Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #32

The Last Thirteen Movies Shelley Has Seen and What She Thinks of Them.

This one should be easy because I list all the movies I have seen over there on the left...oops...which makes me realize I need to update the last couple of movies I have seen.

1. Deliver Us From Evil: It was a great movie and horrible all at the same time. It was a great documentary, but just well...terrifying to watch. I was shocked to see the actions of the Catholic church, the blunt honest of the priest being interviews and how the church basically rewarded anyone who kept "the secret." Great movie, but completely broke my heart.
2. Good German: I liked this movie, well...kind of. I thought it was an interesting story and well, I like George Clooney and all. But, I did think it was pretty slow going at points...and if I had been tired, I completely would have slept through the whole movie. It definitelywas made in the old time genre look...and that was kinda cool, but at the same time I desperately wanted an action sequence.
3. The Dead Girl: I liked this one too. It starts with someone finding a dead girl...and then the rest of the movie is really mini-movies telling how each character is connected to the dead girl. The final segment is actually the dead girl's story of her final day. I thought it was really compelling and felt that Brittany Murphy, Kerry Washington and Marcia Gay Harden did fabulous jobs. Check it out.
4. Deja vu: This movie stars Denzel a ATF agent investigating a terrorist bomb that went off on a ferry boat. During his investigation, he finds a way to watch what happened in the past and then change things in the past. I thought the movie was good..except...I saw Back to the I know that you can't go back in time and not have it mess with the current timeline, etc. So...Emmett Brown would be having a fit with some of the time travel leaps...pun intended! *winks*
5. The Painted Veil: I adore Edward Norton...I think he is fabulous and talented...and well, dreamy. I basically think that Ed can do no wrong. This movie was just beautiful to watch....and was a great story about two people really growing to love one another.
6. Breaking And Entering: I liked this movie because I felt the storylines were really quite complex. It's about this kid who is paid to break into this one building and steal their computers, LCD screens, etc. And the guy who owns the building (Jude Law) then becomes obsessed with figuring out who it is...and in the process starts having an affair with the boy's mother. The story continues from there and the two families get all mixed up together. It's definitely a british movie...and quite enjoyable.
7. Aurora Borealis: I loved this movie. It has a great cast, Donald Sutherland, Joshie Jackson, Louise Fletcher, Juliette Lewis. It was never released to theatres or at least not to a broad release, so I snagged when it came out on DVD. It's about Josh's character who takes a job as a handy-man in his grandfather's building, Sutherland. Josh is a pretty low key, goal-less guy who is still haunted by his father's death as a child. Sutherland's character is suffering from Parkinson's and dementia...and slowly losing his ability to function. I just thought it was a great movie highlighting what it means to be family and the secrets every family holds. Plus, Sutherland was just phenomenal as the grandfather...a true pleasure to watch.
8. Music and Lyrics: It's a movie with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, how could it not be cute?? Basically if you look "cute as a button" up in the dictionary, there is a pic of this movie.
9. Catch and Release: I liked this the cast, mainly Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith. I think the part was just perfect for Jennifer, since it seemed to embody who she is. I love Kevin Smith, but there was no acting in this all...he just played himself, wardrobe and all. It was cute though...very forumalic, but well, did you expect anything else?
10. Little Children: This movie was interesting and disturbing. Plus, I love all things Kate Winslet, so I wanted to see the film. It basically is the story of a small town and all the dysfunctional sexual relationships that are both said and unsaid. There is a convicted sex offender in town, who is constantly under the watchful eye of the community action group. Kate Winslet's character is in an unhappy marriage...and begins an affair with another married dad in his play group. I was really intrigued by this movie...thought it really showed the complexities of relationships and the consequences of choices.
11. Alpha Dog: Hated this movie. Hated! I thought it might be decent, even though it starred Justin Timberlake. Actually, I thought he was decent, but the movie was not. The basic plot is a group of thug wannabees are owed money by another thug wannabee, so they kidnap his brother as payment and things go steadily wrong from there. My main complaint, the director seemed to think the only way to show emotion or drama is to have the actors scream their dialogue. The movie is just dreadful. Do not see, even if it is for free...cause you will never get those 2 hours of your life back.
12. Dreamgirls: Good movie...loved the music and the storyline of striving for your dreams in the face of adversity. I did fall asleep in the middle, but it was because I was exhausted...not telling of the movie at all. I think Jennifer Hudson definitely deserved all the awards she got...except she should have been nominated as Best Actress, not Best Supporting...since she carries the movie.
13. Slingshot: I rented it because it has an interesting cast...David Arquette, Balty Getty, Thora Birch, Julianna Marguilles, etc. It's about these two con-men who seduce women and then clean them out...and when Balty gets involved with conning Julianna...he meets her daughter, Thora, and suddenly it is about more than just a con. I expected more...and it just didn't deliver.

Alright folks...there ya have it, my drivel about the last 13 movies I have seen. What's the last movie you saw????

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And people say he isn't smart!

Anyone who reads me knows...I am a fan of one Mr. Benji Affleck. He's adorable and witty and yeah, a smarty pants. I think, in many ways, he's gotten a horrible reputation in Hollywood and is a much smarter man than people give him credit for.

Over on Huffington, there was article about Benji and some of the comments he made about the Democratic party on the Bill Maher show. Here's a link to the article, check it out.

And yes, Ben did get it right...completely. I am a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party and I couldn't agree more. I support the Democrats and their agendas...I just wish they would stand behind them as wholeheartedly as I do. I find it so sheepish and cowardly the democrats behave. The people voted in the last election...and spoke their minds about the current administration and the war...and placed record numbers of democrats in office.

