Thursday, October 14, 2004

TV Tuesday Week 27

Yes, I's Thursday, but alas...on Tuesday, I wasn't able to get TV Tuesday done. First...I have been sickly...and two, my computer was sickly...being overrun by spyware.

So, even though it's Thursday...enjoy TV Tuesday anyways!

Week 27 - New Seasons

It's officially fall and most of the new shows and new seasons have started, let's talk!!

1. Is there a new show that's caught your attention? Good or bad?
The show that has really caught my attention in a good way is Lost. I love this show. It isn't a surprise to me...since I usually love all things JJ Abrams. I think he makes amazing television shows...great character development, great action, tension filled drama, etc. So, I am completely hooked on Lost.

2. Were there any season premieres you were just dying to see? Did they live up to the wait?
Well, unfortunately...I am still waiting. I am anxiously awaiting for the premieres of Alias and 24. They are my must see tv shows...and I can't believe I have to wait until January. Oh yeah...and there is Joey. I wondered if it would live up to Friends...and it isn't perfect, but so good.

3. What's your all time favorite season or show premiere?
I have two...and both are second season premieres. First is the second season premiere of Felicity. I can remember being so intrigued by that show...and wondering all hiatus long whether Felicity chose Ben or Noel. I thought the second season's premiere just had an amazing catch...kept the audience riveted with the cliffhanger from season one. I will have to re-rent that season to watch that episode. My second fav premiere was the second season of 24. I loved that episode...where it showed a broken down Jack Bauer. I loved the way that the show brought you right into the depressing and strength of his character. To me, it was one of the best hours of television ever.

~Bonus~ Did you ever end up liking a show that you disliked the premiere of? Which show? Why?
Usually no..since I tend to write off a show rather quickly, but recently...I have. When I first saw Rescue Me, I loathed it..even called it the worst show ever! I thought the talking to dead firefighters was pandering and too much...I thought it was cheesy and not what I was expecting from a Denis Leary show. But, I have since watched some other episodes...and it is growing on me. The show is funny...and reminding me of a Leary comedy. There is much less talking to dead, I am now...almost a fan.

Better late than never, eh?