Saturday, February 28, 2009

things that make you go hmm....

I do gotta wonder...who it is who checks in on my blog from time to time from Ireland. I've never been to Ireland. Would LOVE to go. It's one of my dreams to make a trip over there before I die.

So...who the heck are ya???? Curious minds...meaning me...want to know.

Friday, February 27, 2009

hoping to be germ free....

I think I might be coming down with a cold....maybe. I am either psyching myself out and making myself believe I might be getting sick or I might actually be getting sick.

If I am getting a wouldn't surprise me. I was in a car with one or two sick people yesterday....for 2 hours there and 2 hours back. And my boss has been walking sickness lately. Hey, at least I have people to blame, eh?

I told the one girl in the car yesterday that if I get sick, I am coming to her office and punching her in the arm. Her response..."Well, that only seems fair." lol

I did get Zicam on the way home from work. It either works...or it works because I think it works.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What day is it????

I have seriously been all out of sorts when it comes to what day it is this week. If one of my clients was this off about the days of the week...I'd swear they were drinking or using again.

On Tuesday...I thought it was Wednesday ALL DAY LONG. At 9pm, I flipped on ABC to start watching Lost. I was a tad confused as to why it wasn't on. But then I, it's because the President has his address, so it is on instead of Lost. So, I went on my merry way.

And at work on Wednesday....I called it Thursday numerous times. And yes, I know today is Thursday, but it completely feels like Friday.

I told one of my bosses....that if I don't come to work tomorrow...just call me because I'll probably just be home thinking it is Saturday.

This has been the weirdest week.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It was 20 degrees...but it kind of felt like spring!

Ah, today was the first spring training game for the Sox. They played the Boston College kids and won 7-1. It was college players against professional players, so it wasn't a huge shock that the Sox won...even though the BC kids did lead for a couple of innings. I might have logged onto a few sports websites while at work...and checked in on the game. That is a possibility. It might also be a possibility that I got little to no actual work done today at work. about 20 minutes actually...the Sox play the first game against another professional team, the Minnesota Twins. Whoo hoo...go Sox!

Ah, baseball is here. Game on!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

Hey's officially Fat Tuesday which means that tomorrow I will start my Lent tradition of giving up candy and pizza. I usually have pizza for dinner on Fat Tuesday, but I decided to skip it. I'll have pizza after Easter...and don't feel the need to have it tonight.

I did grab one of those tiny bags of Cadbury Mini Egg bags though...since it is basically the best candy ever invented and since I won't be eating them for a long time, I did indulge there. But unlike past years, I didn't get a huge bag and down them all in one night...I got an individual size bag and plan on enjoying that tonight.

Mmmm....Cadbury Mini Eggs....drools...

Anyone else giving up something for Lent???

I am also copying my Lent commitment this year as well. I tend to make it to church about 3 out of the 4 for the 6 weeks of Lent, I plan on going to church each and every week. And, I plan on putting more money in the plate each week. I haven't decided exactly how much yet, but I do know I plan on it being more.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars anyone???

Update on my computer....they called. My hard drive is basically no more. Since I tried 8 different ways from Tuesday to boot it myself, it is what I thought they were going to say. The good that he can replace it and recover almost all, if not all of my stuff. So, phew on that. To get my computer back as good as new, it'll cost me a couple hundred bucks...but it's well worth it to get my computer back and healthy.

Anyone else watch the Oscars last night? I will admit that I watch Awards shows. I am a fan. I started to get sleepy towards the end, but I stayed up. YEAHHHH for Kate Winslet winning. One, I think she's fabulous and two, I think it's hilarious that she won for doing a holocaust movie. Yep, Ricky Gervais is truly a genius.

And Sean Penn won as well...I was happy about that. I haven't seen Milk, but I would like to when it comes out on DVD. I was really surprised he won since I thought it would be a lock that Mickey Rouke would win. I am kind of glad he didn't...since I heard the performance was good, but that man is 8 shades of crazy. Sean Penn usually gets looked over...he did for I Am Sam and for Mystic River and some other great performances, so I thought the same would be true this time. He was his usual political self, but given the nature of the movie...I'd say it was appropriate.