The democrats get all big and tough and pass a law which funds the war, but with rules and provisions and shockingly, a time table for withdrawl. Bush says he will veto it and he does. So, it gets sent back and instead of the dems truly getting a backbone and sending the bill back...they cave and send a bill they know he will sign. What are they there for...if they aren't willing to send up legislation that they actually believe in?

I support the ideas of the democratic party...but the actual party? not so much. The Republicans are right...we are a bunch of wimps. We behave like scared little abused puppy dogs. Ick.

So, yes...Affleck hit the nail right on the head. He's a million percent. Now thinking Gigli was a good movie to make, he'll never be right about that! *winks*

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the debt/savings game...

I have spent a good deal of the morning going through my finances and debt...and looking at where I am at in terms of paying off some educational debt (it's really the only debt I have left). I have ONE monsterous loan...and a smaller Perkins loan which is slowly being paid off.

The Perkins loan is a smidge over 3K...and I have been paying a whopping $200 a month on it. Right now, it is scheduled to get paid off in the middle of 2008. I think that's pretty good since the initial loan was scheduled to be paid off sometime in 2012. It would be paying the loan off 4 years early.

Seems good, right? Well...yes...until I really thought about it. I started thinking about the loans I have and the money I have in savings. I have a student loan which is about 3K...and I have about 4500 in my savings account. I am paying 5% interest on my student loan...and making 4.5% interest on the money in my savings account. Just looking at interest alone, that's showing that I am losing 0.5% interest each month by leaving the savings where it is and only paying the $200 on the loan.

So, why haven't I paid it in full yet??? Well...part of it is fear. I like the security blanket of having all that money in a savings account just in case...the worst happens. I like having it there just in case my car does a horrible, evil death. I like having it there just in case I get fired 10 minutes from now. I like having it in case I get sickly...and need to be out of work for an extended period of time.

So...I am keeping the money there for the "just in case" situations. And the likelihood of any of those things happening is not much....and that means, after some consultation with one of my friends at work...we decided that it really is in my best interest to pay off that loan.

It's still flippin' terrifying, but...well, it's the right thing to do. Now, after I pay off the loan, I am going to put the $200/month that I used to pay for that loan back into my savings account to build back up my savings. After 1 year, I am going to roll that $200 over into what I am paying every single month on that honking other student loan I have. And I have to remind myself that even though that loan is HONKING huge, I am still on course to pay that off sometime in 2010...which is 22 years before I am scheduled to have it paid off. Not too shabby, not too shabby.

So there ya next action on my plan to rid myself of debt...well until I decide to buy a house and pile myself with debt all over again!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Police are coming!!! Watch out!

I am a huge music fan and not only music, but a HUGE classic rock girl. I was in 77 and think that I missed out on a lot a really great music movement. I like bands such as Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Mellencamp, Queen, The Clash, etc.

Another band from that era that I LOVE is The Police. I grew up as a little kid being a fan of Sting and then realizing that Sting was part of the Police long before he was a solo-artist. The music from The Police has really stood the test of time. I was in the car this weekend and "Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic" came on the radio and there I was...driving around...singing along at the tops of my lungs. And don't forget "Roxannnnneeeee" *giggles* Blake, the runner up for this year's American Idol, sang a great cover of 'Roxanne' this season. The Police just made a bunch of really good, fun to hear songs. The Police are coming out with a new album to support their world tour! They are coming out with a new, 2 disc police cd which includes a bunch of their greatest hits. The hits include:

Disc: 1
1. Fallout
2. Can't Stand Losing You
3. Next to You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole in My Life
7. So Lonely
8. Message in a Bottle
9. Reggatta de Blanc
10. Bring on the Night
11. Walking on the Moon
12. Don't Stand So Close to Me
13. Driven to Tears
14. Canary in a Coalmine

Disc: 2
1. Do Do Do de da da Da
2. Voices Inside My Head
3. Invisible Sun
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5. Spirits in the Material World
6. Demolition Man
7. Every Breath You Take
8. Synchronicity I
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Walking in Your Footsteps
11. Synchronicity II
12. King of Pain
13. Murder by Numbers
14. Tea in the Sahara

Great list of tunes, eh? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this CD. And, I heard that 100 people will be winning this CD. Really? Well...PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME! I would have the police cd in my car all summer and be tooling around to some great, rocking tunes.

You know what I think of every time I think of The Police? I smile and think of a scene from the movie, 'Footloose'...where Ren and Willard are talking about music:

Ren: You like Men At Work?
Willard: what men?
Ren: Men at work.
Willard: well where do they work?
Ren: No, they're a music group.
Willard: well what do they call themselves?
Ren: Oh no! What about the Police?
Willard: What about 'em?
Ren: You ever heard them?
Willard: No, but I seen them.
Ren: Where, in concert?
Willard: No, behind you.


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Random dump of how my weekend went...

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! Here is just a random lowdown on how my long, holiday weekend went.

  • On Saturday I went with my dad to Maine for the day. My dad and mom used to always go sometime over Memorial Day and clean up my grandparents' stone, etc. He has been doing that for years and years. I wanted to make sure he still went, so I offered to go along. It was a really nice trip. It's such a beautiful area up there and the weather couldn't have been nicer. We spent more time in the car than we spent in Maine, but it was still very, very nice. We walked by the house my mom grew up in and then drove by the house my dad grew up in. What's the property values up there. There were tons of houses for sale and they were all going for insane amounts. One house had the asking price on it...and it looked like a decently sized 2 or 3 bedroom home...listed for $450,000. That's just insane...absolutely insane.

