Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in Sunny Florida....

Yep, I just got back from about a week visiting my brother and his family during the week of Christmas. My dad and I flew down there...instead of driving...which if you know my dad, is amazing. We were supposed to fly out last Sunday, but the snow and evil weather in Upstate NY got our flight cancelled, so we flew out on Monday instead.

I had SUCH a good time. I don't get to see my brother and the family often, so it was nice to spend time down there. And the weather was fan freakin' tastic. Seriously. The weather man down there was remarking that it was unusually warm for that time of year. Every day it was in the 70s, if not 80s. It was still down in the 60s at night, but still....NOT COMPLAINING!!!

And of course, the highlight of the trip is always....my adorable nephew Alex. He turned 4 while we were down there. We had a fun birthday party. Alex had a bounce house and I played in there with him...even though the sign clearly said...NO ADULTS. I just made sure I was incredibly immature the whole time and therefore, could not be considered an adult. LOL.

Christmas was fun too...he was so excited to open his Christmas presents. He was more excited that Santa came and put presents under the tree. He loved watching other people open his presents too...which means he is less selfish than I was as a child. Christmas was all about me and what I got...and I could care less about other people...I just wanted MORE PRESENTS!!!

Let's see...what else....oh...we went to Gatorland. It was kind of cute on the way there. Alex got all cranky and quiet...and then he just whimpered that he was afraid that a gator was going to eat him. I convinced him that he tasted awful...and the gators wouldn't want to eat him by pretending to eat his nose over and over again and spitting it out because he tasted so gross. He was just too adorable. We ended up getting pics of us holding a gator and because the lady taking the pic is evil....I also have a snake around my neck. But alas, I survived. It was a good time had by all.

And..we also went to this ICE exhibit. It's this cool exhibit with tons of ice sculptures. You have to wear these parkas...because the whole place is 9 degrees in order to keep the ice nice and cold. Of course, being from chilly NY...I think I would have been fine with a scarf and a jacket. LOL. It was really just too cool...lol...pun intended.

We also went to the movies...and of course, the most fun was had just runnning around and playing with Alex, the most adorable 4 year old ever. I have so much fun just playing with him. I am constantly saddened to think of the day when he won't think it is so fun to play with me...you know...when my coolness just suddenly isn't so cool anymore. But, I will enjoy the fact that he loves playing with me right now...for every second I have it. We played tag. We played animal adventures. Of course, we bounced and bounced in the Bouncey House.

All in all...it was a good time had by all. My dad and I flew home on Monday and now, I am going to relax and just enjoy my last few days of 2008 before returning to work.

Merry Christmas all....belated...and I wish everyone a wonderful New Year.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

When I'm bored....

Hey all....Happy December. I can't believe Christmas is just a few weeks away. Of course, I have lots of shopping still to do and little time to do it. But that doesn't mean I don't spend a buttload of time amusing myself on the internet playing silly and stupid games. I often watch TV at night while playing a game or two on the computer.

Here are a few I have playing as of late:

Super Obama World This game is basically like Super Mario Bros. except that it is Obama in Alaska and he is battling some fundraisers, some lip stick wearing pigs, some people riding snowmobile, some shopping from Saks and oh yeah, some lip stick wearing pit bulls too. It's pretty cute and a complete time waster. Enjoy!

And my newest obsession when it comes to online games and the ones over at Adult Swim. They are a lot of fun and don't feel as cheesy as most online games.

My absolute favorite game is:

Amateur Surgeon 3. It's like playing a psycho version of Operation. I have been playing it off and on for days. It's good times...and quite addicting.

Happy gaming y'all....