Friday, September 29, 2006

it's about time, eh?

I have a half day at work today...which is so nice. It reminds me of those half days at school...during parent teacher days...and in staff training days. Those days just felt so were in school for a couple of hours and then headed home. So...I am in work for a couple of hours and then heading home.

And what am I going to do with my half day off?? raining, so probably not a lot of outside stuff getting done. I am going to workout for a little bit...and I am going to do some much needed cleaning.

And most importantly...I am getting my hair cut. I have been growing my hair out for Locks of Love. I did this before...a few years back when I was in grad school. My hair was getting long again, so I decided to do it. I have been wanting to cut my hair for MONTHS now...because it is so long that I absolutely LOATHE it! I hate it all the time...when I get up...when I am working out...when I get out of the shower...when I am trying to get it out of my face...when it is down and turns into a messy lion mane.

Hate it, hate it, hate it...and this afternoon...I am getting it cut.

However...I am also quite nervous. I don't like short hair...I need to have some length. That is why I have been letting it grow so long before I cut it because my hair needs to at least reach my collarbone. I have to have hair long enough to pull it up and out of my face...and I know I will like my new hair better, but I am also nervous because it always takes me a little while to adjust to new hair. I hate my long annoying hair...but in reality, I am also used to it.

So I am excited...but nervous...and thirdly, I am proud of donating my hair. I know it took a lot of patience and I am hopeful that it will really help someone.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

learning stuff and eating on the go...

I went to a really interesting training in Albany yesterday...where they talked about the legal rights of homeless youth. I learned a lot of stuff about the law...and how in many ways people are not following the law. I am definitely going to use the information I got.

We had lunch on our own while we were there...and I bought lunch instead of bringing my own since I didn't think I would be able to refrigerate anything. So, I was kind of worried that my only choices would be pizza or something worse. Well, we ended up at a burrito place..which always has great vegetarian options. I ended up getting a small bowl of their vegetarian chili. It was amazing...had lots of beans and veggies. I would love the recipe for that chili. Mmm...mmm...good!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Looking at my weekend woes...

So...I am going to plan ahead in hopes of tackling these weekend problems I seem to be having.

First...I am going to analyze what some of my problems might be...and then look at solutions or at least ways to minimize the damage.

Problem #1: I often work the closing shift at the video store on Thursday night...why does this help sabotage my weekend? friend...this is why: I end up being super tired by Friday night...and so I come home...don't workout like I should...and often eat something yummy and comforting...and well, not diet friendly. It ends up setting myself up to accept a bad weekend by not getting what I need to get done on Friday...which leads to a lazy Saturday...and then a lazy Sunday.

Solution #1: Well...this week it is easy since I am not working on Thursday. But in the realm of still working on Thursday...hmm...what will my solution be? Well...I could quit the video store, but well...I don't think I am going to do that. is my quasi-solution...I am going to pre-plan my dinner for Friday on Thursday. I am going to know what I am making for I don't order out because I am tired and cranky. Also...I am going to do some kind of exercise, but not make it as intense as usual. I am going to plan something like taking a long walk when I get home from work...or just getting on the elliptical for 15 more. If I don't see it as a mountain of exercise I need to climb..when I am dead tired...I think I can still get it done.

Problem #2: My exercise is not as routine and scheduled as it is during the week. My standard schedule during the week is wake up, go to work, come home, workout, make dinner, etc. But on Saturday and Sunday...suddenly there isn't so much structure. And...since I usually get my workouts done during the week before my roommate gets home...suddenly on the weekend, I don't know when to get it done.

Solution #2: I am going to structure my workouts a little more on the weekend...and I am going to make them things I can do outside the least while the weather is nice. I am going to go for a nice, long walk...or go for a jog around the apartment complex. And maybe when the winter comes...I will consider joining the Y a little more seriously.

I think that is enough trouble shooting for now...let's see how this works! *winks*

Monday, September 25, 2006

alright...I admit it!

I didn't keep to my No Candy Challenge over the weekend. I ended up buying a box of chocolate covered Sugar Daddy's...cause well, they sounded fabulous. I put them in a drawer and then decided I would eat them on Oct. 5th when my challenge ended.

Well...I guess that is like an alcoholic buying a bottle of wine and saying he is only leaving it there for when guests come to the house.

Bad Shelley...bad. I ate the box on Sunday. I thought about it...talked myself out of it and then ate the candy anyways.

So, I am going to restart my candy challenge. I considered not admitting my defeat and then just going for an additional day, but I am not going to do that. I am going to be honest and say that on Day 19 I ate candy! And I am going to make it a double challenge. A double challenge?? In the next 30 days I am also not going to drink any soda...I have drank more soda in the last week than I have in a long time. So, I am going to nix candy for another 30 days...and I am going to nix soda as well.

I think in the end...this will be good. I got 19 days under my belt...AND...I also can not eat candy for the next 30 days which brings me almost all the way through the halloween candy madness!