And I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire, but it sure did well. I imagine it is a good movie, but I always get annoyed when movies win EVERYTHING. Seriously? It makes it seem like there was only one good movie last year.

Oh least Brangelina didn't win anything. They are already the most beautiful people on the planet, so I'll admit that I am petty enough that I enjoy seeing them lose at things.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


My computer is still broken. I am praying to the computer gods that my computer guy can fix her. Cross your fingers for me.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Update....

Morning all...and by all...and mean me and 3 other people. lol

Let's see...I have good news and bad news. Let's go for the Good News first. I went with one of my friends to see a movie last night. We went to go see He's Just Not That Into You. It was cute and funny...and sometimes utterly depressingly true for the single masses like myself. Ah, as women how we convince ourselves that men are into us when they aren't. Ahhh.... I enjoyed it. And, kind of embarrassingly...I made a joke to my friend that I thought only she could hear during the end of the movie and to my surprise, almost the whole theatre heard it. The upside...they laughed, so at least it was funny.

And the bad news. My computer is not working. *glares at evil laptop* I am lucky enough to have another computer in the house, so we'll see. I am hoping the hard drive isn't fried because almost everything else is fixable. I'll drop it off to my computer guy today and see what he says. Cross your fingers for me.

Happy Saturday all!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Best wishes for the River Rats!

I am not really a hockey fan. My brother is. He loves the sport. Me, not so much. I'll take baseball and basketball anyday. Honestly, I'd rather watch syncrhonized swimming than watch hockey, but my loathing of hockey is not the point of this post.

Our local hockey team, the Albany River Rats survived a horrible bus crash on early Thursday morning. They had a game over in Lowell Mass...and were driving back home to Albany when the bus slid on the ice, flipped over and then hit a side guard rail. Luckily, everyone is alright. 4 players and one announcer were brought to the hospital for everyone else on the bus continued on home to NY.

The accident happened at 3am. The reason they were traveling so late is because their first bus broke down and it took a couple of hours to replace it. And then the second bus flips over. Sheesh. Talk about bad luck. Oh yeah, they lost the game in Lowell too.

I wish the players continued healthy and the injuried ones a quick recovery. They have cancelled their game for tonight. And if I was the players, on the next bus ride back to town...I'd board the bus wearing my complete hockey gear.

Thursday, February 19, 2009 good!

I was at the grocery store this weekend. I was scoping out the frozen foods section. Picking up some frozen dinners and seeing what was going on with the veggie burgers. And low and behold, I saw a new chik'n (as they call the fake chicken) burger.


I know the pic is teeny tiny small, but they are Morningstar Farms new Italian Herb Chik Patties. I snagged two boxes, threw them in the cart and headed on my way. I hadn't many any of them yet this week since I had most of my food already planned out. But tonight...I whipped open those bad boys and made 2 of them for dinner.

I could eat these things every single day...and who knows, I may. I love the chik patties anyway and these have some yummy flavor added to the crumbly crust. They used to have a parmesan flavored chik patty, but it disappeared a couple of years ago....but now, who needs parmesan flavored when you can have herb crusted???

If you like veggie burgers or chik patties...and they are in your local freezer. Check them out. I am definitely looking forward to having them for dinner again.

So good!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick bullet update....

  • It's officially snowing again in upstate NY. It's been a while since it has snowed, so I think people forgot what snow was...and more importantly, how to drive in it. On my road home, I saw people slipping and sliding all over the place.

  • At work today, we had a graduation for one of the drug courts that we work with. I am lucky enough that part of my job is being on the treatment team. I get to see people from the beginning to the end. It's really wonderful to watch people change and transform into completely different people. It's funny because when I first moved back to NY from Indiana, I went to a job interview for a drug court in Vermont. I hadn't heard much about them...and left the interview with a very snotty attitude that they don't work and they are just shams. I felt that the courts should have nothing to do with treatment, etc. You can guess I didn't get that job. It's interesting....because now, my perspective is so different...and if I could interview today, I imagine I'd probably have a pretty good chance of getting that job.

