Thursday, November 29, 2007

Revenge sometimes is sweet!

I sometimes love Tim Burton movies...and sometimes I think he's just a tad too crazy. I love love love Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. I thought Big Fish was really interesting...and thought Corpse Bride was pretty great too. Now, I will admit...I loathed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I thought it was just too Tim Burtonish if that makes any sense.

Tim has a new movie coming out. I am actually really excited by it. It's another remake, but I think it could be amazing. Of course, it is starring Johnny Depp since Burton seems to have man crush on the guy...and puts him in everything he does. What movie is it? Sweeney Todd. I spent some time on the website and it looks really great. Don't believe me? Well...spend some time and
visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site or visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace. of the main themes of Sweeney Todd is venting and getting revenge. If you know the story of Sweeney know the sick and twisted way that Sweeney gets his revenge. Now...have you ever been the meaner side of yourself? Have you ever gotten revenge on someone? I would like to be the bigger person and say that I have not, but it would be a lie.

Wanna hear a story of when I got revenge on someone? Of course you do. Here goes:

Okay, I was in college....and this girl and I just didn't get along. She was mean and bitchy and she often was mean to other people, including myself. She just thought she was the best thing ever. I had a job on campus as a computer lab monitor. One of our jobs is to troubleshoot for students and help if we can. Bitchy girl comes into the lab and sits down. I saw her and grumbled under my breath what a evil thing she was. I saw her log on, put a disk in and it looked like she was getting ready to print something. It was finals it was probably a paper. So, I logged onto the printer cues...and low and behold, she was sending something to the printer. I then became evil Shelley. I logged onto the cues and deleted her print job. So, bitchy girl walks over to the printer...and nothing comes out. She goes back and prints it again. I delete it again. She then looks at the computer lab desk...hoping to get some help. She sees me...knows we don't get along and decides to go into the other computer room in hopes that her paper will print on that printer. So, I watched the printer cues like a hawk...and when her job popped up, I deleted it. I could hear her starting to panic in the other room. I am sure her paper was due any minute. She finally came in and sheeply told me that her paper would not print and asked for my help. I spent like 5 minutes fiddling around on my computer looking like I was doing something important. Then, I got up and went over...pulled up her paper, pressed print...and went and got it off the printer. I handed it to her. She thanked me over and over again for saving her. So, not only did I mess with the girl for close to a half an hour, but well...I made her thank me after it was all done.

Yes, I afraid, be very afraid. Or at least learn the lesson not to get on my bad side, eh? Now isn't confessing your sins kind of fun? I liked it. If you wanna tell your own story of being mean and getting revenge, you can do it on one of the Sweeney Todd websites. I don't think anyone should get revenge like Sweeney Todd did, but messing with a mean college girl for a while...that is just fun!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

between a laugh and a tear....

I got home from work today....and checked my email as I usually do. I got some good news in my email box this evening.

I got an email from saying that the tickets to the December show have been shipped to me.

Yes, I knew I had tickets, but it just became more real seeing the email. Whoo hoo. I haven't seen JM in concert since sometime in 2004. My roomie and I are going to the show...and plan on having a gay ol' time!


Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Weigh-In Monday!

Hello's officially Monday again, which means it is my weekly weigh-in day. I have always picked Mondays as my weigh-in days because it helps me stay focused on the weekends...knowing I have a weigh-in looking me in the face bright and early on Monday Mornings.

As we know..this week was Thanksgiving. You know...that holiday known for stuffing your face until you have to unbutton your pants. I had a really nice Thanksgiving with family...and I also didn't eat outside of my diet. I had veggies and cheese for my protein. I didn't have stuffing...and lord, I love stuffing. I didn't have mashed taters...and I like them too, but don't love them like I love stuffing.

Anyways...enough teasing you. I lost 3 lbs this week. That's right...3 freakin' pounds. I have never lost weight before the week of Thanksgiving....usually I am right in the middle of gaining weight before New Year's...when I will once again vow to take it off. In total, I have lost 33 lbs since recommitting myself to this diet mumbo jumbo.

This last week was stressful and sometimes sad for was the holiday week, my mom's some other just stressful stuff. This would have been a prime week for me to comfort myself with food...but I didn't. And what is new, I didn't even think about it. A month ago...I was a little stress ball too...and I didn't jump into a pool of ice cream and chow away, but I thought about it. When I was feeling stressed or was still my first impulse. This week...I dealt with it in different ways. I talked to people. I went for walks. I cried if need be(I am so not a crier). Food wasn't my first thought...and I am really comforted by that. I think this strict as it teaching me things. I am hopeful it is teaching me lessons that I can use long after I am done losing weight.