It's now officially Day 1 for both of my challenges....and this time, my motivation and commitment is through the roof!!!

Weekend Troubles...

I seem to have trouble over the weekend...and I seem to fall off course. So, yep...this weekend..not so great. Argh!

I have been doing my own thing for a while...and someone told me if was very South Beach like, so I got the South Beach book from the library this weekend and took a quick read...and yep, it is very South Beach like.

So, I am going to officially give South Beach a try...for at least a month or so. I am going to do Phase 1 for two weeks...and then do Phase 2 for at least two weeks to a month. I will have to tweak the plan a little bit since I am a vegetarian and I don't eat the meat and all...and a lot of the plan is eating lean protein. also has soy products as a protein supplement, so I think that will work.

I am going to give this a shot...and see how things go. I am also going to continue with my workout plan as well...and only tweak it when work gets in the way.

Sounds like a plan to me...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Day 17 and still kicking....

Yesterday...I was cranky, had a headache, was hungry and had to work until 1am at the video store.

You could say that my diet was on the way to disaster yesterday. I ate a mini-dinner when I ran home...before jetting off to video store land. I put a snack in my bag...semi-healthy...a south beach breakfast bar.

So, I got to video store land...and got a headache about an hour later. And when I get headaches...I seem to be under the impression that eating will make them go away. I started looking around the video store...for the snacks I could eat. I kept walking around and analyzing what might work.

My no candy challenge...really saved my ass last night. About 90% of the food in the video store is candy...and I wanted ALL of it. I knew I should eat something and my cereal bar was not going to be it.

What did I decide on? I decided to buy a Diet Pepsi...since the caffeine would be good for me. And then I was bad...I got an ice cream cookie sandwich. They are horrible for me...but it was one thing...not a bunch of things. I was tempted to go over to the pizza place and get their eggplant parm, but I didn't. I was tempted to eat all the candy we were stocking, but I didn't. Instead, I had a diet pepsi and some tylenol...and then a yummy ice cream sammie!

I know full well...that without my no candy promise...I would have eaten my body weight in Milky Ways Popables! *winks* Sadly...I know I am not kidding.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

What's on the tv in shelley's world...

I used to do this every year...I would post what TV shows I watched, etc. When I was thinking about it...I realized that I watch less tv. I often have it on as background noise..watching crap...nothing, but the must see shows that I watch...there are very few. is what I enjoy watching on TV:

10pm- Intervention- A&E

8pm- Wife Swap- ABC
9pm- 24- Fox

8pm- Dancing with the Stars- ABC

8pm- Dancing with the Stars- ABC
8pm- 30 Rock- NBC (I might watch this one once DWTS is over since I adore Tina Fey)
9pm- Lost- ABC

8pm- My Name is Earl- NBC
8:30pm- The Office- NBC
9pm- Grey's Anatomy- ABC (I haven't watched this one yet, but my roommate watches it, so I imagine I will be hooked in no time)
10pm- Six Degrees- ABC (Not sure if I will like it, but willing to give it a try...since it is made by JJ Abrams and all).

Nothing really...I guess if I was home and bored, I would watch Trading Spouses at 9pm on Fox.


There ya go...those are the shows that Shelley likes...and yep, past years that list was a LOT longer.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

life is good...

I am feeling really good today....energized, etc. I have been working hard to recover from the crap eating I did over the weekend, while at the same time not beating myself up about it.

I weigh myself every morning when I wake up...even though only once a month counts for my official weigh-in. The good news...the scale is back to moving in the right direction. I have eaten well...yummy eggplant parm besides...and working out everyday. I was real tempted to skip my workout yesterday...since I got out of work late and was pretty hungry. Instead...I had a small snack and got to the elliptical. I just did a slightly shorter workout. far, I am liking my idea about strength training. I like that I am doing a little bit each day. In the long road, it's probably not as effective...because I imagine my muscles get more fatigued when I do it all at once, but I also figure that a little bit each day is better than none at all. My circuit training has two different sets...and so far, I have done two of them. Tonight I will do set #3 and then I think I will do set #4 in the morning before I go to work...since Thursday is video store night.

So good! Today is a work luncheon...and I am going to attempt to be a good kid. No eating eating my body weight in cheese and crackers. I am going to have salad...a little bread...and some cheese and wheat crackers. That's the plan folks!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ooh me stomach..... is how yesterday went. I ate really well during the day...and drank a boat load of water. I left work about 4pm...dropped by the court house on the way home to give some papers to the judge for a co-worker...and then got home and immediately went to working out.

I worked out on the elliptical for about 45 minutes. And..I worked it hard. I was going harder and faster than I usually do...and I felt like I could go on for hours and hours. I stopped at 45 minutes because I was starting to feel quite hungry...and I also wanted to do a little bit of strength training. I did about 10 minutes...which is circuit one of the Power 90 tape.

