Thursday, May 03, 2007

The lowest bid wins!

Huh? That's right, the lowest unique bid wins! Say what?

Okay, I will stop being cryptic and instead explain what this all means. There is a website called bid4prizes and how it works is like this: They have an item up for bid, let's say a blackberry. Okay, now the bidding starts at $0.01 and to win you have to have the lowest UNIQUE bid. So, you can bid one penny, but you will only win if no one else bid one penny. So..if two people bid one penny then it goes to $0.02. If two people bid two pennies, it goes to three cents and so on and so one. Get it the person with the lowest unique bid wins.

I think it's a really interesting concept. It's a bidding war, but also a seemingly fun game. Someone could win who bid $0.05 or $ just depends on what everyone else bid. Cool, eh?

If I could win anything on their site..what would my dream prize be? Well, let's think big here. I think it would be awesome if people could bid and win a house through something like bid4prizes. Could you imagine telling people that you won your house through something like this! It would definitely be a great story to share at your house warming party. *giggles*

Check out the just seems like fun to me!

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