Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #30

Thirteen Random Things about Shelley

1. I decided to not have a theme this week...and just randomly list anything going on in my life this week.
2. The services for my mom were last Friday. They were really nice. I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in years...and got to spend some time with friends and family...smiling and telling great stories about mom.
3. My brother and his family left on Monday. You brother and I didn't always get along as kids, but I really enjoy who he is as a person as an adult. I wish we lived we could see each other more often. And his son...the cutest, smartest human being on the planet.
4. I went back to work on Tuesday. Part of me liked setting into a regular routine.
5. I have found some old friends recently online....mainly through myspace. I found some high school, some college and a friend from grad school. It's been nice to get to know some old friends again. I often lose contact, so I am really happy to reconnect.
6. If you have myspace and wanna be my friend...let me know. I am slowly growing my myspace friends.
7. P.S. If I don't know who you are...I tend not to add you as my myspace send me a message telling me just how cool you are!
8. I absolutely cannot believe that Melinda got sent home on American Idol. I think she isn't as commercial as some of the others, but who can deny that voice...and her bubbly, sweet personality. I didn't watch, but I was shocked to see on the news that she was sent packing.
9. I now completely want Blake to win American Idol. He's cute and different.
10. I need to refocus on eating right and exercising, etc....I was doing well and then just didn't prioritize it when my mom died. But in reality...if nothing else, my mom's death reminds me to live my life to the fullest...which means that I need to be healthy to do that.
11. I want to start hiking again. I am going to pick some smaller peaks and start there. Wanna come with?
12. My roommate took part of her test to become an EMT this past weekend. She passed...did very well. She has been taking an EMT course all year long. She has her final test (written portion) cross your fingers and wish her luck!
13. Today completely does not feel like Thursday. I completely forgot what day it was until I saw a friend's Thursday Thirteen. I didn't work on Monday, so every day has felt like a day behind.

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