Friday, January 29, 2010

Low Calorie Foods that Trick Your Brain!

I've been doing my very best to live healthy...and for the most part, doing a pretty good job at it. I've stopping grazing on whatever food is in the house at night and went back to eating food I like that is also good for me.

I've been going more often than not to my cardio classes in the morning. I never thought I'd get used to working out at 5:15 in the morning, but it's amazing how your body adjusts. (Of course I say this while I skipped class this was way too cold, so I convinced myself to workout when I get outta work this afternoon).

My overall goal is to lose the 10-15 lbs I gained over the fall and winter...and am giving myself plenty of time to do it. I'd like to lose that chunk of change by Opening Day (baseball of course)...which is April 4th. Right now, it's January, that means basically 9 weeks to lose 10-15 lbs. Definitely realistic and doable. And I'll be honest, if I never lose another pound again...I'd still be happy.

I was reading an article today during my lunch break and it talked about low calorie foods that satisfy your brain. I was pretty happy with myself that I eat a lot of these foods on a regular basis.

1. Eggs. I don't eat these often. I've never been much of an egg person and if I do eat eggs, I buy cage free, free range eggs...which cost an actual arm and leg per egg. I do eat the egg beaters from time to time...and they are pretty tasty. I probably wouldn't hurt me to eat more long as I can afford them in my budget.

2. Protein. People always ask me if I eat enough protein since I am a vegetarian. I eat enough protein and then some. I drink a lot of whey protein shakes. I also eat cottage cheese which has protein and eat lots of beans, which are rich in protein. I figure...I am gonna make sure I don't make that mistake of eating only carbs just because I am a vegetarian and don't eat meat.

3. Broth Based Soup. Yep. Only kind I eat. I always have to check and check twice that the broth is veggie broth, not chicken or beef. I love a good minestrone or spicy soup. It's the great part of a dinner on a cold winter's night.

4. Complex Carbs. Fruits and veggies are my friends. I would eat myself our of house and home of them if I could. I always said if you offered me a bowl of chocolate or a bowl of fresh fruit...I'd take the fruit anydays.

5. Popcorn. One of my favorite snacks. At night, I often pop one of those mini bags of 94% fat free popcorn bags...and just munch away while I am watching tv or playing on the computer. You can eat so much popcorn..and it's just 100 calories. Me likey.

6. Beans. I love beans...I am constantly cooking with beans. I can make killer chilis and stews. Complete staple of my diet. If you told me I could never eat beans again...I might try to hurt you. Black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, red beans...I could go on and on.

7. Salad. Me. Love. I eat at least one big garden salad a day...if not two. The crunchier and fresher, the better. I usually just put a little low fat or fat free italian dressing on it and I am good to go. It's my lunch every single day...ask any of my co-workers.

Now chocolate, ice cream and pizza did not make the list. That is highly disappointing...if only...if only.

Happy Friday ALL!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I actually slept in this morning. I didn't set my alarm...and when I woke up, it was 9am. Yep, I am that old that sleeping in...means 9am. On most days...Monday through Friday, I am either up at 4:30am or definite time and Sundays I have to be up to be at church at 8:30am.

So yeah...I might be a morning person.

Yesterday, I went to this little Red Sox event. It's called the Red Sox Road Trip. They basically go around and go to all different states in Red Sox Nation. Of course, they don't come to New York...but they did go to Vermont. They were at the mall in Rutland. It was worth the hour drive.

Highlights of the event:

1) This kid was walking around the mall and came upon the Red Sox event. Kid was wearing a Yankees shirt. As he turned the corner and saw hundreds of Red Sox fans, he nonchalantly zipped up his hoodie to cover his Yankee shirt. I literally laughed out loud.

2) I got a coupon to buy two more Red Sox tickets...I know, I I need more. But of course, I always need more. I can buy them before they officially go on sale.

3) Wally was there. He's a mascot for the kids...but he's still all kinds of adorable. Word on the street is that I fist bumped him when he walked by. Cannot confirm or deny. Wally then...walked into the Sprint store and looked at phones. Hey...mascots need a cell phone plan too.

4) I got to hang out with the World Series trophies again. I touched the 2004 one when no one was looking...and also got to oogle a guy's world series ring. If I could have, I would have distracted him and totally stole it. I want that bling!

5) While in Vermont, I bought a couple of things. Who can go to the mall and not buy things? I bought a Paul Pierce Celtic t-shirt. I figure...I don't have any Celtics shirts and my fav current basketball player is Pierce, so seemed like a good choice. Also bought a pair of warm, comfy Red Sox pajama pants. P.S. Vermont does not have sales tax on their clothing...which is of course, awesomesauce!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Long Time Netflix Customer NO MORE...

Hey all...most people who know me...know that I am a big ol' movie fan. I like watching them, talking about them. I worked at a video store....not for the paycheck, but for the free movies.

Anyways...I've been a Netflix customer since 2003. Even when I worked at the video store and got free rentals...I still kept my Netflix account. I like how their website works and the send movies really quickly.

However, I've been having problems with them lately. I mainly just use Netflix for their new releases since I've seen almost every older movie at least once...if not numerous times over. I make sure my movies are returned on the weekend, so that I can be waiting for those new movies to be sent to me that will be released on Tuesday. Well...for almost a month, Netflix was not sending me all, if any, or the new releases in my Queue. Movies would go from not released VERY LONG WAIT. I still have Up in my Queue and that movie was released on November 10th. A movie is still unavailable 2 months later? That seems like a system that is not working.