And...I had planned to get myself an eggplant parm sub for I ordered it and went and picked it up. It was good...and I have been craving eggplant for a long time, so I was glad I got it. However, it was a lot of white bread...and the eggplant was fried. Let me tell system is NOT used to that. tummy is rebelling something fierce. It's nice though...there was a long time when food like that was the norm and my system was used to, it shows that I am making a consistent effort to eat better.

Today...more working out...more eating better! *winks*

P.S. Did anyone watch Wife Swap last night? It was hilarous....the one with the family of pirates. And the pirate mom chasing the other dad and his kids down the straight with a sword in air...saying she will not accept mutiny! Hilarity!!!! If you missed missed out!

Monday, September 18, 2006

this weekend kicked my butt...and not in a good way!

I didn't have a great weekend...foodwise and workout wise. I think I am coming down with a my energy level was pffft! So, I didn't workout. And guess what...I ate and ate and ate. I didn't eat incredibly bad food, but I also didn't eat great. And the sad part...I knew I was eating just to eat and I kept doing it.

Oh's time to get it together and start over. I gotta workout today...and try to eat sensibly. I am still not feeling great...but I will survive. I will make it. And...if I stumble, I will just get back up.

Friday, September 15, 2006

finding time to lift weights...

I love cardio, I really do. I used to hate people in college who said that...who looked forward to working out. I was so in my own denial that I couldn't think that they could be telling the truth when they talked about how great they felt after sweating through an hour workout.

I love to get my sweat be on the elliptical and really rock it for 45 minutes or an hour. My elliptical and I are having a mad affair.

However...I have a hard time motivating myself to do the circuit or strength training, even though I KNOW how important it is. I know how I am much more likely to lose lean muscle if I don't do strength training...and how strength will help maintain my metabolism, etc.

But...I always want to do the cardio and feel like I have to talk myself into the strength training. And here is why...when I finish with the weights, I don't get that "I am covered in sweat...feeling that I just got a really good, hard workout in." My muscles often feel fatigued and tired the day after...but I don't get that instant gratification that I just did GOOD! is my plan. I am going to take my circuit training and break it up. The whole routine usually takes 45 minutes or so and is broken down into 4 different sets. So, I am going to do one segment of the training everyday...with my cardio. I am going to run on the elliptical for 45 minutes, but also do 10 minutes or lifting. Therefore, I will get the circuit training in...but also get the ever so great cardio.

I think that might just be the perfect solution, if I do say so myself.

a hungry friday morn...

Hey y''s 9:20am...and I am starving. I am about to make my mid-morning snack early...because well, I must feed the starvation. I think I am always a little hungrier after I work at the video store...and here is my armchair is because I was working until 1am...when I am usually asleep by 10pm or my body is functioning for 2.5 hours when it is usually winding down or shut down in sleepy land. So...I think when I eat the same amount or type of food...but keep my body working therefore makes me hungrier the next day. Plus...I am a tired kid the day after, which also makes me more likely to be hungry.

Once again...I was an awesome, rock star of eating good and healthy at the video store last night. I ate my dinner before I went...and then brought soy nuts and a string cheese as my snacks while I was working. I also brought a small pack of peanuts just in case I got hungry...but I didn't end up eating them. The cute pizza boys came in...and they offered me some free food when I gave them some free movies, but I said no. Go me...and my self control!

Alrighty...still to have myself a protein shake!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #58

Hey y' is my 6th Thursday Thirteen. Enjoy!

Thirteen Things That Bug The Bejesus Out of Shelley

1. When driving...people who think the rules do not apply to them. You know...there is a turning lane and then it you get in the right lane to continue straight...while someone else gets into the turning lane and then guns ahead and attempts to cut you off. Does it really hurt you that much to wait in line in the CORRECT lane like everyone else?
2. When people lie. It annoys me to no end. How much easier is it to just be honest and tell the truth, eh?
3. When my alarm doesn't go is the worst feeling in the either be late or be so rushed that you can barely see straight.
4. When people call my cell phone...and I don't answer it...and they don't leave a message. Then I end up spending way too much time wondering what it is that they wanted.
5. Republicans. Just kidding. *giggles*
6. In all honesty...intolerance...from anyone. I don't have to agree with someone or their opinion, but good hard is it to try to understand where people are coming from.
7. When people are late....all the time. Honestly, I am annoyed when people are late...ever. I just think it is rude and disrespectful. But...there are some people who are ALWAYS late. That is a conscious choice. Once being late...maybe the alarm didn't go off or their was an accident on the road, but I know people who are late every single time. You know what...that just tells me that you value your time so much more than everyone else's.
8. When telemarketers call...and when I say I don't want what they are saying...and they won't say g'bye. I don't like hanging up on anyone...and they force me too.
9. Politics. I love government and I love the process...I just wish it wasn't so broken. I wish we had two parties who were more interested in bettering the lives of the American people...instead of their prime focus being telling us just how wrong the other side is.
10. Elizabeth on The View. Can I tell you how much I can't stand her? I often feel when she talks that she assumes that everyone in the world has the same life experience as her...and that if they don't, they should. Grr. When she is like knives are being shoved in my eyes and ears at the same time. I cannot stand The Survivor Wench.
11. How people treat those in customer service...and yep, I have worked almost all of those jobs. It's amazing how people think they can talk to someone in a customer service role...and it's because they know it is part of our job just to smile and take it.
12. People who park in handicap parking spaces...or firelanes. And what annoys me even if they are ever confronted...they constant excuse, "I am only going to be there for a minute." Well...then that is fine...I guess for that minute...the rules will bend just for your specialness...because it must just be too hard to park in an ACTUAL spot and walk those 20 feet from your spot into the grocery store, convenience store, etc. Come on people...unless you are on fire...or someone with special needs...get out of the gosh darn spots!!
13. When people make tenative plans. Just make plans or don't. It just leaves people hanging out...wondering if they actually have plans or not.

