesting switch.

  • So there are just a few examples at things that I would never even think of spending money on...but now, I have more of an interest in. I still watch my finances like a hawk, but when I have a few extra's stuff I want to throw a little bit towards. I think, in general, it's a good thing. When I think of all the money I've thrown away over the years...buying crap, no good for you food...I am glad now that I am tempted to throw money towards things like this instead.

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    Friday, April 18, 2008


    Hi all...happy Friday! Today is a day that I really wanted to call in "fake sick" because it is so beautiful outside. Today it is going to top out in the high 70s...maybe even 80 degrees. And no rain, no clouds...just beautiful sunshine. But I came to work like a good girl. But unlike a good girl, I am using my time at work to blog. Here's an update on my life so far this week....

  • I'm going bowling tonight. I am going with the girl I am matched with in the mentoring program. I'm excited since I haven't been bowling in a long time...probably 2 years. I really like bowling too. It's one of the leisure activities that it doesn't matter how bad you are at it, it's still fun.

  • And, congrats to the Boston Red Sox for beating the Yankees last night in NY. The Red Sox started off the season a little shakey, but they've bounced back well..and are in first place right now in their division. There is still a lot of baseball ahead of them, but still...congrats! I have a co-worker who is a die hard Yankee fan and he went down to the city to see the game yesterday. I guess if I was a better person I'd hope the Yankees could win for him, but well...I'm not. *snickers* Go Sox!

  • I watched the debate on Wednesday between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. At first I wasn't going to watch it and just catch up on what was said by watching the news the next day, but I changed my mind. I wanted to see what they actually said and not all the spin. The debate was ok, but not great. The questions focused so much on the drama and politics and not enough time on the actual issues...but then again, what do you expect? It's no secret that I am a democrat...and that my politics usually side with Hillary Clinton. I just want to have a candidate and then be able to support that person. I like Hillary...she's my girl, but I could also support Barack, especially against John McCain. I have nothing against McCain...he's a heck of a nice guy, but I don't think he should be the next President. I don't agree with his policy on the war...and he has openly said he doesn't know much about the economy and given the downturn we are in...and the recession we are heading into, that is not something I think is acceptable of the POTUS.

  • I saw on the news this morning that while the Pope is in town...he met secretly with some victims of sexual abuse. The people he met with...they all said the meeting was very positive and the Pope was very apologetic about the sex abuse that has happened in the Catholic church. Hmm...well, that's all well and nice...but I want to see less talk...more action. I want to see the Catholic Church actually make steps to stop this from happening...and not protecting the priests who are doing it. I want to see the church defend the victims instead of the priests. If and when that happens...I might have a moment of respect for the Pope. Maybe I'm distrustful and jaded, but well...can you blame me?

  • Alright that's it for now...on the rambling updates. If you can...enjoy the weather and enjoy your weekend!

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    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Spring cleaning report...

    Hi to all in the internet...and by all I mean the 5 or so people who read my little blog. Happy Tuesday to all y'all!

    First off...I forgot to update my weight report yesterday. Oopsie! I weighed in and all...I just forgot to tell you all about it. I stepped on the scale on Monday morning and learned that I lost 3 lbs. So, I am a little down this week...but I still feel fit and strong, so I'm cool with it. I don't want the downward trend to continue though.

    I think I am still figuring out what kind of calories I need on a daily basis to stay the same...given my level of exercise and activity. You see...I am kind of at both ends of the spectrum. To figure out your daily caloric use this little equation...that calculates based on your age, your height, your current weight and your activity level. Everything is obviously constant except for my activity level. You select different levels...which range from sedentary to highly active. So, I have struggled with which one to pick...because my day to day pretty sedentary. I sit at a desk and talk on the phone...and type away. The most active it walking to the bathroom or to the time clock or to the door to let a client in. So, not a heck of a lot. activity level outside of pretty active. I am working out 6x per week...and constantly on the move. And...the calorie range in the equation is pretty significant. If I pick sedentary it says I need about 1800 calories a day...if I pick says something like 2400 calories a day. So, I've been ranging for something in the middle...and hope it all shakes out alright.