  • So, I heard on the news that Massachusetts is considering not only a 25 cent tax hike on gasoline, but also a tax on the miles you travel on state roads. Holy bejesus! Their justification is that because people are buying more hybrids cars and using alternative forms of transportation, they are not going to get the revenue they used to from the gas tax, so they need to tax cars for miles...not gallons. Aurgh! can't win no matter what you do. Luckily, I live in NY...not MA...but it's only a matter of time before NY follows suit.

  • I watched American Idol last night. I try to not watch the show, but I always get sucked in. I can't stand that Tatiana girl...and I think she needs to be off my TV set ASAP. I will admit, I am completely smitten with Danny Gokey. He's got such an emotional story...and he can sure sing. I don't vote for American Idol, but if I did...he'd get my vote.

  • On the healthy eating far, so good. I've been writing down everything I've been eating this week and keeping it in check. I also have been rocking the elliptical a couple of times. And today was a good test...we had cake at work for someone's birthday. I declined the cake even though it looked super duper good. I am not going to say no to the cake every time, but I figure...every other sounds like a good plan. I am just happy that I am heading back in the right direction.

  • I still don't like this whole stimulus bill. I just don't see how spending more money we don't have is going to solve anything. But hey Obama....prove me wrong. I hope he does.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seriously, don't make me feel bad for ARod!

I've only mentioned it in passing about the whole Alex Rodriguez testing positive for steroids in 2003. I'll openly admit, watching ARod getting grilled by the media...and having to eat a huge plate of humble pie....well, it's enjoyable. I loathe the guy. One, he plays for the Yankees and that should be enough. Two, he is smug and seems to be a pain in the arse. Three, he's whored himself around town. And four, he's still a Yankee.

But having said that...I do think what is happening to ARod is a little unfair. Yes, he used a banned substance and he knew it at the time. Yes, he tested positive. Bad ARod, BAD! Yes, he denied ever taking a performance enhancing drug when interviewed by Katie Couric in 2007 when he should have just kept his trap shut.

All of those things are true...and normally, I'd say hold his feet to the fire and expose him as the cheater that he is. And, he is a cheater. So, why do I think it is unfair then? Well...for one, the test he came up dirty on was one in 2003 where MLB was trying to find if they needed to institute mandatory testing for PEDs. So, the players all agreed to be tested and see how much of a problem steroids were. If more than 5% of players tested positive...then MLB would start testing randomly and have sanctions if someone tested positive. A little over 8% tested positive...including A-Rod. Were only 8% using...of course not. This was a well advertised test when everyone knew it was coming, so I am sure the smart steroid heads cleaned up right before the test. Anyways...the players agreed to this mass testing, but it was also agreed upon that the results would be confidential. If I was ARod these days, I might be questioning what confidential actually means.

My other issue is that ARod is having to face the music alone. 104 players tested positive on this anonymous testing in 2003. So, why does ONE person need to face the music while 103 do not. Well, of course the simple answer is that Alex's name was leaking and the other 103 were not. I just find it unfair that he needs to take on this controversy when 103 other cheaters do not.

Part of me wants all 104 names released because fair is fair. But the other part of me does not since none of the names were supposed to be released at all. Ideally, I'd like to live in a world where people didn't cheat and then get paid millions of dollars as a result...but well, that ain't gonna happen.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day y'all!


Happy Prez Day to everyone. I used to call this day, "Happy Old White Man's Day" but thanks to Obama and the kick arse voters, I can no longer say that. Of course, it is still 99% true, but the fact that it is no longer 100% true is something to celebrate.

I luckily have the day off today. I am not doing a heck of a lot. I've been watching some crap tv, trolling the internet and soon enough...going to workout a little on my rusty trusty elliptical.

If you get the day off as long, I hope you are enjoying it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hoping to drop a few...yes, just a few!

I've spent a lot of time on this blog talking about fitness and weight loss. It's only natural since I have spent most of the past 5 years either losing or gaining weight. Last year, luckily...I was losing. I got to the lowest weight I have ever been.