Phew...enough of all that seriousness. Oooh...I went shopping this weekend. No, not Christmas shopping like everyone else on the planet. I went shopping for the 2 reward presents I owed myself. I was putting off the sneaks because they were kind of pricey and I was hoping for a sale after TGiving. I got no sale, but I bought the sneaks anyways. I got a nice pair...they feel great on my feet. I always buy Nikes...I think they were just made for my foot. And, I bought some stuff at Bath and Body Works. They had a sale for 4 items for $ that's what I got. I have a hard time spending money on myself at any time, but especially at this time of the year...but I needed to get out of the head space because I deserved I earned it. Plus, my old sneaks were falling apart...literally.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend...and that Monday is finding them well.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

I survived Thanksgiving!

Hello. How was everyone's Thanksgiving??? Mine was really good. My dad and I went to Massachusetts and spent the holiday with his side of the family. The meal was held at my cousin's house. The meal was cooked by her husband...and it was delish. They have 2 little twin girls who are 6. They are adorable. I haven't seen my cousin in maybe 10 years, so I got to meet them for the first time. It was a really nice time...and it was nice to be around family in the larger context. My mom would have loved to be there...and spend time with that side of the family. I am hopeful we will continue to do that in the future Turkey Day celebrations. terms of my diet, I stayed on plan and didn't shovel it in. I brought some mashed cauliflower with me, plus there were some of the best green beans I have ever had. I didn't eat the dessert....and took a nice long walk after dinner. It was a drive to get there and get back home...but well worth it.

So, are you out shopping today? Not me. I am working..we get Thursday off, but not the Friday after. And, I kind of like it that way. I don't want to get up at 4am and be out shopping...and fighting with other customers. Not worth it, nope.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend....and being reminded of what they are thankful for.


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hi everyone!

Today is a good and a sad day for me. Today would have been my mom's 61st birthday. I have been thinking about her a lot lately...which is what makes it a good day. You know, I was one of the luckiest people on the planet. Not many people got the parents I did. My mom was one of the most amazing women in the world...she was so giving and gracious...and given all of her health problems, she didn't let it beat her. She was one of the happiest people I knew. She always looked for the positive and the silver lining in everything.

And of course it is sad because I wanted more time. I wanted my mom to grow old and grey...and I wanted my nephew to continue to know and love her. I miss her all the time. For the most part, my days are really good...and thinking about her and talking about her is really good. She is the core of who I am as a person...she taught me how to live in the world.

I miss her.

Hugs to all. And...Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Enjoy your time with your family and loved ones. I know I plan to.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

I hate dentists even if they make my smile pretty!

I was talking with a co-worker today about how much I wait, how afraid I am of dentists. I have been afraid of dentists since I was a little girl. I got a cavity in 3rd grade...and when I got it filled, it hurt like heck. So, I have stayed away from dentists for the past few years until I actually grew up...and got in there and got some work done.

Because of my bad behavior when it comes to going to the dentist as scheduled...I have had problems and sensitive teeth. For a while, my teeth were really sensitive to cold and hot. If I drank an iced tea...I would be in quite a bit of pain. It was not a happy picture. I didn't have dental I sucked it up, dealt with it and swore off cold drinks and ice cream for a while. I should have bought some of that sensitive toothpaste, but I didn't even think about it.

Actually, my teeth have been more sensitive to cold lately than they have in a while. I recently got a root canal re-done with my dentist and a crown put on the tooth. It looks nice and healthy, but when I drink my cold water and those icy protein shakes of teeth sometimes revolt. Ouch.

I had some sensitive toothpaste...and gave it a shot. I figured, it can't hurt right? I used some Biotene sensitive toothpaste and it did help. I have only been using it for a few days, so I wasn't sure if it was making a difference until I drank my icy protein shake this evening. I slurped it down and realized that my teeth weren't screaming at me. Whoo hoo! Biotene...or at least the package...says that it helps with immediate pain, but also works to solve the problem. It says it also reduces saliva...and with less saliva, it can reduce mouth pain. Who knew? I didn't. So far, so good. I am liking this sensitive toothpaste and will continue to use it in the future...whenever I have to visit that evil dentist of mine. (which I don't have to do again until February...phew!)