  • I went over to the local Blockbuster on exchange out some movies. When I went up to the counter to check out...the manager was the one renting me my movies. We ended up talking about the movies I was renting, etc...and it ended up coming up in conversation that I used to work for the rival video store in town. She asked if I was looking for work and said that if I ever am, to apply...because she would love to hire me. That just made me giggle...and got me thinking. I mean, I am so happy I left the video store, but sometimes I miss that extra video store money. So, I don't think I will be applying anytime soon, but I am going to let the thought linger in my head a little bit. Plus, I like the idea of basically getting a job I wasn't looking for...didn't apply for! *giggles*

  • On Memorial Day...I went over to the Saratoga cemetary and brought some flowers to place by my mom's marker. I hadn't gone down since the services, so I knew it was time. Of course...because it is a veteran's was insane there....had to drive around forever to get a parking spot. It was really nice though...tons of people there...and flowers everywhere. I was really glad I went up. Then I went over and spent some time with my dad...we returned some dishes to people that brought food and such. Then...I went grocery shopping and came home.

  • Speaking of grocery shopping....I am a walking hypocrit when it comes to Devil-Mart. I went to Wal-Mart three times this weekend. I went on Saturday night...not to buy anything, but to get a walk in. I spent so much time in the car on the way to Maine and back that the number on my pedometer was just pathetic. ick. So, I wanted a good sized walk, but didn't really want to be outside. So, I went to Wal-Mart and walked and walked and walked. The store is huge, so walking through it a couple of times adds on a lot of steps. Then...I also went back to Wal-Mart on Sunday...for a walk and to buy some stuff. And then on Monday, I desperately needed to go grocery shopping, so I went back to Wal-Mart. I walked throughout the whole store once and then got a cart and got to shopping. Of course, I saw a bajillion people while I was there. I always get busted at Wal-Mart...since I talk a good game about how much I hate the store and what they stand for. But alas...sometimes I can't help loving their low, low prices. I bought all the groceries I needed for the week (which wasn't A LOT, but still) and it only cost $ Hannaford that would have cost a lot more.

  • I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day...and if you had the day off, that you enjoyed it!
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    Monday, May 28, 2007

    counting calories...

    I have been working on increasing my fitness level for years now...sometimes doing well and sometimes not so well. I spend a lot of time calorie counting, etc...since I try to log every single thing I eat. One, I know myself well enough...if I don't write it down, I will eat more than if I do. And two, it helps me see what kind of foods I am eating and what results it gets. has a free calorie counter where it can add up all those pesky calories in a day. It has a feature where you can search for foods and what their caloric intake is. I think this site is pretty cool because it brings together features of a bunch of sites I already use. Hey, if I can find all these things in one place...that's pretty sweet. So, if you are interested in finding out just how many calories you are eating everyday...and finding out what exactly is in those calories, etc...check out and their calorie counter. I am definitely signing up...and starting to use them to count those pesky daily calories!

    P.S. Don't forget the site is completely, 100% free....not free for 30 days or free if you buy some's 100%, all the time free. It's just a great tool to help people track their food and lose weight the healthy way!

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    Friday, May 25, 2007


    Ahh...I am home from work and happily entering a long weekend. I was SO tempted to take today off of work and just spend it lounging in the sun or taking a nice walk along the bike trails or in the park. But alas, I decided to work the day and then enjoy the nice weekend. What are my plans you ask? Well...Saturday I am going to Maine with my dad, just for the day. And then on Monday, I am sure I will do something in celebration of Memorial Day.

    Enjoy the long weekend...if you are in my neck of the woods, it's supposed to be gorgeous.

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    the newest thing from PPP!

    I have written a million, bajillion times about paid posting with I have been posting with them for a few months now and been really happy with the results. I figure, I get a little bit of money and also get to promote stuff that I think it pretty cool anyways.

    Well, PPP has a new feature on their site which is called PPP Direct. What's different about PPP Direct? PPP generally works is that you sign up your blog, you get ranked and then you can read what blog ads are available to you, etc. You can then take opportunities and write about them. All in all, it's a pretty great system.

    It works pretty well from my experience. However, PPP Direct takes it one step farther. My blog for example tends to focus a lot on fitness, weight loss and politics from time to time. Those are the niches that I would most fit into. My blog could really be attractive to a company which sells pedometers or protein shakes, etc. I write about both of those things ALL the time. But, if that company just writes a standard opportunity, I may or may not get that. With PPP Direct, that company can click on the link/badge on my site and request that I write a blog for them, etc. You set a price, they agree. Done deal. Oh and let's not forget that PPP charges the advertisers so much less than other sites...which ends up being more money in our pockets. Sites like end up keeping close to 50% of the advertisers money...not PPP...they charge a markup fee of 10%. So, if an advertiser is willing to pay $'ll get paid $25 with and $45 with PPP Direct. Which one would you choose???

    I think this is fabulous and I am definitely getting a badge. I have often seen opps which I know I would fit perfectly for, but one of their criterias I don't meet, etc. (My alexa score is hella high!). So, this company might see my blog and ask me to write a post. I think it's a win win for both the blogger and the advertiser.

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    a yummy breffis!

    I had a scrumdiddlyumptious breakfast this complete accident. I woke up planning on having a little bit of yogurt and a grapefruit. I got up, cut the grapefruit in half and it just didn't look good. The flesh seems all dried up, etc.

    So, I had to move on to plan B. I ate all my bananas (I often have yogurt and a banana for breakfast), I didn't make my protein smoothie the night before (I have to make it at night because the Magic Bullet is loud and my roomate is sleepy sleepy), I had to figure out something for breakfast.

    I had the yogurt...ingredient number one. So, I put on my thinking cap and then thought of what I could add. I got some frozen raspberries out of the freezer...and put about 8 of them in a little bowl and threw them in the microwave for about 10 seconds. I wanted something else too...not enough for a decent breakfast. Hmm??