I am sure there are tons more things that bug me...but are 13! Enjoy your Thursday!!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mozzarella Tomato Salad

I made this recipe to have as a nice, new change up for a vegetable to put with my dinners at night. I don't like to make things with onions in it to take to work...because well, I work with people. It is a nice salad...with a little extra kick of flavor.

4 plum sized tomatoes
1/2 medium size onion
2 sticks string cheese
2 tbsp light balsamic vinagrette dressing (I used Paul Newman's Light Basalmic Vinagrette...can't say enough GOOD stuff about that dressing)
oregano (fresh if you have it...if not..dried is fine)
basil (fresh if you have it...if not..dried is fine)
pepper to taste
salt to taste
Mrs. Dash to taste

I bought one of those Dicer/Chopper things...and I used it for the first time making this. Let me tell you how much I like that thing. Making things is so much easier now. Love will love it too.

1. Chop the 4 tomatoes. In the dicer, I used to large blade. They were diced so that they were probably about 1/2 an inch big.
2. Chop the mozz sticks. I also used the large dicer blade for this. I chopped them so they were about the same size as the tomatoes, if not a little smaller.
3. Finely chop the onion. I used the small blade of the dicer. It makes it so tha the onion pieces are about the size of a baby's pinky.
4. Throw all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them up. Throw on a few dashes of oregano and basil. Mix again. Put on the 2 tbsp of basalmic vinagrette and mix.
5. Taste the mix and see what you think. Add pepper, salt or Mrs. Dash if you think it needs more.

What I like about this has the consistency of a thick salsa, but without the spicy kick. It has a nice, fresh flavor and adds a great addition to whatever you are making for dinner.

It makes about 3 to 4 cups and I usually use 1/2 cup with my dinners at night.

Here is the calorie breakdown for the whole recipe:

Calories: 265
Fat: 14.5 gms
Cabs: 16.5 gms
Protein: 17.5 gms

So...for a 1/2 is at most about 45 calories. You can' complain about that. Enjoy!!!

No Candy Challenge Update....

You know...I have barely talked at all about my current 30 Day Challenge. On September 6th...I started the newest challenge...which is no candy or chocolate for 30 Days. Today would officially be day 8 of the challenge...I am a little over a week in.

A couple days ago...I thought to myself..."this doesn't even feel like a challenge...I haven't even wanted candy." I was considering changing to a more challenging challenge midstream. Well...I am glad I didn't.

This week...I am currently in the week of the month where all girls hate the world. You know what I am talking about ladies! Well...I wanted candy...particularly you could not believe yesterday. I wanted to basically eat my body weight in M&Ms. Yesterday...I was grateful for the challenge and for it stopping me from doing something I knew I would regret the next day.

Now...I didn't eat perfect. I still overate yesterday. I ate more cheese than I was supposed to. I ate more nuts...many more nuts...than I was supposed to. I had two extra juice pops. But the grand scheme of things...I ate cheese and nuts and some sugar free juice pops. That ain't too bad. And when I hopped on the scale this was in the same spot. It wasn't any lower...but it also wasn't any higher either. And...I know if I got some candy...I would have eaten the whole bag...and then it would have started what is usually a week long candy binge.

So...go me...and my No Candy Challenge!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

30 lb sneaker reward controversy....

If you look over at the left has all my lb rewards. I bought the Yum Yum Bowls for losing 10 lbs. I bought Lotion and Lip Gloss for losing 20 lbs. And then I bought a pair of sneakers for losing 30 lbs. Well...since losing those 10 lbs that brought me to 30...I gained them back.

I am one pound away from having 30 lbs lost again....and actuality, I already bought my 30 lb. reward. I bought the shoes...and then went ahead and gained those 10 lbs. back. Bah!

However...I really dislike the sneaks I bought. I have only worn them once. They were super, duper cheap...and I don't like the look and fit nearly as much as I thought I did when I tried them on in the store. If I could find the receipt, I would return them...but I have no idea where it is. And...I probably wouldn't return them anyways. I bought them in the mall..from a friend who works there. I know that if I return them...then it goes against her sales quota, it isn't worth it to me to return them. Plus...I think I threw the box they came in away in the move. So..there are about a million and a half reasons why I am not going to return a pair of sneaks I don't like.