    Alright, enough about weight...I bore even myself. I got majorly into Spring Cleaning mode this weekend...and it was long overdue. I got sick and tired of the apartment being a god awful mess. I mentioned that in my last entry...that I was skipping church to clean the apartment. I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom...and a quick clean of the living room (doesn't take much). I also went over to my dad's and helped him start to clean. We have a lot of clutter in that house and so there is a lot of stuff that just needs to be thrown away. I didn't get to my bedroom over the weekend, but I did make a dent in it yesterday. I was watching TV last night and instead of just sitting there like a bump on a log...I decided to get a garbage bag and start going through some things. I quickly picked up anything that was obviously garbage...and then started going through some boxes and baskets. I have a bunch of stuff in storage under my bed..and most of it, I don't even know what is in, have I really needed it in the last 2 years? I am in the process of going through it all...and either saving it for a garage sale or just pitching it. I found some interesting things...I found an old journal from when I was in grad school. I read a little bit of it and it was nice to revisit those times. I found a box with a few wind chimes in it. I think I might put those in the garage sale box. They are nice...but well, I haven't used I hope someone else enjoys them more than me. I found some old pictures too...from college days. I also found some old CDs that I haven't listened to in a long time. I am going to burn most of them to my laptop...and probably put some on my mp3 player. I want to get the clutter under my room and the whole apartment is more useable.

    So....the cleaning will continue...and hopefully get to where I want it to be. It's a nice sense of accomplishment keep trucking away at something and have the end product show the work you did. I know cleaning isn't some special thing...that deserves a prize, but for a messy, clutterbug like is a whole new world.

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    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Long and Lean

    I did get in major cleaning mode today...Spring is definitely in the air. I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, living room, helped my dad clean out one of the bedrooms we've been using for storage, did some laundry and started to work on getting my bedroom cleaned. I don't get the cleaning bug often...but when I do, I go like gangbusters.

    Another thing I did I did some Yoga. I got a free yoga dvd in the mail and decided to try it. I've been a working out fool lately..doing cardio 3 times per week and strength training 3 times per week. I haven't done a lot of yoga lately, but I love it. Initially, I hated yoga...but that was years ago. I thought that yoga shouldn't be hard and should always be so serene and peaceful, so when yoga was kicking my booty...I hated it. I've since learned the benefits of yoga and really enjoy it. It works out those core muscles...increases stability and flexibility...and also gets a good sweat on. To be honest, when I hated yoga...I hated anything that reminded me I was doing exercise. Now, I love exercise and love yoga.

    So, here is the DVD they sent me:

    I really love this yoga dvd for a couple of reasons. One, it has three different yoga routines. It starts out with a beginner's session that lasts for about 30 minutes. It also has 2 other sessions that last a little over an hour. Why is that great? Well, because it isn't just a DVD you use a few times and get bored with it and have to find a new DVD. Once you get the gist of the first are now ready to move on to the second session. Each session builds upon the one before.

    Another thing I love about this dvd is that it has a section with all the different moves and positions. One of the things I hate about new workout tapes is that it takes me a little over a week to get the moves order to actually be able to do the workout as you are supposed to. I usually just end up looking like a confused, ditzy dingbat for the first few times. With this can click on each position and the leader will slowly walk you through the position, how to get into it and how to do it. I think that's fantastic. The first thing I did when I got the flip through a few of the positions and give them a try. It made such a difference when I actually did session #1 this afternoon. I knew how to do the positions, so I got so much more out of the workout. The workout definitely got me sweating and I felt really strong when I was done. I can't wait until I am ready to move to session #2 and session #3.

    Basically...I am a big fan of this dvd. I loved getting a free trial of it and would definitely buy more from the series. So, if you like yoga...check it out.

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    Happy Sunday y'all....

    Guess what, I'm being bad...and playing hokey from church today. I've gone without missing for about the last 3 months. It's not like I think I should get a pat on the back for that....I am just happy that I feel more committed and connected to church. So, then why am I not going?'s feeling like spring outside and I really feel the need to do some spring cleaning, so I am going to spend the morning cleaning the apartment...before heading over to my dad's and helping him clean a little bit there.

    I have a lot of stuff here that needs a good cleaning. I have said this a million times over and I mean it each and every time...but I wish roomie and I were better at cleaning on a day to day basis than we are. We clean once and then let it get pretty dusty and dirty again...and then do another day of cleaning. It's frustrating that I can't seem to break that cycle. I'm trying...

    Today, I am going to clean the kitchen...mop the floor, clean the counter, take out the garbage, get rid of stuff in the cupboards I don't use, etc. And of course, cleaning the bathroom...since it is pretty grungy in there. I am going to mop the floor, clean the bathroom vanities, the toilet, the sink, the shower, clean the mirror (you know so it isn't covered in little toothpaste dots!) And then I gotta clean the living room...that's the easiest room....wiping down the tables and woodwork...and then a quick vacuum. I have a bunch of clothes in there I need to bring to Salvation Army to donate, so I need to actually do that. And room could definitely use a clean. I need to put away clothes...and I need to just get rid of a lot of stuff that I don't need and don't use.