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Weigh In it is!

Hi's another Monday which means it is another weigh-in. You know, in all those times that I gained the weight back, if I had just made myself step on the scale each and every Monday...I know that would not have happened. lol

I was worried this week because my elliptical is broken...yes, still broken. I'll get to that later. So, I was worried....and I weighed in this morning bright and early.

What did the scale say? said I lost 2 lbs.

And altogether it means I have lost 30 lbs since recommitting. Whoo to the hoo people! Initially, I had hoped to lose 30 lbs by Christmas or New Year's...but here I am, 30 lbs lighter. I am so excited. I still have more to lose, but I am so much farther than I thought I would be.

Oh...I went to the mall this weekend and looked at sneakers for my weight loss reward. I didn't buy sneakers. I found a pair I liked, but they were a little too pricey. So, I am going to wait...I am not sure how long, but I am going to wait. And since I lost 30 lbs...I am also owed my 3rd reward prize...which is some Bath and Body Works Stuff. I might buy that stuff before the sneaks...because B&B is having a sale right now...5 items for 25 dollars. Cha Ching! I will see if sneaks go on sale after Thanksgiving...and if not, I might wait to buy them until after Christmas.

And my elliptical...I know you are dying to know. Remember when I said I fixed it....well, I thought I did. I was able to stabilize it for a bit, but then it got all wobbly again. So, I had my dad come over and look at it...and yep, it's broken. The frame is broken on the bottom...hence why it is always getting unstable. We called the manufacturer...and we sent them a copy of the receipt and a picture of the damage in an email...and we should hear something within a week. We are hopeful they are going to replace it...and if not, I swear I am taking them to the People's Court.

So...I am happy about the 2 lbs lost...and the 30 lbs total. This week is Thanksgiving...and I am going to stay on plan for the day. I am going out of town to relatives with my dad, but I will eat what I can...and have some food stashed if I need it.

Hugs to all...

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Freez It is just too cool for words....

I wrote about Freeze It Gel a while ago. I got a free sample...and after checking it out, I posted that I thought it was fan freakin' tastic. I used it on a crick in my neck and it really worked.

I wish my mom had gotten a hold of this stuff because I think it would have worked wonders. She suffered from diabetes for 15 years or so...maybe longer. She had a lot of health related problems because of the diabetes. She had bad circulation and therefore had a lot of infections and surgeries on her toes.

One of the last symptoms she got was the pain in her legs. She had bad circulation and myopathy in her legs. She said they hurt all the time and if she put much on them, it would often get infected. She would wear leggings because they said it should help, but it didn't really do the trick. I can't imagine a constant lagging pain in my legs. Ouch. I think this stuff would have done the doubt. One, it isn't greasy and it isn't lotiony. The lotions often bothered her skin. And, the pain relief is intense and starts almost immediately.

Here is one of my fav pics of me and was from the diabetes walk in 2006. We both hated having our picture taken, so finding a good one of both of like striking gold.

Let me tell you, I wish I could buy stock in the Freez It stuff. You can use it for back pain, sore muscles, knee pain, arthritis, etc. You know what, I have a muscle aching at me in my lower calf right now...I am going to go lather it up with some Freez It. I got 3 or 4 packets in the mail when I tried it out...and I still have some in the medicine cabinet. Freez It here I come!

Here is an ad for the stuff...check it out and all its coolness yourself:

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Friday, November 16, 2007


I am so happy it is Friday. This week has just inched along....but next week should fly right by since it is Thanksgiving week and all.

I got my flu shot today at work. I have gotten one for the past 4 or so years. I used to not get them because I told myself I didn't NEED it, but since I work with the public...and am sometimes in and out of the jail, it's not a bad idea. So, I have the flu shot...and a sore left arm.

One of my co-workers doesn't believe in the flu shot. He believes that they exist, but he doesn't believe they work. Actually, he believes that germs and illnesses are just getting worse because of things like the flu shot...that we are slowly making a master flu germ that in the end...will kill us all.

So...I'm either going to be better protected this winter from the flu bugs or I am adding to the master flu germs that will BRING US DOWN! lol

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday morning update...except it's Tuesday!

Hello all...I had yesterday off work for Veteran's Day, so I never got around to doing my Monday morning update.

First off...Happy Belated Veteran's Day to all those who served and to those who are currently serving. It's no secret that I am not in support of this current war we are in, but I do support the troops. I have such respect for anyone who chooses to defend our country...and put on that uniform. I think that our government has made some really bad choices, but no matter what...the armed forces have done what was asked of them...honorably!