    My aunt made some awesome granola when she was up a few weeks ago. It is made with oatmeal and bunches of nuts and seeds and some dried fruit. It is seriously the best granola I have ever had in my life. So, so good! I decided to put a couple of spoonfuls of the granola in with my yogurt and raspberries and mix it all up.

    I put the first spoonful in my mouth...and oh lord! Best breakfast ever! It was crunchy and sweet and just plain awesome.

    So...I guess I am glad my grapefruit was all nasty this morning...except I am not happy with the fact that I paid $1.29 for said grapefruit and threw it in the garbage! *grumbles*

    But my raspberry granola yogurt....flippin' awesome!

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    i want a vacation now!

    When I first moved back to New York...I had lofty plans of getting a job as a school social worker. I went on countless interviews and almost snagged myself one of those swanky jobs. I wanted to be a school social worker for a couple of reasons, but one of them was definitely that I would have school vacations and summers OFF. I would love a job where you get 3 months off a year...paid! But alas, I didn't get that job and now I get a lowly 2-3 weeks vacation a year.

    One of the things I really wanted to do if I had my summers off is travel more. I had grand ideas of getting cheap flights to Europe and just backpacking all over the place. The idea of it is just romantic...or maybe that is just because I have seen "Before Sunrise" too many times! But anyhoo...I really did want to spend a month or more just exploring interesting things in Europe. Who knows? Maybe I will still make it someday. If I do, I am going to need cheap flights and cheap hotel rooms. They specialize in hotels in Amsterdam, but I am most excited about their hotels in Barcelona and London. I can remember my time in Spain when I was in high school and I would love to revisit that experience. And London hotels are coming to their site soon and I have always wanted to go, even if they tend to hate everything American these days!

    So, if only I had gotten one of those school social worker positions, I could be booking a room at this hotel RIGHT NOW! *pouts*

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    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    weight loss plans...

    Isn't it so interesting how I always have weight loss plans, goals, etc...but when I am gaining plans, goals, etc...except I always seem to reach that goal of packing on the pounds. Sad, eh?

    This week...I have done well...I haven't eaten horribly...I haven't eaten out...I have been using my pedometer and walking like a carzy fool.

    The thing I am not a formal workout program. It's what I desperately need to do. I need to get focused and get something in gear. I know walking is part of it, but it just isn't enough. I need to start seriously getting my sweat on. I am going to do this??? Well...there are going to be some changes in my living situation coming up. No, I am not moving. No, my roommate is not moving out. But...she is changing her shift at work. She is going from working the day shift to the mid-shift....which means that instead of 9-5, she will be working 3-11pm. Basically, it means that every single night...I will have the apartment to myself from when I get out of work (4pm) until 11pm. So...I have hours and hours that I can use to get my sweat on. I could always workout when my roommate is there and sometimes I did, but's just never a comfortable thing.

    So...given the change at home, I am going back to my staple workout regime. I am going to start doing Power 90 again. I have the tapes tucked away in the, I am going to start again. I like Power 90 for so many reasons. One, it's something I am willing to commit to...which means I will be committing to working out 6 times a week for at least 4 months. That's so important. And two, it's a nice workout...I can finish it, but just barely. It's gets me sweating. And three, if it gets too easy...there are two levels. Once you get comfy at one switch to the next and it kicks your ass all over again. And four, it has cardio and strength training...and I know I need both.

    My roommate starts her new shift in a couple weeks to a month...depending on how training goes,, I think going to start then. I am excited for a new workout routine. But...I am going to MISS my roommate. With the conflicting schedules...I am never going to see her...maybe on weekends, maybe.

    So...there is my plan...keep eating right...start kicking up the workouts. And this time, I mean it! (unlike the last bajillion times!)

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    Thursday Thirteen #31

    Thirteen Things Shelley Thinks about the Drama with Rosie and Elizabeth Yesterday on The View

    I know it seems like a hugely cheesy topic, but it is something that everyone seems to be talking about, so I thought I would make a TT out of it.