The question I go out and buy another pair of sneaks that I DO like? Part of me says no...I already got my reward for losing 30 lbs and I shouldn't buy another pair of sneakers. But...the other part of me says that even though I gained that weight back...I lost another 10 lbs. towards my goal....and maybe I should honor that.

Hmm...I will have to ponder it...since I am only officially weighing in once a no official decision until the 1st of October. On my daily, non-official weigh ins...I am already at that goal. But is it doesn't count.

I think 9/11 should be a national holiday...

And this is why....

It's not because I want to have another day off when I don't have to go to work...but because I think it would be a really special way of honoring those people who died and those people who protect us every single day.

I think it would be wonderful if every year...we had rememberance events, speeches, etc...but we also had parades and festivals. We aren't celebrating what happened on Sept. 11th, but instead...we are celebrating the police, the EMTs, the firefighters...those people who put their lives on the line every single day in order to keep us safe.

And...I also think it would be another day, much like July 4th..where we could celebrate our country and what it means to be an American. In many ways...that would be thumbing our noses at those terrorists...they gave us tragedy, but they also gave us another day to celebrate everything it means to be an American.

That's my theory....whatcha think?

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Fat is My Security Blanket

There was a great post over at Angry Fat Girlz last week...where Jen talked about our fat, our body image and self esteem. I read someone else...who linked to her post...and when I read it, it just cut right to me...and so many of my issues.

My fat is my security blanket...I carry it around with me like those 4 year olds who drag a beat up, shredded blanket.

I carry my fat with me like a badge...if I am being honest, I have been fat or at least pudgey since I was in 5th or 6th grade. I don't know a life outside of being pleasantly plump. I have always wanted to get let into the "Thin Club" but have always just looked at the party from the outside.

I carry my fat as an eternal excuse...if I don't get attention from guys...or from's because of the fat. It's not because they aren't into me...or I am not that's because of the pudge. At times when I have gotten thinner...I have gotten more attention and because I am not used to it, in many ways I am not comfortable with it. It's like a new world...because...and even though I hate admitting it....I have secluded myself from it...because deep dark inside I think that no one would be interested in me...because of the matter how funny or smart or enteraining I am. If anyone else said that...I would argue them to the end of time, but that thought it constantly in my brain...floating around there...reminding of the life I am missing out on...because of the fat.

I have lost 29 pounds so far...and honestly, I am looking good. I still have weight to lose...and I wonder if I will ever feel like I don't have weight to lose. I have spent a lifetime feeling discontent and shame about my body and my weight, so it is hard for me to imagine a time without that.

I have gotten a good number of compliments lately as well...from people who have seen the weight loss process. One guy at the video store last week...mentioned how good I look...and how I am waisting away, etc. Another person at the day job mentioned it...saying how much healthier I looked, etc. And my dad mentioned at the Diabetes Walk...that I looked skinny. Someone called me skinny???

This is foreign territory people...and I am not sure where and what to do from here. I am used to dressing in order to hide my flaws...because my dysfunctional thinking can't see something attractive about the fat. An example is when I dressed for the diabetes walk. I wore my new exercise pants...which are a size Medium...and they hug my hips and are much tighter than I would ever usually wear in public. I wear them at home, but not outside the house...cause outside the house it is baggy and loose, etc. Hide. Hide. Hide. I wore them...and I felt so self conscious....I felt like I was naked. And then...I calmed down. I did my walk...and my run...and finished the race with my tight trackers on. I remember having the thought at I unpacked my bag...with my extra shirt and pants...just in case I got there and realized how ridiculous I was...and needed to change...that I was able to be outside...with people...and not trying to disguish everything I don't like about how I look.

I know how to lose weight...I know how to gain weight. My next battle is with the voice in my head...who is constantly talking...constantly reminding me. I have to battle with that voice...and challenge myself to accept who I accept that I have skills and talents and beauty that deserves to be loved, fat or no fat. It's tough...because I don't admit these things out loud, but I do know that keeping them secret...keeps my fat and the demons surrounding it alive.

I have always said that to me...losing weight is long as I am focused, etc. I like eating healthy foods...I like exercising. Well...then why haven't I been successful? I have been working on this for years...why I aren't I where I want to be and then some...if it is SO easy. The eating...and elliptical...those parts are easy. The voice in my that is terrifying.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Walk update....

Hey y'all....I did the JDRF walk this morning...and I am proud to say that in total I raised $155.25 for the cause. A BIG HUGE THANKS to everyone who contributed...and for anyone who has walked in an event like this.

It was awesome...I wanted to run a portion of it, so I didn't walk with the group...and I was happy with how I did...I came in with the front group of people. My dad said only about 7 or 10 people finished in front of me. Yep..I even make charity events competitive. I can't help myself. But really...I was glad to be able to make it a challenging cardio workout...while at the same time raising money for a worthwhile cause.

