Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #32

The Last Thirteen Movies Shelley Has Seen and What She Thinks of Them.

This one should be easy because I list all the movies I have seen over there on the left...oops...which makes me realize I need to update the last couple of movies I have seen.

1. Deliver Us From Evil: It was a great movie and horrible all at the same time. It was a great documentary, but just well...terrifying to watch. I was shocked to see the actions of the Catholic church, the blunt honest of the priest being interviews and how the church basically rewarded anyone who kept "the secret." Great movie, but completely broke my heart.
2. Good German: I liked this movie, well...kind of. I thought it was an interesting story and well, I like George Clooney and all. But, I did think it was pretty slow going at points...and if I had been tired, I completely would have slept through the whole movie. It definitelywas made in the old time genre look...and that was kinda cool, but at the same time I desperately wanted an action sequence.
3. The Dead Girl: I liked this one too. It starts with someone finding a dead girl...and then the rest of the movie is really mini-movies telling how each character is connected to the dead girl. The final segment is actually the dead girl's story of her final day. I thought it was really compelling and felt that Brittany Murphy, Kerry Washington and Marcia Gay Harden did fabulous jobs. Check it out.
4. Deja vu: This movie stars Denzel a ATF agent investigating a terrorist bomb that went off on a ferry boat. During his investigation, he finds a way to watch what happened in the past and then change things in the past. I thought the movie was good..except...I saw Back to the I know that you can't go back in time and not have it mess with the current timeline, etc. So...Emmett Brown would be having a fit with some of the time travel leaps...pun intended! *winks*
5. The Painted Veil: I adore Edward Norton...I think he is fabulous and talented...and well, dreamy. I basically think that Ed can do no wrong. This movie was just beautiful to watch....and was a great story about two people really growing to love one another.
6. Breaking And Entering: I liked this movie because I felt the storylines were really quite complex. It's about this kid who is paid to break into this one building and steal their computers, LCD screens, etc. And the guy who owns the building (Jude Law) then becomes obsessed with figuring out who it is...and in the process starts having an affair with the boy's mother. The story continues from there and the two families get all mixed up together. It's definitely a british movie...and quite enjoyable.
7. Aurora Borealis: I loved this movie. It has a great cast, Donald Sutherland, Joshie Jackson, Louise Fletcher, Juliette Lewis. It was never released to theatres or at least not to a broad release, so I snagged when it came out on DVD. It's about Josh's character who takes a job as a handy-man in his grandfather's building, Sutherland. Josh is a pretty low key, goal-less guy who is still haunted by his father's death as a child. Sutherland's character is suffering from Parkinson's and dementia...and slowly losing his ability to function. I just thought it was a great movie highlighting what it means to be family and the secrets every family holds. Plus, Sutherland was just phenomenal as the grandfather...a true pleasure to watch.
8. Music and Lyrics: It's a movie with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, how could it not be cute?? Basically if you look "cute as a button" up in the dictionary, there is a pic of this movie.
9. Catch and Release: I liked this the cast, mainly Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith. I think the part was just perfect for Jennifer, since it seemed to embody who she is. I love Kevin Smith, but there was no acting in this all...he just played himself, wardrobe and all. It was cute though...very forumalic, but well, did you expect anything else?
10. Little Children: This movie was interesting and disturbing. Plus, I love all things Kate Winslet, so I wanted to see the film. It basically is the story of a small town and all the dysfunctional sexual relationships that are both said and unsaid. There is a convicted sex offender in town, who is constantly under the watchful eye of the community action group. Kate Winslet's character is in an unhappy marriage...and begins an affair with another married dad in his play group. I was really intrigued by this movie...thought it really showed the complexities of relationships and the consequences of choices.
11. Alpha Dog: Hated this movie. Hated! I thought it might be decent, even though it starred Justin Timberlake. Actually, I thought he was decent, but the movie was not. The basic plot is a group of thug wannabees are owed money by another thug wannabee, so they kidnap his brother as payment and things go steadily wrong from there. My main complaint, the director seemed to think the only way to show emotion or drama is to have the actors scream their dialogue. The movie is just dreadful. Do not see, even if it is for free...cause you will never get those 2 hours of your life back.
12. Dreamgirls: Good movie...loved the music and the storyline of striving for your dreams in the face of adversity. I did fall asleep in the middle, but it was because I was exhausted...not telling of the movie at all. I think Jennifer Hudson definitely deserved all the awards she got...except she should have been nominated as Best Actress, not Best Supporting...since she carries the movie.
13. Slingshot: I rented it because it has an interesting cast...David Arquette, Balty Getty, Thora Birch, Julianna Marguilles, etc. It's about these two con-men who seduce women and then clean them out...and when Balty gets involved with conning Julianna...he meets her daughter, Thora, and suddenly it is about more than just a con. I expected more...and it just didn't deliver.

Alright folks...there ya have it, my drivel about the last 13 movies I have seen. What's the last movie you saw????

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