    1. One, I will start off with a full disclosure statement. I love Rosie. I think the world of her. I watched her show religiously and have been watching The View religiously since she started on the show. I am a fan.
    2. Just in case people don't know, this is what went down on the show yesterday. Rosie and Elizabeth got into a fight about some comments Rosie made about Iraq last week. Fox News stated that they felt Rosie said that the troops were terrorists. Rosie asked Elizabeth on Monday if she felt that was what Rosie was saying...and Elizabeth didn't really answer. That obviously hurt Rosie's feelings...and she shared that with Elizabeth on the show and then it erupted into a firestorm of an argument.
    3. That argument...I wish they had gone to commercial because it was just so horrible to watch. It was like a car's horrible and sadly, you just can't look away.
    4. I think both Rosie and Elizabeth share blame for what happened on the show. And, I have felt it is a long time coming. Both women are very polarizing when it comes to political views and it blew up.
    5. I actually believe Rosie was wrong first, in all honesty. Rosie's feelings were hurt and instead of talking to Elizabeth about that in private, off the show...she chose to confront her about it on national television. She talked about how Elizabeth is her friend and that she didn't feel defended by a friend...but in my mind, a friend doesn't do that to another friend...confronting them in front of the world, no matter how hurt she was.
    6. I, in no way, believe that Rosie felt in her heart that the troops are terrorists. She wasn't saying all. However, I can see how some people...especially those on the other end of the political spectrum...took it that way. I think that Rosie needs to realize how her words can be perceived...and take ownership of that. What I believe Rosie meant is...that to people in Muslim nations...the actions of the current Administration (not the troops...but the people sending them into harms way)....could be seen in the mystical "terrorist" light. She is not saying it is right....but that the ideology exists out there. Anyways...not the point.
    7. I could see immediately that Elizabeth was on the defensive. I think she was geniunely surprised at how hurt Rosie's feelings were...and that it bothered her. I also think that she was angered at how this was going down. I tend not to support any of the politics that come out of Elizabeth's mouth...but I felt for her...until...
    8. I felt the Elizabeth lashed out and took a huge, low blow when she made a comment about Donald Trump to Rosie. She spent months on the show supporting Rosie through the Trump episodes...saying how unfair he was for the low blow attacks. And then in the heat of an argument, she says, "I guess it is easier to fight with Donald Trump, etc..." That to me, was showing a little bit of her true colors. It's hard to support someone in a situation...and then, in an argument...throw it up there in their face. I was ashamed of her for doing that.
    9. I think because Rosie is so outspoken...people forget how sensitive of a person she can be, we all can. I don't know how I would handle people constantly saying things about me...especially about my appearance. It's sad that those who disagree with Rosie...the first line of calling her a fat, lesbian. Why? Because they know it hurts. And that is what Donald Trump's biggest argument was...and Elizabeth throwing that at her, just broke my heart.
    10. The rest of the show was also so uncomfy and weird to watch. It was complete elephant in the room...with Rosie and Elizabeth chatting up the Dancing with The Stars folks, etc. I mean...congrats...cause they behaved as professionals instead of storming off, but good lord...and those poor guests, they just didn't know what to do.
    11. I watched Elizabeth on the internet last night...with the show Extra. And I will say, I thought she handled that interview with class. I think Elizabeth regrets what happened on tv...and that she truly is Rosie's friend. Who knows how they will work it out, but I just think the whole situation is sad...not that they had the conversation, but that we were all witness to it. Elizabeth said she hoped that her friendship with Rosie was stronger than one, bad fight.
    12. I gotta wonder what Barbara Walters will have to say about it, if she is on The View today. I can't imagine she is happy.
    13. Once again, shame on you to the producers of The View. They could have taken an opportunity to go on the higher ground...and cut to a commercial. The other hosts were asking for was needed. But, well...drama equals ratings...and so they kept on it..and then split screened the two women. yes, I have spent 13 items talking about, maybe I am a hypcrit, but in reality...I wish they would have cut away and let these women handle it in private. They started a conversation, but then it got personal and nasty...The View should have been the bigger person and cut away. To me, that would be the producers supporting their talent. And think of it, if they did...I would be writing a TT about the last 13 movies I watched and what I thought of them.

    Alright...enough about Rosie and Elizabeth and The View.

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    Monday, May 21, 2007

    Weigh-In: Week Who Knows?

    Hey y'all....I didn't weigh in at all last week, cause well...bigger things were on my mind. And, I also ate a lot more food than one should, out a lot more, etc. I am not beating myself up at all for that, but I am going to make changes. I know that to live a long life...I need to continue living healthy...continue working out...continue eating healthy foods, etc. It's important...and I know it was something my mom was really proud of.

    I stepped on the scale this morning...and I didn't lose anything, but I didn't gain either. I am right back where I started. I am going to continue with my walking challenges...looking to get at least 10,000 steps each day. I am also going to track my food...and stop eating out. I am going to continue exercising...and get my butt back to the good ol' YMCA.

    It's all baby a healthier me. I gained some weight in the last 6 months....and I want it off, but in all honesty, I feel pretty gosh darn healthy. I just need to make sure I continue feeling this way.

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    Friday, May 18, 2007

    I *heart* PPP!

    Over the last few months, I have spent a good deal of time talking about all the different ways people can make money blogging, etc. I have talked about the different sites I have gone to and even compared them against each other. All in all...I really feel the best is PayPerPost. They have the most opps, pay the best and just seem to have the best service. Probably 80% or more of all the paid posts I have done have come from PPP. The others are nice, but don't offer the whole package that PPP does. So...if I was rating them, PPP would get the shining gold star!

    I know there are people on PPP that make thousands of dollars a month, but well...I am just not one of those people. I don't do paid posts nearly often enough for that and I also don't have a blog which can bring in the big bucks posts. I signed up sometime in February and since then I have taken a total of 40 paid blogging posts. All in all, I think I have made close to $400. For me, that's AWESOME!

    I used to have a part time job working at a local video store and I gave that job up in January because it was becoming more hassle than it was worth. I didn't miss the job, but I did miss the free movies and the small chunk of change that I got. With the PPP money, I have been able to pay for my subscription to the online Blockbuster program and save a bit of money as well. As soon as my PayPal account reaches $100, I immediately transfer it into my savings acct, etc. I am not going to buy anything super exciting with my PPP money, but well..saving money is always exciting for me!

    So, if you are interested in paid posting...check out PPP. I think they are a great company and a great place to make a little bit of money blogging about the things that you would talk about anyways!

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    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Thursday Thirteen #30

