Friday, December 18, 2009

An update and I AM ON VACATION!

That's right, I am officially on vacation. Not for the next week, but the next TWO weeks. And to make it even better...I am heading to sunny, warm Florida on Sunday. We'll be spending the holiday with my brother and his family in FL..including my adorable little nephew which will be turning 5. I cannot wait to get down there and play with him.

Here are 5...err....7 interesting things about today...

1. It was negative 6 degrees when I woke up this morning. Seriously. I usually workout in the mornings on Friday, but I went back to sleep when for an hour...and figured I'd get my workout in later in the day (which I did btw).

2. I got the H1N1 flu vaccine today. They had a clinic at my work. I wasn't sure if I was going to get it since it's so new and all. But since I knew others who got it...and none of them grew a tail or anything, I decided to get it. Some tidbits about getting the of the nurses was a major b-i-t-c-h. She seemed to enjoy ruining people's day. Two, the nicer, but pushy male nurse...he really tried to convince me to get the nasal spray instead of the shot. I wanted the shot. I don't like that the spray is a live virus. So, I listened to his speech...and then demanded the shot.

3. Today was our work Christmas Party. It's always a good time. We eat a LOT of food...and then play a great game of Yankee Swap or Chinese Auction. I enjoy the stealing of other people's gifts. I ended up with lotion from Bath & Body Works...which of course, we know I love.

4. I was actually prepared for vacation this time around. Usually on my last day of work, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off (nice phrase for the vegetarian to say, eh?). This year, by the time Friday rolled around...I was basically ready for my vacation to start, which was a good thing since most of my day involved food, the flu shot and a holiday work party.

5. I do go to the gym after work and rocked the elliptical...which is a good thing since I also rocked the buffet table at our party. Interesting side story...while at the gym, I saw a guy who looked familiar, but wasn't sure WHO he was. As I was walking around doing laps after working out...I saw him again, he said, "Hi, how are you?" I said "Good, and you?" etc. He's about my dad's I figured he probably worked with my dad or something. About a minute later...I figured out who he was...he is our city's mayor. Yep. Good job on not recognizing your own mayor. Awesome.

6. Did I mention I am heading to Florida...where it is sunny. Of course, I hear we might be driving right during a snow storm. I am hoping we leave early enough that we miss it. *crosses fingers*

7. It's 9:30pm...on a Friday night...and I am exhausted. Yep, I am THAT old. Just sayin.

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday....and I hope it doesn't snow TOO much in lovely Upstate NY/ New England while I am gone. *winks*