Saturday, October 09, 2004

Kerry looking all presidential....

As with the 2 previous debates, I have left pretty lengthy comments about what was said and how I feel about it. I am not going to do that this time. I am going to keep it short. Why? Because you all know how I am voting and why...and I don't feel the need to beat a dead horse about it. I think Kerry is obviously the man for the job...and I am scared for the nation and the world if the election doesn't go our way. Scared...completely terrified.

Here is a transcript of the debate...if you didn't see it and wanna know what all went on. Or, if like watched it, but wanted to read it again.

And here is a poll that MSNBC did online...of who people thought won the debate. It's not scientifically valid...yadda, yadda, yadda.

So, who did I think won? Well...I think Kerry won, only by a smidge. Heather wrote that she thought Kerry won as well and because of how he carried and behaved himself. I agree...I got so annoyed with how Bush pushed what he wanted to happen on the debate. He jumped up for a rebuttle, instead of waiting to see if the moderator was going to ask for one. It really, really got on my nerve. BUT...I don't blame Bush solely for this...I also put a LOT of the blame on Charles Gibson. He needed to let Bush know that he wasn't respecting the rules of the debate. He allowed Bush to push himself all over this debate...and no one even batted an eye to stop him.

I thought it was close to a tie...because both candidates were strong on the issues they believed in, so I think both sides will think they did well. I thought the questions were chosen both support and challenge the candidates. I think Kerry was more polished and more confident, but that might be because I concretely agree and support what he has to say.

Here is another thing that bugged me...after the debate and while watching the coverage. The damn people with the Bush and Kerry signs. They are standing behind whoever is talking...and desperately trying to push their signs in front of the other side's signs. Come on you really think that someone is going to change their vote because you are able to push a Dubya sign in front of a Kerry sign...or vice versa? It's pathetic...and often disrespectful...pushing people's signs out of the way, etc. It just really got under my skin...and both sides were doing it. *grumbles*

Wanna know another thing I don't like...and it is such an indication of the state of politics today. I should just accept it, but I can't help's the spin factor. No matter what happens...neither side can do anything but say that their candidate won the debate forcefully. I would have much more respect if they were honest, while still supporting their candidate. Hillary Clinton said she could not think of any times when Bush was strong on an issue. Bullshit. She just doesn't want to say there were any moments of strength from him... And then Karen Hughes says the same about Kerry...that there were no moments when he was strong. Once again...bullshit. I hate that the process is all about spinning the truth into something that makes your candidate shine. It's about how close you can skirt that line of support of your candidate. *rolls eyes* I hate it....and unfortunately, that's not going to change.

Ok, so I didn't keep it short...but I didn't drone on about what Bush and Kerry said last night. You know who I am voting for and why....and instead, I decided to focus this entry on the process. I thought Kerry did fabulously. He didn't completely dominate Bush...mainly because Bush didn't suck as much as he did last time, but I saw a Presidential John Kerry. He definitely held his own...and with each and every time I see John vote changes from a vote against Bush, his administration and what he has chosen to do with this a vote for John Kerry and his vision of what he would like this country to be.