Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bush vetoes war funding bill...

So, I won't talk about fitness and weight loss ALL the time...just almost all the time. I was getting ready to go to bed last night and was checking email and such...and read on Yahoo or MSN or somewhere that Bush did in fact veto the war funding bill because it had a troop withdrawl on it. Did it surprise me? Nope. He said he was going to do it...and I believed it. I think that Bush thought the dems would just lie down and die and not even put the bill in front of him. I am happy they didn't...they were elected because of frustration over this war, so I am glad to see that they are standing up.

Does this mean I think the troops should not get the money they need over there? Absolutely one thinks that, not even the most liberal of the dems. Not Hillary. Not Barack. Not Ol' Teddy boy. But I do think that we need to stop giving blank checks to the administration without some serious talk about the direction of this war.

It'll be interesting for me to see how the dems react now...what they do after the veto. I personally think the dems should find a bill and a compromise that Republicans will support as that they have the numbers to override a veto if need be. Now what that middle ground will be...who knows? I sure don't. I also wonder if Republicans will be willing to override a presidential veto. I know Bush's power and control has been diminished, but well...not that much. He's still someone who will crush you if you don't follow him...look at the US attorneys as examples.

I plan on watching how this all turns out. I hope the dems behave like they should. I hope they don't stick their heels in and just turn their nose at the President and the Republicans...even if John Edwards says they should. I also they don't decided to lie down and roll over now...and consider this bill passing and being vetoed a victory. We'll see.

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