    Thirteen Random Things about Shelley

    1. I decided to not have a theme this week...and just randomly list anything going on in my life this week.
    2. The services for my mom were last Friday. They were really nice. I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in years...and got to spend some time with friends and family...smiling and telling great stories about mom.
    3. My brother and his family left on Monday. You brother and I didn't always get along as kids, but I really enjoy who he is as a person as an adult. I wish we lived we could see each other more often. And his son...the cutest, smartest human being on the planet.
    4. I went back to work on Tuesday. Part of me liked setting into a regular routine.
    5. I have found some old friends recently online....mainly through myspace. I found some high school, some college and a friend from grad school. It's been nice to get to know some old friends again. I often lose contact, so I am really happy to reconnect.
    6. If you have myspace and wanna be my friend...let me know. I am slowly growing my myspace friends.
    7. P.S. If I don't know who you are...I tend not to add you as my myspace send me a message telling me just how cool you are!
    8. I absolutely cannot believe that Melinda got sent home on American Idol. I think she isn't as commercial as some of the others, but who can deny that voice...and her bubbly, sweet personality. I didn't watch, but I was shocked to see on the news that she was sent packing.
    9. I now completely want Blake to win American Idol. He's cute and different.
    10. I need to refocus on eating right and exercising, etc....I was doing well and then just didn't prioritize it when my mom died. But in reality...if nothing else, my mom's death reminds me to live my life to the fullest...which means that I need to be healthy to do that.
    11. I want to start hiking again. I am going to pick some smaller peaks and start there. Wanna come with?
    12. My roommate took part of her test to become an EMT this past weekend. She passed...did very well. She has been taking an EMT course all year long. She has her final test (written portion) cross your fingers and wish her luck!
    13. Today completely does not feel like Thursday. I completely forgot what day it was until I saw a friend's Thursday Thirteen. I didn't work on Monday, so every day has felt like a day behind.

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    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    Walking Challenge #2

    I was already signed up for a walking challenge through work...and now I am in Walking Challenge #2. It's the Women's Health Walking Challenge and it started on Sunday...Mother's Day.

    I got the stuff late last week in the mail...and just went through it yesterday. One of the things I got was another pedometer. I had one from the work challenge...which I was wearing, but I didn't really like it. It didn't seem to always be counting my steps. Sometimes it would click away, but sometimes it wouldn't. One day last week...I spent almost the whole day running after my adorable little nephew and it barely showed any steps being registered. So...I had to estimate my steps that day. new pedometer...I have been wearing it all day and it seems to be working much better....aka...counting all my steps.

    The challenge is pretty adds up your steps and you walk a certain route. I am walking the Northeast route. You start in Maine and walk all the way to Georgetown. I don't know if I will make it the whole way, but it would be cool if I could. I am aiming for at least 10,000 steps a day....and now I have a pedometer that works...I might actually make that. whoo hoo!

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    now this is just funny.... is having, hmmm, how do I describe this...a website where they encourage people to submit videos in hopes of impressing a celeb and getting a date. It's called Seduce a Celeb and it is currently an online, reality dating show. The first celeb doing it is Mirelly Taylor. She was in the movie Serving Sara and has been on TV shows "Las Vegas" and "Numb3rs". I think she was even on "Punk'd" too. I watched a couple of videos and some of the are hilarious. You can watch a lot more
    Free videos at and see who you think should win a date with Mirelly. I heard that Andrew Firestone from The Bachelor is also going to be doing it. Gees, how many dating shows does this guy need? *hee, hee*

    Let's see...who else do I think should do this? Since I have been watching Celebrity Fit Club lately, I think that Dustin Diamond aka Screech from Saved by The Bell should be next. The guy is such a punk that I would like to see if anyone would even be interesting in seducing him into a date. Sadly...I think they would.

    Anyways...check out the site. It's definitely interesting...and who knows who will win the first celebrity date. Heck, it could be you! *winks*

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    back to the grind....

    Today was my first day back to work...I initially thought I would go back on Monday, but my brother and his family were getting on a plan mid-day, so I decided to take Monday too so I could see them off at the airport.

    The services on Friday were wonderful...I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time. It was nice to see how loved my mom was. And the funeral service was very nice as well. Our current pastor came...and our former one as well. I just adore our former pastor...he is such a good man and always seems to know the right thing to say.

    Later on Friday we all went to my aunt's summer home...about 45 minutes away. We got to hang out, have some food and just spend some happy time together as a family. It was really, really nice. I hadn't seen some of the family in at least a few it's a somber reason to get together, but a real joy to see them. And my aunt...she's just so wonderful. She is just the most warm and loving person.

    And I got to play with my nephew...Alex...bunches and bunches. It was really great...brought a lot of joy to the weekend. I love that we are such buds...and that he gets a huge smile whenever he sees me. I am so grateful for him and that he was around.

    If anyone out there in cyberland knows me....knows I am not someone who cries. I am just not very emotional, never have been. But, I will say...I have cried, understandably, more in the last week and a half than I have my entire life. I cried my little eyes out the day after...I cried at church...I cried when my brother came into town...I cried when putting the pics together (after picking a fight with my brother)....cried at the funeral...cried while watching Celebrity Fit Club and listening to Marcia, Marcia, Marcia talk about her mom, etc. I still don't cry a heck of a lot...I think of my mom often...all the time....and emotion comes over me. I learned though...that I cry when it is important....and this was.

    But in all honesty...I am okay. I will miss her forever....and be saddened when I think of things we could have done together, etc...or that Alex will grow up not really knowing her. But, I know how lucky I was to have her as long as I did.

    And...she would want us to keep keep having joy in our lives and for her, I will continue to do that. I owe her at least that much.

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    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    Thursday Thirteen #29

    Thirteen Pics of Shelley's Mom!

    Love ya left us too soon, but I will spend the rest of time remembering just how amazing you were!














    And a couple more because well...I can!

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    Monday, May 07, 2007

    thanks y'all....

    First all the people who sent warm messages on my last post...thank you from the bottom of my heart. And thanks for the offer...if I need anything. I have learned people say that all the time...and I know they mean it, but in all honesty...I can't think of anything I need that really matters, other than my mom. But, I know that all those people are there if I do need anything...and that is really comforting.

    I have had bad times and good times...and "I am in complete denial" times because if I think about it, I might just implode, etc. I completely lost it at church yesterday...I just wasn't ready for that yet. I went to tell my pastor and then to tell some people at church. I wasn't initially planning on staying, but my brother (who is in town from Fl) decided to come, we stayed for the first service and the breakfast afterwards. It was nice...just brutal at the same time. I have never been to church without my mom...not once...til yesterday.

