Monday, May 03, 2010

3 long and yet it has gone by so fast.

I know. It's been a while. Not shockingly, my life has become a lot about baseball and not a lot about anything else. a day that for the past few years, three to be one of my least favorite. Tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary of my mom passing away. It's hard to contemplate that it's been 3 years....and that I've somehow figured out how to function in a world without my mom. I don't like it...but I'm a survivor, so I keep on, keeping on.

And let me tell you...having the anniversary of your mother's death the week before Mother's Day. Well, let's just say it's kind of mean. Seeing all the ads on tv, on the internet, in the stores, etc....just seems to be rubbing salt in the wound.

However, I don't like to let myself be in pity party least not for long. I choose to remember my mom, his spirit and her amazing life...and not that she is no longer here. Tomorrow will suck. No doubt. The good that tomorrow is an incredibly busy day for me, so I can just put my head down...and get through.

Still. Miss her. More than words can convey. Will smile and think of her often tomorrow.