Thursday, May 24, 2007

weight loss plans...

Isn't it so interesting how I always have weight loss plans, goals, etc...but when I am gaining plans, goals, etc...except I always seem to reach that goal of packing on the pounds. Sad, eh?

This week...I have done well...I haven't eaten horribly...I haven't eaten out...I have been using my pedometer and walking like a carzy fool.

The thing I am not a formal workout program. It's what I desperately need to do. I need to get focused and get something in gear. I know walking is part of it, but it just isn't enough. I need to start seriously getting my sweat on. I am going to do this??? Well...there are going to be some changes in my living situation coming up. No, I am not moving. No, my roommate is not moving out. But...she is changing her shift at work. She is going from working the day shift to the mid-shift....which means that instead of 9-5, she will be working 3-11pm. Basically, it means that every single night...I will have the apartment to myself from when I get out of work (4pm) until 11pm. So...I have hours and hours that I can use to get my sweat on. I could always workout when my roommate is there and sometimes I did, but's just never a comfortable thing.

So...given the change at home, I am going back to my staple workout regime. I am going to start doing Power 90 again. I have the tapes tucked away in the, I am going to start again. I like Power 90 for so many reasons. One, it's something I am willing to commit to...which means I will be committing to working out 6 times a week for at least 4 months. That's so important. And two, it's a nice workout...I can finish it, but just barely. It's gets me sweating. And three, if it gets too easy...there are two levels. Once you get comfy at one switch to the next and it kicks your ass all over again. And four, it has cardio and strength training...and I know I need both.

My roommate starts her new shift in a couple weeks to a month...depending on how training goes,, I think going to start then. I am excited for a new workout routine. But...I am going to MISS my roommate. With the conflicting schedules...I am never going to see her...maybe on weekends, maybe.

So...there is my plan...keep eating right...start kicking up the workouts. And this time, I mean it! (unlike the last bajillion times!)

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