Thursday, October 30, 2008

4 days and counting...

So, did people watch the Obama commercial last night? I did. I knew I would. It obviously isn't going to change my vote since I am voting for Obama anyways, but I was interested in what it was going to say. And...I planned on watching the World Series after it anyways (Congrats Phillies BTW) I might as well watch Obama first.

If you watched....what did you think? I thought it was well done and spoke to the key points of Obama's plan. I think it showed him in a presidential light and could help some of the undecided voters who might think he doesn't have the ability or experience to be the pres. However, I don't think it really changed anyone's mind. I think that if you agree with liked the 30 minute spot. If you disagree with thought it was ridiculous.

I am hopeful and nervous about this election. Every time I see the polls, I get excited to think about an end to the Bush regime...and that Obama could turn things around and go back to the good ol' Clinton days. But, I also don't want to count my chickens until they are hatched. I was so sure in 2000 that Gore would win that election and well...he technically did, so we know how that one worked out. And then in 2004, I had such high hopes that Kerry would win the election...and those early voter polls made it look like he might just do it...and then we know how that went. So, even though the polls show Obama with a healthy lead in many of the usual Republican states....I don't want to believe it is true until Nov. 4th comes and goes.

And so what if McCain wins??? Well....2 years ago, I would have said it wasn't the result I wanted, but it would have been okay. I respected how McCain stood up when he believed in something...even if it was not popular. I thought he was a man of respect, intelligence and honor. I thought he was a really decent person and someone who would bring honor back to the presidency. Well, this campaign has changed how I view McCain. He has become like many of the political croonies...I will say and do anything to win. I will try to convince you that Obama is trying to steal your money. I will try to convince you that Obama hangs out on the block with known terrorists. And the list goes on and made me wonder where that John McCain is that I had such respect for a few years ago.

And then he goes and picks Sarah Palin as his running mate. The only good thing about her being in the race is that it gives Tina Fey more exposure and maybe then more people will watch 30 Rock. As a woman and a feminist, I wanted desperately to be able to support and possibly endorse a female candidate. As I have written before, my initial choice for President was not was Hillary Clinton. I voted for her in the primary...and would have continued to support her for President. But, I WILL NOT support someone just because they are a woman. Palin has shown just how unqualified she is to run for the office of Vice President. She thinks she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from her house. She can't tell Katie Couric one paper or magazine she reads....not one. She doesn't even know what the Vice President does. It offends me that they think that women will just blindly support her...because she is female. I want a female candidate who is up to the job...not just someone you dress up and hope to spice up a fading ticket. It's not a step forward in terms of the feminist fact, it is a GIANT step back. You betcha!

So...I cannot wait to cast my vote on Tuesday. I'll be happily and proudly voting for Barack Obama. I think he has the vision and desire to make true changes in our country. all honesty, with how McCain and Palin have run their campaign...even if I didn't believe those things about Obama, I'd still have no choice but to vote for Obama anyways.

And remember....VOTE EARLY....and VOTE OFTEN!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

the end of blogging about least until 2009!

Hey is the internet doing on this fine Thursday???

I've moved my focus from reading 24/7 about reading 24/7 about politics, so expect a political post to be a-coming. But, let me finish up my constant blathering about baseball.

Obviously, the die hard member of Red Sox Nation that I am....I am disappointed and a little bit heart broken that the Red Sox didn't finish off the comeback of all comebacks and win Game 7. Congrats go to the Tampa Bay Rays....they played well all season and then have continued it into the playoffs. Overall, I still don't think they are the better team than the Red Sox...but during the series, I have to admit they were. Our pitching wasn't it's usual best....our hitting was hurt due to injuries...and we ended the season tired and a little beat up, while their young team seemed to be the example of being the "energizer bunny." So...congrats to the Rays...I'll say that through my disappointment and bitterness.