    So...I plan on opening the windows and getting my cleaning groove on. I think God would give me the thumbs up about that. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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    Friday, April 11, 2008

    On my mind....

    Today is one of those days I've been thinking a lot about my mom, so I thought I would write about her and how she fits into my weight loss journey since it seems to be all I ever talk about this lovely blog.

    I'm one of the people who have always been overweight...since sometime in Elementary school. I was thin as a stick before then...and used to go to dance class all the time and basically could eat anything I wanted. Well, in 3rd or 4th grade...I quit dance and well, didn't stop eating anything I wanted. No shock that I gained weight...and that pattern continued until I was well into college.

    I never seriously tried to lose weight until I was out of college. I mean...I wanted to be thinner and ordered all those "quick fixes" that I saw on hopes that they would work, but I will honestly say I never did the hard work of losing weight. I wanted the magic solution, but seemed unwilling to do the work.

    Anyways, in 99...I hit a wall and got fed up. I started working my own program...basically counting calories and exercise. I was working close to home...and would walk to work and home...and walked during my lunch hour. I also watched every little thing I ate. It worked...I lost 50 lbs. I went to grad school...and kept it off for about a year and a half.

    I gained it all back...and then got fed up again...and lost it. And then I moved back home to NY...and gained it all back again. Then I got fed up again...and lost it all again. Then, guess what...gained it all back again.

    Then in May 4, life changed. My mom passed away. She was only 60 years old. She had been battling diabetes and diabetes related illnesses for a long time. She suffered numerous infections...and her kidneys were not healthy. She was preparing to start dialysis within a year. My mom was overweight for most of my life...and she hated it. She would diet off an on...much like my history above. Losing her...was devasting. It wasn't something I was prepared for.

    I went to a training for work the other day...and it was about motivating people to make changes in their lives, especially those people with a lot of problems or barriers. One of the main philosophies this guy that the bad stuff or the pain in people's can either bury them or become the fuel they need to overcome it and become the success they are meant to be.

    So, I miss my mom every day. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of something I would tell her...or want to ask her. I don't feel ready to be in a world without her and I doubt I ever will...but here I am. Well, for me...I used my mom's death and her health my weight loss fuel. I didn't always see it, but I see it now. She has been my accomplish something I know that she wanted for do something that would make her so proud.

    I have had a different level of commitment to my diet and exercise plan this time around...than I have ever had before. I have been able to lose more weight...I have been able to stay on plan...I have been able to accomplish goals I never even dreamed of. I have thought to myself...why is it different this time?

    It's different...because without even vocalizing it, I am doing it for her...and there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for my mom. She was there for me in every moment of every day....and if I have any kindness and compassion, it's because of her. So, my weight loss journey....and the success I have in honor of her. I know she's smiling down on me...and so proud. And for that, I thank her...because she gave me the strength and the fuel to keep going...even when I wanted to throw in the towel.

    Hugs to you mom...miss you bunches! (That's a pic of Mom and know...when I was born and all)


    And here is a pic of Mom and me at our local amusement park...on her fav ride, the Dumbo ride!


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    vacation on the brain!

    The weather has been SO nice this week that I have been on vacation mode, even though I've been at work and work has been actually really busy and hectic. But's that time of the year when you start thinking about fun vacations. School vacations are coming up...and we have a bunch of people at work on vacation next week. One is going to Myrtle Beach...another is going to Virginia for a family reunion...another is heading to Florida. Of course, all are driving...and no one is thinking of flying during the insanity right now.

    One of my co-workers is planning on using her $600 from the government to go on a vacation with her boyfriend. I don't think they are planning on luxury vacations or anything, but they want to get out of town.

    So...anyone have any vacations planned recently? Share away so I can be green with jealousy.

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    Monday, April 07, 2008

    It's a beautiful day...

    I'm so happy Spring seems to be turning the corner...the weather has been so nice recently. I had to work on Saturday morning and by the time I left the office at was so nice outside. It was still a little bit chilly...with a nice breeze, but the sun was out and it felt great to be outside. I decided to run on over to my dad's house...and enjoy the time outside. I warmed up with a mile walk...ran the 2 miles in the middle...and cooled down with another almost mile (It's 3.8 miles from my house to my dad's).