I hope next be able to run the whole thing from beginning to end.

JDRF: Walk To Cure Diabetes

Wonder what Shelley is up to this week?

Hello everyone...I am going to make this post a sticky post until the Walk on September 10th.

As most people who read my blog know...both of my parents are diabetics. My mom has had numerous health complications due to her diabetes. It's been a cause and a disease that has been close to my heart for over a decade.

So, I decided to join the local Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk For A Cure. The walk is September 10th.

If anyone would like to sponsor me on this event, I would greatly appreciate it. Click on this link....even a dollar will be a world of help.

I love the idea of walks...because it helps the cause, but it also helps my cause of health and fitness.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The after effects of the 30 Day Challenge... I said a few days back...when I went to the water park with my friend...we were going to eat out at the local restaurant there. It was such a nice coincidence that my 30 Day No Fast Food/Eat Out/Takeout challenge had ended the day was a sign!

So...we played in the ourselves all tired out and hungry from the running up stairs and paddling through the water....and we decided to head upstairs to grab a bite to eat.

What did I eat? A huge plate of fries and a hunkering veggie burger??? A dang cheese quesadilla??? A huge plate o' nachos with that gooey orangey cheese???

Nope...I had a salad...and a fabulous one at that. It had some nice field greens...some cukes...some carrots...a little onion...tomatoes...some parm cheese sprinkled on top...and then I had them take the croutons off and add some egg to the top. I had just a splash of basalmic vinagrette on the top...and I was off. It was so so good. I could have eaten that salad forever.

And last night...I worked at video storeland. I could smell the yummy pizza all night...and it smelled good. I thought to myself...I could go over, but well...I didn't. I brought in my snacks and ate my dinner before I went to work. It was all good.

One of the main reasons I did the challenge...was not just to not eat out for 30 Days...but in hopes that it would stick. You know that old saying that if you do something for 28 Days it becomes a habit...well, I was following that theory. For 30 Days...I prepared all the food I ate....and I survived...quite well in fact. So, I will eat out from time to time...but not nearly as much as I did before. And...I am going to be committed to making better choices when I do eat out. I ate a great salad...I was satisfied and it was healthy.

Go me!

P.S. So good...with the candy challenge. I was tempted to eat some Sour Patch Kids yesterday, but well...rules are rules.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Get SMART Challenge Hmk: picking my poison

Hey y'all...once again I got another snazzy homework assignment for the Get Smart Challenge hosted over at This challenge is to commit to how you are going to make your challenge goals that you set out.

I set out to be at my goal weight by January order to do that I need to lose 21 pounds by January 1st....which is give or take 17 weeks away. So, if I do the math...that is losing 1.25 pounds per week...which means burning off 4375 calories each week...or 625 calories each day.

I went back to my BMR post about a month ago...and checked out where I am BMR is 1666 calories....and with my activity level between sedentary and lightly active (since I have a desk job and all) daily caloric intake is between 2000 and 2300 calories per day. the math is almost over...I swear. So...I need to shave off 625 calories per day...and I plan to do that with a mix of cutting calories and exercise. I know that just doing one or the other...just won't work with me. is the plan...dum, dum, dum....when I workout on the elliptical...I usually burn at least 600 calories. I am going to make a goal of eating 1500 calories per day...which is about 500 calories under my daily caloric intake. And I am also going to work out at least 4 times a week.

If I add all those numbers up...calories saved would be 3500 and calories burned would be 2100. If I add that all would be a total of 5600 calories or 1.6 pounds.

*phew* Math is over...for now.

My self homework....I need to research how many calories I might burn with the weight training that I do. I estimated that weight training might be 300 calories for this little math problem...but I know that estimating just makes problems for everyone.

Thursday Thirteen #57

This is my fifth Thirteen...I think.

Thirteen Things That Shelley Likes About Herself

1. My smile.
2. My's loud, it's obnoxious...I love it.
3. My passion for making the world a better place for all of's brought me to a career that I love.
4. My hair. I used to hate my red hair, but now I really love it.
5. That I am a good friend. I will give the shirt off my back (get out of the gutter please!) in order to help someone I care about.
6. My financial good sense...I can save a penny I don't even have and I am very thankful that I learned and applied those lessons.
7. My sense of humor...I can usually have people laughing no matter the setting.
8. My work ethic..I have never been fired from job...hope I never am...I always show up on time, work hard and then work even harder.
9. My education. I feel very lucky to have been able to get my bachelors and my masters...and am proud of how well I did at both.
10. How important my family is to me...I really love this about myself because once I thought that being independent meant that family was good, but not crucial. I was wrong...I know that.
11. And the independence. i love that I am a strong woman who can take care of herself and make her own decisions.
12. I love...that I am liberal, a democrat, a vegetarian, a feminist. Yep...I am one of those and really proud of it.
13. I love that it didn't take me nearly as long to write this list of things I love about myself...than it would have 5 years ago. I love that I am willing and able to love myself...with reckless abandon!