Now that I've had a few days to think about this season and what the Red Sox accomplished. I am really proud of what they did. They didn't win the World Series...but unlike people over in Yankee land, I don't consider a season to be successful only if my team wins the World Series. I'm a Red Sox fan...if they come up one game shy of the World Series or if they don't even make the playoffs at all.

All in all....I think this year, the Red Sox went above and beyond. Let's see...their DH clutch hitter, David Ortiz, went down with an injury and was out for a chunk of the season. He came back, but has been struggling to get his same powerful swing back. We traded away our best hitter (good riddance Manny). We had injuries to JD Drew and Mike Lowell....two great hitters in our lineup. We had chronic injuries with our ace pitcher, Josh Beckett...who still pitched with heart, guts and genius in Game 6.

We got the wild card....and headed into the post season. We played the Angels...who during the regular season beat us 8-1 in head to head games. They basically owned us this year...even though we owned them during the post season historically. We continued that history and beat the Angels 3-1 in the first round of play.

We went on to play the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays. It was experience vs. youth. We snagged Game 1...and the mood was so hopeful. But our injuries and the grinding out of wins was just getting to us...and the Rays were too young...and too good to not take advantage. We went down 3-1...and went into Game 5 at Fenway Park.

Game 5. Good lord. I will remember Game 5 for my entire life. I can't imagine ever seeing another game like that in my lifetime. The Red Sox showed why they are one of the best teams in baseball. They showed what those "BELIEVE" signs mean that are held up by fans....believe until the last out. Don't give up...even when it looks hopeless. I was one of the few that didn't turn the TV off. I watched that game....I watched the Sox go down 0-5 and then go down 0-7, even with Papelbon on the mound. My heart sank as I envisioned the Red Sox season going up in smoke...and the idea of those Rays celebrating on our field....the idea was just heart breaking. And then...the unthinkable happened. The Red Sox started to rally...first pushing through one make it 1-7. Then the struggling David Ortiz...showed why he is Big Papi and hit a 3 run HOMERUN. 4-7. Then in the 8th...JD Clutch Drew hit a 2 run homerun. 6-7.'s a ballgame. The Red Sox push through the tying run on a hit by Coco Crisp...and in the 9th...JD Cluth Drew gets a walk off hit and the Red Sox win that game. How does that happen? I couldn't believe my eyes. World Series or no World Series...the Red Sox showed who they were right there. They showed their fight...that they were down, but not out. I mean...seriously....Game 5....I am sure those players...on both teams, will talk about being a part of that guy for the rest of their lives.

And yeah...they didn't come back from 3-1 a third time. This wasn't on their side. Garza pitched too well...and our hitters didn't get the job done. So, the Red Sox's season is over...and now, I anxiously await the beginning of 2009. They had better resign Tek...and I hope they get another bat in the lineup. But all in all...I think we are in good shape. And I do fear...that in the history of Manny being Manny...he'll end up playing for the Yanks next year, which of course...will anger and break my heart.

So, who I am rooting for in the World Series??? Until the game started last night, I was conflicted. I support AL, I want to root for the (Devil) Rays. Plus, they have had a great season...going from worst to first...and now trying to put a World Series cherry on top of that sundae. the game started, it was clear....I am rooting for the Phillies. Is it out of bitterness???? Probably. I just can't root for the team that just beat mine. In reality, I don't care all that much who wins....but still...Go Phillies....beat those (Devil) Rays!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Yep, that's about all I have to say....whoo to the god damn hoo!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the last stretch of the longest election in history....

Hey all....I hope people enjoyed their weekend and I hope they extra enjoyed the long weekend if they got it. I loved having Monday off...even if it was in celebration of that Christopher Columbus.

I was watching the news this morning...and GMA reported that Barack Obama's lead is now 10 points. I am happy and surprised by this. I really thought the race would be neck and neck...until Nov. 4th. However, I am also cautiously optimistic...since I can remember polls saying how ahead John Kerry was 4 years ago and well...we know how well that played out.