    I had two really nice weight/diet related things that had nothing to do with the scale (and then I'll get to the scale report). This Sunday, I helped with the communion breakfast at church. We have a sit down breakfast in between the first and second a time of fellowship and celebration. It's really nice since the first service and the second service...we often don't see each other much. I said I would I made a huge fresh fruit salad and headed to church at 8am to help. Since many of the people in the second service hadn't seen me in a while...many months at least...a lot of them came up and said how great I looked. It was a nice reminder...since I have kind of gotten out of that period of people seeing the weight loss as a new thing. One woman, who was also my 6th grade teacher...came up and asked me what I've been doing and said I've never looked this healthy. So, it was good to see people...and help with the breakfast...and to make a healthy option (fruit)...and have people say that I looked fit and healthy. whoo hoo.

    My second good thing...I went shopping on Sunday afternoon. I am in desperate need of work pants. I used to have a million bajillion pairs of pants, but now barely any of them fit. I had a bunch of size 12 pants and now basically they all are unwearable. I tried to wear a pair to work last week and it was embarrassing how they looked. So, I am basically down to 2 pair of pants that fit...and only one of them is work appropriate. I headed over to Old Navy in hopes of finding some nice pants on their clearance racks. I basically got one of every style of clearance pants they had in a size 8...and went to try them on. Most of them either fit or were a smidge loose. One of the pairs that was loose I really liked...they were a pair of khakis that kind of looked like cords, but not quite. Hard to describe...but I liked them. So, I hunted through the clearance stacks and found them in a size 6...and tried them on and low and behold, they FIT and fit well. I bought them and another pair of dress pants (size 8)...and was on my way. I can't believe I own a pair of size 6 makes my head hurt, but in a good way. whoo hoo...hoo!

    Monday is my weigh-in per usual. I have been working out hard this week...and doing 3 days of weight training and 3 days of light cardio. I hoped to see the scale blip up...which means I might be starting to build muscle. I had a trail mix attack on Thursday night...which means that I started eating it...and ATE way too much. I filled my belly with salty, yummy trail mix. So, on Friday and Saturday mornings...during my daily weigh-ins, the weight was up...sometimes as much as 4 lbs. Does that mean I gained 4 lbs overnight? Nope, not bloody likely. That stuff was mighty salty...and my body isn't used to it. So, I imagine I was retaining water like a mofo...especially since I was sucking down water on Saturday like no tomorrow. So, I stepped on the scale this morning...and I was up one lb. I don't think it's salt...or water weight...or a lb of gained fat from sucking down too much trail mix. I think it's an actual lb gained from working out and increasing my weights. I have muscles I haven't seen for a while on my arms...and my legs feel stronger. So...I can actually say for the first time in my natural life, I am HAPPY I gained a pound. I would like to gain 4 or 5 more...the smart and healthy way...gaining muscle, etc.

    Alright...enough blabbering on about my scale and my weight and what not. If the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here...get out there and enjoy it.

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    Thursday, April 03, 2008

    Happy Thursday

    Hey all...I hope everyone is finding their Thursday treating them well. It's been cold the last few days...just to remind us that Spring is coming, but that Winter isn't done with us just yet. The weather guy did say that winter should be behind us now...but you never know, we've consistently known it to snow here or there in April. I remember it snowed last year in early April because I was in Florida at the time and my friends were cursing me from there.

    My poor roomie is having a stressful week. Her mom is in the hospital and probably is having gallbladder surgery. She called and told me that her mom had a gallbladder attack on Monday and now they are just awaiting having the surgery. It's a tough time for everyone involved. My roomie's mom hates being in the hospital since the last time she was there...was when her husband was battling a terminal illness. And it's tough for my roomie because those times are always stressful...and she is taking over the parenting role for her little sister. She has so much on her plate already, that this just seems to be overwhelming her. The last time I spoke to her...she just seemed to be on the brink. I wish I could take some of the burden off of her...I would if I could. So, send some internet hugs her way...if you are so inclined.

    And to switch gears...I had an exciting end of the day yesterday. I scooted out of work early and went over to meet the girl I am being matched with in our office's mentoring program. It's a lot like Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I've been considering doing it for years, but it just always wasn't the time.'s officially the time. The girl I will be spending time with...she is just adorable. She has the best smile...from ear to ear...and she's still got that innocence about her. I think I might enjoy the time we are spending together more than she will...since I never had a little brother or sister, etc. Our first going to be going to the mall for a few hours...and window shopping. We're going to hit both of our favorite stores...and probably get some yummy food from the food court. Of course, we plan on getting lots of clothes to try on...and having our own version of a fashion show in the dressing room. It sounds like a blast to me.

