Tuesday, May 15, 2007

now this is just funny....

GoFish.com is having, hmmm, how do I describe this...a website where they encourage people to submit videos in hopes of impressing a celeb and getting a date. It's called Seduce a Celeb and it is currently an online, reality dating show. The first celeb doing it is Mirelly Taylor. She was in the movie Serving Sara and has been on TV shows "Las Vegas" and "Numb3rs". I think she was even on "Punk'd" too. I watched a couple of videos and some of the are hilarious. You can watch a lot more
Free videos at GoFish.com and see who you think should win a date with Mirelly. I heard that Andrew Firestone from The Bachelor is also going to be doing it. Gees, how many dating shows does this guy need? *hee, hee*

Let's see...who else do I think should do this? Since I have been watching Celebrity Fit Club lately, I think that Dustin Diamond aka Screech from Saved by The Bell should be next. The guy is such a punk that I would like to see if anyone would even be interesting in seducing him into a date. Sadly...I think they would.

Anyways...check out the site. It's definitely interesting...and who knows who will win the first celebrity date. Heck, it could be you! *winks*

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