Tuesday, March 30, 2004

UJ: tueaday ramblings...

The job I have right now...we have an evaluation every three months. It's nice because it reminds us that we are on the right track, but kind of a pain in the ass...and really time consuming. The grant funder likes to micro manage us, so I always try to make sure all my i's are dotted and t's are crossed when meeting with him.

Well...long story...short. My program has its eval today. I ran reports...and dished about what we did. I shmoozed and talked about what the next year will look like. These evals always go either really well or are a complete train wreck. Luckily...this time it went really well. It seems like my organization and the grant funder have finally seen eye to eye. It's only taken a year!

And now..I am done and can relax. Whenever I do these reports...I feel like i am in college or grad school again. Getting the reports done is like doing a project or paper for finals...and the eval is like the final presentation. Once I am done...I feel a real sense of accomplishment and that is a good feeling. I also feel just a smidge tired. When I am in the moment...and getting it ready, I don't really allow myself to be tired. I was at work on Monday at 6:30am to enter data into our database and worked until 4pm on site (doing all the day to day program stuff) and then continued on the report at home for a good 3 or so hours. And then today, I was at work by 7am...and cleaned up the reports and made a bajillion copies.

So...now, the rest of the week I am on coast...and enjoying it. It's a nice feeling to accomplish something and have it go over well.

Oh..and the little apartment I looked at...that is closer to work and cheaper. The landlady called back...offered it to me...and I took it. I think the money and location is the main reason. I would love to live in a little house all by myself, but all the other factors led to me taking this apartment. Oh...and the house people never called me back. I think I will like living in my new apartment...and I know I sure like the price.

Tuesday rambling is now done...and now time to veg and then watch me some 24!!



Monday, March 29, 2004

UJ: apartment

So, I looked at an apartment last week. It is less expensive than the little house I was looking at. It is also closer to work and in a great location.

I filled out an application and the woman called me today and said the apartment is mine if I want it. So, I need to decide...and quickly.

I think I am going to take the apartment. It is cheaper...and well, the house people haven't called back. Plus, the landlords seem real spacey at the house...and the apartment people seem real cool.

The only thing I am not looking forward to...the apartment is on the second floor...up a flight of steep stairs. So, I am not looking forward to moving in! Luckily...I think my daddy is coming out to help me...plus some nice friends I have.



Saturday, March 27, 2004

UJ: my granny self....

I had a really fun time last night...we went out about 10pm or so and I ended up coming home about 1am. There were three bands that played...and one of them I have seen a bunch of times before. They are called The Pieces. They are a great band...the girl in the band, Heidi...she is amazing. She is also in Some Girls...which is one of my fav bands. So, if you ever get the chance to check them out...please do.

I haven't been out in a LONG time. It was nice...and it reminded me that when I am feeling old, it is a choice. We came home at 1am...but I didn't get to sleep until 3am. I would have thought that would be exhausting, but it wasn't. It used to be pretty standard when I was in college...and last night reminded me that I am 26, not 87!

One moment of regret though...the DAMN SMOKE IN CLUBS! I am an avid non-smoker. I have never been a smoker...never plan on being a smoker. So, it is also disheartening coming home from a club and smelling like I chain smoked the whole night. And when I woke up this morning...my stomach kinda hurt and my throat was dry and a little horse. I haven't been around all that smoke in a long time...and the negative effect showed.

But smoke or no smoke...it was a GREAT time!

And now...I am shamefully watching a movie on the ABC Family Channel, 'Celeste in The City' and I will admit it, it is adorably cute!

Happy Saturday all...


Friday, March 26, 2004

UJ: rock on

I am heading out to a local dive tonight...to see a couple of bands with a few friends. It's been quite a while since I have gone out to a club...so, I am really looking forward to it.

I don't think I have heard of any of the bands...but, I always enjoy a live show. And going out...makes me feel younger. On most days...I get up at 6:30 and am exhausted and asleep by 11pm...so, going out at 10pm...reminds me of my young, college days!

See yas...


Thursday, March 25, 2004

UJ: Jersey Girl

So, this friday...Jersey Girl is opening. It's Kevin Smith's new movie...and I can't help being excited.

I usually never pay full price to go see a movie...it is just something I have a real hard time spending all that money on a movie. It seems like such a waste.

But, I am seriously considering going to a Jersey Girl matinee this weekend. There is something about Kevin Smith...and his films...that just draw me in. I think he is one of the best film makers in the business...even though he tends to not want to believe that. His movies make me laugh like no other...and maybe just for the laughs and such, it's worth the high ticket price.

Plus...well, Shelley might think that Benji is quite hot...so, a movie with his mug in it...ain't all bad!

I am excited to get a new Kevin Smith film though...since he hasn't made one in a while. It's going to be a different kind of film...from what he has said and the advance word on the film. It's much more sentimental than any of his other films...which has some fans getting all uppity, but for me...it's a good thing. It shows some of the differences in Kevin's life...and how he is bringing that to the screen. It also shows that Kevin is willing and able to take a risk...and not just coast on the fan base and love of the Jay and Silent Bob movies.

