Thursday, October 07, 2004

Happy Birthday to the Coug!

Happy Birthday Mellencamp!

When people used to ask me when my birthday was...I always used to respond, "2 days before John Mellencamp's" OK, sometimes I still do say that....with an intense amount of dorky charm.

I adore John Mellencamp. He is my rock god. I have owned every album he has ever put out and wish that he wasn't sulking and would get with releasing some brand spanking new material. He is passionate about the things be believes in...and lets those messages seep right into his music. He is one of the founders of Farm Aid....and believes in saving the American Farmer. He is out campaigning for Kerry and encouraging people to get off their duff and vote in November. He is much more than "Jack and Diane" and "Hurts So Good." I have seen him in concerts more than 10 times...and loved each and every one of them. Some of my best friends are mellenfriends. If all you have heard is his greatest hits...then I think you should venture out into the whole world of Mellencamp. And...he's pretty. hummina, hummina, hummina....

I hope he is enjoying that birthday of his....with that beautiful Victoria Secret model wife of his! *winks*

P.S. I totally took that, first be in awe of Mellencamp and all his yumminess...and secondly, be in awe of my mad picture taking skills.