    And for this weekend...I don't have a lot of plans. I have to work on Saturday morning...which I keep almost forgetting. lol I have to teach a class at work. And then the usual weekend plans. My dad and I plan on going shopping on Saturday. He has a lot of around the house projects he wants to start buying things for. He wants to re-do the walls in mine and my brother's old room...and he wants to re-do the bathroom. Initially, we are going to re-do the whole shower with one of the walk in tubs when my mom was alive...since it would have been so much easier for her to use, but now I think he just wants to replace it with a new, nice, swanky one. He also wants to re-do the pipes and make it so he can use the water system outside again. I am always SO supportive of him making repairs of the house since selfishly, I will be taking the house over someday down the line. He said the house needs to be painted as well...and some windows need to be replaced. It's definitely spring it's projects, projects everywhere!

    And for Sunday...I am going to church. This Sunday is Communion Sunday. Some churches have communion every week, but we only do it monthly. I am helping two other women at church...serving the communion breakfast following the service. They are bringing bacon and eggs...and I am bringing a huge ol' fruit salad and maybe some granola. Mmmm.... That's about it for my weekend plans....oh...and my mentee can come over and I can not be completely embarassed, know what I mean?

    Hugs all around...and enjoy the nice weather.

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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    It's 60 freakin' degrees...., the weather is absolutely beautiful. It's in the 60s today...and just feels wonderful. During one of my breaks at work, I went for a walk with a co-worker outside...and it was really nice to be out and about. During the winter months...we go for walks inside the building, but there is something about walking outside that is so much more enjoyable.

    I got out of work...went shopping at Target for a few things (got some bras if you MUST know)...and then came home and did a quick workout...and realized how fabulously wonderful it is outside, so I went over to the windows...unlocked them and whipped them open. It was great having a nice, fresh breeze coming into the apartment. I am about to make dinner....and I love the feeling of the breeze blowing in as I am cooking up my food.

    I wish this weather was sticking around...the pesky weather man says that rain is coming on in...and that tomorrow it should be cold again...probably in the 30s. Come on Spring...get tough and kick winter to the curb...for good!

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    That's it!

    I'm done with the internet and blogging. No one comments on my site....and those who do, just annoy me. I am shutting this place down...never to return again. I've had it. Everything is always blah, blah, blah...and well, who wants to hear it???

    tee, hee, hee...just kiddin'! April Fool's y'all...hopefully you become a practical joker all day long. I like a day all about jokes. Hmm, which just made me realize, I don't know the historical significance of April Fool's...I will have to spend some time today googling it to find out. Enjoy the day...and laugh often. And now back to my regular scheduled rambling updates:

    Good Morning to all those out there in the internet....It's Tuesday and since my car is working and what not, it's a Happy Tuesday. I am so thankful that it wasn't a bigger least this time. I can remember when I had horrible car trouble with my old car...a 1990 Olds Cutlass Ciera. It was a great car for a while...until it started having problem after problem. And, it was even more difficult because I was out in I didn't have my dad to help me figure out what was wrong and be a nice guy and take me to work and let me borrow the car. So, phew...I still need to bring my car to my mechanic and see what he can do to fix the long term problem.

    And now that my car troubles are over...I am planning on going shopping some night this week or this weekend. There are some things I have been looking for to buy, so I want to price them out and see. I probably won't buy'll be more of a window shopping/investigation. I need to continue to buy some new clothes...I need to get some new umm...yeah...bras. You lose weight everywhere...including in the sisters. If only you could make a deal with your body...and say "keep this fat" but continue to burn off the fat on my tummy. But alas, it doesn't work that way. I also want to price out some different types of lamps, etc. I need a lamp for my office...maybe two. I am getting sick of the overhead florescent lighting...and I'd like it to be less bright. So, I am going to see about prices. Plus, I know my dad is interested in replacing the light fixtures in many of the rooms in the house. We have a lot of ancient ones with those ceiling fans attached. I know ceiling fans are not considered stylish...or so Trading Spaces has taught me, but well...I like them. I like that with a normal fan, they help circulate the air around the room...especially in the summer when it is hot hot hot. And the last thing I need to shop around looking for a bike. It's getting to actually be spring like out there in terms of weather...and this year, I am going to start biking myself to work and around town whenever I can. I meant to do it last year, but I never got around to actually buying a bike. Given the cost of gas, my sometimes car issues and my increased interest in fitness related seems like the perfect time. So...biking here I come!

    Now...if anyone wants to send me $$$$ to shop for all those things, it would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I know...the govt is sending me some money, but if you know me at know I am taking that money and immediately putting it towards my student loans. lol

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