I do think though....that the race is definitely in Obama's favor. One, the war debate isn't as hotly contested as it used to be. In 2004...there was still a great divide between the people who felt it was the "wrong war, wrong time" and the people who felt that Iraq was instrumental in fighting terrorism. Two, the issue of gay marriage is not on the ballot in many states. We know that last time...conservatives came out in droves to vote on that and vote for President at the same time. Three, the economy is the main issue in this election...and that is something that works in Obama's favor. It's never a good thing to be going through what our country is financially...but polls have shown that people trust Obama when it comes to economic and domestic issues more than they trust McCain. If the main issue was foreign policy...then I think it would swing in McCain's favor. And four, new voter registration....has been heavily democratic this time around. So, it looks like new people are voting and they look like they might be voting democratic.

I have long been a Hillary Clinton supporter....I still feel SHE is the best person to run this country. She has the knowledge and experience...and she is well respected around the world. But well, we lost that I am strongly in Barack Obama's corner. I think he will not only right many of the wrongs of the Bush administration...but I think he will also be a healing element out in the world. The world sees us as brash, cowboy bullies...and Obama can do a lot to change the view of the good ol' US of A.

I can't believe how close the election is...I remember when it seemed so far away and now, it is right around the corner. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping election night isn't another night of "too close to call" and having to bring in lawyers and what not.

Go Obama!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Car repairs...and $$$$!

I think I've mentioned before that my car has one main issue...which makes me sometimes hate it. Normally...I adore my car. I got it for a great price...paid it off early...and now get to drive around and not worry about a car payment. Sweet, eh? Yes...except when I am hating it. My car's main issue is the security system. It sometimes thinks I am an intruder and trying to steal it. does. It doesn't recognize the chip in my key and therefore will not start. I have to leave the key in the "on" position for 10 minutes for the system to restart and then it will start.

All of this started as a mild inconvenience...having to hang around 10 minutes every ONCE in a while. It didn't happen often though. And then it started happening more frequently...once a week at least. And then it started happening almost daily. I had a day a week or so ago...where it happened 3 ONE day. Aurghh!!!

As I mentioned before, I brought my car to the local dealership to get an estimate to get it fixed. After a lot of drama and rudeness....I got an $800 estimate to get it fixed. I decided to look around for better options. I want it fixed, but not for that price tag. My dad and I looked around and made some calls. Well, my daddio ended up finding a dealership in Vermont who had dealt with the problem before and said he had never heard of it being an $800 fix. dad brought my car over to cute, little, honest, friendly Vermont and got the repair for just a little over $300. Whoo hoo! One, I am SO happy to have the problem I don't have to cross my fingers and HOPE that my car starts when I jump in. And TWO, Whoo Hoo...for the repair being reasonably priced.

This whole repair got me thinking....about how I have had a lot of little and not so little expenses lately. I had my car repair ($300), my registration renewal ($80), my driver's license renewal ($50), my new cell phone ($50)...and a few more things I am not remembering right now. It's left me in a little bit of a money pinch this month...but definitely dealable. I started to think about the economy and the consistent downturn it is taking...and how many people's budgets would have been devastated with all those little things in a row. Luckily, I have a savings acct...and one particularly for my car and repairs, but without it...I'd be eating ramen and cheese sandwiches for the month.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Midweek update....

Hey all....see, I am doing a little better at updating this blog and not letting it go a week...a few weeks...a month or more. I had gotten into the bad habit of not writing and well, it wasn't good. I know that like 2 people read my blog and you know what, I'm ok with that. Seriously. Sure, I would love it if I was one of the cute little popular blogs that when I made a post...a million bajillion people immediately commented on it. But then again, maybe I wouldn't. I love that I write for me...and really nobody else. I would hate for there ever to become a time when I started writing for someone else...or editing my writing in fear of who may or may not be reading it.

So, what's been going on with me lately? Well...obviously, I have been watching my fair share of baseball. I'm basically at the brink of exhaustion from staying up late watching these games. It's so worth it though...I love this time of the year. The only real sad that I know I am completely prioritizing baseball watching over interactions with actual human beings. But well...I'm actually ok with it because in essence, it's what a sports fan does. And of course...more baseball is on the way. The Red Sox and the Rays square off on Friday night...and I'll be home and watching.