I really enjoyed having both Friday and Monday off...but let me tell you, having that many days off in a makes coming in on Tuesday even harder! I woke up this morning and had no motivation to come in...but well, I was supposed to, so I did.

Oh...yesterday was Monday which means it was weigh-in day for me. I woke up and when I jumped on the scale it reported that I lost 3 lbs this week. That means that in total, I have lost 28 lbs since I recommitted to all of this...which of course, makes me jump for joy. I am so glad I didn't do what I usually do...and lose steam at the end of the year, stop eating right and exercising...and just kind of give up until that magic day of New Year's when I refocus again. At this rate...I should be pretty darn close to my goal weight by New Year's....what a different pattern that will be.

If you notice, I never bought my reward for my 20 lbs. loss. I was supposed to buy a pair of sneakers...and I just never did it. I am going just never made it in the budget and well, I kind of forgot about it. I am going to go to one of the outlet places this upcoming weekend and look at shoes. I am picky about the shoes I like...but I am also cheap, so I hope to find something that satisfies both of those. Of course, if things stay on 30 lb. reward should be right around the corner.

Oh...I thought my elliptical machine was broken yesterday and boy was I pissed...since we just bought it in October. It was all unstable so when I was running on it, it was jostling back and forth. I was an unhappy kid...when I had to get off it after 15 minutes because I felt like the whole thing was going to fall over. So, I went for a 40 minute power walk...and went back to the store where I bought it...and looked at the floor model. I got some ideas...and got home and was able to fix it. It has these little feet on the table and it can be used to move it up and down in order to stabilize it. So, it is fixed for now...and it had better stay that way!

Alright...things are crazy at work today, so off I go!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mmm....peanut butter frosting!

I signed up to bring a bunch of things to church dinner next month...they need fixin's for a ham dinner and also a bunch of pies and cakes. My mom used to make those things all the time. She was great at them. I can make a cake, but don't have the flare that my mom did. One of the many things she taught me to make was a scrummdiddlyumptious peanut butter frosting to put on top of a cake. I always find it surprising that you can't buy peanut butter frosting in the store. I wonder why that can buy almost any other type of frosting. Hmm...anyone have an answer for that? I am learning how to make lots of different things that my mom used to make and peanut butter frosting is just one of them.

Oh well, doesn't matter because I can make a killer, sweet, fluffy peanut butter frosting because well, my mommy taught me. And it's easy too! So easy, that I know you can make it too.


1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup creamy peanut butter
3 tablespoons milk, or as needed
2 cups confectioners' sugar

Items You Will Need:
Measuring Cups,
Hamilton Beach® Mixer


Place the butter and peanut butter into a medium bowl, and beat with an electric mixer. Add the milk and mix again. Now add the sugar in slowly and continue to beat it with a hand mixer until all of the sugar is mixed in and the frosting is thick and spreadable. Beat for at least 3 minutes for it to get good and fluffy.

My mom bought me a hand mixer years ago and I never used it. Something like an Eclectrics® Mixer. They are so nice because it doesn't make a huge mess and you have a lot more control. My mom had a huge mixer contraption, but I like the hand held ones better. Plus, with a Hamilton Beach® Mixer, you don't have to find all this space on your kitchen counter. I can remember my mom lugging her mixer in and out of the kitchen when she went to make something, but not with this. I am so glad I have one...and plan on using it this winter to make mom's famous fudge too.

It's so simple...and some of the best frosting I have ever had. I made it last year and put it on top of a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. It's the first cake I made by myself since my mom died....and let me tell you, it was a huge success. My mom would have been proud.

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Top ways to save money...

I was playing around on the internet tonight....wasting time while I was crap tv, etc. Today was a completely lazy Sunday, but you know what...I love lazy sundays.

Anyways, I was reading little things online and came across this yahoo finance story. It's about 10 easy ways to add to your cash flow. Go read it...I'll wait. You know, every time I read one of these I am hopeful that I am going to read something that I will actually use...and I am usually left disappointed. I just think most of the tips are stupid. Sell your car and get an older model one. Well, if you own the car or are leasing it (even worse)...are you supposed to sell a car and not get back what you probably owe and then buy an older car? I'm sorry...that just doesn't make sense.

If you want to save money, I guess I already have the your bills a month in advance and don't spend money on things unless they are budgeted.



thank god I have a dentist now...

