Tuesday, April 24, 2007

feeling good...and hoping to keep it up!

Yesterday was a good day...I felt like I was really moving in the right direction and for the last few months, I have felt myself moving in the wrong, bad direction. I have tried to correct it a few times over, but I would fail by the end of the day and be back to my bad self (and not in a cool way!)

So, what was the difference? Well...one, I woke up with a different mindset. It seems simple, but I woke up early...and immediately drank some water and got my vitamins in my tummy. It's just a different start...a different mentality.

Then at work...I didn't eat out, even though I had the opportunity. I went for a walk at work for my 15 minute break. I ate what I was supposed to when I was supposed to eat it.

I also stopped this raw food obsession. I think I have to admit that it just isn't working for me. I am still eating a lot of raw foods, but not everything. I am eating some yogurt...some granola bars...some protein shakes, etc. I ended up being so hungry by the end of the workday that I would just eat myself out of house and home when I got there. So, it wasn't working for me...I would eat raw all day long...end work starving and then eat something like pizza or a bag of chocolate when I got home. I think there are healthier ways to live. I do plan on still putting many of the raw food concepts into my diet, but not all of them...just not sensible for me.

And then when I got home...I immediately went to working out. I didn't even give myself the chance of talking myself out of it. I got home, changed and jumped on the elliptical machine. I have to do some maintenance on my elliptical...some of the joints need to be tightened up and I need to change the battery (and sadly changing the battery is like open heart surgery for this thing...grr)...so, I am going to try to give it some maintenance love tonight. I was on the machine for 30 minutes or so...and it felt good to get back to it.

And then I had dinner...I made a protein smoothie with my Magic Bullet. It was really good...and healthy too. Let me tell you, I am in love with the Magic Bullet.

After dinner...I went for another walk...about 30 to 40 minutes around my apartment complex and then to the local school. It was just getting dark and the weather was perfect. The air had that feeling, smell and even taste that it was going to rain and it was nice being out in it.

Then I came home...had some more Magic Bullet love and made a apple cider Slushie. Oh MY Gawd....best thing ever! I could eat these forever. They sell them at the fair and I was happy to be making my own.

I took a shower (with all that walking and working out..I needed it)..plopped down and watched some TV. I did eat bunches of goldfish crackers while watching 24, but well...if the worst I do is eat too many goldfish, life ain't bad, eh?

So...yesterday was a good day...and it's motivated me to make today a good day too. I woke up this morning...drank water....took my vitamins and did rotation one of weights...it only takes 10-15 minutes and done. And at 10am...I walked with a co-worker over to Dunkin' Donuts...when we usually drive. I didn't get anything at DD...just went for the exercise.

This is suddenly feeling do-able again...and I am so happy and grateful for that feeling!

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