What else is new with Shelley Shelley Bo Belley?? Well...Sunday was my birthday. I am officially 31 years old. I had a pretty low key birthday. And yep...I spent most of it watching the Red Sox (watching them lose, but bygones). I went to church in the morning...then I had lunch with my dad and just hung around the house. I'm really ok with low key birthdays. Sure, I huge bash would be fun, but I've found in my ever growing experience...that with things like that, I often end up having high expectations and getting disappointed. I would have liked to hang out with a few local friends...and I am sure we will.

And in a dramatic fashion, I bought myself a new cell phone for my birthday. My cell phone has been wonky for a while now. The battery was less than it was barely holding a charge. It would last for about a day if it wasn't used and it would last for about 20 minutes of talk time. Not good my friends. I barely use my cell phone I was not worried about it. Until Sunday...I woke up and realized I didn't know where my cell phone was. I called rang, but I couldn't hear it. So, I went downstairs...same thing. And then I called it again and this time it went right to voicemail. Ugh. I started to panick. Did it go to voicemail because someone stole it and turned it off because of my constant annoying ringing??? Uh oh. So, I went over to the local Verizon store and since I could upgrade for free...I went ahead and got a new phone. Part of my hated to leave the old phone...since I am used to it and it has a kick @rse ringtone. phone means needing a new phone.

The thing I was most bummed about...was my phone being missing or stolen because I had all my contact numbers in there. I had no idea what anyone's phone # was..since we just scroll down now and click "call" instead of having to actually know people's phone numbers. Long story...less long...I ended up finding my phone on Monday morning as I was heading into work. It was hidden in my car...and it went to voicemail because the battery went dead. one stole it...and I now have all my contact info again....and a new phone. So...happy birthday to me!

Anything else that is new? Hmm...watched the debate last night...if I am not staying up late to watch baseball...I am staying up late to watch the political mumbo jumbo. Of course, I am an Obama supporter, so I thought he connected more with my views and what is important to me. This shouldn't matter...but...McCain just creeped me out. He seemed angry and snarky and just completely creeped me all out. I wasn't comforted by anything he said...and really felt that the country might be in trouble if he wins on Nov. 4th.

So there is my life in a long nutshell....what's going on with you (2 people who read my blog)?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

sweet sweet victory....

Well...the Red Sox couldn't give me a win on Sunday for my birthday...they broke my heart by keeping me up until 1am only to see them lose it in extra innings. Last night...would they break my heart again. Would they??


Nope. It was a great...and I mean GREAT game. It started out staying 0-0 for the longest time. I was on pins and needles. And then the BoSox broke through and scored 2 runs. From that point on...I just wanted the game to be OVER. And in dramatic fashion...with a pitching mistake, the Angels tied it up 2-2 in the top of the 8th. My heart was pounding....I didn't want to see the team go down again and have to shuffle back to LA for another game.

But no worries my friends...the Red Sox came through to score a run in the bottom of the 9th. Talk about making it riveting baseball (of course it is only riveting if your team wins)...but it made the win that much sweeter. I didn't care how exhausted I was at the end of the game....I felt like I had enough energy and adrenaline to run a marathon. And of course...the game winning run was a slide into home by the new outfielder Jason Bay. Good lord I love that guy...he's not Manny...nor is he trying to be, but I think he might just be the magic that Boston needs. And the run was batted in by the rookie who was struggling at the plate...the awesome Jed Lowrie.

I couldn't be happier...and of course, I am stoked to know that more baseball is coming. Boston heads to Florida on Friday to take on the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.

GO SOX!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Sex And The City...the movie...a Shelley review.

Spoiler Alert.....I am going to spend the next post blathering on and on about the Sex and the City movie...and so I might reveal parts about the beginning, middle and end, so if you haven't seen it and don't wanna know...umm...don't be a reading!