I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago. I hate the dentist, well...I take that back. I am afraid of all dentists, even though my dentist is amazing. I was at the dentist finishing off the last round of re-doing a root canal that my last dentist didn't do too well.

You know, I have had years where I didn't go to the dentist because I was terrified of them and stayed away. And there are also years I did not go to the dentist when I wanted to, but I didn't have dental insurance. The one main job I had in Indiana was a great job, but I worked for a small, non-profit organization, so they could not provide health or dental insurance for their employees.

The tooth that got fixed the other week, when it started to go bad...I didn't have health insurance. Even with health insurance, I had to pay in the hundreds of dollars in order to get it fixed. I can't imagine how much it would have cost me if I didn't have any coverage. When I first got back to NY is when the tooth first started acting was hurting and a filling fell out, so there was a hole there. I wasn't able to get to a dentist right away...because well, to be honest, I could not afford it. So, I went to the store and bought some Dentemp OS. Dentemp is that stuff that you put in your mouth for temporary dental repair. Let me tell you, the stuff is wonderful. I used it for longer than you are supposed to. I had to survive for a few months until I had a job with dental insurance and could get it taken care of, but I digress. The stuff is amazing. It fills the filling...and it isn't messy at all. Plus, it has some pain medicine in it, so it fills the filling area and also adds some pain relief. I have bought more of those little tubs than I want to admit. So, I will say...if you ever have a dental issue and can't get to your dentist right this stuff. I swear, it's like gold to us, you know the people who used to be poor and not have health insurance.

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Happy Sunday everyone! I am being better about updating my blog....see! I got up at about 7am this morning and for the first time in about 2 months, I went to church. I just didn't feel like going for a, I avoided it. I wanted to make sure I was going to church because I wanted to be there and not just out of an obligation for my mom. So, I took a much needed break and went back this morning. It was great to be church is filled with some really wonderful people. My pastor is a doll too...she just accepts people where they are.

Alright...that's it for a Sunday. I am off to watch some crap tv saved on the tivo.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Stephen King is movie GOLD!

I absolutely love Stephen King....I think his books and the movie adaptations are amazing. He just has a way with words...and can think of some amazing twists to stories. Both of my parents grew up in Maine, so we also have some loyalty to King...who is a Maine native. Plus, he's a rabid Red Sox fan. How could I not like him?

My dad had all the Stephen King novels in the, I think I have read all of the classics. I haven't kept up on the new novels, but the oldie, but goodies have all been read. Yes, I have read each and every page of The Stand!

So, what is my favorite Stephen King movie? favorite overall is an easy one to pick, it is the Shawshank Redemption. Tim Robbins...genius. Morgan Freeman...amazing. I just love that movie. It is on TV all the time and whenever I come across it, I have to stay and watch it to the end. Can you believe that movie is based on a short story? I read the story when I was in high school and thought it was great. Of course, King's short stories are always a little longer than the standard short story, but then again...he has always been a wordy fella.

Now, which movie is my favorite Stephen King thriller?? Is it Misery? Pet Sematary? Carrie? Christine? Well...those are all good choices, but not my choice. My favorite scary movie by King is 'It.' That movie absolutely terrifies me. One, I am incredibly afraid of clowns (I happen to believe I might be afraid of clowns because of the movie...). The movie just chills you to the core...and scares you on every single level. And, I have to ask...have you read the book? Because if you think the movie is scary, you should read the book. It makes the movie look like a walk in the park. I couldn't believe how afraid I was when reading the book. I worked at a video store for 2 years...and whenever someone asked me what the scariest movie in the store was my answer was always...always...It!

And while I am on having this complete lovefest, I should mention there is a new movie coming out based on one of his novels. The Mist by Stephen King is coming out on November 21, 2007...just in time to go with the family for Thanksgiving. Hey, if your family isn't scary enough, take them to see a King flik! The movie is about a freak storm in Maine which causes this mist to take over the town. Of course, these creepy and horrible creatures live within the mist...and the town residents have to battle the evil in order to survive. It definitely looks interesting...and I am willing to see anything that is attached to King's name. Check out the site and the trailer. Oh, and leave me a comment about which Stephen King movie or novel is your favorite!

And as always...have fun at the movies!

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So, the WGA is on strike. What does that mean? means the writers for movies and TV are on strike. They were looking to negotiate with the producers in order to get a piece of the pie when it comes to DVD and internet revenue. That doesn't seem unreasonable, does it? Maybe not to you or me, but it did to the they were not able to come to an agreement so as of Monday, the WGA went on strike.