So, I got annoyed and called Netflix. I explained why I was frustrated...and that I hadn't been getting new releases. I explained that I only use the account for new releases, so it really is wasted money if I can't get the new movies more often than not, etc. The woman tried to explain that new releases were in high demand so sometimes people can't get them. She also explained that most people like old movies I should add some of those. Then...when I continued to say that I was disappointed it took so long for movies to become available when you don't get them right away. She had no answer for that....other than new movies are popular. She also said Netflix chooses to not order more copies of new releases because then they will be overloaded when they are no longer new. While that might make sense for them as a doesn't help their customers get the new releases they are looking for.

And then she said..."Well maybe Netflix isn't the right service for someone like you."

I kind of laughed. I said thank you, hung up and canceled my account at the end of the month period I had paid for. I don't mind not getting movies sometimes...since well, we can't always get the movies we want. I don't mind having to wait sometimes. What I do not getting good customer service. And...if you invite me to go somewhere else, that is exactly what I will do.

I am switching over to the Blockbuster Online plan. I know Blockbuster has issues of its own. I was with them for a short period of time when they first went with the online plan. However, I am giving them a shot. One, I can pay the same price as Netflix to get the same plan at Blockbuster, plus I can exchange 5 movies in at the store for another movie. Therefore, if I know I am not getting a new release...I can go to the store on Tuesday and exchange it out. Secondly, I have a store literally right around the, I can return the movies there and get the movies back just as quickly as I did with Netflix.

So...see yas Netflix...hello Blockbuster!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

And lookie me...writing more!

I said I would write more. Here is me writing more. Evidence. Ha! Ha!

It's only Thursday, that's not

This week I've been getting myself all caught up at work. Going on vacation is nice and all....but in reality, it just means you work your arse off double time both before you left and when you get back. far, I've held to my no Wal-Mart in 2010 goal. I have noticed things that you can only get at Wal-Mart...including one of my favorite flavors of yogurt. I am mourning the loss of them from my life.

Anyone out there in internet land a Celtics fan??? If so, umm...that OT win last night was the awesomesauce. I was watching and dead tired and thought I might head to bed. I was sure glad I didn't since that game was well worth staying up for. It was clearly the best game I've seen all season long.

As for working out, I am trucking along. I'm taking a step class on Mondays and Wednesdays. I have taken a step class since either 2004 or 2005. On Monday, that class kicked my lie. I was wondering if I was going to survive. Shockingly, on Wednesday it was hard, but not nearly as hard. So...I am looking forward to it again next Monday and the Wednesday after that.

And tomorrow...I am taking a class called...are you ready....


Giggles. That name both entertains me and terrifies me. I'll let you know exactly how much cardio explodes after class tomorrow.


Friday, January 01, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!!!

In many ways, I can't believe it's 2010. It seems kind of surreal, but it's here...2009 was kicked to the curb.

Last year I said the same thing I am about to say this year...that I don't make new year's resolutions, but that I am going to be committed to things in the next year. (Yes, I realize they are the same thing...I am just calling it something different, but well...sometimes the words you use matter). Last year I said I wanted to be more organized. And yeah, my mass cleaning in the last few days...showed that I haven't been uber successful at that.

So, my commitments or goals for 2010.

1. I want to write in my blog more. I went for months without writing last year. I think I got busy and honestly, bored with it. I spent more time on Facebook and Twitter...and watching lots and lots of baseball. I still plan on doing those things...but also planning on writing here more. I figured I am either going to write or quit the blog...but I'm not ready to quit yet, so I had better get to writing.

2. I am giving up Wal-Mart. I've never been a fan of the company, what they do to the local community and small businesses...and in particular, how they treat their employees. For years, I didn't go there or didn't go there often. However, I started going back for the nice, sweet deals...and have been going at least once weekly for the past few years. At the same time, I've continued to really be anti Wal-Mart's, I am kicked Wal-Mart to the curb. Sometimes, it'll be fine and sometimes...I know it's gonna be hard. I'll know that I am paying more other places for something that I could get cheaper at Wal-Mart, but...I think it's worth. So Wal-Mart....see ya...don't let the door hit you on the way out.

3. Being organized and less messy. Yeah, I've spent the last 2 days cleaning...getting part of the house in order. There is still more to do. I am just someone who seems to natural be messy and like to clutter. But, I am going to commit to getting myself organized and neat. I've already done a bit of it...and there is more cleaning ahead of me for the weekend...and then the hard part, keeping it that way. I have a lot of stuff...and need to go through it and either keep it and have a place for it...or get rid of it. Here is to a neater, more organized Shelley in 2010.

4. I always like to have a fitness related goal. For the past few months, I've been hitting the gym at least 3-4 times per week. I've been going in the mornings before work and even though there are days I really don't want to get out of bed, it really is working for me. I want to continue doing that. I've got a great workout buddy and that makes it so much easier. Ideally, I'd like to bump it up to being at the gym 6 times per week...going some evenings after work to do the weight circuit system they have.

5. I'd like to cook more than I do. I often come home...and either make a can of soup for dinner or throw a veggie burger in the oven...or make a frozen meal. It's really just for convenience, but I'd like to spend more time making meals from scratch. I am really quite a good cook, but I don't do it very often. I'm gonna get out some of my vegetarian cookbooks and maybe purchase a few more...and just spend more time experimenting in the kitchen.

So those are my commitments for about you????