Monday, April 16, 2007

Weight Loss Update

I has been forever since I updated about my quest to remove some of this pudge from around my middle. And why haven't I updated? Well...silly...because I have been adding pudge instead of removing it.

Gaining weight sucks...let me tell you. Of course the eating of the easter candy and the pizza didn't suck...and going home and lying down on the couch instead of working out didn't suck...but the consequence of my butt and everything else getting bigger sure does suck.

I know I have been gaining weight for a while...but have been in denial about it. I know that I had to buy bigger clothes to go to Florida. I know that things haven't fit like they used to. But I didn't want to step on the scale and see the number.

Now I have seen the number....and now I am officially depressed. But I am also officially motivated again. I need to do better....I need to start again, clean slate.

This morning...I had a protein shake for breakfast and packed my healthy lunch.

Oh...another thing, I am stopping the raw food kick. I am still looking to eat a lot of raw foods, but not as much as before. I just ended up being so starved by the end of the work day...that I just grazed when I got home. So, I am going back to eat the way I was last year...when this weight loss thing was actually working.

Back on the saddle again.....

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