Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #26

Thirteen Things Shelley Has Done Since Heading to Florida!

1. Before leaving on Sunday...I spent the night at my parents since we were leaving at 3am. I watched Children of Men before going to bed. I thought I would love it, but I didn't...I just didn't get it.
2. We left right on time at 3am. It was uber early, but I slept a good deal in the car.
3. We stopped at South of the Border. I remember being so excited by it when I was a kid. It's cheesy, but it's such a tradition when driving to Florida. We just stopped on through...and my dad took a picture of me where it looks like this huge sombrero is on top of my head. I'd post a picture of it, but then I would have to kill you all.
4. We stayed at a motel just about an hour past South of the Border...and we found a really cheap room, so I got my own room. It was such a good investment...I slept so so well.
5. We started off the next day at about 8am...and got in to my brother's at about 4pm. We stopped at my parents' motel...and then headed to my brother's.
6. My nephew is officially the cutest person on the planet. I have never met him...and he was so personable...immediately wanting to play.
7. I might have lost about 50 lbs...running around and playing with him. It's been the best time ever.
8. He calls me ti ti shelley. tia is the name for aunt in spanish. He'll wake up in the morning and say, "ti ti...come and play in my room!"
9. We went out for breakfast at Perkin''s a great place where you get tons of food. Mmmmmm!!!
10. We went to Sea World was fun and tiring. We fed the sea lions...they were such hams and would do tricks to get the food. By the time we nephew was exhausted...fell asleep in my brother's arms.
11. Oh brother is a rock star and fixed my computer. He's awesome since my computer hasn't worker in about two months. He's the best.
12. Did I mention I have been sleeping in my nephew's room...i call it my room...and then he says, "No, it's my room!!!"
13. We've done a million other things....but it's time for me to go play in his cya when I get back!

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