And how does that effect you and me? Well...for one, there were no new episodes of The Daily Show all week long. Shows like TDS and Letterman and Leno...rely on daily writing because their shows are so, those were effected immediately.

I will admit it, I watch a soap opera...and they will be next to be hit. Soaps only run ahead about a week and a half. So, I might not be watching GH while I am working out on my elliptical in about a week and a half. How will I know if Lucky finds out that Jason is actually the father of Elizabeth's baby? Or how the mob war will be resolved? Or why Nicholas is having blackouts...and having Incredible Hulk angry outbursts. It's just not not know the answers to these things.

And next are some shows like The Office, Grey's Anatomy, 24, Lost...shows which will have to cut the season short if the strike continues for any length of time. I heard The Office may be hit soon...and since half their cast are also writers, I am sure the cast supports the cause. Grey's will be out of episodes by the end of December....and I heard only 10 episodes of the current season of 24 are written. I guess that Kiefer won't have to worry about when to serve his jail time for his DWI...if the strike continues.

A lot of actors are really supporting the writers...they are walking the picket lines with them. I think it is great...because the writers are the back bone of any great show. An actor delivers the lines...but they would be nothing without a writing...well, writing it. I will be sad if the strike continues and my favorite shows go dark...but, I fully support the strike. I think the writers deserve to get their share...and the fat cat producers need to get over themselves and start paying them what they are due.

So...there is my mini essay on the writer's strike. Anyone else have any opinions on it? You know...of the 2 people who read here. lol

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Gifts that make a difference!

I am just beginning to do all of my Christmas shopping. I usually always wait until the very last minute, but this year I am trying to be better. I do a lot of my shopping online because it is just simpler than going from store to hopes of finding what you are looking for.

I was talking with my dad last weekend and we were talking about the possible recession and the price of gas, etc...and how it might all effect holiday gift shopping. He said he watched a news story and they said people would probably buy just as much, but where they will penny pinch is with charitable giving. That is such a shame to me.

Well, there is a solution. You can shop for gifts at charitable sites. That way, you are getting a nice gift and also helping a great cause. A great example is the Alzheimer's Foundation of America eStore.

You can buy some really nice, beautiful jewelry while giving money to a great cause. I can remember doing that when I was in college. I bought my mom a bracelet that also donated money to an AIDS organization. I loved the bracelet, but I also loved that my gift was more than just jewelry.

There are so many worthy organizations to give to this holiday season and Alzheimer's is definitely one of them. I can't imagine suffering with this disease...and not remembering important things or people in my life. It is also heart breaking for the families of those afflicted as well. I can't imagine. You know, research and finding a cure for the disease is important, no doubt. However, what is also important is helping people who currently have the disease with treatment and care. I have a friend who used to work in a nursing home and she would often tell stories of Alzheimer's patients which were in her care.

So, if you like the jewelry and feel inclined, buy one or two or a dozen for a good cause. Remember, all the proceeds go to support the Alzheimer's Foundation! Make your Christmas gifts have an impact beyond the 20 minutes it takes to open them all up!! Hugs!!!

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another rambling update....

Hello all...I think I got used to not posting when I was fearful to post because I might jinx my Red Sox. But, I will update more often.

I am lucky enough to be off work today...I had been working some extra hours in the last few weeks,...and we don't get overtime, we accrue comp I have some time I need to use. So...why not??

Oh...I forgot to update about my weight loss last week, but I did update it over there. I lost 2 lbs. last week, which is's not 4, but it's not nothing either. I am hoping to be at gal by New Year's...and if I keep focused, I easily could be.

After New Years....I plan on working on building more muscle...and possibly join the gym again.

It's finally getting cold here in Upstate NY...I have been sleeping with 2 blankets and wearing a sweatshirt all the time at work. (We don't turn on our heat barely ever at home). Actually, it's even been colder at work....we had a water pipe break, so half the office has not had heat and of course, it is my half. So, for most of the week...when I didn't have appointments, I was in my office with my coat on. lol

Alright...that is a quick update for now. I promise I won't be gone forever. more thing, for the most part...I think I am ditching paid posts. I might do one here or there, but I think they are going to be very rare in the future. I want to go back to blogging just for blogging sakes...I have some assignments still pending for the next month or so, but after that...not much else.

Hugs to to you soon!