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Commenting on commenting....

Hey y'all....I am going to send a Thursday morning post out about commenting. I love commenting...I really do. I love that blogs and websites can be interactive...instead of me just blabbering on...I get to have people banter back and give me some feedback to my site and what I have had to say.

So...please keep commenting...for the most part. You know...I have rarely had problems with commenting...since I don't have a high traffic's almost always been on topic and appropriate...until about a week ago. I have had to delete two comments in the last week. I know...two comments isn't a huge deal, but it bugs me.

What bugs me, you ask? Well...a couple of things. One...when people come to your site and comment...just to sell something they can profit from. They will leave some comment that says..."hey, check out this link for the best medication in weight loss ever." You know what...unless you are paying me...and even then, don't use my website to sell your stuff.

And secondly...if you are going to do that...and by the way...DON'T...then at least make the comment a smidge on topic. Someone left a comment yesterday selling their "weight loss secret" on the post where I am trying to raise money for diabetes research. Have some class please....and at least read the post that you are commenting on. Well over half my posts are weight loss could have selected one of those...but thought...I will put it on the sticky post so that more people might read it and then maybe buy the crap I am selling.

I always email the people and tell them I am deleting their post...and to not use my site again to try to sell stuff. Ugh. It just bugs me. I don't think I will ever get to the point that I have all my comments moderated...because then it leaves a real lag between when someone posts a comment and when it shows up, but people who abuse comments and their intended purpose....just make me cranky.

And when I am cranky...and leave a cranky post just like this one.

To everyone else....Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Get SMART Personal Mission Statement...

Here is my second homework assignment for the Get SMART Challenge going on over at Renee said that we didn't have to post this...since it was personal, but well...I am usually not shy about sharing the personal, especially since about 4 people read this site, etc.

Plus...weight loss is personal...and I think that if we can't address the out and open, we will never be successful.

My personal mission statement:

Shelley strives to be healthy, fit and active in all areas of her life. She strives to fuel her body with foods that help her obtain those goals instead of foods that abuse and damage her body. She strives to move her body with purpose and energy on a consistent basis. Shelley strives to be strong in body, mind and spirit. She strives to be comfortable and proud of her body and the amount of work that has been put into it. Shelley strives for happiness beyond her weight and the size of her jeans.


That's right folks...I officially survived my 30 Days of No Fast Food/No Takeout Food. It's such a wonderful feeling to accomplish set out to do something and then do it. Don't get me wrong...I don't think I accomplished world peace by not eating out for 30 Days...but I did do something very nice for my diet and fitness, the benefit to my pocketbook was very nice as well.

And what is my reward for completing this unplanned that my friend invited me to the local water park where she works because she can get family and friends in free tonight. I am going to throw my bathing suit on...and probably have a nice, healthy dinner out there...and splash around in the water lots and lots and lots.

And the big announcement...I know you are wondering...what my next 30 Day Challenge will be. Well...dum, dum, dum....*drum roll*

The Next Challenge will be 30 Days with No Candy/No Chocolate. I see that the grocery stores and the like are already stocking Halloween Candy, so I am going to spend the next month not eating any of it. Wish me lotsa luck...and being able to not eat those M&Ms when they tempt me!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Get SMART Challenge...

So, I love the idea of challenges...I can't help myself. I love the idea of being accountable to a group of people and to myself. I am officially starting the Get SMART challenge. This challenge is being hosted by You should check it out...and play along!

Here is my first challenge homework assignment:

1) Define SMART Fitness Goals

S- SPECIFIC: I want to be at my goal by January 1, 2006. That means I would need to lose 21 pounds from now until the end of the year. That may seen unrealistic since it has taken me 8 months to lose 29 pounds. But..I also know I didn't spend all that time focusing on my goals.

M- MEASURABLE: In order to make my goal weight by January 1st, I would need to lose 5.25 pounds each month. I want to keep with my monthly tracking since I think that has helped me not be so hyperfocused and OCD prone in the last couple of months.

A- ATTAINABLE: In order to lose 5.25 pounds each month...I will need to burn or reduce 18,375 calories within the month. That means that I need to reduce my calories by 4594 each week.

R- REALISTIC: In order to make my goal realistic...I am going to reduce my caloric intake and add in exercise. I need to shave off a little over 600 calories every single day. I plan on cutting about 500 calories each day and then working out at least 3-4 times a week. On days in which I am working out...I can add in 100 calories, if I need it.

T- TIMELY: My first mini-goal is to lose 5 pounds by October 1st.

There ya go...those are my goals and I know they are completely long as I don't lose focus. I tend to start with great emotion and conviction...and then I let go and pack back on a few pounds. I know...that much of it is mental and for the next few months...I need to work on that as well...because until I do, I know that I will continue to cycle this pattern...again and again.

Wish me luck...and heck...why dontcha join us????

