Friday, May 25, 2007

i want a vacation now!

When I first moved back to New York...I had lofty plans of getting a job as a school social worker. I went on countless interviews and almost snagged myself one of those swanky jobs. I wanted to be a school social worker for a couple of reasons, but one of them was definitely that I would have school vacations and summers OFF. I would love a job where you get 3 months off a year...paid! But alas, I didn't get that job and now I get a lowly 2-3 weeks vacation a year.

One of the things I really wanted to do if I had my summers off is travel more. I had grand ideas of getting cheap flights to Europe and just backpacking all over the place. The idea of it is just romantic...or maybe that is just because I have seen "Before Sunrise" too many times! But anyhoo...I really did want to spend a month or more just exploring interesting things in Europe. Who knows? Maybe I will still make it someday. If I do, I am going to need cheap flights and cheap hotel rooms. They specialize in hotels in Amsterdam, but I am most excited about their hotels in Barcelona and London. I can remember my time in Spain when I was in high school and I would love to revisit that experience. And London hotels are coming to their site soon and I have always wanted to go, even if they tend to hate everything American these days!

So, if only I had gotten one of those school social worker positions, I could be booking a room at this hotel RIGHT NOW! *pouts*

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