    I spent most of the day looking through old pictures with my dad...looking for pics of Mom to put on the memory board for the funeral services. It was nice...and it wasn't too sad because I got to ask questions about her when she was young and have really nice memories of her from when I was little.

    The most overwhelming just how gorgeous my mom was as a young woman. I mean, my mom was always beautiful, but when she was in high school and in her 20s, etc...she was a freakin' knockout. Once I get through this week...I think I am going to scan some of those pics and share them. Share just a small little window of who my mom was....what a great mom...what a wonderful woman.

    Once again...thanks to you all...I really appreciate it.


    I don't know how to write this, so I am just going to write it. My mom passed away on Friday. My dad tried to call her at noon and she didn't answer the phone. He tried a couple of times and no answer. He called me...I called her, no answer, so I went over to check...and she had died earlier in the day. I called 911, but I knew.

    I just can't believe this is real. She was getting healthier and better. I don't know how to live in the world without my mom. I prepared for this to happen someday...becauseof her health, but not now.



    Friday, May 04, 2007


    phew...I am tired this morning. My alarm went off at 6am and I thought I might get up and walk before work, but I just felt I didn't. I do go for a 15 minute walk this morning at work, but not before.

    I am kinda sad...I think my elliptical machine might be on its last leg and broken. The left side is starting to crack which makes it so that it rubs and makes an awful noise when I use using it just makes the cracking worse. Everyone knows how I love my elliptical, so this is not good news. I am not sure if I am going to see if some place can repair or possibly look for replacements....maybe I should save and look to buy one that isn't the cheapest version EVER. I guess it's the old get what you pay for. Thankfully...the weather has been beautiful, so I have been able to get my walking and such done outside.

    P.S. I kinda ate crap yesterday...but not completely crap. I had easy mac for dinner...hmm, healthy??? lol

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    Thursday, May 03, 2007

    The lowest bid wins!

    Huh? That's right, the lowest unique bid wins! Say what?

    Okay, I will stop being cryptic and instead explain what this all means. There is a website called bid4prizes and how it works is like this: They have an item up for bid, let's say a blackberry. Okay, now the bidding starts at $0.01 and to win you have to have the lowest UNIQUE bid. So, you can bid one penny, but you will only win if no one else bid one penny. So..if two people bid one penny then it goes to $0.02. If two people bid two pennies, it goes to three cents and so on and so one. Get it the person with the lowest unique bid wins.

    I think it's a really interesting concept. It's a bidding war, but also a seemingly fun game. Someone could win who bid $0.05 or $ just depends on what everyone else bid. Cool, eh?

    If I could win anything on their site..what would my dream prize be? Well, let's think big here. I think it would be awesome if people could bid and win a house through something like bid4prizes. Could you imagine telling people that you won your house through something like this! It would definitely be a great story to share at your house warming party. *giggles*

    Check out the just seems like fun to me!

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    Thursday Thirteen #28

    Thirteen Things About Shelley And Being Healthy!

    As my blog reads...I am focused back on all things fitness related, so I thought I would share 13 tid bits about Shelley and being healthy!

    1. I have consistently tried to change my language when I talk about weight loss and dieting...mainly...stop saying weight loss and dieting. I try to talk about health and fitness and choices, etc. I know that until I see it as powerful long beyond losing weight and inches...I won't truly be getting anywhere.
    2. Having said that...losing weight is always still a part of my goal. I want to look better, but I also want to be stronger and healthier...and being at a lower weight is crucial to that.
    3. I signed up for a walking challenge at work...and one through Women's Day. I am excited about that. I have been wearing my pedometer every single day and tracking my steps. I have gotten at least 10,000 steps everyday...which is great since I work at a desk job.
    4. I have been walking with a co-worker of mine during our 15 minute breaks. It's nice to have a break from the office, do something healthy and have someone I like to chit chat with.
    5. I have really come to terms with how much of an emotional eater I am. I know that I cover things with food...and many of my thoughts about food are actually quite OCD. I think I was in denial about this before...and was a big part of my problem.
    6. Speaking of food...I am loving the food I am eating lately. I have been making fresh, frothy protein shakes. I have been making homemade sorbet. I have been eating lots of salad, etc.
    7. I was talking with a co-worker yesterday...eating well doesn't mean eating things that taste like cardboard. I think when we make ourselves misreable for the benefit of a diet...we fail. I love the food I eat. It's colorful and flavorful. It's something that I really savor. Except for watching portion controls and such...I really don't feel like I am on a diet when I am eating right.
    8. There I go saying diet again...sheesh!
    9. My eating habits and such a genetic/family thing. Both of my parents have type 2 diabetes and my mom has unfortunately had a lot of complications because of it. In many's my motivation. I know I have to take care of my body today, so that it takes of me tomorrow.
    10. I had a mini-revelation last night...I ended up eating way more than I planned. I ate tons of goldfish crackers...and some M&Ms, etc. But then I thought about...if I ate some crackers and a couple of handfuls of M& that the end of the world? Nope. I didn't order a pizza...and almost eat it all. So, even in little mis-steps...I did well. I was proud of myself.
    11. I am going to give mad props to my Magic Bullet once again. I just think the world of the thing...and it has helped me make yummy healthy food...that I know exactly what is in it...because I am the one making it. Mmm..mmm...good!
    12. I really enjoying blogging about health and fitness. It gives me something to be accountable to...and I have found some like friends out there in the world wide web. I was never someone who wanted to go to meetings, but I like checking in on smoe internet friends...and having them check in on me.
    13. Last tid bit...if I stop blogging about anything probably means I am slipping and eating pizza instead of blogging. Call me on it, mkay??? lol

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    Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    Bush vetoes war funding bill...

