Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm BAAAACKK!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right kids...vacation is over and I am back in COLD (brrr!) Upstate New York. It was a pretty good drive...not too much traffic, etc. I once again got my own motel room on Sunday night...which made it so that I got some sleep.

I loved visiting with my brother and his family...and my nephew is the cutest person on the planet, but I am glad to be home and just vegging in front of the tv. And...since we came back a day early, I have a day to relax and get ready before I head back to work on Wednesday.

The only downside of my vacation is that my brother, his wife and his son were all battling a cold...and now, Shelley is battling a cold. I am sneezing and sniffling and coughing...and just gross. It's funny because when my roommate is sick...I am such a bitch because I am so fearful of being sick. I hate being sick (not that anyone loves it)...and I was on the phone with my roomie last night on the phone and she asked if I was cranky with my nephew for being sick around me. Nope...cause when you are 2 years old and the cutest human being ever...I will let you be sick around me and give you kisses all over the place. lol

And another awesome brother fixed my computer. I just plugged it in and it is working and connected to the internet. Awesomeness! My roommate has been a doll letting me play on her computer, but I am so happy having my own.

Oh yeah...Happy Belated Easter everyone! I'll write more about the vacation later. Cya!

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