I think that this movie won't do well in the theatres...one, because Kevin's film usually don't. He makes really unique films...which I think makes them fabulous, but that usually don't mean high box offices. He isn't Hollywood...he's a kid from Jersey who is talented and lucky enough to get his films made. And Two...I don't think it will do extremely well because of the whole Bennifer/Gigli thing...I think people will judge that it is Gigli 2 without checking it out. Yep, Lopez is in it...for about 10 minutes...but it is definitely not Gigli 2. And three, I don't think it will do extremely well because I think that his hard core fans...those rabid kids I see over at Kev's site...won't think it is Jay and Silent Bob enough...people have been calling Kevin a sellout for a long time...and this movie has really increased it.

So...I am not expected it to be at the top of the box office, but I am anxiously anticipating this movie. I think I will love it. I doubt I will see it as a sell out. I think I will see it as another angle of Kevin's life...another story he has to tell.

And if anyone questions that Kevin is a fab story teller....rent "An Evening with Kevin Smith." It's a hilariously great DVD...and shows how Kevin can effortlessly tell a story that has you laughing in the aisles. Whenever I am in a bad mood...I throw in this DVD and suddenly..I am laughing and feeling better.

So, I am still antsy about spending the big bucks on a movie...but I thinking of doing it. I might just have to see Jersey Girl on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Kevin's movies have never not entertained me before...


P.S. Plus...I happen to think Smitty is adorably cute. He makes me laugh and that is SO attractive. I just wanna give him a huge bear hug. I wanna love him...and hug him...and squeeze him...and call him...George! *giggles*

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

UJ: lazy, lazy Wednesday....

Hi! It's 9am and Shelley is still not at work.

I got up late this morning and just didn't have the motivation to get myself into work at my usual time.

Now, I don't NEED to be into work until 10am...so, no harm, no foul...but I don't like waking up feeling lazy!! That's no way to start the day.

I had a forever long meeting at work yesterday....it was productive and we got things done, but it just went on WAY TOO LONG! I hate meetings like that...and unfortunately we have them much too often.

Today should be a fun, busy day. We have playgroups...and an arts and crafts activity, so it should be a day full of playing wiht little kids. It's one of the things I love about my job...being able to spend a couple hours a day on the floor playing with kids and talking with their moms or dads.

Alright...off to work...well, I might want to get dressed first since I am still sitting here in my pajamas.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

UJ: %&^%**(&(*&

Grrr...so this morning I drove by the gas station and a gallon of gas was $1.56. That is pretty high, but not too bad, eh?


When I was driving home this afternoon...I drive past the same gas station and the price of a gallon of gas is now $1.83. Yep, you read correct...a dollar freaking 83!!! That is ridiculous...are we filling our tanks with gold.

I want an electric car...vroom...vroom!


Saturday, March 20, 2004

UJ: cute little house

I took a look at a cute little house a couple of days ago that I might rent for the next year. It's super cute...also super tiny, but I live by myself, so that isn't any big deal. I could so see myself living there.

And yep, that means that for at least another year...I will be residing in Bloomington. I haven't found a job perfect enough on the east coast to leave just yet...and I love what I do here, sometimes just wish it was closer to family and friends on the east coast.

So, cross your fingers for me about this little house. It's not perfect, but I could see it being very homey.


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

UJ: Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Hey all....from the most Irish girl this side of the pond, Happy St. Patty's Day!

Much of today doesn't feel like the Irish holiday...mainly because I am working the standard day and there is no green colored merriment planned for this evening.

But, it is still that "Yeah! I am Irish..." day.

So, drink your green beer...or eat your green ham...or whatever floats your boat on this green, Irish day!



Monday, March 15, 2004

UJ: slipppery....

I just hopped out of the shower, threw on my pajamas and was brushing my wet hair (so it won't dry into a nasty mess)...and the brush slipped out of my hand and almost fell in the toilet.

Close call...since I could wash the brush a bajillion times, but there is no recovering from falling in the toilet.

Today was a boring and slow day at work...but it went by really fast. Little interesting things happened that had nothing to do with work...and really filled up the day. Plus, a coworker that I work with...we looked through the posts to see what kind of apartments and houses we might want to live in (since we are both looking to move sometime this summer).

Spring Break is always a boring week at work...since the whole town shuts down, but I kinda like it.

And tomorrow...the nice, semi-warm weather is going to go away...and it is supposed to snow....at least a couple of inches...at most 6.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday...



Sunday, March 14, 2004

UJ: blissful silence

Oh, how I love Spring Break....

Oh, how I love being able to go to sleep whenever I want and now just when it is convenient for my noisy neighbors to not be playing music...

Oh, how I love being able to park anywhere I want downtown...

