Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #31

Thirteen Things Shelley Thinks about the Drama with Rosie and Elizabeth Yesterday on The View

I know it seems like a hugely cheesy topic, but it is something that everyone seems to be talking about, so I thought I would make a TT out of it.

1. One, I will start off with a full disclosure statement. I love Rosie. I think the world of her. I watched her show religiously and have been watching The View religiously since she started on the show. I am a fan.
2. Just in case people don't know, this is what went down on the show yesterday. Rosie and Elizabeth got into a fight about some comments Rosie made about Iraq last week. Fox News stated that they felt Rosie said that the troops were terrorists. Rosie asked Elizabeth on Monday if she felt that was what Rosie was saying...and Elizabeth didn't really answer. That obviously hurt Rosie's feelings...and she shared that with Elizabeth on the show and then it erupted into a firestorm of an argument.
3. That argument...I wish they had gone to commercial because it was just so horrible to watch. It was like a car's horrible and sadly, you just can't look away.
4. I think both Rosie and Elizabeth share blame for what happened on the show. And, I have felt it is a long time coming. Both women are very polarizing when it comes to political views and it blew up.
5. I actually believe Rosie was wrong first, in all honesty. Rosie's feelings were hurt and instead of talking to Elizabeth about that in private, off the show...she chose to confront her about it on national television. She talked about how Elizabeth is her friend and that she didn't feel defended by a friend...but in my mind, a friend doesn't do that to another friend...confronting them in front of the world, no matter how hurt she was.
6. I, in no way, believe that Rosie felt in her heart that the troops are terrorists. She wasn't saying all. However, I can see how some people...especially those on the other end of the political spectrum...took it that way. I think that Rosie needs to realize how her words can be perceived...and take ownership of that. What I believe Rosie meant is...that to people in Muslim nations...the actions of the current Administration (not the troops...but the people sending them into harms way)....could be seen in the mystical "terrorist" light. She is not saying it is right....but that the ideology exists out there. Anyways...not the point.
7. I could see immediately that Elizabeth was on the defensive. I think she was geniunely surprised at how hurt Rosie's feelings were...and that it bothered her. I also think that she was angered at how this was going down. I tend not to support any of the politics that come out of Elizabeth's mouth...but I felt for her...until...
8. I felt the Elizabeth lashed out and took a huge, low blow when she made a comment about Donald Trump to Rosie. She spent months on the show supporting Rosie through the Trump episodes...saying how unfair he was for the low blow attacks. And then in the heat of an argument, she says, "I guess it is easier to fight with Donald Trump, etc..." That to me, was showing a little bit of her true colors. It's hard to support someone in a situation...and then, in an argument...throw it up there in their face. I was ashamed of her for doing that.
9. I think because Rosie is so outspoken...people forget how sensitive of a person she can be, we all can. I don't know how I would handle people constantly saying things about me...especially about my appearance. It's sad that those who disagree with Rosie...the first line of calling her a fat, lesbian. Why? Because they know it hurts. And that is what Donald Trump's biggest argument was...and Elizabeth throwing that at her, just broke my heart.
10. The rest of the show was also so uncomfy and weird to watch. It was complete elephant in the room...with Rosie and Elizabeth chatting up the Dancing with The Stars folks, etc. I mean...congrats...cause they behaved as professionals instead of storming off, but good lord...and those poor guests, they just didn't know what to do.
11. I watched Elizabeth on the internet last night...with the show Extra. And I will say, I thought she handled that interview with class. I think Elizabeth regrets what happened on tv...and that she truly is Rosie's friend. Who knows how they will work it out, but I just think the whole situation is sad...not that they had the conversation, but that we were all witness to it. Elizabeth said she hoped that her friendship with Rosie was stronger than one, bad fight.
12. I gotta wonder what Barbara Walters will have to say about it, if she is on The View today. I can't imagine she is happy.
13. Once again, shame on you to the producers of The View. They could have taken an opportunity to go on the higher ground...and cut to a commercial. The other hosts were asking for was needed. But, well...drama equals ratings...and so they kept on it..and then split screened the two women. yes, I have spent 13 items talking about, maybe I am a hypcrit, but in reality...I wish they would have cut away and let these women handle it in private. They started a conversation, but then it got personal and nasty...The View should have been the bigger person and cut away. To me, that would be the producers supporting their talent. And think of it, if they did...I would be writing a TT about the last 13 movies I watched and what I thought of them.

Alright...enough about Rosie and Elizabeth and The View.

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