Well...over the past few months, I have put a little bit of weight back on. I didn't gain it all back or anything, but it is definitely noticeable. My pants are definitely tight and there are some tops that I just don't feel comfortable wearing anymore.

So, starting tomorrow...I am refocusing and hoping to lose about 20 pounds. I don't ever want to be as small or as thin as I was last year...since I got too thin (who ever would have thought I would have ever said, but I do want to get back feeling comfortable in my pants and top.

Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-Day all y'all....

From the chronically single...I want to wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day!


Friday, February 13, 2009

PP protesters...

Anyone who knows me..knows I am pro-choice. That doesn't mean I am pro-abortion or want there to be any, if not more abortions in the world. I just support women and their right to choose. I understand the stance of people who are pro-life and in an ideal world, I agree with them...but, I also accept we don't live in an ideal world. I don't think I could ever get an abortion personally, but then again...I've never been placed in that situation.

I am a pretty big supporter of Planned Parenthood. I think they do a lot for women. I think they do a lot for the community. I also think they make a huge difference with women in poverty. Some insurance policies and governmental agencies do not provide contraception coverage for women. So, it makes it difficult for women to make responsible sexual choices when money is also an issue. Planned Parenthood provides services to low income women and charges them a sliding scale fee depending on their income. And, they don't just provide condoms and birth control pills...they provide annual exams and screenings as well. I consider the agency a godsend to women in poverty.

Why the ad for Planned Parenthood? Because I am a fan. But, what makes PP even more controversial is that they also provide abortions in the community. They are often the only agency that does. Our local PP provides the procedure. Therefore, we get protesters from time to time. The route from my house to work drives right past the PP...and so I see the group at least once a week, if not more often. It's usually the same small group of people. During the spring and summer months when I ride my bike to work...I often make a comment here or there to them as a ride by. It's nothing disrespectful or mean...just something I want to say. It's usually along the lines of, "Planned Parenthood prevents more unplanned pregnancies than you do." They don't usually say anything back....and I just ride on by. It's just my own way of supporting PP and protesting back.

Anyways...the point of my ramble. There is one man who is always there protesting. No matter how large or small the group...he is there. He's an older man...probably in his 60s. He just sits there, on his knees...with a sign with a bible verse on it. He is always silent and always praying. I'll be honest, he intrigues me. And, of the whole group...he is the most dedicated of the bunch. I've noticed him at least once a week for the past few months. It's been bitter cold and there has been snow everywhere. Because of property laws and what not, he can't be on PP for the last couple of months, he's been on his knees in a snowbank praying outside the building. A large part of me really respects his dedication and his faith. I can't imagine how much physical pain he is in while he is doing that. He stays there for the the pain.

I still disagree with his opinion. I happen to think the women who frequent the PP should not have to walk through the protesting. And, for the most part women who go there are going for services other than abortions. But, to doesn't matter why they are going there, they should not have to walk through a group of protesters making comments about them. But, I will say...I respect that man's dedication and passion. I doubt it is possible, but I'd love to sit down and talk with him. I'd love to hear his life story. If only...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My baseball boyfriend...aka...Cinco Ocho....aka....Jonathan Papelbon is officially at Spring Training in Fort Myers.

Photobucket it feels like baseball. Let the craziness begin!


Not a fan of the stimulus package....

You know, I don't know what I think of this stimulus package. I keep hearing from so many people how necessary and needed it is. Maybe it is, but for me...I just don't see it as the solution. I don't see how spending a trillion dollars is going to do anything to right the economy. Yes, we can't do nothing...but how is spending even more money we don't have going to fix anything. It seems to me like throwing good money after bad. And...a classic example of borrowing from Paul to pay Peter.

To me, I see us truly and completely bankrupting our country...and therefore putting our nation at the biggest state of risk ever. The more unstable our economy becomes...the more vulnerable we are to malicious forces. It's so concerning to basically we are owned at this point by China. That's ridiculous. It's so concerning to me that we have not moved in the right direction with energy independence and that we are linked to the Middle East because we need their oil. Those things are only going to be made worse when our economy continues to plummet.