It's like the first day of school....of sorts!

I am officially back from vacation....and I clocked in this morning at 7:30am...and I am back at the grind. Much like all the kids waiting for the bus to go to school this morning...I feel relaxed and refreshed and kind of excited. I think it is very have this time to just do nothing for a week, but be calm and get some much needed rest. I am thinking that the week before Labor Day might be vacation tradition for me.

No if only I had a Hello Kitty pencil box full of pens and pencils...and a protractor...and don't forget a mini calculator that is shaped like Hello Kitty's head...then, EVERYTHING...would be perfect. *shrugs*

P.S. I watched Dane Cook's comedy special on HBO last night...I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long time. So good good.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Chick Pea Salad Recipe

I got this recipe from the back of the chick pea can...except I took out a bunch of stuff and added a bunch of stuff, so I feel completely justified in calling this my own Chich Pea Salad Recipe. It's a nice, light salad...and so easy to make.


1 (15.5 oz) can chick peas
1 stick of string cheese (I used a jalapeno pepperjack variety, but you can use any type you want)
1 can sliced water chestnuts
3-4 stalks celery
1/2 red bell pepper
1/2 large cucumber
3 tbsp Light Basalmic Vinagrette Dressing (I use Paul Newman's...but use whichever kind you like)
3 or 4 shakes Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb

1- Get a large mixing bowl and chop celery, water chestnuts, pepper, cucumber and cheese and put it into the bowl.
2- Drain liquid from can of chick peas and add them to the bowl.
3- Mix up the veggies in the bowl.
4- Add 3 tbsp basalmic vinagrette to the bowl and mix well.
5- Add Mrs. Dash to the bowl and mix well.
6- Let sit for about 5 or 10 minutes to let the mixture marinade.

It makes about 5, 1 cup servings. It is quite tasty and a very easy lunch.

Here are some nutritional factoids about this yummy recipe:

125 calories per serving, 4 grams of fat, 6.25 grams of protein.


Day 29 and counting....

That's right's Day 29 of my first 30 Day challenge. I'll admit it...this one was tough. It was tough when I was hungry...and Subway or the pizza shop was right around the corner. It was tough when all my friends were going out to eat...and I wasn't able to go along. It was tough when my parents were going out for breakfast or ordering in for dinner...and wanted to invite me along.

But...even though it was long as I last a little longer than 24 hours without ordering out or getting some fast food...I did it. Part of the main reason why I love the idea of the 30 Day Challenges is that it gives me a smidge of extra motivation...and it also allowed me to have the strength and confidence to say no to all those temptations I listed above.

And...I didn't say I was never going to order out again...I said I wasn't going to order out for 30 days. How long is 30 days anyways???

And you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what my next 30 Day Challenge is going to be...dum, dum, dum!!

P.S. As of tomorrow at vacation is officially over. Back to the grind I go!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Welcome Day 27

It's officially Day 27 of my 30 day challenge of no fast food/no take out....and I am still holding strong. It's been hard, I won't kid you...but having a challenge to stick has really helped me.

On Friday....I went to work for a going away lunch for one of the ever so fabulous interns. Our boss ordered pizza and everyone was chowing away when I got there. I brought my own lunch...and over and over again, people offered me pizza and mozz sticks (and we know how I love mozz sticks) and garlic bread, etc. But, I said no...and kept eating what I brought. I was glad they chose to order in and eat in the office...because that would have been much harder if they chose to go out to a restaurant. Basically because I wouldn't have felt comfortable bringing my own lunch into a restaurant...and so not eating would have been much more uncomfy.

I need to start thinking about what my next challenge is going to be...since I only have 3 more days of this challenge.

Here are some ideas:

30 Days of Exercise (at least 15 minutes everyday)
30 Days of No Alcohol (this one would not be hard at all...since I rarely ever drink)
30 Days of No Candy/Chocolate (this one would be good...and hard!)
30 Days of Being in Bed by 10pm (working at the video store would stop this one from being possible)
30 Days of Saving Money (savings a certain amount of money everyday for a month and then doing something with the money at the end of the 30 days)

I think my next challenge will end up being....30 Days of Exercise or 30 Days of No Candy.

What do y'all think???

Friday, September 01, 2006

September Weigh-In

Dum, dum,'s officially September 1st, so that means that it is time for my monthly weigh-in. I was wondering how I was going to do...especially since I ate about a tub of peanut butter last night...eek!

And here are the numbers:

I lost 5 pounds...that means I hit my monthly goal. I had set out to get at least 5 pounds a month...and that is exactly what I got. I have been eating well..except the peanut butter incident...and I have been exercising. So, GO ME!

And...I can see a small, little, personal, mini goal. If I lose 2 more pounds...I will be back at my lowest weight since the beginning of the year. I had lost 31 pounds...then I lost my focus and gained 10 of them back. I have my focus I just want those 10 pounds lost back!!!

Unfortunately...we will have to wait until Oct. 1st to see if I make that goal.