    So, I won't talk about fitness and weight loss ALL the time...just almost all the time. I was getting ready to go to bed last night and was checking email and such...and read on Yahoo or MSN or somewhere that Bush did in fact veto the war funding bill because it had a troop withdrawl on it. Did it surprise me? Nope. He said he was going to do it...and I believed it. I think that Bush thought the dems would just lie down and die and not even put the bill in front of him. I am happy they didn't...they were elected because of frustration over this war, so I am glad to see that they are standing up.

    Does this mean I think the troops should not get the money they need over there? Absolutely one thinks that, not even the most liberal of the dems. Not Hillary. Not Barack. Not Ol' Teddy boy. But I do think that we need to stop giving blank checks to the administration without some serious talk about the direction of this war.

    It'll be interesting for me to see how the dems react now...what they do after the veto. I personally think the dems should find a bill and a compromise that Republicans will support as that they have the numbers to override a veto if need be. Now what that middle ground will be...who knows? I sure don't. I also wonder if Republicans will be willing to override a presidential veto. I know Bush's power and control has been diminished, but well...not that much. He's still someone who will crush you if you don't follow him...look at the US attorneys as examples.

    I plan on watching how this all turns out. I hope the dems behave like they should. I hope they don't stick their heels in and just turn their nose at the President and the Republicans...even if John Edwards says they should. I also they don't decided to lie down and roll over now...and consider this bill passing and being vetoed a victory. We'll see.

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    trudging along... all day long yesterday I kept thinking it was Wednesday....over and over. So today when it is actually Wednesday, it's kind of a buzzkill.

    I also walked like a champ yesterday too! I took about 12,000 steps....which is really good for me. There was one day last week when I was being a complete slump and I finished the day with 2500 steps, so walking 12,000 is definitely being focused on being active.

    I also did really good with eating too. I made sorbet again and this time it was tropical fruit. It was really good. I bought some white grape juice so I could make it for my roommate (she's allergic to apples) and she thought it was really good. I swear, I should make this stuff and sell it. gourmet sorbet...just cause it rhymes and that makes it cute.

    I think today...instead of being crazy concerned about steps...I am going to do a little weight training and maybe abs. We'll see.

    *winks* You know what's funny...I have so much more energy and am in such a better mood when I am working out, eating healthy. Remind me of this the next time I report about chowing down on pizza and the taco hell.

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    Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    these shoes were made for walking...

    oooh...I forgot to post how I did on my walking challenge yesterday. Quick post...I promise. I rocked it. I walked about 13,500 steps yesterday. I just tried to walk everywhere...take the stairs...and then planned walking breaks, etc.

    I don't think I will get that many every day, but it is my goal to get at least 10,000 steps every single day.

    Alright...gotta get away from this computer and get to walkin'!

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    Fast and easy...I'm talking about the internet silly!

    I am so spoiled now when it comes to the internet...seriously. I can remember back in those dial-up days when I just thought that it was the cat's meow. Of course then high speed broadband and cable internet came into existence. I can remembering saying that I never thought I would pay for high speed internet because well...I am the cheapest person alive.

    When I went out to grad school, I had dail-up for the first year. I lived in a little, rinky-dinky apartment and didn't want to pay for the upgrade. Well, I moved after my first year and the complex offered high speed internet. I think it was a T line...I am not sure. It was cool and it completely spoiled me. I now was completely addicted to the high having the internet now, without ever having to wait.

    Now...I still looking for the cheapest broadband plans, but I am completely willing to pay for high speed internet. Oooh...and let's not forget wireless internet. My current desktop is set up for wireless internet. I know, it's a desktop, but it's still so cool to have it be wireless. That means that I don't have to have it plugged into the modem. My roommates computer is connected to the modem and mine is connected wirelessly. It's pretty cool. I can't wait until I have a laptop (it's coming...I am saving as we speak) and I can have a truly wireless setup...emailing in coffee shops, etc.

    I am so spoiled now. Give me the convenience and ease of high speed internet and I am never willing to go back to the old days of dail-up. *rolls eyes*

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    Did Good!

    Yesterday...I did so good....with the food and the diet. I am really..honestly, proud of myself. I was a carzy walking fool....and I also ate really well. I took 2-15 minute walks during my workday, run on the elliptical and then also took a 30 minute stroll around my apartment complex.

    And food wise...really good too. I have been using the Magic Bullet my mommy bought me like nuts. I made a breakfast smoothie in it, a smoothie for dinner and also made some yummy, delish sorbet for dessert.

    This looks like something you would get at a gourmet restaurant. And the recipe is uber, easy simple.

    Here's the recipe...cause I know you want it. I made it my magic bullet, but you could use any decent food processor too.

    1/2 cup of frozen peaches (I cut them into smaller pieces just to help with the blending).
    1/4 cup frozen raspberries
    1/4 cup of juice (any kind...I used peach/mango...mmmm!)

    You put it all into the Magic Bullet/food processor and then blend until almost smooth. I usually leave it so that there are still some small chunks of peaches in there just to add some texture.

    It's so damn's a little tart because it doesn't have the added sugar, but I love, love, love it! I swear, I should mass produce this stuff and sell it. It you need it sweeter, I imagine you could add a packet or splenda, but well...I don't think it needs it.

    I am looking forward to making sorbet with the other frozen fruits I have...frozen cherries, frozen berries, etc. I might also make one just with raspberries and some orange juice.


    Anyone who said that dieting is only eating food that tastes like cardboard doesn't diet around me. I had really high quality, yummy, healthy food.

    P.S. Did I mention that I love the Magic Bullet? In case I didn't...I completely do!

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