Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just too cute...

I meant to post this earlier....my brother called me yesterday. He wanted to know if when I plugged in my computer...if it worked...and it totally did, which is awesome!!!! And then he gave the phone to his son and we talked a little...and my nephew said the absolute cutest thing that also just completely broke my heart. He said:

"Ti ti...why aren't you at my house?" So...I told him that I had to go back to my house and then he said, "No, you should come to MY house." And then he made the sound that an elephant makes...cutest thing ever...and then we said goodbye.

He really is the cutest human being on the planet.

And I go back to work tomorrow...I am still kind of sick, but I haven't been to work in a week and a half, so I think I should head in. But, if I start coughing, I might go home half day. We'll see....