Oh, how I love not having to plan my driving route around when the college kids will be getting out of class....


Saturday, March 13, 2004

UJ: Survivor Sucks!

At least in my opinion, Survivor Sucks....can't stand reality shows like that because they are all about manipulating and shadiness...and shows the darkness of people and the world.

I know, a tad dramatic for a Saturday evening!

But my point is....reality shows don't need to be like that, even if they are voting people off. Shows like "The Mole" and "The Amazing Race" and even "MTV RR/RW Inferno" have my respect. Why? Because the person who PERFORMED the worst is the one to GO HOME. The person who gets the LOWEST score on the quiz in The Mole, goes home! The one who gets to the finish line LAST in "The Amazing Race," goes home! The one who LOSES in the "Inferno," goes home!

Those games are still entertaining...and chuck full of drama, but they also have a smidge of fairness to them.

Last Thursday, Friends was a repeat, so instead of watching the repeat, I switched over to Survivor to see what was going on. I thought it might be mildly entertaining. So, I watched an hour of crap...and saw that the most athletic, capable person...Colby, was sent home. Why? Because of strategy and because people thought he was a threat to them winning the game. It is amazing how shady people get at the thought of a little intimidating competition. By the end of the episode....I was left with such an empty feeling. What is the point of watching a show if there is nothing even remotely fair about it?

I know millions disagree with me....but alas, Survivor isn't the show for me.


Friday, March 12, 2004

UJ: friday morning ramblings...

Hmm, it is friday already? How did the week completely fly by me? I guess that's a good thing, eh?

This week has been crazy busy at work...with stuff to catch up with from being gone and then I spent a bunch of time on a hiring committee for a position we are interviewing for. I think I have mentioned this before...but what an interest twist...going from the person interviewing for a job to the person hiring for a job. I think though, it will help me interview in the future. I see things we look for...things that are red flags for us...

and on a more shallow note...I have a reality TV confession. I have been known to watch crap TV...and the woes of this continues! What do I watch now? Donald Trump's The Apprentice. Ick...I know. I didn't watch it for the first 4 or 5 episodes, but then they got all tricky...and put it on Thursday nights. I will pretty much watch anything between Friends and ER, so I suddenly became a fan of The Apprentice.

You know what though...I learn some things about myself and my values when it comes to work and what is important. I see in many ways...why corporate work like that isn't for me. Sometimes I see the candidates and things they are willing to do to make a buck...and realize I could never do that. Then I see Donald sometimes...and the reasons he fires someone and I really disagree. I think I value different things than Donald does. I know, if I was ever on a show like this....week one, Donald would probably be saying to me, "You're fired!"

I hope people enjoy their weekends...the weather is supposed to be nice here...almost 60 degrees. Not Florida nice, but well, I'm not complaining!



Tuesday, March 09, 2004

UJ: Martha Stewart woes

You know, Martha isn't my favorite person...I think she is smug and cocky and often so cold and unfriendly.....so, I am not one of the people that watches her television show or buys her magazine or hopes to have a "martha stewart" home.

But, I think what is happening to her is wrong. Did she break the law? Yes, she did. Did she do something wrong? Yes, she did. Does she deserve to be in a jail cell? In my opinion, no...she does not.

She got a tip and sold a stock...and saved herself about $50,000. That is equivalent of me saving 2 dollars.... And then yes, she lied about it. She tried to save her own ass...and the ass of her company. But, I think with all that is wrong with the world...she is being made an example of. I think that she made a mistake, but not one that deserves to spend a year or so of her life in prison. I think restitution would better be served to ban her from ever dealing with stock again, to have her give a large sum of money and to have probation where she could actually make a difference.

I also think of some of the stock shmucks...who aren't even close to a jail cell. Those Enron and World.com jerks...whose crimes actually did hurt people. The Enron debackle....it causes hundreds and hundreds of people to have no savings and no retirements. Those jerks...sold their stock while they put a freeze on the stockholders and employees of the company, in essence...allowing them to walk away millionaires...or billionaires....while the avergae Joe walked away with their life savings in smoke. Are they in jail? For the most of them...nope. Those people did some serious and significant damage.

I guess maybe Martha Stewart should have tried to be better and closer friends with the Pres and VP...maybe then, she would be sitting pretty like Dubya's Enron buddies.

Whoever would have thought I would have felt bad for Martha Stewart, but well...I do.


Monday, March 08, 2004

UJ: back in wnidy, cold indiana....

got back into town yesterday afternoon. Florida was so nice....I got to have three greats days of work at the conference...and then spent 4 days with my brother and a friend as a mini-vacation.

We went to Disney....went to the Magic Kingdom and then went to MGM Studios (Tower of Terror is the best ride EVER invented!!!). We also spent a day by the pool...and hung out at Epcot at night.

And now...I am back to work. Ahhh...I need a vacation from my vacation. *winks*