My solution is not a popular one. It's not one I would look forward to by any means, but I still think it is the right solution. I think our taxes need to be raised, not lowered. We are in a time of war and an economic if we want to actually find a solution and not just slap a bandaid on a gaping wound, we need to do something dramatic. We all need to sacrifice. That means the blue collar workers and the millionaire actors.

I also believe...we need to stop pouring money into the war in Iraq and the middle east. I don't even know the dollar amount of money we have spent in this war, but the bleeding, literally and metaphorically, needs to stop. If we continue on this crusade...I fear we will have a hollow country when it is all over. And for that, the terrorists did win. They knew they couldn't beat us in a drag out fight, but given the right circumstances...they could sure watch us destroy ourselves from the inside out.

And, if any money should be given out as a "rescue/stimulus" package...I think it should be to foster businesses which are going to stay in this country. Give out incentives for companies to not ship their factories and jobs overseas.

If I was in Congress, I am not sure what I would do when it comes to this stimulus votes. I agree that something needs to be done and we are on a direct course for a depression, but this bill...I don't think in good conscience I could vote for it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Was the groundhog wrong???

The groundhog saw it's shadow, but it sure feels like spring today.

As the weather man promised, today was a beautiful day. I know it's February 11th, but it sure feels like one of those first few days of Spring. I often take my breaks and go on 15 minute walks with a co-worker. During the winter, we walk around the building inside....and today, she asked if we wanted to go for a walk, but we walked outside. It was really nice. The sidewalks were wet and kind of slushy, but all in all...still a great day.

I am not naive enough to think it is going to last..and that the cold and snow and brr is gone, but no matter what, I am enjoying it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Construction ahead...

Hey all...I'm starting to make some changes to my site. Some template changes and what not, so if things look pretty wonky from time to time...please bear with me.

I am also streamlining things since there are way too many little do-hickeys and do-dads on here. I am adding some names to my blog...taking some off. If you want on, let me know. And vice versa...if you want off, let me know as well.

Monday, February 09, 2009

My head hates that it is Monday as well....

Not that it is different than most Mondays...but I so have a case of the Mondays today. I went to bed kind of early, but still...I woke up with a pounding headache. It was definitely in the migraine realm...where you are sensitive to light and have difficulty seeing.

I have no reason only explanation is that I did all that cleaning yesterday which meant that I spent a good time knee deep in cleaning supplies. I wonder if I got a headache because of that. Who knows...but I like that explanation because it lets me think that cleaning is not only a pain in the ass, but also not good for my health.

Luckily, the headache is basically is still lingering in the back of my noggin', but nothing close to what I woke up to this morning.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Spring cleaning or so it felt..

Today was unseasonable was basically in the 40s all day long. So, it basically felt like the beginning of spring, even though I am not naive enough to think that Spring is actually here. It's just coming by to visit for a day or so.

So, in honor of a day that felt like spring, I decided to do a little Spring cleaning. I've spent a good deal of the time organizing clothes that need to be washed, changed my sheets and pillowcases and just spent some time cleaning my bedroom. I've let my bedroom get uber messy and I needed to put the time in to cleaning it and getting it in order.

And now that I have my clothing organized...I need to do about a million bajillion loads of laundry. 2 down so far....many many more to go.

I am close to having the room actually organized and feeling more liveable. And hopefully after that, the upkeep will be much easier and therefore, more likely.

P.S. If you are someone who actually enjoys doing all means, feel free to come on over!!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lazy lazy Saturday....

I am into Day 7 of my "posting for a month" challenge. It's interesting how if you make time to end up finding things to blog about.

Today was a completely lazy Saturday. I got up, watched some tv, went shopping, watched Die Hard 4, played on the internet, made something for dinner.

And now, I am going to watch a few episodes of season one of Dexter. Everyone who I know who has seen it...loves it. So, I am going to give it a shot. I love Michael C. Hall, even though I always see him as his character in Six Feet Under and well...this character is quite different.