K, now that I have that out of the way. I was SO excited when I heard a Sex and The City movie was coming out. I loved the tv show and couldn't wait to see what kind of things would be in store for the girls in the movie. I had initially planned on seeing it when it came to the theatre...even though I usually always see everything on video. I was going to go see it with some of my girlfriends, but it didn't work out. I was a little disappointed, but figured....I'll watch it on video, no big deal.

So, it came out on video...I rented it...err...netflixed it...and sat down to watch it on one of the days I was on vacation. So, what did I think? Honestly....I was disappointed and generally didn't like it. I'll be honest...I have never liked Big and never thought he deserved Carrie. I felt that he was only in the relationship as far as he wanted to...and so she was always playing by his rules. This movie just reinforced that for me. Ick. So, the movie starts with them together and happy as could be. It has Charlotte with her family...happy as can be. Miranda and Steve...cold and misreable as ever...and dealing with an affair. And, Samantha in Hollywood and hating being the Mrs. and being away from NYC.

And so Big and Carrie decide to get married because they love each other and Carrie wants to. And, for a moment...Big actually goes down Carrie's path and does some things her way. He concedes to her....for a moment...only to break her heart and devastate her. In the end, on the wedding day...Big is classic Big and doesn't marry her because he can't do it. He leaves her in the dress because it isn't how he wanted it to go. And then the movie follows Carrie as she deals with the humiliation and depression...and picks herself up, brushes herself up and heals herself back into the amazing woman that she is. Ummm...only to get back together with Big and marry him...HIS way. I hated the message this sent...and it's something SATC has consistently done with Carrie and Big. I personally felt that tnhe movie would have been better if Carrie has healed and moved on to someone who wanted an actual relationship with her...where both of their needs mattered. Hmmpf!

Now, it wasn't a total wash....I found Charlotte's story of her family really compelling. I knew she would end up getting pregnant on her own...and she truly is that happily ever after story. Tugged at my heart strings. And I also loved Miranda's story. I felt it was heart breaking and real. She and Steve have a real and complicated relationship. Unlike my dislike of Big....I think Steve is someone who has hurt Miranda, but truly is willing to be with her 100%. I actually think it's Miranda who always holds Steve at a distance (not an excuse for the way...just making that clear). I hated seeing Big and Carrie come back together, but I loved seeing Miranda and Steve come back together at the end of the film.

So...the movie was ok...and I knew how it would end before it started. I was just disappointed in the message it sent to women and how you can get your man...along as you compromise yourself and travel down his path at the expense of your own.

*end of feminist SATC rant*

Thursday, October 02, 2008

whoo to the freakin' hoo!

So, any guesses as to what I was doing last night at 1:15am????

Sleeping? Nope.

Watching a kick @rse movie? Nope.

Watching the Red Sox win Game 1 of the series with the Angels?


Yeppers!!! The game didn't start until 10pm EST since it was being played out in sunny CA...and so I started watching it, hoping I could make it to the end. It was a tense, nail biter of a game and the Sox won it 4-1. Whoo hoo for Jon Lester who is a pitching genius and showing people that he is more than just a last minute replacement for Josh Beckett. Whoo hoo for Jason Bay for hitting a 2 run homer to put the Sox on top. Whoo hoo for Jacoby Ellsbury for not only being cute as a button...but for getting on base FIVE times last night and making an awesome catch in center field in the 8th that made sure that the Angels didn't score a run and make a game of it. Whoo hoo for Jonathan Papelbon for closing the game with that same intensity he always has in October.

It was a great game. Only was then 1:15am...and my body was chuck full of adrenaline, which makes falling right to sleep not so easy. I had to watch a good deal of crap tv in order to make my eyes all sleepy.

So, yeah...I am a tired kid this morning, but it was WELL worth it!!! One game down, 2 more to go! I'll be sending the Red Sox all the luck I have that they can take Game 2 and head back home to Boston up 2 games to none.

Let's Go RED SOX!