Saturday, April 14, 2007

movies i've seen....

So, I've seen a few movies lately...and since I have been solely posting about my nephew and how he's the cutest person on the planet and about being sick...I thought I would break the mold (meaning I'm getting better and no longer being socked by illness) and talk about some of the movies I have seen in the last couple of weeks.

I saw Children of Men right before I went on vacation. I was fully expecting to really, really, really like it. But well...I didn't. I thought it was almost horrible. I just didn't get it...meaning, what the whole point of the movie was. The only real benefit is that Clive Owen is in it and he's dreamy, but other than that...I thought the movie was pretty dreadful.

The Pursuit of Happyness though...I thought was amazing. Will Smith definitely showed the acting talent that he has and it was just an amazing story. I am often overwhelmed by what people have been able to not only survive, but perservere. I watched this one at night before going to sleep when I was on vacation and thought it was so well done. I highly recommend it people!

Over the weekend, I watched The Good Shepard. I thought it was pretty good...and thought Mattie Damon did a pretty great job. I was really looking forward to this movie. To be honest, one thing really bugged me though...they made a really dramatic effort to age Angelina Jolie's character in the movie, but they didn't do the same to Matt Damon's character. He barely looked like he aged in the film, so in the end it looked like she could be playing his mother, not his wife. But other than that....great, great flick...with a great, great cast.

And the movie I just ended up watching was US vs. John Lennon. I love the Beatles and I LOVE John Lennon. He's talented and he used his talent and fame to become politically active, so I really admired him. They spoke a lot about his anti-war actions and how the Nixon administration and the FBI really went after him in the order to shut him and his "Give Peace a Chance" rallies down. I have two main thoughts or points from watching this movie...which I highly recommend by the way. One, I wonder what would have come of John Lennon if he had lived, especially given the war we are in today. There was a special features piece about the parallels between the anti-war movements then and now...and many of the people who knew him said that if he were alive he would still be marching the streets and signing "Give Peace a Chance." I wonder...and I long for people like John, who speak for peace even when they are challenged by the government. Nixon was so scared of him...he attempted to get him deported. And my second that Bush is going to end up having the legacy of Nixon. The legacy of deceit...the legacy of secrecy....the legacy of arrogance...the legacy of risking American lives to further it...the legacy of being a political embarassment and bringing down a party...the legacy of being a cartoon. One would have thought that people would learn, but then again...power corrupts.

Anyways....enough movie blathering. What movies have y'all seen lately????

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