What's on the schedule for tomorrow? Cleaning and lots and lots of laundry. It's gotta get done and after a day of doing nothing productive, I can't put it off any longer.

P.S. And in case you didn't hear...the story just broke that ARod tested positive for steroids in 2003. Cheating bastard. Hmm, forget about his nickname being A-Fraud...from now one he is Ster A-Roid. Hmmmpf!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Twitter anyone?

Alright. So, I understand Facebook and why people use it. I probably use it too much. I understand myspace. I understand Blogger. I understand online forums. I get all of those...and get why people use them.

The one I don't understand is Twitter. I mean, I understand what it does. It lets you update people from moment to moment as to what you are doing. You can use twitter to tell people you are going grocery shopping or that you are mad that Jamie was sent packing from Top Chef. People can log on and choose to "follow" you on twitter and find out what you might be up to on a minute by minute basis.

So, I know how it works...I just don't get why people use it and why people are so INTO it. Why not just update your status on Facebook a million bajillion times a day? Why do you need another type of service to tell people what you are doing day in and day out?

If you twitter...tell me why you like it so much. Maybe you can win me over...since for a long, long time...I was hell bent on not joining Facebook and now, it is my new obsession.

P.S. Thank you baby Jesus that it is Friday. This has been the longest, slowest week ever. I am looking forward to a completely lazy weekend. u?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Survived the morning commute...

Phew. It goes without saying that it is flippin' cold this morning. I got up, put some warm and fuzzy clothes on, got ready for work, warmed my car up...and headed out the door for work.

As I drove along...happily singing to the music on the radio, a car pulled out of their driveway and almost slammed right into my car. I don't know if they weren't looking or if they couldn't see me because of the snowbanks, etc.

I swerved out of the way and just missed a big time smash up. Aurgh! Luckily, there was not anyone coming in the other direction because the only way for me to avoid the accident was to swerve into the oncoming lane. I know that in defensive driving they say to never do that...because you could be driving yourself right into another accident, but I figured....either 100% chance of an accident or at least a chance of avoiding it. harm, no foul. My heart was going a million miles a minute for a while, but other than as can be.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

7 days and change until Spring Training...

One of my favorite players for the Red Sox is Jon Lester. He is one of the ace pitchers on the staff and just too adorable for words. Plus, he's a cancer survivor and just one heck of an athlete.

I am also sharing this video because the camera person seemed to have a few too many drinks with lunch. I laugh my little arse off watching the zooming in and out all over the place. Check it out...Red Sox fan or not, it's worth a chuckle.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's tax time again...

I got my last piece of financial info for my taxes in the mail yesterday. So, I decided instead of putting it just log on and go ahead and do my taxes. I have the easiest return ever to do. It's about as basic a return as you can get. I have W-2s, interest from my savings account and then interest I paid on my student loans. I used to itemize things like charitable donations and money I spent on medical and dental appointments, but it was never more than the standard deduction, so I just stopped even bothering. I don't own a house or a business or anything complicated like that. I have a little retirement, but not really enough to matter.

So, my return is as easy as pie. In the past few years, I have had to have extra money taken out in order to not have to pay taxes. For years, I worked at a local video store and because they paid bimonthly instead of every other week, they didn't have to take as much taxes out. The never took a cent of state taxes out. That would have been fine if that was my only job, but since it was job was something I needed to plan for or I was going to owe taxes. And last year, I used my Americorps award money to pay off some of my loans. That's great...except for that Uncle Sam considers it taxable income, so I needed to prepare for that as well or I would end of paying taxes.

This problems or kinks in the works. I logged on, entered my info and sent off both my federal and state taxes. I am getting a pretty sizeable return (over a $1000) for least for me. My state return was less, but it was still a few hundred dollars. I need to change some of my deductions so it isn't so large next time since I don't mind the return per se, but the idea of giving the government a big, fat, interest free loan is not something I want to do.

Of course, I am doing nothing fun or exciting with my tax return when it magically get deposited into my account. I usually either put it right to my student loans or right into my savings account. This year...probably student loans since I am getting closer to paying those suckers off with each passing month. For a second I considered being impulsive and buying myself a flat screen TV, but that's just silly...since I have a TV (not a nice flat screen one, but none the less) and therefore I don't need to be throwing the $$$ out the window.

So, have you done your taxes yet or do you wait until April 14th like most of America???

Monday, February 02, 2009

February snuck all up on me...

I can't believe it is February did January go? I was so shocked yesterday when I realized that it was actually the first of February. I should have known, but seriously...I had no idea.

I haven't been incredibly great about blogging, I am really trying to be better. I have been spending so much time on Facebook and reading the forums over at TWOP, so I have been abandoning my blog. I am going to put a stop to that. So, I am stealing an idea from Y over at I am going to post every single day for the whole month of February. I figure I will have something to say...and if I don't, I can post that too.

Today, I called Netflix and complained. Why? Because I am a bitch and I like to complain. lol I called because they are annoying me lately. I always make sure I return my movies and have them back in time to get new movies that are sent out on Monday. You see, if you don't get the brand spankin' new movies the day they come out, then they are impossible to get for at least a month because they are listed as "Very Long Wait" for freakin' ever. So, I have all my movies returned to get 3 new ones on Mondays. For the past month, I have been getting one new release and then two older movies in my queue. It's bugging the bejesus out of me. Also, I have had a good number of damaged and unplayable movies lately.

Oh, the only moment of comic genius in my calling Netflix to complain. The customer service chick pulled up my account so she could see what I was complaining about. So, I mentioned that even though I had 3 open slots, I only got one new release movie...when there were 2 new release movies in my Queue. So, she says..."So I see that you are being sent Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" but "Zach and Miri Make a...ummm..." is still in your queue. I giggled to myself. The word is porno. You can say it. It won't offend me. The movie is in my freakin' queue. Go ahead, say it. PORN-O. Porno. There...said...and the world didn't come to a screeching halt. lol I was tempted to make the woman say the word porno, but at that point...I still thought she might help me. If I had known otherwise, I might have messed with her for a while.

So, I called to complain...and the woman who took the call didn't seem to concerned about my complaint. She said she cannot guarantee that I will get new movies and that she would put a note on my account that I complained....because a note on my account solves my problem.

Ack. Oh well. I like Netflix well enough that I won't cancel my account...and in reality, that is the only thing that will actually make them care about my crankiness.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Now that is a game...

Football has never been my sport. I don't have a team that I consider my team. I like a bunch of different teams, but not enough to actually follow anyone week to week. I like the Colts because I lived in Indiana and it is required. I like the Patriots because if you like one Boston sport, you are forced to at least know a good deal about all other Boston sports. I kind of like the Giants only because Eli is their QB, so it is a follow through from my Colts/Peyton love. Once upon a time, I kind of liked the Bills...but that way when OJ Simpson was an all star football player instead of being a murderer. football is not something I really get excited about. I have always watched the Superbowl, but it really has been because it is a tradition and of course for the commercials. I do have to say, the game was great though. I wasn't really rooting for a team to win. I would have liked the Steelers to win because they seemed like the better team...and I love the blue collar aspect of the team and it's followers. I would also like to see the Cards win because they were such an underdog and I love an underdog story.

Like last year, I loved that the game was competitive. The game came down to the last minute. I can remember most superbowls where the winner was really decided before halftime. This game was definitely not that. There were a lot of really exciting plays and anyone could have won that game. Oh and don't forget...that 100 yard return right before the half. The Cards were going to either tie or go ahead at that point...and instead...touchdown.

I watch for the commercials, but I have to say that the game was more entertaining than the commercials. Speaking of the commercials...there were some gems. I LOVED the Doritos "crystal ball" commercial. Too funny. I also loved the E-trade babies commercial. I thought the Pepsi Bob Dylan/WIll I Am commercial was pretty good. Oh...and I can't forget...I loved the commercial with the "you might need a new job if..." commercial. Every time I saw that woman screaming in her car outside of work, I laughed out loud.

Of course, it is all sweetened by the fact that The Office is on right now. Whoo hoo!

Congrats Steelers....great effort to the Cardinals!